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Id like to thank everyone for coming tonight.

Thank you for taking time out to celebrate with

me. Now I see the people Im glad to keep forever with me and you guys know how much
each of you mean to me.

God has blessed me so much and I wanna take this time to thank Him. He deserves all the
glory for everything that has happened to me.

For my college friends, Id like to go back and reminisce just to give you a context on who I
was before I met all of you. I studied in a Christian High school. It was a VERY small high
school and so I knew everyone from all year levels and made close friends. I was into sports (I
was a member of various varsities), I was into music (I competed for interschool
competitions), and I was super focused in my studies. My high school friends that are here
today can testify to how determined and competitive I was when it came to grades.

Since I was in 2
year, I was determined to get into DLSU. It was my dream school. But I knew,
and my parents were very open to my brother and I about our financial situation, that it was
quite impossible. My dad just recently left the law firm he was working for to focus on our
family business. I took the entrance exams for Ateneo, UP, and DLSU. This is just one of the
things I am grateful for to the Lord. I didnt attend any review centers but God blessed me
with a single tutor who only taught me math.

Yada, yada, yada. Results came out. I passed UP LB and DLSU. It was schocking for me
because I honestly thought that I wouldnt pass my dream university. So the decision was
down to UP LB and DLSU. Obviously I went with DLSU as all of you can tell but everyone my
family knew kept asking why my parents decided to not go with UP given how our family
looked like financially.

But God provided. He used the business my dad started to fund my education. As well as my
brothers who was also studying in LSGH that time. It seemed like an impossible feat but not
once, did my parents ever get delayed in paying for my tuition. God was so good that he
didnt falter even once in providing.

I was also given the opportunity to live in a dorm near DLSU and later rent a condo which
wouldve also meant that it was additional expenses. But by Gods grace, we were still able
to manage smoothly.

College life. Everything started to turn slightly downhill when I encountered my first failure. If
you know me well (My hs friends again can attest to this), I didnt take it lightly. My dream of
graduating with honors was over. I started to hangout with the wrong people. I wont go into
the details but it got to a point where it was really bad. My parents know about this, dont

But it wasnt all downhill. I started to realize that academics was important, but it wasnt
everything. I auditioned for the orchestra, became an officer and concert master. I met Sir
Jheng, (Mention all LYO peeps).

Yesterday I graduated and even though it was a year and a term late, I thank God because
I knew He had plans on why He allowed it.

When I look back, all I can do is thank God that He allowed me to meet T. Tanny Aquias, my
violin teacher who taught me patiently, helped me prepare for competitions, auditions and
performances. If it werent for him and T. Susie, I wouldnt even have known most of the
people here. I wouldnt have met the friends I have know. I wouldnt have learned more
about music, I wouldnt have become a better player. I wouldnt have ever continued
playing the violin. And I pay my respects to my late maestro and I thank God that the Aquias
family has become a part of my life.

I thank God for my High school friends who I know Id get to keep even though we bicker a
lot of times because we dont get to see each other that much. Theyve kept me sane
before I joined the orchestra because I was a freshman who felt like a misfit in the big sea
that was DLSU.

I thank God for my LYO Friends. Mimi, Panday, Kathy, Pau, Bobby Us, the really old ones.
Weve had awesome times together and youve also been there for me during my not so
awesome times. God allowed me to have you as friends who have kept me in line when I
was away from my family. To my new LYO friends, if I graduated earlier, I wouldnt have met
these talented bunch.

I thank God for Sir Jheng. You werent able to hear my grand soliloquy during team building
and so Ill sum it up for you. Thank you for being a father to us all when were in DLSU. You
were there to listen to us and give advice just like a peer but you also taught us discipline like
a parent. For that, I would forever be grateful to God for allowing me to know you.

I thank God for my high school classmate, turned roommate, turned best friend, Chesca. All
those crazy and weird times weve had living in Taft, throwing ice at people outside
(SHAVED, DONT WORRY), all the secrets only the two of us knows. Our emo moments (Yes, I
remember that time we were crying and hugging each other), and the times youve
defended me. I dont have a biological sister but Id like to think of you as one. I dont know
if college wouldve been this awesome if I didnt have you as my best friend.

And lastly, I thank God for my parents. I love you guys and I may not be the best daughter,
but you guys are the best parents. It may have been my birthday but this is as much of a
celebration for you guys as it is for me.

Thank you for being hard-working and being persistent that we become God-fearing
For allowing the blessing flow through you to provide for Caleb and I
Thank you for never abandoning me and for still loving me even though there
were times that Ive wronged you
For teaching us that we have to be faithful in all things
For constantly reminding us of Gods goodness in our family

Thank you for allowing me to go to my university of choice. My parents, youve been loving
and supportive of all of my passions. You continually expose us to opportunities most children
arent fortunate enough to have. You continually strive us to give us the best to equip us so
that when the time comes that we leave your nest, were fully prepared.

Everything that has happened, whether it has been a little depressing, sad, or good, I thank
God for letting me experience all of it. Im still a work in progress but He still didnt fail to bless
me and keep me from danger. He allowed me to go through certain experiences to learn
from, allowed me to meet wonderful people to keep for a lifetime, and He gave me
amazing parents.

All I am is overwhelmed on how good He is. Being here today, having this celebration, we
give back all the glory to God.

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