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Today I would like to explain a bit our concept to enable customer specific enhancements to the TM 9.

1 load
planning feature. As it is the first release having such a function in we spend !uite some time enabling
functions " restrictions going beyond the standard load planning.

#asically there are $ options for enhancements%

1. Process Controller strategy: &uite a lot of functions in 'A( TM work using the process controller
framework enabling a flexible combination of standard processing methods and custom methods. The
standard load planning is delivered as strategy A)(*+,- .+efault strategy for TM automatic load planning/
with the methods A)(*(0, A)(*1(T and A)(*(1'T.

A)(*(0,% 0ead all re!uired master and business document data for the selected -reight 1rders to be

A)(*1(T% Maps TM data into 'A( optimi2er format calls the engine and receives result .load plan load
distribution .../

A)(*(1'T% 3rite result back to 'A( TM

'o depending on the re!uirement it is possible to define an own )( strategy adding for example an
additional pre4processing step when there is the need to enrich the data further .maybe additional item info
to define a stacking matrix/. 1r in case the load plan shall be validated or ad5usted after the standard 'A(
TM optimi2ation an additonal post processing can be implemented. In general it is also possible to
completely replace the standard pre4 and postprocessing but usually it does !uite a few re!uired things and
therefore a complete replacement ames sense only in very specific scenarios.

1f course here would also be the spot to switch to another optimi2er engine if re!uired.

As the )( process controller strategy is attached to the planning profile and this is attached to the -reight
1rder type or can be selected for each Transportation 6ockpit session this enhancement capability is very
powerful and can be used when the enhancement re!uirement goes beyond simple data ad5ustments.

2. Optimizer Enhancement Spot: -or enhancements in scenarios where the standard 'A( TM
optimi2er for load planning is used .what I think will be the case in almost all customer implementations/ an
enhancement spot exists enabling the manipulation of the direct input and output of the engine. This #AdI
can be used to when for example the standard preprocessing is sufficient but ad5ustments to the data
mapping are re!uired. 1r load plannig rules should be manipulated depending on the items.

,nhancement 'pot% "'6MTM'"()7*1(T*)'1

7ote this comes with 'A( TM 9.1 '(81 and can not be implemented on '(88.

Maybe I will spend an M9' on specific implemenatations to support certain scenarios.

3. Visualization Enhancement Spot: -or the $4+ visuali2ation it is possible to ad5ust almost
everything starting from box colors over tooltips displayed up to functions attached to the ob5ect context
menu. :ere it would also be possible to for example attach functions like removing the item from the freight
order or unplan the item.

,nhancement 'pot% "'6MTM'",'*)'1*$+*,7:A76,

1f course there are scenarios that would re!uire additional fields for the involved master data .for example
additional product dimensions/ or on business document level. To achive this follow the standard 'A( TM
enhancement guide and pick the data up in the preprocessing.