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URC Flour Division is one of the business units under the commodity business segments of Universal

Robina Corporation. It started its commercial operations in 1970 having its first plant Continental Milling
Company Pasig. It expanded its capacity in 1993 when Continental Milling Company Davao was
established and in 2003 when the URC Flour Plant began operations.

URC Flour Division is one of the top flour millers in the Philippines. We have three flourmills: CMC
Pasig, CMC Davao, and the new URC Flour Plant in Pasig, with rated production capacities of 700, 300
and 550 metric tons per day respectively. The new flour mill features state-of-the-art milling and blending
facilities and advanced quality control laboratory allowing us to do improvement in flour coloration and
yield as well as customization of products tailor-fit to your specific needs.

We import high quality wheat that is milled following stringent standards and control to ensure
achievement of desired quality and consistency. We mill hard flour, soft flour, all-purpose flour and
speciality flour. These are commercially sold to flour dealers and institutional accounts under the brand
These are also the same flour supplied to Branded Consumer Foods Division of URC, which
manufactures and markets flour-based products such as Magic Flakes Premium Crackers, Presto
Creams, Cream-O Sandwich Cookies, Hello Wafers, Dewberry Cookies, Jack n Jill Pretzels, Quake
Cake, Nissin and Payless Instant Noodles. Flour Milling by-products such as wheat germ, bran and
pollard are also part of Flour Divisions product portfolio.

With our thrust to build a strong partnership with our customers, we commit not only to provide consistent
quality products but also reliability via availability of supply and dependable technical support.

As you use our flour for applications other than baking, URC Flour Division strives to guide you in the
diverse flour applications specific to your business. Whether it is pizza dough, pasta, Chinese noodle, or
siopao, our Technical Services Department will extend assistance by providing the necessary and up-to-
date information geared towards the optimal use of our flour. This is further supported by the following
technical services we offer: process analysis, troubleshooting, product development, cost computation,
product costing and other services that can enhance your business vitality.

Cadet Engineers

As a Cadet Engineer in the URC Flour Division, youll be trained to do and become responsible of the following:

1.) All electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and automation operation and maintenance of equipment

2.) Operate and maintain wheat cleaning facility, milling facility, packing facility, extruder, compressor and pasta boiler

3.) Conduct samples and analyzes of quality parameters in the flour and pasta production,

4.) Supply chain management related tasks.

Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree or Professional License (Passed
Board/Bar/Professional License Exam) in Engineering (Chemical), Engineering (Mechanical), Engineering
(Electrical/Electronic) or equivalent.

With leadership background shown by involvement in academic or extra-curricular activities/organization during
college years.

Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.

Required language(s): English, Filipino

10 Full-Time position(s) available.