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Nacar vs. Nistal, L-33006, December 8, 1982

Anderson v. Perkins, L-15388, January 31, 1961

Rights to the succession are transmitted from the moment of death
Maria Vda. De Reyes, et. al. vs. CA, G.R. 92436, July 26, 1992
Danilo I. Suarez, et. al. v. CA, et. al., G.R. No, 94918, September 2, 1992

Nelia A. Constantino v. CA,, G.R. No. 116018, November 13, 1996, 76 SCAD 47

Heirs of Yaptinchay vs. Court of Appeals

Valente Raymundo v. Teofisto Isagon Vda. De Suarez,, G.R. No. 149017, November

Development Bank of the Philippines vs. Ella Garagani, Isagani, Adrian, Natahniel, Nieva,
Jonathan, Dionesio, Florence and Jeremias, all surnamed Asok, G.R. No. 172248, September
17, 2008

Requisites of a formal will

Paz Samaniego-Celada v. Lucia D. Abena, G.R. No. 14545, June 30, 2008

Manuel L. Lee vs. Atty. Regino B. Tambago, AC No. 5281, February 12, 2008

Danilo Aluad, Leonora Aluad, Divina Aluad, Prospero Aluad, and Connie Aluad v. Zenaido
Aluad, G.R. No. October 17, 2008

Testamentary Capacity
1. Estate of the Deceased Victorina Villaranda, Eusebia Lim, petitioner-appellant vs. Juliana
Chinco, oppositor-appellee, G. R. No. L-33592, March 31, 1931;

2. Agustin Barrera, et al. vs. Jose Tanjoco, et al., G.R. No. L-5263, February 17, 1954;

3. The Heirs of the Late Matilde Montinola-Sanson v. CA and Eduardo Hernandez, G.R. No.

Holographic Will
4. Spouse Roberto and Thelma Ajero v CA and Clemente Sand, G.R. No 106720, Sept. 15, 1994

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Validity
5. Testate Estate of Edward Christensen Aznar v Christensen Garcia, L- 6759, January 31, 1963;

6. Bellis v.Bellis, L-23678, June 6, 1967;

7. Lources Dorotheo v. CA, Nilda Quintana, et al., G.R. No. 108581, December 8, 1999

Notarial Will
8. Felix Azuela v. CA, Geralda Aida Castillo, substituted by Ernesto Castillo, G.R. No. 12280,
April 12, 2006;

Blind Testator
9. In the Matter of the Probate of the Last Will and Testament of the Deceased Brigido Alvarado,
Cesar Alvarado, petitioner, v. Hon. Ramon G. Gaviola, Jr., et al., G.R.No. 74695, September 14,

10. Salud Teodo Vda. De Perez v. Hon. Zotico A. Tolete, in his capacity as Presiding Judge Br.
18, RTC, Bulacan, G.R. No. 76714, June 2, 1994.

Third List of Cases

Instructions: Read the cases cited below. Be prepared for articles 851-885.

Garcia v. La Cuesta, et al., L-4067, November 29, 1961
Yap Tua v. Yap Ka Kuan, 27 Phil. 579 (1914) [signature; signature: first name]
Abangan v. Abangan, 40 Phil. 476 (1919)
Lopez v. Liboro, 81 Phil. 429 (1948) [signing with a thumbmark; substantial compliance]
Garcia v. Lacuesta v. 90 Phil. 489 (1951) [signing with a cross]
Taboada v.Rosal, G.R. No. L-36033, November 5, 1982 [attestation clause]
Nera v. Rimando, 18 Phil. 450 (1911) [in the presence]

Llorente v. CA, G.R. No. 124371, November 23, 2000 [wife had an illicit relationship with her
husbands brother while husband was in the US]
Bellis v. Bellis,20 SCRA 358

Cayetano v. Leonidas, 129 SCRA 522

Alsua-Betts v. CA, G.R. No.L-4643031, July 30,1979

Gonzales v. CA, No. L-37453, May 25, 1979


Testate Estate of Adriana Maloto v. CA, G.R. No. 76464, February 29,1988
(on the Doctrine of Dependent Relative Revocation)
Gan v. Yap, G.R. L-12190, August 30, 1958
Rodelas v. Aranza, G.R. No. L-58509, December 7, 1982
Gago v. Mamuyac, 49 Phil 902 (1927)


Lopez v. Gonzaga, et al., L-18788, January 31, 1964 [need for a probate]
Caniza v. Court of Appeals, G.R. No. 110427, February 24, 1997 [effect of no probate right is
inchoate unless the will is probated]
Sps. Pascual v. CA, G.R. No. 115925, August 15, 2003 [effect of no probate]
Pastor v. Court of Appeals, G.R. No. 56340, June 24, 1983 [validity of a will]
Re- Testate of Suntay, L-3080, November 5, 1964 [no opposition to probate of the lost or
destroyed will]
Ngo The Hua v. Chung Kiat Kung, L-17091, Sept. 30, 1963 [intervention]
Heirs of Lasam v. UmenganG.R. No. 168156, December 6, 2006 [testators capacity]
Seangio v. Reyes, G.R. Nos. 1403371-72, November 27, 2006 [probate and right of disposition]
Guevara v. Guevara, 74 Phil. 479 [no prescription]
Maloles II. V. Phillips, G.R. Nos. 129-505 & 133359, January 31, 2000 [probate during lifetime of
the testator]

Sps. Ajero v. CA, G.R. No. 106720, September 15, 1994 [grounds exclusive]

Austria v. Reyes, G.R. No. L-23079, February 27, 1970 [invalidation of institution based on false
cause; requisites]
JLT Agro, Inc. v. Balansang, G.R. No. 141882, March 11, 2005 [preterition]
Nuguid v. Nuguid, G.R. No. L-23445, June 23, 1966 [preterition v. disinheritance]

Perez v. Garchitorena, 54 Phil. 431 (1930) [fiduciary]
Philippine Commercial and Industrial Bank v. Escolin, G.R. Nos. L-27860 & L-27896 [no
fideicommissary substitution]

Miciano v. Brimo, 50 Phil. 867 (1924) [void condition]
Rabadilla v. CA, G.R. No. 113725, June 29, 2000 [condition; effect; mod]

Fourth (4th) List of Cases

Instructions: Read the cases cited below. Be prepared for articles 871-914.

Legitime (In General)
Raymundo v. Vda De Suarez, G.R. No. 149017, November 28, 2008 [compulsory succession
Compulsory Heirs

Lapuz v. Eufemio, 43 SCRA 177 (1972) [when legal separation is pending]
Baritua v. CA, 183 SCRA 565 (1990) [estrangement not a legal ground for disqualification]
Raymundo v. Vda De Suarez, G.R. No. 149017, November 28, 2008 [primary compulsory heirs
and secondary compulsory heirs]
Reyes v. CA, G.R. No. 39537, March 19, 1985 [natural and spurious children]

Reserva Troncal
Padura v. Baldovino, G.R. No. L-11960, December 1958 (unreported); See 104 Phil 1065
Gonzales v. CFI Manila, G.R.No. L-34395, May 19, 1981 [purpose]
Edroso v. Sablan, 25 Phil. 295 [purpose]
Gonzales v. CFI Manila, G.R. No. L-3435, May 1981 [persons involved]
Florentino v. Florentino, 40 Phill 480 (4th civil degree excluded; cannot inherit the reserved
Nieva v. Alcala, 41 Phil. 915 (1920) [reserve troncal applies only to legitimate family]
Sumaya v. IAC, G.R. Nos. 68843-44, September 2, 1991 [upon the death of the reservista]
Carillo v. De Paz, G.R. No. L-22601, October 28, 1966 [prescriptive period]

Computation of Legitime
Pagkatipunan v. IAC, G.R. No. 70722, July 3, 1991 [manner of computation]
Heirs of Marcelino Doronio v. Heirs of Fortunata Doronio, G.R. No. 169454, December 27, 2007
[manner of computation]

Fifth (5th) List of Cases

Instructions: Read the cases cited below.

Chua vs. Cabangbang, 27 SCRA 791

Legacies and Devises
Fuentes v. Canon, 6 Phil 117 (1906)
Chiong Joc-Soy vs. Vano, 8 Phil 119 (1907)
Philippine Trust Company v. Webber, 56 Phil 522 (1932)

Sixth (6th) List of Cases

Instructions: Read the cases cited below. Read Articles 960-1057. Be ready for recitation on the
cases and the articles.

Legal or Intestate Succession
Testate Estate of the Late Adrian Maloto v. Maloto, L-32328, September 30, 1977 (re: jurisdiction
of the intestate court)
Ortanez-Enderes v. CA, 321 SCRA 178 (re: jurisdiction of the RTC as a probate or intestate
court and question of ownership)
Heirs of the Late Mario V. Changlionco Adm. Matter 190-RET., October 18, 1977 (re: retirement
benefits, salary adjustments, and unused vacation and sick leaves)
Bagunu v. Piedad, G.R. 140975, December 8, 2000 (right of representation)
Salao, et al. v. Salao, L-26699, March 16, 1976 (representation in collateral lines)
Saguinsin v. Lindayag, et. al., L-17759, December 17,1962 (re: presence of adopted children)
Banawa v.Mirano, L-24750, May 16, 1980 (reversion adoptive)
Diaz, et al. v. IAC, et al., L-6674, June 17, 1987 (re: iron curtain rule)
Leonardo v. CA, G. R. No. 51263, February 28, 1983 (re: barrier rule)
Corpus v. Administrator, L-22469, October 23, 1978 (re: barrier rule)
Manuel v. Ferrer, 63 SCAD 764 [1995] (principle of absolute separation between the legitimate
family and the illegitimate family)
Tolentino v. Para, GR 43905, May 3, 1983 (surviving legitimate wife and bigamous wife)
Heirs of the Late Mario V. Changlionco Adm. Matter 190-RET., October 18, 1977 (re: distribution
of estate where the estate is left to a surviving spouse, legitimate son, and two recognized
illegitimate children)
Del Rosario v. Conanan, L-37903, March 30, 1977 (re: distribution of estate where the deceased
leaves a surviving spouse, legitimate mother, and an adopted daughter)
Sarita v. Candia, 23 Phil. 443 (re: right of representation in the collateral line)
Fuentes v. Cruz, 36 O.G. No. 103, p. 1813 (re: collateral heirs and institution of the widow as
sole heir)
Filomena Abellana de Bacayo v. Gaudencio Ferraris de Borromeo, et al., L- 19382, August 31,
1965 (re: aunt vs. nephews and nieces)
Bicomong v. Almanza, L-37365, Nov. 29, 1977 (re: nephews and nieces inherit in their own right)
Policarpio v. Salamat, L-218091, January 31, 1966 (accretion)
Torres v. Lopez, 49 Phil. 504 (co-heir gets the share by accretion)
Nepomuceno v. CA, GR 62952, October 9, 1985 (concubinage)