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The name of Cyberjaya is not an extraneous label to Malaysians and some foreign countries
anymore. With celebrating 55 years of independence, Malaysia surely has gains numerous
compliments from the first world country with its achievement in creating a better day for
tomorrow. This surely cannot be achieved alone by relying in agriculture section which is not enough
to bring Malaysia a step ahead in this new globalisation era. This is why Malaysian prime minister
during that period which was Tun Mahathir Mohamed came with a brilliant idea in creating a new
and modernised Malaysia through the creation of Multimedia Super Corridor that later leads to the
establishment of Cyberjaya. Cyberjaya which is located in the district of Sepang is a science
development centre and main point of its existence is to enhance Malaysian research and
development sector which at that time is a new sector in Malaysia. The creation of Cyberjaya was
surely a renaissance period for Malaysia and has been a stepping stone for us ever since.
With the hope that it can leads our country towards a high nation one day, Cyberjaya provides a
substantial boost to knowledge-based industries like Information Technology, ICT, Visual and Paper
media. Through multiplier possessions, it also benefits other sectors like hospitality, services and
retail, generating both government and local economy profits. In addition to an increase in job
creation, it will facilitate ICT training centers to create a new generation of knowledge workers.
Retailers will see prosperity of opportunities, and local service sectors will practice growth in their
businesses to lodge the array of companies located within Cyberjaya.
Holding the tittle of the core of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), Cyberjaya is the home of
over than 500 MSC Status companies, as they make business into actions- promoting not only local
but also international companies with never ending promotions which has the force to put countries
on the knowledge economy map. A highly development in direct jobs and indirect jobs and
increased employment in complementary services offers a vast investment opportunity in and
around Malaysia. Other support services such as education, retail and hospitality, and health care
will see an increase in demand. The ability for companies to take long leases on land allows investors
to develop services and infrastructure to the specific needs of the market.
It thinks further on to lend a hand for innovation and productivity in cooperation with Industrial
partners. A single-stop shop that provides an exceptional array of services, it removes red tape and
lets organizations focus on what matters: success. Besides, high speed internet access in Cyberjaya
allows business partners to outsource many support services, to share resources through a global
network and IT infrastructure, and enables quick decision making and entrepreneurship, while
market response is made possible by regional autonomy and opportunities.
With all the advantages that Cyberjaya has, it manages to increase the foreign currency flows in
our country. Cyberjaya really is indeed a jackpot of gold in Malaysia.