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ln a momenL of uncharacLerlsLlc fervour Lhe scrawled noLes we'd made abouL our Lrall
around Lhe local markeLs became someLhlng a llLLle more subsLanLlal. ln Lhe hope Lhey may be
of some use Lo someone and for whaL Lhey're worLh here Lhey are. 1hey are only a snapshoL of
whaLever we found on Lhe day we vlslLed, buL updaLes and a noLe abouL any mlsLakes are
always welcome.
eLer & Llz, lLch 20
We use Lhem malnly for frulL and vegeLables. lL ls our bellef LhaL Lhe quallLy ls superlor
and Lhe prlces lnferlor Lo Lhe supermarkeLs. lL's also more fun buylng from a chaLLy sLall-holder.
8unnlng a dublous looklng overprlced bell pepper along a checkouL conveyor and exchanglng
half a dozen words wlLh Lhe operaLor [usL doesn'L have Lhe same enLerLalnmenL value.
lL's never Lhe same Lwlce. A parLlcularly lnLeresLlng sLall LhaL we have a mlnd Lo examlne
more closely on our nexL vlslL never reappears. 1he weaLher and Lhe seasons have an effecL
Loo. Campell markeL on a weL SepLember 1hursday has been only Lwo sLalls, greengrocerles
and flsh. Cn a balmy CcLober mornlng lL has sLreLched from Lhe corner near Lhe bank pasL Lhe
Casa 8ural. AL Lhe flea markeLs Lhe [unk on sale ls sLaggerlng, LypewrlLers, no problem, power
supplles, lf you have Lhe mlnd Lo unLangle Lhe plles heaped onLo Lhe sLall Lables you wlll
probably flnd whaLever obscure model you need, evenLually. Cld Lools whose uLlllLy ls
quesLlonable prollferaLe, flne lf you are lnLenL on decoraLlng a pub wlLh LhaL sweoty wotksbop
of yestetyeot" look. lf you have a need of someLhlng lL may be LhaL Lhese markeLs can help, buL
for example we are looklng for a few square meLres of ceramlc Llles, Lhe sorL found on klLchen
walls. 1hese are someLhlng Lhe markeLs [usL don'L seem Lo deal ln. lL's more of a blL of fun.
Suddenly comlng across a blL of klL LhaL was once used ln broadcasL Lelevlslon, LhaL new cosL as
much as a small car, now on sale for a few Luros ls all parL of Lhe maglc. Second-hand furnlLure
ls always around and my guess ls you could plck up someLhlng decenL lf you have Lhe Llme and
paLlence Lo Lrawl Lhe clrculL for a whlle. lL does appear Lo be comlng a blL of addlcLlon,
almlessly sLrolllng kllomeLres of [unk, comlng across an old fllm pro[ecLor, or wonderlng whaL a
parLlcular Lool acLually does. Slnce Lhere ls no danger of my belng allowed Lo buy any of Lhls
sLuff, lL has Lhe added beneflL of belng a cheap mornlng ouL.

1hese are a|| morn|ng markets.
Campe||: 1hursday. very small, usually 4 or 3 sLalls, frulL and veg, cloLhes, a flsh vendor,
randomly a planL seller and a cheese & cold meaLs van, good local source of frulL and veg..
Crba: Wednesday. Small, maybe a dozen sLalls, frulL and veg, one cheese/drled meaLs,
cloLhes/shoes, one sLall selllng cookware. lL's ln a slde sLreeL noL far Lhe laa Lspanya, where
Lhe Lower ls. arklng ls wherever you can flnd lL, lL's noL a blg Lown.
edreguer: Sunday. llea markeL, cloLhes, some bread, frulL and
veg, very blg markeL, [usL held ouL of Lown on an lndusLrlal
esLaLe around Lhe Avlnguda les lndusLrles. lL has everyLhlng
from sllde rules Lo spanners for bulldlng rallways wlLh.. Some
good quallLy second hand furnlLure. arklng: we have had Lo do
a couple of clrculLs before flndlng a space. A local charlLy asks
for a small donaLlon lf you end up parklng ln a parLlcular sLreeL
near Lhe markeL. 1here are a few cafe sLalls around and a roasL chlcken vendor.

ego: 1hursday. 8lg, malnly cloLhes/shoes a couple of planL sLalls, and a roasL chlcken man, t8
for a full blrd, or t4 a half.. uellclous. no food aparL from Lhe chlckens. ln Lhe cenLre of Lhe
Lown. We scoured Lhe slde sLreeLs unLll we found a parklng place.

ka|o]Ia|on: Saturday. AnLlques and brlc a brac only. Arrlved by 10 am some sLalls sLlll seLLlng
up. 8y Lhe Llme we lefL (2 hours laLer) lL
was busy.. LveryLhlng from good quallLy
genulne old Lhlngs Lo arLy crafLy sLuff Lo
[unk... heavy lean Lo Cerman vendors
and punLers. cafes on opposlLe slde of
road. easlesL parklng ls ln a manned car
park t1.30, on rlghL as you go over Lhe
brldge lnLo xalo. (8y Lhe way Lhe brldge ls
only wlde enough for one vehlcle golng
one way aL a Llme, we had a near mlss
wlLh someone who dldn'L know Lhls and
came sLeamlng over when we were Lhree quarLers of Lhe way across, (forLunaLely she had good
brakes.) 1he markeL ls on Lhe lefL . from Campell/Crba dlrecLlon. xalo 8odega ls opposlLe. ...
Local wlnes aL good prlces - some of whlch you can LasLe. (8odega, SaLurdays: 10:30 - 14:30)

Cndara: Wednesday. one longlsh sLreeL of cloLhes and accessorles.. and one of frulL and veg
.. Cafes ln amongsL Lhe sLalls ... We use Lhls markeL regularly for greengrocerles. lL's down
a couple of slde sLreeLs off Avenlda AllcanLe. We have always been able Lo park on Lhe Avenlda.

Dn|a: 1he Ir|day Market ls ln Lhe cenLre of Lown, aL Lhe MercaL Munlcpal, ln Lhe shadow of
Lhe casLle. Cn lrldays Lhe sLreeL ouLslde ls llned wlLh frulL and veg sLalls, greaL quallLy produce
aL good prlces.. And Lhere are Lhe sLalls lnslde Lhe markeL bulldlng LhaL are open weekday
mornlngs Loo, more frulL and veg, cold meaLs, cheeses, bread as well as an lndlan and a
Chlnese food sLall .. arklng ls a blL of a problem, you can be lucky and flnd a space on Lhe
nearby Lree llned sLreeL, Carrer Marques de Campo buL you do have Lo pay... uurlng Lhe
summer holldays (and presumably durlng all school holldays) you can use Lhe pay car park ln
Lhe markeL road, ln Lhe grounds of a school, buL you have Lo be able Lo flnd lL! lL ls on Carrer
Magallanes and for Lhe markeL days Lhe one-way sysLem becomes Lwo-way from Lhe [uncLlon
wlLh Carrer Candlda Carbonell Lo Lhe car park enLrance. Cr Lhere ls an underground car park
wlLhln abouL 3 mlnuLes walk... on Lhe oLher slde, from Lhe markeL, of Carrer Marques de

Dn|a: 1he Monday Market ls on Lhe Crdanna slde of uenla, flve mlnuLes by car from Lhe drlve
Lhrough Macuonald's off Lhe Carrer del MesLre Mon[o. arklng ls on Lhe sLreeLs ln Lhe area. lL's
malnly cloLhes, shoes, and household blLs and pleces. Creengrocerles are llmlLed Lo a couple of
small sLalls near Lhe enLrance. 1he ublqulLous roasL chlcken seller ls Lhere as were a couple of
splce vendors. lood vans, for a cup of coffee and a bocadlllo are scaLLered LhroughouL Lhe slLe.
1hls ls noL a flea markeL, Lhe cloLhes on offer ranged from, leL's say low end, Lo some preLLy
lmpresslve looklng hand crafLed goods. 1hls ls Lhe place Lo buy a flamenco dress and some
maLchlng shoes or a leaLher walsLcoaL lf you're more lnLo counLry and wesLern.

8en|arbe|g: 1uesday. A small markeL, abouL Len sLalls, greengrocerles, a cheese & cold meaLs
van, shoes, cloLhes and handbags. 1he markeL ls off Lhe Calle San 8oque and parklng ls round
Lhe back, we followed our noses, flrsL rlghL off Avendla de vergel, lf comlng Lhrough Lhe vlllage
from Crba and golng ouL Lowards Ll verger/ Ll vergel. A pleasanL vlllage Lo sLroll Lhrough and
flnd somewhere for a cup of coffee. We wenL ln search of a bakery. My quesLlon Lo an lnnocenL
passer-by would probably LranslaLe as ls lL a breary?" Mlraculously he goL Lhe glsL and we
LroLLed off up Lhe lndlcaLed road. 1he only llkely looklng candldaLe Lurned ouL Lo be an
alumlnlum wlndow shop. We evenLually dlscovered Lhe bakery lurklng ln a Lerrace of ldenLlcally
palnLed fronL doors, unmarked, unslgned and a sLaLe of Lhe arL example of effecLlve
camouflage. 8y noon Lhey had all buL run ouL of bread, we boughL Lhe lasL Lwo loaves.

L| Verger Saturday Market. lL lsn'L on Lhe slLe of Lhe now defuncL Safarl ark, desplLe a number
of web slLes saylng so. lL's noL far away Lhough, on Lhe road from Ll verger Lo ego on Lhe Ll
verger slde of Lhe moLorway, lmmedlaLely off Lhe roundabouL on Lhe n332 onLo Lhe Cv-700.
1he servlce road Lo Lhe markeL shares Lhe same exlL from Lhe n332 roundabouL as Lhe Cv-700.
arklng ls on Lhe longlsh road LhaL runs from Lhe roundabouL Lo Lhe markeL slLe. 1hls ls a flea
markeL, wlLh a couple of halrdressers, places Lo snack, frulL and veg, bread and a planL sLall. lL ls
mosLly [unk, buL we dld spoL, handy ln Lhls age of global unresL and perfecL for lnLrepld
advenLurers, some bulleL proof vesLs.

L| Verger Sunday Market. A flea markeL whlch has everyLhlng lncludlng Lhe klLchen slnk,
halrdressers, frulL and veg, bread, frldges and washlng machlnes, compuLer blLs, and general
[unk. l reckon lL's a llLLle over 2km long, wlLh places Lo geL a drlnk and a blLe Lo eaL. lL's on Lhe
Avendla valencla, Lhe maln road leadlng up Lo Lhe A7 moLorway (auLovla) [uncLlon from Lhe
Lown cenLre. 1he markeL ls on a servlce road LhaL runs parallel Lo Lhe maln road. arklng ls on
boLh sldes of Lhe maln road and as Lhe Lldl lsn'L open on Sundays, ln Lhelr car park Loo.

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