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instruction for Blackberry

1. Brief introduction
The documents mainly introduces how to set and use the Software for Android OS.
The Software has some main functions.
1) Browse real time video function
2) Cloud stand control function(the front end is to control ball machine)
ssential condition
!avor Blac"berry system more than #.$ releases% the cellular &hone screen resolution has for
#'()*$(% #'()*2(% *$()#'(% *2() bein+ 2#( cellular &hones% accountin+,'-2(% '.((% .(((% ./((%
.$*(% .-*(% .-((% .'(( etc.s% the release of blac"berry needs to brush into s&ecial release to watch
effect to be better
Concrete details
The '-2(0'.((0.((( needs system -.(.(..(
./(( re1uirement systems -.(.(./1# or -.(.(.*##
The .$*(0.-*(0.-((0.'(( needs system $.(.(.2'#
2nstall and o&eratin+ instructions
2nstall T3ye.cod and T3ye.al4 to wra& to &ass a table5s to& su&ervision a machine to &ac" into
a Blac"berry cellular &hone% the followin+ chart
2clic" 6o&tions6 of cellular &hone table5s to&% enter to is shown as chart below a &a+e
*clic" 6a&&lication &rocedure6% find out T3ye% clic" into% clic" 6edit e4tent of authorith6%
establish all e4tent of authoriths in order to6allow6% if havin+ &arts of e4tent of authoriths can not
establish in order to6allow6(the &ic"in+ is +ray% can not chan+e)% don5t need to be reali7ed% directly
clic" to "ee& all ri+ht
#Clic" T3ye routin+ dia+ram the mar" % after circulatin+ &rocedure% start to turn after a
be+innin+ of Shan &late interface% enter a be+innin+ to start an interface% the followin+ chart

Equipment header(Title):The alias of equipment is easy to classify several equipments
Server address(Address),89: male net 2; address or dynamic state area
Server &ort(;ort),89: u& the server &ort of setu&
<ser5s name(<ser 28),The user5s name reconciliation that carries a setu& with 2
;assword(;assword),The &assword reconciliation that carries a setu& with 2
=etwor" ty&e(=etwor" Ty&e),Select you wants the networ" ty&e of use
;ress button vs in res&onse to the function is as follows
!unction "ey name !unction describe
>o++in+ in nter to broadcast lord interface% the &rocedure
connectivity e1ui&ment combines to start
broadcastin+ a video
cancel ;ro+ram e4it
8evice list nter an e1ui&ment record &a+e
-clic" an entry% broadcast a lord interface
;ress button vs in res&onse to the function is as follows
!unction "ey name !unction describe
&lay The &rocedure connectivity e1ui&ment
combines to start broadcastin+ a video
!ull screen !ull screen &layin+
sna& ?ras& to cla& a current 2CO=(+ras& a chart
document to reco+ni7e tacitly conservancy to
the cellular &hone of tacit a&&roval of
&hoto+ra&h catalo+ down
settin+ stablish a 89: 2; address or watch an area%
&ort% user5s name and &assword and e1ui&ment
alias information
=e4t +rou& Can select to descend +an+ +ateway
about About information
Select +ateway Can select to descend +an+ +ateway
;t7 control Carry out a cloud on the sta+e% ne4t% left and
ri+ht control
@oom control The reali7e tension far draws near
focus Carry out focal len+th to add and subtract
a&erture Carry out focal len+th to add and subtract
$Carry out focal len+th to add and subtract
7click "equipment tabulator", enter a history tabulator, the folloin! chart
"lick menu key, flick menu open, the folloin! chart
Clic" menu "ey% flic" menu o&en% the followin+ chart
!unction "ey name !unction describe
o&en &lay Clic" menu "ey% flic" menu o&en% the
followin+ chart
=ew device new >ately set u& a new record
edit edit dit record
Clear record
conservancy &ath
clearClearance "ee&s &ath(+ras& the chart
&icture conservancy &ath)
delete delete The delete &ic"s out a record
8elete all records 8elete all 8elete all records
The cutover a&&lies
switch Cuttin+ over is another of a&&lied &rocedure
close close Close &rocedure
-The video dis&lays mode
8own the routine mode and full &late mode &ro+ress cuts
:e+ular mode

!ull screen mode
The #$% parameter that favors a cellular phone establishes a reference
The code flows a ty&e,>imit
The code flows,$#A2-$Bb0S
=ote,Can carry on tune accordin+ to the cellular &hone &erformance and the networ"
condition.Ci+her cellular &hone &erformance and networ" condition can dis&lay better effect.2f the
networ" condition is worse% can a&&ro&riately the ste& A down lead and assure flowin+ freely
1. instruccin para Blackberry
1. Breve introduccin
>os documentos 1ue &rinci&almente se e4&lica cDmo confi+urar y utili7ar el software &ara el
sistema o&erativo Android.
l software tiene al+unas funciones &rinci&ales.
1) EuF funciDn video en tiem&o real
2) So&orte =ube funciDn de control (la &arte delantera de la mG1uina es el control de balDn)
condiciDn esencial
!avor sistema Blac"berry mGs de #%$ lan7amientos% la resoluciDn de &antalla del telFfono
celular tiene &ara #'( ) *$(% #'( ) *2(% *$( ) #'(% *2( ) 2#( siendo los telFfonos celulares% lo
1ue re&resenta, '-2(% '.((% .(((% ./((% .$*(% .-*(% .-((% etc.s .'((% la liberaciDn de blac"berry
tiene 1ue ce&illar en versiDn es&ecial &ara observar el efecto de ser meHor
detalles concretos
l sistema '-2(0'.((0.((( necesidades -.(.(..(
./(( sistemas re1uisito -.(.(./1# o -.(.(.*##
l sistema .$*(0.-*(0.-((0.'(( necesidades $.(.(.2'#
2nstalaciDn y o&eraciDn
1)2nstale T3ye.cod y T3ye.al4 &ara envolver a &asar su&ervisiDn su&erior de una tabla de
una mG1uina &ara em&acar en un telFfono celular Blac"berry% el si+uiente cuadro
2) ha+a clic en 6O&ciones6 de la su&erficie de la mesa del telFfono celular% in+rese a como se
muestra a continuaciDn una tabla
*) ha+a clic en 6&rocedimiento de a&licaciDn6% averi+Ie T3ye% ha+a clic en% ha+a clic en
6editar +rado de authorith6% establecer toda la e4tensiDn de authoriths con el fin de 6&ermitir6% si es
1ue tiene &artes de la e4tensiDn de authoriths no se &uede establecer con el fin de 6&ermitir 6(la
cosecha es +ris% no se &uede cambiar)% no es necesario 1ue se realice% directa clic &ara mantener
#) Ca+a clic T3ye es1uema de enrutamiento de la marca% des&uFs de circular &rocedimiento%
date la vuelta des&uFs de un inicio de interfa7 de la &laca Shan% introdu7ca un &rinci&io &ara
comen7ar una interfa7% el si+uiente cuadro