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Name: - Rohit Kumar Shaw

Roll: - 88 Sec: - B
Semester: - 1
Subject: - Language and Business Communication
Facult: - !r" Ranee Kaur Banerjee
College: - #"!" Birla $nstitute %!e&artment '( )anagement*
+: ,ow do &ro-emics a((ect and re(lect a &erson.s status or &ower in business situations/
0ns: - $n sim&le language1 the word &ro-emics re(ers to the messages sent b construction o(
s&ace or how s&ace is utili2ed" $t is the stud o( set measurable distances between &eo&le as
the interact" $t is one o( the sub-di3isions o( Non-4erbal Communication"
5ro-emics de(ines three di((erent t&es o( s&aces: -
%i* Fi-ed Feature objects: - $t includes those objects which can.t be change" 6"g"-
walls1 (loors1 etc
%ii* Semi Fi-ed Feature: - $t includes those objects which can be changed but
generall the are not" 6"g"- hea3 chairs1 so(as1 etc
%iii* 5ersonal S&ace: - $t is the intimate s&ace" $t sas that more windows-more status1
more corners-more status1 closed territor-more status1 etc
$n an business situations1 there are di((erent le3els or categories o( em&loees li7e the
securit sta((s1 managers1 C6'1 etc and all o( them ha3e been authori2ed with some &ower
and authorit o3er certain matters" 6ach o( them has their own territor" 8he territories we
sta7e a claim to at wor7 gi3e us a sense o( &er(ormance and control" 9hen that territor is
in3aded without &ermission1 (eelings o( loss and anger are the result" 8he territor is also
mar7ed through walls and (urniture" 63er em&loee o( the (irm or com&an also has
boundaries that mar7 the &ersonal s&ace" $( an indi3idual a&&roaching is intimatel related1
the will be able to enter the s&ace without harm to either &art" $n business situations1
generall the wor7 s&ace is around : (t-; (t" 0 general idea should alwas be 7e&t in mind
that i( the wor7s&ace is com(ortable at the o((ices1 then the em&loees will be less distracted
and more &roducti3e which will ultimatel result to the growth o( the com&an"
For e"g" i( we consider the acti3it o( an o((ice1 then we will easil understand how
&ro-emics a((ect and re(lect a &erson.s status or &ower in business situations" $n an o((ice1
the ground (loor consists o( the securit sta((s that ha3e onl been &ro3ided with a chair to
sit" 8hat chair shows their status in the com&an" 0s we &roceed inward1 we can see that there
are a cou&le o( tools meant (or the &eons and cler7s" 8here is a corner allotted to the
rece&tionist who has little high status than the &eons and cler7s" 0 des7 is &ro3ided to the
rece&tionist" 0s we &roceed to the 1
(loor1 we can see that there are a number o( des7
allotted to di((erent assistant managers o( di((erent de&artments" 8he des7s are bigger as
com&ared to the rece&tionist ones and the are &ro3ided wit much better (acilities and better
chairs" 8his shows their status in the organi2ation"
Now1 as we mo3e to the ne-t (loor1 we can see that the number o( &eo&le wor7ing there is
much less as com&ared to the other (loors and here the managerial heads ha3e been allotted
their cubical cabins &robabl with a window side" 8he cabin is much bigger as com&ared to
the assistant manager.s des7" 8he des7 &resent at the cabin must be made u& o( better <ualit
o( wood and there ma be beauti(ul car&ets co3ering the entire (loor" 63er time a junior
wants to meet the manager1 he has to 7noc7 the door and then tra3el a little distance to reach
to the des7 o( the manager" 0gain i( we mo3e on to the ne-t (loor which has the C6'.s cabin1
it com&rises o( the whole (loor" 8here are small cabins or des7s &laced in (ront o( his cabin
(or his &ersonal secretar or &eons" 0s he has occu&ied the entire (loor so he ha3e all the
windows which shows a &ictorial 3iew o( the outer world %ma be natural or man-made*"
8here is also a so(a set at one side o( the cabin where the C6' can sit and rela-" ,e has also
&ro3ided with a (ull (urnished washroom" $t is a lu-urious cabin" ,is des7 must be a wide
one and (ar better than all other des7s in the o((ice" ,e enjos the ma-imum &ower in the
o((ice and he is not answerable to anone" 0s he is the Boss o( the com&an e3er em&loee
ha3e to ta7e his &ermission be(ore entering his cabin and the sub-ordinate is onl su&&osed to
sit i( the C6' as7ed him to do so" =enerall the C6'.s cabin are made such that when a
&erson enters his cabin1 he ha3e to tra3el a long distance so that the C6' can ha3e a clear cut
watch on the sub-ordinate and his gestures" 8his clearl re(lects the &ower and authorit o(
C6' o3er other em&loees o( the o((ice" 8hus (rom the abo3e e-am&le it is clear that
&ro-emics do a((ect a &erson.s status in an business situation"
$n an business situation as we go u& (rom lower to higher le3el the sense isolation is
necessar and there is alwas a status di((erence between a senior and a sub-ordinate"
$solation allows the managers or the C6' to concentrate on their wor7 as the res&onsible
(or ta7ing the major decisions o( the com&an" 8hat single seat in the cabin brings a sense o(
&ower1 status and in(luence o3er sub-ordinates" 8here is a common belie( in an business
situation that i( a &erson occu&ies more windows in o((ice1 it results in more status1 more
corners o( the (loor - more status1 more inaccessibilit > more status1 more closed territor >
more status1 more &ower to in3ade in other.s territor > more status1 etc"
8his is how &ro-emics a((ect and re(lect a &erson.s status or &ower in an business situation"
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