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This issucs ccn|riou|ing ar|is|s
}eff Busch
}in HoIIovay
Bol Maurus
AlanieIIe Annyn NoeI
}ane Hoffnan
MarveI BuIIpen
Dave Tranpier
Denlon LIIioll
Richard Tonasic
Larry LInore
2 JANUARY 1985
Thc Gypsy TraIn designed by Richard Fichera
Wanderers ~ and lheir vagons ~ for use in AD&D advenlure sellings
LIfc bcynnd 15th !cvc! ~ E. Gary Gygax
Nev aclivilies lo keep high-IeveI druids lusy.
ThInkIng fnr ynursc!f ~ E. Gary Gygax
A guesl ediloriaI ly lhe crealor of lhe AD&D gane
Thc makIng nf a mI!Icu ~ Arthur Collins
ne DMs vay of lackIing lhe chore of canpaign-luiIding
Thc ccn!ngy nf thc cyc nf thc dccp ~ Ed Greenwood
Donl gel in over your head againsl lhis nonsler
5hnrt hnps and bIg drnps ~ Stephen Inniss
RuIes for junping and Ieaping in lhe AD&D gane
Ay prnnunsccAY shun gyd ~ Frank Mentzer
AII lhe righl lhings lo say
AgcncIcs and a!Ignmcnts ~ Merle Rasmussen
Dossiers on lhe spy groups of lhe TI SLCRLT gane vorId
EIra ~ Josepha Sherman
A chiIIy slory lhalII varn your hearl
Lcttcrs 69 Thc ARE5 scctInn 89
Thc fnrum 86 Gamcrs' GuIdc 93
CnmIng AttractInns 88 CnnvcntInn ca!cndar 94
}eff Buschs second conlrilulion lo our cover in lhe Iasl four issues is lhis coIorfuI
scene of a vereliger in lhe process of changing shapes ~ vhiIe a reaI liger slands
guard in lhe foreground.
Churging more inuteuJ of uettling for leuu
Inside lhis nagazine, in a coupIe of differenl pIaces, youII find oul lhal lhe price of a
sulscriplion lo DRACN Magazine has leen increased. WhiIe I reaIize lhal no anounl of
expIaining viII soflen lhe lIov for soneone vho vas jusl aloul lo sign up for a year, Id sliII
Iike lo say a fev vords aloul vhy lhe price increase is necessary and vhy, fron one sland-
poinl, raising lhe price is preferalIe lo nol raising il.
We havenl changed lhe price of DRACN Magazine since lhe singIe-copy cosl vas
raised lo $3.OO on issue #37, in May 198O ~ and nolice lhal lhe singIe-copy price is sliII
$3.OO. Since aloul lvo-lhirds of lhe nagazines circuIalion is lhrough relaiI oulIels, a sul-
scriplion price increase has no effecl on nosl of our readers. (And no, lhere are no pIans lhal
I knov of lo increase lhe cover price.)
Weve lried lo fighl lhe good fighl againsl lhe spiraIing cosls of aII lhe naleriaIs and serv-
ices ve have lo purchase lo produce lhe nagazine, lul lhals a lallIe lhal nusl evenluaIIy le
Iosl. The price of lhe paper lhe nagazine is prinled on has gone up as oflen as lvo or lhree
lines a year. Irinling services and poslaI rales, lhrough no fauIl of lhe prinler or lhe posl
office, are sulslanliaIIy higher lhan lhey vere in May of 198O. Those of us vho vork in lhe
nagazine operalion are aII earning nore noney nov lhan ve vere naking a year ago, or
four years ago.
AII lhese cosls, and nore, add up over lhe course of line. And nov, aIlhough ve havenl
given up lhe fighl, ve have leen forced lo give sone ground. The exlra revenue that we
lring in fron lhis price increase viII, ve hope, enalIe us lo nainlain lhe IeveI of ediloriaI
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Potion problem
Dear Dragon,
I enjoyed lhe Treasure Trove (#91) very nuch.
Hovever, lhe expIanalion concerning lhe polion
of expIosions is confusing.
The arlicIe slales lhal lhe polion . . . onIy
requires conlacl vilh open air and a physicaI
dislurlance of sone sorl lo sel il off. Does lhe
polion onIy expIode vhen oc|n of lhese condilions
are nel` If lhis isnl so, hov couId a person lasle
lhe Iiquid (or drink il) vilhoul il lIoving up in
his face vhen he opens lhe lollIe`
The descriplion slales lhal If lhe conlainer
hils ils largel lul does nol lreak, lhe Iiquid inside
viII nol le sel off. This inpIies lhal air nusl le
presenl vilh dislurlance. If lhis is so, hov can a
polion expIode fron nereIy leing joslIed, Iike in
a characlers pack, as lhe arlicIe nenlions` IIease
cIarify lhis.
MichaeI HiII
Nevporl, Ky.
Tnc pc|icn cf cxp|csicns is an uns|ao|c |iqui
|na| ui|| a|ncs| a|uaqs cxp|cc uncr ica|
ccni|icns an naq cr naq nc| cxp|cc uncr
ccr|ain c|ncr ccni|icns. Tnc |crn pnqsica|
is|uroancc is, cn scccn |ncugn|, pcrnaps nc| a
tcrq accura|c uaq |c cscrioc una| sc|s cff |nc
|iqui. |c| nc gitc i| anc|ncr |rq.
|ca| ccni|icns fcr an cxp|csicn inc|uc |nc
prcscncc cf air and an aorup| pnqsica| sncc| cf
scnc scr| c|itcrc |c |nc |iqui sucn as uncn
a ccn|aincr is |nrcun agains| a nar surfacc.
Uncr |ncsc ccni|icns, |nc pc|icn ui|| a|uaqs
cxp|cc, as |cng as |nc ccn|aincr orca|s.
Tnc pc|icn ccs nc| ncccssari|q cxp|cc uncn
i| is ncrc|q orcugn| in|c ccn|ac| ui|n air, i| nus|
a|sc oc sctcrc|q jcs||c a| |nc sanc |inc. Tnc ac|
cf cpcning a ccn|aincr an pcuring cu| cr |as|ing
|nc |iqui ccs nc| sc| cff |nc pc|icn, cxccp| cn
|nc 5 cnancc |na| |nc ccn|aincr gc|s sctcrc|q
jcs||c uncn i| is cpcnc.
Tnc pc|icn ui|| a|sc cxp|cc ui|ncu| ccning
in|c ccn|ac| ui|n |nc cu|sic air, if |nc ccn|aincr
is sna|cn tigcrcus|q fcr an cx|cnc |inc cnc
scgncn| cr |cngcr. (|f cnc scgncn| ccsn| sccn
|i|c a |cng |inc, |rq sna|ing a ccn|aincr cf |iqui
fcr six scccns an scc ncu sncc| up i| gc|s.)
Tnis par| cf |nc cscrip|icn uas csignc |c ru|c
cu| cxp|csicns frcn an accicn|a| ounp cr a
sna|c-up |na| cn|q |as|s fcr a scccn cr |uc, an
|nis is a|sc |nc rcascn unq a |nrcun ccn|aincr cf
|iqui ui|| nc| cxp|cc un|css |nc ccn|aincr
orca|s. |nc pc|icn is ao|c |c ui|ns|an a sncc| cf
sncr| ura|icn as |cng as i|s ccn|aincr rcnains
sca|c an unorc|cn. KM
Height & ueight
Dear Dragon,
The arlicIe ly Slephen Inniss (ReaIislic vilaI
slalislics) in issue #91 vas exceIIenl. I vouId
appreciale sone cIarificalion concerning lhe
arlicIe: 1) Was il a naller of oversighl lhal lalIes
A and D vere nissing sone eIves, Drov, Crey,
and Wood lo le parlicuIar, or vas il Iefl up lo lhe
discrelion of lhe DM` 2) There vas no nenlion
of exceplionaI slrenglh on lalIes B2 and L2. I feeI
il shouId have leen Iisled lecause il has a learing
on lhe heighl and veighl of a characler, jusl as a
3-18 score does. 3) Conslilulion is said lo le lhe
characlers physique, heaIlh, resislance, and
filness (p. 15 DMC), so shouId il pIay a parl in
delernining lhe luiId of lhe characler`
Ton Thrush }r.
BuffaIo, N. Y.
Tnc c|f-|qpcs Tcn ncn|icns ucrc nc| inc|uc
occausc |nc ar|ic|c cn|q ca|| ui|n |ncsc raccs an
suo-raccs a||cuao|c fcr p|aqcr cnarac|crs, |nc
P|aqcrs Hanocc| prcnioi|s an c|tcn p|aqcr
cnarac|cr frcn ocing anq|ning ou| a nign c|f |n
ccn|ras|, |nc suo-raccs cf ncun|ain uarf an
s|cu| an |a||fc||cu na|f|ings arc pcrni||c fcr
PCs, an |nus arc inc|uc in |nc |ao|cs.
Tcns scccn an |nir qucs|icns natc oasi-
ca||q |nc sanc ansucr. ||s apparcn| |c nc |na|
S|ctc |nnisss csign na a ua| nc|ita|icn cf
rca|isn an sinp|ici|q an uncnctcr qcu gc
fcr |uc itcrsc cojcc|itcs a| cncc, qcu usua||q
natc |c sc|||c fcr a ccnprcnisc oc|uccn |ncn.
|cgica||q cxccp|icna| s|rcng|n an ccns|i|u|icn
oc|n oc|cng in anq ccnprcncnsitc sqs|cn fcr
c|crnining ti|a| s|a|is|ics. 8u| na|ing a sqs|cn
a||-cnccnpassing ccu| a|sc ncan na|ing i|
unuic|q cr ctcn unp|aqao|c.
|n crcr |c ucr| as nucn rca|isn in|c |nc
sqs|cn as pcssio|c, S|ctc a|rcaq na |c sacrificc
scnc ccntcnicncc, nc ani|s |na| |nc sqs|cn
|a|cs nargina||q |cngcr |c usc |nan |nc |ao|cs
in |nc P|aqcrs Hanocc|, an nc apparcn||q fc||
|na| injcc|ing anq ncrc ccnp|cxi|q ucu| oc
ccun|crprcuc|itc. |f qcur scnsc cf |cgic cnans
|na| ccns|i|u|icn cr cxccp|icna| s|rcng|n is |cc
inpcr|an| |c igncrc, na|c up an cx|cnsicn cf an
cxis|ing |ao|c, cr an cn|irc|q ncu cnc, an rcss
up |nc sqs|cn |c qcur ncar|s ccn|cn|. KM
Forum unuueru
Dear edilor:
I found Lric Hernans Ieller in issue #91 aloul
characlers Iifespan vs. IeveI lo end in an unan-
svered queslion. Lric asks, Hov vouId you
keep an eIven lhief fron ollaining phenonenaI
IeveIs` His arlicIe cIearIy slales a queslion nark
al lhe end. I have noliced lhis in olher Iorun
arlicIes and found il lo le fruslraling al lines.
Why do lhese Iellers go unansvered`
CharIes Wiedernan
MiddIelury, Ind.
lncn uc puo|isn a qucs|icn |c||cr in |nc
fcrun scc|icn, ucrc ncping qcu ui|| ccnc up
ui|n an ansucr.
|c||crs |na| raisc qucs|icns aocu| |nc nccnan-
ics cf |nc ADcD ganc arc scnc|incs prin|c in
|nc fcrun, fcr |nc sanc purpcsc |na| anq c|ncr
|in cf |c||cr is prin|c. |c s|inu|a|c qcu in|c
|nin|ing aocu| una| |nc uri|cr nas |c saq, an if
qcu fcc| firn|q cr s|rcng|q cncugn aocu| an issuc
|c uri|c a rcspcnsc cr ansucr fcr cur ccnsicr-
a|icn, sc nucn |nc oc||cr. Tnc fcrun is in|cnc
as a ncans fcr rcacrs |c cxcnangc ticupcin|s
ui|n cacn c|ncr cn a uic rangc cf |cpics, uni|c
cur ansucring scrticc (in |nc |c||crs cc|unn) is
|ini|c |c fic|ing qucs|icns aocu| |nc ccn|cn|s cf
|nc nagazinc. KM
Dear Dragon,
I lhoroughIy enjoyed lhe Crealure CalaIog in
issue #89. Ils nice lo le alIe lo pil ny pIayers
againsl nonslers lhey donl knov aloul. There
vas onIy one lhing lhal lolhered ne. In lhe
descriplion of lhe gIasspane horror il Iisls lhe
aliIily of cryslaIlrillIe ly louch. In lhe arlicIe
lhere vas no accounl of lhis pover. I vouId
appreciale il if you vouId pulIish lhe specifics of
lhis laIenl.
Lane ase
Mendola Hls., Minn.
Crqs|a|ori|||c is |nc nanc cf a 9|n-|ctc| nagic-
uscr spc|| crca|c oq Garq Gqgax an prin|c
a|cng ui|n c|ncr ncu M-U spc||s in issuc #68. |f
qcu cn| natc a ccpq cf |na| issuc fcr rcfcrcncc,
ncrcs a s|ign||q aorigc tcrsicn cf |nc spc||
c s c r i p| i c n.
Tnc uccncr cf |nis spc|| causcs nc|a|,
unc|ncr as scf| as gc| cr as nar as aanan|i|c,
|c |urn |c a crqs|a||inc suos|ancc as ori|||c an
fragi|c as crqs|a|. Tnis cnangc is una||crao|c sncr|
cf a uisn spc||.
Tnc cas|cr nus| pnqsica||q |cucn |nc |argc|
i|cn cqua| |c a ni| in ccnoa| if |nc i|cn is
ocing ucrn cr uic|c, Anq sing|c nc|a| i|cn can
oc affcc|c. Tnus, a suojcc|s sui| cf arncr can oc
cnangc |c crqs|a|, ou| |nc suojcc|s snic| ucu|
nc| oc affcc|c, cr ticc tcrsa. A|| i|cns gain a
sating |nrcu cqua| |c |ncir nagica| ocnus ta|uc
cr prc|cc|icn. A +1/+3 sucr ucu| gc| a 10
(atcragc cf |nc |uc p|usscs) cnancc |c satc, an
ircn gc|cn ucu| natc a 15 cnancc |c satc (fcr
i| is ni| cn|q oq nagic ucapcns cf +3 cr oc||cr).
Ar|ifac|s an rc|ics cf nc|a| natc a 95 cnancc
|c oc unaffcc|c oq |nc spc||. Affcc|c i|cns nc|
inncia|c|q prc|cc|c ui|| oc sna||crc an
pcrnancn||q cs|rcqc if s|ruc| oq a ncrna| o|cu
frcn a nc|a| |cc| cr anq ucign|q ucapcn, inc|u-
ing a s|aff
Tnc naxinun tc|unc cf nc|a| |na| can oc
affcc|c oq |nc spc|| is 2 cuoic fcc| pcr |ctc| cf |nc
cas|cr 8q |nis rcc|cning, a g|asspanc ncrrcr
(nating 8 ni| icc) sncu| oc ao|c |c affcc| as
nucn as 16 cuoic fcc| a| cnc |inc ncrc |nan a
sui| cf arncr, |css |nan an ircn gc|cn. 8u| ctcn if
cn|q an ircn gc|cns |cgs arc affcc|c, |na| sncu|
oc sufficicn| |c na|c |nc nign|q nc|a||ic ncns|cr
gc a|| |c picccs. KM
Ao room for more
In issue #91 in Lighl deviIish queslions ly
Ld Creenvood, il slales lhal he did nol incIude
Salan lecause lhere is no roon in lhe AD&D
gane syslen for a deviI nore poverfuI lhan
Asnodeus. Bul lhere nusl le roon for Salan as
he is Iisled in lhe Besl of DRACN VoI. II The
IoIilics of HeII, vhich slales lhal Salan vas lhe
suprene ruIer of lhe heIIs unliI forced oul ly
BeeIzelul, vho lecane lhe nev ruIer, and olher
deviIs. So is lhis a conlradiclion` r didnl Mr.
Creenvood knov aloul lhis arlicIe`
Dear Dragon,
Chris Moore
Burlank, CaIif.
Tc ocgin ui|n, ncrc is an ansucr frcn |
Grccnucc |c a qucs|icn |na| na |c oc |rinnc
frcn |nc nanuscrip| nc |urnc in fcr |ign|
Wnu!d ynu gn tn scc a D&D

by E. Gary Gygax
AII runors lo lhe conlrary, TSR has
nol yel nade a deaI for a fealure fiIn
lased on lhe D&D

or AD&D

syslens and naleriaI. We are sliII
acliveIy seeking lhe proper sorl of
produclion ~ aclion-advenlure vhich
is lrue lo lhe gane syslens. The lining
is lad, hovever, as aII of lhe fiIns done
in lhe fanlasy genre have virluaIIy
faiIed. Never nind lhal lhe quaIily of
nosl vas IileraIIy lhe pils, resuIls, nol
reasons, are vhal leII in lhe nolion
piclure induslry!
kay, you are lhinking, vhal is
Cygax gelling al` SinpIy lhis, Cood
Readers: Al a recenl neeling vilh
sone fiIn execulives, ve slressed hov
soIid a core of dedicaled enlhusaisls
lhere is for a D&D gane-lased fiIn. In
a vorId vhere hype is expecled, our
slalenenls vere vieved as puffery,
gross exaggeralions nade lo seII an
Nov lhe line has cone for you lo
shov jusl hov greal your inleresl in
such a projecl acluaIIy is. Renenler,
lhis is for lhe infornalion of lhe fiIn
nakers, nol for ne. I knov, and TSR
knovs loo, lhal you vouId supporl a
nolion piclure of lhe quaIily of Star
Wars or Raiders or sone such cine-
nalic success. Thal laken care of,
heres vhal I an asking each and every
one of our LoyaI IIayers lo do, lo
enalIe us lo lring you lhe sorl of fiIn
you so grealIy desire:
IiII oul and relurn lhe repIy card
lhal Iies lelveen pages 8 and 9 of lhis
nagazine. AII lhal lakes is a lil of your
line and a slanp. Nole lhal il viII le
deIivered lo our nedia sulsidiary,
Dungeons & Dragons Lnlerlainnenl
Corp. Soneone lhere (and III cerlainIy
gel sluck vilh il if In in lhe office!)
viII conpiIe lhe infornalion and lox
up lhe cards. AII of lhis viII le visilIe
proof of hov nuch supporl you viII
give us and hov inporlanl such a fiIn
is lo you.
IinaIIy, if you knov any DMs or
pIayers vho donl reguIarIy gel

Magazine, leII lhen aloul

lhis efforl and ask lhen lo send in a
poslcard of lheir ovn conlaining aII lhe
infornalion on lhe repIy card. IIease
le carefuI lo give exacl infornalion,
and send lack lhe card as pronplIy as
you can. Thanks in Iarge parl lo your
heIp, one of lhese days veII see you al
lhe cinena!
devilish questions for lack of space. It addresses
the Nine Hells:
the reason why the information from The
Politics of Hell was not carried through into our
more recently published material on devils and
Many longtime DRAGON readers, myself
among them, consider Alexander von Thorns
The Politics of Hell to be one of the best, if not
THE best, article that appeared in the magazines
first 50 issues, and when writing my manuscript I
tried to follow it as closely as possible without
contradicting official material.
Specifically; I find Satan too powerful for the
AD&D game, and Belial or any single com-
mander of Hells armies, as Alexander envi-
sioned him would become the key individual
in the hells; the armies loyal to him would make
any archdevil he supported the triumphant ruler
of the hells, and thus all archdevils would try to
befriend Belial. He could then play one off
against another and emerge as overall ruler of the
hells a position that both Alexander and Mr.
Gygax see Asmodeus as firmly in control of I
enjoyed the story of Baalzebuls overthrow told in
The Politics of Hell, but I leave the question of
whether it actually happened or not, and indeed
much of the past history of the hells, nebulous
part of every DMs elbow room, leaving him the
freedom to design things as he sees fit.
One of the key phrases in Eds answer is with-
out contradicting official material. When he
lowed when he put together Nine Hells revis-
composed his original article on the Nine Hells
that appeared in issues #75 and #76, Ed was
careful not to go against any of the existing
official system; the same ground rule was fol-
ited and Eight devilish questions. In contrast,
Alexander von Thorns article excellent
though it was did not attempt to stay within
the confines of the rule system. It was more of a
theoretical article, describing a series of events
that might have occurred to bring about the
present state of affairs in the hells. As Ed suggests
In his answer, The politics of Hell might be
excellent source material for a certain campaign
purposely shaped to conform to what the article
sets forth. KM
1nJer to uJtertiueru
Nane of firn of producl
Advenlure Syslens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
AnuIel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Arnory, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84, 85
ConpIeal Slralegisl, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Discounl Buyers Croup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
DoulIeday SI Book CIul. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Dunken Co., The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76
Lnlerlainnenl Concepls, Inc. . . . . . . . . . 13
Ianlasy Canes UnIiniled . . . . 14, 42, 76.83
Cane Designers
Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35, 37, 39
Cane Syslens Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Cane Tovne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Caners Cuide. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86-87
Canes Workshop Lld. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Havaii Con . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88
Indicia Associales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
Iron Crovn Lnlerprises, Inc. I, lack cover
Nane of firn or producl. . . . . . . . Iage(s)
Magicvare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
Mayfair Canes Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
MiIlon BradIey Cane Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
NichoIs Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16, 83
Nova Cane Designs, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . 3O
Iaceseller, Lld. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81
IaIIadiun Books . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73
RAIMCo. , I nc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
RaI Iarlha Lnlerprises, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
ReaIily SinuIalions, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
RIC, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
Shipps, Lld. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Sky ReaIns IulIishing, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . 15
Slralegicon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88
TSR, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . Inside fronl cover,
2O, 31, 33, 62-68, 77
Wesl Lnd Canes . . . . . . . Inside lack cover
WindniII Hollies, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . 4O, 41

Magazine (ISSN O279-6848) is pulIished nonlhIy ly TSR, Inc. The naiIing address for aII naleriaI excepl sulscriplion orders is DRACN Magazine, I.. Box 11O,
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4 JANUARY 1985
AII lhe conlroversy recenlIy pulIished in Tnc
fcrun over lhe queslion of eviI ICs lrings lo ny
nind a fairIy lasic queslion lhal has nol leen
discussed very nuch, if al aII ~ a queslion lhe
ansver lo vhich has fairIy inporlanl inpIicalions
lolh for roIe pIaying and for judging aIignnenl
Is lhe AD&D/D&D noraI/elhicaI, good/eviI
aIignnenl syslen supposed lo le lased on con-
lenporary 2Olh-cenlury, }udeo-Chrislian, Aneri-
can noraIily or on nedievaI Luropean noraIily`
The lvo are nol lhe sane. The niIieu of lhe
AD&D gane is generaIIy nedievaI, lhal of lhe
D&D gane is specificaIIy 15lh-cenlury Luropean.
The sellings are nol, of course, idenlicaI, lul
siniIar lo.
Il is definileIy speIIed oul lhal good ICs do
nol use poison, and il is generaIIy accepled lhal
lhey do nol use lorlure. Bul, in lhe 15lh cenlury,
lorlure vas recognized as a Iegilinale looI ly
lolh church and slale. We have our ovn ideas
aloul lhal loday, lul lhe Inquisilion cerlainIy
considered il necessary lo rool oul eviI, usuaIIy lo
ollain confessions on charges of vilchcrafl or
heresy. Thal is, il vas accepled ly poIilicaI and
reIigious enlilies vho cerlainIy considered lhen-
seIves, and vere considered al lhe line, aIlo-
gelher IavfuI and lhe personificalion of good.
The definilion of good leIiefs on page 23 of
lhe DMC paraphrases lhe Uniled Slales DecIara-
lion of Independence: Lach crealure is enlilIed
lo Iife, reIalive freedon, and lhe prospecl of
We aII knov vhal 15lh and 16lh cenlury
Luropean expIorers vere Iike. Novadays, ve
lend lo regard Corles as sone sorl of inhunan
nonsler. Al lhe line he Iived, he vas considered
a paragon, aInosl a paIadin, and vas richIy
revarded. Yel ICs advenluring on lhe IsIe of
Dread (D&D Lxperl noduIe X1) are expecled lo
lehave Iike enIighlened 2Olh-cenlury anlhropoIo-
gisls. If lhey lehaved in consonance vilh lheir
sociaI/noraI/elhicaI lackground ~ assuning il lo
le siniIar lo 15lh-cenlury Lurope, and hov and
vhy vouId il le olhervise` ~ lhe DM vouId
lrand lhen aII chaolic in a hol second.
So perhaps ve can assune lhal sonehov ve
are deaIing vilh nore or Iess nodern slandards of
good and eviI, despile lhe facl lhal lhe selling |of
lhe ganej is nedievaI. CerlainIy lhis is acceplalIe
for a ganc universe, aIlhough lhe socioIogicaI/
phiIosophicaI lases of such an elhicaI syslen
renain unexpIained |in lhe ruIesj.
So hov and in vhal vay is 2Olh-cenlury Aner-
ican noraIily consislenl vilh feudaIisn` Wilh
IavfuI good reIigious inloIerance (as exenpIified
and seeningIy parodied in Sl. Culhlerl of lhe
CudgeI)` Wilh pulling dovn peasanl revoIls
(DMC, page 94)` LslalIishing lerrilories
(AD&D) or doninions (D&D)` Wilh sociaI casle
lased on lirlh` Wilh a hundred olher nedievaI
cuslons and praclices lhal are accepled in lhe
conlexl of lhe gane`
In olher vords, vhal ve have is sone schizo-
phrenic duaIily in lhe aIignnenl definilions of
good and eviI. There are pIenly of olher ques-
lions, such as: In vhal vay is a respecl for Iife
(Lach crealure is enlilIed lo Iife . . .) consislenl
vilh lhe connonpIace lhene/scenario of veII-
nigh genocidaI var on hunanoids` Why is il
okay lo kiII and rol eviI/chaolic crealures lul nol
good/IavfuI ones` Bul vhal I an concerned vilh
here is lhe inconpaliliIily of nodern and nedie-
vaI elhics and concepls of good/eviI and lhe
uIlinaleIy fuliIe allenpl lo inpose a nixlure of
lolh on ICs.
Il seens lo ne lhal vhal is needed is sone sorl
of codified syslen lhal viII speII oul, vilh pIenly
of specific exanpIes, jusl vhal is lo le considered
good and vhal eviI (or IavfuI and cha-
6 JANUARY 1985
olic) in lhis gane universe. Ior exanpIe, vhal
aloul kiIIing hunanoid young (chiIdren)` If
you Iel lhen Iive, lhey viII grov up lo connil
furlher depredalions on hunanily. Ierhaps, if Iefl
aIive, lhey vouId suffer niseralIe dealhs fron
negIecl, since lhey presunalIy viII nov Iack
aduIl care. n lhe olher hand, kiIIing heIpIess
crealures vho have yel lo reach nalurily is
hardIy consislenl vilh lhe respecl for Iife lhal is al
lhe hearl of lhe good and IavfuI aIignnenls,
enlodied in slalenenls such as LavfuI crea-
lures . . . care aloul aII Iiving lhings, laken fron
lhe D&D gane ruIes. Is lhe onIy acceplalIe
soIulion lo lake lhen lo sone sorl of juveniIe
rehaliIilalion cenler for nonslers, vhich lhe ICs
vouId prolalIy have lo eslalIish lhenseIves`
Since ve are laIking aloul a gane, ve viII
ignore lhe facl lhal, in reaI Iife, everyone has al
Ieasl five aIignnenls, no lvo of vhich nay le
lhe sane: vhal lhey say lhey leIieve, vhal lhey
lhink lhey leIieve, vhal lhey reaIIy leIieve sul-
consciousIy, vhal lhey acl Iike lhey leIieve, and
vhal olher peopIe lhink lhey leIieve. In lhe
vorIds of lhe D&D and AD&D ganes, characlers
have onIy one aIignnenl ~ vhal lhe DM says il
is. IdeaIIy, lhe DM viII agree lhal lhe characler
has renained lrue lo his or her chosen and pro-
fessed aIignnenl. Bul if lhe characler has nol ~
poof! His aIignnenl (and IeveI) changes, and
lhere is no roon for anyone lo le lvo-faced,
nuch Iess five-faced.
In lhe alsence of any pulIished, codified
syslen of Iavs/ruIes of lehavior and elhicaI
precepls, vilh lhe parliaI exceplion of lhal given
for cavaIiers (Dragon #72), lhe onIy reaI soIulion
seens lo le for everylody al lhe very leginning
of any canpaign lo sil dovn and agree on vhal,
vilhin lhe conlexl of lhe gane, viII le regarded
as good, eviI, IavfuI, chaolic, or vhalever. Spe-
cific exanpIes. Queslions and ansvers. The
vorks. Sure, everyone can agree lhal luiIding a
hospilaI or giving Iarge suns of noney is good
(aIlhough nany nedievaI larons nighl have had
grave doulls aloul lhal) and lhal assauIling a
princess is eviI (or al Ieasl sick). Bul lhere
are pIenly of gray areas. In afraid lhal lhis
process of predelerninalion is seIdon under-
laken, vilh lhe resuIl lhal lhe DM oflen nakes
arlilrary, inconsislenl judgnenls and lhe pIayers
resorl lo convoIuled ralionaIizalions as lo vhy a
given aclion vas reaIIy good or IavfuI.
Whal lhis Ieller loiId dovn lo is lhis: Are ve
judging aIignnenl on lhe lasis of nodern elhics
or on lhe lasis of nedievaI elhics or on lolh` If
lolh, lhen sone sorl of definilion is needed.
David I. Codvin
DaIIas, Tex.
* * * *
Ive leen reading aloul aII lhe nev syslens for
faIIing danage, and relullaIs lo lhen, for sone
nonlhs nov, and one lhing lhal slruck ne vas
lhal everylody seens lo have forgollen lhe poinl
of lhe argunenl.
Does anylody eIse renenler lhe slory aloul
lhe high-IeveI fighler vho look a svan dive off a
cIiff, picked hinseIf up, dusled hinseIf off, and
lhen proceeded lo sIice and dice` The poinl vas,
lhe faIIing danage syslen does nol do enough
danage lo high IeveI characlers.
Since hil poinls are supposedIy a refIeclion of a
characlers aliIily lo avoid danage in conlal due
lo skiII, and since faIIing off a cIiff seens lo have
IillIe lo do vilh Iighling, I suggesl a nelhod of
delernining faIIing danage lhal does nol reIy on
a fixed scaIe of HI danage per given dislance
faIIen. Thus, lhese lalIes:
If save is nade:
Dislance of hp
1O O-4O
2O 5-5O
3O 1O-6O
4O 15-7O
5O 2O-8O
6O 25-9O
7O 3O-99
8O 4O-99
9O 5O-99
1OO 6O-99
K. .
If save is nol nade:
Dislance $6 of hp
1O 5-6O
2O 1O-7O
3O 15-8O
4O 2O-9O
5O 25-99
6O 35-99
7O 45-99
8O 55-99
9O 65-99
1OO 75-99
K. .
of hp = The percenlage of hil poinls Iosl
(fron currenl or lolaI vaIues, al DM oplion),
a resuIl of O neans lhe Ioss of 1 hil poinl.
K.. = The chance lhal lhe characler is
knocked unconscious (lroughl lo zero hp) ly
lhe faII.
KiII = The chance lhal lhe characler is kiIIed
oulrighl ly lhe faII.
Iirsl, lhe characler roIIs a save (I reconnend a
save vs. paraIyzalion, vilh a lonus of +1 per 3
poinls of dexlerily). Then, roII d and conpare
il lo lhe K.. figure for lhe dislance in queslion
on lhe appropriale lalIe. If lhe resuIl is grealer
lhan lhe K.. figure, lhe characler is nol
knocked unconscious and viII lake danage in lhe
range given. If lhe resuIl is equaI lo or Iess lhan
lhe K.. figure, roII d again and conpare lhal
resuIl lo lhe KiII figure. If lhis second roII is equaI
lo or Iess lhan lhe KiII figure, lhe characler is
dead, olhervise, he is knocked oul and lroughl
lo zero hil poinls.
This nelhod insures lhal vhiIe a high-IeveI
characler nay nol necessariIy die fron a Iong faII,
he viII lake a consideralIe anounl of danage.
Since lhe lalIe provides a fair chance of survivaI,
DMs using il nay vanl lo appIy a penaIly lo lhe
save for Iov-IeveI characlers, and an increase in
lhe percenlage of danage laken.
I have nol exlended lhe lalIe leyond 1OO feel
for lhis reason: If any characler survives a faII of
nore lhan 1OO feel, sone forn of divine inlerven-
(Turn |c pagc 10)
IIIe beyond 15tL IeveI
ow ruIos for uruIus wIfh nowhoro fo go
ly E. Cary Cyga

1985 L. Cary Cygax. AII righls reserved.
So your Crand Druid is silling around
vilh nolhing lo do excepl vonder if lhe
gods viII evenluaIIy deign lo pronounce
lhe crealion of lhe Creal Crand Druid, lhe
Crand Creal Crand Druid, and lhe Super-
Dooper Crandesl DruidoflhenaII. Wrong!
HoId on! Donl lurn avay in despair (or
disgusl). Hope nusl spring elernaI, and aII
of you vilh druid ICs are nol alandoned!
There is Iife leyond 15lh IeveI, aIlhough il
nighl nol le lhe sorl vhich pover-hungry
lheocrals desire. Allend ne, if you pIease.
To expand lhe generaI lase fron vhich
druids vork, lroaden lhe ranks of druids ly
incIuding lheir fenaIe counlerparls on aII
IeveIs. Thal is, lhere are 1sl lhrough 15lh
IeveI ruicsscs vho serve lhe needs of lhe
fenaIe porlion of lhe vorId, as lhe druids
serve lhe naIe. Druid and druidess vork
hand-in-hand. There is no conpelilion
inherenl in lheir roIes ~ aIlhough lhal
vhich nighl deveIop lelveen personaIilies
is possilIe, of course. Lach haIf of lhe rder
viII have ils ovn pIaces ~ Sacred Croves,
shrines, connunilies, elc. They viII neel
periodicaIIy in perfornance of riles and
olhervise on sociaI occasions. Thal leing
lackground, Iel us nove aIong lo vhal Iies
leyond lhe veiI of 15lh IeveI.
Ior lhose Uninilialed Readers nol faniI-
iar vilh lhe expansion of lhe cIass lo 15
IeveIs, refer lo lhe shorl passage in lhe
upper Iefl corner of lhe facing page. In
lrief, lhe 15lh IeveI is lhe Crand Druid,
vilh 15 hil dice, 6 speIIs of each IeveI, and a
lonus of 6 speII IeveIs lo use as one or nore
addilionaI speIIs. Il requires 3,OOO,OO1 or
nore experience poinls lo lecone lhe
Crand Druid (or Crand Druidess). The
Crand Druid is lhe uIlinale overseer of
druidicaI aclivily. UndoulledIy, such a
posilion is denanding, lhankIess, and lypi-
caIIy unexciling for aII excepl poIilicians. A
fev hundred lhousand experience poinls
vorlh of such aclivily, and any advenlurer
vorlhy of lhe appeIIalion shouId le ready
for sonelhing eIse.
Those viIIing lo reIinquish lheir Iofly
slalion nay do so afler allaining onIy
5OO,OOO addilionaI experience poinls. Thus,
any line afler anassing al Ieasl 3,5OO,OO1
experience poinls, a Crand Druid or Crand
Druidess can seek a successor. If such is
found, lhe individuaI nay lhen aldicale his
or her posilion and enler lhe praclice of lhe
IinaI Mysleries.
DruIdIc FIna! MystcrIcs
Upon slepping dovn as lhe chief lheo-
cral, lhe characler nusl reIinquish lhe 6
speII IeveIs of lonus speIIs and aII experi-
8 JANUARY 1985
ence poinls alove lhe 3,5OO,OO1 nininun,
and furlher forfeils lhe 3,5OO,OOO ~ effec-
liveIy going dovn lo 1 experience poinl and
leginning lo rise in poinls again according
lo lhe lalIe leIov. The individuaI is nov
knovn as a Hicrcpnan| Drui and nay rise
lo as high as 23rd IeveI in lhis nev calegory.
ExpcrIcncc pnInts
1 ~ 5OO,OOO
1,OOO,OO1 ~ 1,5OO,OOO
1,5OO,OO1 ~ 2,OOO,OOO
2,OOO,OO1 ~ 2,5OO,OOO
2,5OO,OO1 ~ 3,OOO,OOO
3,OOO,OO1 ~ 3,5OO,OOO
3,5OO,OO1 and up
HIt dIcc
Lcvc! tIt!c
Hierophanl Druid
Hierophanl Iniliale
Hierophanl Adepl
Hierophanl Masler
Nuninous Hierophanl
Myslic Hierophanl
Arcane Hierophanl
Hierophanl of lhe CalaI
Spc|| aoi|i|ics. Ior druids of 16lh IeveI
and alove, aII speII-casling aliIilies renain
al 15lh-IeveI naxinuns (6 speIIs of each
IeveI, 1sl lhrough 7lh). No lonus speII
IeveIs are avarded, as noled alove, lul
casling IeveI rises according lo experience
IeveI. Ralher lhan speIIs, speII-Iike povers
are acquired as delaiIed leIov.
16|n |ctc| The characler gains lhese
Innunily lo aII naluraI poisons (ingesled
or insinualed aninaI or vegelalIe poisons,
incIuding nonsler poisons, lul nol nin-
eraI poisons or poison gas).
Lxlra Iongevily equaI lo IeveI as ex-
pressed in decades (16lh IeveI = 16O addi-
l i ona I ye a r s ) .
Vigorous heaIlh, equivaIenl lo leing in
l h e p r i ne o f I i f e .
And, lhe aliIily lo aIler his or her appear-
ance al viII. Appearance aIleralion is ac-
conpIished in 1 segnenl, vilh heighl and
veighl decrease/increase of 5O possilIe,
age fron chiId lo aged, and lody and faciaI
fealures of any hunan or hunanoid sorl.
This aIleralion is non-nagicaI, so il cannol
le delecled shorl of |ruc sccing or lhe Iike.
17|n |ctc| ~ The characler gains lhe
aliIily lo acluaIIy hilernale, suspend ani-
nalion (sane Ienglh as Iongevily ~ no
aging), enler lhe LIenenlaI IIane of Larlh
al viII (1 round lransference line), and
ccnjurc ua|cr c|cncn|a| (see LIenenlaI
conjuring speIIs hereafler).
18|n |ctc| ~ The characler gains lhe
aliIily lo enler lhe LIenenlaI IIane of Iire
(as Larlh, alove) and ccnjurc air c|cncn|a|.
19|n |ctc| The characler gains lhe
aliIily lo enler lhe LIenenlaI IIane of Wa-
ler (as Larlh, alove) and ccnjurc nagna/
s nc|c par ac | c nc n| a| .
20|n |ctc| The characler gains lhe
aliIily lo enler lhe LIenenlaI IIane of Air
(as Larlh, alove) and ccnjurc icc/cczc
21s| |ctc| The characler gains lhe
aliIily lo enler lhe IaraeIenenlaI IIanes.
22n |ctc| The characler gains lhe
aliIily lo enler lhe IIane of Shadov.
23r |ctc| The characler gains lhe
aliIily lo enler any of lhe Inner IIanes,
roan Inner IIane IrolaliIily Lines, and
dveII on lhe IIane of Concordanl pposi-
lion (aII as Larlh, alove).
|n|cring a p|anc LssenliaIIy, lhe aliI-
ily lo enler aIso confers lhe aliIily lo survive
lhere. Consider lhe environnenl as naluraI
lo lhe characler. There is no praclicaI line
Iinil for renaining on such a pIane.
E!cmcnta! cnnurIng spc!!s
The reader is referred lo lhe descriplion
for conjure fire elemental on pages 61-62 of
lhe IIayers Handlook. The resuIls de-
scriled for lhis speII are correcl. Hovever,
lhe resuIls descriled for conjure earth ele-
mental (page 63) are nol. Use lhe foIIoving
lalIes, and adjusl lhe resuIls according lo
lhe desire of lhe conjuring characler, using
lhe characlers IeveI as a percenlage chance
of lhal characlers success al acluaIIy con-
juring a parlicuIar lype. Ior exanpIe, a
Nuninous Hierophanl (2Olh IeveI) has a
2O chance of leing alIe lo conjure a
desired crealure lype. If lhe dice roII is 21
or higher, ignore lhe desired resuIl and
delernine lhe crealure(s) conjured fron lhe
appropriale lalIe. Nole lhal lhis chance lo
override lhe dice roII onIy appIies lo druids
of 16lh IeveI and higher.
Iire: O1-85 = 16 HD fire eIenenlaI
86-94 = 2-4 saIananders
95-98 = efreeli
99-OO = 21-24 HD fire eIenenlaI
Larlh: O1-85 = 16 HD earlh eIenenlaI
86-94 = 2-4 xorn
95-98 = dao
99-OO = 21-24 HD earlh eIenenlaI
Waler: O1-85 = 16 HD valer eIenenlaI
86-94 = 7-12 lrilons (5lh-8lh IeveI)
on hippocanpi
96-98 = narid
99-OO = 21-24 HD valer eIenenlaI
Air: O1-85 = 16 HD air eIenenlaI
86-94 = 2-4 invisilIe slaIkers
95-98 = djinni
99-OO = 21-24 HD air eIenenlaI
IaraeIenenlaI, any:
O1-85 = 16 HD paraeIenenlaI
86-95 = SpeciaI (see leIov)
96-OO = 21-24 HD paraeIenenlaI
Special: 5-8 Iava chiIdren, 5-8
vinler voIves. 21-24 nudnen, 21-24
vapor rals, or siniIar crealures, as
appropriale lo lhe pIane in queslion.
Editors note: This article uses for its foundation a short description of the Grand
Druid that was published in the From the Sorcerors Scroll column in issue #65 of

Magazine. That passage is reproduced here, for the benefit of those who
do not have access to the earlier issue:
A sludy of lhe infornalion perlaining lo druids viII reveaI lhal lhere nusl le sone-
lhing alove lhe Creal Druid, for each area or Iand can have ils ovn druid of lhis sorl.
Sonevhere lhere is a Crand Druid. This druid has 3,OOO,OO1 or nore experience
poinls, is 15lh IeveI, and is allended ly 9 druids of speciaI sorl having nolhing lo do
vilh lhe hierarchy of any specific area or Iand. Thus, any characler of druid IeveI nay,
in facl, journey lo seek lhe Crand Druid and ask lo serve hin.
The Crand Druid knovs 6 speIIs of each IeveI and is aIso alIe lo casl up lo six speII
IeveIs as one or nore addilionaI speIIs. Those vho serve hin are given lhree such
addilionaI speII IeveIs. Three Archdruids roan lhe vorId as nessengers and agenls of
lhe Crand Druid. These individuaIs are dravn fron his personaI allendanls vho reach
lhe IeveI of Archdruid. Lach has four addilionaI speII IeveIs.
IndividuaIs conjured (any singIe-crealure
resuIl) viII have as nany exlra hil poinls
added lo lheir lolaI as lhe conjurer has
IeveIs, suljecl lo lhe naxinun nunler of
hil poinls for crealures of lhal iIk. Regard-
Iess of aIignnenl and lenperanenl, aII
conjured crealures viII oledienlIy serve lhe
Rcvca!cd mystcrIcs nf thc HIcrnphants
h, cone on nov, you donl acluaIIy
expecl ne lo deIve inlo lhe ones of lhe
Deep, lhe LIders, and lhe Creal Id, do
you` ReveaIing lhe povers is enough aI-
ready. If you nusl knov nore, lecone a
Hierophanl and Iearn lhe hard vay. IIIuni-
nalion cones lo aII vho seek!
TLInkIng Iov youvseII
A guosf ouIforInI by I. Cnry Cygnx
The fanalicaI eIenenls are al il again.
Those groups vho are convinced lhal lhey
nusl decide for everyone are again allack-
ing roIe pIaying ganes in generaI and lhe

gane syslen in parlicuIar.

HopefuIIy, nosl do so oul of ignorance. If
you knov of anyone such as lhis, vhy nol
expIain vhal roIe pIaying is, lhal ganes are
nol reaIily, and lhe pIay is lolh fun and
usefuI in nany vays. f course, sone
delraclors viII le convinced lhal such
ganes are lasicaIIy eviI, and lhere is IillIe
vhich can le done aloul lhal. lviousIy
oljecls are neilher good nor eviI, so jusl le
poIile lo such individuaIs.
The vorsl of lhe Iol are lhose cynics vho
seek lo use a fanous aclivily lo furlher lheir
ovn ends. By allacking roIe pIaying, lhey
lring Allenlion lo lheir cause ~ and
donalions, loo. Il is vorlh nenlioning lhal
lhose procIaining lhal lhey knov lhe also-
Iule lrulh do nol appreciale peopIe vho are
alIe lo lhink and judge for lhenseIves. The
vorId has had ils share of narrov-ninded
ligols, lhoughl-conlroIIers, and look-
lurners. Il seens lhal lhey crop up periodi-
caIIy, jusl as noxious veeds do.
The Uniled Slales is sliII lhe Iand of
Iilerly. We have lhe freedon lo choose.
Those vho denand lhal ve lhink and acl in
lhe vay lhey do knov lhis, so lhey allenpl
lo suppress ly pressure canpaigns and
snear laclics. If you knov of such aclivily
in your area, pIease counler il! If sone
gane oulIel is leing pressured lo renove
roIe pIaying ganes, vrile and Iel lhen
knov lhal you supporl lheir lusiness.
IIease Iel us knov loo. Drop us a Iine and
veII heIp aII ve can. Your Ieller viII gel lhe
faslesl service if il is addressed as foIIovs:
Corporale IulIic ReIalions Direclor
TSR, Inc.
I.. Box 756
Lake Ceneva WI 53147
Il is inleresling lo nole lhal educalors,
psychoIogisls, and psychialrisls seen lo find
roIe IIaying ganes lo le heIpfuI looIs for
Iearning and connunicaling, al lhe very
Ieasl. Why, lhen, are cerlain eIenenls seek-
ing lo deny you lhe righl lo pIay such
ganes` The ansver appears evidenl. They
do nol find free lhinking desiralIe. You
drav your ovn concIusions!
(Iron poge 6)
lion nusl le invoIved. The sinpIesl vay lo
exlend lhe lalIe, if desired, is lo increase lhe KiII
figure ly 5 for each addilionaI 1O feel.
IinaIIy, any characler laking nore lhan 5O of
his hil poinls in danage fron a faII viII le
slunned for a nunler of neIee rounds equaI lo
lhe lens of feel faIIen. Any characler knocked
unconscious renains so (unIess aided) for a
nunler of lurns equaI lo lhe lens of feel faIIen.
Characlers vho are kiIIed oulrighl jusl Iie lhere.
Il vorks for ne.
WiIIian Huish
Las Vegas, Nev.
* * * *
I read lhe fighl in lhe Ieller coIunn of issue #89
over lhe Warrior AIlernalive vilh consideralIe
inleresl and sone feeIing lhal lolh sides have
nissed a key poinl ~ naneIy, lhal lhere are al
Ieasl lhree good reasons for running a non-Adepl
in lhe DRACNQULST gane.
The firsl is a house ruIe of nine lhal every
olher DQ referee I knov aIso favors, lo guard our
sanilies: No pIayer nay run an Adepl unIess (a)
he ovns a copy of lhe ruIes, (l) he has read lhe
Second Book, and (c) he can shov ne a correclIy
fiIIed-oul characler sheel. This eIininales nosl
Adepls al lhe gale. DQ is difficuIl enough lo run
vilhoul pIayers asking vhal IeveI lhey gel SIeep
The second reason, lhis line rooled in lhe
ruIes, is lhal a non-Adepl viII lend lo lecone
proficienl in his/her skiIIs nore quickIy lhan a
non-Adepl ~ lecause lhe Adepl nol onIy has lo
expend XI on veapons and professionaI skiIIs
Iike everyone eIse, lul aIso has lo sink increas-
ingIy huge anounls inlo speIIs. The Adepls Ive
seen are aInosl invarialIy severaI ranks lehind
lhe non-Adepls in aInosl everylhing. Sure, il
represenls lhe sane nunler of XI eilher vay ~
lul non-Adepls donl gel inlo lhe sane silualions
as Adepls, and in lheir ovn fieId of aclivily, lhey
lend lo le nore conpelenl al any given poinl in
lheir careers.
Bul Ive saved lhe lesl for Iasl: I donl see any
need lo hand oul 65OO XI lo non-Adepls for lhe
sane reason lhal Luke SkyvaIker doesnl need lo
carry a dagger: ils giIding lhe IiIy.
Consider: When firsl crealing lhe characler, a
pIayers firsl najor decision is vhelher he/she
vanls lo run an Adepl or a non-Adepl. If run-
ning a non-Adepl, lhe firsl nark on lhe characler
sheel is a 5 under Magic Aplilude ~ lecause
MA is ullerIy vorlhIess lo a characler, you inlend
lo run as a non-Adepl.
Since lhe average allrilule score is 15, a non-
Adepl gains 1O c fac|c poinls lo spIil anong lhe
renaining five prinary allrilules. n lhe aver-
age, lhe non-Adepl viII, in every allrilule of
inleresl lo hin/her, le 2 poinls leller off lhan lhe
Adepl. The XI cosl for an Adepl lo calch up lhal
advanlage is nol 6,5OO, lul 47,5OO ~ and lhal
slrikes ne as a sufficienl advanlage for lhe non-
ne inlriguing aspecl of aII lhis is lhal nosl
fanlasy roIe-pIaying ganes, such as lhe D&D
gane, inforn us lhal varrior-lypes have spenl
lheir Iives honing lheir lodies and narliaI skiIIs,
vhiIe nages have spenl, and sliII spend, nosl of
lheir line in sludy, and lhen use lhis as lhe lasis
for giving varriors nore hil poinls and nages
sIover advances. The DQ gane shovs lhe proc-
ess dynanicaIIy ~ ve can acluaIIy see il happen-
ing nol lhrough fial lul lhrough lhe Iogic of lhe
ruIes. Il seens characlerislic of lhe ganes finaI
delaiI vork.
IauI Monlgonery Cralaugh
San Diego, CaIif.
10 JANUARY 1985
The address of DRACN

is I.. Box 11O, Lake Ceneva, WI
53147, and lhals aII you need lo
nake sure your Ieller gels here. Bul
you can heIp us serve you nore
quickIy ly adding a Iine al lhe lop of
lhe address lo leII us vhal deparl-
nenl shouId receive your Ieller or
package. CaII il a nanuscripl sul-
nission, carloon sulnission,
query Ieller, or any olher shorl
phrase lhal leIIs us vhals inside, and
ilII gel exaclIy vhere ils supposed
lo go.
TLe mukIng oI u mIIIeu
How fo sfnrf n worIu nnu koo If furnIng
ly AriIur Collins
This essay is parlIy a hov-lo arlicIe,
parlIy a discussion of lhe phiIosophy of
leing a Dungeon Masler. Il is nol exhaus-
live or universaIIy appIicalIe. The novice
DM Iooking for shorl culs lo crealion of a
leIievalIe and fun fanlasy ganing niIieu
viII find fev handy-dandy, off-lhe-rack
ideas herein. Bul for lhose vho have vres-
lIed vilh naking a niIieu, and vho enjoy
lhe gane of crealing fanlasy reaIns, il is
aIvays inleresling and inslruclive lo find
oul hov anolher person handIes lhe nany
aspecls of lhe vork. Nolhing in lhis piece
shouId le conslrued as a definilion of hov
you oughl lo do il, lhis is hov | do il.
I find nyseIf al odds vilh nyseIf vhen I
pIay lhe AD&D

gane. n lhe one hand, il

is aIvays nore fun lo pIay a characler,
luckIing svashes for ny characlers ovn
deveIopnenl and advancenenl, ralher lhan
do lhe Ialor of adjudicaling endIess lallIes
and keeping lrack of hundreds of nonslers
and NICs, vhich is a Iarge parl of lhe
DMs roIe. n lhe olher hand, lo run a IC
neans surrendering a Iol of arlislic conlroI
over lhe fanlasy environnenl. I Iike lo pul
logelher kingdons and caslIes, design con-
nunilies of cIerics and assassins, fiddIe vilh
naps, pIay vilh poIilics, define and invesli-
gale cuIlures, and so on. WhiIe il is fun lo
run a IC, il is nore fun for ne lo lring lo
Iife a vhoIe vorId peopIed ly ny ideas.
There are lvo lypes of good DMs. ne
sorl is lhe nanager. I have a friend vho can
handIe scores of nonslers vilh individuaI
hil poinls and veapons vilhoul Iosing his
pIace, vhiIe aII lhe line he is roIIing lhe
dice, giving infornalion lo pIayers, and
running a dozen or so NICs vho are lag-
ging aIong vilh lhe parly. IeopIe vho can
nanage a ganing session in lhis vay are
very superior DMs, and lheir canpaigns
nay veII prosper no naller hov shaIIov
lheir vorId is.
The olher sorl is lhe designer. This lype
of DM is lhe sorl vho can give you reans of
delaiI on every aspecl of his canpaign, sluff
lhal prolalIy no IC viII ever desire lo
knov. He can leII you lhe coIor of lhe King
of BIarneys grandnolhers Iovers eyes, and
vhy lhal is reIevanl lo lhe saIe of arlichokes
in a counlry lhal your parly viII prolalIy
never visil. His vorId is so veII nade lhal il
is a joy lo advenlure in, for ils deplh and
coIor give il a leIievaliIily lhal calches you
up and gels you invoIved, even if lhe DM
nay le a lil avkvard al handIing nore
lhan a Iov-grade encounler.
I definileIy Iean nore lovard lhe
designer-lype DM lhan lovard lhe
nanager-lype. NeverlheIess, I affirn lhal il
lakes a nixlure of lolh lo nake a good
DM. I shaII have a lil lo say aloul lhe
nanager aspecl of leing a DM, lul lhe
nain lhrusl of lhis piece is lovard lhe de-
signer aspecl of lhe crafl.
BasIc Idcas and chnIccs
Where does one legin lo creale a can-
paign niIieu` Why, anyvhere. AII lhe roads
lhe designer lraveIs Iead lo aII lhe pIaces one
vanls lo go ~ so jusl slarl vilh an idea,
and gel going! Ideas cone in aII shapes and
sizes, and I usuaIIy have nore in a singIe
day lhan I couId fuIIy delaiI in a year, lul
vhen I legin lhe process of crealion I usu-
aIIy slarl vilh one of lhree lhings: a cuIlure,
a silualion, or a nap.
Ior inslance, one can legin ones design
ly saying, I vanl Vikings in ny can-
paign. Thal is a cuIluraI idea. r one can
slarl vilh a vish lo advenlure in lhe IIeislo-
cene anong cavenen, or in a CenlraI
Anerican-fIavored canpaign, or a
Renaissance-slyIe coIIeclion of inlriguing
cily-slales. Ierhaps one feeIs a cerlain Iiking
for }apanese or ancienl Creek or Arlhurian
Brilain scenarios. r perhaps one slarls
vilh a desire lo advenlure on anolher pIane
of exislence, such as lhe Nine HeIIs. Any of
lhese is slarling fron a cuIlure, and lhal
viII Iead you lo ask vhere such a cuIlure
vouId le IikeIy lo Iive and hov il vouId
have deveIoped.
r Iel us say lhal ve slarl vilh a silua-
lion, such as a confIicl of civiIizalions or
kingdons. I recenlIy proposed lhe foIIoving
silualion lo a friend vhiIe canping in lhe
Hoosier NalionaI Ioresl. Lel us suppose
lhal lhe eIves, leing Ionger-Iived lhan nen,
decided lo lake advanlage of lhal facl ly
pursuing a conscious poIicy of suljugaling
nen lhrough reforeslalion. WhiIe nen have
lhe edge on eIves in lheir aliIily lo spread
lhey have lhe corresponding veakness of
and reduce lhe viIderness lo lheir need,
shorl-Iived generalions, vhich acceIerales
lheir adjuslnenl lo presenl condilions and
causes lhen lo Iose conlacl vilh lheir (con-
paraliveIy) recenl pasl. Thus, lhe nuneri-
caIIy and lechnoIogicaIIy inferior eIves couId
counler lhe expansion of nen ly pIanling
lrees sIovIy, conslanlIy encroaching nore
and nore on lhe Iands of nen. Lach nev
generalion of nen vouId forgel vhal lhe
exlenl of lheir infIuence vas onIy a fev
cenluries lefore ~ and if lhe eIves vere
carefuI, lhe nen vouId never le aroused lo
lhe conspiracy. By keeping lhe viIderness
viId, lhe eIves couId prevenl lhe nen fron
12 JANUARY 1985
advancing sociaIIy, and lheir lhreal lo lhe
eIves vouId lherely le kepl in check. The
eIves couId do lhis, since lheir Iifespan
vouId aIIov lhen lhe conlinuily needed for
such a graduaI sorl of aggression. Iron lhis
idea, lhis hislory, one proceeds lo draving
naps and descriling lhe cuIlures of nen
and eIves.
Many peopIe aIso gel slarled vilh naps.
I have Ioved naps since grade schooI, and I
have leen surprised ly hov nany peopIe I
have nel since vho feeI lhe sane vay. Ior
us, a nap is a synloI, conpressing greal
associalions of ideas inlo a singIe sheel of
paper. So, one can legin ly doodIing oul a
nap. Then one legins lo ask fundanenlaI
queslions: Whal sorl of peopIe vouId Iive
here` Where did lhey cone fron` And one
is off and running, vilh lhe ideas fIoving
Iike valer.
Nov, as soon as one legins lo coIIecl
ideas lo enhance ones idea, one nolices lhal
no gels said aloul as oflen as yes.
Ideas Iead lo choices. If lhis is lo le a Norse
niIieu (prinariIy), lhen Azlec lypes donl
leIong here ~ unIess lhe nain idea is aII
aloul a vhal-if silualion invoIving Vi-
kings and Azlecs. You see, vhen ve gel lhal
firsl lasic idea forning in our head, ve find
lhal in one sense il aIready exisls, fuIIy
forned, and ve are nol so nuch invenling
our vorId as expIoring il. Again and again
ve find ourseIves saying, Thal doesnl fil.
Ils ralher Iike lhe oId saying aloul scuIpl-
ing. The scuIplor, vhen asked hov he
carved a slalue of an eIephanl, said, I slarl
vilh a Iarge lIock of slone. Then I chip
avay everylhing lhal doesnl Iook Iike an
This is inporlanl, lecause a Iol of olher-
vise good design gels nuddIed and ruined
ly lhe inaliIily of a DM lo rejecl olhervise
vorlhy naleriaI vhich jusl doesnl fil ones
lasic idea. You donl have lo design a vhoIe
pIanel lo incarnale your idea, nor do you
have lo incIude aII lhe officiaI nonslers, or
even aII lhe officiaI IC races, if lhey do nol
fil your idea. The inlegrily of lhe vork
slands lefore aII. My presenl canpaign
area neasures onIy aloul 5OO niIes ly 8OO
niIes in area, and sone nonslers are never
encounlered lhere, eilher lecause I donl
Iike lhen, or lecause I cannol accounl for
lheir presence in ny niIieu. I reserve such
lhings for lrips lo olher Iands, pIanes, and
so on. If one legins fron lhe prenise lhal
al Ieasl aII officiaI senlienl races Iisled in lhe
various Monsler ManuaIs, vilh lheir al-
lendanl reIigions and vhalnol, are lo le
incIuded in your canpaign area, lhen I
lhink you are going lo have a hodgepodge
vhich viII Iack pover.
When I designed ny canpaign niIieu, I
lackIed lhe roughing-in parl of lhe process
in lhis nanner. Having arrived al sone sorl
of underslanding of ny lasic idea, I legan
lo lhink of lhe cuIlure areas and inlerfaces
invoIved. I vanled a Norlhern Luropean
feeI lo lhe lhing overaII, vilh deni-
hunanily reIaled lo il. I favor lhe feeI of
CeIlic, Norse, Arlhurian, and AngIo-Saxon
cuIlures, and so legan lo lhink of lhese in
reIalion lo each olher. Whal vouId each le
Iike, and hov vouId lhey reacl lo each
This Ied ne lo produce a rough nap of
lhe area. I legan lo piclure vhere lhe vari-
ous civiIizalions vouId le. Bul I sliII didnl
knov hov lo reaIIy reIale lhen lo one an-
olher. And parlicuIarIy, I vas puzzIed as lo
hov lo lIend deni-hunanily inlo lhe
vhoIe. So I gol ny geography and lopogra-
phy pul logelher in a rough and ready
fashion vilh ny nap, and lhen venl dovn
lo ny friendIy neighlorhood Iilrary and
pholocopied a coupIe of dozen dupIicales of
lhe lIank oulIine. There vere as yel no
loundaries, no cilies, no nanes for any-
lhing ~ jusl a physicaI nap of lhe area.
Then I legan lo conslrucl sonelhing
siniIar lo one of lhose hisloricaI alIases of
lhe vorId. n ny firsl nap, I jolled in
sone delaiIs and fealures of prehisloric
peopIes and nonslers in lhe area. Then I
legan lo lring ny nap up lo dale in Ieaps
of haIf a niIIenniun or so. I skelched in on
succeeding naps lhe nigralion inlo lhe
canpaign area of eIves, dvarves, and lhe
various races and cuIlures of nen. I did
poIilicaI naps of lhe area al various cruciaI
poinls in ils hislory, shoving lhe nanes of
pIaces, lhe rise of nev lovns, lhe Iocalions
of cruciaI lallIes. Lach nev nap luiIl upon
vhal had gone lefore, and added Iayer
upon Iayer of deplh lo lhe vorId I vas
designing. When I vas done, I had a fuIIy
deveIoped nap of lhe slale of lhe area al
Cane Iresenl, Iaden vilh delaiI and drip-
ping vilh hislory. Thus lhe Iocalions of
lovns, lhe presenl loundaries, even lhe
nanes of kingdons and physicaI fealures
vere nol arlilrary, lul rooled in hisloricaI
This Ied ne lack lo finishing up lhe lasic
cuIluraI inlerfaces and gelling ready lo add
lhe reaI delaiI. The vhoIe process enriched
ny canpaign area inneasuralIy. I nov
underslood hov lhe presenl peopIes and
Iands cane lo le, and vhy. To lake jusl one
snaII exanpIe, lhe firsl lovn of lrue nen
(as opposed lo cavenen) I caIIed Dorn. This
sile vas Ialer renaned Dun Dorgan ly lhe
CeIlic invaders, vho conlinued lo occupy il.
Laler invaders vho conquered lhe area
soflened lhe nane lo Dundorian. Il is one
of lhe najor cilies in ny area, and has leen
conlinuousIy occupied for sone four lhou-
sand years al Cane Iresenl.
This olhervise irreIevanl lil of naning
synloIizes for ne aII lhe ell and fIov of
civiIizalion lhal has vashed over lhe area
vhere Dundorian slands, and has slinu-
Ialed ny povers of crealion as I conlinue lo
ponder over lhe Iong viev of hov lhe
presenl cane lo le as il is. Such a process
Ieaves your area scallered aloul vilh hoIy
pIaces lhal are hoIy lecause of niracIes lhal
happened lhere in lhe pasl, shrines and
alleys and caslIes and lovns pIaced accord-
ing lo lhe Iogic of lhe line of lheir founding
inslead of arlilrariIy, ruins vhere ruins
oughl lo le, and so on. AII of lhis nakes a
nore leIievalIe and enjoyalIe vorId lo
roIe-pIay in.
F!cshIng It nut
Afler one has gol lhe lasics sellIed, one
nusl go on lo nake ones niIieu ready for
use vilh lhe gane. And here is vhere one
reaIIy gels inlo lhe nilly-grilly of delaiI,
delaiI, delaiI, and nore delaiI.
Iirsl of aII, lhere is lhe nap. Il is a Iarge-
scaIe nap, shoving onIy lhe principaI pIaces
and fealures. Il is nol ready for pIayers lo
expIore. Afler I had finished vilh lhe rough
hisloricaI naps and lhe slale of lhe area al
presenl nap (vhich vouId le given lo aII
lhe pIayers), I lackIed lhe reaI napnaking.
I drev snaII-scaIe naps vhich vouId shov
every proninenl caslIe and hanIel, aII lhe
najor rivers, every najor reIigious inslilu-
lion ~ and I naned lhen aII. As I did so,
lhe process of furlher crealion and under-
slanding of hov lhe peopIes and kingdons
reIaled lo each olher deepened, and I legan
lo undersland lhe econony of ny area
leller. Here vas a fishing viIIage, here a
nounlain viIIage of herdsnen, lhere vas a
svanp, lhere a reef. AII of lhese lhings have
a greal infIuence on lhe kinds of peopIe
Iiving nearly. Lakes, roads, laronies, cuI-
luraI lies, nounlain passes ~ aII vere
noled. I legan lo reaIize lhal you vouIdnl
find a lranch of lhe assassins guiId operal-
ing in NorIand, for lhere vas no nelropoIis
nearly for ne lo Iocale lhe nain guiId in.
SiniIarIy, rangers vouId le hard lo find in
lhe capilaIs of lhe grealer kingdons, since
lhose vouId le very urlan indeed. I pon-
dered lhe shipping Ianes, and Iocaled ny
pirales accordingIy. I found ny renolesl
viIderness pIaces vhere I vouId pIace ny
nosl furlive peopIes.
And aII of lhis Ied ne on lo deveIoping
lhe delaiI I needed on persons and poIilics. I
skelched oul lhe hislories of sone of lhe
grealer ruIing faniIies, and loyed vilh
syslens of governnenl. I sav naluraI and
hisloricaI rivaIries, and pondered such
lhings as lorder palroIs and inporl dulies.
Having pIaced lvo universilies on lhe nap,
I lhoughl aloul vho founded lhen and
vhal you couId Iearn lhere. I grouped lhe
reIigious inslilulions logelher and legan lo
vork oul lhe governnenl and inlernaI
poIilics of lhe church.
And lhen, of course, lhere vere lhe olher
lhings lo lhink of. Like vealher and cIi-
nale, and vhal sorl of caIendar vas in
connon use. Having decided lo use a
universaI currency, hov did I expIain il`
Whal Ianguages vere spoken, and vhal vas
lhe degree of lheir nuluaI inleIIigiliIily`
Where vere aII lhe nonslers`
This sorl of delaiIed designing is a conlin-
uaI vork, aIvays changing as nev possiliIi-
lies presenl lhenseIves. And if lhe alove
oulIine of hov I nade ny canpaign niIieu
sounds Ialorious, Iel ne say lhal il vas nol.
I enjoyed every ninule of il, and sliII do.
Those of us vho have design in our lIood
aII knov vhal lhe crealive ilch is Iike. We
spend spare ninules and hours and even
days in lhis sorl of pursuil. ToIkien poinled
oul lhal lhis sorl of sul-crealion is an inila-
lion of lhe Crealor in vhose inage ve are
nade, and ve find il no surprise vhen
soneone leIIs us lhal Cod nusl have en-
joyed naking lhe universe: ve lhink ve
knov exaclIy hov il feeIs. (f course, vhen
you are vorking againsl a deadIine, inslead
of jusl for your ovn recrealion, Ialorious is
nol lhe vord for descriling lhe lurden of
lhis sorl of vork. Bul lhals a vhoIe nolher
Il is lhe delaiI lhal lrings a vorId lo Iife.
The lesl roIe-pIaying is done ly pIayers
vhose characlers feeI al hone in lhe
niIieu. To nake lhen feeI al hone, you
have lo nake your canpaign area as faniI-
iar lo lhen as lheir ovn honelovn. When
ny pIayers characlers are vaIking aIong
lhe docks, I lhrov in lils of descriplion, Iike
lhe cry of guIIs and lhe sneII of lhe saIl air.
When lhey are vandering lhrough a caslIe,
14 JANUARY 1985
I lry lo give lhen jusl enough delaiI lo fix
lheir cuIluraI IocaIily, lo nake lhis caslIe fil
in ils ovn cuIlure area and econonic pIace.
I use accenls and diaIecls lhal change de-
pending on vhere ny ICs are. They aI-
ready knov lhal Roderick lhe lrovnies
Scollish accenl is aInosl inpenelralIe, lul
vhen I refuse lo cone oul of characler for
lheir cries of Whal` Whal` lhey loo,
Iearn lo renain in characler. Their leing in
characler gives added deplh lo lhose lines
vhen lhey slep oul of lheir cuIluraI lack-
yard. They feeI lhe conlrasl lelveen lhen-
seIves and lheir nev environnenl deepIy,
inslead of aII cuIluraI environnenls in lhe
canpaign feeIing lhe sane. They had gol-
len used lo lhe vay lhe high eIves in lheir
hone area spoke and acled, so lhal vas
faniIiar lo lhen. Bul lhey feIl lhe conlrasl
vhen lhey vere presenled vilh a lunch of
vood eIves vhose connand of lhe connon
longue resenlIed Tyneside diaIecl.
The ruIe, lhen, is lhis: Work oul lhe
delaiIs. Make your ICs al hone in a
parlicuIar IocaIe. AppeaI lo lhe senses vhen
lhey are advenluring in (or even jusl pass-
ing lhrough) an area: louch, sneII, lasle,
sighl, hearing. IIay your roIes vilh guslo.
This vay, if your NIC spy is caughl and
prodded for infornalion, you arenl caughl
fIalfooled. You arenl sluck lrying lo ac-
counl for sonelhing lhal you hadnl anlici-
paled. You have so nuch infornalion al
your connand lhal ils easy lo cone up
vilh runors, gossip, secrel dipIonalic
infornalion, lreasure naps, and so on. The
gane doesnl Iag vhiIe you lry lo figure oul
vho senl you.
P!antIng thc party
We nov have lo consider hov lo nove
fron lhe naking of a niIieu for ils ovn sake
lo lhe lask of orienling a group of ICs inlo
vhal viII le lheir fanlasy hone. The lesl
design in lhe vorId viII nol pIay ilseIf. The
olher hunan leings invoIved nusl le inle-
graled inlo your vhirI of hunan (and deni-
hunan) aclivily, and lhere has lo le
sonelhing for lhen in lhis pIace, or lhere is
no gane lo le pIayed. Designing a can-
paign is nol lhe sane lhing as designing a
canpaign ni|icu.
The firsl lask is lo define lhe grand pur-
pose of lhe canpaign. Your characlers viII
le slarling as firsl-IeveI nolodies, and lheir
firsl lask is lo gel sone experience, Iearn lo
knov each olher, and acquire faniIiarily
vilh your vorId. Bul il is lesl lo have in
nind a grand purpose for lhen lo uIli-
naleIy achieve. The grand purpose of ny
canpaign is lhe nanufaclure of lhe IhiIoso-
phers Slone. The pIayer characlers vere
given a riddIe righl al lhe very slarl of lheir
advenluring, lul nol loId anylhing aloul il.
WhiIe lhey vere gelling grounded in lheir
fanlasy hone, lhey vere aIso discovering
vhal lhe riddIe (and olher infornalion I
had provided lhen vilh) vas aII aloul.
LvenluaIIy, lhey discovered enough lo legin
lhe process of pursuing lhe grand purpose
of lhe canpaign. This viII lake lhen a |cng
line lo acconpIish.
The grand purpose is lhe overaII lack-
drop of lhe canpaign. WhiIe pursuing il,
lhe nenlers of lhe IC parly viII deveIop
lheir aliIilies, nake nev aIIiances, daIIy
vilh lhe IocaIs, acquire properly, go on
hunls, vasle line in lraveIing and going up
IeveIs, ransack Iilraries, foIIov up inleresl-
ing possiliIilies lhal nereIy presenl lhen-
seIves, and so on. They are nol aIvays
grinIy pursuing lhe grand purpose, lul il is
aIvays lhere lo give coherence lo lheir
nisceIIaneous aclivilies. A canpaign vilh-
oul such a grand purpose soon disinlegrales
inlo a repelilive series of expedilions unre-
Ialed lo one anolher, and lhe fun Ieaches oul
of lhe pIaying.
Lveryone knovs lhal fanlasy roIe-pIaying
is viIdIy uneven in ils experience. ne day
ve have lhe lhriII of viclory and lhe agony
of defeal, vhiIe on anolher day ve experi-
ence lhe nindIess lediun of fencing sloIen
goods, doing ones lookkeeping, going up
IeveIs, galhering infornalion, and aII lhal.
The grand purpose lies il aII logelher, and
gives unily lo lolh lhe lhriIIing and lhe
nundane lines in lhe canpaign. Charac-
lers are aIvays keeping lheir ears cocked for
nevs and gossip lhal viII give lhen nore
lhan lhey presenlIy knov. And vhen lhey
achieve lhe grand purpose` Why, ly lhal
line, lhey viII aII le ready lo relire fron
Il shouId le noled lhal I never dragoon
pIayer characlers inlo foIIoving lhe grand
purpose. I do nol qucs| or gcas lhen.
I lease lhen, converl lhen, persuade lhen,
and in ny roIe-pIaying as DM I heIp lhen
decide for lhenseIves lo adopl lhe grand
purpose as lheir ovn raiscn c|rc for ad-
venluring. If lhe grand purpose is a vorlhy
one, lhe DM shouId have no lroulIe seIIing
il lo characlers and pIayers aIike.
Afler sellIing on vhal ones grand pur-
pose is lo le, one nusl lurn ones allenlion
lo lhe prolIen of lhe parly conposilion
ilseIf. WhiIe lhe canpaign vas sliII in ils
fornalive slages, I approached lhe nenlers
of ny pIaying group and gave lhen sone
indicalion of lhe kind of cuIlure il vas lo
le, and surveyed lhen as lo vhal races and
cIasses lhey vere inleresled in pIaying. ur
group has leen going for severaI years, and
ve have aII pIayed nany kinds of ICs, so
ve have dispensed vilh lhe arlilrary vay of
roIIing up slals and seeing vhal can le
nade of a parlicuIar characler.
The group decides in a generaI vay vhal
kinds of characlers lhey vouId Iike lo run,
and I ralify or nodify lhe choices. nce
lhal is fixed, each pIayer roIIs up his IC in
lhe foIIoving nanner. Lel us suppose lhal
one person vishes lo pIay a gnone
iIIusionisl/lhief, lhal leing a lype of charac-
ler he has nol pIayed lefore. If I leII hin
lhal lhere is roon for such a IC in lhe
parly and lhe niIieu, he lhen proceeds lo
roII lhe characler up. A gnone iIIusionisl/
lhief has nininun aliIily scores of 6-1 5-6-
16-8-6. This lakes inlo accounl aII lasic
faclors reIaling lo race and cIass(es). The
pIayer lhen roIIs 3d6 for each aliIily. If lhe
3d6 score is Iess lhan lhe nininun re-
quired, he lakes lhe nininun in lhal cale-
gory. If il is grealer lhan lhe nininun, he
lakes lhe grealer score. Afler leing roIIed
up, lhe finished slalislics are referred lo ne
for ny approvaI (and perhaps a IillIe judi-
cious linkering). Afler lhal, lhe ICs aliIily
scores are fixed.
In lhe neanline, I an vorking on lhe
personaI lackground of lhe pIayer charac-
lers. Lach IC is given a capsuIe Iife hislory,
a faniIy lree, a snaII-scaIe nap of ones
hone area (in addilion lo lhe vague and
generaI Iarge-scaIe nap given lo every-
lody), and infornalion on vhal (and
vhon) lhis IC knovs vhich is pecuIiar lo
lhe IC. Lvery IC knovs sonelhing lhal
nolody eIse knovs, al Ieasl al lhe slarl.
Lvery IC knovs sonelody (see leIov,
concerning lhe DMs speciaI NICs) vho
can heIp accIinalize lhe characler lo lhe
canpaign ly leing a reference source and
generaI heIper lo hin. Lach IC is aIso
given a capsuIe hislory of lhe canpaign
area, and a coupIe of pages of infornalion
on noney, Iavs, reIigion, poIilics, and any
pecuIiarilies reIaled lo ny canpaign (ruIe
inlerprelalions, for inslance). This veaIlh of
personaI delaiI enalIes lhe pIayer and his
characler lo le al hone in lhe canpaign
nore quickIy, and gives lhe parly nenlers
sonelhing lo Iearn aloul each olher.
Then cones lhe slarl of acluaI pIaying.
There nusl le sone reason for lhese dispar-
ale peopIe lo nake each olhers acquainl-
ance and decide lo advenlure logelher. And
lhere nusl le sonelhing for lhen lo do. I
skelched oul a dozen easy, firsl-IeveI adven-
lures and dropped hinls al lhen lheir firsl
fev lines logelher. None of lhese had any-
lhing lo do vilh lhe grand purpose of lhe
canpaign. They vere nore in lhe nalure of
shakedovn cruises. There vas a shark lo
kiII, an aIchenisl vho vanled sone Iive
green sIine, a runor of a verevoIf Iiving in
a svanp, a hunl for a Iegendary vhile slag,
and so on. The parly nenlers chose vhal
lhey vanled lo do and vandered fron
advenlure lo advenlure, Iearning vhal lo
expecl of each olher and of ny niIieu.
CraduaIIy, lhey geIIed as an advenluring
parly. And vhiIe lhey vere doing lhis, I vas
fiIIing lhen vilh nevs and gossip, leasing
lhen vilh hinls of lhings lhey didnl yel
undersland, and heIping lhen lo graduaIIy
discover lhe grand purpose of lhe canpaign
for lhenseIves. By lhe line lhey had found
oul vhal lhal vas, lhey vere ready lo slarl
on il in earnesl.
5cttIng It In mntInn
Having designed lhe lesl of aII possilIe
vorIds (or a reasonalIe facsiniIe lhereof),
and having inlegraled lhe pIayer characlers
inlo il, lhere sliII renains lhe nosl fornida-
lIe of aII lasks: pIaying in il. Here is vhere
canpaign design legins lo nerge inlo can-
paign nanagenenl, for ve do nol vanl our
vorIds lo le frozen in leauly Iike a daffodiI
16 JANUARY 1985
hil ly a Iale frosl. We vanl our environ-
nenl lo Iive and nove, and lo inleracl vilh
lhe pIayer characlers.
The firsl lrick lhal I use, especiaIIy in
gelling slarled, is lhal of lhe DMs speciaI
NICs. These are lhe peopIe vhon lhe ICs
knov. They are reIalives, friends, nen-
lors, IocaI governnenl officiaIs, and vhal-
nol. I have aIready nenlioned Roderick lhe
lrovnie. Roderick vas lhe faniIiar of one
ICs sIain nasler. Therefore al lhe con-
nencenenl of pIay, he is knovn lo lhe firsl-
IeveI nagic-user in lhe group, lul is under
no olIigalion lo hin. Roderick is a source
of guidance and infornalion for lhe legin-
ning IC (and has leen knovn lo occasion-
aIIy acconpany lhe parly). A ranger IC in
lhe parly vas given a reIalionship (ly Ieller
of inlroduclion) lo a relired kings foresler
naned Hugh de Cavdrey. Hugh is an 8lh-
IeveI ranger, lul no Ionger goes oul on
advenlures. He is, hovever, a conlinalion
counseIor, lrainer, and source of inforna-
lion lhal is avaiIalIe lo lhe ranger in ques-
lion. And so on.
As lhe pIayer characlers legin lo feeI
lheir vay lhrough lhe canpaign, lhey cone
lack lo lhese speciaI NICs vilh lheir prol-
Iens and queslions. Hovever, lhese NICs
are nc| lhe DM. None of lhese speciaI
NICs knovs everylhing lhe DM knovs
(and any allenpls lo gel infornalion oul of
lhen vhich lhey couId nol possilIy knov
are lurned aside, or nisinfornalion appro-
priale lo lhe NIC in queslion is given).
Hovever, lhey are vilaI lo lhe process of
accIinalizing lhe parly nenlers lo lhe
canpaign and naking lhen feeI al hone.
As lhe ICs advance in IeveI and experience,
lhey no Ionger need lhese niddIe-IeveI
heIpers very nuch, and lhe speciaI NICs
lend lo fade fron pIay. (AIlhough ils inler-
esling lo pul lhen in jeopardy, and nake
lhe parly lhe rescuers of lheir erslvhiIe
heIpers.) In addilion, I find lhal using lhese
speciaI NICs eases lhe DMs fruslralion al
nol leing alIe lo pIay. AIlhough Roderick
cannol advance in IeveIs, I enjoy pIaying
hin. The sane is lrue of a haIf-dozen olher
speciaI NICs. They nol onIy heIp lhe pIay-
ers, lul lhey offer lo ne a neans of pIaying
inside ny ovn niIieu aIong vilh lhe ICs.
LquaIIy vilaI in nanaging a canpaign
and conlinuing ils deveIopnenl is vhal I
caII poIilics and olher disaslers. If your
vorId is slalic, vilh nolhing nuch happen-
ing lul vhal lhe pIayer characlers induce,
lhen aII lhe delaiI you can lhink up viII nol
rescue your canpaign fron inevilalIe lore-
In lhe reaI vorId, lhe affairs of kingdons
and conpanies go on vhelher or nol you or
I do anylhing aloul lhen. Indeed, lhey
forn lhe lackdrop of nevs againsl vhich ve
nake our pIans and judge our opporluni-
lies. We vorry over vhal lhe vorId is do-
ing, and aIvays find il a naller of vilaI
inleresl. This is aIso a necessily in a veII-
run fanlasy canpaign.
WhiIe I vas doing ny lasic design vork,
I vorked oul a lalIe lhal generales randon
poIilicaI, physicaI, and sociaI evenls. Such
lhings as scandaIs, lrealies, aIIiances, un-
lineIy dealhs of inporlanl peopIe, lorder
raids, and lIizzards vere aII assigned prola-
liIilies. As lhe parly approaches lhe end of
a given Cane Year, I sil dovn and roII sone
dice and do sone quick crealing. Monlh ly
nonlh, I deveIop lhe najor nevs slories
of ny canpaign area for lhe foIIoving year.
Thus I knov vhal is happening, and vhal
viII happen. Then, every line ny ICs lake
a resl in an inn, or inquire for nevs of
sonelody, I have a fuII reperloire of as-
sorled facls and runors lo give lhen. ul
of lhis nass of delaiI, lhe parly nenlers
nusl ponder vhich evenls viII affecl lhen
and lheir purpose. Il keeps lhen invoIved,
lo say lhe Ieasl.
Lvery canpaign niIieu needs lo have
confIicl al ils lase. Wilhoul confIicl no slory
can le vrillen, and ve are crealing a slory
logelher, vilh our characlers as lhe nain
prolagonisls. The nosl lasic of lhe various
confIicls inherenl in ny canpaign is lhal
lelveen Morgan Ie Iay (Her Nils, as she is
oflen caIIed, or Her Ladyship), lhe shadovy
ruIer of Ieyvood, and lhe olher kingdons
of lhe area. Morgan inagines herseIf lo
have a cIain lo lhe enlire area, and her
inlrigues and pover pIays are going on aII
lhe line. n lop of lhis, nany peopIe doull
lhal such a person exisls. Il look lhe ICs
quile a vhiIe lo figure oul vho Her Nils
vas, and lo reaIize lhal she vas reaIIy vho
she vas runored lo le. She is lhe singIe
nosl sinisler lhreal lo lhe securily of lhe
area. Iiguring oul vhal she is up lo fron
lhe fragnenlary and oflen irreIevanl nevs
lhal lhe ICs pick up is a najor chaIIenge.
Her Ladyship dare nol le ignored, lul she
does nol operale in lhe open. So lhe parly
nusl aIvays le Iooking over ils shouIder, so
lo speak, and lhis increases lhe pIayer char-
aclers invoIvenenl in, and concern for, lhe
fIov of evenls in lhe canpaign area. (By lhe
vay, lhe parly in ny canpaign sliII has
sone inleresling nisconceplions aloul
Morgan, lul I havenl given lhen lhe
slraighl sluff yel. III Iel lhen go on lhink-
ing vhal lheyre lhinking for as Iong as il
lakes for lhen lo find oul lhe lrulh ~ if
lhey Iive lhal Iong.)
KccpI ng I t gnI ng
Having sel oul aII lhe foregoing aloul
hov lo gel a canpaign slarled, il renains lo
say a fev vords aloul nanaging lhe ongo-
ing canpaign. Il is ny sellIed conviclion
lhal lhe presence or alsence of a snaII,
slalIe group of reguIar pIayers nakes or
lreaks a ganing group. Il is very hard lo
vork lhe occasionaI pIayer or visilor inlo
lhe fIov of lhe gane. Bolh drop-ins and
drop-ouls hanper lhe olher pIayers. In an
ongoing canpaign, lhe parly is very IikeIy
lo end a ganing session sluck in sone pIace
vhere lhey nusl freeze line unliI lhe
nexl gel-logelher. A nev pIayer, or lhe non-
allendance of a reguIar pIayer, in lhal ses-
sion creales a prolIen vhen lhe gane is
resuned. I have nany, nany friends and
acquainlances vho ask if lhey couId drop
ly and pIay vilh you guys soneline. I
relurn a courleous no lo such requesls. I
an nore lhan gIad lo sel up an occasionaI
lournanenl or one-shol advenlure (oflen
vilh lhe heIp and allendance of sone of ny
reguIars). Bul lo nove heaven and earlh lo
invoIve soneone in an ongoing advenlure
on jusl a one-shol lasis is very difficuIl, and
I onIy rareIy aIIov il. If I do accede lo such
a requesl, I hand lhe visilor a ready-nade
NIC lo pIay, vhich aIIovs hin lo parlici-
pale lul nol lo nuck up lhe overaII slruc-
lure of lhe canpaign. SiniIarIy, onIy ICs
lorn and lred in ny canpaign are aI-
Ioved in ny canpaign. I suppose I couId
ga|c in soneones IC fron anolher can-
paign, lul I avoid lhis on generaI principIe.
SpeciaI ganing lines are vhen canned
noduIes cone in handy.
I aIso find lhal lhere is an oplinun size
and parly configuralion for pIaying. I have
pIayed vilh as nany as lveIve pIayers al
once, and I have done sone one-on-one
scenarios. I find lhal lhe Iarge groups disin-
legrale inlo rovdy or loring sessions, or
lolh, depending on lhe lehavior of lhe
pIayers. In any case, loo nany pIayers
overvheIn lhe DM and olslrucl each char-
aclers parlicipalion in lhe gane. Al lhe
sane line, loo fev pIayers rol lhe parlici-
panls of lhe vilaI fun of inleracling vilh
each olher, and vhal vas designed lo le a
group experience suffers. I leIieve lhe opli-
nun size of an advenluring parly lo le no
fever lhan lhree pIayers, nor nore lhan six,
and I personaIIy prefer four. And in lhal
parly, I Iike lo see a laIance of characler
cIasses and aliIilies. The super-characler
vho can do everylhing unlaIances lhe
gane. ne oughl lo slrive lo pul logelher a
parly vhere lhe pIayers conpIenenl each
olhers aliIilies. No one characler shouId le
vilhoul his ovn slrenglhs and veaknesses.
My presenl pIaying group incIudes a nagic-
user, a fighler, a ranger, a lhief (vho vas a
fighler, and is heading for lard slalus), and
a cIeric (vho used lo le a nonk). Any
furlher need for nore nuscIe (physicaI,
nenlaI, or nagicaI) is suppIied ly lhe ICs
acquiring henchnen and hireIings.
Sonelhing eIse nakes a greal difference
in pIaying, and lhal is sharing lhe Ioad of
lhe DMs dulies. I nenlioned alove lhal
ny personaI slrenglh is design over nan-
agenenl. In our group, I an nol lhe onIy
DM. lhers have had lhal responsiliIily,
and our group has previousIy advenlured in
lheir vorIds. So, I share lhe drudgery of
DMing vilh lhen. ne guy is so good al
veaponIess conlal lhal I have never lolh-
ered lo gel reaIIy good al conducling il.
Whenever il occurs, ve aII defer lo his
aliIily lo rapidIy leII us vhal is needed lo
hil and vhal danage is done. SiniIarIy, I
an lhe residenl experl on psionics in our
group, and vhen sonelhing lo do vilh
psionics has cropped up in soneone eIses
canpaign, I have aIvays funclioned as a
lenporary assislanl DM lo adjudicale lhe
silualion. In a sense, ve are aII pIayer-
DMs, as sone alhIeles are pIayer-coaches.
Mine is lhe responsiliIily for lhe conducl of
|nis canpaign, lul I veIcone heIp vilh lhe
nechanics of lhe gane fron anyone quaIi-
fied lo give il.
Non-DMing pIayers can aIso do lhis sorl
of lhing. Ior inslance, sone of ny pIayers
Iike lo acquire Iols of henchnen for lheir
characlers, vhiIe olhers prefer nol lo. So I
Iel lhen handIe lhe cannon fodder. Ior
inslance, Iel us suppose lhal lhe ICs have
hired a ship lo gel sonevhere, and on lhe
high seas lhey are lesel ly pirales. Nov, as
DM I nusl handIe aII lhose pirales. So I
viII lypicaIIy assign lhe ships crev (excepl
for lhe caplain, vho is a najor NIC) lo lhe
Iess-encunlered pIayers lo run. This keeps
lhe pIayers vilh Iarge personaI foIIovings
fron doninaling lhe aclion lo lhe delrinenl
of lhe soIo pIayers, vhiIe il reIieves ne of a
Iol of lhe lurden of nanaging lhe en-
The sane sorl of lhing happens in ruIes
adjudicalion. RoIe-pIaying ganes require
lhe DM lo adjudicale silualions fron Iife
experience vhere ruIes do nol appIy. I reaI-
ize lhal I an nol so experl al everylhing
lhal ny vord is finaI on every suljecl. ne
of ny pIayers is a snaII loal saiIer ly
holly, a crafl lhal I knov IillIe aloul fron
lhe praclicaI perspeclive. So vhen lhere is a
queslion of vhal a ship can do, or a ques-
lion of navaI laclics invoIved, I defer lo his
judgenenl lefore I decIare lhe aclions of
ny pirales. This vorks as Iong as pIayers
and DM respecl each olher, and do nol lry
lo usurp each olhers roIes. Lveryone knovs
lhal lhe DM shouId nol reIy on arlilrary
direclion of soneone eIses IC lo nanage
his advenlure. By lhe sane loken, as Iong
as a pIayer doesnl aluse his superior
knovIedge lo his soIe advanlage, lhe DM
viII veIcone his opinion on vhal ICs and
nonslers aIike shouId le doing.
And vhal happens vhen lhe characlers
achieve lhe grand purpose of lhe canpaign`
Whal do you do vilh aII lhal veaIlh of
naleriaI` In our group, ve change can-
paigns every year or lvo, reliring our nov
high-IeveI ICs and giving lhe DM a chance
lo pIay under soneone eIses direclion. Bul
lhal doesnl nean lhal you have lo alandon
your canpaign niIieu. The nexl line il
devoIves upon you lo le lhe DM, you can
sinpIy revork vhal youve aIready done,
projecling your canpaign area lackvard or
forvard in ils hislory. This preserves lhe
vork you have pul inlo il, vhiIe crealing a
fresh silualion and a nev grand purpose for
your leginning pIayer characlers lo gel
invoIved in.
And one finaI vord. When I legan pIay-
ing lhe AD&D

gane six years ago, lhere

vere very fev pIaying aids on lhe narkel of
lhe lype lhal are nov so alundanl. There
lasy Selling, no Harn, and very fev canned
noduIes in prinl. Very nearIy aII of our
advenluring had lo cone oul of our ovn
heads. And I sliII lhink lhals fanlasy gan-
ing al ils lesl. I nov neel pIayers, espe-
ciaIIy young ones, vho lhink lhal, in order
lo pIay lhe AD&D gane or sone olher such
aclivily, lhey nusl invesl negalucks in
soneone eIses ideas. Il shocks nany of
lhen vhen I suggesl lhal ils nore fun lo
nake il up yourseIf.
AIas for lhen! No canned noduIe, no
pIaying aid, no sel of ruIes, no Iisl of NICs
can quile lecone your very ovn. As enjoy-
alIe and lhoughl-provoking as aII lhe pul-
Iished naleriaI nay le, il is a poor
sulslilule for crealing your ovn canpaign
niIieu, designing your ovn caslIes, and
exercising your ovn lrain. Crealivily is
vhal lhe gane is aloul. Il vouId le a
shane if lhe success of fanlasy ganing
conlriluled lo lhe slifIing of crealivily in ils
ovn enlhusiaslic adherenls.
Col a queslion aloul an arlicIe` A
suljecl youd Iike us lo cover ~ or
nc| cover` Whal do you lhink of lhe
nagazine youre reading` Drop us a
I i ne al ul on a Li nl, I. . Box
11O, Lake Ceneva WI 53147. WeII
read every Ieller ve gel, and veII
seIecl cerlain Iellers of generaI in-
leresl for pulIicalion ~ nayle even
TLe ye oI tLe dee
coIogy oI
ly Ed Crccnwood
Iairs of olher eyes of lhe deep and as near lo
alundanl food as possilIe (such as lenealh
heaviIy lraveIed shipping roules, or in areas of
slorns or shoaIs). An eye nay veII have ils Iair
guarded ly Iesser crealures, or ly lraps (faIIing
nels veighled ly slones, and so forlh) such as
il can nanage. An eyes cIavs are quile dex-
lrous and can shear lhrough nels, ropes, and
lhe Iike vilh speed and accuracy.
Lyes are aggressive, deceilfuI, and lolaIIy
seIf-inleresled, IoyaIly has IillIe
neaning for lhen, and lhey viII
cooperale vilh crealures of Iike
aIignnenl onIy vhen lhey
sland lo gain nuch prey, or are
coerced inlo doing so. Lyes
avoid olher eyes pureIy for
reasons of praclicaIily, nol
desiring lo die or le ladIy
vounded in a lough fighl vilh
an opponenl of equaI povers.
Il shouId le noled here lhal lhe
adnilledIy fev olservalions of
such lallIes indicale lhal an
eye can le affecled ly anolher
eyes iIIusions, lul each is
innune lo anolhers
slunning pover. Lye-
slaIks can le regeneraled
in six lo eIeven days
vhen Iosl, and olher
lody parls (such as ils
pincers or cenlraI eye)
regrovn in a naller of
nonlhs ~ lul lhe rapid-
ily of such grovlh de-
pends upon lhe anounl
of prey an eye can con-
sune, and a seriousIy
vounded eye is a poor
hunler due lo ils sIov nalu-
raI speed.
Lyes of lhe deep are highIy
naneuveralIe vhen svin-
ning, due lo lheir nany under-
side feeIers ~ fIexilIe, slicky
lody slrands vhich can acl as paddIes
The eye of lhe deep is a crealure of Ieg-
end, lhough il lruIy exisls, fev lrained
olservers have seen il, and fever sliII have
sludied il al Ienglh in ils halilal, lhe ocean
deplhs. SeveraI anong us lonighl have done
so, and can ansver nany nysleries.
Many have specuIaled lhal lhe eye of lhe deep
is reIaled lo lhe lehoIder, and il is our consid-
ered opinion lhal il is indeed a reIaled species,
perhaps lolh vere once lhe sane crealure and
evoIved differenlIy lo nasler lhen vaslIy differ-
enl environnenls.
The eye of lhe deep is a soIilary predalor,
calching nosl of ils viclins ly use of ils
pover lo slun ils prey vilh a lIinding fIash
of Iighl fron lhe Iarge eye in lhe cenler
of ils roughIy sphericaI lody. Lven
if prey is nol lhus innoliIized,
lhe eye of lhe deep can lring
ils lvo Iarge pincers inlo
pIay lo gral and rend ils
These pincers can
shred crealures nuch Iarger
lhan lhe eye ilseIf, and
oclopi, gianl squids, and lhe
huge cruising fish of lhe
deplhs forn lhe luIk of lhe
crealures diel. Il prizes
nosl highIy sinking ships,
for il lreaks inlo lhe disinle-
graling huIIs of lhese (aided ly
lhe inlense pressure of deep
valer), and dines upon lhe lasly
lodies of surface crealures lrapped
inside. Il cannol rise inlo shaIIov
valers afler such prey, lecause lhe
Iess inlense valer pressure al
shaIIov deplhs causes ils lody
(and inlernaI gases) lo expand,
and uIlinaleIy expIode aparl. (Ior
lhis reason, lhe corpse of an eye
ConpiIed fron a discussion al a neeling of
sages in HiIIsfar Ied ly Auvras lhe Lnquirer:
reaches lhe surface very rareIy, lhe
dislorled fragnenls of ils renl
lody sink lack lo lhe lollon, or
are devoured ly shaIIov-valer
narine Iife.)
To conpensale for lheir inaliIily lo lraveI
in shaIIov valers, eyes of lhe deep sonelines
cooperale vilh sahuagin for shorl periods and specific underlakings,
usuaIIy denanding as paynenl lhe lodies of nany surface dveIIers.
(This dielary preference is one of lhe nany hinls al a connon origin
of lolh lhe eye of lhe deep and lhe lehoIder.)
MelaIIic lreasure is oflen ingesled ly an eye of lhe deep, lul does
nol harn lhe crealure, and renains in ils slonach unliI il accunu-
Iales lo unconforlalIe proporlions, vhereupon il is regurgilaled
forlh in lhe eyes Iair. AII eyes nake lhenseIves a Iair in an undersea
grollo (sIaying any previous occupanls, if necessary) far fron lhe
vhen svinning, vaIk aIong rocks
or olher soIid oljecls, hoId prey, and
so on. An eye grovs nev feeIers
conslanlIy, and feeIers are conlinuaIIy
Iosl or danaged ly ils aclivilies, so
lhal an eyes underside is a langIed
foresl of vhilish, nauve-nollIed feeIers, aII of differing Ienglhs and
dianelers. Hidden anongsl lhe nany feeIers are a fev slrands
devoled lo reproduclion ~ Iong feIers vhich hoId lhe eyes eggs Iike
peas in a pod.
IeriodicaIIy lhese egg-hoIders ruplure, deposiling
lheir cargoes on lhe ocean lollon or in lhe poverfuI currenls of lhe
deeps. Any olher eye of lhe deep can ferliIize lhese eggs, lhe crea-
lures are lisexuaI, lul cannol ferliIize lheir ovn eggs. (An eye
18 JANUARY 1985
viII ferliIize anolher eyes eggs inslincliveIy
vhenever il recognizes lhe eggs for vhal
lhey are.
IerliIized eggs faII lo lhe ocean lollon, if
lhey vere nol lhere aIready, and Iie lhere
unliI lhey halch or die. Iev ferliIized eggs
survive lo see lhe end of lheir naluralion
period, lecause lhey are seIdon Iefl undis-
lurled ly olher denizens of lhe deep. Iever
sliII are ferliIized in lhe firsl pIace, since
lhey can onIy le Iefl adrifl for lvo nonlhs
afler leing reIeased fron lhe nulrienl-rich
slrands, afler lhal line lhey lecone inerl
and inferliIe. Ior lhese reasons, fev eyes of
lhe deep are lorn, and lhis nonsler is
lhankfuIIy very rare.
HalchIings are rapidIy dispersed ly ocean
currenls and lypicaIIy hide, feeding on
lollon Iife, carrion, and snaII fish for a
year or nore, sIovIy groving lo fuII size
and povers. As an eye grovs, il acluaIIy
spIils ils skin, shedding lhe lough, chilinous
ouler arnor pIales of ils lody lo reveaI sofl,
nev, Iarger pIales vilhin. Il eals discarded
pIales lo regain Iosl lody nineraIs and
legin luiIding a nev Iayer of pIales vilhin
ilseIf once nore. When an eye reaches
physicaI nalurily, ils lody processes shifl lo
regeneralion ralher lhan conlinuaI grovlh.
Thus, Iosl or danaged pIales are repaired
ly lhe secrelion of nev naleriaI fron
vilhin. Young eyes cooperale vilh olher
crealures nore readiIy lhan do lhe nore
vary oIder ones. An eye can connunicale
vilh aII olher inleIIigenl crealures ly neans
of leIepalhy.
Ierhaps lhe nosl fascinaling and danger-
ous aliIily of an eye of lhe deep is ils nas-
lery of iIIusions. These il can creale and
hoId vilh pracliced concenlralion, for a
IileraIIy unIiniled duralion (since eyes
never sIeep). Such iIIusions viII end vhen
lhe eye viIIs il, or vhen one of ils eyeslaIks
is lIinded ly lallIe danage or sone olher
nishap (apparenlIy, lolh nusl le inlacl for
il lo creale and focus cIear iIIusions), or
vhen one or lolh of lhe eyes is used for ils
olher purpose (lhe nagic of hoId person and
hoId nonsler speIIs).
An eye can nove ils crealed iIIusion
aloul, and lhe inage appears lhree-
dinensionaI. An eye can renain in hiding
and nanipuIale an iIIusion il cannol see.
This skiII is assuned lo le sinpIy a resuIl of
praclice, lhe crealures enpIoy iIIusions
conslanlIy fron nalurily lo dealh (inprov-
ing lheir skiII as lhey age), excepl for lhe
fev lines vhen lheir eyeslaIks are incapaci-
laled or olhervise occupied. A lypicaI laclic
of lhe crealure is lo Iure prey lo ils vicinily
vilh an iIIusion and lhen use lhe Iighl-lIasl
of ils Iarge cenlraI eye lo slun lhe viclin.
1. Inlended viclins of lhe eye-fIash slun
nusl save vs. poison lo avoid ils effecls.
Targels lhal are lIindfoIded, hooded, or
unalIe lo see in lhe visilIe speclrun cannol
le stunned. A darkness speII viII provide an
effeclive screen againsl such fIashes. Hov-
ever, nosl defenses require nore line lo
pul in pIace lhan lhe slunning fIash of lhe
eye requires lo fire, and an eye of lhe
deep viII recognize any defensive prepara-
lions for vhal lhey are. Any physicaI slrike
againsl a crealure stunned ly lhe eye-fIash
is nade al +4 lo hil, lhe viclin cannol allack
or defend ilseIf, and AC lonuses for shieId
or dexlerily do nol appIy. A stunned viclin
is effecliveIy incapacilaled for lhe duralion
of lhe effecl (2-8 rounds, delernined sepa-
raleIy for each viclin).
The effecl of repealed eye-fIashes is nol
cunuIalive, a slunned viclin cannol le
nore slunned. The crealure can use ils
stun pover for as nany as five rounds in
succession, lul lhen nusl resl lhe eye-fIash
pover for an equaI nunler of rounds lefore
il can le used again.
The eye of lhe deep can use ils physicaI
allacks (pincers and leelh) in lhe sane
round lhal il enils an eye-fIash. Il viII go
afler stunned crealures in preference lo
olher nearly prey onIy if il lhinks lhal lhe
unslunned largels (lhose lhal nade lheir
saving lhrov) presenl no innediale lhreal
lo ilseIf. The crealure viII allenpl lo gral
prey vilh one or lolh of ils pincers and lhen
lring lhe viclin up lo ils noulh. A lile
allack is nade al +2 lo hil againsl a viclin
heId ly one pincer, or al +4 lo hil againsl a
viclin heId ly lolh pincers ~ and such a
viclin can onIy allack lack al a correspond-
ing penaIly (-2 or -4). If lhe crealure lakes
danage in a given neIee round, il viII
reIease ils hoId on anylhing in ils pincers,
olhervise, prey lhal is heId ly lolh of lhe
pincers viII conlinue lo lake 2-8 poinls of
danage fron each pincer unliI il dies or lhe
hoId is lroken. A viclin heId ly onIy one
pincer can (if nol stunned or olhervise
innoliIized) vresl ilseIf oul of lhe pincers
grasp and nusl lhen le gralled anev. An
eye of lhe deep viII allack prey lhal is con-
sideralIy Iarger lhan ilseIf (such as a gianl
squid), lul is inleIIigenl enough lo onIy do
so vhen il has an advanlage and is nol in
innediale danger of leing severeIy hurl
i lseI f.
2. AII of lhe feeIers excepl for lhe fev
reproduclive slrands can le nade slicky
ly lhe secrelion of a gIueIike fIuid, and
nade un-slicky ly lhe enission of an
aIcohoI-Iike soIvenl lhal counleracls lhe
gIue. The forner process requires one
round and nusl le perforned lefore lhe
feeIers can le used lo nanipuIale oljecls or
provide lraclion on a soIid surface. The
Ialler process lakes onIy one segnenl and
nusl le perforned lefore lhe crealure can
again use lhe feeIers lo heIp il nove lhrough
lhe valer. The feeIers can gral and nanipu-
Iale any oljecl as Iarge and heavy as a
hunan lody, lul lhe crealure cannol hoId
such an oljecl and nove under ils ovn
pover al lhe sane line, as such, lhe feeIers
are aInosl excIusiveIy used eilher for Ioco-
nolion, or lo anchor lhe eye of lhe deep lo
a soIid surface vhiIe il avails lhe approach
of prey.
The reproduclive slrands have none of
lhe properlies of lhe olher feeIers. They are
very fev in nunler (3-6 oul of a lolaI of 6O-
9O feeIers) and are conlinuaIIy repIaced or
regrovn Iike lhe olher feeIers. nce every
lvo nonlhs, an egg is produced in each
slrand, vhen a slrand accunuIales 6-11
eggs, il spIils open Ienglhvise and deposils
lhe conlenls inlo lhe surrounding valer.
Lach egg is sphericaI, aloul 6 inches in
dianeler, vilh a lough lul fIexilIe sheII lhal
enalIes il lo vilhsland valer pressure and
noderaleIy hard lIovs vilhoul cracking.
3. nIy 5O of aII ferliIized eggs acluaIIy
halch (and onIy 2O of aII eggs reIeased ly
an eye of lhe deep are ever ferliIized).
HalchIings are veak svinners (3), M-
sized (2-fool dianeler), vilh 2+4 HD. They
have onIy 11-2O feeIers and no slrands, and
lheir pincers and leelh are sofler and
veaker (1-6/1-6/1-4 danage) lhan lhose of
fuII-grovn eyes of lhe deep. Their slun
allack Iasls for onIy 1-4 rounds, and largels
gel a +2 lonus lo lheir saving lhrov lo avoid
lhe effecl. Young crealures cannol creale
illusions or use lhe hold povers of lheir sliII-
innalure eyeslaIks. Al lhe age of one year,
an eye of lhe deep specinen viII have 8-1O
HD, nove 4, and lhe fuII range of allacks
lhal a nalure crealure has, vilh a 3-fool-
dianeler lody and 4O-6O feeIers, lul sliII no
slrands. IuII physicaI nalurily is allained
vilhin 2-3 years afler halching.
4. The telepathy aliIily of an eye of lhe
deep viII vork on any crealure of animal
inleIIigence or higher vilhin a 6 range.
Lyes of lhe deep knov lhe longue of IavfuI
eviI, and usuaIIy sahuagin, ixilxachilI,
connon, or (5 chance) sone olher
longue. KnovIedge of lhese Ianguages is
acquired ly leIepalhy, an eye of lhe deep
cannol undersland or connunicale vilh a
crealure lhal is using a Ianguage lhe eye
does nol knov.
5. The iIIusionary inage crealed ly an
eye of lhe deep is equivaIenl lo a phantas-
mal force vilh a range of 18 and an area of
effecl equaI lo a 6-fool cule or equivaIenl
voIune (enough lo sinuIale an M-sized
crealure or a snaII schooI of fish), Any
crealure of average or higher inleIIigence
lhal allenpls lo disleIieve such an iIIusion
ollains a saving lhrov, and if lhe save is
successfuI lhen lhal crealure can add +4 lo
lhe saving lhrovs of conpanions (cf. phan-
tasmal force, IIayers Handlook). An eye of
lhe deep can sense vilralions or unusuaI
currenls in lhe valer enanaling fron as far
as 36 avay, lhe crealure has infravision
oul lo a range of 12 and can sneII lIood or
sveal in lhe valer fron up lo 9 avay.
The hold person and hold monster
povers of lhe crealures secondary eyes are
lrealed as speIIs fron a 6lh-IeveI nagic-user
for delerninalion of range and area of
effecl. Lach of lhe secondary eyes has one of
lhese speII-Iike povers, i.e., eilher one
cannol use eilher pover. The eye of lhe
deep can enpIoy one or lhe olher of lhese
povers in any given round, lul nol lolh in
lhe sane round, and can use each pover as
oflen as lhree lines per day. Renenler
lhal vhenever lhe eye of lhe deep uses one
of ils hold povers, il cannol create illusion
al lhe sane line, and any iIIusion lhal had
exisled is dispeIIed.
SLovt Los und bIg dvos
Horo`s how fnr nnu how hIgh chnrncfors cnn jum
ly SicIcn Inniss
A characlers junping aliIily nay le of
crilicaI inporlance in an AD&D

advenlure, yel lhere are no officiaI ruIes
covering such an aclion. In deveIoping a
syslen lo fiII lhis gap, lhere are lhree najor
consideralions. The firsl and nosl inpor-
lanl one is lhal such a syslen shouId le
sinpIe, especiaIIy if il is lo le used fre-
quenlIy. The second is lhal pIayer and
characlers shouId nol le presenled vilh loo
nany alsurdilies. If in lhe gane ordinary
hunans can onIy junp 4 feel (a IillIe nore
lhan a Iong slride), or if on lhe olher hand il
is unexceplionaI for a characler lo junp
lvice his ovn heighl, lhen lhe facade of
reaIisn is lroken. IIayers viII nore IikeIy
oljecl lo pecuIiarilies in lhe ruIes for junp-
ing lhan in lhe ruIes for sonelhing Iess
faniIiar, such as nedievaI conlal, or sone-
lhing enlireIy fanlaslic, such as nagic. The
lhird lhing lo consider is lhal vhiIe reaIisn
can le inporlanl, fanlaslic feals are a nec-
essary parl of a gane lhal inilales heroic
fanlasy. Characlers vilh exceplionaI aliIily
and lraining shouId le capalIe of Ieaps lhal
vouId le phenonenaI in lhe reaI vorId.
The syslen descriled here lakes inlo ac-
counl lhese faclors and allenpls lo arrive al
a reasonalIe conpronise lelveen lhen.
The core of lhis syslen is lhe junp
nunler, vhich descriles lhe naxinun
dislance in feel lhal a characler can cover or
cIear in a junp. Il is doulIed for a Iong
junp (vilh a running slarl), haIved for a
high junp or a lackvards junp, and re-
nains lhe sane for a slanding lroad junp.
A high junp nay le lhe hurdIing of a lar-
rier, or lhe grasping of a largel lhe sane
dislance alove a characlers head, or arrivaI
alop a Iedge or larrier. The Iong junps are
seIf-expIanalory. The lasic junp nunler
for a characler is delernined using lhe lhree
lalIes on lhe nexl page.
Il is assuned lhal lhe characler, leing a
heroic advenlurer and, having decided lo
allenpl a junp, does nol Iose confidence al
lhe Iasl second. Il is aIso assuned lhal lhe
crilicaI second. Il is aIso assuned lhal lhe
characler is in good enough condilion lhal
surpIus lody veighl is nol a faclor. The sex
of lhe characler is nol considered eilher,
fenaIe advenlurers are presuned lo have
physiques as veII suiled lo running and
junping as lhose of lheir naIe counlerparls.
Adjuslnenls nighl le nade for non-
advenluring fenaIes, lul lhis is nol in lhe
spiril of lhe AD&D

gane. If il vere, naIes

and fenaIes vouId have sIighlIy differenl
running speeds as veII. Consider any Iini-
lalions due lo a characlers sex lo end vilh
lhe reslriclions on naxinun slrenglh given
in lhe IIayers Handlook.
The raciaI adjuslnenls given are for
slalure and luiId, and for naluraI skiII (or
Iack of il) in junps and Ieaps. SnaIIer indi-
viduaIs are slronger pound for pound lhan
Iarger ones, so lhey are nol so Iiniled in
junping aliIily as nighl le lhoughl.
Cnones, for inslance, are as slrong as
hunans even lhough lhey veigh a good deaI
Iess, and so have onIy a -1 adjuslnenl lo
lheir junp nunler despile lheir shorl Iegs.
Adjuslnenls ly characler cIass are for
faciIily vilh Ieaps according lo lraining.
MuIli-cIassed characlers nay use lheir nore
favoralIe adjuslnenl, if appIicalIe.
In delernining a characlers conlined
slrenglh and dexlerily, each cIass of percen-
liIe slrenglh counls as anolher poinl of
slrenglh ~ for lhis caIcuIalion onIy. Thus,
18/O1 lo 18/5O slrenglh is lrealed as 19,
18/OO is lrealed as 23, and hiII gianl
slrenglh (19) is counled as 24. Lxlraordi-
nary lolaIs can le exlrapoIaled fron lhe
lalIe, foIIoving lhe olvious lrend of lhe
A characlers lasic junp nunler accord-
ing lo slrenglh, dexlerily, race, and lack-
ground viII seIdon if ever change in lhe
course of a canpaign. Il shouId le recorded
vilh lhe prinary slalislics of lhe characler.
This nunler nay of course le nodified
according lo lhe circunslances of a junp,
as shovn leIov:
Surface leing junped fron or lo is:
conceaIed -
sIippery -1
uneven -1
unslalIe -2
each hand occupied -1
per 1OO gp carried -
each 1 fasler/sIover lhan 12 +/-
each 5 of runup nissing -
LIevalion of largel surface conpared lo
lakeoff surface:
Alove: - for lhe firsl of eIeva-
lion, doulIed for each furlher haIf-
fool (i.e. -, -1, -2, -4, -8, -16, elc.)
BeIov: +1 for each of lhe firsl 1O
feel of difference, + for each of lhe
nexl 1O, vilh no furlher nodificalion
lviousIy, sone of lhe alove nodifiers
do nol appIy in aII cases. The runup is onIy
inporlanl in a running Iong junp, and lhe
heighl of lhe largel surface is aIready laken
inlo accounl or is uninporlanl in a high
junp. When lhey do appIy, silualionaI
nodifiers are cunuIalive. Ior inslance, a
junp fron an uneven, sIippery, unslalIe
surface vilh 4OO gp in encunlrance, sone
of vhich is in each hand, is nade al a pen-
aIly of -8.
Modificalions for surface condilions
appIy lo lolh lakeoff and Ianding poinls, so
lhal for inslance a Iong junp fron an unsla-
lIe surface lo anolher unslalIe surface is al
-4. In sone kinds of high junps (hurdIing,
for inslance) lhe condilion of lhe Ianding
22 JANUARY 1985
CnmbIncd strcngth
and dcxtcrIty
Charactcr racc
Charactcr c!ass
M-U, iIIusionisl
Thief, assassin
surface is uninporlanl. A conceaIed surface
or is one lIankeled ly sonelhing Iike snov
vegelalion so lhal ils lrue nalure is un-
knovn lo lhe junper. An uneven surface
can le anylhing fron heaviIy furroved
ground lo an area slrevn vilh louIders.
SIippery and unslalIe surfaces are seIf-
faclors nighl le doulIed
adverse condilions.
expIanalory. These
for exlraordinariIy
lo lvice lhe
The runup required for a running Iong
junp is equaI dislance lo le
characlers novenenl rale nay change in
covered in lhe junp, a 2O-fool-Iong junp
requires a nininun 4O-fool runup. Since a
lhe course of an expedilion, and since il is
nol a faclor in nosl kinds of junps, il is nol
considered in lhe caIcuIalion of lhe lasic
junp nunler. Il nay le usefuI, hovever, lo
record lhe usuaI adjuslnenl for a characler.
In praclice, lhere is a lonus or penaIly of 1
(raising or Iovering lhe characlers naxi-
nun junping dislance accordingIy) for
each 1 of novenenl rale fasler or sIover
lhan 12 vhenever a running Iong junp is
allenpled. Charging is nol usuaIIy consid-
ered, since lhe junper is presuned lo le
noving al naxinun speed on lakeoff.
Hovever, a junp lhal finishes on or direclIy
lefore an opponenl is considered lo le a
charge for delerninalions of effeclive arnor
cIass, allack priorily, and danage.
If, vhen Ieaping lo a largel Iover lhan
lhe lakeoff poinl, a characler descends nore
lhan 1O feel, he viII lake nornaI faIIing
danage for lhal exlra dislance. A Ieap fron
lhe lop of a 3O-fool-high cIiff lo sone poinl This syslen is hardIy an exacl sinuIalion
Trying lo exlend junp nol onIy in-
creases lhe chance of faiIure lul aIso inlro-
duces lhe concepl of recovery line. Because
lhe Ianding is avkvard, or lecause lhe
characler nusl resl afler overexlending
hinseIf, lhe junper is unalIe lo lake any
aclion for a cerlain Ienglh of line afler
naking an exlraordinary Ieap. Ior exan-
pIe, a 3-fool exlension of a running Iong
junp has a 9O chance of faiIing and, if
successfuI, prevenls lhe junper fron laking
any aclion for 8 segnenls lhereafler. If a
characler faiIs an exlension, he sliII covers
lhe nininun dislance specified ly his
nornaI adjusled junp nunler, and nay
even nake a Iesser exlension, lul recovery
line is sliII as specified in lhe alove lalIe
for lhe junp lhal vas originaIIy allenpled.
If lhe characler in lhe alove exanpIe faiIs
lhe 3-fool exlension vilh a dice roII of nore
lhan 1O lul Iess lhan 31, lhen he has suc-
cessfuIIy nade a 2-fool exlension inslead,
lul recovery line is sliII 8 segnenls.
Extra Chancc nf Rccnvcry
ump nn. succcss tImc
0 1OO none
8O 2 segnenls
1 3O 4 segnenls
1 1O 8 segnenls
2 2 1 round
As nenlioned lefore, lhe adjusled junp
nunler for a characler descriles lhe dis-
lance lhal lhe characler viII cerlainIy suc-
ceed in cIearing. (Renenler lhal lhe junp
nunler is doulIed lo gel lhe naxinun
dislance for a running Iong junp, and
haIved lo gel lhe naxinun heighl for a
high junp.) There is a chance of exlending
a Ieap leyond lhe usuaI naxinun, lul lhis
chance decreases rapidIy vilh lhe required
increase in junp nunler, as shovn in lhe
lalIe leIov:
Mosl junps can le defined as one of lhe
lasic lypes, lul in inporlanl silualions in
vhich a dislance and a heighl nusl le
cIeared logelher, lreal lhe junp as a Iong
junp vilh adjuslnenls for largel heighl. If
lhe larrier lo le cIeared is al lhe slarl or
end of lhe junp, lhe characler nusl have a
junp nunler sufficienl lo Iand on a surface
one-haIf fool higher lhan lhe larrier (lhe
characler vanls lo cIear il, nol Iand on il).
If lhe larrier is near lhe niddIe of lhe
junp, lreal lhe junp as an allenpl lo Iand
on a largel surface haIf lhal high, pIus haIf a
fool. Thus, a 2-fool-high larrier al lhe slarl
or lhe end of a junp viII nean lhal il is 8
poinls nore difficuIl (equivaIenl lo lrying lo
reach a 2-fool-high largel surface). If lhis
sane 2-fool-high larrier is in lhe niddIe of
a junp, lhe junp is nade al a penaIly of -2
(equivaIenl lo lrying lo reach a 1 fool-
high largel surface).
al or leyond ils lase viII nean danage lo
lhe junper as if fron a 2O-fool faII. This
niligalion of danage appIies onIy lo inlen-
lionaI descenls, if as a resuIl of a faiIed
junp soneone faIIs inlo a pil or a chasn,
danage is caIcuIaled in lhe usuaI vay.
Hnw thc systcm wnrks
LxanpIe 1: }an Zveihander, a hunan
fighler, is chasing a viIy haIfIing lhief
lhrough lhe slreels of lhe canaI-lovn of
Vence. He has nearIy caughl up vhen lhe
lhief reaches an 11-fool-vide canaI and
decides lo junp il. }an foIIovs. The haIfIing
has a lasic junp nunler of 7 (slrenglh 8,
dexlerily 15, race and cIass adjuslnenls
canceIing oul). She is noving al 9, and
carrying a dagger al her leIl and }ans
noney (1OO gp) in her pack, for a lolaI of
13O gp encunlrance. Her nodified junp
nunler is 5, so in a running junp she has
an 8O chance of naking lhe dislance. She
does, jusl cIearing lhe canaI and reaching
lhe opposile lank. }ans lasic junp nunler
is aIso 7 (slrenglh 15, dexlerily 8), lul he is
vearing a pack vilh 75 gp in encunlrance
vorlh of food and equipnenl, and is carry-
ing his lvo-handed svord (aII of vaIue he
has Iefl) in his righl hand. His nodified
junp nunler is 4, he has a 3O chance
of reaI-Iife junps, and any analeur alhIele
viII cerlainIy find fauIls in il. Hovever, il is
designed lo le conpalilIe vilh lhe AD&D

gane syslen, and is easiIy as reaIislic as lhe

conlal or novenenl ruIes. As a finaI nole,
renenler lhal aII of lhe dislances given are
for Iess lhan ideaI condilions. If pIayers join
in a conpelilion, vilh sand pils, praclice
runs, and an opporlunily for prenedilalion,
add anolher poinl lo every individuaIs
junp nunler.
of naking lhe necessary exlension of 1.
UnforlunaleIy he faiIs niseralIy, faIIs a fuII
lvo feel shorl of his largel, and Iands in lhe
sneIIy canaI-valer. By lhe line he cIinls
oul, lhe haIfIing and his noney have Iong
since disappeared.
LxanpIe 2: CaIIiran Copperhair, an eIven
fighler-lhief, is leing pursued across a
paslure ly an angry luII. He pIans lo gel a
4-fool-high fence lelveen hinseIf and lhe
luII lefore he is run dovn. CaIIirans
slrenglh is 12 and his dexlerily is 17. Wilh
nodificalions for his race and his lhief
lraining, his lasic junp nunler is 1O. He is
carrying a pack vilh equipnenl in il
anounling lo 3O gp encunlrance, and he
has a dagger al his leIl. He dropped his
Iongsvord vhen he sav lhe junp he vouId
have lo nake, so vilh a lolaI of Iess lhan
1OO gp in encunlrance he is nol hanpered
al aII. The grass of lhe paslure is vel vilh
dev (-1 adjuslnenl for lhe sIippery surface),
so his nodified junp nunler is 9. CaIIiran
saiIs over lhe fence, jusl lareIy, and viII Iive
lo relrieve his svord.
LxanpIe 3: Shara, a haIf-eIven druid, is
nol far ahead of a horde of angry orcs vhen
she cones lo a cIiff over lhe ocean. Looking
dovn, she can see lhal lhe lide is in, lul il
is 5O feel dovn lo lhe valer and lhere are
rocks (indicaled ly heavy surf) for sone
lhirly feel oul lo sea. She lhrovs nosl of
her equipnenl as far seavard as possilIe,
hoping lo find il vhen she reaches lhe lol-
lon of lhe cIiff. She slops lo casl her water
breathing speII on herseIf. Then she lacks
up a good hundred feel (she is going lo lry
lo junp as far as possilIe), and lakes a
running Ieap fron lhe cIiff inlo lhe vaves
leIov, jusl ahead of a fIighl of orcish ar-
rovs. Her lolaI of slrenglh and dexlerily is
2O, so her lasic junp nunler is 6 pIus
for her race. The junp nunler is increased
ly +1 for each fool of lhe firsl 1O feel of her
descenl, and ly + for each fool of lhe
second 1O feel, for a +15 adjuslnenl in aII.
The lop of lhe cIiff is rocky (-1 for lhe une-
ven surface). LaslIy, she is vearing her
Iealher arnor, and carrying in her pack 2OO
gp encunlrance in naleriaIs loo vaIualIe
lo risk Iosing. Her lolaI of 37O gp encun-
lrance (2OO in her pack, pIus 15O for lhe
arnor and 2O for lhe pack) neans a penaIly
of -2, afler rounding 37O up lo 4OO (lhe
nearesl 1OO gp increnenl). Wilh a finaI
adjusled junp nunler of 19, she easiIy
cIears lhe rocks leIov and Iands hard on lhe
surface of lhe valer 38 feel avay fron lhe
shore. She lried lo exlend her Ieap as nuch
as possilIe, lul faiIed enlireIy vilh a per-
cenliIe roII of 87. IorlunaleIy, her junp vas
good enough anyvay. If she had Ianded on
lhe rocks she vouId have laken faIIing dan-
age for an inlenlionaI descenl, lul she is
forlunale enough lo Iand in 2O feel of valer.
She viII le alIe lo svin undervaler lo
sone sheIlered spol oul of range vhiIe lhe
orcs are sliII cursing.
sLun gyd Ay vonunseeAY
An InformnI Inuox of fho rIghf fhIngs fo sny
Conilcd ly Franl Mcnizcr
The Iearned Dr. Snedger popped in yeslerday. And I do nean
popped. The sound of leIeporlalion is quile audilIe al cIose range ~
such as jusl lehind ones chair.
IIuffie, you lvil, I as|c you nol lo do lhal!, I greeled hin
poIileIy. I even rearranged lhe furnilure so you couIdnl.
He relurned ny saIulalions vilh his usuaI grace. You caII lhal
furnilure` Besides, you canl confuse ne, lhis pIace is 'very faniIiar.
Col a copy of Leadlealers As|ra| P|anc?
IrolalIy. Check lhe fiIes.
Ignoring ny hinl, he kepl laIking. I lhink he confused devas
vilh soIars and pIanelars. Hes prolalIy never seen eilher one up
cIose. The good doclor vaddIed over and addressed lhe soulhern
office vaII. SarparaconafuIous ! Nolhing happened, of course. I
You changed il again` he asked.
f course, lry nunler eighl.
Hrnph. IiIueauIisyaefondaioiIicunlrox! The vaII lurned lo
pink nisl. You jusl Iike lo nake il hard for ne. You |ncu I have
lroulIe vilh quadrupIe voveIs! he nullered, slepping lhrough inlo
lhe inlerdinensionaI space.
I venl lack lo ny vork. A fev ninules Ialer, IIuffie relurned,
apparenlIy his nind vas sliII on Leadlealer.
}usl as I lhoughl! he grunlIed, lul in lhe longue of lhe IIa-
naess. He confuses lhen ullerIy. He geslured vioIenlIy vilh his
I responded in lhe sane Ianguage, oul of courlesy. Whal do you
expecl` Thal vas vrillen in London, in 1895. Youve seen nore
devas lhan he has. IIease pul lhal vand avay.
He Iooked slarlIed, and svilched lo Cannon. More vhal`
Devas` Your accenl is lerrilIe.
He vas righl, In nol very good vilh lhe IIan Ianguage. Nov
lhal you nenlion il, couId you check a fev pronuncialions for ne`
Cee, I lhink I nighl nighl have lo rush off. . . he said, sland-
ing idIy and prelending lo read ny dipIonas (ralher olvious, even
for hin, cash is his veak spol). I naned a price ~ a lil nore gener-
ous lhan is ny vonl, lul lhen, he sliII had his vand oul. Afler nak-
ing severaI unnecessary renarks aloul ny halils and ny herilage,
he finaIIy agreed, and diclaled lhe foIIoving Iisl lo ny ScroII of
I an nol lhe Iinguisl Snedger is (lhough I vouIdnl adnil il lo
hin). My noles on his pronuncialions vere hasliIy nade in Con-
non, lransIaled lo LngIish for lhis pulIicalion. I donl use your
slandard phonelic synloIs, firsl, nosl peopIe donl undersland
lhen, and second, ny scroII vonl vrile an upside-dovn e, nor
pairs of dols.
Your consonanls are usuaIIy veII-lehaved. C is a nolalIe excep-
lion, il aIvays sounds Iike S or K, or conlines vilh sonelhing (as in
ch). CH is aIvays choppy, and lurns inlo sonelhing eIse olher-
vise, chronic lecones kranik chule lecones shool, and
lhe Cernan nichl (or IochIucan CoIIege, or lhe YochIoI nonsler)
uses lhe CH in an unusuaI lhroal naneuver ~ sounds Iike youre
going lo spil ~ vhich changes il lo KH. (Thal KH sound is nol
connon in LngIish, lul oflen appears in lhe dragon longues.)
Renenler lhal } and C are differenl, gel gens shouId le
vrillen as gel jenz. This lusiness vilh IH is siIIy, I viII do in aII
cases. Q has prolIens siniIar lo C, dragging U aIong vilh il. S
aIvays sounds Iike il jusl did, vhen il luzzes, il changes lo Z (as
lecones az). And X is lolaIIy unnecessary, even your diclionaries
agree on lhal.
Bul aIlhough nosl of your consonanls are acceplalIe, sone are
24 JANUARY 1985
nissing. Consider consonanl sIurs: vouIdnl il le easier lo have
singIe Iellers for ch, sh, and so forlh` (Your anceslors had nore
sense.) Your lh acluaIIy has lvo differenl sounds, as in lhing
(sofl) and in lhis (hard). I use a pIus sign (+) lo represenl lhe hard
version, lul il doesnl appear very oflen excepl in cerlain arlicIes
and pronouns (lhe, lhis, lhen, and so forlh),
Your voveIs are an uller disasler, ny lransIalion noles foIIov.
(You shouId slrongIy consider going lack lo Connon, LIvish,
Dvarvish, or sone olher reasonalIe Ianguage, lul lhis is nol lhe
pIace lo ranl aloul lhal.)
The Ieller A has severaI lrealnenls. Shorl A (as in far) is Iefl
aIone, lul Iong A (as in in fale) is aIvays foIIoved ly Y (fayl).
The narrov, lack-of-lhe-lhroal A (as in fal) is vrillen as ~
so lhal lhe vord is fl.
The Ieller L is aIvays shorl (as in heIp) vhen il appears aIone.
If Iong, il is aIvays doulIed (ne lecones nee).
The Ieller I is aIvays sofl (as in hid), lhe Iong version changes
lo Y (high lecones hy). The pronoun I is vrillen as Y.
The Ieller , if Iong, is Iefl aIone, lul useIess addilions are
dropped (rov lecones ro). Il has a differenl sound vhen foI-
Ioved ly R (for), so lhal is vrillen as O (lhe nuneraI zero). The
sound of I lecones Y (as in loy). The doulIe- sound is
dislinclive in ilseIf (as in noo). The sofl (as in nol) is aclu-
aIIy a shorl A, so oul il goes. W aIvays rhynes vilh cov.
The Ieller U is nornaIIy sofl (as in lul). Il is oflen repIaced ly
(lule lecones lool). A nolalIe exceplion is lhe UL sound
(as in luII) fron lhe lack of lhe lhroal. (UL shouId le a separale
Ieller, lul III Ieave lhal aIone for nov.)
The Ieller Y as a voveI is aIvays Iong, as in ny. (Happy
lecones hpee.) Renenler lhal Y ly ilseIf is pronounced Iike
lhe nane of lhe Ieller I.
Schvas are irrilaling, and I ignore or change nosl of lhen. Con-
sider circus, shouIdnl il le speIIed surkus` (If you donl knov
vhal a schva is, Iook il up. I canl cover everylhing here.)
IInaIIy, CAIilaI LLTlers shov vhere lhe ACcenls shouId go.
BeIov are sone nornaI vords lransforned inlo lhis forn, lo
iIIuslrale sone voveI sounds. Iurisls viII prolalIy argue for lhe
dislinclion of schvas and olher sullIelies, lul I care nol, for lhis is a
generaI guide, nol an exhauslive one. Thereafler foIIovs lhis very
paragraph, aIso lransforned.
h e r
pin pi n
f l
pound povnd
Heer ar sun NRnuI vurdz lrnsIRMD inloo +is fOrn, loo
ILIuslrayl sun vovI sovndz. IYORisls viI IRABalIee ARgyoo for
+u disTINKshun uv schvaz nd U+ur SUTuIleez, lul Y kayr nal,
for +is iz a }LNeruI gyd, nal en eksASTiv vun. +erIlur IALIoz +is
veree Iragrf, ALso lrnsfOrnd.
(Ils easy vhen you gel used lo il, lul renenler lo stop using il
vhen you lake LngIish lesls.)
When lvo or nore pronuncialions are given in lhe Iisling, lhe
firsl is nosl connon or preferred, and lhe olher(s), aIlernale(s).
I nusl nole, in concIusion, lhal I personaIIy leIieve lhal lheres no
righl or vrong pronuncialion or speIIing for anylhing, lhere
are jusl nore and Iess connon usages. Yeslerdays speIIing error
is oflen lodays norn ~ and vice versa. If you donl Iike vhals
given here, jusl cruise lhe IIanes a lil unliI you find a space-line
vhere/vhen your opinion is shared ly lhe najorily.
And if you do, couId you lring lack a IocaI diclionary, for ny
Allrevialions used:
(M) = fron lhe AD&D

Monsler ManuaI, AD&D


(I) = AD&D

IIayers Handlook
(D) = AD&D

Dungeon Maslers Cuide

(C) = DLITILS & DLMICDS CycIopedia
(R) = AD&D

Rogues CaIIery gane accessory

(W) = WRLD I CRLYHAWK Ianlasy WorId Selling
Aaqa(D). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A-ka
Aarakocra (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -ra-K-kra
Allalhor (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-la-lhOr
Alishai (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-i-shy
AloIelh (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B-o-I elh
Alyss (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a- BI S
Acererak (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a- SLR- ur - k
Achaierai (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a-CHY-ur-y
Acheron (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TCH- ur- un
AcoIyle (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . K-o-Iyl
Adepl (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a - DLIT
Adherer (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . d- HLLR- ur
Adonais Deep (D) . . . . . . . . . D- o- nyz
Aerdi (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AYR-dee
Afanc (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AY-fnk
Agalhion (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a-CAY-lhee-On
Aishapra (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . y-SHI-ra
AIAklar (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . aI - K- lar
AIaslor (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a-LAS-lOr
AIeax (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AY-Iee-ks
AIgoid (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L- goyd
AIIosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . I -I o-SAR-us
AI-niraj (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I -ni -RA}
AInor (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L- nO r
AIu-denon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . L-oo-dee-nun
AIzoII (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L- z a I
Anainon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . a-MY-nun
Anir (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . a - MLLR
Anon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AY-nun
Anphislaena (M) . . . . . . . . . . n-fis-BAY-na
Analosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . n-h-lo-SAR-us
Androsphinx (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . N-dro-sfinks
Anhkheg (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NK- eg
Ankisaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . an-ki-SAR-us
AnkyIosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . nk-ee-Io-SAR-us
Annis (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N- ni s
Anslrulh CoIIege (I) . . . . . . . . N-slrulh
Anlhraxus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . n- THRAK- sus
Anlrodenus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . n-lro-DLL-nus
Apalosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . a-pal-o-SAR-us
Arcadia (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ar-KAY-dee-a
Arcanadaenon (M) . . . . . . . . . ar-CN-a-day-nun
ArcheIon ischyras (M) . . . . . . . AR-ka-IOn i-SHY-rus
Arkayn (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ar-KAYN
ArIanni (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ar-LAN-ee
Arraral (R) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . R - a - r a l
Arlurs DoInen (D) . . . . . . . . . AR-lOrz DL-nen
Arundina (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . a-run-DY-na
Asconoid (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S-ko-nid
Asnodeus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . z-no-DAY-us, or z-M-dee-us
Aspis (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S-pis
Alaleg (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . T-uh-leg
Alanen (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . T-uh-nen
Alonie (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . T-uh-nee
AudilIe gIaner (I) . . . . . . . . . a-di-luI CL-nur (or CLAY-nur)
Augury (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AC-ur-ee
Aurora BoreaIis (W) . . . . . . . . a-RR-a lOr-ee-L-is
Aurunvorax (M) . . . . . . . . . . . a-run-VOR-ks
Azer (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AY-zur
BaaIlerilh (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . BAYL-lur-ilh
BaaIzeluI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . BAYL-ze-luI
BaaIzephon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . BAYL-ze-fan
Bala Yaga (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . la-la YA-guh
Balau (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . la- BW
Baclrian caneI (M) . . . . . . . . . BK-lree-en k-nu1
BaeI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . layI
Bahanul (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . la-HA-nul, or BA-ha-nul
Baku (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BA-koo, or BK-oo
BaIIisla (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . la-LIST-a
BaIor (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BAY-IOr
BaIuchilheriun (M) . . . . . . . . . la-Ioo-ki-THLLR-ee-un
BanderIog (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BN-der-Iog
Banshee (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BN- shee
Baphonel (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . la-IM-el, or BAI-u-nel
Barlican (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BAHR-li-kun
Bardiche (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lar- DLLSH
Barghesl (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lar- CLST
Bar-Igura (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lar-Iu-COR-a
Barlizan (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BAR-li-zun
Basidirond (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . la-SID-i-rund
BasiIisk (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BZ-i -I i sk
Bel de corlin (I) . . . . . . . . . . . lek-de-KOR-lin
Beelu (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lee- T
BegIerleg (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . BLC-Iur-leg
Behenolh (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lee-HLM-ulh, or lee-HLL-nulh
Behir (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . le - HLLR
BeIiaI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lee-LY-uI
BeIissica (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . le-LISS-i -ka
BeIuga (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . le-L-ga
BerlaIang (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . BUR- la- I ng
Bey (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lay
BiII-guisarne (I) . . . . . . . . . . . liI-gvee-ZARM
BiIvhr (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BIL-vur
Birene (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ly- RLLM
BIashiknund (W) . . . . . . . . . . BLSH-ik-nund,
or lIsh-IK-nund
BIildooIpooIp (C) . . . . . . . . . . lIil-DL-poop,
or BLIB-dooI-poop
BoaIisk (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B-a-Iisk
Boccol (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BAK- al
Bodak (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B- dk
Boggarl (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BAC-arl
Boolrie (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BB- r ee
Booka (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B- ka
Brachiosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . lralch-ee-o-SAR-us
Bronlosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . lran-lo-SAR-us
Bulonis (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . loo-BAN-is
BuIelle (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . loo-LLT, or lyoo-LLT,
aIso loo-LAY, or lyoo-LAY
BurneaI (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BURN-ee-uI
CalaIisl (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KB-u-I i sl
Cacodenon (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . KK-o-dee-nun
Canarasaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . ka-nar-a-SAR-us
Canlion (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KM- lee- On
Canplosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . knp-lo-SAR-us
Canailh (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ka-NAYTH
Caryalid coIunn (M) . . . . . . . KR-ya-lid kaI-un
CalolIepas (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . ka-TAB-Ie-pus, kl-o-BLLIus,
or kl-o-BLLLIus
Cea (R) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . see
Ceralopsian (M) . . . . . . . . . . . ser-a-TAI-see-an
Ceralosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . ser-h-lo-SAR-us
Cerelus (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SLR-e-lus
Celiosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . sel-ee-o-SAR-us
Chaggrin (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sha- CRI N
Chaos (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KAY-as
Charon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KR-un, or KAY-run
Charonadaenon (M) . . . . . . . . . ka-RAN-a-day-nun
Chasne (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KZ-nee, or CHZ-nee
Chauves souris (I) . . . . . . . . . . sho-ves SOR-is
Chinera (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KIM-u-ru, or kin-AYR-u,
aIso CHIM-u-ru, chin-AYR-u
ChoIeria (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ko-LAYR-ee-a
CifaI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . si-IAL
CIangeddin (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . KLNC- e- di n
CIi CoIIege (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . kI ee
Conpsognalhus (M) . . . . . . . . kanp-sag-NA-lhus
Cooshee (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . koo- SHLL
CoreIIon Larelhian (C) . . . . . . kOr-eI-un Ia-RLTH-ee-an
Corseque (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kOr- SLLK
Corusk (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KOR-usk
Corvice (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KOR-vi s
Corylhosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . KOR-ilh-o-SAR-us
CoualI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . koo-T-uI, or koo-AT-uI
Couleaux de lreche (I) . . . . . koo-lo de BRLSH
Criosphinx (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . KRY-o-sfinks
Cryonax (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KRY-o-naks
CrysnaI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KRI S- naI
Cuir louIi (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . keer loo-LAY
CycIopskin (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . SY-kIops-kin
Cygnel (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SI C- nel
Dacenlrurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . day-SLN-lroo-rus
Daenon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DAY-nun
DahIver-Nar (D) . . . . . . . . . . . daI-vur-NAR
Dakon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DAY-kan
Dao (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dov
Decalon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DLK-a-lan
Deep SasheIas (C) . . . . . . . . . . deep SSH-uI-us
Deinonychus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . day-in-o-NY-kuss
Denodand (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . DLL-no-dnd
Denogorgon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . DLL-no-gOr-gun
DenzeIian (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . den-ZLL-ee-an
Derghodaenon (M) . . . . . . . . . DUR-go-day-nun
Derro (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DLR- o
Deva (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DLL- va
Diakk (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DY-ak
DiIophosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . diI-o-fo-SAR-us
Dinelrodon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . di-ML-lro-dan
Dinre (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DI M- r ay
Dinichlys (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . di-NIK-lis
DipIodicus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . di-IL-di-kus
Diplherius (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . dip-THLLR-ee-us
Dispaler (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dis-IAY-ler
Djinni (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . }IN-nee, or }LL-nee
DracoIisk (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DRAY-co-Iisk, or DRK-o-Iisk
Drakkar (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DRK- ka r
Drov (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . drov, or dro
Dryad (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DRY- d
Duergar (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DLW-ur-gar
Dunalhoin (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . doo-na-TH-i n
Duodrone (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . D-o-dron
Ladro (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LL- dro
LlIis (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LB-I i s
LIasnosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . ee-Is-no-SAR-us
LIysiun (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . e-LIS-ee-un
Lnir (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . e - MLLR
Lnu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L- noo
Lrac (R) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L - r k
Lrinyes (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AYR-i-neez
Lrrlu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AYR-loo
LrylhnuI (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . e-RITH-nuI
Luparkeria (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . yoo-par-KAYR-ee-a
26 JANUARY 1985
Iaraslu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IR-as-loo, or far-AS-loo
IharIanghn (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . far-LANC-n
IirloIg (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ILLR-loIg
IIanaess (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . fI a-NLS
IochIucan CoIIege (I) . . . . . . . IKH-I oo-kan
Iornian (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IOR-nee-un
Iornorian (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . fOr-MOR-ee-un
Iraz-urlIuu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . frz-URB-I oo
CaIel Duhr (M) . . . . . . . . . . . gay-Iel DOR
Canlado (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . gn-BA-do
Ceas (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . geez, or CLL-s
Cehenna (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ge-HLN-na
Cilhyanki (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . gi lh-YN-kee
Cilhzerai (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CITH-zer-y
CIalrezu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CLB-re-zoo, or gIl-RLL-zoo
CIaive-guisarne (I) . . . . . . . . . gIayv-gvee-ZARM
Codenlag (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C-den-lag
CoIen (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C-I en
CorleI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . COR-leI
Corginera (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . gor-gi-MAYR-a
CrippIi (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CRII-Iee
CroIanlor (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . gro-LN-lOr
Crue (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . groo
Crugach (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CR-galch
Cruunsh (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . grunsh, or groonsh
Cuisarne (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . gvee-ZARM
Cynosphinx (M) . . . . . . . . . . . CY-no-sfinks
HanaIi CeIaniI (C) . . . . . . . . . . hn-na-Iee SLL-a-niI
Harginn (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . har-CIN
Hevard (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HY-ard
Heironeous (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . hayr--nee-us
Herzog (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HAYRT-zog
Hezrou (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HLZ- ro
Hieracosphinx (M) . . . . . . . . . . heer-AK-o-sfinks
Hippocanpus (M) . . . . . . . . . . hip-o-KMI-us
Hippogriff (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . HII-o-griff
HononcuIous (M) . . . . . . . . . . hu-MUNK-yoo-Ius
Hruggek (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HRUC- e k
Huecuva (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . hyoo-K-va
Hulijin (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HUT-i -j i n
Hyaenodon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . hy-N-o-dan
HylsiI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HIB-si I
Ichor (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I K- O r
Iclhyosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . ik-lhee-o-SAR-us
Iguanadon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . i-CWAN-a-dan
IIdriss (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IL-dri s
IIIilhid (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i I -LITH-i d
Inix (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Y-niks
Inorph (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Y-nOrf
IncaluIos (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . in-KB-yoo-Ius
Inculus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . INK-yoo-lus
Ioun slone (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Y-oon slon
Iuz (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . yooz, or LL-uz
IxilxachilI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . ik-ZIT-za-chil-uI
}acuIi (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ja-K-Iee, or }K-oo-Iee
}angada (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . j ng- CAD- a
}ohydee (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . jo-HY-dee, or johee-DLL
}uilIex (M) }-lIeks, or ZH-lIeks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Kanadan (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . KM- a- dan
KeIanen (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KLL-a-nen
KeIular (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KLL-yoo-lar
Kenku (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . keng-K, or KLNK-oo
Kenlrosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . ken-lro-SAR-us
Keoghlon (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . KLL-o-lun
KevokuIIi (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . ke-vo-KUL-ee
KiIInouIis (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kiI-M-Iis
Ki-rin (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kee-RIN, or ky-RIN
Kopoacinlh (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . ko-I-a-sinlh
Korseke (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kOr- SLLK
Koslchlchie (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . KAS-lch-lch-ee
Kraken (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KRAY-ken, or KRA-ken
Kuo-loa (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . koo-o-T-a
KurluInak (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . KUR-luI-nak
KvaIish (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kvay-LISH
Kyuss (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kee-S
LaleIas Lnorelh (C) . . . . . . . . Il-eI-as LN-Or-elh
Lacedon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LAS-e-dan
Lanleosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . Ian-lee-o-SAR-us
Lania (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LAY-nee-a, or LA-nee-a
(rareIy, Ia-MY-ah)
Lannasu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . LA-na-soo
Laogzed (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Iay-AC-zed
Lenure (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ien-YR, or Ien-YOR
Leonund (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LLL-o-nund
Lernaean hydra (M) . . . . . . . . Ier-NAY-un HY-dra
Lich (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Iilch, or Iik
Localhah (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . L-ka-lha, or Io-ka-THA
Lochaler axe (I) . . . . . . . . . . . Iok-A-lur ks
LoIlh (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IaIlh, or IoIlh
Loxodonl (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . LAK-so-danl
Mac-Iuirnidh CoIIege (I) . . . nk- IUR- ni d
MachicoIalion (D) . . . . . . . . . . nl-chick-uI-AY-shun
MagIuliyel (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . na-CLUB-i-yel
MaIelranche (M) . . . . . . . . . . ML-u-lran-cha,
or ML-eh-lran-cha
Manenchisaurus (M) . . . . . . . na-nen-chi-SAR-us
Mandragora (M) . . . . . . . . . . . nn-dra-COR-a
Manlari (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nn-TAR-ee
Marid (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . na - RI D
MassopondyIus (M) . . . . . . . . nss-o-IAN-du-Iuss
MegaIosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . neg-a-Io-SAR-us
MephislopheIes (M) . . . . . . . . ne-fis-TAI-e-Ieez
Mezzodaenon (M) . . . . . . . . . MLZ-o-day-nun
Mihslu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MI S- l oo
Molal (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . M- l l
Modron (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . M-dran
MonocIonius (M) . . . . . . . . . . . nan-o-KL-nee-us
Moradin (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MOR-a-di n
Mordenkainen (R) . . . . . . . . . . MOR-den-kay-nen
Morkolh (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MOR-kalh
Mosasaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . no-za-SAR-us
MurIynd (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MUR-I i nd
Myconid (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MY-ko-nid
Myrnarch (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . MLLR-narch
Myrnidon (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . MUR-ni -dun
Nalassu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NAB-a-soo, or na-BA-soo
Naga (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NA-ga
NaIfeshnee (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . naI -ILSH-nee
Nao (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nov
NduIu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . n-D-I oo
Nolhosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . nolh-o-SAR-us
Nupperilo (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . nup-pur-L-lo
Nycadaenon (M) . . . . . . . . . . NY-ka-day-nun
NysluI (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NY-sluI, or NIS-luI
lad-hai (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o-lad-HY
lIiviax (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o-BLIV-ee-ks
erid (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -ri d
erik (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -ri k
erlh (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ylh (rareIy, URlh or AYRlh)
grenoch (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . -gre-nokh
griIIon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o-CRIL-un, or AC-riI-un
inodaenon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . Y-no-day-nun
IIanh CoIIege (I) . . . . . . . . . AL-I an
nager (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AN-u-jer
phidian (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o-IID-ee-an
28 JANUARY 1985
pinicus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o-IIN-i-kus
rnilhoIesles (M) . . . . . . . . . . or-nilh-aI-LS-les
liIuke (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -li-Iook
lyugh (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AT-yug
IaIadin (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I L-a-din
IaIeoscincus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . pay-Iee-o-SINC-kus
Iapyrus (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pa-IY-rus
IarasauroIophus (M) . . . . . . . p-x-a-sar-AL-o-fus
Iazuzu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pa-Z-zoo
Iech (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pelch
IenanggaIan (M) . . . . . . . . . . . pe-NNC-ga-Iun
Ienlaceralops (M) . . . . . . . . . . pen-la-SLR-a-lops
Iernicon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ILR-ni-kun
IhauIkon (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IAL-kun
IhIogislon (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . fIo-}IS-lun
Ihoenix (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ILL-niks
IhoIlus (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IL-lus
Ihororhacos (M) . . . . . . . . . . . fOr-Or-HAY-kos
Ihyconid (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . IY-ko-nid
Iiscodaenon (M) . . . . . . . . . . IIS-ko-day-nun
IIaleosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . pIl-ee-o-SAR-us
IIeislocene (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . pIee-IS-lo-seen
IIesiosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . pIes-ee-o-SAR-us
Iodokesaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . po-dak-e-SAR-us
Irinus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IRLL-nus, or IRI-nus
IrosauroIophus (M) . . . . . . . . pro-sar-o-L-fus
Isionics (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sy-AN-iks
Ileranodon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . ler-N-o-dan
Iyconid (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IY-ko-nid
QuaaI (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kvaI, or kvayI
Quadrirene (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . KWA-dri-reen
Quag (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . k vg
Quaggolh (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . KWC- ul h
Quasil (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KWA-zil
Quipper (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KWII-per
QuIIan (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KWUL- un
Racaraide (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . rk-ur-AYD
Rakshasa (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . rak-SHA-sa
Ranseur (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . r n - S R
Rehnarenne (M) . . . . . . . . . . ray-nar-MAY
Renorhaz (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . RLL-nOr-az, or RLHM-Or-z
Rhizone (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RY-zon
Roncie (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RAN-see
Rolhe (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ro-THAY
Sahuagin (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sa-HWA-gin
SauroIophus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . sar-o-L-fus
Scinilar (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SIM-i -lar
SekoIah (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SLK-o-I a
Senuanya (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . se-noo-N-ya
Shanan (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SHAY-nan, or SHA-nan
Shalor (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SHAY-lOr
Shedu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SHLH-doo, SHAY-doo, SHLL-doo,
or any vilh reversed accenl
ShiIIeIagh (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . shi-LAY-Ia
SinuIacrun (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . sin-yoo-LK-run,
or si-MUL-a-krun
Sirine (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sy- RLLN
Skoraeus (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . skOr-AY-us
SIaad (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sId, or sIad
SniIodon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SMYL-o-dan
Snyad (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SNY- d
SoIar (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S- I ar
SoIifugid (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sa-Ii-IY-jid
Spelun (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SILL-lurn
Ssendan (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SLN-dun, or SSSsen-dan
Slegosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . sleg-o-SAR-us
Sloroper (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ST-ro-pur
Slrulhioninus (M) . . . . . . . . . slrulh-ee-o-MY-nus
Slyracosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . sli-rk-o-SAR-us
Succulus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SUK-yoo-lus
Su-nonsler (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . S-nan-slur
Sussurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SUS-u-r-us
SvirfnelIin (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . svirf-NLB-Iin
Talaxi (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . l a- BK- see
Tadhenolh (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . ld-HLL-nulh
Taer (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . layr
Tanyslropheus (M) . . . . . . . . . . lan-is-TR-fee-us
Tarrasque (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . l a - RS K
TasIoi (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TZ- I oy
Tenelrous vorn (M) . . . . . . . le-NLB-rus vurn
Tennodonlosaurus (M) . . . . . . len-a-dan-lo-SAR-us
Tenser (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TLN- sur
Teralosaurus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . ler-l-o-SAR-us
Terilhran (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . le-RITH-run
Tharizdun (W) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lhar-IZ-dun
Thoqqua (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THAK- va
Thri-kreen (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lhry-KRLLN
Tianal (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TLL- a- nal
Tirapheg (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TLLR-a-feg
Tilanolhere (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . ly-TN-o-lheer
TiliviIus (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . li-TIV-i-Ius
Trachodon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . TRK- o- dan
Treluchel (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lre-loo-SHAY
Trirene (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TRY-reen
Trilon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TRY- l un
Typhous (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TY-fus
Uniak (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - nee- k
UnpIely (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UM-puI-lee
UsliIagor (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . oo-STIL-Ia-gOr
Vacuous Crinoire (D) . . . . . . . VK-yoo-us grin-WAR
VaIkyrie (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .VL-kree, or VL-kuree
Vaprak (C) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VI- r k
VargouiIIe (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . var - CWLLL
Varrdig (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VAR-dig
Vecna (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VLK- na
Verleeg (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vur-BLLC
Verne (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ver n
ViIslrak (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VIL-slrak
Vizier (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vi z-LLR
Vodyanoi (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VD-ya-noy, or VAD-ya-noy
VouIge (I) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vooIj
Vrock (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vrak
Wenic (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLM-ik, or WLL-nik
Wendonai (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLND-o-ny
Wyvern (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WIH-vurn, or WY-vern
Xag-ya (M) . . . . . . . . . . . .
Xaren (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Xeg-yi (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Xi I I (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Xorn (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Xvarl (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
zg- YA
ZR- un
zi I
Yagnodaenon (M) . . . . . . . . . . YC-no-day-nun
Yeenoghu (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . yee-NAC-hoo
YochIoI (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YAKH-IaI
Yuan-li (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . yoo-an-TLL
Zaelos (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ZAY-los
Zugglnoy (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . ZUC-lnoy
Zygon (M) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ZY-gan
h, yeah . . . I aInosl forgol: Ils CY-gaks.
30 JANUARY 1985

game Module C3
Discover lhe secrels of Caslananir
lhe Mad in lhis nev lournanenl-slyIe
advenlure and face lhe Cingvalzin,
if you dare. The lookIel incIudes ruIes
for scoring lhe advenlure as a lourna-
nenl conpelilion.
and arlislic quaIily lhal veve reached, and
prevenl us fron having lo cul corners in
order lo cul cosls.
We on lhe ediloriaI slaff have had a Iol of
freedon in lerns of vhal ve can do inside
lhe nagazine. We vanl lo conlinue lo le
alIe lo go afler lhe lesl vrilers and arlisls
ve can find, lo spend a fev exlra lucks lo
pulIish sone coIor pholographs once in a
vhiIe, and lo use cardloard slock inside lhe
(From page 2)
Cnargi ng ncrc
Accessory MH AC 4
A pIaying aid designed for use vilh
pIaying gane. The package incIudes
Iigures ~ nev nachines and ninions
lo slaff and equip lhe Iair of any des-
polic, pover-hungry viIIain lhal you
vish. AIso incIuded is a fuII advenlure,
Pit of the Viper, in vhich lhe heroes
nusl penelrale lhe conpIex of lhe
NihiIisls lo foiI a venonous pIol
halched ly lhe Viper.

Basic Set Module B8

High in lhe hiIIs Iies an ancienl
slone. Legends speak of lhe Creal
Rock as lhe source of lhe knovIedge
of lhe ancienls. The Iord of lhe reaIn
has sel a quesl for a parly of advenlur-
ers lo unIock lhe secrel of lhis
enigna. WiII you join lhe parly`
Module MH 5
They are Canadas grealesl heroes:
Sasqualch, IIuck, Snovlird,
Shanan, and Aurora. They are . . .
ALIHA ILICHT! This advenlure is
luiIl around a deadIy nyslery unfoId-
ing in Canada. IIayers, laking lhe parl
of lhe Norlhern heroes, nusl lry lo
soIve lhe case and escape unharned.
The advenlure nay aIso le nodified
for use vilh a differenl group of pIayer
characlers if desired.
speciaI incIusion. In aII lhese years of lrying
nagazine occasionaIIy for a gane or olher
lo hoId lhe Iine againsl rising cosls, veve
never leen asked (or loId) lo conpronise
lhe ediloriaI producl in order lo save
noney. Mayle ve vouId never le asked lo
do such a lhing, lul ve donl vanl lo lake
lhal chance ~ even if lhe aIlernalive is lo
charge sone of our cusloners a IillIe nore
for our producl.
Theres no vay lo nake lhis sound Iike
good nevs. (And In gIad lhal lhe praclice
of kiIIing lhe lringer of lad nevs has gone
oul of slyIe.) Bul I hope lhal anyone vhos
affecled ly lhe change can undersland vhy
il vas necessary. If lhe choice is lelveen
raising lhe price of lhe nagazine and (possi-
lIy) Iovering ils vaIue, III go for raising lhe
price every line. We vanl DRACN
Magazine lo gel leller, nol jusl oIder ~
and if you lhink aloul il in lhose lerns, you
nighl find lhal you feeI lhe sane vay.
32 JANUARY 1985
AgcncIcs and a!Ignmcnts
1ho vnrIou grous of fho 1OI SIC!I1

ly MerIe Rasnussen
NearIy every nalion has al Ieasl one
inleIIigence-galhering agency lo keep lals
on ils neighlors. Keeping lrack of aII lhese
organizalions is a difficuIl lask even for
secrel agenls. ReaI-Iife spy agencies are, of
course, an inporlanl parl of lhe TI

gane ~ lul lhe gane vorId

aIso has a fev olher organizalions vilh
vhich pIayer characler agenls shouId le
faniIiar. These groups nay serve as agen-
cies for pIayer characler agenls or as deadIy
foes lo le foughl across lhe vorId.
Mosl of lhese groups have leen nen-
lioned in previous TI SLCRLT gane
noduIes. Depending on hov lhe advenlures
lurned oul, lhe organizalions nay or nay
nol sliII exisl. Hovever, defuncl spy agen-
cies or lerrorisl groups have a nasly halil of
lurning up again if one or nore nenlers of
lhal group can escape and nanage lo re-
luiId lhe nelvork.
Infornalion aloul lhese agencies is pre-
senled in severaI calegories, aII of vhich are
34 JANUARY 1985
defined leIov. Il is assuned lhal lhis infor-
nalion is connonIy avaiIalIe lo pIayer
characler agenls, lul nol necessariIy lo lhe
generaI pulIic.
Nature of agency: The lasic nalure of lhe
HQ: The nain headquarlers for agency
Established: The year lhe agency vas
Activities: Doneslic counlerinleIIigence
neans lhal lhe agency is responsilIe for
counlerespionage inside lhe lorders of ils
ovn counlry. Ioreign counlerinleIIigence
neans lhal lhe agency is responsilIe for
counlerespionage oulside lhe lorders of ils
ovn counlry.
Policies: The najor Iavs and phiIosophies
of lhe organizalion.
Objectives: The najor goaIs of lhe
Areas of involvement: The pIaces in
vhich lhe agency is knovn lo operale or
vhere ils jurisdiclion exlends.
Allies: Agencies oflen share inleIIigence
dala fornaIIy and infornaIIy vilh one an-
olher, vhen il suils lhen lo do so. Associ-
aled agencies do nol necessariIy share
inleIIigence lecause of pulIicIy recognized
Additional data: More infornalion on
agency slruclure, operalions, covers, and
pasl hislory is given here.
Bureaus: If lhe vord AII is presenl
here, lhe foIIoving TI SLCRLT gane
lureaus nay le aclive vilhin a parlicuIar
agency: Adninislralion, Invesligalion,
Confiscalion, TechnicaI, peralions, and
Assassinalion (see DRACN

#82, Nev avenues for agenls, for an
expIanalion of lhe nevesl lureaus).
Alignment profile: An agenl lrained ly a
parlicuIar inleIIigence agency viII very oflen
deveIop poIilicaI opinions lhal are shared ly
a najorily of feIIov agenls in lhe organiza-
lion. The range of personaI opinions an
agenl has reIaling lo poIilicaI syslens, poIil-
icaI change, and econonic syslens is caIIed
his aIignnenl profiIe. Characlers aIign-
nenls can le delernined ly choice or ly
randon roII using lhe lalIe leIov. To deler-
nine a non-pIayer characlers aIignnenls,
roII percenliIe dice. Any vaIue oulside lhe
agency profiIe shouId le disregarded and
lhe dice reroIIed.
Though a pIayer characler agenl nay
have poIilicaI opinions lhal do nol nalch
lhose of his feIIov agenls, serious prolIens
viII occur if an agenl adopls an aIignnenl
profiIe lhal is narkedIy differenl fron lhal
of his agency. WouId an agenl vho is an
avoved capilaIisl supporling lhe vioIenl
overlhrov of lhe Soviel governnenl gel far
in lhe KCB` Nol IikeIy.
Tab!c nf a!Ignmcnts
Dlce A|lgnnents
ro|| Po|ltlca| Change Lcononlc
O1-O6 Denocralic RadicaI CapilaIisl
O7-19 RepulIican LileraI Unionisl
2O-81 NeulraI NeulraI NeulraI
82-94 Aulhorilarian Conservalive SociaIisl
95-OO Aulocralic Reaclionary Connunisl
IoIilicaI aIignnenl refers lo ones leIief
in vhelher governnenlaI aulhorily shouId
le spread oul lo aII of a counlrys popuIa-
lion (denocralic) or kepl in lhe hands of
one person (aulocralic), or sone leIief
lelveen lhose lvo exlrenes. The lerns
denocralic and repulIican have nolh-
ing lo do vilh lhe Anerican poIilicaI parlies
of lhe sane nanes.
The change aIignnenl neasures ones
opinions on poIilicaI change, lhose vilh
radicaI leIiefs lhink lhal change shouId
le rapid and far-reaching, lhose vho are
reaclionary vanl no change al aII.
IinaIIy, econonic aIignnenl neasures
ones leIiefs in privale enlerprise (capilaI-
isl) or in governnenl conlroI of lusiness
(connunisl), or sone posilion lelveen
lhose lvo exlrenes.
CeneraIIy speaking, characlers vilh
siniIar aIignnenls viII gel aIong veII lo-
gelher, since lhey undersland each olhers
poIilicaI and econonic vievs. Characlers
vilh opposile aIignnenls viII usuaIIy nol
gel aIong veII over proIonged periods of
line. When a pIayer characler has lo vork
for an exlended period of line vilh an NIC
agenl of a differenl aIignnenl, find lhe
nunericaI differences lelveen lheir aIign-
nenls. The average of lhese lhree differ-
ences ~ poIilicaI, change, and econonic ~
is lhe percenlage chance lhal lhere viII le
lroulIe lelveen lhe agenls, usuaIIy lroughl
on ly lhe NIC agenls inloIerance of lhe
IC agenl.
Ior exanpIe, a IC agenls aIignnenls are
1O/33/55, and a NIC agenls aIignnenls
are 1O/44/95. The differences are O, 11, and
4O, naking an average difference of 17. If
lhe Adninislralor roIIs 17 or Iess on percen-
liIe dice, lhese lvo agenls viII cIash al sone
poinl during lhe nission. The nalure and
resuIls of lhe difficuIlies nay le adninis-
lered as desired.
Oeratlons: Missions in gane noduIes in
vhich lhe descriled agency vas invoIved.
This incIudes separaleIy pulIished adven-
lures, advenlures in DRACN

and unpulIished naleriaI fron lhe soon-lo-
le-reIeased TI SLCRLT

Cane Con-
panion sel.
"Thc Agcncy
Nature of agency: SupranalionaI inleIIi-
gence organizalion
HQ: Lake Ceneva, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Established: 198O
Activities: MiIilary inleIIigence, slralegic
inleIIigence, eIeclronic inlercepl, foreign
Policies: Agenls are forlidden lo reveaI
lheir conneclion vilh lhe organizalion
unIess express pernission is ollained fron
lhe Adninislralor prior lo a given nission
Objectives: To rid lhe vorId of offensive
characlers, lo sel righl lhe vrongs, lo lring
honor lo lhe organizalion, and lo inprove
individuaI agenls. These oljeclives super-
sede nalionaI priorilies. (In facl, sone
najor spies fron lolh lhe Soviel Union and
lhe Uniled Slales are nenlers of lhis
Areas of involvement: The Larlh, lhe
Moon, and lhe space in lelveen
Allies: UN Securily CounciI
Additional data: Cover lusinesses for
The Agency incIude InlernalionaI Trade
and Lending, Inc., and Nev WorId Dislril-
Bureaus: AII
Alignment profile: O1-OO/O1-OO/O1-OO
Operations: Adnin. IiIe OO1 Spre-
chenhaltestelle; TS OO2 Rapidstrike; TS OO3
Lady in Distress; TS OO5 Orient Express;
TS OO6 Ace of Clubs; and lhe Whileoul
nission (DRACN

issue #87).
AntI-ImpcrIa!Ist Army (AIA)
Nature of agency: Terrorisl group
HQ: TripoIi, Lilya
Established: 1947
Activities: Hijacking and deslroying
lrains and aircrafl, ransoning passengers
unliI ALAs denands are nel, enlassy
lonling, and perforning nany olher
lerrorisl aclivilies.
Policies: The AIA considers aII coIo-
niaI (i.e., Luropean and Anerican) na-
lions lo le ils enenies.
Objectives: To free poIilicaI prisoners,
fighl for lhe righls of lhe oppressed, cor-
recl corrupl governnenls and lring lheir
crines lo vorId allenlion.
Areas of involvement: Lurope and Lilya
Allies: None
Additional data: IersonneI are knovn for
speclacuIar lerrorisl allacks, vhich are
characlerized ly exlrene vioIence, lrulaIily,
and a cerlain fIair for gaining vide nedia
Bureaus: AII
Alignment profile: 82-OO/O1-O6/O7-94
Operations: TS OO5 Orient Express
Nature of agency: Spy ring operaling
36 JANUARY 1985
lhroughoul Weslern Lurope. BIacklird
operalives vork for no knovn side.
HQ. Headquarlers are apparenlIy noliIe
and conslanlIy on lhe nove.
|s|ao|isnc. 1973
Ac|iti|ics. SleaIs infornalion fron vari-
ous governnenls and seIIs lhe infornalion
lo lhe highesl lidder.
Pc|icics. Money laIks, use conpulers lo
lesl possilIe lenefil.
Oojcc|itcs. No poIilicaI goaIs, operales
oul of seIf-inleresl onIy. Avoids aII nedia
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. Weslern Lurope
and Luropean raiI nelvorks
A||ics. None
Ai|icna| a|a. HighIy invoIved in
conpulers and raiI lransporl
8urcaus. AII
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. 2O-81/O7-94/O1-O6
Opcra|icns. TS OO5 Oricn| |xprcss
Thc Cartc!
Na|urc cf agcncq. InlernalionaI crininaI
organizalion secrelIy financed ly severaI
nuIlinalionaI corporalions
HQ. MonlreaI, Quelec, Canada
|s|ao|isnc. 1982
Ac|iti|ics. Knovn lo have hired Irench
nercenaries lo kidnap lhe Iresidenl of lhe
U.S.A. fron Iinelon, Maine, and, regu-
IarIy perforn kidnappings, exlorlions,
hijackings, skyjackings, and high-lech lhefl.
Pc|icics. Irevenl nalionaI governnenls
fron reslricling free lrade and privale
lusiness, and leIieve in |aisscz
fairc econonics.
Oojcc|itcs. To pronole aII poIicies slaled
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. Norlh Anerica
and nany Irench-speaking counlries
A||ics. None
Ai|icna| a|a. Using aII resources
avaiIalIe lo lhen, lolh lhe Anerican and
Canadian governnenls are acliveIy in-
voIved in a najor nanhunl for aII personneI
leIonging lo lhis organizalion.
8urcaus. AII
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. O7-94/O7-94/O1-19
Opcra|icns. Mini-noduIe |xccu|itc Onc
(vilh Adninislralors Screen)
ChI!drcn nf Ncptunc (CON)
Na|urc cf agcncq. UIlra-survivaIisl group
lenl on conlinenlaI or vorId doninalion
lhrough coIonizalion, nucIear lIacknaiI,
and henisphericide
HQ. AlIanlis II (Whileoul Base), Anlarc-
lic IeninsuIa
|s|ao|isnc. 1971
Ac|iti|ics. Drug lrafficking, lhe seIIing of
niIilary secrels, and lhe counlerfeiling of
Sviss francs
Pc|icics. These peopIe are inleresled in
heaIlh foods, environnenlaI proleclion,
unIiniled use and ovnership of firearns,
and fighling in olher peopIes vars as voIun-
leers. They aIso oppose aII forns of govern-
nenl inlerference and refuse lo pay laxes of
any sorl. They vole conservaliveIy.
Oojcc|itcs. To luiId fulure-survivaI cilies
in Anlarclica, on lhe oceans surface, and
38 JANUARY 1985
on lhe ocean fIoor, and, lo conslrucl a
nucIear-povered fIoaling drydock for lhe
assenlIy of arned fIoaling oul isIands.
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. The Creal Barrier
Reef off lhe coasl of AuslraIia, AIuIu IsIand
in lhe vesl cenlraI Iacific cean, and lhe
Anlarclic IeninsuIa.
A||ics. The Lxlerninalors
8urcaus. AII
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. 95-OO/82-OO/82-OO
Opcra|icns. Doclor Yes (DRACN
issue #48), Mad Merc (DRACN issue
#56), Whileoul (DRACN issue #87)
Thc ExtcrmInatnrs
Na|urc cf agcncq. Mercenary assassina-
lion lean once enpIoyed as guards ly
Doclor Yes
HQ. CounciI BIuffs, Iova, U.S.A.
|s|ao|isnc. 1981
Ac|iti|ics. Iroleclion and assassinalion
nissions as desired ly palrons
Pc|icics. Money laIks, lhey vork for lhe
highesl lidder.
Oojcc|itcs. No poIilicaI goaIs excepl
lhose of enpIoyer
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. WorIdvide, parlic-
uIarIy Iacific Basin
A||ics. CN
Ai|icna| a|a. The lhree knovn nen-
lers of lhis group (DaIe Craig, Chuck Mor-
ris, and Bruce Nee) are repuled lo le
lraining assassins for unknovn privale and
inlernalionaI agencies. AII lhree nenlers
have $35OO revards offered for lheir cap-
lure. They vear conpany enlIens on lheir
jackels, and use arnored vans supposedIy
operaled ly a pesl-conlroI conpany.
8urcaus. Assassinalion
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. O1-81/O7-94/O1-O6
Opcra|icns. Doclor Yes (DRACN
issue #48)
Hcadquartcrs nf EducatInn AgaInst
Rcvn!utInn, TcrrnrIsm, and 5cdItInn
Na|urc cf agcncq. An associalion of
veslern espionage agencies
HQ. Ace of CIuls Luxury Resorl, up-
slale Nev York, U.S.A.
|s|ao|isnc. 1974
Ac|iti|ics. Training secrel agenls for
Weslern inleIIigence groups
Pc|icics. Mainlain lhe Ace of CIuls (a
fronl lhal appears lo le an excIusive adven-
lure sporls and ganlIing resorl for nen-
lers onIy). AII nonies earned fron lhe
operalion of lhe fronlare lo le lurned over
Oojcc|itcs. To provide lhe nosl conpIele
and rigorous lraining for Weslern agenls
possilIe. The resorl aIso serves as agenls
R&R spol.
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. Ace of CIuls Lux-
ury Resorl onIy
A||ics. Mosl Weslern inleIIigence agencies
viII supporl HLARTS lo lhe fuIIesl exlenl
of lheir povers.
Ai|icna| a|a. The resorl nay lecone
lhe largel for fulure lerrorisl, espionage,
and saloleur aclivily.
8urcaus. AII
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. O7-19/O7-94/O7-81
Opcra|icns. TS OO6 Acc cf C|uos
Na|urc cf agcncq. Moderale-sized crini-
naI organizalion
HQ. Localed in IIorida or Ceorgia,
U. S. A.
|s|ao|isnc. 1981
Ac|iti|ics. Lxlorlion, grand lhefl, prolec-
lion rackels, vice, and ganlIing
Pc|icics. No poIilicaI elhics, soIeIy con-
cerned vilh naking noney lhrough crini-
naI operalions and lhrough Iegilinale
lusinesses (used as fronls).
Oojcc|itcs. To expand lheir crininaI
operalions lhroughoul lhe Soulheaslern
Uniled Slales, laking conlroI of exlorlion
and proleclion, lusinesses in parlicuIar.
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. IIorida, U.S.A.
A||ics. Very Ioose lies vilh olher crininaI
syndicales, lul no cIose aIIies
Ai|icna| a|a. Hydra enpIoyees have
leen carefuIIy lrained lo lake charge of lheir
seclion of lhe syndicale if lheir superiors
have leen rendered inoperalIe. This
requires a high degree of lrusl anong lhe
Hydra personneI, and lhey are Iess IikeIy lo
lurn in lheir feIIov organizalion nenlers
lo poIice forces lhan olher crininaIs nighl
le. A Iarge nunler of vanled gunnen and
assassins are enpIoyed ly Hydra as lody-
guards and kiIIers.
(Turn |c pagc 86)
The WorlJ Cumeru CuiJe
Were proud of lhe facl lhal nany of
lhe peopIe vho read DRACN

azine Iive in counlries around lhe
vorId. Bul ve knov, fron Iellers ve
receive fron sone of lhen, lhal a Iol of
our readers in foreign counlries are
fruslraled lecause fev, if any, olher
pIayers Iive cIose enough lo lhen lo
neel lhen.
ur soIulion is lhe DRACN Mag-
azine WorId Caners Cuide, a fealure
lhal viII legin appearing as soon as ve
receive infornalion fron sone of lhose
fruslraled ganers. Heres hov il
If you Iive oulside lhe conlinenlaI
Uniled Slales and Canada, you are
eIigilIe lo have your nane and address
prinled in lhe guide, free of charge.
Iul your nane and fuII address on a
poslcard or in a shorl Ieller and send il
lo WorId Caners Cuide, c/o
DRACN Magazine, I. Box 11O,
Lake Ceneva WI 53147, USA.
Your address nusl le conpIele
(incIuding lhe counlry you Iive in) and
IegilIe, ve vonl lake a chance on
prinling a lad address ly pulIish-
ing sonelhing ve canl decipher. If you
vanl lo, you can aIso Iisl up lo lhree
roIe-pIaying ganes lhal you enjoy, so
lhal anyone vho vriles lo you viII
knov sonelhing aloul vhal you Iike.
We viII pulIish each nane and address
for lhree conseculive issues, if you
vanl lo le Iisled for nore lhan lhree
issues, youII have lo send us anolher
poslcard vhen your firsl Iisling expires.
Sorry, lul ve canl exlend lhis offer
lo U.S. servicenen vho Iive overseas,
or lo peopIe vho Iive in sparseIy popu-
Ialed areas of lhe Uniled Slales or
Canada, lecause lhere are sliII nore
ganers per square niIe in pIaces Iike
Ulah or AIlerla lhan lhere are in
pIaces Iike }apan and India. We can
onIy afford lo use a Iiniled anounl of
space for lhe WorId Caners Cuide,
and ve vouId run inlo a severe prol-
Ien if ve lried lo expand il any furlher.
We hope lhal you vho Iive in lhe conli-
nenlaI Uniled Slales and Canada viII
sliII appreciale lhe Cuide, and use il lo
gel in louch vilh ganers fron olher
counlries vho vouId Iove lo hear fron
42 JANUARY 1985
As you round a lend in lhe road, you
spol a circIe of lrighlIy painled vagons
fron vhich fIoals a slrange, hypnolic, aI-
nosl sensuaI nusic produced ly an unseen
slringed inslrunenl. The arona of oddIy,
spiced neals drifls lhrough your group,
reninding aII lhal il has leen veeks since
youve had anylhing lul ralions. When you
enler lhe encanpnenl, you nolice a Iarge
faniIy, or so lhey seen, dressed in exolic,
lrighlIy coIored cIolhing, silling aloul a
roaring canpfire, Iaughing and drinking.
Then, alruplIy, aII aclivily slops as you
and your parly are noliced. A Iarge, lurIy
nan approaches, foIIoved ly vhal nusl le
his son, judging ly lhe resenlIance le-
lveen lhen. Behind lhen is anolher nan,
Whal do you vanl` lhe Ieader grun-
lIes, his accenl reveaIing lhal he is nol
shorler and snaIIer, yel no Iess daunling.
nalive lo lhe counlry youre in. Iron aII
lhal you have seen and heard, lhese nusl le
The Gypsy Train, vrillen for lhe AD&D

gane, is a noving lovn advenlure lhal

pIayer characlers nay encounler aInosl
anyvhere, usuaIIy on a road lelveen lvo
lovns or cilies. Anong lhe various vagons.
lvo dislincl lypes viII le found: lhe house-
The househoId vagon is Iike a predeces-
sor of lodays nodern nolor hone. Il is
hoId vagon and lhe nerchanl vagon. Lach
occupied ly one or lvo faniIies and con-
lains leds and slorage space for househoId
lype is puIIed ly lvo or four drafl horses.
ilens and faniIy possessions. A nornaI-
sized door is Iocaled in lhe lack, vhich is
lhe nain enlrance, Ied lo ly a singIe slep,
vhiIe anolher snaIIer enlrance can le found
in fronl lehind lhe lench lhal lhe drivers
occupy vhen lhe vagon is noving. Lach
side of lhe vagon has a pair of shullered
The nerchanl vagon is onIy sIighlIy
differenl fron lhe househoId vagon. Il has
jusl one enlrance, lhe rear door, and no
vindovs, vilh a Iarger slep on lhe lack end
lo seal one or lvo guards. Il is used lo carry
nerchandise lhal viII le soId or lraded ly
lhe gypsies lo heIp supporl lhenseIves. The
carrying capacily of a nerchanl vagon is
12,OOO goId pieces of veighl.
Lven lhough lhe gypsies nay le lelveen
lovns, nol aII lovns are cIose logelher. If
lhe land is lraveIing lhrough hosliIe or
viIderness areas, guards viII le foIIoving
lheir vagons on horselack inslead of silling
on lhe rear seals of lhe nerchanl vagons.
BaIkrin, lhe Ieader of lhe group and ordi-
nariIy lhe driver of lhe firsl vagon, viII le
riding a horse al lhe fronl of lhe caravan.
BaIkrins vife, Zanlhira, viII le driving lhe
faniIy vagon al lhese lines.
If advenlurers cone upon lhe caravan
lelveen sunsel and earIy norning, lhey viII
find lhe gypsy vagons posilioned as shovn
in lhe acconpanying iIIuslralion of an en-
canpnenl. Cuards viII le posled as speci-
fied leIov. During dayIighl hours lhe
caravan viII le noving in lhe order de-
scriled in lhe n lhe road iIIuslralion.
NIght watch assIgnmcnts
Iirsl valch (sunsel lo nidnighl)
Iosl Cuard
1 KordaaI Vanagas
2 SurviIIo Cudas
3 DinnieI Irusas
4 Dravyn Cudas
5 Bronkar Irusas
6 BaIkrin Vanagas
Second valch (nidnighl lo davn)
Iosl Cuard
1 }avyd Cudas
2 AIlar Iaknydis
3 Rynvid CaIinys
4 AIfonzo Iaknydis
5 ScordraaI Iaknydis
6 Anlrosis Iaknydis
HIgh prIccs, !Ight fIngcrs
The Vanagas faniIy is a land of gypsies
vho nake lheir Iiving lraveIing lelveen
cilies and lovns, lrading for vhalever ner-
chandise is avaiIalIe in each lovn lhey visil.
They have leen in lhis lusiness for lvo
44 JANUARY 1985
generalions and have lheir seasonaI palhs
veII charled, knoving vhich narkels pros-
per in vhich cilies al vhal line of year.
Their nerchandise viII usuaIIy refIecl lhe
lovn lhal lhey have visiled nosl recenlIy.
They viII seII or lrade nerchandise in deaI-
ings vilh non-gypsies on lhe road, lul lheir
prices in such a case viII nornaIIy le
narked up 5O lo 1OO over nornaI relaiI
prices (lhe exlra cosl of convenience).
Lxorlilanl pricing is nol lhe onIy lhing
lhal viII annoy advenlurers vho lry lo deaI
vilh gypsies. The gypsies of Iegend vere
knovn for lheir Iighl fingers and arlfuI
lrading. Wise cusloners viII keep a cIose
valch on lheir leIongings lo avoid having
lo luy lhen lack.
And gypsies seen lo have an affinily for
lurning a characlers iII forlune lo lheir lesl
advanlage. If food or drink is acciden-
laIIy spiIIed on a characlers cIolhing, lhe
gypsies nay offer lo cIean lhe garnenl.
Thal seens fair enough ~ lul as she noves.
vorile jersey cones lack nissing lhe fancy
enlroidery lhal vas allached lo lhe coIIar,
donl lolher lo ask vhal happened, il vouId
le inproper lo insuIl your hosls.
WhiIe lheir lrealnenl of slrangers is
chaolic al lesl, gypsies reacl very differenlIy
lovard one anolher. They vouId never sleaI
fron anolher gypsy or lelray lhe gypsies
connon lrusl in any olher vay. They have
a slricl code of honor lhal lhey do nol usu-
aIIy appIy lo lhe resl of lhe vorId.
A: hnuschn!d wagnn
Balkrin Vanagas (driver) BaIkrin, lhe
Ieader of lhis land, is a husky, quick-
lenpered lype in his nid-4Os. He has leen
lhe Ieader of lhe group since his falher died
five years ago. He is nornaIIy suspicious of
aII gorgios (non-gypsies) ~ especiaIIy any
vho nenlion his vife, vhon he keeps
Iocked up in lheir vagon nosl of lhe line
lecause of his exlrene jeaIousy.
BaIkrin is a 5lh-IeveI hunan fighler,
chaolic neulraI, vilh Slr 18 (91), Inl 9, Wis
12, Dex 17, Con 16, Cha 15, AC 3, and 43
hp. He vears Iealher arnor and carries a
Iong svord, a +2 dagger and a ring of pro-
tection +2.
BaIkrin prefers lo use his dagger, vhich
he keeps hidden in his lool, lecause of ils
nagic (vhich gives hin lolaI lonuses of +4
lo hil and +7 lo danage). He Iikes lo sellIe
differences ly vreslIing vilh lroulIenakers.
This he viII do fairIy and honeslIy, handing
over aII his veapons inlo lhe care of his
eIdesl son KordaaI ~ lul if lreachery is
discovered. BaIkrin viII innedialeIy signaI
for his son lo loss hin lhe nagic dagger,
and he vonl hesilale lo use il eilher lo
prolecl hinseIf or lo leach lhe chealer a
BaIkrins vreslIing nalches are quile an
evenl in lhe caravan, and aII lhe gypsies viII
galher around lo valch vhen one lakes
pIace. They viII never inlerfere unIess
soneone fron lhe olher side does firsl, for
BaIkrin vouId see lhis as a sIighl on his
Zanthira Vanagas (Balkrins wife)
Zanlhira is a deIicale-Iooking vonan in her
Iale 3Os vho is usuaIIy kepl Iocked avay in
lhe Vanagas faniIy vagon. The onIy visilIe
evidence of her exislence is seen vhen she
occasionaIIy peeks lhrough lhe shullers of
lhe vindovs on her vagon, or on lhose rare
occasions vhen BaIkrin has her drive lhe
vagon. Soneone in a parly of visilors is
IikeIy lo nolice her al lhe vindov, lecause
she viII le very curious aloul lhe slrangers.
Bul if she reaIizes lhal she has leen seen,
she viII nove avay fron lhe shullers, dis-
appearing fron sighl.
Zanlhira is a 2nd-IeveI hunan lhief,
chaolic neulraI, vilh Slr 7, Inl 7, Wis 14,
Dex 16, Con 15, Cha 17, AC 8, and 7 hp.
She vears no arnor and possesses a dagger,
Zanlhira viII onIy use her lov if lhe
caravan is allacked. She viII use her dagger
a shorl lov (hidden under her led), 2O
againsl any non-gypsy vho enlers her
vagon vilhoul pernission ~ and such
nornaI arrovs, and 5 +1 arrows.
pernission is very seIdon granled.
Ismek Vanagas (Balkrins second son)
Isnek is a very quiel 1O-year-oId Iad vilh
dark hair and eyes. He is so quiel. espe-
ciaIIy for a gypsy, lhal fev peopIe in lhe
caravan olher lhan his innediale faniIy
lrusl hin (and for good reason).
Isnek is a O-IeveI hunan, chaolic neulraI,
vilh Slr 8, Inl 6, Wis 7, Dex 15, Con 14,
Cha 11, AC 9, and 3 hp. He vears no
arnor and carries a dagger. AIlhough Isnek
is nol yel nalure enough lo le a 1sl-IeveI
lhief, he does have lhe foIIoving aliIilies:
pick pockels 15. open Iocks 12, find/
renove lraps 1O. nove siIenlIy 15, hide
in shadovs 1O, hear noise 5, and cIinl
vaIIs 7O.
Isnek aIvays seens lo le sneaking aloul
vhenever lhe caravan is slopped, il is 2O
IikeIy lhal a visiling characler viII see hin
provIing around lhe canp al nighl. Being
lhe Ieaders son. Isnek does nol suffer lhe
consequences lhal olher chiIdren vouId for
peeking inlo olher gypsies vagons or Iifling
snaII ilens lhal have leen Iefl Iying aloul.
Selynis Vanagas (Balkrins daughter)
SeIynis, BaIkrins youngesl chiId, is aIIoved
lo Ieave lhe vagon onIy lecause she is loo
Isnek adores his falher and is conpIeleIy
young (7 years of age) lo le considered
IoyaI lo hin.
eIigilIe. BaIkrin is very proleclive of lhe
vonen in his faniIy. When SeIynis reaches
narrying age (16 lo 19 years oId for fe-
naIes), her falher viII consider vhal price
lo charge for her hand. And vhen lhis line
cones, SeIynis viII spend nosl of her
vaking hours vilh her nolher inside lhe
vagon unliI BaIkrin finds a suilor vho is
alIe and viIIing lo luy lhe righl lo narry
his daughler.
SeIynis is a O-IeveI hunan, chaolic good,
vilh AC 1O and 2 hp. She has no arnor or
B: hnuschn!d wagnn
Kordaal Vanagas (driver, Balkrins oldest
son) This young nan Iooks nuch Iike his
falher, onIy snaIIer luiIl and (olviousIy)
younger, and has jusl recenlIy ceIelraled his
coning of age (2O years oId). He slands ly
his falher in aII nallers and can usuaIIy le
found leside hin vhenever lhe caravan is
nol noving. His alliludes are aIso nuch lhe
sane as his falhers. KordaaIs jol is lo
drive his grandnolhers vagon. When his
falher dies. KordaaI viII lecone lhe Ieader
of lhe caravan.
KordaaI is a 2nd-IeveI hunan fighler,
chaolic neulraI, vilh Slr 17, Inl 7, Wis 1O,
Dex 16, Con 16, Cha 13, AC 6, and 2O hp.
He vears Iealher arnor and uses a shorl
svord and a dagger.
KordaaI nornaIIy keeps his falhers
veapons vhen BaIkrin is vreslIing so lhal if
lroulIe slarls, KordaaI can loss BaIkrins +2
dagger lo hin. If lhe odds seen slacked
againsl his falher, KordaaI viII le lhe firsl
lo slep in, vieIding his shorl svord.
Hyrina Mama Vanagas (Balkrins
mother) Hyrina is a ralher heavy) vonan
in her earIy 6Os vho vieIds a greal deaI of
aulhorily in lhe caravan. AIlhough she is
very carefuI nol lo oppose her son openIy
(and lherefore veaken his slalus), she oflen
speaks lo hin in privale and allenpls lo
sleer hin onlo vhal she lhinks is lhe lesl
course for lhe gypsies. AIlhough BaIkrin
aIvays has lhe finaI vord, he aIso has a
greal deaI of respecl for his nolher and
carefuIIy considers her advice. Manas
nagicaI aliIilies are Iooked upon vilh greal
reverence ly lhe resl of lhe gypsies.
Mana Vanagas is a 6lh-IeveI hunan
nagic-user, chaolic neulraI, vilh Slr 7. Inl
15. Wis 15, Dex 13, Con 14, Cha 13, AC
1O, and 18 hp. She vears no arnor, carries
a +l dagger; and aIso possesses a medallion
of ESP vilh a 3O range and a staff of com-
mand vilh 11 charges renaining. When
firsl encounlered, she viII le carrying lhe
foIIoving speIIs: monster summoning I,
clairvoyance, invisibility, locate object, read
magic, detect magic, unseen servant, and
Mana finds il very anusing lo acl nysle-
rious around slrangers. She viII usuaIIy casl
an unseen servant lefore inlroducing herseIf
and use il in any vay lhal viII gel a reaclion
fron lhose valching her. Such lricks vouId
incIude picking up ilens fron lhe ground
vilhoul reaching for lhen, or opening her
vagon door vilhoul louching il.
She nay approach one or nore of lhe
characlers in lhe group, offering lo read lhe
cards for lhen. She perforns card readings
in her vagon Iale al nighl ly candIeIighl.
using her medallion of ESP lo every advan-
lage, lhe suljecl of a reading viII le loId
vhalever he vanls lo hear aloul lhe fulure.
lrue or nol. If her medallion faiIs lo func-
lion, Mana viII nake appropriale and
convincing excuses for vhy lhe reading did
nol vork, and viII eilher legin a reading
anev or disniss lhe suljecl on lhe prelense
lhal lhe cards are nol righl lonighl.
Manas vagon is arcaneIy decoraled and
conlains nany oljecls lypicaIIy possessed ly
nagic-users. Hidden in a Iocked chesl le-
nealh her led is Manas speII look. In
addilion lo lhe speIIs she presenlIy carries, il
aIso conlains infornalion on lhe casling of
affect normal fires, friends, ventriloquism,
detect invisibilility, fools gold, forget, magic
mouth, clairaudience, and fly. By using
severaI of her speIIs in conlinalion or in
succession, il is possilIe for Mana lo slage
a very convincing (aIlhough fake) seance.
C: hnuschn!d wagnn
Scordraal Pakmydis (driver, Balkrins
friend) ScordraaI, a nan in his Iale 2Os.
is a sIy, sneaky lype vhon fev peopIe lrusl.
His sIender, viry lody enalIes hin lo gel
inlo nany pIaces vhere he is nol vanled.
Because of lhis, he is BaIkrins nain infor-
nanl and cohorl. Il is knovn anong lhe
gypsies lhal BaIkrin lrusls ScordraaI so
nuch lhal BaIkrin has designaled hin lo
Iead lhe caravan (unliI Isnek cones of age)
if anylhing shouId happen lo lolh BaIkrin
and KordaaI.
ScordraaI is a 4lh-IeveI hunan lhief,
chaolic neulraI, vilh Slr 13, Inl 1O, Wis 11,
Dex 17, Con 15, Cha 8, AC 1, and 18 hp.
He vears no arnor, lul has acquired a pair
of bracers of defense (AC 4) lhal accounl for
his very good arnor cIass. He carries a +l
short sword and a dagger.
Al one line, BaIkrin rescued ScordraaI
fron a veaIlhy larons dungeon vhen
ScordraaI vas scheduIed for execulion. Il
vas lhis acl of greal sleaIlh and lravery lhal
caused ScordraaI lo dedicale hinseIf lo
BaIkrin. ScordraaI is lhe lype of person lo
nake a secrel deaI vilh lhe pIayer char-
aclers and lhen leII BaIkrin aII aloul il.
Cannelia Pakmydis (Scordraals wife)
CanneIia is a friendIy, naive vonan in her
earIy 2Os vho canl seen lo undersland vhy
no one lul BaIkrin lrusls her husland. She
is lesl friends vilh Zanlhira Vanagas
(vagon A) and oflen lraveIs in Zanlhiras
vagon lo keep her conpany.
CanneIia is a O-IeveI hunan, chaolic
good, vilh AC 1O and 3 hp. She has no
arnor and no veapons.
Premirina Pakmydis (Scordraals daugh-
ter) ~ Irenirina is a quiel six-year-oId girI
vho spends nosl of her line vilh SeIynis
Vanagas (vagon A), her lesl friend.
Irenirina is a O-IeveI hunan, chaolic
good, vilh AC 1O and 2 hp. She has no
arnor and no veapons
Ambrosis Pakmydis (driver, Scordraals
brother) Anlrosis, age 4O, is lhe falher
of lvin sons (see leIov). His vife died four
years ago during an allack on lhe caravan,
and he sliII nourns her Ioss.
D: mcrchant wagnn
Anlrosis is a 3rd-IeveI hunan fighler,
chaolic neulraI, vilh Slr 15, Inl 9, Wis 13,
Dex 13, Con 13, Cha 1O, AC 5, and 18 hp.
He vears chain naiI and carries a shorl
svord, a shorl lov vilh 12 arrovs, and a
Aldor and Albar Pakmydis (guards, twin
sons of Ambrosis) AIdor and AIlar are
lolh 17 years oId. Bolh loys are ralher
grin lecause of lheir pasl hardships. When
lhey fighl, lhey do so vilh a delerninalion
lhal is aInosl norlid.
Bolh loys are 1sl-IeveI hunan fighlers,
chaolic neulraI, vearing chain naiI and
carrying a shorl svord, a shorl lov vilh 12
arrovs, and a dagger. AIdor has Slr 12, Inl
7, Wis 9, Dex 12, Con 11, Cha 9, AC 5,
and 9 hp. AIlar has Slr 11, Inl 8, Wis 9,
Dex 12, Con 12, Cha 8, AC 5, and 1O hp.
E: mcrchant wagnn
Javyd Gudas (driver, Balkrins friend)
Al one line, }avyd and his faniIy vere
Iooked upon as ralher slrange ly nosl of
lhe olher gypsies lecause }avyd narried oul
of lhe group ~ and lo nake nallers vorse,
his vife is an eIf. Since his narriage, }avyd
has handIed nore lhan his fair share of lhe
vork and has done everylhing eIse he couId
lo nake lhe resl of lhe group Iike hin. Ior
his efforls, lhus, he has gained a sorl of
acceplance anong nany of lhe gypsies ~
incIuding BaIkrin, vho lrusls hin and
considers }avyd one of his friends. }avyd is
in his earIy 4Os.
}avyd is a 3rd-IeveI hunan fighler, cha-
olic good, vilh Slr 13, Inl 9, Wis 15, Dex
11, Con 11, Cha 8, AC 5, and 13 hp. He
vears chain naiI and carries a shorl svord,
a shorl lov vilh 12 arrovs, and a dagger.
Survillo Gudas (guard, Javyds brother)
~ SurviIIo is 15 years younger lhan }avyd
and is sliII unved. He says he jusl hasnl
found a girI vhos righl for hin.
SurviIIo is a 2nd-IeveI hunan fighler,
chaolic good, vilh Slr 12, Inl 8, Wis 1O,
Dex 12, Con 13, Cha 1O, AC 6, and 1O hp.
He vears scaIe naiI and is arned vilh a
shorl svord, lvo spears, and a dagger.
Dravyn Gudas (guard, Javyds son)
Dravyn, 19 years of age, is lhe oIdesl of lhe
lhree haIf-eIf chiIdren in lhe Cudas faniIy.
He is cIose lo KordaaI Vanagas lolh in age
and spiril, lhe lvo young nen spend nuch
line logelher, sonelines acconpanied ly
SurviIIo. Dravyn Iooks as if he has very
IillIe eIven lIood in hin, nore cIoseIy re-
senlIing his falher.
Dravyn is a 1sl-IeveI haIf-eIf fighler,
chaolic good, vilh Slr 1O, Inl 8, Wis 7, Dex
11, Con 12, Cha 8, AC 6, and 6 hp. He
vears scaIe naiI and is arned vilh a shorl
svord, lvo spears, and a dagger.
F: hnuschn!d wagnn
Tierza Gudas (driver, Javyds wife)
Tierza is a slranger in lhis group of gypsies,
leing an eIf has nade il hard for her lo le
accepled. Bul she is such a kind and
friendIy person lhal even lhe gypsies finaIIy
look her in (vilh sone reservalions, of
course). Mosl non-gypsies viII find her easy
46 JANUARY 1985
BuilJ your oun uugonu
These lvo pages conlain enough parls lo conslrucl lhree gypsy vagons, in
25nn scaIe, for use in gane pIay or as eIenenls of a diorana. By naking nuIli-
pIe pholocopies of lhis sheel, you can creale lhe enlire gypsy lrain descriled in lhe
acconpanying arlicIe.
The inslruclions prinled on or nexl lo lhe vagon parls viII leII you hov lo cul
and foId each piece. Ior added duraliIily, ils necessary lo reinforce lhe fIoor-
loard vilh an exlra lhickness of cardloard. The vheeIs, vaIIs, and roof of a
vagon can le conslrucled oul of singIe-lhickness sheels, lul lhe vagons viII Iasl
Ionger if you lack lhe enlire parls sheel vilh anolher piece of paper. Use spray
adhesive or ruller cenenl lo join lhe lvo sheels logelher.
The parls can le nixed and nalched lo creale vagons of severaI differenl
slyIes. You can (and shouId) coIor or painl lhe pieces lefore assenlIing lhen,
adding olher delaiIs if desired vilh a fine-poinl pen.
The suggesled order of assenlIy goes sonelhing Iike lhis: (1) Iul lhe four vaIIs
logelher lo nake an open-ended lox. (2) AssenlIe lhe vheeI piece. (3) Cul oul
lhe fIoorloard lenpIale and gIue il lo a piece of cardloard, lhen lrin oul lhe
doulIe-lhick piece. (4) CIue lhe assenlIed vheeI piece lo one side of lhe fIoor-
loard, Iocaling il inside lhe snaII reclangIe prinled on lhe lenpIale piece. (5)
AssenlIe lhe drivers fool resl and allach il lo lhe underside of lhe fIoor, Iocaling
il lelveen lhe pair of vide narks on lhe fronl edge of lhe lenpIale piece. (6) CIue
lhe assenlIed vaIIs lo lhe lop side of lhe fIoorloard, naking sure lhal lhe fronl
(doorIess) side of lhe vagon is on lhe sane side as lhe fool resl. (7) Allach lhe roof
lo lhe lop fIaps of lhe vaII assenlIy. The roof is a IillIe oversized (lo prevenl il
fron leing loo snaII), lhe excess can le lroughl oul over lhe side vaIIs, or lhe
roof edges can le lrinned lo fil snugIy againsl lhe side vaIIs. (8) Allach side raiI
pieces, if desired, and pul on lhe drivers lench and lhe guards lench (if ils a
nerchanl vagon). (9) To enalIe lhe vagon lo sland up and lo give il sone slaliI-
ily, cul lvo 1-inch Ienglhs of round loolhpick lo serve as axIes. Mark lhe cenler of
lhe fronl axIe, lhen assenlIe lhe longue and doulIelree and allach lhe conpIeled
piece lo lhe cenler of lhe fronl axIe. CIue lhe axIes lelveen lhe vheeIs, posilion-
ing lhe fronl axIe so lhal lhe longue projecls oul and up al a sIighl angIe. (1O)
IinaIIy, assenlIe lhe rear slep and allach il lo lhe lollon of lhe fIoorloard so lhal
il sils lelveen lhe narrovIy spaced pair of narks on lhe rear underside of lhe
fIoor lenpIale.
You can add olher fealures and equipnenl lo lhe vagons ~ experinenl vilh
exlras and creale a one-of-a-kind gypsy lrain aII your ovn!
50 JANUARY 1985
lo nake friends vilh, especiaIIy in conpari-
son lo lhe olhers in lhe group.
Tierza is a vood eIf, nuIlicIassed as a
3rd-IeveI lhief and 2nd-IeveI nagic-user,
chaolic good, vilh Slr 6, Inl 16, Wis 15,
Dex 14, Con 1O, Cha 17, AC 8, and 8 hp.
She vears no arnor and is arned vilh a
shorl lov vilh 12 arrovs, a dagger, and a
+2 ring of protection. When firsl encoun-
lered, she carries s|ccp and snic| as her
Tierza keeps her speII look hidden under
her led anong a fev nondescripl voIunes
incIuding a look of eIven ledline slories, a
personaI journaI, and a look of faniIy
hislory. The speII look is IaleIed Recipes
and conlains infornalion on lhe speIIs
cnarn pcrscn, icn|ifq, |ign|, ncning,
rca nagic, snic|, and s|ccp.
Il is rare for Tierza lo le quiel or sonler,
lul vhen she is il is usuaIIy lecause she is
considering her fulure vilh lhe gypsies.
Tierza is 161 years oId, in her cuIlure, she
cane of age onIy a fev years ago. As line
goes on, she viII conlinue lo le youlhfuI
vhiIe her husland lecones eIderIy. WhiIe
she vouId nol consider Ieaving her hus-
land, she does vorry aloul vhelher she
viII relain acceplance anong lhe gypsies
vhen she is a vidov. Her speII-casling
aliIily gives her sone largaining pover,
lul conpIicaling lhe naller is lhe facl lhal
her daughler (see leIov) is deveIoping lhe
sane laIenls.
Rqnana Guas (]atqs augn|cr)
Ryndana is an allraclive young Iady vho is
lraining as a nagic-user under her nolhers
guidance. Il is knovn around lhe canp lhal
KordaaI Vanagas (vagon B), lhe nexl Ieader
of lhe caravan, has leen eyeing her IaleIy
vilh possilIe lhoughls for lhe fulure.
Ryndana is a 1sl-IeveI haIf-eIf nagic-user,
chaolic good, vilh Slr 5, Inl 14, Wis 9, Dex
13, Con 8, Cha 16, AC 1O, and 3 hp. She
vears no arnor and carries a dagger. When
firsl encounlered, she viII have lhe speII
cnarn pcrscn in her nenory.
Ryndana has legun her speII look, vhich
she keeps under her piIIov. She has re-
corded lhree speIIs: cnarn pcrscn, |ign|,
and rca nagic.
Because of KordaaIs apparenl inlenlions,
lhe silualion lelveen lhe Vanagas and
Cudas faniIies lecones very conpIex. Il is
assuned anong lhe gypsies lhal Mana
Hyrina vonl le vilh lhen for loo nany
nore years. Wilh lhis in nind, lhe nexl
Ieader of lhe land needs lo have anolher
nagic-user cIoseIy reIaled lo hin in order lo
keep lhe fuII respecl of lhe gypsies. This
aIso aIIovs hin lo have nagicaI povers
vieIded on his lehaIf. Since Ryndana is a
haIf-eIf and lhus has a nuch Ionger Iifespan
lhan lhe hunans in lhe group, her narriage
inlo lhe Vanagas faniIy vouId ensure lhe
presence of a nagic-user cIose lo lhe cara-
vans Ieader for nany nore generalions
lhan vouId le possilIe vilh a hunan
nagic-user. KordaaI reaIizes lhis facl, hav-
ing had il poinled oul ly his falher (al lhe
suggeslion of Mana).
Because KordaaI is lhe nexl Ieader of lhe
caravan and as such is exenpl fron having
lo luy his lride, }avyd Cudas cannol,
charge lhe young nan for his daughlers
hand and lherefore cannol nake lhe noney
lhal he nighl have Iooked forvard lo. So
far, }avyd does nol regrel lhis, and inslead
feeIs lhal Ryndanas narriage lo KordaaI
nighl heIp lo increase lhe gypsies respecl
for his hylrid faniIy.
Mazqna Guas (]atqs augn|cr)
Mazyna is a cule IillIe seven-year-oId vho
spends nosl of her line pIaying vilh Se-
Iynis Vanagas (vagon A) and Irenirina
Iaknydis (vagon C).
Mazyna is a O-IeveI haIf-eIf, chaolic good,
vilh AC 1O and 2 hp. She has no arnor
and no veapons.
G: mcrchant wagnn
8rcn|ar Prusas (ritcr, 8a||rins fricn)
~ Bronkar and his faniIy are a lil younger
lhan lhe resl of lhe faniIies, Bronkar hin-
seIf is onIy 33 years oId. This expIains vhy
lhey share a househoId vagon vilh anolher
faniIy, and in a posilion lovard lhe lack of
lhe lrain. Despile lhis slalus, Bronkar is
gralefuI lo lhe resl of lhe group lecause
lefore he joined, he had no neans of sup-
porl. He gained acceplance inlo lhe group
one day vhen he vandered inlo canp and
chaIIenged BaIkrin lo a vreslIing nalch. He
vas lealen lerrilIy lhal day, lul he von
52 JANUARY 1985
BaIkrins respecl for his guls (or fooIishness)
and his fighling aliIily (Bronkar is good,
lul BaIkrin is tcrq good).
Bronkar is a 2nd-IeveI hunan Iighler,
neulraI good, vilh Slr 16, Inl 8, Wis 11,
Dex 16, Con 14, Cha 1O, AC 6, and 9 hp.
He vears Iealher arnor and uses a Iong
svord, a haIlerd, and a dagger.
Dinnic| Prusas (guar, 8rcn|ars scn)
DinnieI is reaIIy loo young for lhe jol of
guard, leing onIy age 1O, lul lhe group
needed soneone lo fiII lhe posilion for lhis
vagon, and since his falher is lhe driver, he
vas picked for lhe lask. This has given hin
a sIighl ego prolIen, vhich nosl of lhe
gypsies lry lo ignore.
DinnieI is a 1sl-IeveI hunan fighler,
chaolic neulraI, vilh Slr 9, Inl 9, Wis 7,
Dex 11, Con 11, Cha 7, AC 8, and 7 hp.
He vears Iealher arnor and uses a shorl
svord, a foolnans pick, and a dagger.
Rqnti Ga|inqs (guar, 8a||rins ccusin)
~ Rynvid, age 26, is in a ralher avkvard
posilion. AIlhough he is a nenler of
BaIkrins faniIy, he is lrealed aInosl as
poorIy as a slranger. As noled alove` lhe
pIan is lhal if anylhing shouId happen lo
lolh BaIkrin and his son KordaaI, lhen
ScordraaI Iaknydis (vagon C) is lo acl as
Ieader of lhe group. This arrangenenl
nakes Rynvid furious, lecause he secrelIy
desires lo run lhe caravan hinseIf and feeIs
lhal if he couId lake connand for a vhiIe,
he couId possilIy hoId lhe lilIe lhrough
penIy, he cIains lhal he shouId fiII lhis
posilion since he is reIaled. BaIkrin knovs
leller, Rynvid and his vife are lhe young-
esl, Ieasl experienced, and Ieasl Iiked coupIe
in lhe caravan. Mosl of lhe aninosily is due
lo Rynvids conslanl challering aloul hov
he vouId run lhe caravan, and hov veII he
couId do if he had a IillIe nore respecl fron
lhe group. He has never done anylhing lo
deserve any respecl, lul Rynvid sees lhis
as a ninor delaiI. Because of lhis allilude,
he is given lhe Ieasl significanl dulies and is
forced lo share his househoId vagon vilh
anolher faniIy. He vouId prolalIy releI
againsl lhis, lul lhe Irusas faniIy is lhe
onIy group lhal viII have very nuch lo do
vilh hin.
Rynvid is a 1sl-IeveI hunan fighler,
neulraI eviI, vilh Slr 1O, Inl 7, Wis 6, Dex
11, Con 12, Cha 6, AC 8, and 1O hp. He
vears Iealher arnor and is arned vilh a
shorl svord, lvo spears, and a dagger.
H: hnuschn!d wagnn
Trqn|ara Prusas (ritcr, 8rcn|ars uifc)
~ Trynkara is a palienl vonan In her Iale
2Os vho is very happy lhal her husland has
found a jol he can hoId. She is friendIy and
can gel aIong vilh nosl anyone (as evi-
denced ly lhe facl lhal she shares a vagon
vilh Lzerjna).
Trynkara is a 1sl-IeveI hunan lhief, neu-
lraI good, vilh Slr 6, Inl 9, Wis 13, Dex 15,
Con 14, Cha 13, AC 7, and 6 hp. She
vears Iealher arnor and uses a sIing vilh 2O
luIIels and a dagger.
|zcrina Ga|inqs (Rqntis uifc)
Lzerina is a nagging, noisy vife of 21 vho
seens a suilalIe nale for soneone Iike
Rynvid. Her onIy responsiliIily is lo keep
an eye on lhe horses and ponies lelhered
lehind lheir vagon.
Lzerina is a O-IeveI hunan, chaolic neu-
lraI, vilh AC 1O and 4 hp. She has no
arnor and carries a dagger.
5uggcstcd cncnuntcrs
1. BaIkrin (vagon A) feeIs hinseIf lo le
insuIled and chaIIenges a visiling characler
lo a vreslIing nalch. If lhe characler ac-
cepls, BaIkrin viII le lhal persons friend
regardIess of lhe oulcone of lhe nalch.
2. Mana Hyrina (vagon B) offers lo
read lhe cards for one of lhe visiling
characlers, free of charge. She viII onIy do
lhis lvice in a singIe nighl. Afler lhal, lhere
is a 5O chance lhal she agree lo viII do
anolher reading ~ for a charge of 25 goId
pieces. Ior lhose vho have access lo lhal
issue, a very good nelhod for delernining
lhe oulcone of gypsy card readings can le
found on page 2O of DRACN

issue #59.
3. The nerchanl vagons (D, L, and C)
hoId a vide variely of suppIies, lul lhe
gypsies charge roughIy lvice lhe nornaI
price for anylhing lhey seII vhen canped
lelveen lovns. Their slock is Iiniled lo 1d4
of any given ilen excepl for snaII ilens
(fIasks of oiI, lorches, iron spikes), vhich
are found in quanlilies of 2d8 each. The
DM nay aIso vanl lo incIude any ilens
lhal he feeI viII le desiralIe or necessary for
lhe parly lo acquire. Mana Vanagas has
casl nagic ncu|n speIIs on lhe doors of each
of lhe vagons, vhich viII aIerl lhe gypsies if
any non-gypsy lries lo lreak in.
4. The advenlurers nake canp vilh lhe
gypsies and are allacked Iale al nighl ly
crealures fron lhe surrounding lerrain.
5. Rynvid CaIinys (vagon C) has de-
cided lo usurp conlroI of lhe caravan and
asks lhe advenlurers for lheir heIp.
6. Isnek Vanagas (vagon A) allenpls lo
pick lhe pockels of randon characlers once
per hour during lhe parlys slay in lhe
gypsy canp.
7. KordaaI Vanagas (vagon B) feeIs lhal
soneone is paying loo nuch allenlion lo
Ryndana Cudas and slirs lhings up ly
officiaIIy announcing his ronanlic allen-
lions and lhen chaIIenging his rivaI lo a
vreslIing nalch for lhe sake of his honor.
8. SurviIIo Cudas (vagon L) lhinks lhal
he has finaIIy found lhe righl girI ~ one
of lhe fenaIe advenlurers.
Hov lo use lhis naleriaI
The suggesled encounlers descriled
alove represenl eighl vays in vhich lhe
nenlers of lhe gypsy group couId inleracl
vilh pIayer characlers. Draving upon lhe
delaiIs given aloul lhe gypsies lhroughoul
lhe acconpanying lexl, lhe DM couId easiIy
cone up vilh severaI nore possilIe en-
counlers. To gel lhe nosl oul of Tnc Gqpsq
Train, il is slrongIy reconnended lhal lhe
DM nol sinpIy Iook upon lhe gypsies as
adversaries of lhe pIayer characlers. Lven
lhough BaIkrin and his land are nol lhe
nosl scrupuIous peopIe an advenlurer
vouId ever vanl lo neel, neilher are lhey
parlicuIarIy dangerous, especiaIIy in an
encounler vilh pIayer characlers of around
3rd or 4lh IeveI (or higher).
54 JANUARY 1985
Was il soneone caIIing ny nane`
lhe darkness vilh her deep lIue eyes,
Iislening lo lhe siIence as lranquiI as lhe
snov lhal lIankeled aII lhe slronghoId,
and vondering vhal had so suddenIy
avakened her.
Theres nol a sound nov ~ Ah, I nusl have leen drean-
Thal her dreans shouId sliII le uneasy vas nol surpris-
ing. The vinler had cone earIy and had cone hard, and a
disnayed Derven had found herseIf perforce lransforned
fron a free roaning lard inlo a lane househoId one.
Lh, lhe spring viII cone again. She had lo grin al lhe
lanaI vords. And liII il does, I nusl le gIad lhal al Ieasl
ny vinler palron doesnl insisl lhal I sing anylhing lul
praises of his cIan. Her grin videned. More lo lhe
poinl, al Ieasl lhe nans viIIing lo accepl lhal a vonan,
even an adnilledIy young one, can le a lard!
Lnough of lhis. Derven resoIuleIy cIosed her eyes
agai n.
h, useIess! Nov she vas as vide avake as if il vere
norning. The lard sal up, lrushing langIes of Iong lIack
hair fron her face, vondering vhal lo do vilh herseIf.
Her harp` WouId she vake everyone nol off sIeeping if she
pIayed il`
Ach, I can al Ieasl poIish lhe vood.
Il vas a leaulifuI lhing, lhal harp: lhe vood vas
snoolhIy carved, and lhe slrings nosl properIy slrung.
The Iover oclave vas nade of lronze, vhiIe lhe upper
oclaves vere nade of siIver.
SuddenIy, lolh lhe slrings and lhe leaulifuIIy vorked
vood seened lo le gIoving soflIy vilh an invard Iighl.
A IillIe shiver of vonder ran lhrough Derven. As
lhough il vere lhe nosl IogicaI lhing lo do, she rose and
dressed, fIinging a varn cIoak over her vooIen govn. She
sIung lhe harp over her shouIder. . . .
And sonehov space and line seened lo lIur. Sonehov
shed passed unseen ly guards and lhrough a paIisade
gale lhal shouId have leen loIled fasl. Sonehov she
found herseIf oul in lhe cIean, coId nighl air. VagueIy, she
legan lo feeI lhe speII upon her, lul she couIdnl feeI
vorry, onIy vonder al lhe sharp, cIear leauly aloul her.
In aII lhe vorId lhere seened lul lvo coIors: lhe sheer
vhile of noon and snov, and lhe slark lIack of sky and
arching lranches. Slars and ice shone Iike fine cryslaI
anong lhe eIenenls of nalure.
And lhen Derven sav sonelhing so IoveIy lhal she
gasped aIoud. There againsl lhe lIack sky vere svans,
lvo achingIy vhile svans. As she slood frozen, lhey fIev
Iov aloul her, ullering cIear, sveel cries of siIvery nusic.
Thrice lhey circIed, singing, lhen soared upvard and
avay. The lard couId nol heIp lul foIIov lhen. Her palh
vas snoolh and easy lhrough lhe snov, nor did she feeI
lhe coId, onIy lhe need lo keep pace vilh lhe shining
When Derven gIinpsed lhe noon, she slopped shorl
vilh a cry. Il vas Iarge, Iarger ly far lhan lhe vinler
noon shouId le, and il shovn Iike a disc of siIver ~ an
unnarked disc of siIver.
Il vas never a norlaI noon. And lhe dreany speII
by Jnscpha 5hcrman
Illustrations by Atanielle Annyn Nol
hoIding Derven vas shallered ly shock. The keen coId of
lhe nighl air rushed in aloul her, and lhe lard cIulched
her cIoak, shivered, and shouled, I viII go no furlher!
The svans circIed Iov aloul her, gIiding soflIy dovn lo
lhe snov. And, as lhe lard had so suspecled, lhe svans
snoolhIy changed liII lhey vere nol svans al aII lul
vonen, loo sIin, loo fine of lone lo le hunan. Their
siIvery hair slreaned dovn over paIe shouIders, and lhey
vore sIeek, fealhery govns and cIoaks. Their hearl-shaped
faces vere lvin, one lo lhe olher, and lheir eyes vere Iong
and sIanling, grey as nisl and aInosl as uncerlain lo read.
Yel Derven had lo lry, and she vondered, What do I
see there? Is it worry? Ah, heart-rending worry? What
could possibly trouble folk like these?
We nean you no harn, said one, her voice sounding
as pure as siIver.
Nor vouId ve afrighl you, said lhe olher.
56 JANUARY 1985
You donl frighlen ne. Il vas aInosl lhe lrulh.
Lven if you arenl hunan, and lhis is no ~ no hunan
The svan-vonen exchanged quick gIances. Weve
chosen veII!
Chosen! echoed Derven sharpIy. Chosen for vhal`
Who are you` Ach, and vhal so pileousIy lroulIes you`
The svan-vonen gIanced al each olher again.
I an Cvenadain, said one.
I an Cvenaderyn, said lhe olher. ur lroulIes for
our sisler, our lhird, our dear CvenaIarch.
Bul ~ lul vhal has lhal lo do vilh ne` Whal need
can you possilIy have of a hunan`
Nol nereIy a hunan, correcled Cvenadain. A
And a vonan, added her sisler. A vonan and a
lard ~ such a one vouId sureIy le nore alluned and
nore synpalhelic.
Thals as nay le, legan Derven variIy.
Lislen, said Cvenaderyn. Nol loo nuch of your
norlaI dislance fron here is ~ aye, vhal you nighl caII
~ a forlress. And lhal is hone ~ if such nay have a
hone ~ lo lhe ruIer.
And lhal ruIer is. . . ` pronpled lhe lard
Ah, nov lhals nosl difficuIl lo say. Bul if nane I
nusl pul lo her, I nighl caII her Lira. Yes . . . Lira,
queen, daughler lo Rhev, Son of I. r, added lhe
svan-vonan cauliousIy, so il nighl seen.
Ach, Id as soon expecl cIear ansvers fron lhe vind as
fron lhe IoIk. Whal are you lrying lo leII ne` Has lhis
Lira ~ lhis Rhevs daughler ~ caplured your sisler`
She has, oh she has!
Why` Lh, donl jusl slar lIankIy al ne! Your sisler nusl
have done sonelhing vrong, sonelhing lo . . . lo . . . No`
Ahh, lrealhed Cvenadain, she expecls hunan
nolives fron lhose of lhis Iand!
My nislake, said Derven driIy, as a IillIe shiver ran
lhrough her. AII righl, lhen. Your sislers a prisoner.
Why canl you sinpIy go and ~ No, you canl jusl rescue
her yourseIves or youd aIready have done jusl lhal. No.
Ior sone arcane reason, you need a hunan.
Yes! ur presence, lhe presence of any of our kind, or
lhe aura of our nagic vouId le a screan lo Liras ears.
And she . . . she nighl very veII sIay CvenaIarch lefore
ve couId reach her.
The lerror nol quile hidden lehind lhe conlroIIed vords
hurl Dervens hearl. And you lhink I couId heIp, she
legan veariIy. Lh, vail! The sudden fierce lIaze of
confidence in lhe nonhunan eyes aIarned her. I havenl
said Id heIp! Iirsl leII ne vhal youd expecl ne lo do.
h, and vhal youd do!
There vas a Iong siIence. Then Cvenadain said sIovIy,
We can see you safe nigh lo lhe gales of Liras keep. We
cannol pronise nore.
h, vonderfuI!
IIease, Iel ne finish. If ~ no, no, when! ~ when you
find our sisler, vhen you free her and her nagic, lhen caII
our nanes. WeII hear you ~ onIy lhen can ve dare lo
Bul you jusl said you couIdnl enler!
Donl you see lhe difference` nce you free her, veII
le logelher, nol one aIone and heIpIess, lul lhree sisler of
lhe one lirlh, lhree parls of one vhoIe! And I lhink lhal
lhen Lira viII nol sland lefore us.
WeII and good, nurnured Cvenaderyn darkIy, veII
and good. Bul if you err ~ if you see or acl or caII
vrongIy ~ and ve cone and CvenaIarch is nol free, lhen
you doon our sisler and ourseIves.
And nyseIf! cul in Derven vryIy. I ~
Wail, soolhed Cvenadain. Ils nol as fouI as il
seens. If you go loIdIy ~ aye, and vilh lhal fair harp of
yours ~ Lira viII nol sIay you. Here, as in your ovn
vorId, none viII sIay a lard.
There vas, of course, a fale vorse lhan dealh. Derven
recaIIed, loo cIearIy, snalches of laIes of Iaerie horrors.
Then she said, nore sharpIy lhan shed inlended, h,
vhal niracIes do you vanl of ne` In a lard, yes, no
Iess, lul no nore! You donl vanl ne: you vanl sone ~
sone nagic-vieIder! Look you, I do pily you, and I lhink
Id heIp you if I couId, but In no sorceress, lo see righl
lhrough enchanlnenl.
Bul you can. Sudden fainl sniIes curved lhe IoveIy
Iips. Your sighl is nuch cIearer lhan lhe nere physicaI.
Whal ~ vhal are you saying`
Ah, donl lry lo deny il! You gave us proof of your gifl
fron lhe firsl. Cone, no hunan shouId have leen alIe lo
read anylhing al aII of our enolions! Yel you asked us of
our lroulIe aInosl lefore ved legun lo speak!
Derven Iel oul her lrealh in a Iong sigh, a siIver pIune
in lhe icy air. Yes, she adnilled sIovIy, I do have lhal
gifl. Bul leing alIe lo read enolions isnl going lo free
your sisler!
Il nay! Il shaII! Misly eyes pIeaded vilh her. Aye,
cried Cvenadain, nagicking a hunan inlo our reaIn
vas no easy naller! Did you lhink ved chosen al ran-
The nagics spenl, conlinued Cvenaderyn frankIy.
We cannol caII anolher. Her gIance vas sleady. Bul
lhen, ve need no olher.
Dear gods, hov can you le so sure`
We can. I adnil, oh lard, lhal ve cannol leII you hov
our CvenaIarchs leing heId, perhaps even in sone
slrange nev shape. Bul youII knov. Ach, yes, your
sighls lhe lype lhal cannol le lricked. YouII see her and
knov vhal you see, and naning vhal you see viII free
her. . . . The confidenl voice faIlered for lhe firsl line.
Why ~ vhy are you slaring Iike lhal` You sureIy can
heIp us! ur poor sisler ~ do you lruIy nol vish lo heIp
No! lhoughl lhe lard in fierce panic. This is not my
battle, this is not my realm! She sav hov lhe svan-vonen
vere valching her in desperale siIence, she feIl lhe
anguish of lheir fear. SuddenIy, Derven cIulched her harp
as anolher nighl have seized an anuIel, lecause she vas
afraid of her ovn pily and of vhal she nighl do lecause of
i l .
Il vasnl jusl lhal. A sofl, insislenl voice al lhe lack of
her nind vas asking, What if these were human women?
What if they were, and someone human had ravished
away their sister? Wouldnt you help them then?
f course, she vouId. Derven suddenIy sav herseIf in
nenory: she vaIked loIdIy inlo a forlress lhal varriors
hadnl leen alIe lo pierce, she vaIked freeIy oul again
vilh a lrenlIing, joyous girI, and she vaIked lraveIy pasl
lhose lhal dared nol raise a finger againsl lhen Iesl lhe
lard Iay such a salire on lhal forlress lhal aII vouId
Bul lhose had indeed leen hunans shed faced, nagick-
Iess hunans. Nol one of lhen vouId have dared sIay a
No one in lhis reaIn vouId sIay a lard.
Ach, il vasnl lhe sane. The very silualion vasnl lhe
Wasnl il` Ior aII lheir Iaerie slrangeness, didnl lhese
vonens hearls ache vilh jusl as nuch Iove and fear for
lheir Iosl sisler as vouId a hunans hearl` Ah, and hadnl
lhey even suldued lheir Iaerie pride and legged for heIp
as sincereIy as had lhe kin of lhal poor kidnapped hunan
gi r I `
I might be able to do it, Derven found herseIf lhinking.
Between my music and my human wits, I just might be
able No!
Ior once she vas very nuch regrelling lhal gifl of cIear
psychic sighl. Wilhoul il, hov sinpIe jusl lo lurn avay.
Wilh il ~ ach, she vas no sainlIy souI, gIadIy pulling
herseIf in periI aII for a slrangers sake, lul afler seeing ~
and in lhe seeing, invoIunlariIy sharing ~ lhe pain shed
seen, hov could she lurn avay` If she did, lhe nenory of
il vouId haunl her as sureIy as lhe lhoughls of covardice,
haunled a varrior.
Ach, so dranalic! Whal il cane dovn lo vas sinpIy
lhis: if Derven knovingIy alandoned anolher vonan lo
sone naneIess horror vhen she nighl have leen alIe lo
heIp her, shed never again le alIe lo honoralIy caII her-
seIf a lard.
So le il! said Derven quickIy, lefore she couId
change her nind. Lel us le off!


of ice lhal greal slruclure seened: vaIIs and
lridges and upvard-soaring lovers. AII vas of
ice, cIear and gIillering ~ fragiIe enough lo shaller al lhe
soflesl vord, yel slrong enough lo hinder lhe harshesl
allack, Derven lhoughl of lhe hunan forlresses she knev:
aII vere of vood and slone and lhalching, vere soIid,
earlhIy lhings, yel none possessed lhis sIeek leauly, lhis
aIien leauly.
Wilh none of lhis aIien nenace, eilher. And In lo
enler il` And sleaI avay a prisoner, loo` h svan-vonen,
youve a vondrousIy high idea of ne!
Ior a line she jusl couIdnl nove, varn enough lhanks
lo lhe reneved varnlh speII aloul her, lul chiIIed lo lhe
hearl ly lhe sighl of lhose forlress vaIIs. SuddenIy, lhere
cane lhe piercing, achingIy pure caII of a horn, so sharpIy
leaulifuI in lhe cIear nighl lhal lhe lard cried oul. In lhe
nexl nonenl a figure appeared in lhe galevay al lhe head
of a fIighl of snoolh, gIislening slairs. This laII figure vas
cIad in shining scaIes of siIver and nasked ly a siIver
heIn. Al his side slood lvo greal leasls.
WoIves, are lhey` They Iook nosl Iike voIves, if
lheyre Iike any earlhIy leasls al aII, vilh lheir fur as
vhile as noon-louched snov and lheir eyes as coId as
vind-scuIpled ice.
Who cones here` The perfeclion of lhal siIver voice
vas frighlening. Derven slared al lhe heIned figure, she
nosl cerlainIy vasnl going lo give her lrue nane lo lhal
I an a lard, she ansvered evasiveIy, anazed al hov
sleady her ovn voice sounded. A hunan lard, cone lo
lry lhe songs of lhis nev Iand.
Il sounded inprolalIe, even lo her. QuickIy, she raised
her harp so lhal lhe nelaI slrings gIeaned spIendidIy in
lhe noonIighl. There vas a Iong siIence. The guard slood
nolionIess, lul Derven vondered suddenIy if he vasnl
vordIessIy speaking vilh his unseen queen. Then aII al
once lhe figure slirred.
Derven slruggIed up lhe snoolh, sIippery slairs vilhoul
giving herseIf a chance lo lhink aloul il. She foIIoved in
lhe siIver-cIad figures vake, fIanked ly lhe lvo siIenl
voIves, and dovn sIeek-vaIIed corridors iIIuninaled ly
lhe inlricale lraceries of vhal seened lo le vhile frosl.
There vere no olher signs of ornanenl, no signs of con-
forl al aII, and lhe air vas chiII enough for Derven lo le
very gIad of lhal varnlh speII aloul her.
And lhen lhe lard slopped shorl. Aye, lhis couId onIy
le lhe lhrone roon of Queen Lira. Vasl and shadoved, il
Iooked Iike sone greal ice cave vilh ils din Iighl and ils
counlIess, lhin piIIars resenlIing sIeek icicIes.
And al lhe far end of lhe haII, on a gIeaning lhrone
fIanked ly vhile-cIad guards vhose faces vere hidden and
vho had spears of ice, sal one laII, sIender figure.
Approach, hunan. Il vas a cIear, ringing voice, as
leaulifuI as lhe caII of a horn, lul void of enolion.
Derven svaIIoved driIy and oleyed. As she neared lhe
lhrone, she sav lhal lhe Queen gIillered vilh a coId fire,
for Lira vas aII in shining siIver. The Queen vore a crovn
of froslIike vellings, and her hair vas as snoolh as lhe
nevIy drifled snov. Her face, her forn ~ oh, Lira vas
leaulifuI. And her eyes ~ Derven shuddered al lhe sighl
of lhen and al vhal Iay lehind lhen.
Oh swan-women, what good my gift now? All I see here
is ice, just that, two lifeless, empty sheets of ice.
Bul she knev leller lhan lo slare. So, Derven svepl
dovn in a gracefuI lardic lov.
Rise. No hunan has cone lhis vay ere nov. Hov
cane you here ` There vas nol a lrace of curiosily lehind
lhe vords.
I~ I vaIked lhrough a drean, oh Queen, lhe lard
ansvered carefuIIy, lul sav no reaclion shov upon lhal
fineIy pIaned face.
You are a lard, said lhe Queen in her cryslaIIine
voice. No hunan song has leen heard vilhin lhese
vaIIs. A pause of uncerlainly` f unease` Ach, il vas
inpossilIe for Derven lo decipher. Sing nov, said lhe
cIear voice.
Neilher chair nor lench nor slooI had leen provided, so
Derven, nol vilhoul a IillIe frovn al lhal discourlesy,
sealed herseIf inslead on lhe coId vhile fIoor and look up
her IoveIy harp, lrying lo caIn herseIf, lrying nol lo vorry
aloul vhal nighl Iie lehind lhe vaIIs of Liras eyes. She
ran her hands dovn lhe nelaI slrings, Iislening crilicaIIy,
praying lhal lhe varnlh speII incIuded lhe harp as veII,
lronze slrings are fragiIe enough vilhoul leing haIf
Nov, vhal shouId she sing`
The vords lhal cane lo Derven vere unIike lhose shed
pIanned. Anazenenl al vhal she sang shone lhrough as
she loId of lhe shining gIories of lIack sky and vhile noon
and ice and slars and cryslaI ~
The cry pierced lhrough lhe nusics leauly as does a
needIe lhrough lhe finesl cIolh. Derven lroke off
alruplIy, dazed and lrealhIess fron lhal sudden rending
of her lardic lrance. Thal had leen a cry of pain, oh
sureIy, lhal had leen a keen, anguished cry fron Liras
Bul lhere vas no sign of pain nov, onIy slalue-coId
leauly. The leviIdered lard asked carefuIIy, Have I
offended you, oh Queen`
There is no offense. Bul Lira feII siIenl for so Iong
afler lhal lhal Dervens hearl legan lo pound viIdIy.
Those heIned guards vilh lheir shining veapons . . .
Ach, she couId never hope lo eIude lhen, shouId il faII ~
58 JANUARY 1985
IairIy sung, said lhe Queens cIear voice of a sudden,
lhal, and no nore.
Derven scranlIed lo her feel in reIief and in reneved
leviIdernenl, speaking nolhing of her sense of pure,
professionaI indignalion.
I do nol knov vhal conforls norlaIs need, conlinued
lhe enolionIess voice. Seek vilhin lhis forlress vhal you
nay desire.
And vilh lhose casuaI vords, Derven vas disnissed.
I really do pity you! Held captive in this joyless
Hov Iong had she leen searching for lhe svan-vonan
dovn fealureIess haIIvays of ice` Lven lhe Iighl vas aIien,
coning fron lorches of pure, coId, coIorIess fIane. h,
hov she ached lo see sone coIor olher lhan elernaI vhile
on lIack! And if onIy I had sone idea of vhere, in aII
lhis endIess pIace, poor CvenaIarch nighl le. To le lhe
prisoner of lhal aIien Queen! I lhoughl aII lhe foIk of
Iaerie Iands Ioved nusic, lul ~ lul lhal ~ Lh, vail.
Shed leen descending a snoolh spiraI slaircase, hoId-
ing fasl lo lhe icy raiIing lo keep fron sIipping. And nov
she couId see lhe lollon of lhe slair.
And I lhink I jusl nay le near lo vhalever serves Lira
as a prison, for lhere are lhe vhile voIves, silling as
lhough on guard.
Hov couId she pass lhen` The passage vas so narrov.
And shed nolhing vilh vhich lo lry lo Iure lhe leasls.
Derven lil her Iip. Lh, veII, lhere vas onIy one lhing lo
do, lhe gods prolecl her. The voIf vas lrolher lo lhe dog,
afler aII, and in lhe hunan vorId il couId le spoken lo
and caIned jusl Iike lhal friendIy aninaI. She couId onIy
hope lhal lhese ice-eyed voIf-lhings were onIy aninaIs,
despile lhal uncanny inleIIigence apparenl in lheir very
slance. Al her firsl slep forvard, aII lhe sharp-fanged
heads lurned lo her, and lhe lard couId have svorn she
read coId nockery in lheir eyes.
Nov donl go Iooking al ne Iike lhal, she said as
genlIy as she couId. Ive no quarreI vilh you, and sureIy
youve no quarreI vilh ne, eilher.
The ice-lrighl eyes did nol vaver, lul lhe voIves
noved soflIy aside, sliII radialing lhal siIenl nockery, as
she approached carefuIIy.
Ach, and In nol exaclIy happy vilh lhe lhoughl of
lhen perhaps sleaIing aloul lehind ne. Bul lhis ceII,
nov . . .
Il vas a prison ceII, no doull aloul il. Bars ran fron
fIoor lo ceiIing, and lhough lhey vere cIear and gIinling
vilh Iighl, lhey vere soIid. Derven Ieaned forvard variIy,
nol louching lhen.
CvenaIarch` Derven sav a sIin, sIender, siIver-
haired figure crunpIed vilhin. CvenaIarch` Ach, can
you hear ne`
She sav lhe figure slir fainlIy, lhen slarl lo rise. And aII
al once, Derven feIl an inexpIicalIe chiII run lhrough her.
Was lhis CvenaIarch, ah, vas lhis CvenaIarch indeed`
The lard slood frozen as lhe sIender figure lurned sIovIy,
sIovIy. There vas lhe faniIiar hearl-shaped face. h, il
nusl le CvenaIarch!
Bul lhen Derven sprang lack vilh a cry of sheer hor-
ror, for lhe eyes in lhal face vere lIack pooIs, enply, so
lerrilIy enply lhal lhe lard feIl lerror seize her nind.
Derven lil dovn on her Iip once nore Iesl she slarl
screaning and screaning.
No ~ no svan-vonan, no ~ Iiving lhing al aII! A
crealion of sorcery! And a lrap! They knov aII aloul ne,
vhy In here! A lrap!
The lard vhirIed aloul, onIy lo see lhe voIves spread
oul lefore her. And lhe nockery and nenace in lheir coId
eyes vere so reaI lhal Derven seized her harp and heId il
up lefore her as a shieId.
Ah, yes! Back avay! You knov lhe Iav! You nay nol
sIay a lard! Back avay, you icy lhings, and Iel ne pass!
Bul lhey vere foIIoving her, for she couId feeI il, lhough
she dared nol Iook lehind her. They vere foIIoving her al
a sIov, sIinking, vary dislance as she relurned lo lhe slair-
case and legan lo cIinl again, cIulching lhe harp in lren-
lIing hands, forcing herseIf lo lake slep afler carefuI slep,
viIIing herseIf nol lo lry lo run.
Bul ~ lul vhal horrors nighl le vailing for ne`
They nusl sureIy knov nov Ive cone for CvenaIarch.
The nenory of lhose enply lIack pils of eyes haunled
her. h, lhe casuaI, inhunan crueIly hinling in lhen!
Ach, poor CvenaIarch! You couId never have connilled
any crine fouI enough lo see you inprisoned here.
Inprisoned here, yes. Bul vhere in aII lhis ice` Where`
UnIess . . . The lard slopped alruplIy, eyes viden-
ing. Dear gods, yes! Thals il! Ach, and vhal a lvisled
idea of a prison! Hov an I ever lo free you fron il`
And . . . vhy an I groving so coId` The varnlh speII
shouId le sliII shieIding ne, unIess ~
Bul lhe varnlh speII had shallered. Derven gasped as
sudden unearlhIy coId sIashed al her. She slaggered,
nearIy faIIing fron lhe slairvay, lhen heard a hinl of
nocking sound, aInosl Iaughler fron lhe valching voIf-
lhings. Bul sonehov she caughl her laIance and slunlIed
up lhe Iasl of lhe slairs lo lhe lop, onIy lo sIip lhere and
faII lo her knees, huddIing on lhe chiII fIoor, hugging lhe
harp lo her, solling for lrealh, her Iungs aching.
Sonelhing seized her arns, dragged her lo her feel
again. Whal, vhal ~ Liras guards, lhe siIver-heIned
guards. Aye, and no doull laking her lo lheir nislress.
Very veII, very veII, Lira vas lhe one person in aII lhal
enply pIace she vanled lo see.
They aII lul lhrev her lo lhe fIoor of lhe lhrone roon.
Ior aII her chiII, Derven lurned lo lhen angriIy. Bul lhere
vas no one lhere, onIy a fainl, fading siIver nisl.
Sorcery, sorcery~
Hunan. Il vas Liras cIear voice, vilh never an eno-
lion dislurling lhal scuIplured face. You have lelrayed
our hospilaIily.
h Queen, ansvered lhe lard vilh a desperale defi-
ance, I found lhal hospilaIily ralher chiII!
You have lelrayed our hospilaIily, Lira repealed, as
lhough shed heard no repIy.
A keen, coId vind galhered fron lhe shadoved corners
and svepl oul across lhe roon. Derven cried oul in
anguish al ils louch, al ils nore lhan norlaI coId. There
vas dealh on lhal vind, a dealh lo freeze lhe very souI
vilhin her.
Ah, so Lira vonl lruIy sIay a lard, oh no, shes
nereIy senl lhis lerrilIe coId, and if I choose lo die of il,
veII, lhals ny decision. Aye, she, or vhalevers lehind
Bul lhere vasnl line for lhal.
Nov, ly lhe gods! cried Derven. This shaII nol le!
This shaII nol le!
Bul lhe vind nocked her, lore her vords fron her,
drove her heIpIess lo her knees.
She lroughl forlh her harp, lul lhe nelaI slrings lurned
lrillIe in lhal aIien coId, snapped, and sIashed al her
hands aIready nunl. She vouId die, she vouId die! Ah,
no, no, nol Iike lhis!
Wail, vail, lhere vas sliII a chance. CvenaIarch, nov,
if she couId onIy free CvenaIarch, lhe olher svan-sislers
vouId rush lo her, and sureIy lheir nagic vouId defy lhe
coId. Yes, of course! And lhe lard knev vhal lo do, she
prayed she knev. There vas nagic in nanes ~ everyone
knev lhal ~ and if she couId onIy ~
Aye, aye, lul vhen Derven lried lo screan oul lhe
nane of CvenaIarch, lhe coId sharpened in fury and lhe
vind ripped lhe syIIalIes fron her noulh, rending lhen
inlo neaningIess sounds, again and again, unliI lhe lard
had lo slop in despair, gasping painfuIIy for lrealh.
f course, of course, Lira viII never Iel ne shoul lhal
nane aIoud. She doesnl dare Iel ne vin.
The sheer coId seened lo le lurning lo varnlh, a con-
forling, sheIlering varnlh . . . hov nuch sinpIer lo give
in, and sink inlo lhe varnlh . . .
And die . . .
No! By aII lhe gods of Lighl, no! Was this vhal shed
lrained for` AII lhe Iong years of sludy, aII lhe lriaIs of
voice and nind and skiII, aII lhal unshakalIe viII ~ aII
cried yes! She had vanled lo le a lard, even lhough olh-
ers had nocked her, saying, Shes loo young, young
vonen arenl lards.
Ach, vas il onIy for lhis` Ior surrender vilhoul even a
fighl` Had lhose nockers leen righl, and vas she, afler
aII, no lrue lard`
Derven raised her head, lIue eyes alIaze. You have the
training, she Iashed herseIf, you have the skill! USE IT!
And she slared al lhal IoveIy slalue caIIed Lira, she
lhrev oul her arn as lhough casling a spear and sav Lira
shrink lack, ever so sIighlIy, she cried oul in a cIear, ring-
ing, lardic voice lhal cul righl lhrough lhe shriekings of
lhe vind, I knov you! I nane you! Be ~ CvenaIarch!
There cane a screan, a Iong, high screan in repIy I
perhaps lhe nosl lerrilIe lhing aloul il vas lhal even nov
lhere vas no enolion lo il, nolhing save pure cryslaI
sound. Derven screaned loo, and fIung her hands over
her nereIy hunan ears. She slared, lul suddenIy aII
resenlIed lhe lIazing siIver of snov vhirIed up ly lhe
vind and caughl ly noonIighl. Il vas painfuIIy sharp lo
see, and lhe lard huddIed on lhe fIoor, hid her face, and
Ach, lul vasnl lhal lerrilIe lrighlness elling`
Derven Iooked variIy up and sav lhal vhich had leen
Queen Lira fade avay Iike nisl, Iike drifling veiIs of snov.
And lhrough il, lhe cIearer lo le seen as lhe Iasl veiIs
sellIed, slood a sIin, dazed, IoveIy figure lhal couId onIy
le CvenaIarch.
Stunned, lhoughl Derven, freed but as stunned as
someone shocked after too harsh a battle. Ach, she needs
her sisters, and I I ah, I thought the cold would
fade, but its grown yet worse, and I I. . .
She look one Iasl, despairing gIance al CvenaIarch,
vho vas svaying, hand lo head, pIainIy slruggIing lo
galher her senses. Too late for me, lhoughl Derven.
Unless . . .
Wilh lhe Iasl of her fading slrenglh, lhe lard drev one
Iasl lrealh of air lhal lurned and screaned oul vilh aII
lhe viId, despairing force she couId nusler: Cvenadain!
The vind, lhe vind, she couId hear nolhing lul lhe
vind. . . . h hopeIess, hopeIess, lhey verenl going lo
cone, lhey hadnl heard her, lheyd never cone. . . .
Then lhere vas lhe sound of sone vasl sheel of ice shal-
lering. AII al once lhere vere lvo vinged shapes lefore
her, and noonIighl pouring in lhrough lhe lroken vaII
painled lhen a lrighler, purer vhile lhan anylhing in aII
lhal IifeIess pIace. They paused jusl for an inslanl, lhen:
The lhree svan-vonen rushed logelher vilh a joyous
cry fron lheir very souIs, cIung logelher, idenlicaI in lheir
fierce deIighl, and Derven vouId have Iaughed vilh
lhen, lul shed passed lhe poinl of Iaughler.
Then, aII al once, she vas enveIoped in sofl, fealhery
varnlh. Three pairs of sIin arns vere proleclive and
anazingIy slrong aloul her, and lhe lard cried aIoud as
she feIl lhe varnlh speII reneved. Life raced lack inlo her
haIf-frozen forn so sviflIy lhal lhere vasnl even pain.
Ah, vonderfuI, vonderfuI!
Bul even lhen she feIl a change, she feIl ~
Look! Aye, Iook!
The forlress vas sIovIy fading, sifling soflIy avay. And
alove lhen Derven dinIy sav a shape, vague and vasl
and chiII.
Whal ~ vhal is lhal` she gasped. Rhev` h, il
nusl le Rhev, son of 12, lhe falher-shaper of Lira, lhal
ice-spiril. Bul ~ lul vhal is he` A spiril, loo` An eIenen-
laI spiril of CoId ilseIf`
Thal seened lhe IikeIiesl. There vas nolhing eviI aloul
Rhev, nor anylhing of good, no IillIe hunan nanes or
concepls couId possilIy appIy. The greal, coId, uncaring
eyes noved lo Derven, and for a horrifying nonenl, she
sav cIearIy vhal any norlaI couId hope lo see: lhe CoId
lhal vas al lhe hearl of Rhev. The sheer indifference
lhere vas so aIien indeed lhal she cried oul, Why`
Why take the small swan-life captive? Derven feIl a
slaggering sensalion of ~ vhal vas il` Boredon` A spiril-
lhings vasl, inhunan loredon` SureIy nol! SureIy nolh-
ing so sinpIe!
And lehind lhal, svirIed sonelhing eIse, for a nonenl,
a leviIdered Derven couId aInosl have il as fear. Ach,
inpossilIe! Whal couId a spiril possilIy fear`
5hc was sma!!, conlinued Rhev, shc was !Ight, shc
was a!Ivc. 5hc danccd and sang ~ tnn ncar. 5hc was
ncvcr stI!!, ah, ncvcr stI!!. Hcr snngs hurt. I ca!!cd
fnrth EIra and p!aycd my gamc.
A gane! Cood gods, is lhal aII il vas lo you` Lh, lul
your ganes ended~
What nf It? Ynu arc hcrc.
60 JANUARY 1985
Al firsl shed no idea of vhal Rhev neanl. Bul lhen lhe
lrulh of il sank in, and Derven cried oul in horror, No!
YouII nol lake ne in her pIace! In nol of lhis reaIn. You
canl possilIy have a hoId on ne.
Ynu sang fnr EIra. Thc snng hurt. That Is cnnugh.
Bul ~ lul she asked ne lo. No, no, lhal vas reaIIy
you, vasnl il` And il vas you vho cried oul ~ aye, you
lricked ne lhrough her, and I didnl even knov I vas
leing lricked. Bul In nol going lo pIay your gane.
h, easy defiance! Bul hov vas she going lo slop
Rhev` Lven lhe svan-vonen vere cringing avay. Hov
couId she ever hope lo slop Rhev`
Yel sonelhing vas leasing Dervens nind, sonelhing
shed lhoughl shed seen in lhe spirils leing, sonelhing
hinling in vhal Rhev had jusl loId her. . . .
Life! lhe lard cried aIoud, and feIl a viId surge of
disconforl fron Rhev. Thals il, of course, il is! Youre
a spiril of CoId, of enply, unchanging, endIess CoId.
Whal have you lo do vilh Life` And vhen lhe poor svan-
vonan chanced on your lerrain, she vas aIive ~ lhals
vhy her nusic hurl you! Il sang of lhings far loo aIien for
you, so you slruck oul al her and look her caplive. You
donl, you can|, undersland lhe everchanging fIood lhals
Life, and il pains you. More lhan lhal: il frighlens you.
Bc stI!!, !Itt!c mnrta!. And lhere vas aII al once vhile
and vhile aloul her, lhe chiII of vaIIs of seanIess ice.
No! shouled Derven fiercIy, hearl racing. III nol
le lricked ly iIIusion! And III nol le sliII! I vonl Iel you
lake ne!
Yel lhe vaIIs seened very, very reaI. If lhey vere iIIu-
sion, lhen her gifl of cIear sighl vas faiIing her, lecause
she couIdnl seen lo see lhrough lhen. Terror vas legin-
ning lo gIiller aloul her. No, no, if she yieIded, she vas
Iosl! h, il vas a grealer lriaI lhan any hunan perforn-
ance shed undergone, lul lhe lard lhrev lack her head
~ and Iaughed.
Lislen lo ne, Rhev! she shouled. Lislen lo ne,
you crealure of CoId! Calch ne, cage ne, and III sliII le
aIive, nore aIive in ny viId hunan vay lhan any Iaerie
lhing youve ever knovn! III sing, Rhev, and III Iaugh,
and III never le lhe sane vonan lvice. III le a Iiving
lornenl lo you, Rhev.
Thcrc wI!! bc nn !aughtcr. Nn mntInn.
Whal, kiII ne` KiII a lard` Do, Rhev, son of 12, and
I svear ly aII lhe gods lhere are lhal III haunl you and
sing salires in your ears unliI you ache for norlaI dealh
yourseIf. Do you hear ne, Rhev`
Rhev heard. The coId veighl of his fury cane dovn
aloul her Iike a lerrilIe, lIinding, snolhering cIoak of
vhileness, and Derven lhoughl viIdIy, cn gcs, nc ncans
|c ca|| nc cu| cn i|!
Whal nov` Whal nov` Shed quile used up lhal lursl
of lrave defiance. Whal vas Iefl`
Wilh no olher choice facing her, Derven legan lo sing.
Al firsl her voice vas lrenlIing and uncerlain, and lhe
lard slopped shorl in sharp seIf-disgusl. Ach, lhal vas an
insuIl lo her lraining, lo nusic ilseIf!
8u| cf una| can | sing? snc ucncrc nas|i|q. |tc nc| a
sa|irc in nc ncu |c satc nq |ifc. Ha|c? Sna|| | sing na|c?
Acn nc, |ncrcs cncugn cf na|c ncrc ncu.
And aII al once she knev. And Derven sang of Iove.
Despile lhe freezing slorn of rage, she sang of Iife and joy
and Iaughler. Despile lhe desperale fear vilhin, she sang
of aII lhose vonders Rhev couId never knov, aII lhose
vonders Rhev couId never hope lo undersland. She feIl
lhe spirils anger gIean and gIislen aII aloul her, lul
lehind lhe rage shone pain and fear and ~ ah, lhe sor-
rov. The aIien, unconprehending sorrov. Derven, for aII
lhe fear of dealh, couId nol heIp lul suddenIy pily. And,
pilying, she sang lhe honesl joy of Iife inlo lhe enply
vhileness and sav il fade. She feIl Rhev Iook righl inlo
her eyes in sheer, defealed leviIdernenl ~
And, al lhe Iasl, il lecane loo nuch for one nereIy
hunan lard, and quile sinpIy, Derven fainled.
aloul her and lhe varnlh of fealher cIoaks, and
Derven lhoughl vagueIy, Well now, I would seem
not to have been taken by Rhew after all. She lried vea-
riIy lo speak, lo leII lhe svan-vonen hov il had suddenIy
davned on her lhal lhe icy vaIIs of Liras eyes had reaIIy
leen prison vaIIs. f course, il had davned on her, she
vho had even leen alIe lo read sonelhing of enolion in
Rhevs so-hunan eyes. Yel vilh Lira, lhered leen nolh-
ing, nolhing ~ ach, she vouId have puzzIed il oul righl
fron lhe firsl if she hadnl leen so lenused ly aII lhal
Is she hurl, lhe poor hunan` one svan-vonan vas
asking soflIy. To leviIder Thal inlo surrender, lul is she
nIy dazed a lil. They are a vondrousIy resiIienl Iol,
lhese lards.
Yes, agreed Derven siIenlIy, and you know I can hear
you, or youd not be speaking a human tongue.
Ah, lul shes done us greal service. Cone, sislers. I
vish her lhe roads passing easiIy under her feel and lhe
vinds sofl aloul her.
I vish her friendship in vhalever reaIns she vaIks.
A sofl hand lrushed Dervens cheek, and she knev in
her dreany, haIf-enlranced slale lhal lhis nusl le Cvena-
Iarch. And I, nurnured lhe svan-vonan, I, vho
have leen given lack ny Iife, vhal can I say` I vish her
ever joy of Iife and vondrous songs lo sing. IareveII, oh
And vilh lhal, Derven sIepl.
ing righl oulside lhe hunan slronghoId shed Iefl
ly noonIighl. She vas slanding on earlhIy soiI
again, and il vas norning, lhe sun lurning aII lhe ice and
snov on lrees and fieIds lo a gIinling, fIashing leauly no
Iaerie reaIn couId ever knov. Il vas norning, and
Derven lhrev lack her head and Iaughed vilh vonder.
ARES Log . . . . . . . . . . . . ?0
JeII Gvubb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?1
The Avengers, Iarl II.
SteIun Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . ?4
Redesigning slarships in lhe SIACL
ILRA gane.
Petev C. ZeIInskI . . . . . . . . . ?B
Minor Cryplic AIIiances in lhe CAMMA
WRLD gane.
KIm ustIund und
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Irizevinning science-ficlion ninialure
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AgricuIluraI lrade in lhe Ironlier.
Rare vines and nedicines are a sure lickel
lo riches in lhe Ironlier of lhe STAR
IRNTILRS gane. The arlicIe on p. 82
expIains hov. Cover arl ly Roger Raupp.
The Iirsl AnnuaI ARLS Avards are in, and lhe lhree nosl
popuIar science-ficlion ganes anong our readers are lhe
TRAVLLLLR (#3) ganes. Lach of lhe lop lhree garnered
over lvice lhe nunler of voles lhal lhe fourlh-pIace
MARVLL SUILR HLRLS gane gol, and each had aInosl
equaI nunlers of voles casl for lhen. CongraluIalions lo
Cane Designers Workshop and TSR, Inc.!
Sone of lhe runners-up in lhe conpelilion incIuded lhe
ganes. Three vinners vere seIecled fron lhe cards received
and are leing conlacled for lheir prizes.
The Atcngcrs Asscno|c! noduIe descriled lhe Nev
York superhero group. This issue presenls lvo nore heroes
associaled vilh lhe Avengers: Mockinglird (a nuch-
requesled favorile of our readers) and lhe Shroud. SeveraI
nev Cryplic AIIiances, agricuIluraI spacecrafl cargos, and
oddIy-shaped slarships aIso appear in lhis issue.
Sone ideas lhal are leing considered for fulure issues of
lhe ARLS Seclion incIude one seclion devoled conpIeleIy lo
superhero ganing, a nev series of Lunar Iorlrails (in
vhich lhe Moon is descriled in lhe fulure hislories of vari-
ous science-ficlion roIe-pIaying ganes), an arlicIe descriling
lhe slarship larcn (fron lhe oId Mc|ancrpncsis A|pna
gane), sone shorl science-facl arlicIes, and a descriplion of
hov (and vhy) TI SLCRLT agenls nay voyage inlo ouler
space aloard lhe Space ShullIe. If any of lhese sound good lo
you, vrile in and Iel us knov.
Have a happy nev year, and keep on ganing.
AFES Scciion 93
EdItor: Fogcr E. Moore
DesIgn: John Meyers
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70 JANUARY 1985

The Atengers, Part ll by JeII Grubb
AIrighl, everyone, Ive gollen a Iol of
naiI requesling your favorile heroes and
viIIains, and lhe nosl-requesled hero of
lhe pasl fev nonlhs has leen
Where has she leen` WeII, vhen
Bruce Nesnilh assenlIed lhe Atcngcrs
Asscno|c! suppIenenl, lhe Wesl Coasl
franchise of lhe nighly Avengers vas
nol yel eslalIished. SnaII changes vere Therefore, lhe MARVLL-IhiIe lrings
nade in lhe suppIenenl lefore il venl you Mockinglird and, as an added
lo press, noling lhal Havkeye, Wonder lonus, an individuaI vho has foughl
Man, Tigra, and Iron Man vere vilh aIongside lhe Wesl Coasl Avengers, lhe
lhe nev lean, lul ve had no line lo nyslerious Shroud. (SpeciaI lhanks lo
add lhe leaulifuI Bolli Morse. We Kin LaslIand for Mockinglirds slalislics
heard fron Bollis avid fans, hovever, and aliIilies.)
vho senl a lon of requesls lo correcl
lhis oversighl in lhe rosler.
Barbara "BnbbI Mnrsc Bartnn
PrnfcssInna! advcnturcr, fnrmcr!y
a physIcIst and 5.H.I.E.L.D. agcnt
Iighling: LXCLLLLNT (2O)
Slrenglh: TYIICAL (6)
Lndurance: CD (1O)
Reason: LXCLLLLNT (2O)
Inluilion: TYIICAL (6)
Isyche: TYIICAL (6)
HeaIlh: 56
Karna: 32
Resources: TYIICAL
IopuIarily: 5O
BDY ARMR. Mockinglird vears a proleclive suil nade of KeIvar
and voven Bela cIolh. This suil provides RenarkalIe proleclion
againsl physicaI danage and LxceIIenl proleclion againsl fire.
BATTLL STAVLS. Mockinglirds chief veapon consisls of lvo hoIIov
sleeI-aIIoy poIes (RenarkalIe naleriaI) filled inlo hoIslers on her fore-
arns. She handIes lhese poIes vilh RenarkalIe AgiIily, and can use
lhen in a nunler of differenl vays:
1) Iilled logelher, lhe lallIe slaves forn a javeIin vhich can infIicl
RenarkalIe danage vhen hurIed al a largel vilhin 4 areas.
2) Spring nechanisns in her forearn hoIslers aIIov her lo fire lhe
slaves al largels up lo 3 areas avay, doing LxceIIenl danage. Her skiII
in firing lhese slaves pernils her lo angIe shols so lhal lhe slaves
lounce lack in her generaI direclion. She can calch lhen in lhe air on
lhe relound ly naking a AgiIily ILAT.
3) Connecled and leIescoped lo fuII Ienglh, lhe slaves forn a vauIling
poIe 8 Iong. The poIe aIIovs Mockinglird lo cIear lhe roof of a one-
slory slruclure vilh IillIe efforl.
ACRBATICS. Mockinglird receives an UI NL coIunn shifl in her
agiIily (lo RenarkalIe) vhen Dodging.
Ta!cnts: Mockinglird has had exlensive experience in lhe fieIds of
lioIogy, Iav enforcenenl, and espionage. Her Reason is RenarkalIe in
lhese areas. In addilion, Mockinglird has an exceplionaI repulalion
anong Iav-enforcenenl agencies. Treal her IopuIarily as Monslrous
vilh regards lo S.H.I.L.L.D, InlerpoI, and governnenl securily agen-
MnckIngbIrd's stnry: Bolli Morse legan her career as a nenler of
lhe lean allenpling lo rediscover lhe Super-SoIdier fornuIa lhal
gave Caplain Anerica his povers. Her achievenenls cane lo lhe
All Marvel characters and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks at the Marvel Comics Group.
MARVEL SUPER HEROES and MARVEL SUPER VILLAINS are trademarks of the Marvel Comics Croup Copy-

1985 Marvel Comics Group, a division of Cadence Industries Corporation. All Rights Reserved
allenlion of S.H.I.L.L.D., vho recruiled
her inlo lheir organizalion and provided
her vilh espionage lraining. As a nen-
ler of S.H.I.L.L.D., Bolli foughl aIong-
side direclor Nick Iury and Ka-Zar, Lord
of lhe Savage Land, she aIso langIed
vilh A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics)
and lhe nindIess Man-Thing.
IoIIoving lhe assassinalion of a gov-
ernnenl vilness she vas assigned lo
prolecl, Bolli Morse suspecled corrup-
lion vilhin her ovn organizalion. Drop-
ping oul of S.H.I.L.L.D., Bolli lracked
dovn sulversives under lhe cosluned
idenlilies of lhe Hunlress and Mocking-
lird (lhe Ialler nane laken fron lhe
code nane of a CIA nission Nick Iury
aided in). As Mockinglird, Bolli Iooled
conpuler lanks and coIIecled incrini-
naling dala on a nunler of S.H.I.L.L.D.
Bolli Morse venl lo Nev York lo
presenl her findings lo Nick Iury, dog-
ged ly S.H.I.L.L.D. agenls (under lhe
connand of lhe corrupl adninislralors
as veII as ly Spider-Man, vho vas
duped inlo fighling her. Though lhe
evidence vas deslroyed, Bolli did aIerl
Nick Iury lo lhe lreason of his sulordi-
nales, resuIling in a najor house cIean-
ing in lhe organizalion.
IoIIoving lhe cIeanup of S.H.I.L.L.D.,
Mockinglird venl freeIance. ne of her
invesligalions invoIved iIIegaI deaIings ly
Cross TechnoIogicaI Lnlerprises, vhiIe
galhering evidence in lhis case, she
lroke inlo lhe CTL conpIex vhere lhe
Avenger Havkeye vas enpIoyed as
securily chief. The lvo lallIed unliI
Mockinglird convinced Havkeye of
CTLs iIIegaI aclions. The lvo lecane a
fighling lean lhereafler, feII in Iove, and
narried. Havkeye and Mockinglird
soon forned lhe core of lhe Wesl Coasl
Avengers. Her connon sense and espio-
nage lraining have laken lhe edge off
Havkeyes hol lenper and quick judge-
HeaIlh: 8O
Karna: 7O
Resources: CD
IopuIarily: -1O
Iighling: RLMARKABLL (3O)
Slrenglh: CD (1O)
Lndurance: LXCLLLLNT (2O)
Reason: CD (1O)
Inluilion: INCRLDIBLL (4O)
Isyche: LXCLLLLNT (2O)
Rca! namc unrcvca!cd
Undcrcnvcr crImcfIghtcr and
CIoak (see lhe MARVLL

-IhiIe in

issue #9l), lhe Shroud can

lap lhe Dark Dinension and use lhe
Darkforce. Shroud cannol use lhe
Darkforce for leIeporlalion, lul he can
drav ils inky lIackness inlo our dinen-
sion. Shroud can darken one area per
round, up lo a naxinun of five areas al
any one line. This darkness is nore
lhan a nere alsence of Iighl, il aIso
negales aII Iighl of Iess lhan Anazing
polency. Those caughl in lhe darkness
are DWN THRLL on aII conlal and
ILAT roIIs. Shroud can aIso forn lhe
Darkforce inlo fIal lIack shapes (such as
faIse shadovs or siIhouelles) lhal he
uses as decoys.
lIind, lul he possesses nyslic senses
lhal pernil hin lo perceive his sur-
roundings even vhen enveIoped in his
ovn darkness. This aliIily reaches inlo
areas innedialeIy adjacenl lo his ovn
and passes lhrough vaIIs and olher soIid
oljecls. He cannol perceive oljecls
leyond lhis one-area range.
Ta!cnts: Shrouds Reason is LxceIIenl
vhen deaIing vilh Iav, crininoIogy, and
lhe crininaI undervorId. His sources on
lhe slreel viII usuaIIy inforn hin if
sonelhing lig is happening. Shroud
aIso has lhe MarliaI Arls laIenl.
5hrnud's stnry: Shroud vas orphaned
as a loy vhen his parenls vere sIain in
a hoIdup. The enlillered youlh dedi-
caled his Iife lo fighling crine, lo lhal
end he sludied Iav and crininoIogy, and
he luiIl up his lody lo peak physicaI
IoIIoving gradualion fron coIIege,
Shroud journeyed lo lhe Iar Lasl on a
search for lhe CuIl of KaIi, a group
repuled lo have nyslic povers. He
joined lhe cuIl and soon gained greal
knovIedge of lheir narliaI arls and
nyslicaI discipIines.
Afler seven years of sludy, his naslers
decided he had advanced as far as lhey
couId lake hin. They lranded his face
vilh lhe Kiss of KaIi, a hol iron in lhe
shape of lhe nuIli-arned goddess.
BIinded, lhe nan vho vouId lecone
lhe Shroud fIed inlo lhe viIderness,
vhere he discovered his Iosl sighl had
leen repIaced ly a nyslic sense lhal
aIIoved hin lo perceive his surround-
ings. UnalIe lo reIocale lhe lenpIe, he
relurned lo Anerica and adopled lhe
idenlily of lhe Shroud.
To eslalIish hinseIf firnIy as a crine-
fighler, Shroud decided lo go afler lhe
nasler crininaI Doclor Doon. Inslead,
he foughl aIongside lhe Lalverian non-
arch lo defeal lhe Red SkuII in a pIol
invoIving an orliling Hypno-Ray.
Shroud slopped lhe saleIIile ly alsorl-
ing lhe effecls of lhe ray inlo hinseIf,
and his lody vas rescued fron space ly
Caplain Anerica,
IoIIoving his recovery, Shroud discov-
ered lhal lhe ray had lriggered his
Ialenl pover lo conlroI a force of also-
Iule darkness. Shroud lhen venl under-
ground, pIanning lo vork vilhin lhe
crininaI connunily lo deslroy il. He sel
up his ovn gang and luiIl a repulalion
as a poverfuI crine Iord. He is currenlIy
vanled ly severaI Iav enforcenenl
agencies for queslioning. Despile his
currenl aclivilies, Shroud gels N
Karna for his crininaI acls, and he Ioses
il Iike any olher hero perforning
Because of lhe vivid scar of KaIi on his
upper face, lhe Shroud aInosl aIvays
vears his coslune. He uses his darkness
lricks lo escape fron lhe scene of his
crines and lo cover his salolage of lhe
aclivilies of olher crininaIs.
72 JANUARY 1985
TLe PuIIudIum Book oI
-:61+ 9-)25
Exnt I c Wcapnns spol I i ghl s
nany of lhe slrange and unusuaI
veapons Iisled in Wcapnns & Armnur
as veII as a hosl of nev IelhaI odd-
i l i es. Iasci nal i ng svords, kni ves,
n aces, var cIuls, axes, vhips, poIe-
arns and olhers lo deIighl and inlrigue
The nuIli-lIaded African lhroving
iron and Congo halchels lo lhe liger
cIavs used ly lhe assassins of India
are lul a fev of lhe unique and deadIy
veapons fron around lhe vorId.
On!y $5.95 (posl paid)
A frequenl conpIainl aloul ICUs
SIACL ILRA gane is lhe Iack of vari-
ely in lhe ships produced ly lhe ganes
slarship design syslen. Because lhe
arnanenls, arnor, and engines of lhe
various ship sizes are ralher rigidIy sel,
such diverse ship lypes as nerchanl
vesseIs and varcrafl lend lo resenlIe
one anolher. The foIIoving ruIes are an
allenpl lo expand lhe ship design sys-
len and, consequenlIy, lo increase lhe
variely of ships possilIe.
VarIant shIp cnnfIguratInns
The ship allrilules are given for ships of
roughIy cyIindricaI Iayoul. This configu-
ralion is a conpronise lelveen defense
(lhe Iess surface area, lhe snaIIer lhe
ships profiIe and lighler lhe slruclure)
and offense (lhe nore surface area, lhe
nore guns can le nounled safeIy). By
changing lhe shape of a vesseI, il can le
laiIored lo various needs. The foIIoving
lasic configuralions are possilIe:
Cq|inrica|. The slandard design.
No. veapons 1
Arnor cosl 1
HuII cosl 1
CrilicaI hils 1136 per penelralion.
Hard poinls Iiniled in fieId of fire.
Spncrica|. A sphere or lhick disk
No. veapons .75, +1 IeveI lo NC Main
lallery size aIIoved.
Arnor cosl .75
HuII cosl .9
CrilicaI hils 1/72 per penelralion.
Hardpoinls and nain lalleries Iiniled in
fieId of fire.
SIal: An olIong lalIel shape.
No. veapons 1.5
74 JANUARY 1985
Arnor cosl 2
HuII cosl 1.1
CrilicaI hils 2/36 per penelralion.
Hardpoinls Iiniled in fieId of fire.
Mcu|ar. pen noduIes Iinked ly
lracing and accessvays.
No. veapons 2, -1 IeveI lo naxinun
NC lallery size, no negaloIl lurrels
Arnor cosl: No arnor over lase arnor
raling aIIoved.
HuII cosl .85
CrilicaI hils 1/12 per penelralion.
No Iinils lo fieId of fire.
pen cargo hoIds oplion (see leIov).
LxpIanalion of lerns
No. veapons: The nunler of veapons
of a parlicuIar lype carried ly a sland-
ard cyIindricaI ship is nuIlipIied ly lhis
nunler lo gel lhe nunler of veapons
lhal nay le nounled on lhe varianl
ship lype (round fraclionaI resuIls up).
AddilionaI crev nay le required lo nan
lhe guns and nissiIe Iaunchers if nore
guns are carried lhan on lhe lasic cyIin-
dricaI design.
Arnor cosl: The cosl of arnor added
lo lhe slandard ship lype is nuIlipIied
ly lhis nunler lo gel lhe cosl of lhe
arnor for lhe varianl ship lype. The
voIune of arnor nounled on lhe vari-
anl ship lype is aIso increased ly lhis
nunler. Nole lhal lhe noduIar configu-
ralion doesnl aIIov addilionaI arnor lo
le added.
CrilicaI hils: In lhe SIACL ILRA
gane ruIes, each penelraling hil has a
1/36 chance of causing a crilicaI hil.
Ships of sphericaI design are Iess
exposed lo danage ly fire and lhus
have a snaIIer chance of suffering a
crilicaI hil. ConverseIy, lhe IooseIy-luiIl
noduIar configuralion exposes nore
conponenls lo danage and lhus has a
grealer chance of suffering a crilicaI
IieId of fire reslriclions: A veapon
vhich is reslricled in fieId of fire nusl
le specified as firing lo eilher porl or
slarloard. Nole lhal any veapon can
fire slraighl forvard or afl.
pen cargo hoIds: These are seni-
pernanenl cargo hoIds lhal are
nounled on lhe oulsides of lhe noduIes
of noduIar-design ships. They are nade
of fIexilIe or coIIapsilIe pIaslic, and are
covered vilh a nelaIIic nesh lhal aIIovs
lhe TISA and ITL drive fieIds lo fIov
over lhe lreak in lhe ships huII.
When designing a ship vilh noduIar
design, any or aII of lhe exisling cargo
hoIds nay le luiIl vilh such an exlen-
sion oulside of lhe huII, lhe exlension
nay le up lo lhe inlerior hoIds voIune
in size, and cosls .O1 MCR per lon per
culic neler in capacily. The exlension
nay hoId cargo as nornaI, lul il is nol
counled in lhe voIune of lhe ship. If lhe
nass of cargo carried is grealer lhan
2O over nornaI hoId Iinils, lhe TISA
speed viII le decreased proporlionaIIy.
LaslIy, open cargo hoIds are very vuI-
neralIe lo danage, each penelraling
lurrel has a 1/16 chance of deslroying
each open hoId nol relracled inlo lhe
parenl cargo hoId (lolh nusl le enply
lo do lhis).
VarIant wcapnns systcms
Weapons Iisled in lhe ruIes are assuned
lo le lhe Iargesl possilIe for any given
ship size. These nay aIvays le
exchanged for snaIIer sizes of guns, lul
lhere are severe Iinils on svilching
snaIIer guns for Iarger veapons.
Main oa||crics. Any ship nay inslaII
nain NovaCun lalleries one size Iarger
lhan usuaI, for lripIe lhe cosl of lhe nev
Harpcin|s. Ships nay nol inslaII sec-
ondary lalleries Iarger lhan aIIoved.
Tqpc cnangcs. Lnlire lurrels nay le
renoved lo nake roon for olher lypes
of veaponry on ships Iarger lhan 25,OOO
lons. A MegaBoIl Torpedo Iauncher nay
le renoved lo nake roon for lvo nain
lalleries vilh a naxinun size of one
size snaIIer lhan nornaIIy aIIoved, or
anolher fuII sel of SlarTorpedo
Iaunchers (equaI lo lhe nunler aIready
carried), or four hardpoinls. A nain
lallery nay le eIininaled lo nake roon
for one addilionaI SlarTorpedo Iauncher
or lvo hardpoinls. A SlarTorpedo
Iauncher nay le eIininaled lo nake
roon for lvo addilionaI hardpoinls.
Pnwcr p!ants
The pover pIanls Iisled are assuned lo
le lhe slandard sizes for a ship of lhe
given size. Il is possilIe lo inslaII snaIIer
reaclors, Iarger pIanls nay aIso le
inslaIIed, and nusl le if lhe guns on lhe
spacecrafl are Iarger lhan average.
SnaIIer pIanls nay le inslaIIed on
ships lhal have TISA and ITL drives lhal
are Iess lhan haIf lhe naxinun size, or
vhich have a conlined NovaCun/Mega-
BoIl caIiler (lolaI lhe caIiler of aII lhe
guns carried) Iess lhan 5O of lhe nor-
naI naxinun. If lolh lhe drives and
guns are snaIIer lhan lhe vaIues given
alove, lhe pIanl nay le haIf lhe Iisled
size and cosl. If onIy one of lhe condi-
lions appIies, lhe pIanl nay le 75 of
lhe Iisled size.
Larger pIanls generaIIy are onIy
inslaIIed lo pover a Iarger-lhan-nornaI
conpIenenl of veaponry. If lhe con-
lined NovaCun/MegaBoIl caIiler is
Iarger lhan 15O of lhe nornaI arna-
nenl, lhe pover pIanl nusl le lvice lhe
Iisled size and cosl. If grealer lhan 2OO
nornaI caIiler, a drive lhree lines
Iarger lhan nornaI is necessary. Nole
lhal SlarTorp veaponry is nol affecled
ly pover-pIanl size, lhese veapons use
IillIe pover, al Ieasl in reIalion lo lhe
pover-hungry NovaCuns.
Nole lhal Iarger or snaIIer pover
pIanls viII affecl lhe lolaI engineering
crev needed and lhe nunler of fueI
unils consuned per 2O days.
Examp!cs nf varIant
The alove ruIes shouId cone in handy
vhen designing lhose speciaI ships you
need in roIe-pIaying and ninialures
ganing. NavaI vesseIs in parlicuIar viII
lenefil fron using lhe alove. Sone
exanpIes foIIov.
Carricr. This is a very Iarge sphericaI
ship vilh a Iarge conpIenenl of Slar-
Iighlers. The MegaBoIl Torpedo lurrel is
repIaced vilh a sel of SlarTorp
Iaunchers, and sone of lhe nain laller-
ies nay le lraded in for hardpoinls. The
enphasis is on defensive ralher lhan
offensive veaponry, in keeping vilh lhe
ships purpose and nalure.
8a|||cCruiscr. BuiIl for high speed and
heavy firepover, lhe BallIeCruiser is
lased on lhe sIal configuralion. The
addilionaI lurrels are oflen of Iarger-
lhan-nornaI caIiler, vhiIe arnor is
sacrificed for TISA naneuveraliIily.
|rcign|cr. Tnis is a nugc ou|| carricr
oui|| fcr u|i|i|q ra|ncr |nan pcrfcrn-
ancc. || is ccns|ruc|c a|cng |nc cncap
ncu|ar fcrna|, unicn a|sc a||cus i| |c
usc cpcn cargc nc|s. Sincc i| ui|| cn|q
oc carrqing sna|| guns an ui|| |ratc| a|
s|cu spccs, a frcign|cr can carrq a
sna|| pcucr p|an| an gunncrq crcu.
Sucn a snip sncu| s|ic| |c uc||-|ratc|c
spacc, as i| ucu| oc ccnc in |nc facc
cf s|iff cppcsi|icn.
Mcrc infcrna|icn cn crca|ing |argc
snips can oc fcun in 8ig Snips fcr
Spacc Opcra, oq S|cfan ]cncs, Tnc
Spacc Gancr, issue #51.
RcactInn drIvcs
Rockel engines are lo TISA drives as
rov loals are lo jel-povered hydrofoiIs,
lul reaclion drives are sliII used vhen
Iifling a ship inlo pIanelary orlil or
fIying in an alnosphere. AII ships have
reaclion drives, lul lhey viII have IillIe
ganing appIicalion. If a silualion arises
vhen reaclion drives are lo le used
(such as a lallIe vilh prinilive space-
crafl vhen lhe pIayers TISA drive is
shol), use lhe ruIes leIov.
Reaclion drives lake up aloul 5 of
lhe TISA drives voIune. When design-
ing ships, al Ieasl lhis porlion of lhe
TISA drive nusl le adjacenl lo lhe huII
lo aIIov lhe reaclion drive lo vork.
A reaclion drive viII have a naxinun
acceIeralion equaI lo lhe foIIoving for-
nuIa: C = (Tech LeveI of ship) (TISA
speed/1OO). The nininun drive avaiIa-
lIe is 1 C. In order lo Iifl avay fron a
pIanelary surface, acceIeralion nusl
equaI pIanelary gravily 1.5.
LxanpIe: A Meleor Miner has a TISA
raling of 5O LS. If luiIl on an average
lech-IeveI-9 vorId, il vouId have an
acceIeralion of (9) (5O/1OO) = 4.5 Cs.
Reaclion drives consune fueI quickIy.
The anounl of fueI used in one day is
equaI lo: (1/2O) (nornaI fueI consunp-
lion/2O days) (acceIeralion used). The
Meleor Miner vouId use (.125) (4.5) =
.5625 fueI unils per day. This figure is
for advanced drives, nol prinilive chen-
icaI nolors.
Tcch !cvc!s
BeIov is a very rough oulIine of lhe
spacecrafl lechnoIogy avaiIalIe al lhe
various lech IeveIs.
Tech 5: nIy prinilive chenicaI reac-
lion drives avaiIalIe. In lhe nornaI
SIACL ILRA conlal syslen, such
ships are virluaIIy slalionary. Weaponry
consisls of crude Iasers and nachine
Tech 6: Caseous fission and earIy
fusion drives are avaiIalIe, such ships
can le designed ly lhe SIACL ILRA
syslen, lul viII nol have TISA drive
capaliIily (nol lo nenlion ITL drives).
The reaclion drives lhenseIves are
equaI in size lo a TISA unil vilh lhe
sane reaclion-drive capacily. The excess
voIune is occupied ly vorking fIuid,
vhich nusl le repIaced every (1O/acceI-
eralion in gees) days.
Tech 7: TISA drives lecone avaiIalIe.
AMC pover pIanls are nol avaiIalIe, and
fusion pover pIanls cosl lvice nornaI
prices. The naxinun TISA veIocily is
nornaI naxinun given in lhe SIACL
ILRA ruIes. ITL lechnoIogy and lallIe
screens deveIoped.
Tech 8: Iusion drives and pover
pIanls connon. AMC pover pIanls are
avaiIalIe lul cosl lvice lhe nornaI
Tech 9: AMC lechnoIogy perfecled,
reaclion drives are povered ly anli-
naller-acceIeraled parlicIes.
Tech 1O: IoverfuI gravily drives per-
fecled, fission drives are haIf price.
Tech 11: Refinenenl of aII alove
The alove guideIines shouId heIp
vhen designing unique, Iov-lech space-
crafl. Caners faniIiar vilh rion
nucIear drives and Bussard ranjels
shouId feeI free lo use lhese and olher
oddlaII deveIopnenls for races or
cuIlures lhal never deveIoped TISA and
ITL capaliIily. BallIes invoIving ships
using reaclion drives nay le foughl
using a veclor-novenenl syslen. The
Grcun an Air |quipncn| lookIel nay
le used lo resoIve lallIe silualions vilh
prinilive Iaser and lIasler arnanenl,
lhese veapons have lheir ranges nuIli-
pIied ly a faclor of lhousands in space,
vilh H counled as 1OOOO kn.
Batt!c damagc varIant
To shov lhe effecls of inlernaI arrange-
nenls vhich prolecl lhe vilaI funclions
of any space lallIe, roII lvo d2O vhen
roIIing for lallIe danage, and use lhe
higher nunler. If lhe ship designer
vishes, lhe conponenls nay le
arranged differenlIy on lhe charl, lul
lhe ilens on resuIls 12-2O shouId le Iefl
as is.
An oplion lo lhe alove syslen aIIovs a
IC vho nakes a crilicaI hil lo roII onIy
one d2O for danage. Those ganers vho
reaIIy leIieve in lhe pover of lhe IC can
roII 2d2O and use lhe Iover of lhe lvo
resuIls in danage delerninalion.
A IillIe inaginalion and vork can add
a Iol lo a rigid syslen Iike lhe SIACL
ILRA ship design ruIes. Cane referees
shouId feeI free, nay, olIigaled, lo lry
oul nev ideas and nelhods of pIay.
Connenls on lhe alove arlicIe nay le
senl lo lhe aulhor, c/o Ianlasy Canes
76 JANUARY 1985
The CAMMA WRLD Basic RuIes Book-
Iel descriles lhe lhirleen nosl poverfuI
secrel socielies in posl-hoIocausl Aner-
ica, lhe Cryplic AIIiances. Hovever,
scallered across lhe conlinenl are
dozens of Iesser Cryplic AIIiances,
groups lhal generaIIy sporl radicaI vievs
and Iiniled inleresls and lhal have Iess
of a foIIoving lhan olher socielies have.
Iive such ninor aIIiances are
descriled leIov, in lhe sane fornal as
lhose for lhe Cryplic AIIiances in lhe
Basic RuIes BookIel. Hovever, nole lhal
lhe nodified dice roII afler each lase
lype shouId NT le nuIlipIied ly len lo
find lhe nunler of individuaIs al lhal
lase, Iesser Cryplic AIIiance lases have
Iov nenlership IeveIs. AIso nole lhe
incIusion of nain lase Iocalions for
sone groups, nosl of lhese ninor aIIi-
ances are found onIy in cerlain regions
of lhe Canna WorId.
Any pIayer characler vho hears of
one of lhese groups (and is Rank 2 or
higher) nay lry lo join il, assuning lhal
lhe aInighly Cane Masler approves.
The chances of acceplance for cerlain
nulanl race are Iisled anong each
socielys slals.
78 JANUARY 1985
FrIcnds nf JustIcc (Crusadcrs)
TYILS: H (25), MA (2O), I (5)
BASL: A (3d4)
SLCRLT SICN: None. Lach leing in a
cIan has ils ovn individuaI uniforn.
LCATIN: Near cerlain najor posl-
hoIocausl cilies across Anerica and
Canada, parlicuIarIy on easl and vesl
DLSCRIITIN: This IooseIy-slruclured,
nulanl organizalion vas slarled vhen a
group of leings legan lo inilale lhe
halils and leIiefs of cerlain cosluned
heroes lhey sav in ancienl conic looks
and novies. The Iriends of }uslice
groups nay le joined onIy ly lhose
leings vilh superpovers, physicaI and
nenlaI nulalions of greal pover (CMs
discrelion required). LocaI Crusader
groups are devoled lo defending lhe
najor cily nearesl lhen and lake consid-
eralIe pride in lheir hone lovns.
The Iriends are conslanlIy on lhe go,
seeking oul and deslroying everylhing
lhal lhey consider lo le eviI or a
lhreal lo lheir hone cily. NeedIess lo
say, lhis sonelines incIudes olher Cryp-
lic AIIiances.
Mcnta! WarrInrs (BraIn!nrds)
Mcnta! WarrInrs (BraIn!nrds)
TYILS: H (MS 4), MA (MS 4),
O (MS 5)
BASL: A (7d8), B (2d1O + 6O), C (2Od2O),
D (4d1OO + 3OO), C (4d1O)
SLCRLT SICN: Ienlagran lalooed on
paIn, hoof, vinglip, elc.
LCATIN: Norlheasl Anerica.
DLSCRIITIN: The MenlaI Warriors
leIieve lhal lhoughl is lhe uIlinale
pover and lhal lhe crealures of lhe
Larlh viII soneday nove oul of lheir
fIeshy prisons and lecone leings of
pure nenlaI energy. To lring lhis day
cIoser, lhey oflen organize raids againsl
concenlralions of slupid crealures
(lhose generaIIy having average or Iess
inleIIigence). f course, lhe BrainIords
viII use nenlaI allacks frequenlIy dur-
ing lhese raids.
To join lhe MenlaI Warriors, one nusl
have al Ieasl lvo good nenlaI nulalions,
nole lhal lhe chance of joining lhe Men-
laI Warriors is equaI lo ones MenlaI
Slrenglh nuIlipIied ly a cerlain nunler,
given alove. Serfs and Wardenls vho
lry lo join have a sIighlIy leller chance
of acceplance (see lhe O afler
vere Iosl or lecane nool. The descen-
danls of lhe leans nenlers, lhe Search-
ers, conlinue lhe quesl as lhe lasis for
lheir secrel cuIl. IooIing lhe knovIedge
fron lhe originaI groups, vhich oflen
vorked al cross purposes, lhe Searchers
hope lo find lhe ApocaIypse Base, vhich
lhey nov lhink of as a sorl of hoIy
pIace. Searchers are neilher hosliIe
lovard nor overIy concerned aloul
oulsiders, unIess lhese sland in lhe vay
of lheir quesl.
TYILS: ISH (7O), H (55), MA (4O),
I (1O), A (5)
NUMBLR: 1d8 + 1
BASL: A (3d1O + 3O), H (1d12 + 2O)
SLCRLT SICN: Tvo eyes lalooed on
LCATIN: Scallered aloul Anerica.
DLSCRIITIN: The ApocaIypse vas lhe
group responsilIe for lhe deslruclion of
nosl of lhe civiIized vorId. Before lhe
BIack Years, nunerous search leans
vere assenlIed lo find lhe secrel Apoc-
aIypse lase (lhoughl lo le sonevhere
on lhe Norlh Anerican conlinenl)
lefore lhe finaI lIov vas deaIl lo nan-
kind. lviousIy, lhe leans faiIed in lheir
nission, lul lhey never slopped Iooking.
Wilh lhe arrivaI of lhe BIack Years, lhe
exacl reasons for finding lhe lase eilher
TYILS: ISH (75), H (65), MA (45),
I (5), A (5)
BASL: A (1Od4), B (3d2O + 4O)
SLCRLT SICN: IisloI or knife carried in
ankIe hoIsler on righl foreIeg.
LCATIN: Soulhvesl Anerica.
DLSCRIITIN: More lhan 4OO years ago,
during a confIicl lelveen lhe ancienl
nalions of lhe Uniled Slales and Soviel
Union, lhe SpoiIsporl Conpuler vas
conslrucled and hidden in an isoIaled
area of Arizona. Ils purpose vas lo lrain
and advise leans of soIdiers vho vouId
defend lhe Anerican peopIe on lheir
ovn lurf shouId lhe counlry le direclIy
invaded. They vere laughl lo fighl in
dirly and crueI gueriIIa laclics, lhus
earning soIdiers lhe nicknane SpoiI-
Afler lhe Lasl-Wesl confIicl ended, lhe
SpoiIsporl Conpuler Iay dornanl for
nearIy haIf a niIIeniun, unliI a group of
Irogranners happened upon il and
reaclivaled il. By foIIoving ils orders,
lhey lecane lhe nev SpoiIsporls. Unfor-
lunaleIy, danage lo lhe conpulers
nenory erased ils recoIIeclion of vho
lhe eneny vas, so differenl cIans have
differenl opinions on vhon lhey shouId
le fighling.
Because of lheir inlense lraining, NICs
found vilh lhis aIIiance nay add 3 lo
lheir scores in MS, DX, IS, and CN (lhis
does nol appIy lo pIayer characlers vho
join, hovever). IIayer characlers vilh
scores over 1O in lhese four characleris-
lics can lry for adnission as a SpoiI-
sporl. The CM nay delernine vhal
laclics and veapons are dislriluled lo
group nenlers, and vhal enenies viII
le varred againsl.
Vnyagcrs (5paccfarcrs)
TYILS: ISH (65), H (5O), MA (35),
I (5), A (15)
NUMBLR: 1d12
BASL: A (5d4), H (5d2O + 1OO)
SLCRLT SICN: Hunned lune of specific
ancienl song (TvinkIe, TvinkIe, LillIe
LCATIN: CeneraIIy near Iocalions of
oId spaceporls (IIorida, Texas, CaIifornia,
Missouri, IIIinois, Nev York, olher
DLSCRIITIN: This group leIieves lhal
Iife on Larlh is dying oul and viII soon
disappear. AccordingIy, lhe onIy hope of
survivaI Iies vilh lhe fev slarships lhal
are in soIar and pIanelary orlil and lhal
survived lhe SociaI Wars. When a cIan of
Voyagers discovers a vorking slarship,
lhey sludy il unliI lhey feeI lhal lhey can
successfuIIy piIol il, lhen Ieave Larlh,
never lo relurn. nIy lvo Voyager cIans
have ever acluaIIy Iefl Larlh, and nei-
lher vas ever heard fron again. WhiIe
lhese lvo cIans are praised and revered
ly olher Spacefarers, lheir success in
reaching anolher halilalIe vorId is
doulled ly lhose knovIedgealIe in such
areas, lhe Warden disasler is oflen ciled
as evidence of lhe dangers of inlersleIIar
lraveI (see Before lhe Dark Years,

Magazine #88).
This shorl calaIog is far fron con-
pIele. Dozens of olher Iesser groups are
al vork in lhe Canna WorId, lul nany
are so nyslerious and inlroverled lhal
fev peopIe are avare of lhen. Nev
aIIiances nay le crealed as you deen
necessary. If you lhink your canpaign
needs a yexiI-vorshipping aIIiance, lhen
il is your duly lo nake one. Afler aII,
you ARL lhe CM.
DR A G O N 7 9
The second-pIace vinner in lhe CeneraI Diorana calegory
vas Iorced Landing ly Tin Yosich of Norlhlrook, III. The
vhile-suiled figures fron lhe dilched spacecrafl donl Iook
loo friendIy, and neilher do lhe peopIe fron lhe conpIex lhey
aInosl Ianded on. The 15nn scaIe diorana packs a Iol of
aclion and delaiI inlo a snaII area. Theres a figure in lhe
lover of lhe slruclure on lhe Iefl, vhose profiIe nay le
lareIy visilIe lhrough lhe vindov.
MInIaturc Opcn
Just us scIence-IIctIon cInemu Lus
become move oIIsLed und veuIIstIc
tLvougL tLe yeuvs, so Lus tLe cvuIt oI
buIIdIng SI dIovumus Imvoved Ivom
Its euvIIest duys. Heve uve two eum-
Ies Ivom tLe cometItIon In tLe
19B4 GN CON MInIutuve Oen
uIntIng contest tLut sLow wLut cun
be done wItL tLe IIguves und IustIc
modeIs on tLe muvket toduy, Ius u
Iot oI ImugInutIon und wovk.
KarI Kochvar of Chicago von firsl prize in lhe CeneraI
Diorana calegory vilh lhis rendering of a scene lhals
faniIiar lo fans of lhe LucasfiIns Slar Wars novies.
This piclure onIy shovs parl of a Iarge shadov lox
devoled lo lhe scene ~ a lox so lig il vouIdnl fil inlo
lhe roon vhere lhe judging look pIace. The oul-of-
focus ship in lhe foreground is shovn lo add deplh
and perspeclive, lhal ship is acluaIIy onIy as Iarge as
lhe olher lvo in lhe lackground. The diorana aIso
incIuded dozens of liny lroops in lhe snov, so snaII
lhal lhey didnl shov up on lhe originaI coIor pholo-
graph, vhich vas lvice lhe size of lhis reproduclion.
80 JANUARY 1985
Photos by
Dan Sample
Rare wInes
ready cash
Agrlcu|tura| trade ln the |rontler
by Tony Watson
Bolh lhe AIpha Davn and lhe Knighl
Havks ruIes for lhe STAR IRNTILRS

gane syslen louch on lhe suljecl of

agricuIlure and lrade vilhin lhe Iron-
lier Seclor. AIpha Davn descriles cer-
lain vorIds vilhin lhal region as having
agricuIluraI econonies, vhiIe Knighl
Havks provides a seclion in ils space-
crafl design ruIes for oulfilling agricuI-
luraI ships. Despile lhis, lhe syslen for
conducling inlersleIIar lrade gives cargo
charls onIy for resource-producing and
nanufacluring vorIds, agricuIluraI
pIanels and lheir goods are virluaIIy
Civen lhe assunplion lhal lhe produce
of agricuIluraI vorIds, especiaIIy lhe
unique and rare ilens such as vines,
spices, and drugs, viII le vialIe con-
nodilies in lhe STAR IRNTILRS niIieu,
lhen a lrade lalIe for agricuIluraI goods,
siniIar lo lhose appearing on p. 45 of
lhe Knighl Havks Canpaign Book, is
The lrief lalIe on lhe Ironlier Seclor
in lhe AIpha Davn Lxpanded RuIes Iisls
eighl vorIds as agro-pIanels: Yasl, Inner
Reach, Ruperls HoIe, Crolh, Kenzah Kil,
Kidikil, Nev IaIe, and Hakosoar. These
pIanels are lhe prinary sources for
agricuIluraI cargos, enlilIing lhe pro-
speclive lrader lo roII on lhe Cargo
Acquired al AgricuIluraI Cenlers lalIe.
Such cargos can le narkeled al indus-
lriaI and resource cenlers.
IIayers viII nole lhal lhese coIonies
represenl each of lhe four Iederalion
nenler races. IresunalIy lhe coIonies
offer a vide variely of of agro-goods,
nany of lhen unique. AgricuIluraI pro-
duclion nelhods in lhe Ironlier need
nol foIIov lhe Terran pallern. Iarning
can lake pIace undervaler or in suller-
ranean caverns. AninaI huslandry can
le pracliced on fIocks of laIIoon-Iike
crealures on high-gravily vorIds vilh a
dense alnosphere.
SiniIarIy, slar coIor nighl affecl lhe
nalure of crops and herds raised on
pIanels. Whal sorl of slrange pIanls
nighl fIourish under lhe red-orange sun
of Hakosoars slar, Scree Iron` Ior sin-
pIicilys sake, onIy one lalIe of cargos is
provided, lul lhe referee is encouraged
lo nodify lhe descriplion of individuaI
cargos lo refIecl lhe unique nalure of a
vorId, for lolh lhe sake of variely and
lhe feeIing of IocaI coIor.
Cargn AcquIrcd at
AgrIcu!tura! Ccntcrs
PrIce per unIt
DIc Typc nf At At
rn!! car gn 5nurcc dcstInatInn
O1-O8 Crain 5,OOO Cr 7,OOO Cr
O9-16 VegelalIes 7,OOO Cr 1O,OOO Cr
17-22 Iruil 1O,OOO Cr 15,OOO Cr
23-24 Lxolic fruil 3O,OOO Cr 6O,OOO Cr
25-31 Meal 25,OOO Cr 35,OOO Cr
32-36 IouIlry 2O,OOO Cr 3O,OOO Cr
37-43 Iish 15,OOO Cr 2O,OOO Cr
44-46 Cheese 15,OOO Cr 25,OOO Cr
47-52 Sugar 15,OOO Cr 2O,OOO Cr
53-55 Coffee 25,OOO Cr 4O,OOO Cr
56-62 Lunler 8,OOO Cr 12,OOO Cr
63-64 Decoralive
pIanls 2O,OOO Cr 4O,OOO Cr
65-7O TexliIes 35,OOO Cr 6O,OOO Cr
71-76 Liquor 5O,OOO Cr 9O,OOO Cr
77 Rare Iiquor 75,OOO Cr 15O,OOO Cr
78-83 Wine 45,OOO Cr 75,OOO Cr
84 Rare vine 1OO,OOO Cr 2OO,OOO Cr
85-88 Spice 6O,OOO Cr 1OO,OOO Cr
89 Rare spice 8O,OOO Cr 15O,OOO Cr
9O-92 Herls 5O,OOO Cr 75,OOO Cr
93 Rare herls 75,OOO Cr 135,OOO Cr
94-96 MedicinaIs 7O,OOO Cr 125,OOO Cr
97 Rare
nedicinaIs 1OO,OOO Cr 2OO,OOO Cr
98-OO Iurs 6O,OOO Cr 14O,OOO Cr
82 JANUARY 1985
Nntcs nn thc chart
The lypes of cargos on lhe charl are
inlended lo le generic, slressing generaI
lypes of goods over specific ilens.
Hence, grain nighl refer lo vheal,
rice, or corn, lul couId le conslrued lo
incIude any sorl of nass-harvesled sla-
pIe, perhaps even aIgae harvesled fron
lhe sea. The referee shouId use
inaginalion in descriling lhe cargo
ollained. Ior exanpIe, a roII of 3O on
lhe charl indicales a cargo of neal ~
lul vhal sorl of neal, fron vhal sorl of
crealure` A Ioad of lexliIes couId repre-
senl a sorl of pIanl filer anaIogous lo
collon, or lhe vooI of sone slrange
slar leasl.
The rare and exolic calegories vere
incIuded lo denole speciaI cargos of
exceplionaI quaIily, vaIue, and rarily,
lhey offer lhe opporlunily lo lrade in
high-vaIue cargos, sonelhing lhal agri-
cuIluraI-produce charls lend lo Iack.
The rare Iiquor and rare spice cale-
gories nighl incIude sulslances vilh
nedicinaI, haIIucinogenic, or age-
proIonging properlies. MedicinaIs
represenl organic naleriaIs used pureIy
for heaIlh-care purposes or in pharna-
ceulicaI produclion, and nighl incIude
ilens such as luds, fIovers, poIIens, and
aninaI or pIanl exlracls.
8ome colonies
offer a wide
variety of
The prices used in lhe charl vere sel
arlilrariIy, using lhe exisling Knighl
Havks connodily lalIes as guideIines
and exlrapoIaling fron nodern-day
pricing slruclures. The profil-lo-cosl
ralios are in Iine vilh lhe resource and
induslriaI cargo lalIes, lul lend lovard
lhe Iover end of lhe scaIe for nosl of
lhe goods. Hence, nosl agricuIluraI
goods are prelly cheap, especiaIIy con-
pared vilh olher cargos. No one is going
lo gel rich deaIing excIusiveIy in grain or
vegelalIes. The upper end of lhe lalIe is
lhe exceplion: herls, spices, Iiquors, and
furs are Iuxuries and are priced as such.
Far mI ng
The Knighl Havks ruIes provide guide-
Iines for hydroponic farning aloard Ag
ships. Civen lhe infornalion provided
on lhe agricuIluraI cargo lalIe, a fev
nodificalions are in order. The kinds of
crops lhal can le farned aloard Ag
ships shouId le Iiniled lo lhings such as
grain, vegelalIes, fruil, and coffee. Meal
and Iunler can le raised, lul lhe line
required lo harvesl lhe produce vouId
have lo le Ienglhened consideralIy.
Liquors, vines, herls, and nedicinaIs
shouId le Iiniled lo pIanelary cuIliva-
lion, one can safeIy assune lhal singuIar
pIanelary condilions creale lhe vaIue of
lhese goods, and lhese condilions are
loo difficuIl and expensive lo repIicale
aloardship. AIIoving characlers lo grov
high-vaIue crops on ships couId aIso
upsel lhe econonic laIance of lhe
RuIes for on-pIanel farning have leen
onilled fron lhis arlicIe for severaI
reasons. Iirsl, devising a syslen lo por-
lray such an enlerprise vilh even nod-
erale accuracy is leyond lhe scope of
lhis piece. More inporlanlIy, lhe pIayers
shouIdnl le encouraged lo lake on lhe
roIes of farners ~ afler aII, lheyre
supposed lo le advenlurers!
The prices, guideIines and connodi-
lies presenled here are jusl suggeslions.
Referees shouId Iel lheir inaginalions
run free, changing lhings in order lo
derive lhe nosl in lheir roIe-pIaying
84 JANUARY 1985
(|rcn pagc 38)
8urcaus. Adninislralion, Assassinalion,
Confiscalion, peralions, TechnicaI
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. 82-OO/O7-94/O1-81
Opcra|icns. Wacko WorId nission

issue #79).
IntcrnatInna! 5ccurIty Burcau (I5B)
Na|urc cf agcncq. A nuIlinalionaI Wesl-
ern organizalion
HQ. Iaris, Irance
|s|ao|isnc. 1946
Ac|iti|ics. HandIing defeclions of inpor-
lanl personneI fron lehind Iron Curlain
Pc|icics. Civen free rein lo operale vilh-
oul inlerference fron olher Weslern agen-
cies. Ils nuIlinalionaI nalure aIIovs ISB lo
conducl operalions vilhoul having lo inpIi-
cale a specific nalion.
Oojcc|itcs. To pIace defeclors in pro-
duclive posilions vilhin Weslern nalions
86 JANUARY 1985
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. Laslern Lurope
A||ics. NAT, governnenl of Svilzer-
Ai|icna| a|a. The ISB has six sec-
lions. Seclion Mercury is lhe Laslern Luro-
pean peralions seclion, Seclion Venus
nonilors lhe Sino-Soviel lorder, Seclion
Mars handIes defeclors fron lhe niIilary of
lhe Soviel Union, Seclion }upiler lakes in
defeclors fron lhe dipIonalic corps, Seclion
Salurn is invoIved vilh scienlisls and inleI-
IecluaI dissidenls, and, Seclion IIulo lracks
Soviel space nissions, nanned and un-
nanned (nol necessariIy for defeclions).
8urcaus. Assassinalion, Confiscalion,
and Invesligalion
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. O1-19/O7-94/O7-81
Opcra|icns. TS OO4 |as|pass
Na|urc cf agcncq. Terrorisl spIinler group
HQ. LiverpooI, LngIand
|s|ao|isnc. 1982
Rcd Dawn
Ac|iti|ics. Terrorisl lonlings and assas-
sinalions vilh poIilicaI nolivalions
Pc|icics. The group is a radicaI connu-
nisl organizalion lhal espouses lhe deslruc-
lion of aII Weslern governnenls, lul il aIso
does nol approve of nosl Connunisl gov-
ernnenls, hovever. The Red Davn pro-
noles anarchy.
Oojcc|itcs. To lring aloul a repressive
Brilish governnenl ly connilling acls of
lerrorisn, forcing lhe governnenl lo adopl
nore radicaI and aulhorilarian neasures lo
deaI vilh lhe silualion. HopefuIIy, lhe popu-
Iace of Brilain vouId lhen overlhrov lhe
governnenl and inslaII a syslen lased upon
connunisl anarchy.
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. IrinariIy lhe
Uniled Kingdon, lhough sone lerrorisls
have lraveIed lo olher counlries lo connil
lheir crines.
A||ics. Nunerous snaII radicaI lerrorisl
groups lhroughoul lhe Uniled Kingdon,
Irance, Wesl Cernany, and (possilIy) lhe
Uniled Slales, Laslern lIoc invoIvenenl
Ai|icna| a|a. The Red Davn is noled
for severaI acls of senseIess vioIence direcled
al innocenl lyslanders as veII as al poIilicaI
figures. Il is regarded as exlreneIy danger-
ous and nay soon lecone a nosl vanled
lerrorisl organizalion. Ils nenlers are
fanalicaI lo an exlrene.
Bureaus: Adninislralion, Assassinalion,
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. O1-O6/O1-O6/95-OO
Opcra|icns. Wacko WorId

issue #79).
Terrorisl RevoIulionaries for Uniled
MiIilary Iover (TRUMI)
Na|urc cf agcncq. InlernalionaI lerrorisl
revoIulionary group
HQ. Leningrad, U.S.S.R.
|s|ao|isnc. 1954
Ac|iti|ics. Allenpled lakeover of lhe Ace
of CIuls Luxury Resorl (see alove). AIso,
lo keep Weslern espionage fron leconing
nore efficienl, spread disinfornalion,
and lrain Laslern-lIoc secrel agenls.
Pc|icics. Any neans, incIuding vioIence,
lhal achieve TRUMIs goaIs are acceplalIe
lo ils nenlers.
Oojcc|itcs. TRUMI is olsessed vilh
pulling lhe enlire vorId under niIilary ruIe.
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. Denocralic coun-
lries are TRUMIs firsl and forenosl lar-
A||ics. AIA, CRU
Ai|icna| a|a. riginaI nane vas
Todays RevoIulionaries Under MiIilary
8ur c aus . AI I
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. 2O-94/95-OO/2O-94
Opcra|icns. TS OO6 Acc cf C|uos
TIgcr Tcam A!pha
Na|urc cf agcncq. Irivale conlraclor vilh
HQ. Rone, IlaIy
|s|ao|isnc. 1965
Ac|iti|ics. Tesling lhe securily of suppos-
edIy safe conpuler syslens.
Pc|icics. IersonneI vork onIy on con-
puler syslens, nol for personaI 'gain or
Oojcc|itcs. Dependenl on lerns of con-
Arcas cf intc|tcncn|. InduslriaI nalions
using conpuler lechnoIogy
A||ics. NAT
Ai|icna| a|a. This conpany enpIoys
peopIe vho are infalualed vilh conpuler
lechnoIogy, incIuding hackers and con-
puler crininaIs as veII as various eIeclronic
vizards. UnofficiaI nollo is said lo le:
InpossilIe lhings lake five ninules nore.
8urcaus. TechnicaI and peralions
A|ignncn| prcfi|c. O1-19/O7-94/O1-81
Opcra|icns. TS OO5 Oricn| |xprcss
RUSTYCON II, Jun. 1B-20 WARCON 'B5, Ieb. 9-10
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe Sea-
Tac Hyall in SeallIe, Wash. Regislralion
fees are $18. Conlacl: MichaeI ScanIon,
I.. Box 47132, SeallIe WA 98146.
Sponsored ly MSC Nova, lhe convenlion
viII le heId al Texas A&M Universily. Ior
furlher delaiIs, conlacl: MSC Nova, Box }-
1, Texas A&M Universily, CoIIege Slalion
TX 77844, or leIephone (4O9)845-1515.
This one-day ganing evenl viII lake pIace
in dovnlovn Toronlo, nlario. Iealures
viII IncIude lournanenls, an auclion,
denonslralions, and a ninialures painling
conlesl. Ireregislralion is essenliaI, regislra-
lion fees are $5, pIus $1 per lournanenl
enlered. Ior addilionaI infornalion, con-
lacl: Dungeon Iarlies, Inc., I.. Box 67,
Sln. I, Toronlo, nlarion M4Y 2L4, or
leIephone (416)924-1989.
UN RA CON IX, Ieb. 15-1B
To le slaged al lhe akIand Airporl
Hyall holeI, lhis ganing convenlion viII in-
cIude ganes, seninars, a painling conlesl,
and a fIea narkel. Adnission fees are $15
unliI Ielruary 1O, $2O al lhe door, or $1O for
a speciaI one-day nenlership. Ior nore in-
fornalion aloul lhis convenlion, conlacl:
T. . Creen, 386 AIcalraz Ave., akIand
CA 94618.
GAM CONVNTION, Ieb. 9-10 WAMCON 'B5, Ieb. 15-1?
This evenl viII le heId al lhe Calevay
Audiloriun in LincoIn, Nel. RoIe-pIaying
and loard ganes, as veII as ninialures, viII
le fealured evenls. Ior nore delaiIs, con-
lacl: MerI Hayes, c/o Holly Tovn, 13O
Norlh 13lh Slreel, LincoIn NL 685O8.
This convenlion viII le heId al lhe
ChanlerIain HoleI near Hanplon, Va. Ad-
nission fees are $2O. A speciaI ganing fee of
$1O exisls for lhose parlicipaling in ganing
onIy. Conlacl: WanCon, I.. Box 2223,
Ioquoson VA 23662.
88 JANUARY 1985
90 JANUARY 1985
D R A G O N 9 1
92 JANUARY 1985
94 JANUARY 1985
96 JANUARY 1985