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Subject English Language

Day/ Date 20
April 2014/ Sunday
Class 4 Kuning
No. of Pupils 15
Time 9.15 a.m- 10.15 a.m
Focus Language Arts
Theme World of Knowledge
Topic Unit 6: Our Heroes
Content Standard 4.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling,
pupils will be able to enjoy and appreciate
rhymes, poems and songs.
4.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling,
pupils will be able to plan, organize and produce
creative works for enjoyment.

Learning Standard
4.1.1 Able to enjoy jazz chants, poems and songs
through non- verbal response.

4.3.1 Able to produce and display creative works
based on literary texts using a variety of media
with guidance.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

1. Create a cupcake at least 1 using the plasticine

2. Present their cake in front of the class

Educational Emphases

Thinking Skills, Creative Thinking, Cooperation

Moral Values

1. We should appreciate others work
2. Never give up to do something hard

Teaching Aids

Plasticine, video, real cake, PowerPoint presentation

Stage/ Time

Notes/ Remarks
Teaching Activities Learning Activities

Set Induction
(5 minutes)
Real cake

Sample Question:
1. Have you eaten
the cake before?
Is it delicious?
2. Have you ever
baked a cake?
3. Who baked the

1. Teacher brings the real cake
in the class.
2. Teacher asks question to
students about their experience.
3. Teacher shows a video to
4. Teacher asks students to
stand up and sing along with
the teacher.
1.Students listen to the teacher
2. Students give responses to
the teacher by answering the
3. Students watch the video.
4. 4. Students stand up and
sing the song with the teacher.

through previous
Guess and Answer

Stage 1
(10 minutes)


1. Teacher shows a PowerPoint
presentation on the steps of
baking a cake.
2. Teacher demonstrates the
steps of baking the cake using
the plasticine.
3. Teacher asks students if they
able to understand the
instruction or not.

1. Students learn the steps of
making a cake based on the
2. Students asks the question if
they do not understand the
instruction given
Thinking skills
Q & A session

Stage 2
(20 minutes)
Chefs Hat

1. Teacher divides students into
a group of three. Each group
will get the plasticine and chefs
2 Teacher asks the students to
create their own cake based on
their creativity.

1. Students be in their group
2. Students start baking a cake
using the plasticine.

Making Judgment

Stage 3
(20 minutes)
Example of the

1. Teacher asks students from
each group to present their
2.Teacher asks students to sing
the song while holding their

1. Students show their cake to
the teacher.
2. Students sing again while
holding their cake.

Creative Thinking
Active Participation

(5 minutes)
1.We should
appreciate others
2.Never give up to
do something hard
1. Teacher concludes the
2.Teacher inculcates the moral
1.Students give examples of the
moral values

Moral Values

Pat a cake, Pat a cake,
Bakers man
Bake me a cake
as fast as you can,
pat it prick it
and mark it with a B,
put it in the oven
for baby and me.