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Design is a way of behaviour which aimed at changing the existing situations into preferred
ones. On easy terms design is a guideline or a strategic approach for to achieve a unique
(Simon). Design involves solving problems, creating something new, or transforming less
desirable situations to preferred situations. (Friedman, 2003) In order to design proper
information systems for designers, it is important to understand how they enrich their
knowledge base during the design process. Although achieving the information seems very
easy, due to the infollution and redundant information, it is much harder. Infollution is a new
word that combines "information" and "pollution" to connote the negative, polluting side
effects of the IT revolution. Like pollution in our physical world, infollution in our digital world
is an unintentional by-product of the excessive and uncontrolled use of resources. Moreover,
it can be viral, spreading instantaneously and uncontrollably. Why? Because we are
amazingly connected in the digital world. (UNESCO). To achieve required information the
designer must extract and analyse the data. There are four main question to extract and
analyse the data. These are What, How, Why, and, so what? This questions can never be
answered by a simple Yes or No. they also helps to specify dependent and independent
variables in research which is examined.

What question, is mainly about, what research involves and what is the main problem of
research. This question is also find out the hypothesis which is made at the beginning of the
examined research. Hypotheses are single tentative guesses, good hunches assumed for
use in devising theory or planning experiments intended to be given a direct experimental
test when possible. (Eric Rogers, 1966)

How question, is concern about the methods which is used to complete research. This
methods can be qualitative quantitative and mixed. Designer must determine which methods
is used clearly. For example if designer interested with the topic which is named Design in
informal economies: Craft neighbourhood in Istanbul. The answer for how is semi-structured
interviews and photography.

Why question, is try to find complete and undisputable answers why this research
performed and why researcher use this methods. It must be show aim of research.

So what question, determines the conclusion at the end the research. It must provide
enough information.

Researcher must analyse this tagging method to their studies and readings. With the help of
this method they can determine redundant, or lack of information. They ensure that
examined research is scientific and useful for their studies.