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Electrical Panel

BAT Switch AC TIE Switch (1, 2, 3) DC Tie Switch (1 & 3) EXT PWR Switch ADG ELEC Switch System Select Switch

>Connects/Disconnects Batt from Bat bus and charger >In Manual mode, Switch controls the >Switch controls AVAIL – Illuminates Extinguished (default >Allows selection
>Switch operates in Auto or Manual Bus Tie Relay. RCCBs in Man mode when EXT pwr is mode after ADG is between Auto and Man
>ON (Off light extinguished) >ARM illuminates in Auto mode. >Switch inop in Auto available. deployed) – ADG will >SELECT will
- Batt powers Batt Bus (if AC pwr is not available) mode ON – When AVAIL is power L EMER AC illuminate if system
- Batt charger allowed to charge, except when: ARM – Illuminates when bus tie relay is bus and AUX hyd reverts to Man.
illuminated, pressing
- EMER pwr is in use open and switch is in ARM position OFF – DC Tie Bus is switch provides external pump 1. Pressing the switch
- Inverter powered refueling is being used OFF – Bus tie relay is open and switch open due to: pwr to the AC Tie Bus. extinguishes SELECT,
ON – ADG pwrs L &
- AC power is not present at charger input is in the OFF position. Busses are - Switch pushed (Man) When AC Tie Bus is and locks the system in
>OFF (Off light illuminated) isolated from Tie Bus. or powered, ON illuminates. Manual.
- Batt disconnects from Bat Bus busses, batt chrgr and
- RCCB protective trip Pressing switch again >MANUAL – System
- Charger is inhibited OFF & ARM Extinguished if Bus Tie batt bus. (Aux hyd
disconnects external pwr . operating in Man mode
Relay is closed pump no longer pwrd)
- Auto transfer of EMER pwr is inhibited

BUS OFF lights (13 total) SMOKE ELEC/AIR Switch

>Isolates Elec & Air (for smoke)
OFF – Illuminates if associated bus in Auto or Manual modes
is not powered A/M A/M >NORM – Elec/Air ops normal
M M M >3/1 OFF
M - Gen 3 sys & Pack 1Air sys OFF
Electrical Priority for the AC A/M - ECON mode OFF
gen bus is: M - EIS CRTs to full bright
- Associated IDG M M A/M >2/3 OFF
- APU Gen M M - Gen 2 sys & Pack 3 Air sys OFF
- AC Tie Bus (Ext or IDG) >1/2 OFF
- Gen 1 sys & Pack 2 air sys OFF
Electrical Priority for the AC A/M - EMER pwr transfer inhibited
Tie bus is: M A/M A/M
- Ext Pwr M M OFF (Illuminated) - Pwr is
M M removed from Cargo Loading bus
- Any IDG M M A/M
M M M and Cabin AC Grnd Service Bus

EMER PWR OFF/ARM/ON Selector DRIVE Switch (1,2,3) GEN Switch (1,2,3) APU PWR Switch Emergency Power

Battery Pwr Only Battery Pwr and ADG in Elec mode

>Controls Batt transfer to L EMER AC/DC bus Switch disconnects IDG Switch resets generator ADG in Hyd
>Selector operates in Auto or Manual mode in Auto or Man modes in manual mode. Switch starts APU (if Battery mode ADG
Auto mode will not already started Batt Dir Bus ADG Bus
>OFF (also illuminates OFF light) from APU panel) and
Fault: illuminates perform this function Batt Bus Battery L Emg AC Bus
- Batt / Inverter inhibited from supplying pwr to L EMER when: automatically, if req’d. powers GEN busses. L Emg DC Bus Batt Dir Bus R Emg AC Bus
AC & DC Busses AVAIL – Flashes Static Inverter Batt Bus
- IDG oil temp high TR-3
until APU reaches L Emg AC Bus L Emg DC Bus
>ARM: - IDG oil press low OFF – Illuminates L Emg DC Bus
If normal pwr is lost, batt will automatically supply pwr to: - IDG oil temp diff. out when GCR is tripped 95% & power is OK. Powered: ADG R Emg DC Bus
- L EMER DC bus of limits open (no pwr being Steady when OK for DEU #1
Batt Bus
- L EMER AC bus (through static inverter) IDG disconnect req’d supplied). power transfer. DU #1 (PFD) L Emg AC Bus Battery Charger
ON – Illuminates DU # 3 (EAD) Batt Dir Bus
ON light illuminates if auto transferred to EMER pwr. ARM – Illuminated MCDU #1 (stdby)
For auto transfer to occur, DISC – Press to when GCR is closed when APU is Battery
IRS #1
- Batt switch must be ON disconnect IDG. and generator relay is powering a bus (any VOR #1 (on PFD)
- SMOKE/ELEC/AIR selector not in 1/2 OFF Successful disconnect is open. System is ready bus). VHF #1
indicated by illuminated for pwr transfer. A Ignition
>ON (also illuminates ON light)
DISC Interphone / PA
- L EMER AC & DC being powered by Batt / Inverter