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Introduction to Java

Introduction to Internet
Role of Java in internet programming
Features of Java
How to create a simple program in Java
Using JAVAC to compile and run Java program
Data types and control structures of Java
Working with Arrays
Command line arguments
Using printf() method and Scanner class
Object Oriented Programming
What is OOPs encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
How to create a class and instantiate objects
Using Constructors
Method overloading and constructor overloading
Finalize method
Static variables and static methods
Using super keyword
Dynamic Method Dispatch late binding
Abstract method and class
Final variable, method and class
Using Java Library
String, StringBuffer classes
Math class
How Java deals with Objects and Primitive types
Object and Objects classes
Wrapper classes Autoboxing and autounboxing
Date, Calendar, DateFormat classes
Runtime class
Packages and Interfaces
What is a package and how to create it
Using package , import statement and CLASSPATH variable
Access modifiers
What is an interface
Implementing an interface
Inheritance and interfaces
Static imports
Variable arguments
Exception Handling
How to handle exceptions in Java try and catch blocks
Understanding exception classes hierarchy
finally block
Creating user-defined exceptions
Using throws and throw keywords
Multi-catch and precise rethrow
What is a multithreaded application
Creating new thread using subclass of Thread class
Creating new thread using Runnable interface
Methods of Thread class
Life cycle of a thread
Synchronization of threads using synchronized methods and block
IO Streams
What is a stream
Character and byte streams
FileReader and FileWriter
Filtered Streams
BufferedReader to read one complete line
Using InputStreamReader to convert byte stream to char stream
Reading data from keyboard (
Using RandomAccessFile class
Using PrintWriter class
Using File class
NIO of Java 7.0 Files and Path classes
Network Programming
Creating Server Socket
Creating Client Socket and connecting to server
InetAddress class
Using URL class
Collections Framework
Collection, List, Set and SortedSet interfaces
ArrayList, Vector, HashSet, TreeSet classes
How to Comparator interface
Queue interface and LinkedList class
Map and SortedMap interfaces
HashMap and TreeMap classes
Using Collections class
Improved type inference
Automatic resource management
Applets and Frame-based Applications
What is an Applet and how to create simple Applet
Passing parameters to Applet
Handling images in Applet
Multithreading in Applet
Swing frame based applications
Components and layout managers
Event Handling Delegation event model
Handling events using adapter class and Inner Classes
Window, Mouse and Keyboard events
How to change look and feel at runtime
Swing components JRadioButton, JList etc.
Using Menu, Toolbar and Standard Dialog boxes
Using Timer, JScrollPane and JSlider
Using JFileChooser, JTable, JTree etc.
Using pop-up splash screen
Using Desktop class to launch desktop applications

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