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Places for Shopping
by BDP
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BDP designs and creates inspiring places for people. Founded in
1961, BDP is now a major international, interdisciplinary practice
with over 800 architects, engineers, designers, and urbanists.
We work from studios throughout the UK, Ireland, the
Netherlands, the MENA region, India, and China, on projects
around the world and have won over 750 awards for design
quality from international and national bodies.
BDP is at the forefront of retail design with an established
reputation for completing innovative and successful projects
for our clients. Our projects range from urban solutions in open
streets, partially protected and covered streets and arcades
to stand alone destinations which are fully enclosed. These
illustrations show a range of congurations from single level to
multilevel arrangements to maximise a sites value. Each solution
is unique and responds to the individual brief and location.
Our portfolio includes projects which range from complex new
builds and inll extensions to the refurbishment and renewal
of existing shopping centres. We hope you enjoy the selection
from our portfolio illustrated here.
For designers involved in creating new environments, the reality of
a nite planet highlights the importance of ideas related to places of
the future. This is the focus for BDP designers, directing ourselves
to shape future environments for the betterment of human kind.
We have ve endeavours as points of intent for our design process.
These are:
to act as climate shapers, to create protective and positive
environments for people to enjoy
to be energy creative, using natural and technological
approaches for the use and re-use of energy and resources
to design in a user-inclusive style, engaging in a learning
centred approach with the users of our buildings and places
to cross-fertilise our knowledge from cultures, maximising the
advantages of being inter-national, inter-disciplinary, and
to promote and create liberating buildings, places and
communities for people to use and adapt over time.
Creating Places
for People.
4 5
Projects which enrich the retail
experience and the urban fabric
with other uses, regenerating and
bringing the city to life throughout
the day. A mix of uses which make
the retail destination one which
people will revisit continuously.
The streets become venues in
themselves, safe because they are
busy and overlooked by other uses.
Liverpool ONE
6 7
8 9
Liverpool ONE illustrates our
approach of integrating a large,
complex new piece of city into the
existing fabric. The unique inner
city masterplan by BDP weaves the
functional pattern of a shopping
centre into traditional streets and
squares with a mix of uses above
and beside the retail. Several other
designers collaborated with BDP in
this 1 billion regeneration of the city
centre, which was timed to complete
for Liverpools year as European
Capital of Culture in 2008.
10 11
The Rock
The Rock reinforces Burys position
as a market town by providing an
attractive new environment for people
to enjoy. New streets, squares and
gardens link into the bustle of the
towns commercial activity, with the
main street picking up on the urban
landmark of St Marys church to
enhance the sense of place. The
development brings a mix of uses
with a strong leisure element of
cinemas and restaurants and the
residential quarter returns urban living
to the town centre.
Victoria Square
12 13
14 15
This scheme integrates the existing
city centre with the Laganside
waterfront cultural area. The quarter
provides naturally ventilated covered
streets with retail over two ground
oor levels; cinemas, restaurants,
bars and cafes form two further upper
levels, with two levels of basement car
parking. Its spectacular dome forms
a new public space and has become
an icon on Belfasts skyline. New city
living forms an active edge to one of
the main city streets. Existing historic
buildings have also been carefully
integrated at the main entrances.
ABC Mall
ABC Mall takes its form from
traditional Lebanese architecture.
Glazed and fabric roofs sail over the
naturally ventilated malls to provide
weather protection and shade. The
steeply sloping site allows three
levels to be integrated into the
surrounding streets with catering and
dining on the upper level.
16 17
Newbury Parkway
18 19
The retail-led mixed use development
is set into the historic town to form
a new circuit with the high street, to
regenerate an under-utilised part of
the town, and integrate the park with
new housing overlooking it.
Les Quatre Chemins creates a more
intimate district around a glazed
covered square. The vibrant area of
residential, workplace, shopping and
leisure is carefully integrated into
individual buildings which respond to
the local character.
Les Quatre
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22 23
La Vache Noire
24 25
La Vache Noire in the Parisian suburb
of Arcueil, reinstates a public park on
its sloping roof and retains a green
haven in the middle of the town centre
by locating the shopping beneath the
green roof. Eight levels of terraced
housing and ofces overlook the park
around the traditional square.
St James Quarter
26 27
This major regeneration on a World
Heritage site in Edinburgh will
create a new multi-level city quarter
incorporating new and existing
development and several listed
buildings. In addition to retail it will
include homes, ofces, leisure and
catering arranged around a crescent
shaped garden.
The formation of New Cathedral
Street connects the fashionable
retail area of St Annes Square with
the Cathedral Quarter, marked by
a Harvey Nichols store at one end
and a large fashion store at the other
end of the new open street. Together
with a separate residential tower, the
development has helped to reshape
the city after bomb damage and has
contributed to the regeneration of the
city centre.
28 29
New Cathedral
30 31
IICC Beijing
One of three major new shopping
centres for InterIkea in China,
introducing a unique concept of an
IKEA store as an anchor. The retail and
leisure scheme has a hub containing
cinemas and restaurants grouped
around a covered courtyard space.
Local context and Scandinavian
design principles have inuenced our
design to t its location.
A three storey development of new
retail units with 40 residential units
above forms the rst phase of the
ambitious Buchanan Quarter, which
will double the size of the existing
shopping centre making it one of
the UKs largest retail areas. Queen
Street Station is being given a major
overhaul to provide an atrium link to
the expanded centre.
32 33
34 35
BDPs skill is in understanding
stakeholders goals and in working
with all the key players from the outset.
Amongst the criteria we set ourselves
is customer comfort and therefore,
where appropriate for climatic or other
reasons, covered or enclosed centres
are still the right solution.
36 37
Forum Istanbul
38 39
A series of linked exterior and interior
spaces creates a city within a city. Three
and two level malls form individual
streets with buildings set within the
public spaces. A number of courtyards
and piazzas lead to the crescent, the
multi-levelled dome and the Great
Court at the heart of the project.
This enclosed single level centre
on a browneld side near Glasgow
has regenerated an existing
neighbourhood and retail area.
Silverburn includes a variety of shops,
a major food store and a popular
wintergarden. Great attention has
been paid to the main external faade
facing the road.
40 41
A new retail and leisure destination of
covered streets. The principal public
space focuses on an egg shaped
individual building. The external shell
of the shopping centre is curved in
both plan and section to emphasise
the identity of the building. Generous
amounts of natural light create a
bright and airy atmosphere to the
retail environment.
42 43
44 45
Tres Aguas
The design uses the concept of a
walled town to enclose the site and
reect the architecture of the nearby
town. The scheme is divided into two
main parts by El Camino Real (a right
of way) which leads to a circular open
plaza which is the the focus of the
shopping, catering and leisure areas.
Forum Almada
This highly visible centre on three
oors develops and integrates a
series of individual and exciting
spaces giving variety, interest and
legibility to a large retail environment.
Special features among the many
original designs in the centre are two
themed and imaginatively decorated
squares. The western one has a
circular atrium dedicated to nature
with a variety of natural and exotic
plants and a waterfall, culminating in
an enormous glass cupola.
46 47
48 49
Jubilee Place
Conceived as high quality corporate
retail beneath a landscaped park,
shops and cafes are provided in a
naturally lit arcade. Natural materials
and bronze glazed frontages are
supplemented by mezzanine areas.
From the arcade connections feed to
adjacent headquarters buildings and
Canary Wharf Underground Station.
50 51
52 53
Union Square
Regenerating a browneld site, the
scheme plays an important part in the
citys environmental and economic
renewal. Providing a combination of
traditional shopping mall, retail park,
a new civic square, leisure and a 200
bed hotel, the scheme also involves
the refurbishment of Aberdeen train
station and the creation of a new bus
station, which are integral elements of
the scheme.
54 55
BDP creates value to help nance
urban renewal and refurbishment.
A notable theme has been to bring
daylight into windowless centres,
placing circulation in natural light.
More effective space use improves
revenue and expansion can connect
freestanding centres with their
setting, making them into real town
centres. We are familiar with working
in live environments to make radical
renewal possible while allowing
uninterrupted trading.
56 57
The retail, catering and leisure
extension to the existing shopping
centre completes the new town of
Livingston by dening the urban
block along a boulevard. A new street
connects two new anchor stores and
is dened by separate buildings united
by a transparent ETFE roof, it creates
a new public heart for the town, and
includes an upper level wintergarden.
Elements Square
Bracknells new supermarket will
operate as one of the anchor tenants
of the towns larger redevelopment
scheme. The regeneration area is
substantially recongured in the
masterplan to provide contemporary
retail space, a 10-screen multiplex
cinema, restaurants, cafes and
new residential. The masterplan is
organised around a series of new
public realm spaces, including two
covered streets.
Town Centre
60 61
A successful integration of a very
large commercial development into
a sensitive medieval city, combining
external open shopping together
with the convenience of an enclosed
mall. A perimeter of green housing
wraps the retail core, animating the
facades and populating the city
centre. Entrance ways and restaurant
elements punch through the housing
perimeter, demonstrating the lively
mix of the development.
62 63
Vasco da Gama
62 63
64 65
Designed as the centrepiece for
Lisbons Expo, The Vasco da Gama
centre with its two residential towers,
has acted as the catalyst for the
enormously successful regeneration
of a dockside wasteland. Retail
and leisure cover four oors with a
dramatic central space, and external
dining overlooking the waterfront.
66 67
Waterfront City
A large-scale dockside regeneration
providing housing, leisure and outlet
shopping in an urban setting of open
streets and public spaces which
focus on the waterfront. The new
waterfront square is overlooked by
aspirational living and has become a
meeting space in the city.
Hafen City
68 69
The mixed use Linnen building is at
the core of the masterplan for the
berseequartier, the central quarter
of HafenCity, one of Europes largest
urban redevelopment projects. Retail
occupies the ground and rst oor
with access from the main street. The
ofces on the upper ve storeys are
accessed via a double height entrance
on the corner which articulates the
gateway to the whole quarter.
70 71
Trade Rows
of Gum
70 71
The famous GUM store in Moscow
with its series of glazed arcades was
restored and modernised so that it
once again regained its status as
one of Russias premier shopping
centres and restored one of the
countrys most important pieces of
72 73
The opportunity to modernise key
railway stations is illustrated by our
transformation of Manchester Piccadilly
Station. Here we added comparison
retail and catering along with the
traditional on the go shopping in a
naturally lit passenger concourse.
Piccadilly Station
74 75
The development regenerates the
historic city centre by incorporating
former factory buildings giving them
a new lease of life. The large spaces
have been utilised to provide unique
retail and catering. BDPs graphics
also give the centre a special
character celebrating the citys
popular car race, Mille Miglia.
Freccia Rossa
76 77
La Part Dieu
The character of the centre and the
shopping experience have been
transformed with the addition of
a glass domed central court and
higher quality materials in the malls.
A consistent interior visual language
and a completely reworked circulation
system bring light and views into
what was previously a largely internal
Shopping Centre
78 79
Whiteleys in London is a mixed use
centre which was created from the
restoration of a rundown department
store originally built in 1911. The
fashionable centre has more recently
had a refreshing makeover, adding
new catering and fresh food facilities
to the discerning area of Bayswater.
80 81
These projects are currently
progressing from our design studios
and illustrate an exciting range of
mixed use retail schemes from the
UK and overseas. The projects
represent a variety of solutions which
range from the formation of new
urban districts in Russia and China,
the creation of a new retail and leisure
destination onto the hillside of a
town in Turkey, and the integration
of a major extension to an existing
shopping centre located in the
centre of an historic university city
in England.
The opportunity to modernise key
railway stations is illustrated by our
transformation of Manchester Piccadilly
Station. Here we added comparison
retail and catering along with the
traditional on the go shopping in a
naturally lit passenger concourse.
East Nanjing
82 83
A new world class destination within
the Bund Historical and Cultural
Conservation Zone. The scheme
features clusters of historic buildings
which will be renovated to include
high-end retail, restaurants and
cafes, leisure, a luxury club and a
boutique hotel.
84 85
A new shopping and leisure
destination for Turkeys third largest
city. Several streams run through the
site creating a dramatic setting and
a series of island destinations linked
by active bridges and attractive
landscaped routes. A fun park will be
integrated into the scheme acting as
a further anchor to the eastern side.
Suzhou Dushu
Lake Masterplan
86 87
The masterplan for the Venice of the
East is a mixed-use high density retail
and residential development together
with high rise ofces and luxury
hotels. Located on a gateway site it
aims to strengthen transport links and
access and provide an identity for an
emerging residential district. At the
heart of the scheme is an ecological
park that connects to the waterfront
and is part of the interweaving of
landscape, water and infrastructure.
88 89
Hongqiao District
The exible mixed density
development including ofces,
conference and exhibition space,
retail, leisure and landscaped public
spaces, will allow for future growth
and encourages innovation. A key
driver in the design is the natural
and climatic assets of the site and
location, and their optimisation in
creating sustainable design solutions.
90 91
Attention to
After getting the principles right, the
personality and character of good
shopping comes from the detail.
Appealing to all the senses, coupled
with practicality, it enables our
designs to have a memorable quality.
1 Forum Istanbul, Turkey
2 Chapeleld, Norwich
3 Victoria Square, Belfast
4 NikeTown, London
5 Forum Istanbul, Turkey
6 La Vache Noire, Paris
7 Tres Aguas, Madrid
8 Liverpool ONE, Liverpool
9 Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf,
10 Liverpool ONE, Liverpool
11 Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf,
12 Liverpool ONE, Liverpool
13 Forum Istanbul, Turkey
14 Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf,
15 Cathedral Gardens, Manchester
16 Liverpool ONE, Liverpool
2 1
5 12 13
8 16
4 11
7 15
6 14
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Our Awards
RIBA Award
2009 Liverpool One Masterplan, Liverpool
(Shortlist for Stirling Prize)
2003 Piccadilly Station, Manchester
2000 Marks & Spencer Store, Manchester
1990 Whiteleys of Bayswater, Queesway,
Westminster, London
Civic Trust Award
2010 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Special Award for Sustainability)
2009 Victoria Square, Belfast
Civic Trust Commendation
2009 Debenhams, Liverpool One,
(Groupe 6 architects with BDP)
2007 Pescod Square, Boston, Lincolnshire
2004 Piccadilly Station, Manchester
1992 Castle Court Shopping Centre,
Belfast, Co Antrim

World Architecture Festival Award
2008 La Vache Noire, Arcueil, Paris
(Finalist - Retail)
RICS National Award
2009 Victoria Sqaure, Belfast
(Commended - Regeneration)
2009 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Winner - Regeneration)
2002 West Quay Shopping Centre,
(Regeneration Award)

RICS Regional Award
2010 Union Square, Aberdeen
(Highly Commended - Regeneration)
2007 Chapeleld, Norwich
(Regeneration Category)

2009 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Best Urban Regeneration Initiative)
2008 Victoria Square, Belfast
(Belfast City Council for Best Urban
2004 Waterfront City, Melbourne
(Commendation Large Centre category)
2004 Victoria Square, Belfast
(Commendation Urban Design/
Connectivity category)
2004 Chapeleld, Norwich
(Commendation Urban Design/
Connectivity category)
RTPI Planning Award
2009 Victoria Square, Belfast
(Silver Jubilee Cup & City and
Metropolitan Areas winner)
2008 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(City and Metropolitan Areas)
BURA Award for Best Practice
in Regeneration
2009 Liverpool One, Liverpool
MIPIM (International Property
Market) Award
2005 Gum Store, Moscow, Russia
(Finalist - Best Shopping Centre)
2003 Almada Forum, Lisbon, Portugal
(Best Shopping Centre Award)
2003 TresAguas, Madrid
(Best Shopping Centre, Runner Up)
2000 Vasco da Gama, Lisbon
(Best Shopping Centre Award)
1997 Via Catarina, Porto, Portugal
(Best Shopping Centre Award)
MIPIM/AR Future Project Award
2008 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Big Urban Projects: Commendation)
2003 New Retail Quarter, Shefeld
(Mixed Use and Retail: Winner)
Retail & Leisure Property Award
2006 Chapeleld, Norwich
(Best New Shopping Centre)
2004 Retail Designer of the Year
BCSC Gold Award
2009 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Supreme Award Winner)
2008 Silverburn, Glasgow
2008 Victoria Square, Belfast
2006 Chapeleld, Norwich
2005 The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol
(Established Centre Award)
2005 Pescod Square, Boston, Lincolnshire
2004 White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds
(Established Centre Award)
BCSC Award
2003 Piccadilly Station, Manchester
(Special Award)
2001 West Quay, Southampton
(New Centre Category)
1998 The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol
(New Centre Category)
1997 White Rose Shopping Centre,
Leeds, West Yorkshire
(New Centre category)
1996 Brent Cross Shopping Centre,
Hendon, London
(Refurbishment Category)
1993 Freshney Place, Grimsby,
(Commendation, Refurbishment Category)
1990 The Olympia, East Kilbride,

BCSC Town Centre Environment
2009 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Gold Standard Award)
ICSCs VIVA (Vision, Innovation,
Value, Achievement) Award
2011 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Best of the Best Award)
International Council of Shopping
Centres Award (Europe)
2010 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(New Development: Extra Large &
ReStore Award)
2009 Victoria Square, Belfast
(Commendation - Large Developments &
ReStore Award)
2007 Chapeleld, Norwich
(Large Centre Commendation)
2003 TresAguas, Madrid, Spain
(Large Centre Award)
2003 Almada Forum, Lisbon, Portugal
(Large Centre Commendation)
2003 Espace Jaures, Brest, France
(Small Centre Commendation)
2002 La Part Dieu, Lyon, France
(Refurbishment Award)
2000 Vasco Da Gama, Lisbon
(Large Centre Award)
1998 White Rose Shopping
Centre, Leeds, West Yorkshire
(Large Centre, Out of Town
Category Commendation)
1997 Via Catarina, Porto, Portugal
(Small Centre Award)
1997 Brent Cross Shopping Centre,
Hendon, London
(Refurbishment Category)
1994 Longmarket, Canterbury, Kent
(Small Centre Award)
1990 The Olympia, East Kilbride,
(Certicate of Merit)
International Council of Shopping
Centres Award (USA)
2003 La Part Dieu, Lyon, France
2000 Vasco Da Gama, Lisbon
1999 The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol
1997 Brent Cross Shopping
Centre, Hendon, London
1991 The Olympia, East Kilbride,
IStructE Structural Award
2008 Victoria Square, Belfast
(Finalist - Commercial or Retail Structure)
Concrete Society Award
2009 Cardiff Central Library, Cardiff
(Certicate of Excellence: Building
BALI National Landscape Award
2008 Chavasse Park, Liverpool One,
(Grand Award & Principal Award Hard
landscaping over 1.5M category)
National Lighting Design Award
2000 NikeTown, London
2000 The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol
1998 Brent Cross Shopping Centre,
Hendon, London
1994 The Bentall Centre,
Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
(Winner, Commercial Category)
Architect of the Year Award
2008 BDP,
(Finalist - Retail)
2008 BDP,
(Finalist - Masterplanning)
2007 BDP,
(Finalist - Retail)
2005 BDP,
(Finalist - Retail)
2004 BDP,
(Retail Architect of the Year)
Building Award
2009 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Building Magazine Project of the Year)
Regeneration & Renewal Award
2008 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Best Use of Planning in Regeneration)
2008 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Mixed-Use Project of the Year)
2005 Kamp Promenade, Germany
(Runner Up - International Regeneration
Global RLI Award
2011 Forum Istanbul, Turkey
(International Retail and Leisure
Destination of the Year)
2009 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(International Retail & Leisure Destination
of the Year)
2009 Victoria Square, Belfast
(Highly Commended: International
Shopping Centre of the Year))
RIAI Irish Architecture Award
2009 Victoria Square, Belfast
(Best Retail Development)
Royal Society of Ulster Architects
2010 Victoria Square, Belfast
(Award for Regeneration)
Retail Week Award
2010 Union Square, Aberdeen
(Shopping Location of the Year)
2009 Liverpool One, Liverpool
(Shopping Location of the Year)
94 95
David Barbour
Jean-Christophe Caillaud
Martine Hamilton Knight
Paul McMullin
Raf Makda
Rui Morais De Sousa
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Alexei Naroditsky
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Paul Zanre
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