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Jun Marr M.

Bachelor of Laws (1A)
Seminar 1

The Gladiator
(A reaction to the Film Series entitled Catholicism: Amazed and Afraid)

Jesus was a product of his time a period when Pharisees were believed to be
speaking the truth and Kings were obeyed as superiors over the vast number of men. There
was oppression, exploitation, and injustice as well as degradation of morality and the
perpetration of vices. Then came Jesus, son of a carpenter and conceived by a virgin. He
emerged as a subversive figure which changed the world and renewed the purpose of man in
such an extraordinary moment which is now galvanized in the annals of our salvation history.

It is indeed a remarkable feat for an ordinary man to revolutionize our society. Although
he is the Son of God, he lived his life with the masses. He was like the Gladiator not using the
power of the sword but rather the power of the word in creating change. His words pierce
through the heart of the stone-hearted and heal the wounds of the ailing spirit of man. He
organized the people in Israel even though it also means challenging the prevailing order
dominated by the Pharisees and Kings. He gathered the sinful men like sheep in need of
guidance and created the Kingdom of God. In the cleansing of the temple, he had rebuilt the
Garden of Eden which was once a perfect temple in order to remind the people to cleanse their
sins as well. His act was not an act of rebellion but an act of rebuilding what was lost because of
the sinful character of man originated from the sins of Adam and Eve.

Jesus was also a warrior. He dealt with the enemies of Israel and liberated the
oppressed just like David who dealt with a much stronger Goliath. Again, he was not using the
power of the sword but of the power of God revealed through him, the baby in a manger. He
countered worldly power with Godly humility and showed kindness amidst adversity. He was
insulted, tortured, and crucified yet he remained firm in his resolve that this was the sacrifice the
world needed in order to rejuvenate the relationship of man with God. The Gladiator who died
fighting for the people to save us all from all the sins man created that distanced ourselves to
our Creator his son, Jesus Christ which paved the way for the establishment of our Church.