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Different types of Jihad

1. War Jihad / Border Jihad

What is this: Occupy the borders, kill the people over there and claim t
hat land. Ex: Kashmir, Bangladesh, West Bengal, Kerala etc.
What we should do: Be careful with the neighbours. Be strong at the Bord
2. Political Jihad
What is this: Bring the politicians in to their fold. Fake Votes. 100% V
oting from their side. Each of them votes 2 to 3 times.
For ex: Several Political Parties going behind m
inority appeasement like INC, TRS, NCP, SP etc. This is the result of Political
What we should do: Bring down the politicians who are doing such minorit
y appeasements and make sure there is 100% voting in your circles.
3. Love Jihad
What is this: Trap the youngsters in to love and convert them. Whether i
t is Men or Women they will be converted to their religion.
In some cases, they are even treating themselv
es as Hindus and then when it comes to marraige or after the marraige they are r
evealing their religion and converting them force.
What we should do: Be care full when youngsters are falling in to love.
Find out their where about before falling in to the trap. It will be even good
if you don't fall into trap.
4. Aunty Jihad
What is this: Trapping the Married Ladies and converting them. They are
especially targeting the women who are staying away from the husbands. After the
trap, those women are divorcing their husband and also leaving their children.
What we should do: Increase the awareness in the women. Let women unders
tand the damage they going to do to their family.
5. Friendship Jihad
What is this:They behave with you as if they are good friends. Then they
will create doubts on Hinduism or show the benefits of virgins if they convert
etc. Ex: A famous cricketer was asked to convert by another cricketer. Google to
know more.
What we should do:Becare full while moving them. Have good understanding
of our Dharma and condemn any such attempts.
6. Currency Jihad
What is this:Print Fake Notes and send them to Bharat using the borders
of Pak, Bangla,SriLanka and China. Some notes you can't even identify.
What we should do: Alert your friends in the borders and ask them to bri
ng to the police notice if they find any such suspicious things. Try using Digit
al Currency where possible.
7. Market Jihad:
What is this: Getting in to the selling of the regular things like Veget
ables, Fruits and services like Bike Repairing, Car Repairing etc and then make
the local merchants down. These things are especially targetted by the people fr
om Bangladesh and Pakistan. They says they are some eastern states. But they are
not really. They even give you at a very cheaper rate than any body else.
What we should do: Try to avoid buying from them or using such services.
Instead go with the known people or do a bit of your own enquiry before.
8. Health Jihad:
What is this: Inject several types of diseases like Flu etc in to air or
vegetables or fruits and make the people sick.
What we should do: Be careful while buying food items and be selective a
nd buy from genuine people only.
9. Psychological Jihad:
What is this: Weaken Hindus psychologically in various angles. They also
talk wrong things from the Puranas and trying to prove them that they are wrong
Ex: They have created some rumours that the peop
le of North East States will be killed in other states. Then several of them got
panic and started moving back. Later several NGOs, govts and RSS Volunteers hav
e convinced them to stay back and come back to where they work.
An example is Ram Gopal Varma (could be
with pressure from Pak based Mafia) talking wrong things about Shiva and Ganesh
, Karunanidhi Talking wrong about the existence of Rama etc.. are part of this c
What we should do: Be Bold and understand the situations instead of beco
ming panic.
10. Cow Jihad:
What is this: Killing the cows and throwing into the temples etc and the
re by they are creating some insecurity feeling and anger in the Hindus. Infact,
none of their religions asking them to eat beaf.
Killing the cows will also impacts the creatio
n of Cow based medicines including that of cancer, Cow based Agriculture etc.
What we should do: Awaken and identify the cow slaughtering location and
inform to the police and/or the NGOs who are working in protection of the cows.