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Ramalan adabi

Soalan struktur:
1. movement of substances across plasma membrane
- phospholipid bilayer
- blood in hypertonic solution (salt solution)
2. Enzyme
- lock and key analoy
- enzyme in diestive system
!. "ransport
- blood clottin
- factor for heart disease
- continous variation and discontinous variation
- disease cause by mutation
- factors for mutation
%. diestion
- villus
- adaptation of ileum to carry out its function
- &hy cellulase is not diested in human diestive system
- &hy rodent has a lare caecum
'. respiratory system of human( fish and insect
- dra& and labelled
- adaptation of respiratory structure of insect to prevents it from
- similar characteristics of the respiratory structure of human( fish
and insect to increase efficiency in aseous e)chane
- &hy insect does not have blood capillaries
*. Structure of kidney nephron
- difference of composition of filtratre alon the tubuls in nephron
- meanin of reabsoprtion
Essay +uestion :
1. (a) ,escribe ho& ooenesis occurs in human
(b) e)plain the involvement of hormone in menstrual cycle
2. (a) State the relationship bet&een the rats and the o&ls and describe the
relationship bet&een them
(b) e)plain the interactions that e)ist bet&een lichen and alae( clo&n fish and sea anemones
(c) describe &hy most plants cannot colonis and ron in manrove s&amp
(d) discuss the adaptive characteritics of the manrove plant species that allo& them to ro& &ell in the s&amps
!. (a) -hat is meant by balanced diet.
(b) discuss the importance of the follo&in classes of food:
- rouhae
- &ater
(c) discuss a diet appropriate for the follo&in taret roup:
i. children
ii. prenant mother
#. (a) ,escribe the role played by each of the follo&in in maintainin the circulation of blood in the human body
i. the heart
ii. the blood vessels
iii. the muscle of the limb
(b) describe ho& the structure of red blood cells is adapted to
transport o)yen
(c) compare the circulation of amphibian and human
% (a) dra& and e)plain the phases involved to produce dauhter cells
(b) describe the effect of uv ray to human cells
'. (a) ,escribe the factors the affect the rate of photosynthesis
(b) ,iscuss ho& the human maintain the normal rane of carbon dio)ide
and p/ level of blood after viorous activity
*. (a) ,escribe ho& pollen rains are formed in plants
(b) ,escribe ho& infertility is overcome in humans usin the follo&in method:
- sperm bank
- artificial insemination
- in vitro fertilization
- surroate mother
0. (a) 1 farmer has crossed a smooth and reen pea plant &ith a &rinkled and yello& pea plant. 1'22 pea seeds produced &ere
collected and sorted accordin to different phenotypes
e)plain the crossbreed done by the farmer
(b) 3r 4 and 3s 5 is healthy and normal couple. "heir first child is albino irl and the second hild is an albino son. "heir younest is
a pair of normal identical femal t&ins
i. 6omplete the pediree chart of 3r 47s family in diaram belo&. "hen
e)plain the inheritance of albinism in the family
ii. E)plain ho& the inheritance of albinism to the ne)t eneration of
3r 47s family can be controlled