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It will enhance taste of food and beverages

It helps to improve sleep
It has the ability to balance ying and yang and create a Qi Life force
It helps to create energized water by placing drinking water on top of it
It has calming effects of the resonance increases mental Cognition
By drinking the energized water created from Bio Disc will help you detoxify
and hydrate all body cells
It reduces stress levels
It increased take up of nutrients
It increases oxygenation of the blood
It enhances your immune system of the body
It helps to preserve food longer in the fridge

This restored water once is again able to perform its functions of carrying the
energized nutrients to cells and efficiently carrying off toxic wastes without
depositing them. Some of the specific benefits observed from the use of this
water are:

Improves the tasting qualities of drinking water.

When showering or bathing, water does not "leach" energy and minerals out of
bather, but contributes energy and promotes detoxification.

Increased lathering ability of soap, shampoo, detergent, etc.

Improved plant growth and seed germination.

Reduction or elimination of chlorine odor and chlorine gas from the shower.

Prevents corrosion of piping systems, hot water tanks, dishwashers, air

conditioning units, heating systems, ice machines, etc.

Relief Benefits

Helps to relieve all sorts of body pains, ackes and ailments

Patients diagnosed with cancer are using it.
Assists with kidney ailments
Prevents the tar content from dissipating in your body
Has dissolved the formation of Gout crystallization.
Improves the Blood Pressure.
Reduces the Blood Sugar levels.
Relieves Migraines.
Improves all sorts of rashes.
Helps with Arthritis and Rheumatism.
No jetlag if you carry it on you.
Used for cosmetics and facial creams.
Tones up the skin texture. Makes you look younger
Reduces joint pains.
Boosts up your energy levels
What more do you want

What are Bio-Frequencies?

Bio-Frequencies are based on the scientific principles that all organisms emit precise
frequency patterns and that by using resonant frequency patterns, balance of an organism
can be restored. Within all life, existing together at the same time, is both matter and
energy, bathed in an ocean of frequency patterns we call Bio-Frequencies.

So what do Bio-Frequencies have to do with disease in our bodies?

Simply put, pathogens, (the biological agents that cause disease or illness) can only exist if
the precise energetic environment allows it to exist. Energetic environments open or close
the door to pathogens and disease. A cancer tumor cannot grow unless our bio-frequencies
give it the green light. An HIV virus cannot enter a cell and replicate itself unless that cell’s
bio-frequencies say “come on in”.
But because our bio-frequencies are so subtle and complex it has proven difficult for
science to identify energetic pathology, until now.

What do you mean by your process of “infusion”? What is it exactly?

Infusion is a process of bombarding compounds with proprietary frequency patterns. By

doing so under the right conditions, the compound “inherets” or realigns its energetic
properties. That doesn’t mean that we spontaneously change a carbon atom into a hydrogen
atom. We are talking about very subtle, patterned energy that is changed and made to
become “coherent” to produce beneficial results. A carbon atom is made by a combination
of electromagnetic properties and even more subtle frequency patterns. These subtle,
longitudinal waves are what we alter.

For example we know that a breast cancer tumor exists within a specific bio-frequency
environment and that is why it grows. We have identified specific frequency patterns that
can disrupt the tumor’s fertile ground. In the past it has proven difficult to get these
frequencies into the body to do it’s work.

Besides that, natures best pain killer is the Far Infra-Red (FIR) found in the light
spectrum. Hence, infra-red lamps are frequently used to shine on pain areas e.g. joint
pains. The 'Beta Rhythm' emitted from Bio Disc can be transported deep into affected
joints with FIR, having a therapeutic effect.

From what I know the spectrum of frequencies is vast and goes from
infrasonic sound all the way to gamma rays. What kind of frequencies do
you utilize in your process?

The Quantum Infusion technology is based on all frequencies. However it is not an easy
task to infuse a compound with super high frequencies like gamma rays. Remember we do
not select an individual frequency such as 2000 Hz to bombard a compound and leave it at
that. We use frequency patterns, which contain harmonic and sub-harmonic elements.

Our frequency patterns are assembled as a package of frequencies that are specific to an
application such as HIV or prostate cancer. These packages can be “transposed” to several
different frequency ranges as a unit. This is the same principle as speeding up a song on a
CD player. Same song, same ratios between key elements, same frequency patterns—just
shifted to a higher or lower range, or spectrum.

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The human body is a natural irradiation source, emitting a bio-spectrum from micrometer to
millimeter waves, with infrared rays as its main energy.

History of the Bio-Spectrum Inventions

Bio-Spectrum is a concept which represents the broad energy spectrum that all living
organism emits. Different living things have different bio-spectrums, just as different people
have different bio-spectrums. Even the same person has different bio-spectrums at different
times according to their age and health status. A Kirlian camera can visualize this energy
thru different colors and brightness.

A human being is a natural radiator of a broad and complex electronic wavelength which,
while falling mainly in the infrared range, also has short wave components, long wave
components and even a very small amount in the microwave range, etc. Back in 1950, a few
Chinese medical researchers published their research of Bio-spectrums and identified them
as the vital energy of the human being. They speculated that by reinforcing this energy the
human being could greatly improve health and self-curative functions.

The difficulty was how to find a radiator which could simulate the bio-spectrum of the
human body, a very complex and comprehensive energy force and wavelength. They tried
many methods but failed in all attempts.

Article: Bio-Frequency Spectrum

Analysis or BFS Research and Development Trends

The research of BFS has been developed from the following two aspects:

(1) To need to perfect the BFS theory.

(2) To need to improve and develop different kinds of BFS apparatus in order to enhance
their biological effects.

Our experimental results have confirmed that the application of BFS has inestimable values
in the field of medicine. Its therapeutic effect is far superior to those of other
physiotherapeutic devices. The advent of physiotherapeutic methods has enriched
therapeutics to a great extent, while the development of BFS has added brilliance to it. The
BFS therapeutic method belongs to the category of physiotherapy, but is not restricted to it.
Its methodology has been much affected by the bionics. As BFS simulates nature and is
close to the things in the natural world, from this point of view it can be regarded as a
natural therapy. It is, therefore, seen as a miracle of the natural therapeutics. Studies have
confirmed that BFS apparatus has remarkable biological effects on many systems in the
human body. As research continues, BFS therapeutics will gradually develop into a new
independent branch of medical sciences—BFS medicine. Based on the principle of BFS
theory, its unique medical framework has been formed based on the aspects of diagnosis of
diseases, therapy, prevention and health-care.

In addition to the application of BFS in medicine, BFS theory has other important usages
and a broad future. From its influences on bacterium growth to the field of biological
products, from its effects on seed germination to the screening for good variety, the studies
on BFS will definitely have profound and lasting significance and exploiting values.

Biological Effects of BFS

BFS apparatus has a wide range of biological effects, which are summarized from the
following aspects:

1. Effects on cellular chromosomes:

After analyzing the chromosomes of bone marrow cells from mice receiving long-term BFS
irradiation scientists have demonstrated that long-term BFS irradiation has no effects on
Chromosome deformation. They also performed a study of irradiating pregnant mice and
then analyzing the chromosomes of bone marrow cells and melanocystes from their
offspring. The results showed BFS did not increase the rates of chromosome deformity,
even after irradiating ten continuous generations. This study from another point of view
proved that BFS irradiation does not result in deformity and/or mutation.

2. Effects on reproductive and developing functions: No obvious effects

were found in the experiments.

3. Effects on neuro-endocrine system:

It is mostly believed that the neuro-endocrine system is closely correlated with the
regulation of cellular immune systems, and is an important physiological regulation system
in maintaining normal physiological activities in the human body. Experimental studies
have shown that BFS irradiation has apparent influences the on thalami encephalon-
hypothesis--adrenal gland system. It can promote the release of adrenal cortex steroid and
the synthesis and secretion of insulin, and improve the hyperthyroid. In experimentation
with rabbits with alloxan diabetes, it has been found that BFS has evident corrective effects.
In addition, BFS also has distinct therapeutic effects on juvenile face sores (acne), irregular
menstruation, climacteric syndrome and mental diseases. It is suggested that its acting
mechanism is probably related to the improvement of hormone secretion.

4. Effects on basal metabolism:

Many scientists have studied the effects of BFS on basal metabolism. Their results showed
that BFS irradiation could reduce the content of rat liver glycogen, decrease the activities of
liver lactic dehydrogenate, non-specific esterase and phosphates, decrease the activity of
intestinal mucosal proteolysis in the small intestine of experimental animals and the content
of macro globulin, and increase the activity of liver ATPase. It was also found that BFS
could decrease blood sugar levels, blood urea nitrogen levels and uric acid levels, and
elevate the ratio of plasma albumin to globulin.

5. Effects on nervous system:

In some experiments chromic catguts were used to lightly tie up the nervy ischiadicus of the
SD rat. The nerves were damaged due to chronic oppression, showing that their medullar
sheath was taken off. This area was extremely sensitive to the K+ channel blockers TEA
and hyoscine. After the pathological animal models had been irradiated with BFS, their
allergy to pain disappeared and their transmission functions of action potentials were
partially recovered. The reactions of damaged nerve regions to TEA and hyoscine became
dull. The above results suggested that the therapeutic effects of BFS on damaged peripheral
nerves were through recovering the axis-cylinder membrane structure of the nerve, since
irradiation using an infrared lamp with the same power under the same conditions did not
produce the same effects. The effects of BFS on the central nervous system are thought to
be able to change the electroencephalogram (EEG), especially its evident improvement on
the EEG of patients with epilepsy. In addition it also has effects on the levels of nervous
active protein and the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. Clinical observation also
showed that BFS had therapeutic effects on senile dementia (brain atrophy), which was
probably related to its effects on inhibiting the degeneration of nerve cells in cerebral
cortex, and improving the oxygen supply to the cells. Also, the nerve-action effects on mice,
such as learning ability and exploring capability, were much enhanced.

6. Biological effects on cardiovascular system:

Many scientists have reported that BFS apparatus has definite therapeutic effects on heart
diseases of coronary arteriosclerosis, which are related to the dilatation of the coronary
artery after BFS irradiation. It has also been found that BFS has good effects on paroxysmal
tachycardia and ventricular premature systole.

7. Effects on hematology:

The results in biotic experiments indicate that BFS irradiation can increase red blood cell
(RBC) counts and enhance the hemoglobin contents, platelet counts and hematocrits. Its
effects on leukocytes and lymphocytes will be discussed in the section of immune response.
It has been found that BFS can improve whole-body blood circulation, local blood
circulation and nail fold microcirculation. BFS can increase the diameter of blood capillary
while it does not remarkably increase the number of nail fold blood capillary ansa, BFS can
increase the area of platelet aggregate and platelet aggregating rate, decrease the level of
plasma fibrinogen, and increase the RBC flow and migration rate and the abilities of RBC
deformity, which can fasten the blood flow. The interesting thing is that after BFS
irradiation, the factor VIII in blood can be activated to play its haemostatic function.
Therefore, some researchers believe that BFS apparatus has some two-way regulative

8. Effects on immune response:

The most interesting effect of BFS is the high sensitivity of the body's immune system to
BFS. Many experimental reports showed that after BFS irradiation the number of
immunized cells and the capability of immune response in the human body are all enhanced
significantly, including the distinct elevations of peripheral blood leukocyte count and
lymphocyte counts. It was also found that BFS could increase the activity of sheep RBC
receptors on the spleen lymphocytes in the irradiated animal, inhibit the generation of the
SRBC antibody which could remarkably decrease the contents of the serum hemolysin and
agglutinin, promote the phagocytosis of macrophage in rat abdominis cavum, and increase
the complement content. During the process of lymphocyte B maturation, BFS irradiation
affects the expression of its surface marker and increases the percentage of receptors
expressed by complement.

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All traumas, past and present, can create interference that results in abnormal functioning of
the body. Biokinetics clears the physical, chemical, and structural blockages to energy flow
with a simple and effective procedure that normalizes and balances energy flow throughout
the system.

BIO-KINETICS came into existence when Dr. L. F. Newsum discovered that by

stimulating certain areas of the brain stem with light, repetitive forces he could influence
change throughout the body. It was first used for physical correction of spinal and extremity
conditions, but it was found to be very effective for eliminating anxieties, depression,
suppressed phobias (such as fear of flying), and other negative emotional states. He named
the procedure BIO-KINETICS (Bio meaning "life" and Kinetic meaning "movement")
because it was found that the process increased nerve activity directly. Because other
procedures are being used to clear allergies, BIO-KINETICS was tested for that as well. It
was exciting to find that BIO-KINETICS cleared many types of allergies quickly and

Obviously, there must be a rational explanation as to how this seemingly simple procedure
can affect so many changes. In the course of researching the phenomena of BIO-
KINETICS it was found that all of our traumas, whether they are physical, chemical or
emotional are imprinted on our brain, nerve system and cells.

These imprints act like an open switch or circuit breaker, affecting our ability to adapt to
our environment. The term lowered resistance used by so many are the effects of these
imprints. It was discovered that by stressing areas of old injury it would cause a
neuromuscular reaction sufficient to recreate the interference. By stimulating the brain stem
with the NEW-STIM instrument, it served to stimulate the thalamus and hypothalamus and
restore nerve supply (or life force energy) to these areas of blockage, in effect reconnecting
the circuits. This activity has been confirmed by Electro Encephalograph & Kirlain

BIO-KINETICS is unique in the healing arts today.

Remember, beginning with the trauma of our birth, the falls and bumps of childhood, sports
activities, accidents, bad posture, a sedentary lifestyle, all produce spinal stress; and the
chemical interference's such as synthetic chemicals, foods, and drugs, and environmental
toxins and the emotional stress of our lives all add up to diminishing your ability to adapt
and survive. So whether your symptoms are minor or major, interference is present, and
must be cleared so that your system can function in a normal manner to maximum

New Discoveries in Neurophysiology Reinforce and Change the Concept

of Chiropractic Neuro-Receptor Integration Theory of Bio-Kinetics

Recent findings have shown that the brain and nervous system, instead of being self
generating and self maintaining as previously thought, actually depend on activation of
receptors in muscles, joints, skin and other special organs for proper function. When this
receptor activation is decreased or altered due to JOINT FIXATION~ SCAR TISSUE,
NEEDLE PUNCTURES, or ORGAN WEAKNESSES, there is a profound affect on die
function of the brain and nervous system, thereby affecting the health (function) of the
entire body.

A nerve impulse is measured as a frequency, which simply means how many times per
second. An impulse is sent along the nerve pathways. Nerves can be fired slowly, only a
few times per second, or quickly a few hundred times per second. The frequency of firing of
a nerve is ultimately determined by the frequency with which a receptor (a tiny structure
that receives environmental input and converts it to a nerve impulse) is stimulated. When
these frequencies of nerve impulses reach the various parts of the brain, they, along with
frequencies from receptor/nerve pathways from other parts of the body, PROVIDE THE
FIRING FROM ALL THE OTHER PARTS. Lowered frequency of firing of various nerve
path-ways leading into the brain, caused by old sprains; scars from surgery, cuts, needle
punctures, dental work, etc; as well as organ weaknesses; chemical sensitivities; negative
emotional experiences of all types and the consequential decreased firing rate of the brain
itself, can lead to altered neurological function and explain the widespread effects seen
throughout the entire body. Receptors in the joints and muscles are some of the most
powerful stimulators of brain function. Movement (or stimulation of the receptors) of your
joints and muscles actually help the brain work, and stimulation of the receptors in certain
joints and muscles have more effect on the brain than others. Recent scientific information
and studies suggest that it is the stimulation of these joint and muscle receptors, and the
consequential change in the frequency of firing of various brain centers, that helps to
explain the dramatic physical changes seen throughout the body following some
chiropractic adjustments.

Neuro-Immune (Allergies) and Neuro-Emotional Dysfunction

There is growing scientific evidence that the various frequencies within the brain and
nervous system are also connected with other "communication systems" in the body. The
Neuro-Endocrine-Immune system (known as Psycho-Neuro-Immunology), which has now
been conclusively shown to be intimately related to the nervous system, sends
communicating chemicals throughout the body via a "cascading" mechanism to effect the
function of every cell. This plays a very important role in our physical and emotional health
(moods, addictions, etc.) and is also connected to inappropriate immune function (allergies,
sensitivities, auto-immune disorders and immune deficiency disorders). THESE

Electromagnetic Frequency - Adaptation

The human body must also follow physical electromagnetic laws. In electromagnetic
physics, scientists can easily measure the electrical field generated around electrical wires
when current (frequencies) flows through them. Changes in the frequencies of firing within
a wire can change the field. We use this phenomenon everyday with electric motors. Also,
changes in the field affects the frequencies that travel along the wire. This is how electrical
generators/alternators work. In humans, we have a similar situation. We have electrical
impulses (frequencies) traveling along wires (nerves and nerve networks). We can measure
the electromagnetic field in and around the human body generated by these frequencies of
electrical impulses traveling through it. This is known as the "bio-energetic field", or "aura".
We have yet to map all the communication frequencies operating in and around our bodies,
however there can be no doubt that electrical field physics effects our nervous system
resulting in changes in our physical body, mood, behavior, emotions, and immune system.
We have found that thoughts, emotions, electromagnetic radiation from electrical wires and
transmitting stations, environmental chemicals, foods, and/or injuries can all affect the
frequencies inside the brain and nervous system. This concept is easy to understand when
we expand our understanding that all physical matter is energy in various forms.
Energy itself is vibrational frequencies that extend along the entire electromagnetic
spectrum. There are many forms of energy vibration present in the body at once, from the
bioenergetic field all the way down to the energy vibration between cells (and even inside
cells). All these vibrations (frequencies) are interrelated and interdependent. Bio-Kinetics
permanently helps the body adapt to a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies without
the use of magnets or other devices.

Bio-Kinetics evolved as a way to provide efficient and effective stimulation into specific
densely populated beds of neuro-receptors with the patented and F.D.A. registered New-
Stim instrument. This provides precise and powerful brain activation for re-integration of
receptor-neuron-brain neurological feedback and memory loops, allowing improved
frequencies throughout the entire nerve network system. Correct stimulation of specific
neuro-receptors, along with the revolutionary Bio-Kinetics stress / correct / stress / correct
cycle helps re-educate and re-integrate these neuro-receptor pathways. With Bio-Kinetics,
we can see dramatic changes that, in the past, have taken months or years, or might not have
occurred at all. Physical ailments, chronic old injuries, organ weaknesses, immune
dysfunctions (including allergies and sensitivities), and even neuro-emotional patterns clear
easily. The Bio-Kinetic System allows for the correction of all subluxations.

Changes in the frequency of firing of the brain can be measured in many ways. Some of the
more clinically practical ways are to measure the effect this has on the motor system
(muscle strength). Changes in the frequency of firing of certain brain centers will show up
as subtle weaknesses of certain muscles. There may also be imbalances between different
sides (Cortical Hemisphericity). This imbalance may show up as a difference in leg or arm
length, elevated shoulders, a twisted pelvis, poor posture or abnormal spinal curves. We can
also use a procedure that is called a "Physiological Blind Spot Map". Small areas in our
eyes where the optic nerve enters from the back are "blinded". when the frequencies of
certain parts of the brain are altered (primarily the thalamus), nerve impulses from
photoreceptors in the eyes that are relayed through this area to the occipital cortex will be
decreased, resulting in an enlargement of one or both blind spots. These subtle changes are
warning signs and can be monitored before and immediately after by a well trained
practitioner. These simple tests help guide our corrective procedures for maximum results.,

D.D. Palmer, the founder of modern chiropractic medicine, stated that there are three
causes of the vertebral subluxation: "Traumas, Toxins, and Auto-suggestions," translated into
today's terminology he would have said "Physical, Chemical and Emotional". He also stated that
disease is the result of too much or not enough "tone" along a nerve pathway. It is interesting and
gratifying that his original concepts become even more clear and relevant when considered with our
modem scientific understanding of nervous system and electromagnetic function.

The earth has an energy field to which all living organisms have adapted throughout the
millennia, from which they draw part of their energy. Areas where this has been disrupted
may cause geopathic (geo = earth, pathos = suffering) stress which has adverse effects on
many essential bodily functions such as metabolism, immune system and so on. Disturbance
may be caused by narrow paths of water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines 60-90m
below ground, PLUS electro-smog.
Our bodies are continually bombarded with electro-smog, consisting of energies like
electro-magnetic fields and radiation. At work, in our cars, on the telephone, all around our
homes – there is no escape. We have all learned that in the West, there are simply no
electro-smog-free zones. Electro-magnetic fields and radiation from electrical appliances
and supplies, mobile phones and phone masts, computers, radars and satellites constantly
surround us.
The result of the negative influences of electro-smog can include symptoms such as
headaches, stress, fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, nervousness, sleep disorders,
hypertension, even depression. The effects of electro-smog is an urgent topic around the
world and many countries have already taken precautionary action
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