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Unit 3: School/La escuela

Grade/Subject: Spanish I

Unit Name: School/La escuela

Length of Unit: 4 Weeks


Learning Goals/Standards/Performance Indicators

3A Exchange, interpret, and present information related to class schedules

including time and period.
3B Recognize places in the school and school supplies.
3C Exchange and present information related to class preferences.
3D Exchange, interpret, and present information related to school-related
3E Recite and use ordinal numbers in context.
3F Describe a typical school day in a Spanish-speaking country.
3G Explain a typical school schedule from a Spanish-speaking country.

–ar verbs
Subject pronouns
Definite/indef. articles
Essential Sing/plural of nouns
Structures Ordinal numbers
Question formation
Numbers 30-100
• Adjective agreement
• Definite and Indefinite articles

3A.1 To identify class schedule vocabulary
3A.2 To conjugate and use the verb tener to ask and answer questions about the classes they take
and the schedules of others
3A.3 To ask and answer questions about the teachers they have using the phrase ¿Quién es el
profesor de __________?

3B.1 To conjugate ESTAR in the present tense

3B.2 To identify vocabulary of ten classroom objects or places in the school
3B.3 To convert nouns and articles to the plural form
3B.4 To describe objects using indefinite articles (un, una, unos, unas)
3B.5 To describe the objects in a classroom using the expression “Hay un/una____”
3B.6 To ask where people are (using estar) or if they can go places (using poder) in the school

3C.1 To apply the verb gustar to ask and answer questions about class likes and dislikes
3C.2 To identify 5 characteristics of a class (divertido, aburrido, facil, dificil, interesante)
3C.3 To describe a class to answer the question ¿Cómo es la clase de ___________?

3D.1 To identify subject pronouns and convert names to pronouns

3D.2 To conjugate AR verbs in the present tense
3D.3 To describe the frequency school activities they participate in

3E.1 To identify ordinal numbers 1-7

3E.2 To describe their class schedule including period

3F.1 To describe characteristics of the structure of classes and the school day in Spanish-speaking
3F.2 To compare schools days in the US to Spanish-speaking countries.

3G.1 To identify classes that students in Spanish-speaking countries take.

3G.2 To explain the typical school schedule in Spanish-speaking countries
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11/2 11/3 11/4 11/5 11/6

set new class norms SWBAT conjugate and SWBAT present the SWBAT ask and respond to SWBAT describe Spanish
use the verb tener to ask schedules of others using questions about class musical styles and identify
SWBAT identify class tener in the third person preferences vocabulary in music
and answer questions
schedule vocabulary about the classes they Realidades Textbook: Pg. 35
take *Realidades Textbook: Pg.
*Realidades Textbook: *Realidades 79-80
Page 74 workbook page 32
*Realidades Workbook *Realidades Workbook: page
Page 31

11/9 11/10 11/11 11.12 11/13

-places -objects in the classroom No school for -review Tuesday same plan as above
SWBAT ask where -singluar and plural students material
Parent-teacher SWBAT describe Spanish
people are (using estar) nouns
conferences QUIZ 3.1 musical styles and identify
or if they can go places -def and indef articles vocabulary in music
(using poder) in the -hay un, una, dos, etc.
school building Realidades:
*Realidades Textbook Pg. 35
*Realidades Textbook: pages 100-105
Use of estar on page 107 *Realidades
*Realidades Workbook Workbook pages 40,
on page 44, 48 (use of 43

11/16 11/17 11/18 11/19 11/20

-siempre, a veces,
SWBAT identify SWBAT conjugate AR nunca Cultural/Public Policy Read Write #3 on
subject pronouns and verbs in the present Immigration
convert names to tense SWBAT describe the Immigration
pronouns frequency of school
Realidades Textbook Realidades Textbook: activities they participate
Pages 82-83 pages 84-87 in
Realidades: pg.
11/23 11/24 11/25 11/26 11.27


conjugations and graders
describing activities
students do
11/30 12/1 12/2 12/3 12/4

Create story books Reteach any Review for test Unit TEST same as 11/20
-describe the student unmastered -assess with multiple
-his/her classes, objectives choice, listening, Read Write #3 on
teachers, reading, writing, immigration
preferences, tour of Share stories listening and
the school, activities speaking
after school