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1103 Yanceyville Street· Apt C, Greensboro, NC 27405 · Cell: 336-501-2077 · Email:
To obtain a PhD position in a well renowned school with a research assistantship in a dynamic research group where I will be
able to use my strong chemical engineering knowledge and good experimental experience to conduct quality research.

North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC
M.S., Chemical Engineering, May 2010 (Expected), GPA 4.0
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
B.S., Chemical Engineering, November 2006, GPA: 3.60


E.I. (Engineering Fundamentals Examination, Applicant No: A-24012, October, 2008)
Member AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers)
Member ACS (American Chemical Society)


North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC
Research Assistant September 2007 - Current
• Hydrogen production and separation from steam reforming reactions of methanol for Fuel Cell Applications. A
complete experimental setup has been built to study the reforming reactions in tubular and membrane reactors
respectively with an inline gas chromatography system to analyze the reaction product.
• Preparation of Pd-membrane to separate hydrogen from a mixture of gases. In the membrane reactor simultaneous
production and separation of hydrogen is done. The Pd-membrane has been fabricated in the form of tube and disk using
the method developed by our group Surfactant Induced Electroless Plating (Patent application pending).
• The catalysts used in the steam reforming reaction are bi-metallic and tri-metallic catalysts supported on mesoporous
silica. The catalysts have been synthesized using one pot synthesis technique.
• Design and fabrication of Micro-mixer (chip) to study the precipitation and mixing of different drugs.

Teaching Assistant
Unit operations lab August 2007 - May 2008
• Explained experiments to students.
• Conducted presentations.
• Administered exams, and reviewed term papers.

NIKO Resources Bangladesh Ltd

Trainee Engineer January - August 2007
• Helped set up requirements for plant turnaround.
• Researched new solutions for economical operations and assist in trouble shooting various problems that came up in
• Performed daily checks on a Natural Gas Plant.
• Trouble shooting the computers and solving network or internet problems.

Worked to develop the chemical treatment of the ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) of the textile industries.


1. Kuila, Debasish; Tatineni, BALAJI; Basova, Yulia; Islam, Saiful; Rahman, Atikur; Rahman, Mizanur; Perkins,
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Silica Encapsulated Pd-Co Nanocatalyst and Its Application in Hydrogen Production”; J. of Phy. Chem, Menuscript
ID: jp-2009-114628 (Submitted on: 12-04-09).
2. Yulia V. Basova, Atikur Rahman, Mizanur Rahman, Shamsuddin Ilias and Debasish Kuila, “Novel bifunctional
nanocatalysts for aqueous-phase reforming”, Proceedings of the Fall 2009 National Meeting of American Chemical
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3. Debasish Kuila, Balaji Tatinani, Azharul Islam, Yulia Basova, Atikur Rahman, Mizanur Rahman, Saiful Islam,
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Proceedings of the Fall 2009 National Meeting of American Chemical Society, 16-20 August, Washington DC,
4. Atikur Rahman, Mizanur Rahman, Saiful Islam, Debasish Kuila, Shamsuddin Ilias, “Steam Reforming of
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Proceedings in the Sixteenth Symposium of Separation Science and Technology 2009, October 18-22, Gatinburg,
6. Atikur Rahman, Debasish Kuila, Shamsuddin Ilias, “A Parametric Study of Fluid Mixing In T-Y Micromixers”,
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7. Md. Atikur Rahman, Debasish Kuila, Shamsuddin Ilias, and Ravi Shankar, “A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF
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8. Md. Atikur Rahman, Nymul Ehsan Khan, “Study of an Evaporation System for Sodium Hydroxide solution”, J. of
Chem. Engg. , Bangladesh, Vol ChE 24 No. 1, Jan 2006 - Dec 2006. (Undergraduate Thesis)

• Operation, troubleshooting and Method development of HP 6980 series GC. Installation, calibration and operation of
Chemstation Rev A.09.03.
• Operation and minor trouble shooting of NOVA 2200e Surface area and pore size analyzer.
• Familiar with other lab equipments: FTIR, UV-VIS, HPLC, Refractometer.
• Engineering Software, Aspen, Fluent, COMSOL Multiphysics.
• Programming Languages, Fortran, Mat Lab
• Drawing Software, Microsoft Visio, AutoCAD
• Computer trouble shooting both software and hardware.


• Certificate of Achievement from North Carolina A&T State University for outstanding academic performance.
• Dr. Wadaran Latamore Kennedy Scholar: an awarded from the Chancellor of North Carolina A&T State
University for achieving GPA 4.0.
• Awarded for International Students and Scholar Office of North Carolina A&T State University for Scholarly
Accomplishments and Excellence in Academic Performance. (04-12-09)
• Dean's Merit List (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)
• Merit Scholarship (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

• Introduction and Advanced Modeling in COMSOL Multiphysics software (Raleigh, NC June 2008).
• Comprehensive training program on Plant and Industrial Safety.
• Training program for Fire Extinguishers and Gas Detection in accordance with the standards prescribed by Niko
resources and Intergroup.
• Three weeks training at TSP Complex, Patenga, Chittagong , Bangladesh on the manufacturing process of sulfuric acid,
Phosphoric acid, Triple Super Phosphate and Single Super Phosphate.


Played in the Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference (MACC) cricket tournament in NC (2008, 2009).
Represented the cricket team of the University as a captain, played the National Cricket League and Inter University cricket
tournament, Captain of the Student Dorm (Dr. M.A. Rashid Hall) Soccer team

Annual Career Awarness Fair, (North Carolina A&T State University)
Ch..E.S.A (Chemical Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology), Career
Management Session, (Chevron Bangladesh)

Appointed as the Project Administrator of Rashid Hall Computer and Intranet Society and successfully organized a gaming
contest, 1st prize winner of the essay competition, (Reduce and Save) in NIKO Resources BD. Ltd. Special award for
outstanding performance in sports.

Available upon request