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Announcing Game Gate: Gameroom Edition

Wouldnt it be great if you could play all your favorite arcade games in a real arcade
machine in your gameroom?
Wadsworth, OH October 16, 2014 Imagine playing all the classic arcade games
jst li!e yo remember in a spped p "#$% generation coin&op con'erted arcade
machine that also plays today(s newest games) %he creator o* this arcade machine,
+hristopher ,erding, wold li!e to introdce yo to the all&new ,ame ,ate-
,ameroom #diton.
,ame ,ate is an pright arcade cabinet with cool /#0 side panels, cstom artwor!,
bac!lit header, 122 /+0, awesome sond, and more gaming than yo can sha!e a
stic! at. 3laying 3acman on an i3hone simply doesn(t compare to the eye&popping
4arter dropping madness o* being a *oot *rom the screen with a ball topped arcade
joystic! in one hand and a 5ontain 0ew in the other.
%he ,ame ,ate can play all the classics, bt it can also play all the great $bo6
games that yo can download throgh $bo6 7rcade and mar!etplace inclding
some really ama8ing Indie games. ,ame ,ate represents hge leaps *orward in how
games are played. Originally designed to be coin&operated, this ama8ing machine
is being pgraded to ,75#9OO5 #0I%IO". %his campaign is all abot adding a
re'oltionary arcade panel and twea!ing the system *or *ree play, and at a price
only a'ailable to those willing to help s lanch throgh :ic!starter)
About Game Gate
,ame ,ate is way more than an $bo6 160 in a cabinet. 7s mentioned, the
machines were the world;s <rst and only licensed *or pblic se home console based
arcade. %he $bo6 game console is controlled by a cstom de'eloped control board
that switches 'ideo between an integrated 3+ and the game console.
3ower and =>? *nctions are directly controlled by the system, and game play is in
a charge&by&time con<gration. %ime remaining and cstom messages are
displayed in the /#0 matri6 hosed in the bac!lit mar4ee. +olor changing /#0s on
the sides and *ront o* the cabinet change to attract players. 7 power*l sond
system with ear le'el spea!ers and a powered sbwoo*er ma!e any game sond
incredible, and the games loo! stnning on the 122 /+0.
%here(s a ton o* e6tra *eatres on the machine that ma!e it 'ery ni4e. %here are
two headphone jac!s on the *ront o* the machine with separate 'olme control.
%here are illminated pshbttons *or player selection and system reset. %here is a
'ideo ot on the bac! o* the machine so yo can se a shadow monitor @so i* yo
ha'e big screen %A in yor gameroom, hoo! it p to the ,ame ,ate and play *rom
either screenB. %here are casters on the bottom o* the machine *or easy mo'ing
and leg le'elers *or stable play.
To learn more Game Gate or to help support this project on Kickstarter,
please visit:
+hristopher ,erding
,ame ,ate
Wadsworth, OH