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By- Dr. Abu Marya Sayeeduddin

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jhad-phoonk means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in order to
get rid of diseases and problems.

In the name of ALLAH the most beneficent, the most merciful.
May the mercy of Almighty Allah be on the Salafs, who not only implemented
The Glorious Quran and the authentic Hadeeths in their lives but also spread
the message of Islam and truth to all corners of the world through their
teachings. InshaAllah they will be blessed with the highest degree of rewards
and jannatul firdaus in the hereafter.
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), the last prophet sent by Almighty Allah, was
innocent from error. Apart from him, everyone can commit mistakes and
everyone does commit mistakes. The great Salafs have also committed some
ijtehadi errors but those errors and mistakes in no ways lessen their enormous
contribution to the cause of Islam or the high esteem in which they are held by
we Muslims.
Allama Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz (R.H.):
The whole Muslim community is forever indebted to him because of the work
he did for a number of years to spread the light of Islam and the teachings of
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.).
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) said that honey cures diseases, so we have to
believe with absolute certainty that eating honey will cure diseases, but if we
say that honey will be effective in curing only if some Quranic ayat are read on
it and then eaten, then we would be transgressing from the sayings of Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H.).
Similarly Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) had said that kalaunji helps in curing
diseases, but if we of our own add that it will help in curing only if we recite
some Quranic ayat on it then we would be adding to the teachings of Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and it is therefore a biddah. Prophet Muhammad
(P.B.U.H.) said that the dead should be washed with water containing leaves of
ber tree, so we should follow instead of adding anything else to the teaching
and doing biddah which will lead to hell.

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jhad-phoonk means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in order to
get rid of diseases and problems.
Allama Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz (R.H.) once gave a fatwa that a person under
a spell of magic can be treated by drinking and bathing him in a water which
has ber tree leaves (crushed with stone)in it and on it Ayat-ul-Kursi, Surah
Kafirun, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, Surah Naas and those ayats in which magic
or spell is mentioned like Ayat 117-122 of Surah Araaf, Ayat 79-82 of Surah
Younus, Ayat 65- 69 of Surah Taha have been recited. The person might get
cured of the spell (Reference: Fatawaul Sheikh Ibn Baaz No.8016 dated 22
Muharramul Haram 1405 Hijri)
This fatwa of Allama Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz (R.H.) cannot be proved from
actions of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). So we should reject this fatwa as
following this fatwa would mean going beyond the teachings of Allah and
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.).
Almighty Allah has said in the Surah Al-Hujurats first ayat that we should not
go beyond the teachings of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.).
Accidently if someone gets cured following this fatwa then that case wont
stand as the proof for this fatwas authenticity.
There have been many instances of childless couple bearing children after
visiting dargahs and mazaars, but we dont go on preaching childless couples to
visit dargahs and mazaars as these are mere co-incidents.
These leaves of ber tree are the cause of spreading shirk and biddah in the
Muslim community as every problem, trouble and disease are being treated
using water with leaves of the ber tree on which some ayat have been recited.
Sheikh Abdur Rahman bin Hasan Aal-e-Shaikh (R.H.) has stated that in the
book of Wahab bin Manbah (R.H.), it is written that seven leaves of ber tree
should be first crushed and added to water and Ayat-ul-Kursi and the four Qul
be recited on it and then drunk by the person affected with any problem. He
will then be relieved of his troubles by Almighty Allah. This treatment is also
beneficial for a person who has been forced not to have sex with his wife.
All these actions are self-made and not proved by Prophet Muhammad
(P.B.U.H.) and are in additions to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad
(P.B.U.H.) and, as told by him, all such actions are Mardood (Sahih Bukhaari).
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jhad-phoonk means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in order to
get rid of diseases and problems.
According to Hadeeth of Sahih Muslim, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) asked
his followers to present to him all the jhaad-phoonk, and said that jhaad-
phoonk which has no shirkya word is allowed. It is to be noted that Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) didnt give permission to us to perform any jhaad-
phoonk which isnt shirk but he put the condition of first presenting all the
jhaad-phoonk to him and only those non-shirkya jhaad-phoonk which he
approved will be allowed.
If that would not had been the case then he would have simply said that all
jhaad-phoonk which does not contain shirk is allowed but importantly he put
the condition of presenting the jhaad-phoonk to him.
Almighty Allah has perfected the religion Islam with Prophet Muhammad
(P.B.U.H.). No more prophets will be sent to us with the message of Allah. All
the jhaad-phoonk that Almighty Allah accepts has been approved by Prophet
Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and now that he is no more among us, no more jhaad-
phoonk can be presented to him to get approval, so we cannot claim from our
own that some particular jhaad-phoonk will be beneficial for us in some
particular case.
We cannot assume by ourselves that by reciting this ayat of Quran a man can
get rid of evil eye, by this ayat a student would get success in his examination,
by this ayat one can get treasure, by this ayat magic and spell would vanish, by
this ayat Jinn would leave the body of a possessed person, by this ayat one
childless couple would get a child, by this ayat one can win the case in court, by
this ayat one can defeat his enemy, by this ayat one would be succeed in love
Only those Ayat of Quran and masnoon duas are valid in jhaad-phoonk which
has been approved from Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). Any act of jhaad-
phoonk from our own, even if contains only ayat of Quran, is a biddah, and
every biddah leads to hellfire. 1 jhad-phoonk
means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in
order to get rid of diseases and problems

Hazrat Imam ibn Taymiyyah (R.H.):
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jhad-phoonk means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in order to
get rid of diseases and problems.
Hazrat Imam ibn Taymiyyah (R.H.) was a great Islamic scholar. He dedicated his
life in removing shirk and biddah from the Islamic community and in spreading
the light of Islam to the world and for that we Muslims are eternally grateful to
him. It was only Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) who was innocent from errors
everyone else can and does commit some Ijtehadi errors or mistakes.
Hazrat Imam ibn Taymiyyah held the belief that jinn or shaitaan can possess
humans and can drive them mad because of which the possessed person talks
in foreign language, appears to be very powerful or acts weirdly. Although not
a single verse of Holy Quran or a single authentic Hadeeth proves that jinn can
possess men.
All the Hadeeths mentioning Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) driving out jinns
from possessed men are inauthentic (for details refer to my book POSSESSION
OF JINN A MYTH). Imam ibn Taymiyyah also believed that at times a jinn can
marry a human being and also produce children. [MAJMOO-UL FATAWA
According to medical science, it is impossible for individuals of two different
species to conceive or reproduce children. In 1882 German scientist Walther
Fleming discover that every cell has an element which is called chromosome.
The chromosome contains DNA (Deoxy Ribonucleic Acid) because of which the
child to be born attains characteristics similar to its parents. In cases of
disputes, DNA fingerprinting is used to determine the biological parents of any
individual. Every living being, be it humans, tigers, cows or even trees has
chromosome in their cells. The number of chromosomes in every species is
different. In human, the number of chromosomes is 46. The sperm of a man
contains 23chromosomes and the ovum of a woman contains 23
chromosomes. When sperm and ovum meets, the 46 chromosomes are
fulfilled and the child is conceived. Similarly when individuals of two different
species mates the total no of required chromosomes are not fulfilled, hence
child cannot be conceived. Apart from this, Almighty Allah has put in place a
defense mechanism which prevents sperm of one species from meeting the
ovum of another species thus making it impossible for a child to conceive.
Due to the same reasons, chimpanzee (which is very similar to human beings in
some ways) and humans can never conceive or reproduce children. Similarly,
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jhad-phoonk means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in order to
get rid of diseases and problems.
humans and cows or humans and goats can never reproduce children and in
the very same manner human and jinns cannot conceive or reproduce
It is possible for a jinn and a human to get married, but it is impossible for
them to produce children. Theory of reproduction of child by them is against
the words of The Holy Quran and authentic Hadeeths and is Mardood
Ever since Almighty Allah has sent humans and jinns to live on earth, not one
child has been born from the mating of jinn and human and neither will it be
possible till the judgment day. This is the law of nature created by Almighty
Allah which cannot be broken. But Almighty Allah does has the power to make
it possible if He wills, just like he created Prophet Jesus (P.B.U.H.) without a

Imam ibn Taymiyyah also believed that if mental patients (who he thought
were possessed by jinns) are beaten, then the patient do not get hurt, but the
jinn which is possessing him will get hurt and thats why, to drive out the
supposed jinns he used to beat up mental patients. Now if that possessed
person is shot with a pistol, who will get killed? The patient or the jinn? Or if
the patient is hit on his head with an iron rod, who will die? It is obvious that
the innocent patient will die, so it is an ijtehadi error to continue with the same
belief as it was not performed by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) (for details
refer to my book POSSESSION OF JINN A MYTH) and according to a hadeeth of
Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhaari, an act not proved to be performed by
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) is a mardood act.
In Imam ibn Taymiyyahs MAJMOO-UL FATAWA (19/39-40) it is written that
human get possessed because of sex, desires and love and also in cases of
seething for revenge.
Almighty Allah has said in the Glorious Quran And among His signs is this that
He created for you mates among yourselves that ye may dwell in tranquility
with them (Surah Rome, Ayat 21). This proves that every creature satisfies its
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jhad-phoonk means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in order to
get rid of diseases and problems.
desire through a creature of the opposite sex of same species not a different
A cow, however beautiful, will never attract a buffalo but a bull. Similarly a
lioness will appeal to a lion not to a bear and in the very same manner a
woman attracts men not jinns. Moreover, even if a jinn likes a woman, then
why would he possess her? The jinn could silently satisfy its desires without
anyones knowledge but it has never happened and it cannot be proved by The
Glorious Quran or authentic Hadeeths and is therefore totally wrong. The jinns
dont even need to possess men in order to take revenge. It could beat the
man from whom it seeks revenge, it can even kill him by strangling him or it
can break his legs and hands by hitting with an iron rod etc. This proves that
possessed people are actually mental patient. Imam ibn Taymiyyah made an
ijtehadi error.
I pray that Almighty Allah grant him the highest of honour in paradise.
Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (R.H.):
Imam Ahmad bin Hambal was a great scholar of The Glorious Quran and
Hadeeths who devoted his life in the service of Islam and in spreading its light
in every corner of the world.
During Imam Ahmad bin Hambals time, there was a princess who started
claiming that he was a jinn who has possessed the princess and wants to
marry her. Imam Ahmad bin Hambal sent a man with his slipper and sent the
word to the jinn to leave the princesss body otherwise he would hit him
with that slipper. The jinn (princess) said that on the order of Imam Ahmed
bin Hambal he was ready to leave even Iraq. After that the princess became
alright. After the death of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, the princess again started
behaving weirdly as if she was possessed, so another Alim was called who used
the method of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, but the jinn refused to leave the
Actually the girl was a patient of Trance & Possession Syndrome. Due to this
disease, the patient imposes another personality on himself and starts
behaving and talking like the other person.
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jhad-phoonk means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in order to
get rid of diseases and problems.
Generally, people misunderstand this disease, and claim that a jinn has
possessed the person and is talking. Imam Ahmed (R.H.) in his innocence
thought that the princess was possessed by Jinn, so he sent his slipper.
The princess was a mental patient and also knew that Imam Ahmad bin
Hambal was a great scholar and highly respected him. Thats why when he
asked the jinn to leave her body, she said that she is ready to leave even Iraq
if he wants her to. After the death of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, the princess
had another bout of the same disease and started behaving weirdly. But this
time, when another Alim asked the jinn to leave her, she refused as she
subconsciously knew that this Alim is not of the same repute and greatness as
Imam Ahmad bin Hambal was. When this mental disease is not very severe,
small scolding and beatings are enough to treat the patients.
Hazrat Imam Ahmad bin Humble (R.H.)s son said to his father that some
people say that a jinn can not possess a person. Imam Ahmad (R.H.) replied
People are lying. They talk on the topic which they dont know. Imams son
became silent on listening this.
We now give this conversation between respected father and son as evidence
of Jinns ppossession. But we see that honourable father did not give any
evidence of possession from the Quran or authentic hadeeths in this
conversation nor his son dared to ask for that from his father.
No doubt Hazrat Imam Ahmad (R.H.) was tortured by Khalifah Mamoon-Al-
Rashid and other kholafas for not accepting the Quran a creature. For this we
are grateful to Imam(R.H) and may Allah (S.W.T.) reward him Jannatul Firdous
for this. But this is a fact that he was not innocent from errors. To consider
someone other than Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as innocent from error is a
grave mistake and sin.
Allah (s.w.t) gave him a lot of knowledge about The Holy Quran and Hadeeths.
He was a great scholar and a great Faqih (Researcher and interpreter) of Islam.
Thousands of people got knowledge of Deen-e-Islam from him, but innocent
from error is only Allahs last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and none else.
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jhad-phoonk means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in order to
get rid of diseases and problems.
Imam Malik (R.H.) himself during teaching in the mosque of Prophet (P.U.B.H)
in Medina used to say, pointing to the grave of Prophet(P.B.U.H), that my
sayings may be wrong but sayings of the dweller of this grave is always right.
Imam Malik (R.H.) told that I do not get any proof of prohibition of doing Nikah
with a Jinn although it is not good, because when a pregnant woman would be
asked who was her husband, she would reply a Jinn. In this way the society
would be afflicted with such heinous evils. (Reference: Akamul Marjan
Lebudruddin-Al-Shibli. page 67).
Imam Malik (R.H.) committed ijtehadi error here because he could not get any
proof of prohibition for this act from the Holy Quran.
In the Quran there is an open and clear proof of prohibition to marry one
species with other species. In Ayat 21 of Surah Rome it is written. It is one of
His sign that He created wives from your species that you would get peace and
calm with her. He kept love and affection between you.
In this Ayat there is clear and open prohibition of marrying one species with
another species as Allah kept love, peace, calm and affection in Nikah between
the creatures of one and the same species only.
Now if one species would do Nikah with other species then he would be given
punishment, as if a man would do Nikah with a cow or she goat, then he would
be punished. If any pregnant woman would say that she is pregnant by a Jinn
then that woman would be considered as a liar and having indulged in
adultery, she would be punished according to Islamic law, in Islamic country.
Purpose of Intentions:
I highly respect these great scholars of Islam and it was not my intention to
find mistakes and errors in their glorious work but the intention was to remind
the people that it was only Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) who was innocent
from any error and none else. Our forefathers (Aslaaf) also committed some
mistakes thats why we cannot follow them blindly. We cannot continue with
such actions which are not proved by The Glorious Quran and authentic
Hadeeths just because our Aslaaf used to do it.
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jhad-phoonk means :- to recite words of Quran or of other sources and blow by mouth in order to
get rid of diseases and problems.
Blind following (Taqleed- e -Jamid) of Imams or Aslaaf is very dangerous and
poisonous for the true Imaan (Faith) and correct Aqeedah (Belief).
According to Hadeeths of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), if a Mujtahid does
ijtihad and he is right in it then he gets two blessings (Swab) of Allah and even
if he is wrong he gets one (swab) and Allah (s.w.t) forgives his ijtehadi errors.
[Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim]
Our Salaf as-Saleheen got blessings (swab) of Allah in both the conditions, but
if we would try to justify and follow their ijtehadi errors, then we would not
escape from the anger and punishment of ALLAH (S.W.T).