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Advanced Find and Replace v7.8.

Copyright 2013 Abacre Limited. All Rights Reserved
Search multiple documents with queries as with Google and replace
entire paragraphs of text!
Advanced Find and Replace allows you to search local documents with
queries like in Google and replace entire paragraphs of text.
You may specify a mask to search files with different extensions
and then make a query like in Google. For instance, you may
search all text, html and RTF files with query:
+"John Smith" resume -salary
Furthermore, you may insert, replace and remove entire fragments
of text consisting of more than on line in multiple files.
For example, it is very easy to insert JavaScript right after
<BODY> tag and then easy update it, insert new or remove from
all pages of your site!
This utility also offers a lot of additional functionalities,
for instance, using of Perl-style regular expressions, command
line parameters, save results in XML, conversion of Perl scripts
before porting to Unix platforms and much more.
It works on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/8
What's new
AFR v7.8.1
* Corrected minor Windows 8 compatibility issues.
AFR v7.8
* Improvement: added new Help menu command:
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* Bug fixed: corrected several issues related to showing web pages
like Translate into Native Language in different browsers.
* Bug fixed: corrected several issues related to showing help file.
AFR v7.7
* Feature: new button: Export Values to file for exporting list of
batch replace pairs.
* Feature: new option: Clear Batch Grid on pressing Clear button.
* Feature: new option: Clear Results on pressing Clear button.
AFR v7.6
* Improvement: corrected tab order for search conditions on Find tab.
* Improvement: corrected tab order on Batch Replace tab.
* Improvement: corrected tab order on Regular Expressions builder.
* Improvement: font on Regular Expressions Builder was set to Courier
New (fixed pitch font).
* Improvement: corrected program's registration URLs.
AFR v7.5
* Improvement: assigned all misting translation tags in GUI.
* Improvement: updated all language files.
AFR v7.4
* Feature: Configuration files folder is saved into configuration file.
* Feature: saving position, state and dimensions of Regular Expressions
Builder window.
AFR v7.3
* Feature: added new option: Filter files by creation date. Therefore
now it's possible to select files in search using file's creation date
and not file's last modification date.
* Bug fixed: action's type for Replace operation was saved twice in
configuration file.
AFR v7.2
* Feature: added possibility to use masks like ? and * in folders to
ignore list. Read more:
* Improvement: Folders to Ignore list was replaced by memo edit
control. Now it's possible to move ignored folders in the list,
correct ignored folders or create masks.
AFR v7.1
* Improvement: better memory allocation for list of files on Source
Files window for adding new files.
* Bug fixed: Remove Files button on Source Files window did not free
memory allocated for files list.
* Bug fixed: file's date was not properly formatted on Source Files
window depending on user's country format settings.
AFR v7.0
* Feature: Search and replace in folder names with possibility to remove
folders. Read more:
* Feature: Now AFR can remove files. Specify file name in Search For
field and empty string for Replace Width field on Batch Replace (with
checked Replace In File Names option) when run Batch Replace.
Read more:
* Feature: application's specific icons are displayed now in results
list for EXE and DLL files.
* Feature: preview of MS Office documents works now for Find
* Improvement: faster sorting of search results.
* Improvement: faster caching of file icons.
* Improvement: icons for files in results list are drawn more clearly.
* Improvement: faster speed of file type retrieval for results list.
* Improvement: file names are compared in case insensitive mode
before renaming.
* Bug fixed: exclude masks could not work with upper case file's
* Bug fixed: Sorting results by date was failed on Windows with
specific regional settings.
AFR v6.5
* Feature: added XML as command line parameter for -format command.
* Improvement: for command line parameters when path is not specified
for configuration file then app data folder is used instead of folder
where EXE file is located (as it was used previously).
* Improvement: for command line parameters when path is not specified
for batch file then application's My Documents folder is used instead
of folder where EXE file is located (as it was used previously).
* Bug fixed: Open SAMPLES Dir button opened wrong location.
AFR v6.4
* Feature: new option Min Subfolder Depth located on menu Action -
Options - General.
* Improvement: added Arabic translation.
AFR v6.3
* Improvement: Save Results As folder location is saved into
configuration file. So you dont need to search again for results folder
next time.
* Bug fixed: Force read-only files option was not loaded from
configuration file.
AFR v6.2
* Improvement: improved start up time on most Windows operating
systems. Now Advanced Find and Replace runs more faster.
* Bug fixed: Some versions of Windows blocked AFR from running because
of enabled DEP protection. Now AFR can run on any Windows without any
AFR v6.1
* Improvement: Improved detection of language file based on system's
language defined in Windows.
* Improvement: updated language files.
* Bug fixed: error messages were shown after entering incorrect
registration key.
AFR v6.0
* Feature: possibility to use labels for masks and paths. For example,
instead of selecting *.doc;*.docx;*.xls;*.xlsx from Mask
drop-down-list you can simply select "MS Office files".
The same is applied for paths. For example, you can choose:
"Contracts" from Paths lists. It will automatically select, for ex.:
New labels can be easily created, updated or removed from lists of
masks or paths.
* Feature: new option: Max subfolder depth. Now it's possible to
specify how deep to search for subfolder. For example, specifying 1
means to search in current directory and in subfolders of this
current directory (but not subfolders of these subfolders).
Putting zero into these option (zero is default value) means search in
unlimited number of subfolders.
This option located on menu Action - Options - General.
* Feature: possibility to select backup file name. In previous version
backup file back was created automatically based on current date and
time. Now you can select more clear backup file names. For example,
"replaced ZIP code in all companies". This is controlled by new added
option: Backup File Name. The option is located in menu Action -
Options - Backup.
* Feature: new option: "Collect preview information for files of": any
size; maximum N MB. It's well-known that collecting of preview
information for large files is very time consuming process. Sometimes
processing of large file maybe 10 or 100 times slower if you collect
preview information. With this new option you can collect preview
information for example for files with size less than 2 MB.
* Feature: added new command: menu View - Backup Folder.
This command allows to quickly open backup folder in Windows Explorer.
Note: default location of backup folder is:
\My Documents\Advanced Find and Replace\Backup
but location can be changed using menu Action - Options - Backup -
Backup Folder.
* Improvement: saving to and loading from configuration file heights of
Choose Masks and Choose Paths windows.
* Improvement: saving to and loading from configuration file height of
parameters panel on main window.
* Improvement: backup options has been moved into separate Backup tab
on Options window.
* Improvement: updated language files with new labels.
AFR v5.2
* Feature: added new button: Shell Association. This button is located
in menu Action - Options - Advanced. By pressing the button you can
remove Advanced Find and Replace from Windows Explorer. So "Search
with Advanced Find and Replace" text will be disappeared. By pressing
back on the button the association may be added.
* Improvement: pressing Ctrl+A selects whole text in Text To Find or
Replace With.
* Improvement: updated icons on Action menu.
AFR v5.1
* Feature: Add To Batch command is not available in pop up menu after
right-clicking on Replace tab.
* Improvement: Add To Batch button is now well positioned on Replace
tab after resizing of main window.
* Improvement: new notification window about mistyped registration
* Improvement: Batch grid is now better resized after entering many
search/replace pairs.
AFR v5.0
* Feature: Undo operation. After Replace or Batch Replace operation
now it's possible to press Undo button to cancel this operation.
You modified files will be returned into original state.
* Feature: Possibility to Show Line Numbers in preview. This option
should be enabled in menu Action - Options - Preview - Show Line
Numbers. Note: collecting line numbers information is quite consuming
process. Use it only if you work with usual plain text files. We
advice you to disable it while working with huge files.
* Feature: New "Open with Editor" command. Now just right-click on any
place of found text in Preview. You will see "Open with Editor"
command. With this command you can open your favorite text editor and
it will be automatically navigated to selected in Preview line and
column numbers. Some popular editors are already pre-configured
(Notepad, Notepad++, UltraEdit, Multi-Edit and TextEdit). But you can
setup option for any other editor too on menu Action - Options - Preview.
* Feature: "Automatically save modified files into backup folder" option.
This option allows you to save modified files into selected folder.
Complete structure of folder-free will be saved including drive name
information. The option is located on menu Action - Options -
Advanced. Automatic recovery from this folder is possible using Undo
* Feature: Automatic saving of results files. Do you need to
automatically track of which search and replace actions do you do?
This feature is right for you. The feature is controlled by 3
options: "Automatically save results to file", "Results Folder" and
"Results File Type" located on menu Action - Options - Results.
* Feature: Possibility to disable showing the result list. This is a
"must have" feature if you a working with large collection of files
(more than 1,000 files). The search and replace speed can be radically
increased (up to 60%). In case of working with large large collection
of files we recommend to disable the results list on main window
(simply uncheck menu View - Results) and enable Automatic Saving of
results files (see previous option).
AFR v4.2
* Feature: "Search with Advanced Find and Replace..." will be shown
for context menu (right-click on a folder) in Windows Explorer.
* Feature: possibility to drag-n-drop folder or file from Windows
Explorer into Search path field of AFR.
AFR v4.1
* Feature: new option: Search In Hidden Files.
* Feature: new option: Search In Hidden Folders.
AFR v4.0
* Feature: Backup of files into ZIP archive before changing. Now users
may be more confident when changing files. Go to menu Options -
Advanced. Check the options'Backup Files before Replace or Batch
Replace" and "Backup files into ZIP archive". Specify "Backup Folder"
where backup files will be located. Press OK button on Options window.
Now each time before changing the files AFR will put the files into
ZIP archive. And for each session (for each press of Execute button)
it will create a separate archive. It means nothing can be lost when
using this mode: you will have saved version of your file each type
you replace in it.
* Feature: New option: Create BAK files. In previous versions creation
of BAK files was controlled by main option "Backup Files before
Replace or Batch Replace". Since current version we separated it into
stand alone option Create BAK files. BAK files are located in the same
folder as source files.
* Feature: Support of new Microsoft Office 2007 .docx, .xlsx, .pptx
file formats.
* Improved Windows Vista support: now configuration file (default.cfg)
is saved in AppData folder and sample files are saved in My Documents
folder. No other Vista's compatibility issues were found. Previous
version 3.0 worked fine on Vista except for one case: when user did
not have administrator's privileges on his computer AFR could not
automatically save configuration file. Because Microsoft does not
allow writing anything into Program Files folder where the program is
located. Now AFR saves its configuration into AppData\Advanced Find
and Replace 4\ folder.
* Feature: New command in menu View - Parameters Panel. This command
is useful when you finished search and you want to see the results
list in full size window.
* New option for preview of found text: save preview in results file.
Now when you do menu Action - Save Results As preview information
maybe saved into this file.
* Feature: New option for preview of found text: group the same files.
By default this option is switched on. It means if AFR finds the same
lines for preview it will display these lines of text as one line.
Note: in current version when this option is off it shows a separate
line in preview for each found text even if the text is located
several times within the same line.
* Feature: Escape Text button on Regular Expressions Builder. You may
type now in regular expressions field of Regular Expressions Builder.
Then press Escape Text button. It will automatically convert all
reserved chars in the text into correct regular expression.
* Feature: When regular expressions are activated and you press a Plus
button on Replace tab AFR automatically escapes literal text on
Replace tab. Then it will create Search For and Replace With pair on
Batch Replace tab with correct regular expressions syntax.
* Bug fixed: preview information was duplicated during grouping of
lines. But this issue did not make any influence of visual
representation of preview text.
AFR v3.0
Feature: Search in list of files.
Feature: Search in Results.
Feature: User Interface has now different themes.
Feature: new Choose Masks window simplifying mask selection.
Feature: new Choose Paths window simplifying path selection.
Feature: New search type for Find operation: RegExp for searching
for files with regular expressions.
Feature: Possibility to use * wildcard in search path.
For example, C:\My documents\*contracts\order*
Feature: Added new parameter: Make cycle on multiple files
Feature: Added new parameter: Rename File Name if it was changed
Feature: context menu in Results may work now for multiple files
located in the same directory.
Feature: new function for regular expressions evaluation: WrapText
Bug fixed: "Search and replace in Microsoft Excel files" module has
carefully been rewritten.
Bug fixed: Corrected small issue with evaluation of regular expressions (Modifie
r E).
Bug fixed: Removing of files having the same name during file rename.
Bug fixed: Send To did not work in context menu for Results.
Bug fixed: date for a Microsoft Word document was changed with actual
date even if document was not modified during Replace or Batch Replace
AFR v2.3
Feature: Find command now may search using regular expressions (see Find tab of
Options window).
Feature: Possibility to evaluate expressions: you may transform text
into lower case, upper case, add or subtract numbers and so on.
Feature: Preview works now with using Up and Down keyboard buttons.
Feature: Added new command line parameters -mask and -path.
Read more:
Feature: New parameter: Force Read Only files.
Feature: New option: Include File Name into Search Scope.
Feature: New option: Handle Unicode files (with ASCII chars only)
Feature: Search and replace in MS Excel macros and formulas.
Feature: Preview panel now fully works for Excel files and partially for Word
Feature: Ctrl+F will find text in preview panel.
Feature: Replace until found option for Batch replace.
Bug fixed: Focus was on search path. Now AFR has focus on Search Query
Bug fixed: AFR could not display file sizes greater than 2GB.
Bug fixed: Could not rename file when new file name already existed.
Bug fixed: It was not possible to use {nnnn} format in replace part of
regular expression.
Bug fixed: Counter of found files was not incremented on found MS Office
AFR v2.2
Feature: New option: Backup files. Go to main menu - Action -
Options - Advanced. When Backup files is ON AFR creates backup files
with .bak extension.
Feature: New options: "Batch Replace in File Names" and "Batch
Replace in File Bodies". So with "Batch Replace in File Names" option
it's possible now to use Advanced Find and Replace as full-featured
file renamer.
Feature: New button: "Add to Batch" in Regular expressions builder.
Feature: Preview of found text for Batch replace operation with "Use
regular expressions" option.
Feature: Improved Regular Expression Builder with Open, Save, and
Insert menu commands.
Feature: "Save to File" and "Print" context menu commands for Preview
Bug fixed: Sometimes highlighting was not correctly displayed in
AFR v2.1
Feature: Found text preview for text files (HTML, TXT and others).
Feature: Possibility to put several search paths which should be
separated by ;
Bug fixed: could not skip password protected MS Word and Excel files.
AFR v2.0
Feature: Search in PDF files.
Feature: Support of multi-language user interface.
Feature: "What you see" (WUC) HTML Search.
Feature: new replace actions: Cyclic Replace From File, Insert in Top
and Insert in Bottom of file.
Feature: Possibility to specify Folders to Ignore. See main menu -
Action - Options - Folders to Ignore tab.
Feature: Pause button.
Feature: New command line parameters: searchfor and replacewith
Feature: Search in hidden folders.
Feature: Just find option for Batch replace.
Feature: Add to Batch button.
Feature: Possibility to replace multiple lines in Batch
Feature: Don't show it again box for read-only files
Feature: New filter: file name length
Feature: New period for date filter: Minutes
Feature: Possibility to use advanced options filters for replace and
batch replace operations (see Options window).
Feature: "Ignore from import lines" option commenting out some lines
in batch import file.
Feature: Find In File Names option.
Bug fixed: Replace operation added CRLF chars after loading of config.
Bug fixed: Keep original file date was ON by default.
Bug fixed: Just Find option changed document date in MS Office files.
Bug fixed: Page Layout was not saved correctly for MS Office files.
Bug fixed: Corrected Bug with \\ escaping in regular expressions.
AFR v1.6.0
Feature: Possibility to charge hyperlinks of MS Word and Excel files.
Feature: Data import for batch grid from command line.
Feature: new option: keeping original file date after replace.
Bug fixed: Program did not replace info in page header and footer of MS Word
and Excel files.
Bug fixed: Confirm before replace and exit parameters did not
work in v1.5.0. (They worked fine in all previous versions).
AFR v1.5.0
Feature: new look for buttons.
Feature: full-featured find, replace and batch replace in MS Word and Excel file
Feature: Whole words option for find, replace, batch replace operations working
both for plain text (TXT, HTM, ASP, PHP) and for Microsoft Office files.
Feature: pressing Enter button in search results opens all selected files.
Feature: support of drag and drop into Windows Explorer multiple files.
Feature: more correct and smooth saving of main window size and position.
Feature: possibility to maximize main window of Regular Expression Builder.
Bug fixed: a confirmation window was shown several times during replace operatio
when No answer was chosen.
Bug fixed: when configuration file was missed, an exception was raised.
AFR v1.4.5
Small interface and security changes.
AFR v1.4.3
Documentation was changed and some security updates were made.
AFR v1.4.2
Bug fixed: Confirm before replace option was not recovered with command line par
Bug fixed: Using of char escaping in regular expressions. Now it's possible to
use \ escaping in replace part.
Bug fixed: long loading of program with enabled Norton Antivirus.
Feature: Improved algorithm for file iterations.
Feature: Delete several files at one in Search results by pressing Delete button
Shft+Delete and Select+A is also supported.
Feature: possibility to search for files that dont include specified keywords.
Attention: feature of processing of large files by one line does not work yet.
Feature: displaying search information in xml results.
Feature: saving state of Search For and Replace With Widths in Batch Replace.
AFR v1.4.1
Feature: possibility to specify masks to exclude from search.
Bug fixed: confirm before replace did not work properly with regular expressions
Small interface changes for batch replace with RE.
AFR v1.4.0
Feature: Perl and Unix style regular expressions were added.
Feature: New panel for most common command: search in subfolders, case sensitive
confirm before replace.
Bug fixed: AFR did not understand uppercase parameters.
Note: in this version we changed registration keys, so if you are registered use
r and
did not receive a new key, please contact us.
AFR v1.3.5
Feature: Yes To All and Not To All for replace and batch replace
Bug fixed: OR operation did not work correctly.
Tiny improvements of interface and documentation.
AFR v1.3.4
Feature: Insert text BETWEEN fragments of text. Ex. you can delete
code of banners that slightly differs on the pages.
Feature: When user deletes file from system by using context menu
of AFR, the program also deletes it from Result list.
Feature: Resize batch replace grid when resizing main window.
Feature: Save configuration command and displaying name of
configuration file in title of the program.
Bug fixed: AFR v1.3.3 could not work in evaluation mode due to
some problems with new protection mechanism.
AFR v1.3.3
Feature: Minimize to system tray.
Bug fixed: AFR could not search Read-Only files (for instance,
files on CDs).
Bug fixed: in v1.3.2 Replace operation wrote Text to Find in lower
case when using not case sensitive mode.
AFR v1.3.2
Feature: Work with command line parameters. It allows automating of
your business process.
Feature: Saving results in XML file with detailed information.
Feature: Optimized work with large files. For example, for processing
file with size of 100MB, speed is increased in 3.5 times!
AFR v1.3.1
Feature: Right clip popup menu as in normal windows explorer.
Feature: Import values for Batch replace table from Excel files.
Feature: Delete trailing CRLFs.
Bug fixed: In batch replace if "Confirm before replace" was checked,
AFR could not find files.
Bug fixed: In replace operation if "case sensitive" was checked, AFR
could not sometimes to find files for replacements.
Bug fixed: Sometimes when AFR could not open file it stopped to search
rest of the files.
AFR v1.3.0
Big feature was added: Batch replace. Now AFR can make batch
replacements of several strings in the files. It's very useful
when you want to update several hyperlinks in one time or,
for instance, translate, C++ files into Pascal files.
Feature: Open/Save configuration of the program.
Bug fixed: AFR could not search string length of one char.
Bug fixed: during file search without query, AFR displayed
list of files in Results, but it wrote that found 0 files.
AFR v1.2.4
Bug fixed: during replace operations AFR sometimes could not find
the strings to replace.
Some corrections in documentation and programs interface were made.
AFR v1.2.3
New feature: saving results of find/replace in a file. Just right
click on results list and then choose "Save Results". You can
save results in the file of different formats: html, txt, csv.
Bug fixed: when performing Find operation sometimes there were
duplicating files in search results. I was when user specified
"duplicating" search mask like *.htm* *.html.
AFR v1.2.2
Sorting results by any parameters (date, size, found).
Program's interface was corrected for using with large system fonts.
AFR v1.2:
Drag and Drop files from results window.
Small bug in displaying of results was fixed.
Small bug in Replace panel were fixed. Now AFR don't raise exception,
if it can't open a file.
AFR v1.1: A lot of bugs were fixed. Now AFR became more stable,
robust and fast.
Now AFR can search not only documents (html, txt, cpp, java, etc),
but also any files, for instance search information inside big *.log
files or even executables.
Due to word warping, it was not possible to replace WIDE fragments of
text. Now this option is switched off and any fragments of text
can be replaced.
New algorithms of text searching were applied, they are also
optimized by assembler code. So AFR 1.1 became in 2.5 times faster!
Some problems with searching masks were fixed. With new techniques of
searching its even possible just to set *.* mask.
AFR 1.0 displayed search results in sorted view only when search was
finished. Now it can display results on fly and, after completion
of the search, show sorted results.
Program work under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7
No optional features to the system are required.
Create appropriate directory, for example, c:\afr\, and unzip AFR.ZIP
file. Then run SETUP.EXE program and follow to standard installation
To uninstall Advanced Find and Replace, Run Add/Remove Programs from
Control Panel and choose Advanced Find and Replace.
Registration pages:
Evaluation period for Advanced Find and Replace is 21 days,
after that time you may register here:
Company's address