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MBA, FALL 2014.

Further one more assignment will be posted once assignment 1 is submitted on Thursday. Please
submit hard prints and email soft copies.

Assignment 1
1. Prepare a word document that states the project objective and a list of assumptions. Write these
from the perspective of the project manager in the case. As of now, what are the challenges that the
Project Manager is facing?
2. Using the Gantt chart view in Microsoft Project, Create a task list/ work breakdown structure:
Create a title task at the top with the name of the project. All other tasks are sub-tasks under
his one. Input the Start date for the Project (use ProjectProject Information [do NOT input any
other dates for any tasks at this time]).
Entire project must be set up in terms of tasks, sub-tasks, etc.
Due to the high level of detail given in the case, it is possible to make a reasonable project plan
with only the information given. But, as always, there are details skipped in the discussion: use
your intuition and creativity to add tasks that round out and complete the plan more fully, or
you may want to break up some of the tasks into more than one task. Add 5-10 tasks and sub-
Tasks (there are not right or wrong tasks to add, just be reasonable).
Link the tasks. Your project should have multiple paths. Every task must be linked.
Do NOT enter durations, estimated times, constraints, due dates, etc.
Store the objectives and assumptions file in the project: Select the title Task and open its
Task Notes. Choose the Insert Object button and insert the file. (Later to make changes or
print, double click on the document in task notes--- this will open the file in word.)
3. List resource in the Resource Sheet view.
Input only human resources. Use the personal names given in the case, and use names of
departments or group where it is reasonable.
Assign them to tasks.
Be sure to assign people to ALL tasks, including ALL supervisory tasks.
Do NOT worry about people who are over-assigned.
Do NOT assign percent of units, costs, hourly wages, etc.
Assignment 1 Deliverables
Important: if an MS project deliverable does not fit on a page, tape all pages together so I can see it all
as one, fold it up to hand in. if you want to you may zoom the print views to reduce the number of
pages, but it must be readabledo not make it too small.
Print out the objectives & assumptions,
Print out the Gantt Chart view, being sure to include the last column (Resource Names) and the
visual, linked- up Gantt chart,
Print out the resource sheet view,
Print out Resource Usage view (I only need the first column, but I need to see all of that
Assignment 2
1. Make corrections and adjustments from Assignment 1, verifying that the task list and links are
very accurate before going on.
2. Input the task durations as given in the case (if there is a range of time given, input the longest,
most pessimistic time). Make up reasonable durations for your added tasks. Your project should
have multiple paths.
Use the default As soon as Possible task constraints for all tasks.
Do not change anything with the calendar and do not change any working times (leave the
default, M-F, 40 hours of work per week).
3. Enter at least two milestones, including a project-end milestone.
4. Input a project end deadline and at least one other deadline that is not met with your current
project plan.
5. Be sure to include a project review task (after the project deadline) that takes about a week.
6. Show the critical path in the Gantt chart.
7. Do NOT adjust (or Crash) any activities. Do NOT save a baseline. Do NOT worry about over-
assigned resources.
Assignment 2 Deliverables
Print out the WBS and the Gantt Chart (Gantt Chart, View- Able- Entry with all column and
the entire Gantt Chart)
- Make sure all columns (including Resources) are shown on the chart and are wide enough
so that they are entirely visible (Just like for Assign 1)
- Make sure critical path is visible (If have a black & white printer, you will need to reformat
using format--- Bar styles)
- Tape all pages together to create one large page. Fold up to hand in.
Print the WBS from Gantt chart, view-Table-schedule with just the columns (make sure all
columns are visible, do NOT need the actual Gantt chart for this printout).