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Al Quoz Industrial area 3,

P.O BOX 1435,Dubai

United Arab Emirate,

Job Ref: DNOGPC/978/ 4525/55/CSE/104
Date: 30.08.2014
Attenton: Seen!"a#an.#
In response to your application and subsequent interview/CV screening, we are
pleased to offer you employment in our organization. You have agreed to render
the services on the following terms and conditions as below. In terms of this
greement It is agreed by and between parties as below which have met our
approval and considerations for an appointment in !oining D!ba Natona$ O$ %
Ga# Pet&o$e!' Co'(an) *DNOGPC+.
NO, -.ERE/ORE -.E PAR-0ES a1&ee a# fo$$o2#:
0n 5on#6e&aton of t7e E'($o)ee !n6e&ta8n1 t7e E'($o)'ent fo& t7e 5o'(an)9
t7e Co'(an) #7a$$ (a) t7e E'($o)ee a# fo$$o2#:
JO: ;OCA-0ON : D4:A0 < 4N0-ED ARA: E30RA-ES
S-A-4S : :O-. S0NG;E % /A30;=
:AS0C SA;AR= : >79 5?0.00 *SE@EN -.O4SAND /0@E
DO;;ARS+ 3ON-.;=
RES43P-0ON DA-E : 15-. OC-O:ER 2014
2. O:;0GA-0ONS
JO: RE/ERENCE No.: DNOGPC/978/ 4525/55/CSE/104
"hall render e#pert "ervices with due s$ill and proper care, maintaining the highest
professional standard at all times will perform such %rescribed &uties and "ervices at
the company's premises or other locations as agreed to between himself and the
company shall render his service during the official (or$ hours acceptable to the
Company in line with accepted wor$ing practices, which is %resently ) hours of
wor$ing "unday through *hursday and with observance of prescribed holidays.
grees not to copy or transfer any data or information without permission from the
grees to maintain complete Confidentiality and secrecy and agrees not to disclose to
any outside persons/ parties any of the information that he may have access to during
this contract.
3. CON/0DEN-0A;0-=
*he Candidate shall not during the operation of this greement or thereafter use for
his own benefit or for the benefit of any other person or divulge or communicate to
any person e#cept to those officials of the Company province it, the secrets of the
Company or the client or any other information which he may receive or obtain in
relation to the Company's or the Client's affairs or those of its customers or of the
data bases, internet access .or any tools or techniques which is carried on or used by
the Company or the client. *he consultant shall further co+operate with the Company,
its client and any other persons the Company or the client may designate to obtain
such security clearance as required.
4. RENE,A;/-ER30NA-0ON
It is agreed that Company can renew this contract at the end of , years on mutually
agreed terms. It is also agreed that either party can terminate this contract with -
months notice on either side.
5. O-.ER 0N-ERES-S
You must devote your full time, attention and abilities to your !ob duties during
wor$ing hours, and to act in the best interests of the Company at all times. You must
not, without Company's written consent, be in any way directly or indirectly engaged
or concerned in any other business where this is or is li$ely to be in conflict with the
Company's interests .or those of its clients/ or where this may adversely affect the
efficient discharge of your duties.
?. ANN4A; ;EA@E
You are entitled to an annual leave of 01 days.
7. P;ACE O/ ,ORB
JO: RE/ERENCE No.: DNOGPC/978/ 4525/55/CSE/104
You will be employed in &ubai, and the Company may at any time require you to
wor$ at any other location of the Company or of any client to which the Company is
providing services according to the business needs.
*he Company reserves the right to second you from time to time. 2o such
secondment shall result in a reduction in your pay or any other material deterioration
in your terms of employment.
9. -RA@E;
You may be required to travel in the 3nited rab 4mirates from time to time. *his
may involve traveling normal business hours and at wee$ends or public holidays
should the need arise.
10. :ENE/0-S
5 ccommodation6 7ree 7urnished
5 nnual 8eave6 01 &ays %aid 8eave
5 8eave llowance6 9-,,,: .*hree *housand *wo ;undred and *wenty 3nited
"tate &ollars/
5 ir *ic$et6 <usiness Class .Covers 7amily/
5 %ersonal 8ife and ccident Insurance6 7irst Class .Covers 7amily/
5 =edical *reatment6 7ree .Covers 7amily/
5 >elocation ssistance6 9?,:1: .@ne *housand 7ifty 3nited "tate &ollars/
5 Children's 4ducation ssistance6 Covers ?::A 4ducational <ill
5 *ransportation6 %rovide %ersonal Car
5 Car llowance6 9BC: ."even ;undred and "i#ty 3nited "tate &ollars/ =onthly
5 *elephone llowance6 Covers ?::A *elephone <ill
>ecreational/"ports 7acilities shall also be made available at the disposal of all
e#patriates with no e#penses to be incurred. 8aundry and &ry Cleaning "ervice
will also be made available to all 4#patriates by the companyDs laundry and dry
cleaning unit.
12. /;0G.-S/ .EA;-. CARD/ GRA-40-=
*he Company shall provide a one+way air tic$et to the 4mployee at the termination of
this 4mployment Contract to repatriate the 4mployee to his place of origin. *he
Company shall provide at least once a year during the term of 4mployment a return
air tic$et to the 4mployee to his place of origin.
JO: RE/ERENCE No.: DNOGPC/978/ 4525/55/CSE/104
*he Company will provide you with a health card for visa purposes. You will be
entitled to a gratuity in accordance with applicable 34 labour laws from time to
time. 7or the avoidance of doubt, in calculating any gratuity, any allowance will be
13. ,ORB0NG .O4RS
Your normal wor$ing hours are ) hours. "unday to *hursday, together with such
additional hours as the Company may request or as may be necessary for the proper
%erformance of your duties. *he Company may vary the normal start or finish times
according to business needs. @vertime payments are made.
14. .O;0DA=S
*he 4mployee is entitled to paid annual vacation of thirty .01/ calendar days. *he
annual vacation period shall be calculated pro rata for any period of less than a year
provided the 4mployee has completed at least one year of service.
;olidays can only be ta$en at times agreed in advance with the Company. ny
entitlement to holiday remaining at the end of any holiday year will lapse, unless
specifically approved in writing by the &epartment head.
You will be eligible to "ic$ 8eave as per the 34 8abour laws. %rovided sic$ness
certificates to be submitted to the company
1?. -ER30NA-0ON
limited Contract shall be terminated on the provision by either of the Company or
the 4mployee of ninety .E:/ day's notice in writing to the other. *he Company may
ma$e a payment of your basic salary in lieu of the above notice entitlement .@n
termination of your employment you must immediately return to the Company, in
accordance with any instructions which may be given to you, all items of property
belonging to the Company or to its clients in your possession or under your control.
You must, if so required by the Company, confirm in writing that you have complied
with your obligations under this provision.
17. RENE,A;
limited Contract will be renewed automatically should the 4mployee continue the
4mployment after the e#piry date set out above where the Company does not
otherwise ob!ect and unless either the Company or the 4mployee has given written
notification to the other at least ninety .E:/ days prior to the e#piry date declining to
>enew the 4mployment. ny employment under a 8imited Contract renewed under
this Clause ?C shall be deemed to be a 3nlimited Contract for any period of renewal.
JO: RE/ERENCE No.: DNOGPC/978/ 4525/55/CSE/104
18. SA/E-= % SEC4R0-=
"afety and "ecurity of personnel .8ocal/7oreign/ and 7acilities on @ff+shore/@n+
shore and communities have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free
operations. ll operations on Fob 8ocation are designed to adhere strictly to the
;ealth "afety and 4nvironment .;"4/ %olicy as applicable in the Company. ll
e#patriates are entitled to a free and mandatory safety courses on Fob 8ocations to be
&elivered by qualified safety and environment e#perts. <ut must be used in
accordance with the safety regulations in the company.
*wo .,/ =onths salary shall be paid in advance to employee upon completion of the
(or$ permit processing application to assume duty. *his is to help you handle
miscellaneous unanticipated costs. s such no e#cuses will be entertained on
assumption of duty relating to default.
4mployees .4#patriates/ are to note that *wo .,/ =onth's salary are paid as soon as
4mployee have furnish us with Copy of the wor$ permit visa processed here in 34
by the agreed agent through the office of =inistry of Interior as this is in line with the
3..4 4#patriate 7inancial "tatutory 8aws.
20. O-.ER DOC43EN-S RE;E@AN- -O =O4R E3P;O=3EN-
*he documents may be modified or replaced from time to time, you will be provided
with particulars of any modification or a copy of any replacement. Your signature
below will constitute your agreement to the terms set out above.
ny employee successfully screened and recruited to resume employment at
&2@G%C+ 3..4 .nd not presently possessing a valid 3..4 >esidence and (or$
%ermits Clearance %apers/ "hall be e#pected to "can and send to us and to the
Fumeirah *ravel H *ourism "ervices, &ubai+3..4 via 4+mail a copy of his/her
International %assport and a %assport %hotograph for the immediate processing,
procurement and acquisition of their necessary permits clearance papers with the
=I2I"*>Y @7 I2*4>I@> and shall be duly notified once their valid 3..4
>esidence and (or$ %ermits Clearance %apers are completed.
ny candidate that accepts this offer will have to contact the Fumeirah *ravel H
*ourism "ervices, &ubai and shoulder all the e#pense for the processing, procurement
and acquisition of their necessary permits clearance papers with the =I2I"*>Y @7
8<@3> and the company will be reimbursing bac$ the e#pense. 2ote that all 34
based employeesD are to report personally to our office with identification materials
for signing and collection of hard copy of their contract documents.
JO: RE/ERENCE No.: DNOGPC/978/ 4525/55/CSE/104
2<6 ny employee, who does not have International %assport, should notify us earlier
to enable us arrange for an 4mergency *ravelling Certificate for him/her. 7ind below
the contact information of the Fumeirah *ravel H *ourism "ervices, &ubai for
directives and assistance on the acquisition and procurement of their valid 4ntry Visa
and (or$ %ermits papers6
-.E J43E0RA. -RA@E; % -O4R0S3 SER@0CES CON-AC- DE-A0;S
12 Jumeirah Beach Road,
PO Bo 11!!", #u$ai, U%i&ed Ara$ Emira&e'
CC) .umeirah&ra/e('er/ice'-ou&(oo+0com
TEL) 1231"425"4!3!
ATT6) Ro$er&o 7e%%e&h
In witness whereof, the parties declare that they have read and fully aware of all the
terms and conditions of this contract and that they signed below in full bona+fide,
hereby entered into contractual commitment and provision of this contract
agreement based on the conduct of the parties herein through the period of the
agreement, both parties may decide to e#tend the agreement in the future, where
term of responsibilities and relationship will be better defined and e#patriated.
S1ne6 fo& an6 on be7a$f of E'($o)e&:
.!'an Re#o!&5e D&e5to&
A$ C!oD 0n6!#t&a$ a&ea 39P.O :OA 14359
D!ba9 4nte6 A&ab E'&ate
-e$e//aE: F97155?435792
0- :ACB -O 4SG
=O4R 3O:0;E N43:ER:HHHHHHHHH.HHHHHHHHH...............
JO: RE/ERENCE No.: DNOGPC/978/ 4525/55/CSE/104
JO: RE/ERENCE No.: DNOGPC/978/ 4525/55/CSE/104