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A Closer View to our Courts

Courts are viewed to be the house of justice. It is where our cases are
to be heard and where the laws of our country was interpreted. But
regardless of its purpose, we can further assess each one of them by simply
observing during court sessions and by these we may be able to compare
each courts. I attended two court houses one Regional ria Court !RC" and
one #unicipal Circuit rial Court !#CC"
Regional rial Courts has e$clusive jurisdiction over civil actions
incapable of pecuniary estimation and civil cases involving real properties,
probate of wills, juvenile and domestic relations, intra%corporate dispute and
all cases not within the e$clusive jurisdiction of any court. &n the other hand
#unicipal rial Courts and or #unicipal Circuit rial Court has a jurisdiction
with &rdinary civil actions depending upon the value of the property and
criminal actions regarding violations of ordinances within their jurisdiction,
o'enses punishable not more than ( years, tra)c violations, damage to
property not e$ceeding *hp +,,,,, e$cept cases falling within the e$clusive
jurisdiction of RC and -andiganbayan. #C ihas jusrisdiction on one
municipality only while #CC has a jurisdiction of two or more municipalities.
.oo/ing into their respective scope of jurisdictions, we can say that
each of them has distinct role in giving decisions to every cases presented
within their sala. 0owever, di'erentiating to these two courts will lead us a
closer view with how these two courts wor/ in their everyday lives.
&ne point of distinction is their surroundings, in the RC which I
attended one of their session I saw that the walls and ceiling needs repair
and paint, there is low ventilation no air is coming inside the room, the
electric fans are not enough to give proper ventilation, the chairs are old and
the light was dim whereas in an #CC, I observed that it is more pleasant in
the eyes, the walls,ceiling as well as the chairs, tables are better. he
ventilation was moderate but the space of the court room is not huge. -ome
of the people attending the hearing needs to stand up and others were
waiting outside and the guard will call them if they are called.
Another observation is for the employees, in the RC they are
appropriately dressed up, and performing each duties vigorously and they
are all prepared. 1hereas in #CC they are also appropriately dressed up
because they are wearing uniforms and each of them also showed deep
dedication with their wor/s. After the court sessions both the RC and #CC
employees went bac/ to their o)ces and continued wor/ing therein. he
o)ces of RC employees are separate from the court room however in the
#CC the o)ces of the employees are not totally separated from the court
room because their tables are just beside the corner of the court room.
In evaluating my observations with each court houses, we can ascertain that
each of them needs to be restored and e$panded so that in holding court
hearings it will be more conducive and not over crowded. he courts should
be ta/en good care of because it is the face of the house of justice and
treated as a home where comfort and security will be given up to the people.
hey should be appropriated with funds for the restoration, e$pansion and
beauti2cation of these courts. It will be used for long period of time that is
why it is only but proper to devote funds for their rehabilitation.