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January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 1

Volume 29, No. 1 Publication of the UNITED CIVIC ORGANIZATION of CENTURY VILLAGE (WPB) January 2010
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CV Bids Farewell Proposed Amendments to the

to Our Irv Lazar UCO Bylaws
From the Desk By Syd Kronish AMENDMENT #1
George The following structure for “Article X” is proposed as follows:
A. Definition.
Loewenstein B. (1) Composition of the E.B. /Term of service of appointees,
and limitation on appointment by the President.
(2) Creation of staggered two-year terms for elected members;
It was with deep sorrow that I learned of the passing of Irv Irv Lazar, the soft-spo- includes transitional language.
Lazar, the co-editor of our UCO Reporter. His easy going man- ken bundle of energy, ad- (3) Method of filling vacancies.
ner and sunny disposition was an inspiration to all who met and mired and acknowledged C. Eligibility requirements for candidacy or appointment. D.
worked with him. Dot Loewenstein, co-editor, has consented by the numerous members Remains Unaffected (Describes the powers of the Executive
to take over as editor of the newspaper which will continue to of Century Village as the Board).
be published on a timely schedule. editor-in-chief of the UCO ***
I would also like to inform our readers that Claudette LaBonte Reporter for over 15 years, (Additions shown by “underlining”, deletions shown by “strike-
has resigned as chair of our Transportation Committee, and died this month after a brief out”, unaffected text indicated by “...”)
we have appointed Barbara Cornish to replace her. Claudette illness. Irv supervised a A. The Executive Board shall constitute the “Executive
has done an outstanding job and we wish her well in whatever competent and experienced Committee” as that term is used in Florida Statutory Corpo-
undertaking she is planning. staff, edited various copy, ration Law. Members of the Executive Board must be Members
Our administration is constantly working to improve com- set up page arrangements, of UCO, and be domiciled and in residence in Century Village,
and planned ahead to im- West Palm Beach, Florida, for a period of not less than nine
munication with our residents. In that view, we will now be
prove the UCO Reporter. (9) months of each year during the term in which they serve.
able to do interviews on Channel 63. Our plan is to interview
Irv attended Dartmouth Any vacancy on the Executive Board occurring before the
committee chairpersons, club presidents, and where appropriate College and Harvard Uni-
elected officials and others who have information of interest to expiration of an elected term, may be filled by the affirmative
versity and received a BBA
us. We will also review shows and movies, so stay tuned. vote of the majority of the Delegates present at any lawfully
degree from City College
Even though the problem of the dead fish has by now mostly called and convened mooting of the Delegate Assembly. In the
of New York. His military
disappeared, I was assured that the deaths were those of shad record was exemplary. Dur- alternative, a formal election by the Delegate Assembly may to
who die after spawning, and not the result of any chemicals in ing WWII he served as a Lt. held to fill the vacancy.
the water. JG in the US Navy in both B. (1) The Executive Board shall consist of all the Officers
Our condolences go out to Anita Cruz, whose father passed the Atlantic and Pacific The- of UCO and, in addition, twenty (20) elected members.
away on Friday after a short illness. May she know no more aters; after the war he was elected by the Delegate Assembly at the March meeting of
sorrow. on reserve duty for 15 years. that body. The President may appoint additional members
On behalf of all the officers, my family and myself, I would Born on December 31, to the Executive Board, not to exceed eight (8) in number,
like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a healthy 1923, Irv died on Decem- with each appointment being subject to the approval of the
New Year. Please remember that the UCO office will be closed ber 3, 2009 and was buried Delegate Assembly. The total appointments must not exceed
on December 24th and 25th as well as January 1st, 2010. o in Long Island, NY, next eight (8) in number. The term of each appointment shall
to his wife of 60 years, expire at the Annual Installation. The President may not
Mimi. The Lazar family in- appoint the same individual more than twice, regardless of
cludes his brother Norman the number of terms a President may serve. Each appointee
Save the Date
The UCO Installation Luncheon is scheduled for Sunday, March
(Lowden TN), son Barry
and wife Suzanne (Manas-
must be a UCO Member, and must be domiciled and in residence
in Century Village, West Palm Beach, Florida, for a period of
sas VA) and son Ken and not less than nine (9) months of each year during the term in
14, 2010 at the Marriott Hotel in West Palm Beach. This is a good wife Bonnie (Mountain Top
which they serve.
time to notify your Association so that they may put the price of PA), with grandchildren
(2) Two-Year Terms
your tickets in their 2010 budget. Becky and Joshua, and
great granddaughter, Lola.
There shall be created staggered two-year terms, such that
We will be installing a new UCO President, Vice Presidents, the March 2010 election shall elect twenty (20) members.
Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secretary. The Century Village will
pay a tribute to Irv in spe- The ten (10) candidates receiving the highest number of
Executive Board will be installed too. votes shall serve for a two-year term. The ten (10) candidates
cial ceremonies here in
A delicious brunch will be served as well as music for dancing. the Clubhouse. Since the receiving the next highest number of votes shall serve for
The good news is that we have been able to keep the cost per upcoming holidays pre- a one-year term. Each subsequent election thereafter shall
person to $35. More information will follow as we get closer to vent the family from flying elect ten (10) members to two-year terms.
2010. down in December, we are (3) Any vacancy which occurs during the first year of the
Mary Patrick Benton, Chair trying to finalize a Sunday Continued on Page 2
afternoon in January when
they will be able to attend.
New Bus Schedule on Jewish War Veterans will
participate with their mili-
Back Page tary ceremony.
Condolences may be
Correction sent to the Lazar Family,
The caption accompanying the pictures in Dan Gladstone’s 500 Robins Way, Mountain
column on page 10 of the December 2009 issue should have read: Top, PA 18707.
Evidence of water damage. Photos by Mr. Gladstone. See “Memories” on
The UCO Reporter regrets the error. pages 3 and 4.
Page 2 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

Security — will meet this Amendments

afternoon at 2 p.m. at 2102. Continued from Page 1
Safety — George Franklin
At the Delegate reminded us of the meeting on two-year term due to resignation, removal from office or
12/17/09 at 9:30 in Room C. death, said vacancy shall be filled at the next election for the
Assembly Maintenance — Jerry Kar- unexpired term of the seats) being filled. The candidate(s)
Betty Lapidus pf announced that the Property receiving the eleventh (11th), twelfth (12th), etc., highest num-
Appraiser will be addressing ber of votes at that election shall fill the vacancy or vacancies
the topic of “Homestead” on for the remainder of the term. Any vacancy which occurs
12/16/09. during the second year of a two-year term shall remain
CERT — Jackie Karlan unfilled until the next election.
December 4, 2009 people who come by bus will reported on the use of fire C. A candidate or appointee, in order to be eligible to serve
Opened — This meeting be there on time. extinguishers. as a member of the Executive Board, must: 1) be a mem-
was called to order by Presi- Dead fish in our lakes — Cable — Dave Israel re- ber of UCO; and he must 2) declare his readiness to serve
dent George Loewenstein at due to spawning — it is a ported that the dates for the on at least two committees; in order to be eligible to stand
9:30 a.m. in the theater of our natural progression. next deployment of boxes will for election as a member of the Executive Board, and, 3) be
Clubhouse. We will enhance Channel be in the Reporter. domiciled and in residence in Century Village, West Palm
Quorum — of 171 was 63. There will be interviews Advisory — Randall Bor- Beach, Florida, for a period of not less than nine 9) months
present. and voice-overs. We thank the chardt suggested Association of each year during the term in which he serves.
Pledge — of Allegiance committee for this work. officers read Condo Concept **********
was recited by all and lead by George announced the res- by Peter M. Dunbar. Also — Amendment #2 grants the President Emeritus and the Treasurer
Lt. Kronsperger. ignation of Claudette LaBonte have your maintenance com- the same rights to ex-officio membership in committees as is
President’s Report — from the Transportation Com- panies run your elections. presently enjoyed by the President and the Vice Presidents.
President Loewenstein sadly mittee. We thank her for all her Good & Welfare — George Such committees should benefit from the broad experience of
announced the passing of our work. Barbara Cornish will be Franklin reminded us there the retiring President and the specialized financial knowledge
Reporter editor, Irv Lazar. He the chair of this committee. will be a Candidate Forum in of the Treasurer.
stated that we will memorial- Re the upcoming elections: our auditorium on 12/18/09 — AMENDMENT #2
ize him at a future date. We Roberta Fromkin reported that 9:30 a.m. ARTICLE VI
will be kept informed. He bios must be dropped off at the Honey Sager announced OFFICERS
reported that “Old Business” UCO office. there will be a discussion on A. ...In addition, there shall be the Office of President Emeritus.
is passé and we will use “Un- Dot Loewenstein will be the the golf course on Thursday, Such office shall be held, without election, by each retiring
finished Business” instead. Editor of the UCO Reporter. 1/14/10 at 2 p.m. in our theater. President during the first term of his immediate successor.
In order to speed up meet- Bylaws changes will be President of Wellington J The President Emeritus shall perform such duties as may be
ings, Committee Chairs will published in the Reporter. asked for schedule for repav- requested by the current President, with the approval of the
submit, in writing, their re- Please read the column on ing the roads — George re- Executive Board. He shall be ex officio, a member of all com-
ports which will be part of the these changes, etc. plied — “in about four years” mittees except the Election Committee and the Ombudsman
package we will receive with New Business — Motion — money is available. Committee.
the minutes. — made and seconded — that Re the doorway fee — is it ARTICLE VII
Minutes — had been dis- dogs and cats must be walked taxable? We are waiting for the DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF OFFICERS
tributed and read by all — and on the property only where the opinion of the IRS. C. TREASURER ...
accepted. owner resides. Discussion — There was a suggestion that The Treasurer shall be ex officio, a member of all com-
Treasurer’s Report — voted, carried. each Association read their mittees except the Election Committee and Ombudsman
Dorothy Tetro was ready for Committee Reports — bylaws — there are new prob- Committee.
any questions — none — this Safety — Lt. Kronsperger lems that we must address. Set **********
report was accepted. reported that there has been up a bylaw committee in your This amendment to the method of filling vacancies, proposes to
President’s Reports — one burglar who ran off. He re- Association. eliminate the power of the President to fill vacancies in office,
George Loewenstein reported minded us that there are street There was a suggestion that even on a temporary basis. It is proposed that such temporary
on photo copies of passes and level robberies on Haver- you contact Animal Control to appointments should be placed in the hands of the remaining
IDs. Fake gate passes are a hill and Military Trail, Be trap any animal. members of the Officers’ Committee and such appointments
no-no. alert and stay safe. Q&A. Al Ms. Burdick greeted us all. will continue to be subject to the approval of the Delegate
We changed the Nominat- McLaughlin added that the President Loewenstein an- Assembly. The following added language clarifies the events
ing Committee to a “Search “fence” was put up yesterday. nounced that the next meet- which would lead to a special election to fill a vacancy in of-
Committee.” It will open up Lt. Kronsperger can be reached ing will take place next year fice. “In the event that a majority of the remaining officers fail
a whole avenue for additional at 776-2000; he added that the — 2010. Happy New Year to to agree on an appointment, or, the Delegate Assembly fails to
nominees. Sheriff’s Deputies are in CV on everyone! approve the appointment, a special election by the Delegate
Executive Board meetings a regular basis. Traffic tickets Meeting was adjourned at Assembly shall be held to fill the vacancy.” Vacancies in the
will begin at 1:30 so that are now about $300-$400. 10:30 a.m. o office of Vice President that have four or less months remaining
before a regular election, may, in the discretion of the remain-
Are You On the List? ing officers, be left vacant until such regular election is held.
The following Associations had no representation at The responsibilities of this vacant office shall be fairly divided
the 12/4/09 Delegate Assembly:
ANDOVER A, B, D, F, G, I, J, K, M among the remaining Vice Presidents.
BERKSHIRE A, B, E, F, G, H, K C. Any vacancy of an elected office occurring before the
CAMDEN B, C, D, E, F, H, I, L expiration of a term shall be filled by the President on an
CANTERBURY E, H, I, K emergency basis. In the event that the vacancy is in the Office
CHATHAM G, J, O, P, U of President, such vacancy shall be filled by a the affirmative
DORCHESTER B, C, E, F, H vote of the majority of the remaining Officers’ Commit-
EASTHAMPTON A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I tee Members. The filling of any vacancy in office must be
KENT B, D, E, F, I, J, K, L, M
approved at the next meeting of the Delegate Assembly at
KINGSWOOD A, C, E, F which a quorum is present. In the alternative, event that the
NORTHAMPTON A, B, C, D, E, G, H, J, L, M, N, P, Q, S remaining officers fail to agree on an appointment, or, the
OXFORD 200, 400 Delegate Assembly fails to approve the appointment, an
PLYMOUTH 4, 5 special election by the Delegate Assembly shall be held to
SALISBURY C, D, E, G, H fill the vacancy. Such officer shall serve for the unexpired
SHEFFIELD A, B, C, D, E, F, H, I, K, L, N, O, Q
SOMERSET B, C, E, G, L term of the seat being filled. In the event that a vacancy is
STRATFORD B, C, L, O in the Office of Vice President and less than four (4) months
SUSSEX B, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K
remain until the completion of the term of that office, the
WELLINGTON D remaining officers may determine that the vacancy shall
WINDSOR A, C, F, G, H, Q, R remain unfilled until the regular election is held. o
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 3

Memories of Irv
Name: Norman Bartell Name: Avis Blank in a million of men. He was hear about Irv. I only met one. Suffice to say: “Irv — you
Relationship: Coworker Relationship: Friend a gentleman and a man that him a few times and he was were one in a million.” David
How long: Ten years Memories: Irv Lazar was everyone was glad to call him a real gentleman. I plan on and I treasure our times to-
Memories: Distribution. the personification of the per- their friend. He will be missed continuing to write our Ten- gether and we will surely miss
Transponders. fect American citizen. He more ways than anyone can nis articles for the next few you.
First met Irv when I vol- served his country well when imagine. issues but will be seeking a **********
unteered to distribute the Re- called to duty. He treated all ********** replacement as we are moving Name: Mildred Levine
porter. We became very good persons alike no matter what Name: Rhea and Len Cohen to Boynton Beach. Relationship: New friend
friends. We also worked to- the color of their skin, race Relationship: Friend ********** How long: Two years
gether in the transponders or religion. Irv had a knack How long: Over 15 years Name: Natalie Hauptman Memories: It was a privi-
area. of making all his personal Memories: A gentleman, Relationship: Friend lege to briefly know Irv. He
To me, he was not only a co- acquaintances and business willing to help all. A friend How long: Three years shared his very modest grow-
worker, but one of the greatest associates feel they were very for many years. Will be sorely Memories: A special gentle ing up years in New York.
people to come into my life. I special people. missed. person, who would help any- He came from very modest
will miss him forever. If there were a medal award- ********** one at anytime. Great friend. circumstances and cherished
********** ed yearly to a person exempli- Name: Sandy Cohen Wonderful to work with. Irv his being admitted to Harvard
Name: Ruth Bernhard- fying the perfect American Relationship: Friend always had a smile on his University, and becoming an
Dreiss citizen, Irv Lazar would be the Memories: “I do the very face and his disposition was officer in the U.S. Navy. As he
Relationship: Former UCO proud recipient of this medal. best I know how — the very wonderful. so often said, “How wonderful
Vice Presidient, friend ********** best I can; and I mean to keep ********** to be an American.”
Memories: The passing of Name: Marty and Patty on going so until the end.” Name: Henri Kalma We shall not soon see the
Irv Lazar brought to mind the Farber Abraham Lincoln Relationship: Friend likes of this fine elegant gen-
most wonderful working re- Relationship: Good friend Our dear friend Irv was How long: 15 years tleman. We honor his mem-
lationship with anyone I have and businessman truly this man...the very best. Memories: A person fun to ory and are grateful for his
ever had before or since. This How long: 22 years I will miss you. have around. I will miss him legacy and good example of a
relationship at the UCO Re- Memories: The memories ********** very much. A great person. “mench.”
porter lasted about 10 years, of Irv are of a beautiful man, Name: Anita Cruz ********** **********
or ever since Irv came there to always a gentleman and a kind Relationship: WPRF Vice Name: Syd and Cynthia Name: Selma Lichten
volunteer on the newspaper. I soul. President Kronish Relationship: Friend
was also well acquainted with Irv was a credit to the UCO How long: Two and a half Relationship: Friend and Memories: I knew Irv for
his wife, Mimi who passed Reporter who kept things run- years coworker over 25 years. My husband
away in 2006, a wonderful ning but always had a moment Memories: Irv was always How long: Seven years Milton Lichten played tennis
and friendly lady. For several to share and a nice story. gracious and kind to me, even Memories: From the first with him and Irv always had a
years, Phil and I were residents We will miss Irv very much if my article for the Reporter time my wife Cynthia and I wonderful way about him. He
of Plymouth to which we relo- — we are sure he is keeping an was a little late. He was a began as CV residents seven always had a smile and treated
cated and worked with Irv as eye on the Reporter and those true “gentleman” and shall be years ago, I was eager to offer everyone with respect.
board members there. that will be working there. missed by everyone at WPRF. my services as a volunteer at He was like a brother to me
When Irv joined the UCO ********** ********** the UCO Reporter. — always giving a little hug,
staff, he worked closely, as did Name: Roberta Boehm- Name: George Franklin Irv was more than eager to always a bright smile and I
I, with the editor at that time. Fromkin Relationship: Personal add me to his staff as a writer surely will miss him. My sin-
Every morning, Irv played ten- Relationship: Friend friend and editor to my delight. cerest sympathy to his family.
nis which he so enjoyed before Memories: Irv was one of How long: 25 years From day one we became I feel that he was part of my
arriving at work. Some eve- the most helpful and pleasant Memories: Was always a fast friends, coworkers and family.
nings, as I recall he liked play- people in Century Village. close friend of my father and confidants. **********
ing pool at the Clubhouse. He Anytime I had a question myself. A perfect gentleman at To me, Irv will be sorely Name: Dot Loewenstein
was the kindest, most gentle about how to handle a problem all times. Going to miss him missed in my life. Relationship: Reporter edi-
person one could ever hope to with nominations, he would sit and his wonderful personality. ********** tor and friend
meet. I never heard him utter down, explain what was asked ********** Name: The Lake Worth Memories: The day after
an unkind word about anyone and then said “you don’t have Name: Dan Gladstone Herald Staff my cataract surgery, my hus-
and he embraced all for their to do it my way. Do it the best Relationship: Friend Relationship: Printer band was called out of town,
own beliefs. As a member of way you can.” Memories: I have known Memories: Dedication Be- so Irv immediately declared
the UCO Board of Directors Of course, his way was usu- Irv Lazar for the past 12 years. yond Expectations. he would drive me to the doc-
for many years, he was very ally the best way. He always I always enjoyed being in The staff of The Lake Worth tor. But when the bandages
interested in its affairs and made me feel special and was touch with him whether it was Herald (printers of the UCO were removed, I had no vision
always showed a willingness doing a great job. He’ll be a UCO matter or a private one. Reporter) was saddened to and it was Irv who was more
to help. remembered with kind and He always gave me the feeling hear of the passing of Irv devastated than I. His concern
As a typesetter for the UCO loving thoughts by all. that I was doing the right thing Lazar. It was a privilege and for the health of others was
Reporter, I worked closely ********** for him and his words and face pleasure to have worked with always beyond concern for his
with Irv as he did the news- Name: Lillie Bradford always showed gratitude. Any such a gentleman for so many own health. All he wanted was
paper’s layouts and we often Relationship: Friend time I wanted his input, he years. His knowledge and lik- to play tennis.
laughed, trying to make col- How long: Eight years gladly gave it to me with the ability was great and his dedi- Our Editor, our Friend:
umns fit somehow when we Memories: Irv was a very rare feeling that he should be cation to the newspaper was as Each of us was considered
were short of space. I have pleasant person. He always thanking me. I surely am going enormous as his heart was for equal, and to take charge when
such fond memories of this had a smile for everyone. to miss him. his family and friends at Cen- he was going home for lunch
very wonderful man who He also helped me by show- ********** tury Village. It goes without at 12:30 on the dot — each was
would have celebrated another ing me how to write for the Name: Louise Gerson saying, he loved serving his told to shut off the copier and
birthday in December. Suffice paper. Relationship: Friend and fellow man both on and off the the A/C before leaving. 12:30
it to say that we will miss Irv, He will be missed! coworker court. There is no doubt that he was the magic time for Irv to
even though we did not see ********** How long: Seven-plus years always left a good impression. be with his wife of 60 years,
each other as often after Phil Name: Dee Cohen Memories : Irv was a Irv will be missed. Mimi, who would phone if he
and I moved from CV in 2002. Relationship: Good friend, “mensch.” He was lots of fun, ********** overstayed his working hours.
We did, however, make it a neighbor: I am President of a very fair person. Name: Edie Levine and Since Irv’s final illness, John
point to see him whenever we Plymouth IV and Irving was He will be missed by all. David Rabinowitz declared a noon lunch hour for
came into CV. I will never for- our wonderful Treasurer ********** Relationship: Friends all — none of us could bear the
get him — his face, his smile, How long: More years than Name: Jerry Goldberg How long: 20 plus years thought of a 12:30 lunch any
his voice. Rest in peace. I can remember Relationship: Columnist Memories: Our memories more.
********** Memories: Irving was a one Memories: So sorry to are too numerous to pick just Continued on Page 4
Page 4 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

Memories of Irv Memories: Irv was the family members and his new merman, who was the long Where Are You?!?
Continued from Page 3 kindest man I ever knew. No lady friend Mindy, a former time holder of that position By Roberta
Advertisers have dealt with matter what happened, it could teacher like myself. had passed away. They were Boehm‑Fromkin
Irv for many years, and con- be fixed or forgotten. If some- ********** very close, and shared many The time is getting short
tinue to ask for him. In the one said something unkind, Name: Myrna and Charles qualities that made for a fine to enter your bio and picture
beginning, we would say he Irv just let it go — it wasn’t Schecter newspaperman. He was cease- to run for office of UCO.
was having tests — a common important, he always saw the Relationship: Friends lessly fair, and non partisan, All seats except two Vice
activity among our residents. good in people. My favorite How long: Seven years but he had his differences with Presidents are available. They
All wanted us to pass on their memory of Irv is teasing him. Memories: We recall Irv’s the “powers that be” and was are: the President, two Vice
best wishes. Most touching I loved to do it. I teased him special smile at the Clubhouse always willing to take an op- Presidents, Recording Secre-
was our printer when we were about the scores of women on movies on Sunday afternoon posing position if he thought tary, Corresponding Secretary,
at their office in November. the phone who “Wanted to talk and his famous way of leaving he was right. Treasurer and the entire Ex-
Upon hearing that Irv was at to Irv” and would call back if the Reporter building a little “Irv,” good friend, you will ecutive Board.
JFK after a heart attack, Mark he wasn’t there. He treated ev- early always placing someone be missed. “Go with G-D.” Many residents constantly
Easton immediately left us to eryone like a old friend, with in charge. Irv was a true friend ********** criticize and complain about
drive over to visit Irv. A few interest and concern. and a perfect gentleman. Name: Myron Silverman what goes on in the Village.
days later, when 7,000 copies The last time I saw Irv was ********** Relationship: Friend If you are one of them, you
were delivered to our office, at the Morse and he was alert Name: Phil Shapkin Memories: When I first now have the opportunity to
the driver was accompanied and so happy with the lat- Relationship: An old friend started to work at the UCO do something — run for an
by Mark, who then visited Irv est copy of the Reporter (his Memories: Irv Lazar was newspaper, Irv asked what office. Bring your typed bio
at the Morse, taking the all- baby). He said we had done one of the first people of UCO were my qualifications. Being and a picture to the UCO of-
important current issue with a good job — I said, “We did that I met, when I first came in the printing business for fice. Don’t forget to indicate
him. what you taught us to do.” to CV eighteen years ago. He over 30 years, he said, “wel- for which office you are run-
********** There is going to be a big was then as he always was, a come aboard.” ning. If you don’t get your bio
Name: Donald McDonough hole at the Reporter and in my quiet, laid back guy. I needed Irv always was kind and in by January 4, you must be
Relationship: Friend heart. some assistance, and he head- patient to one and all. We often nominated from the floor by a
How long: Seven years ********** ed me in the right direction, spoke and saw pictures of his UCO Delegate and seconded
Memories: Great conver- Name: Joe Saponaro and that was the beginning of service in the Navy. by one other delegate. After
sations about his times at Relationship: Friend and a long friendship. He will be missed by all in that, your bio and picture must
Harvard and Dartmouth while coworker We were never to his home, the UCO newspaper and in be brought to the office imme-
in the military and his New How long: Over eight years or him to ours, but we were the Village volunteering for diately. All bios should have a
York City career in the print- Memories: My friend. How close never the less. But we the good of all. He is sorely short history of what you did
ing business. He will be sorely much do I miss him? I don’t found that we had a tie in my missed. before residing in Century
missed. know a number that big. I friendship with his cousins, in ********** Village as well as what you’ve
********** don’t have my buddy to talk Brooklyn. As youngsters, we Name: Karen Bottcher done since moving here.
Name: Mary Patrick Ben- about problems. I don’t know played softball and stickball Relationship: Plastridge Everyone running for an
ton what to do on Saturdays or in a schoolyard together. Insurance Agency Officer position should, when
Relationship: Friend evening phone calls. He knew that I was active in Memories: I just wanted you bring your bio to the of-
How long: Over 10 years He told me recently that the Jewish War Veterans in the to express my condolences. I fice, pick up a form from Mary
Memories: Irv was al- he is my friend and was very area and he became a member never had the opportunity to Benton and sign it. If you are
ways a gentleman. He will be happy that we found each of our Post #520. meet Mr. Lazar, however, I running for an Officer, the
missed by everyone here at other. “Irv” was a Mustang Naval had the pleasure of working form states that you live in
UCO. My family and I miss him Officer. That means that he with him the past few years. the Village a minimum of nine
********** very much. joined the Navy as a common He was always so kind and months each year and you are a
Name: Phyllis Richland ********** seaman, and advanced through pleasant, a true gentleman. UCO member. Everyone run-
Relationship: Friend Name: John Saponaro the ranks to be a Commis- ********** ning for the Executive Board
Memories: What I remem- Relationship: Friend and sioned Officer. He served as Name: Mindy Weingart must also agree to the same
ber most about Irv is his in- coworker a Radioman Gun Captain on Relationship: Personal conditions plus volunteer to
fectious laugh. He had a great How long: Over eight years “Victory Ships” in the North friend serve on two committees.
sense of humor and his entire Memories: When I first met Atlantic. He was proud of his Memories: Irv Lazar was So, how about it? Be ac-
face smiled when he did. Irv on the job, Al McLaughlin service to the country, and a blessing sent to me from tive, run for office and be a
********** was working on the computer rightfully so. heaven. He was kind and part of the Executive Board!
Name: Irv Rikon and gave me a test. He saw that When his wife “Mimi” gentle and was respected by Wishing you all good luck. o
Relationship: Columnist I knew my stuff and gave me finally lost her battle with all who knew him.
Memories: I wish I did more leeway. cancer, he was, for some time, He was my sweetheart and
have “memories” of Irv but Soon after, when I men- a lost soul; he had lost a piece I loved him dearly. I miss him UCO Reporter
there’s nothing special I could tioned that I was looking for of his heart. By this time he so much but he will live in my
add. Over a period of time, I paid employment, Irv and the had become the editor of the heart forever. Rest in peace my Will Be
had a series of small talks and then-President arranged for “UCO Reporter” as Max Ham- darling. o Delivered
meetings with him, at the end me to be compensated. Property Managers
of which I was always struck He was a good-natured Seacrest, Pruitt, Prime,
by the thought “Here is a boss; we got along very well; and Gallagher have
gentleman,” noteworthy for I grew very fond of him. agreed to deliver the
being so rare these days. ********** Reporter to associations
Most of the time, too, even Name: June Saponaro that they service. The
when he was under pressure, Relationship: Friend and plan is to provide our
which is often when one tries coworker paper to all residents
to put together a newspaper, How long: Over eight years within three days of
there was a sweet, reassuring Memories: We were friend- printing. Since we nor-
smile, one quite beyond the ly with Irv Lazar from day mally receive the paper
norm. He was a nice, hard- one. When his wife Mimi on or about the 20th, you
working man, who devoted (Miriam) died, he seemed so should have your copy
himself to the place he lived down, we invited him to join no later than the 23rd of
and the people he served. us for lunch; he accepted. We each month.
********** soon bonded. If you do not receive
Name: Antoinette Salometo He told us about his military the paper by that date,
Relationship: Friend and adventures and that the Navy please contact your
coworker sent him to college. He intro- property manager.
How long: Ten months duced us to a number of his Mindy and Irv with local politician Dave Aronberg.
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 5

At the Library
By Chuck Waugh
January at the Okeechobee
Branch Library
Frankly Speaking: Make a New Year’s resolu- Cable
Vice President tion to visit your Okeechobee
David Israel
Frank J. Cornish Branch library. Exciting pro-
grams are already planned for
January, and new books and
DVDs have arrived to get the
New Year started right. There Comcast Converter Box hundreds of “Pay-Per-View”
Here we are at the end of for all the wonderful classes of- are always plenty of interest- Rollout Redux choices. Many TV shows
another year. I hope everyone fered to our residents and check ing things to discover and do at Here we go again, the first and movies, may in effect,
is enjoying themselves at Channel 63 for all the wonderful the library! Pick up a Happen- schedule provided last month be “time-shifted” by using
the theater with all the great clubs and activities. ings monthly newsletter to get had a few errors, and so, be- the “On Demand” function;
shows. I am in the process of work- a list of events going on at the low, we publish the second thus, if you missed a show,
A reminder to all the new ing with Ms. Cruz to have Palm Beach County Library. variation on a theme. Let’s check for it in on demand and
residents that we have kara- additional canopies put up at The Okeechobee Boulevard hope that this one is accurate. it may be there to be viewed,
oke on Tuesday and Friday Duck Island (check out the Branch Library is located next This January 2010 distribu- as though you had recorded it.
evenings, and our dances on new dock) for use by clubs and to Dunkin’ Donuts. The hours tion of converters is primar- Additionally, for our music
Saturday night which are all residents. I am working very are: Monday, Tuesday, and ily designed for our seasonal lovers, there is included in
free. Please remember, we have hard on getting new updated Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. residents to obtain the new our package a block of 48
a sewing room, billiard tables, chairs, umbrellas and tables to 8:00 p.m. and Thursday, Fri- Comcast converter boxes. In digital music channels; rang-
wood working shop, a Ping for the pools, hopefully some- day and Saturday from 10:00 addition to the basic cable ing across a broad array of
Pong room, lapidary shop, card time in February or March. a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All Village channels that we have had for musical styles, from Hip-Hop
rooms and a library, which is As always. I can be reached residents, including seasonal many years, the new converter to Opera.
open to all. We also have a com- at the UCO office, during busi- residents, are eligible for a box will be programmed to Once you have your new
puter that is in the office of the ness hours, and if necessary, at free library card with proper provide the “Digital Starter box installed, check out chan-
Clubhouse for the convenience my home on weekends. I would ID. Visit the library today! Tier.” This contains 18 ad- nels 802 through 849 for
of the residents. Don’t forget like to close by wishing all our January Programs ditional channels; including music galore. So, please mark
the tennis courts by Somerset. residents, very happy holidays • Mon., Jan. 4, 6:00 p.m. — the Video on Demand Access, your calendar based on the fol-
Make sure to check the office and a healthy new year! o Creole Language Computer channel 1. You will have many lowing distribution schedule
Class free movies to choose from, and come to the CV Clubhouse
• Tue., Jan. 5, 8:30 a.m. — as well as a broad range of on your appointed day:
CLUBHOUSE MOVIES Browser Basics Computer
Class Association Room Day Date Time
TAKING OF PELHAM 1-2-3 (R • 106 min) • Thu., Jan. 7, 10:30 a.m. —
Denzel Washington, John Travolta Easthampton
Morning Cinema (1948) 9:00 am-12:00 am
Armed men hijack a New York City subway train, holding the (Not Rated, 88 min.) Plymouth
A Monday January 4, 2010
passengers hostage in return for a ransom, and turning an • Thu., Jan. 7, 2:00 p.m. — Hastings
ordinary day’s work for dispatcher Walter Garber into a face- Molly Goldberg Talk 12:30 pm-3:00 pm
off with the mastermind behind the crime. • Fri., Jan. 8, 10:30 a.m. —
Adult Book Discussion Stratford 9:00 am-11:30 am
Tue, 12/22, 1:45 pm; Sun, 12/27, 6:45 pm; Mon, 12/28, 1:45 pm;
Tue, 12/29, 6:45 pm; Sun, 1/03, 1:45 pm Series Greenbrier A Tuesday January 5, 2010
• Mon., Jan. 11, 6:00 p.m. —
12:00 pm-3:00 pm
Golf’s Edge
MY LIFE IN RUINS (PG-13 • 95 min) Creole Language Computer
Waltham 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Nua Vardalos, Richard Dreyfuss Wellington A/B A Wednesday January 6, 2010
• Tue., Jan. 12, 8:30 a.m. —
The star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding is finally going to 12:30 pm-7:00 pm
Mousing Around Computer Windsor
Greece. A travel guide rediscovers her romantic side on a trip Class 
around Greece. Coventry 9:00 am-12:30 pm
• Thu., Jan. 14, 10:30 a.m.
Mon, 1/04, 6:45 pm; Tue, 1/05, 1:45 pm; Thu, 1/07, 6:45 pm; — Morning Cinema (1942) Cambridge
Sun, 1/10, 1:45 pm; Mon, 1/11, 6:45 pm (Not Rated, 66 min.) Oxford 100, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
• Thu., Jan. 14, 2:30 p.m. 200, 300 A Monday January 11, 2010
LEMON TREE (SUBTITLED • N/R • 106 min) — Introductory Internet
Oxford 400,
Hiam Abbass, Doron Tavory Computer Class
• Thu., Jan. 21, 10:30 a.m. 500, 600, 700 4:00 pm-7:00 pm
The story of a Palestinian widow who must defend her lemon
tree field when a new Israeli Defense Minister moves next to — Morning Cinema (1959) Somerset
her and threatens her lemon grove torn down. (Not Rated, 122 min.) Dover 9:00 am-12:00 pm
• Thu., Jan. 21, 2:30 p.m. B Tuesday January 12, 2010
Tue, 1/12, 1:45 pm; Sun, 1/17, 1:45 pm; Mon, 1/18, 6:45 pm; Berkshire 12:30 pm-3:00 pm
— Internet Tips & Tricks
Tue, 1/19, 1:45 pm; Thu, 1/21, 6:45 pm Computer Class Canterbury 9:00 am-12:00 pm
• Tue., Jan. 26, 2:00 p.m. Kingswood A Tuesday January 19, 2010
UP (PG • 96 min) — Presidents & Their 12:30 pm-7:00 pm
voices of Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer Sheffield
First Ladies, Dramatically
By tying thousands of balloons to his home, 78-year-old Speaking o Dorchester 9:00 am-11:30 am
A Wednesday January 20, 2010
Carl Fredricksen sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see Northampton 12:00 pm-3:00 pm
the wilds of South America. Right after lifting off, however, Kent 9:00 am-11:30 am
he learns he isn’t alone on his journey, since Russell, a
wilderness explorer 70 years his junior, has inadvertently
Put a smoke Southampton
B Thursday January 21, 2010
12:00 pm-3:00 pm
become a stowaway on the trip.
Sun, 1/24, 1:45 pm; Mon, 1/25, 6:45 pm; Tue, 1/26, 1:45 pm;
detector in your Bedford
A Monday January 25, 2010
9:00 am-12:00 pm
1:00 pm-7:00 pm
Sun, 1/31, 1:45 pm apartment and Andover
A Tuesday January 26, 2010
9:30 am-11:30 am
Camden 12:00 pm-3:00 pm
(TO BE CONTINUED NEXT MONTH) change the bat- Sussex 9:00 am-11:30 am
Norwich A Wednesday January 27, 2010 12:00 pm-3:00 pm
NO ADMISSION TO BE CHARGED tery once a year. Wellington C-M 3:30 pm-7:00 pm
Page 6 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

Condolences to Anita Cruz and

her family on the loss of her father
The official newspaper of Century Village
24 Camden A, West Palm Beach, FL 33417
Tel: 561-683-9336 • Fax: 561-683-2830
Office hours: 9:30 am-12:00 noon, Mon-Fri
Editor Pro Tem.............................................. Dot Loewenstein
in North Carolina.
Senior Editor.........................................................Syd Kronish
Associate Editor.............................................. June Saponaro Update on the ing Mid-January for those shirts as well as their pants.
Layout Specialist.......................................... Myron Silverman Golf Course that were unable to attend the Many of those investors were
Editorial Board.......................All Editors, Pres and Vice Pres As you know the Pro-Active October meeting. Stay tuned! little people like you and me.
Production....................................................... John Saponaro Committee of CV has been Honey Sager Meanwhile, the banks robbed
Bookkeeper............................................. Antoinette Salometo very involved in opposing any VP, Pro-Active Cmte. us by borrowing from our
Advertising....................... Don McDonough, Mindy Weingart housing development on the Great Uncle Sam at low inter-
golf course. est rates and charging us high
Consultant................................................................. Ken Graff Open Letter to UCO
Proofreaders......... Claudette LaBonte, Mary Patrick Benton At the October 15 Town Thanks, UCO, for my five interest rates to borrow that

Artist.................................................................... Helen Siegler Hall Presentation, the owners new cable boxes. I know that same money back from them.
Circulation......................... Len Cohen, Jack Eisen, Bill Karp, of the golf course gave a full I only have to pay for four of Wouldn’t it be nice if we
Dave Rabinowitz, Mindy Weingart presentation of the security them and that this only costs could eliminate Mr. Middle-
they would have to protect $6.50 each or $26.00. man Bank Shylock and bor-
To Be Accepted......items must display name, address, phone #.
Classified Ads for CV Residents Only: their property and Century I guess it could have been row money directly from
Personal items for sale or wanted may be listed Village. However, several worse. I still have HBO. What? Our Great Uncle Sam at the
on a “space available” basis, FREE of charge. months ago, the owners re- As of January 1, 2010, the law- same low rates the banks
(Submit on 8.5” by 11” paper.) moved a fence that separated yers negotiated to give HBO receive?  We won’t need the
Submissions & Articles....... Please type in caps and lower case their public parking area from away and now I have to pay banks anymore. We could just
letters, double spaced, any item. On a “space available” basis. the Century Village area of the another $15.99 to have it back. put the touch on Uncle Sam
Deadlines........... 7th of each month (call about special problems). golf course. This was in total Wow, UCO, your dealing and be done with it.
Visit your Web site: violation of an agreement that will only cost me an additional Am I dreaming or what?
dates back to 1993. A hearing $41.99 a month for basically the Olga Wolkenstein

by the County was held on same things I watched before.
November 4th and a ruling was I am truly impressed with Channel
made that Mr. Waldman was your negotiating skills and 63 Memo
2102 West Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 to install a fence closing off concern for all the CV resi- The Channel 63
UCO Office: Tel 561-683-9189 • Fax 561-683-9904 the property from Haverhill dents. lineup is as follows:
Office Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-1pm • Fri 12 noon-4pm Road. The ruling stated that if While you haven’t figured All UCO, Special
President: George Loewenstein the fence was not installed by out how to allow us to use our and Town Hall
Vice Presidents: Frank Cornish, David Israel, December 4th, fines would be cellphones to call the gate, I Meetings appear at
Jerry Karpf, Bob Marshall imposed.
Treasurer: Dorothy Tetro usually find some stranger to 56 minutes past
During the week of Decem- let me use their phone or even the hour until 6
Corresponding Secretary: Avis Blank
ber 1st, a fence was installed, walk to the guard gate to tell minutes after the
Recording Secretary: Betty Lapidus
Community Assn. Mgr.: Rodger Carver
but not near Haverhill Road them in person. next hour.
Administrative Assistant: Mary Patrick Benton as the County Code Enforce- Les Rivkin Odd Hours show
Office Manager: Mary Patrick Benton ment had requested and I was Announcements
UCO-Business Coordinator: Edie Levine advised this will be inspected. and Classes.
Putting The Touch On Even Hours show
Office Assistants: Sandy Levine, Maria Levy, The gate that was installed
Florence Pires, Isabelle Scherel, Irv Small, does not have a lock and has Our Great Uncle Sam Clubs and Organi-
Joyce Weberman, Marcia Ziccardy been kept open and the prop- At the last delegate meeting, zations.
Receptionists: Sidele Bushaikin, erty is still available for any I sat mesmerized as Randy The recorded
Rhea Cohen, Sonia Goldberg, Natalie Hauptman, Borchardt related how much Delegate Assembly
vehicle or pedestrian to enter
Claudette LaBonte, Beverly Lyne, Marie Oliver,
Ron Massa and come through the golf his building was in debt as a will be shown for
course and into Century Vil- result of the failure of banks five days at 9:00
Executive Board lage. Although Mr. Waldman to foreclose sooner and pay am and 6:00 pm.
Dave Bernstein Dot Loewenstein professes his concern for the condo fees for units they All requests for
Randall Borchardt Al McLaughlin security of Century Village, he mortgaged. Banks made a your information to
Sal Bummolo Haskell Morin shows no consideration for our fortune giving outrageously be shown must use
Sandy Cohen Marie Oliver safety. Why was the original high mortgages; charging the provided form
Ken Davis Michael Rayber fence removed and leave the enormous fees and selling at the UCO office.
George Franklin Joe Saponaro area open to cause a lack of those mortgages to inves- Instructions are on
security to the Century Village tors who ultimately lost their
the form.
Louise Gerson Phil Shapkin
Dan Gladstone Myron Silverman area?
This is just an indication of
Jackie Karlan
Syd Kronish
Ted Silverman
Lori Torres promises by him that are not
In Loving Memory
Claudette LaBonte Jeanette Veglia fulfilled. How can we trust
Olga Wolkenstein that the plans he shows us
The United Civic Organization Reporter is published will be the actual happenings
monthly without charge to the residents of Century Village, if the housing development
West Palm Beach, FL. ever comes about? Please
The United Civic Organization, aka UCO, is a not-for-profit
organization. Its officers, directors, editors, staff, and any
remember this if you are ever
committee people are not responsible for typographical errors presented with plans by the
or misrepresentations in any advertisements or articles. They owners of the golf course, Mr.
are not responsible and assume no liability for the content of, Waldman and his associates. 
or any opinions expressed in, any contributed articles which With Deepest Sympathy
represent the author’s own opinions are not necessarily the The Pro-Active Committee, to the Lazar Family
opinion of UCO. Acceptance of advertising for products or in junction with UCO, will Susan Wolfman
services in no way constitutes an official endorsement of hold another Town Hall Meet-
the product or service. and Re/Max Direct
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 7

Conducting a
Are you interested in vis-
iting the local museums or
Insurance special events? The excu-
Dan Gladstone sion buses now go to malls, George Franklin
a flea market and the beach.
These seem to be popular.
Would there be a similar
response if trips to museums
The renewals of the 2010 hike which was modified by were offered? Well, folks, it has arrived. persons 21 and younger from
insurance policies are just the House to 10% a year for Please call Ruth at 640- According to The Palm Beach sending text messages while
around the corner. Each As- five years. So the basic quote 7943. Advise, giving your Post, November 17, 2009, driving.
sociation has 11 policies to is already higher but if we add name and telephone number State Rep Mark Pafford has How about Rhode Island —
cover its needs which are as the performance of the claims (two times, please) how co-sponsored a bill in the next anyone from there? The new
follows: Property (to cover the this year, we might receive a many persons in your group legislative session that would law signed and went into effect
basic perils), D.I.C. to increase higher quote. (if others are interested), ban use of an electric wireless November 09, 2009 makes it il-
the property coverage (espe- Our worse insurance policy which museums would you communications device while legal — sending, writing or read-
cially the water damages), performance was the policy go to, if there were a special driving. Sen. Ted Deutch also ing text messages while driving.
Law & Ordinance to cover that covers our water dam- event, would you be willing/ said he has plans to push for Hi folks, just a update on the
the code enforcements, three ages. As I write these lines, 62 able to pay a fee? o a ban in the next session, and texting/cell phone problems.
Buy-Down of the Hurricane buildings and approximately Sen. Dave Aronberg said he This month, December, North
deductibles (from five percent 263 apartments were severely wants a bill broad enough to Carolina and Colorado have
to a half percent of the value damaged. This does not in- avoid any loop holes. The City come on board and started
of the building), Liability, Um-
brella, Crime (embezzlement,
clude miner damages that were
not reported or were under the
What’s Your Council of Greenacres, our
neighbor to the south, passed
to ticket for texting...anyone
planning on driving through
etc.), Directors & Officers
(lawsuits against them) and
If you have any doubts
Responsibility? a resolution to urge legislators
to enact a state-wide ban on
or from those areas please be
careful. These two states now
Workman’s Comp.
This year, the premiums
about installing the main shut-
off valves, consider the de-
Association texting while driving.
Anyone from Missouri?
bring the total now to 21 states
that forbid texting while driv-
for these policies are mostly
dictated by the legislators
ductibles of the insurance
policies (Association and
Presidents are Well, if you are and you are
not aware, a Missouri law
ing. Please be safe and govern
yourself accordingly…be safe
in Tallahassee. The Florida
Catastrophe Fund that was
home-owner), the aggrava-
tion, using alternate living and responsible for that took effect in August bans out there!!! o

depleted after the $27 billion more. How about paying $35
making sure that
in damages in 2004-5 and had
to be filled again to $30 bil-
lion. The policies in the State
each time you call the water
company to resume service or
the convenience of shutting/ copies of the Don't drink and
drive in Century
were assessed but managed to opening the main valve at will
collect around the 2½ billion even for a short time. UCO Reporter
only. This Fund helps to main- Once again, we recom-
tain lower premiums by the mend that each unit inspect are distributed
insurance company because of
the low cost of re-insurance to
and replace the old ball-cock
system in the toilet tanks. Too when they are Village: Stay safe
the insurance industry. much damage is caused by the
The insurance industry re-
quested a 50% (fifty percent)
old systems. The cost of such
change is minimal. o
published. on our roads!

Important January Meetings
As of 12/13/09

New Year’s Day
UCO Office
Senior Helpline.............211 1/04/10 Monday 1:30 pm Executive Board Room B
Security............... 502-8103 1/08/10 Friday 9:30 am Delegate Assembly Theater
Guest Call-In......... 689-1759
Reporter.............. 683-9336 1/08/10 Friday 2:00 pm Security UCO Office
UCO Office........... 683-9189 1/13/10 Wednesday 1:00 pm Editorial UCO Office
Hastings CH.......... 687-4875 1/14/10 Thursday 10:00 am Community Relations Cardroom A
WPRF (Anita Cruz).. 640-3111
Seacrest.............. 697-4990 1/18/10 Monday 1:30 pm Transportation Cardroom B
Florida Power........ 697-8000 1/18/10 Monday 3:00 pm CERT Art Room
Palm Beach Water.. 740-4600
1/20/10 Wednesday 2:00 pm Town Meet: Homestead Room C
AT&T.......... 1-888-151-6500
Comcast.............. 847-4792 Maintenance: Association
1/21/10 Thursday 10:30 am Room C
Palm Beach Post..... 820-4663 Finances
Tri-Rail........ 1-800-874-7245 1/21/10 Thursday 1:00 pm Volunteer Luncheon Party Room
Homesteaders....... 355-2650
1/22/10 Friday 1:00 pm Officers Meeting UCO Office
Sheriff’s Office...... 766-2000
Police (non-emerg). 822-1900 1/26/10 Tuesday 10:00 am Operations UCO Office
Page 8 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

From the Desk of Notice Your Theater
Vice President On Thurs- LaBonte
Jerry Karpf
day, January
21, 2010, we
Of late there has been a
display of bad manners at the
Classes will be given by Mr. will be hold- January already — can you
believe it? I cannot say enough
**** Sat., Jan. 16, 7 p.m.
— Clint Holmes: A powerful
UCO meetings. There is a Bill Raphan, the Ombudsman about this year’s new selec- voice and magnetic stage pres-
small group of people that at- of the State of Florida. The ing a class on tions. They have been a bright ence. He includes dancing and
tend, who yell out and talk out first, on Thurs. Jan. 21, will spot of fun and entertainment. light comedy.
of turn when others are asking
questions. It was necessary for
be on Basic Condominium
Finances, and the second, on
Condomini- So now that the holidays are
over, come join your neigh-
Tues., Jan. 19, 8 p.m. —
New York Three Tenors and
me to reprimand a few people
who would not give me the
Thurs. Feb. 4, will be on Re-
sponsibilities of the Board to
um Basic Fi- bors and friends and enjoy the
a Diva: These gentlemen sur-
pass all expectations. Among
courtesy and respect of listen-
ing to what information was
its Association. Signup sheets
will be in the UCO office and nance. ** Sat., Jan. 2, 8 p.m. —
The Bronx Wanderers: These
the three tenors is a beautiful
soprano who weaves her voice
being given to the audience.
This same group of people
the Clubhouse.
Another workshop will be This class fine performers do it all. Doo
Wop to Dion, the Four Sea-
in operatic solos, duets and
production numbers.
were very disrespectful when on Tues. Jan. 12 — a combina- sons, disco, soul and Sinatra. ** Sat., Jan. 23, 7 p.m. —
another VP took over a meet- tion meeting of Maintenance will be giv- All in one performance. Martin Dube: A five octave
ing from Pres. Loewenstein and Insurance. Changes to ** Sun., Jan. 3, 8 p.m. — Cir- range will impress you as this
when he had to leave early.
They continued to speak out
Chapter 718 may occur if the
bill is signed by Gov. Crist. It
en by Mr. Bill cus Circus Cabaret: Something
different. Artists will perform
Canadian entertainer skillfully
entertains his impressions into
and interrupt.
One woman waiting by the
is important that every Asso-
ciation attends this meeting.
Raphan, the Latin, Jazz, modern, and clas-
sic dance and add circus actors,
a show full of laughter music
and fun.
microphone to ask a question
found herself being pushed by
Representatives from the
Building Department will Ombudsman contortionists, and other acts.
Surely an evening of fun.
Sun., Jan. 24, 8 p.m. —
Annual CV Resident Show:
another person to be in front.
This person had to be told he
come back to complete their
presentation which they were for the State Tues., Jan. 5, 8 p.m. — Cap-
itol Steps: A favorite of CV. A
Come see your friends and

o f F l o r i d a,
was out of line and must give unable to finish last October, group who perform political - - - Mon., Jan. 25, 2 p.m.
the mic to the waiting woman. with regard to the water cutoff satire which includes Osama — Annual CV Resident Show:
This kind of behavior should valves. Please sign up now to Mia, Senate Seat for Sole, and Promised to be entertainment
not be tolerated, because most
people that come to the UCO
have these valves installed,
because there is already a
in the Club- Help Me Honda.
Sat., Jan. 9, 8 p.m. — Vic
at its finest. If you missed last
year’s show, too bad — it was
meetings are there to find out
what is going on, and should not
waiting list. It takes at least six
work days for the plumbers to
house, Room Arnel: Tall, slicked back hair
and walrus mustache. A crystal
great. And this year should be
over the top.
allow a few people to interrupt.
Important news: The
get a permit, then another
two or more day depending
C, at 10:30 clear performance with clean
Thurs., Jan. 28, 8 p.m. —
Charo’s all new Vegas review:
County Property Appraiser
will come here to help any
on the number of units in
an Association. This could a.m. Sun., Jan. 11, 8 p.m. —
Shalom: One of the world’s
The cuchi cuchi queen is also
a CV favorite. What more can

Please sign
new Florida residents sign up cause a backup on getting the leading dance troupes which I say? Don’t delay in getting
for Homestead credit. You will valves installed, so don’t wait includes Israeli folk, inter- your tickets.
find them in Room C between for your Association board national, gypsy, festival and ** Sat., Jan. 30, 7 p.m.
2 and 3 p.m. on the following
dates: Wed. Jan. 20 and Wed.
to approve the installation of
the valves — call me at 683-
up for the ethnic dances and more. A
very energetic performance.
— Lucie Arnaz: An actress,
singer, dancer, Broadway star,
Feb. 17. No appointment is 9189. o class at the ** Tues., Jan. 12, 8 p.m. —
Chita Rivera: One of Broad-
and more, determined her to
put her own footsteps into the
UCO office or way’s most accomplished
stars. She has earned two Tony
entertainment lifestyle. There
is something for everyone.

Calling All at the guard Awards and, in musicals, eight

Tony nominations.
Don’t be left out.
Please pay close attention

post in the Thurs., Jan. 14, 8 p.m. to the show codes

— Cavendish Classics: Will ** Never before at CV
cover a musical tribute to the **** 7 pm show — no ad-
Clubhouse. world’s most beloved tenor to mittance after 7:10 pm
It is really more efficient The class
the silver screen in Remem-
bering Mario Lanza — his life
- - - 2 pm show (no after-
noon movie)
to work with email; send and his music. See you at the Theater. o

your Reporter article to will run from

ucoreporterwpb@ 10:30 a.m. If you have a tran- If you don’t to 1:30 p.m. sponder and you sell
have a computer, use a Sponsored your car, of if you move
friend’s. Do not attach your within the Village or
by Jerry Kar-
article; write it directly on outside the Village,
the email message. pf, Vice Pres- please notify UCO.
ident of UCO.
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 9


Do you remember Mystery you I have resigned as Trans-

Rides? Well, we now are pre- portation Chair for personal
senting one to you, especially reasons. I especially want
our winter residents. See new to thank my committee for
things which have opened in bringing their many ideas to
West Palm. New stops have our meeting table for consid-
been added to the Express bus eration. It has been a pleasant
as well as the number one bus. experience.
Have fun out there. Driver of the month is
On a sadder note, I must tell George Sommers. o

Excursion Bus Trips

Excursion Buses run Mondays & Wednesdays, every month.

The Monday bus normally goes to Wellington Green at 9:30 a.m.

and returns at 1:15 p.m. This same bus makes a second trip at 10:30
a.m. to Wal-Mart, returning at 2:10 p.m.

EXCEPTION: The 2nd Monday trip is to Lake Worth Beach,

leaving at 9:30 a.m. and returning by 2:30 p.m. This is a big bus
holding 48 passengers. The January trip is on January 11th.

The Wednesday bus normally goes to CityPlace at 10 a.m. and

continues on to Gardens Mall, arriving about 10:30 a.m. This bus
leaves the Gardens Mall at 1:30 p.m. and picks up at CityPlace
about 2 p.m.

EXCEPTION: The 4th Wednesday trip is to Delray on January

27th, leaving at 9:30 a.m. and returning by 2:30 p.m. The destination
is the Carnival Flea Market, and Beall’s Outlet is within walking
Space donated by the UCO Reporter for this advertisement
This 48 passenger bus is usually full, so it makes sense to arrive
between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. to be sure of getting a seat.

Hastings Fitness Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Dance Aerobics Advanced Aerobics Low Impact Aerobics Advanced Aerobics Dance Aerobics
8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am

Weight Training Aerobics With Weights Weight Training Aerobics With Weights Weight Training
9:25-10:00 am 9:20-9:45 am 9:25-10:00 am 9:20-9:45 am 9:25-10:00 am

Water Aerobics (Pool) Pilates Water Aerobics (Pool) Pilates Water Aerobics (Pool)
10:00-11:00 am 9:45-10:30 am 10:00-11:00 am 9:45-10:00 am 10:00-11:00 am

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga Tai-Chi (Paid Class) Hatha Yoga

10:00-11:30 am 10:00-11:30 am 10-11 am (int) 11-12 noon (beg) 10:00-11:30 am

Resistance Pool Exercise Resistance Pool Exercise

10:45-11:30 am 10:45-11:30 am

Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm

Consultation Self Defense (Paid Class) Consultation

1:30-2:00 pm 1:25-2:00 pm 1:30-2:00 pm

Sit & Fit Healthy Breathing Yoga Touch Sit & Fit Healthy Breathing Yoga Touch Administrative/
2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm Office Duties

Free Exercise Classes Provided at Hastings Fitness Center by Zhanetta Babayeva

Class Registration at the Main Clubhouse Class Office

All Classes Are Subject to Change and/or Modification
Page 10 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

Dan Gladstone
Community Emergency
Response Team
for President
Jackie Karlan

The November CERT meet- help leaving their apartment?

ing focused on Light Search To your knowledge is your
and Rescue. Our mission is neighbor out of the building?
to locate stabilize and evacu- One CERT team member is As a member of the Insurance Committee (10 years) and Chairman (8 years), I’ve been
ate victims in a safe manner. designated as the scribe to
We accomplish this in a stan- write down this information. instrumental in keeping coverage levels high and premium moderate.
dardized manner following This information is relayed to I’ve successfully coordinated the hurricane damages payments, and all of the claims in
the same Incident Command outside agencies who arrive the Village were paid in full.
System (ICS) used by the fire on the scene. The CERT team
and law enforcement agen- provides help until the first
I negotiated with insurance companies to lower premiums and reverse decisions to deny
cies. The mission of the CERT responders (fire, sheriff) arrive claims or reduce payments.
team is to locate, stabilize and on the scene. I worked successfully to get Wellington residents a premium return of $850,000.
evacuate victims to a desig- Attend the next meeting on I introduced the mitigation reports, which have reduced insurance premiums for
nated safe area. our procedures Monday, January 18, 2010, 3
include sizing up the situation p.m. in the Clubhouse. Our residents by 30%.
(evaluating) developing a plan topic will be Rapid Impact As a member of the Executive Board (11 years), and the Security, Advisory, Safety,
and taking action. Assessment (ways to imme- Transportation, and Maintenance Committees, I have shared my insurance expertise as
Building residents can pro- diately evaluate the extent of
vide us with vital information damage following a disaster).
an advisor and resource. I’ve also used these opportunities to educate and inform our
such as: How many people We will be working in small residents of changes and the consequences to them.
reside in the building? What groups during this session. Let me continue to work hard for you as UCO President.
have you seen and heard? Remember: No experience
Space donated by the UCO Reporter for this advertisement
Does your neighbor need necessary — we will train you. o

Main Clubhouse: January Classes

All Classes Are NOT Final, and Are Subject to Change
Monday Classes Thursday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Calligraphy 1/4 $20/6w 10-11am Art Bernstein Paint Workshop 12/31 $18/4w 9:30-11 am Art Adler
Big Bands to
1/4 $14/5w 10-11:30 am Meeting C Stein Glass Fusion 1/14 $10/3w 9:30-11 am Craft Saltzman
Tai-Chi 1/7 $16/4w 10-11 am Hastings Ziffer
Mah Jongg 1/4 $20/6w 10-11 am Lg Card Marshall
Canasta 1/7 $17/4w 10-12 pm Card Rm Passman
Stained Glass 2/1 $18/6w 1-3 pm Craft Theo/Getz
Line & Country 12/31 $15/6w 10/11 am Party Sylvia
Adv Draw/Pastel 1/18 $25/6w 1-3 pm Art Rosman
Joy of Opera 1/7 $14/5w 10-11:30 am Meeting C Stein
Zumba 1/18 $32/4w 5-6 pm Hastings Laura
Conv Yiddish 1/7 $7/6w 10-11 am Class A Shore
Latin Ballroom 1/4 $18/6w 6-7 pm Party Sylvia
Art History 1/20 $25/6w 12-1 pm Art Rosman
Tuesday Classes Ceramics & Clay 1/7 $36/6w 1-3 pm Ceramics Gert
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher Water/Oil/Acrylic 1/21 $25/6w 1-3 pm Art Rosman
Ceramics 1/19 $36/6w 9:30-11 am Ceramics Gert Learn French 1/7 $25/6w 1-2:30 pm Class A Natasha
Pan Card 1/5 $15/4w 9:30-11 am Card Ziccardy
Knit & Crochet 1/28 $25/6w 2-3:30 pm Sewing Natasha
Crochet Handbags 1/5 $14/4w 1-2 pm Sewing Shakeer
Begin Drawing 1/19 $25/6w 1-3 pm Art Rosman
Buddhist Med 1/7 Free 4:30-5:30 pm Class A Locilento
Conv Spanish 1/5 $20/4w 1:30-3:30 pm Card B Brown Friday Classes
Real/Abstract 12/1 $25/4w 3-4 pm Art Schwartz
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Wednesday Classes Ceramics 1/22 $36/6w 9:30-11 am Ceramics Gert
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Weekly News 1/8 $10/5w 10:30-12 pm Class A Dr. Rikon
Bridge (Int) 1/6 $30/5w 9:30-11 am Card Mimi
All Medium Art 12/30 $18/4w 9:30-11 am Art Schwartz 1/8 $11/4w 1:30-3 pm Meeting C Handler
Dancercise 12/30 $12/4w 9:30-10:30 am Party Bloom Square Dance 1/1 $16/4w 2-3 pm Party Summers
Learn to Sew 1/6 $18/4w 10-12 pm Sewing Aniko
Folk Dance 1/6 $24/6w 11-12 pm Party Mazor Saturday Classes
Lapidary 1/6 $27/8cl 1-4 pm Lapidary Sal Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Self-Defense 1/6 $16/4w 1:25-2 pm Hastings Tepper Bridge (Beg) 1/2 $30/5w 9:30-11 am Lg Card Mimi
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 11


Jerry Karpf

Before I start my article, without having to do any

I must state our policy with major digging or ripping out
regard to manufacturers and of any broken pipe in a unit’s
anyone who lectures at any walls or floors. His method To insure that every resident visiting the UCO office is treated respectfully and
maintenance meeting: of pipe replacement will save that any UCO provided information is accurate.
UCO and the maintenance at least half of the conven-
committee do not endorse or tional cost method. His system To address the discrepancies between various UCO core documents (Articles of
approve of any manufacturer, costs less to repair old pipes, Incorporation vs. UCO Bylaws) and see that they are eliminated.
product, or contractor. All less damage to walls, floors,
opinions of any lecturer are grounds, and plants and takes To monitor the scope of UCO’s authority, so that the Bilateral agreement is adhered
strictly their own and not those less time to finish work. He to and Associations have the final word, particularly in areas of Investigation and
of UCO. This article cannot be told us that the present type of
insurance repairs. UCO will be available to offer assistance and advice, but as
used in any legal matter. pipe we have in the walls and
Bill Raphan, the Ombuds- ground has a life of 35 to 40 Thoreau said, “That goverment is best that governs least.”
man for the State of Florida, years. Any association with a
To deliver updated Information Technology where needed, this includes
was here to discuss the election broken pipe, can contact me
processes and how they should and I’ll supply you with a few computers, Channel 63, The UCO Reporter and the Century Village Website.
be conducted. He conducted different vendors. Others have promised to deliver. With your help, I will.
a very informative meeting Our next guest was An-
on December 3, which I will thony Vitucci whose company VOTE FOR DAVE ISRAEL
report on in the February is- manufactures all types of solar
sue of the UCO Reporter. I powered lighting and heating. UCO PRESIDENT
advised all Associations to get His product that could be of Space donated by the UCO Reporter for this advertisement
the water cutoff valves as soon value to our village is new
as possible. If an Association lighting for parking lots and Sam Rosen,
has water damage, the deduct-
ible is $5,000 right now, but
walkways, because of cost
savings in electricity.
there is a possibility it will go In closing, I’d like to advise Veteran, Visits
to $10,000 upon the renewal of
our next insurance policy (the
all new permanent Florida res-
idents that we have arranged
WWII Memorial
end of this year). Any Associa- for them to sign up for the In Washington
tion that wants to install water Homestead Exemption. The By Syd Kronish
cutoff valves should contact day and dates are Wed., Jan. Sam Rosen of Greenbrier
me at 683-9189. 20 th, 2010, and Wed., Feb. C, a decorated hero of World
At the November 18 meet- 17th, 2010, from 2 to 3 p.m. in War II, joined other veterans
ing, our first vendor was Mi- Room C at the Clubhouse. who visited the WWII Memo-
chael Wilson, who showed The next meeting of the rial in Washington, D.C. on
and discussed his company’s Maintenance Committee will November 7. It was part of
product. This is a new method be on Tue., Jan. 12th, 2010 at the Southern Florida Honor
of replacing any type of pipe 10 a.m. in Room C. o Flights, a non-profit veteran’s
organization which aids men
and women in various pro-

grams during the year.
Rosen, Sr. Vice Commander
of the JWV Post #520, landed
on Omaha Beach, France, June
6 (D-Day), the initial Allied
attack against the Nazis in
Europe. Rosen is proud of his Above: Sam Rosen. Below: Image of the Memorial, taken from
activities on veteran affairs the Internet.
along with other Century Vil-
lage members of that JWV Post.
The famed World War II
Memorial, located between
Constitution and Indepen-
dence Avenues in the nation’s
capital, opened in 2004. The
impressive memorial features
56 pillars, each 17 feet tall.
It is dedicated to the 48-then
existing, US states. 
The magnificent edifice is
placed between the Lincoln Me-
morial and the Washington Me-
morial, honoring the 400,000
American service people who
died in that conflict. o
Page 12 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

Clubhouse Recreation News need of attention.

A “Welcome Back” break-
Library fast was held in mid-December
By Dot Loewenstein
Stamps in October has arrived and Cue Club
at the Somerset Tennis Center.
Details of our breakfast meet-
the News some of our snowbirds have Al ing will be included in my next
returned. We have a new vol- Weiskopf
Syd Kronish unteer at our library, and as
Members of last season’s
always, when we add a new Hastings Cue Club meet- championship tennis team
volunteer to the list on display ings are at the last Thursday in the Senior Palm Beach
there, we highlight the name. It of every month at the Hastings County League are eagerly
The American flag — long Stutzman of Mountain Lake always thrills us to stop in and Clubhouse. Call Bernie at 688- looking forward to the start
may it wave. Park, MD. see how neatly our books and 0832. Rack ’em, Fast Eddie! of competitive competition
More stamps honoring and In the year 2000, the magazines are arranged. For starting in early January. A
depicting the U.S. flag have U.S.P.S. issued a pane of 20 myself, I’m lucky if I can find Snorkel Club sign-up sheet is posted on the
been issued by the Postal Ser- stamps labeled “The Stars 20 minutes a few days a week Sandy Tennis Center bulletin board.
vice than any other subject in and Stripes.” They present a to — what is the Army expres- Wynn We hope to be able to field two
postal history. variety of interesting local, sion — “field dress” the place. traveling teams in this “soft
We are proud of this beauti- regional and national designs. Readers may not realize that November was the first court” league this season.
ful symbol that stands for our The top left corner of the the schedule of people work- Snorkel Club meeting for The Tennis Club welcomes
Constitution and the American stamp pane shows a flag used ing on certain days does not the new season. Many of new members. Our annual
way of life, liberty and the by the Sons of Liberty activists require them to be there, for our snowbirds were able to dues has been set at $8 for the
pursuit of happiness. during the Revolutionary War. example, from 9 till 1. There attend and we renewed our 2010 season. Those wishing to
I will briefly review some It is interesting to note, is no set time for each one, friendships while meeting and join the Club should see Tom
of the issues of the U.S. flag historically, that the British and some have been known signing in five new members. Speerin, our Tennis Center
stamps. We have seen more Union Jack appeared in our to work a lot more than four Welcome aboard and enjoy Director, during weekday
than just photos of our Stars first national flag in use dur- hours, while others, like me, with us. mornings. He will arrange a
and Stripes, but flags on pa- ing those early years before may only have 20 minutes On Monday, November match for you depending on
rade, over the capitol, over we became an independent to spare, between buses. The 23, there was a snorkel outing your level of ability. You will
churches, over Mt. Rushmore, country. thing that I find most amazing at Peanut Island. Five of our also have access to the prac-
over the Supreme Court, over Since the early days of our is that they may come in one established club members and tice court and ball machine to
the White House, over porch- nation until today — thru day in the morning, another five new members carpooled develop your skills and can
es, over fields over farms and war and peace — we look week in the afternoon, and to Rivera Beach Marina and sign-up for tennis lessons as
over cities. for our flag. During the War even at night, before or after a went with Captain Joe to well. Hope to see you out on
State flags are important to of 1812, our flag came under show — there is no set time for the island. On the way, they the courts and have a wonder-
our states, so therefore, the British fire. At Fort McHenry volunteers to come in. Thus, passed the ship called the ful holiday. o
U.S.P.S issued a pane of 50 in 1814, the Star Spangled’s when you are trying to read Bounty, an early 1800 replica.
showing each state flag. broad stripes and bright stars quietly, or work on a jigsaw With the clear, calm water,
Last year, 2008, the Postal inspired Francis Scott Key to
Service issued four 42¢ stamps write our national anthem.
puzzle, if you notice someone there seemed to be more fish
coming in and straightening than ever spotted, including a
+ + + +
entitled “Flags 24/7.” Each of The Flag Act of 1818 estab-
out the books, feel free to ask school of five squid.
these first class stamps shows lished that the U.S. flag include
a painting of an American flag 13 stripes for the original 13
flying at times of the day: sun- states and a star for each state.
if they are today’s volunteer. December 1 was a joint
Take a moment to say thanks. endeavor with the Sailing The Century
We often compare our li- Club, a pot luck and swim
rise, noon, sunset and night. When the 50th star for Hawaii
Federal law stipulates many was added on July 4, 1960, our
brary to the Public Library get-together. December 16
where jigsaw puzzles are not will be dinner at the Golden
Village Orches-
aspects of flag etiquette. In current flag was born.
1942, a code of flag etiquette These stamps can be ob-
invited, nor are chess players. Corral, and then off to Hoff-
man’s Chocolate Shoppe for
was established. It states in tained at your local post office Yet, sometimes our residents their holiday lights display
tra is looking for
don’t realize how lucky we are
part that the flag should be dis- or your local stamp dealer. and perhaps to buy some of
played from sunrise to sunset Good news!!! The Postal Ser- to have these facilities at our their goodies. Future trips may
every day. vice leaked out the information fingertips. Occasionally some include Big Pine Key, Loee
musicians to fill
This set of stamps features that there would no increase in take advantage and break the Key Marine Sanctuary, Coral
a painting created by Laura rates for next year 2010. o rules, which results in every-
Caverns and the Crystal River
our string sec-
one being penalized.
Once again, we must re- to once again swim with the
mind the puzzlers that there Manatees. It’s a wonderful
tion (violin, vio-
UCO Reporter Will Be are two specific tables for experience.
Delivered your use — they can be easily Special thanks go to Pat la, cello and
recognized by the silver-toned Izzo for his many contribu-
Proper ty Managers Seacrest, bases, which keep the tops tions to our column.
Pruitt, Prime, and Gallagher have from being rotated. When the Friday Our meetings are the third bass). We also
of each month at 10
agreed to deliver the Repor ter tops are rotated, they are actu-
ally being unscrewed and can
to associations that they service. cause an accident if someone room A. Hope to see you all
a.m. in the main Clubhouse in
need French
horn, percussion
The plan is to provide our paper leans on them. Please observe
to all residents within three days this safety rule.
and bassoon
Recently, there has been
of printing. Since we normally a complaint about the noise Jerry
receive the paper on or about created by the “time” gadget
which aids the chess play-
the 20th, you should have your ers. Evidently it is not being As the winter season ap- players. Call
copy no later than the 23rd of tapped as lightly as would be proaches, the Tennis Club is

each month. preferred by the readers. Per-

haps this can be a more quiet
seeing the return of many of
our “snow bird” members. We Rickie at 683-
have had one court resurfaced
If you do not receive the paper activity.
by that date, please contact your Thank you for your coop- Our other four courts are
as well as the practice court. 0869 for more
eration — our library makes
proper ty manager. us all very proud. o
showing wear and also are in
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 13

Vote for
From the Desk of
State Jerry Karpf
Representative for UCO Vice President
Mark S. Pafford
The man who has been totally dedicated to improve conditions
in Century Village and who gets the job done.
Legislators Called operating costs. A proposed
to Special Session on two-dollar increase in taxes
Transportation! on rental cars is a proposed
In the next few days, the source of permanent funding.
Florida Legislature will meet I expect that we will discuss
in a Special Session in order to this proposal during the Spe-
take up regional transportation cial Session. Additionally, I
plans. At stake are several cru- expect that we will consider
cial rail transit issues. Among alternative ways for the state
them: the future of South to raise money for Tri-Rail,
Florida’s Tri-Rail system, a such as using an estimated
proposed 61.5 mile rail system $376 million dollars over the
in Central Florida that would next decade from surplus fuel
connect DeLand, Orlando taxes.
and Poinciana with South Currently, South Florida’s
Florida known as Sun Rail, Tri-Rail system connects Mi-
I have helped Associations learn how to take care of their
and a proposed high-speed ami with Fort Lauderdale and buildings thru the Maintenance Committee lectures, workshops,
rail on our East Coast. The West Palm Beach and com- demonstrations of products and services. I have also brought
projects involve significant munities in between, with 18
amounts of federal economic stations altogether. In recent
to Century Village the Ombudsman of the State of Florida to
recovery funds, and there are years, Tri-Rail has experi- teach classes on the bylaws of Chapter 718 and on running
various interests with valid enced a double-digit percent- your Condominium properly.
concerns who deserve to be age increase in ridership due Space donated by the UCO Reporter for this advertisement
heard including the challenge to high gas prices, a citizenry
of labor and safety issues in a increasingly concerned about
public-private partnership and their impact on the environ- The Kidney Association Needs You
potential liability in case of an ment, and the convenience of By May Goodstein
accident. using public transportation for The Kidney Association of South Florida is a local nonprofit organization, all volunteer, with
The federal government is work and leisure. a mission to provide education, support, and empowerment to people coping with all stages
prepared to provide Florida Sun-Rail and Tri-Rail hold of kidney failure. We have two support groups and a monthly education program. There is no
with a large portion of the the promise of connecting and charge for the meetings, and the public is welcome.
federal stimulus package for expanding with “bullet train” North support meets at Northlake Senior Center, about one mile west of Military Trail on
rail projects if the Florida Leg- service, providing rail service Northlake. They meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. Transplant, hemodialysis,
islature is willing to act to fund from Tampa to Orlando and peritoneal dialysis, and pre-dialysis patients will meet together. Call Jan Symonette at 561-622-
Tri-Rail. The federal funding, Miami, and giving residents 3745 for more information.
estimated to be $2.5 billion, and tourists alike the oppor- South support meets at Heritage House, 5850 Heritage Park Way in Delray Beach, off At-
will assist our existing re- tunity to visit Florida’s major lantic by Via Flora, on the Third Thursday of the month at 3 p.m., with separate Caregiver and
gional transportation networks metropolitan hubs without Patient sections. People in this group range from those who have been warned about potential
and facilitate future goals. The long drives between regions. kidney failure to long term transplant patients. Call May Goodstein at 561-588-8721 for more
timing of the Special Session We will also discuss insurance information. o
corresponds with federal time- for the Sun Rail project. Stay

lines. Federal funding is due to tuned, and I will update you
be distributed in January. as to our progress. At www.
The crux of Tri-Rail’s future, you may
is a permanent funding source. look up the bill numbered
Tri-Rail requires $40 million PCB EDCA 09B-01 for more
to $50 million annually for information. o

To all Presidents, Board Members and

Unit Owners:
There has been a rash of ads, notices and cards being placed on our bul-
letin boards from unlicensed contractors advertising their services.
Remember! Never hire any contractor, electrician, or any handyman without
first seeing their license and a copy of their insurance. Remember, unlicensed
people, who do plumbing or electrical work without a permit, could cause
floods or fires and other problems in your building. You will be held respon-
sible for any problems that unlicensed workers may cause.
Page 14 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

Al McLaughlin

We have good news with toward the guards. The guards

only four transponder gates be- must follow the rules of WPRF
ing broken this month. I guess and UCO. One of the rules is
the Stop sign and the Warning that we can only accept the
sleeve on the gate arm are be- original ID or Visitor pass.
ing followed. We had more cars Copies will be confiscated.
entering the Village this month The Clubhouse is again
(18,300) and far fewer broken opened and the water damaged
gate arms. Our roads are get- street is repaired. As soon as
ting more crowded, so please, we get the “run over” tree at
be extra careful. the Haverhill Gate replaced
Some people are still forget- and the “run over” street sign
ting to call in their expected near Wellington replaced, we
visitors, this delays them and should be back to normal.
holds up the line of cars wait- Please have a happy and
ing to enter the Village. safe Holiday and we will see
Please, stop the rudeness you next year, 2010. o

Karaoke continues every Tuesday night

from 6:30-9:30 pm at the Guest Pool and Fri-
day night from 6-9 pm in the Clubhouse Party
Room. Come join the fun music, dancing and

DOT LOEWENSTEIN I reinstated monthly bus excursions to the beach at Lake

FOR UCO VICE PRESIDENT Worth, as well as Flea market shopping in the Delray Beach
area for the residents of the Village. My responsibility is
I will listen to your concerns, follow through with information up-
dates, and if we work together, we will be able to obtain results.
that everyone gets back safe and sound

As co-editor of the UCO Reporter, I’m responsible for reviewing Continuing to work with the management of the Medical
copy and articles, placing advertisements, and whatever else is Center Care Center, we are coordinating Reporter health
needed to get the paper to the printer. articles of immediate interest to residents, and are in the
process of setting up a new Alzheimer’s support group in
As a member of the Advisory Committee, I’ve been instrumental the Medical building.
in revising the language of the UCO Bylaws to a more simplified
one and update it to be more reflective of the changes in our I’m here, everyday, working for you.
lives and environment in the Village. Space donated by the UCO Reporter for this advertisement

Radio Quiz
Match the actor with the character he played on the radio:
01. Errol Flynn __ a. Chester A. Riley (The Life of Riley)
02. Tony Randall __ b. Lamont Cranston (The Shadow)
03. Jeff Chandler __ c. A Man Called X
04. Ronald Colman __ d. Throckmorton P. (The Great…) Gildersleeve
05. Robert Young __ e. Reggie Yorke (I Love a Mystery)
06. Mark Stevens __ f. Professor Kropotkin (My Friend Irma)
07. William Bendix __ g. Jim Anderson (Father Knows Best)
08. William Conrad __ h. Miss Brooks’ boyfriend (Our Miss Brooks)
09. Hans Conried __ i. Casanova (Modern Adventures of Casanova)
10. Herbert Marshall __ j. Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke)
11. Hal Peary __ k. Prof. Todhunter Hall (The Halls of Ivy)
12. Orson Welles __ l. Steve Wilson (Big Town)
13. Ed Gardner __ m. Mr. District Attorney
14. Jay Joslyn __ n. Mr. Aldrich, Henry’s father (Henry Aldrich)
15. House Jameson __ o. Archie, the manager (Duffy’s Tavern)

Answers: 1‑i; 2‑e; 3‑h; 4‑k; 5‑g; 6‑l; 7‑a; 8‑j; 9‑f; 10‑c; 11‑d; 12‑b; 13‑o; 14‑m; 15‑n. Grading: 0-3 — you must be too young to have heard these shows;
4-6 — you heard them, but weren’t paying attention to whose voices you were hearing; 7-10 — give yourself a B-plus, because you were paying attention; 11-
13 — you’ve got a great memory and definitely deserve an A; 14-15 — you should be winning big bucks on Jeopardy! o
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 15

of the Senior Lunch Bunch servicing VA patients. Ralph, All welcome. For more info,
Organization News program at the JCC; call her 689-1271; Howard, 478-2780. call Sylvia, 683-5224. The
Please note!!! DO NOT at 686-0835. agenda: Jan 31, paid-up mem-
0481; Rose, 683-1564.
resubmit dates for events Jewish War Veterans Post bership lunch; Jan 31, Maltz
already appearing in Orga- Christian Club: We meet 1 #520: Meets 4th Sun at Elks
Theater, La Cage aux Folles
Canadian Club: Meets 4 th
nization News unless there Wed, 1:00 pm, Party Room Lodge, Belvedere Rd. Con- and dinner (call Sylvia); Feb
Wed, Party Room of CH, 1:00
is a correction. of CH. Bowling every Mon, tinental breakfast at 9:00, 13, Flamingo Gardens (Elaine
pm. Membership open to all.
Amit Rishona Chapter: 9:30 am, Verdes Tropicana. followed by general meeting. 615-6697); Feb 21, the dog
Lots of great activities. Betty,
Meets every 2nd Tue w/colla- Other events: Jan 16, casino Come as our guest and see track (Frieda 684-1776); Mar
684-0766; Franne, 478-9526;
tion at 12 noon and meeting trip; Feb 3, pizza party after what we’re all about! Walt, 21, picnic at Duck Island
Madelaine, 684-5595.
at 1:00 pm at Aitz Chaim. the meeting; Feb 23, picnic at 478-6521; Phil, 686-2086. (Phyllis 712-0612); Mar 28,
Upcoming: Dec 20, 2:00-4:00 Dyer Park; Mar 3, hoagie party Maltz Theater, Anything Goes
Century Village Baby Boomer
pm, bingo party at CV CH (Al- after the meeting. Jewish War Veterans Ladies and dinner (call Sylvia); Apr 8,
Club: We are looking forward
lana 687-0350); Jan 13, 2:00- Auxiliary Post #520: Meets bye-bye dinner.
to see old friends (born between
5:00 pm, Israeli film at CV CH Deborah Hospital Foundation: 3 rd Mon at The Classic. A
1946-64) as we share memories
(Ellie 471-4935, Malca 688- Meets 2nd Fri every other mo continental breakfast is served Yiddish Advanced Reading
of that era. Join us monthly,
2698, Irma 689-8248 or call in CH Party Room, 11:00 am. at 9:00 am, followed by our Group: Menke Katz Reading
3:00 pm, CH CR C. Tune in to
Allana); Mar 7, annual dinner Call Bea 688-9478, Claire 684- meeting. Our efforts go to Circle invites readers to join
Channel 63 for more info, and
(Jeanne 688-9455, Anita 686- 5659, Marge 687-3991 for info creating welcome kits for the group headed by Troim Han-
call Lynn at 689-1907.
9083 or call Malca or Irma). on our special Holland America veterans at the VA Center at dler. Currently reading Night by
Westerdam Southern Caribbean Military Trail and various po- Elie Wiesel in Yiddish. Meet-
Century Village Computer
Congregation Anshei Cruise Jan 24-31; call Michele sitions at the Center. We find ings are twice a month in private
Club: Meets 1st and 3rd Thu,
Sholom Adult Education 561-914-8659 or 800-741-9429 our volunteer work helpful and homes. Troim, 684-8686.
Nov-Apr (1st Thu only rest of
Congregation Anshei Sho- to reserve a cabin. rewarding and welcome new
year), 1:00 pm in Class Room
lom will have two adult edu- members. Dorothy, 478-6521. WOW: All welcome to the
103, and incl 30 min Q&A, biz
cation courses which begun in Duplicate Bridge at Hast- following: Jan 21, Coconut
portion, presentation, 50/50
November. ings Clubhouse: Every Mon Knights of Pythias: You are Creek Casino, free play, buffet
and door prizes. Arrive by
Sara Farkas, an Israeli na- at 7:00 pm and Wed at 1:00 invited to join Palm Beach lunch, trans, etc.; Mar 8, trip to
12:15 if you wish to join, renew
tive and member of the con- pm. If you need a partner, Rainbow Lodge #203, meet Mets/Marlins spring training
your membership, or register
gregation, will lead a course in call Mimi, 697-2710, leave 2nd and 4th Mon at North Coun- game at Roger Dean Stadium
for free hands-on classes.
conversational Hebrew. Sara is message. ty Senior Center, Northlake in Jupiter (no bus trans); Mar
an accomplished teacher. Blvd. We welcome new mem- 24, matinee at Maltz Theater,
Century Village Gun Club:
Those members of the con- Evangelical Christian Net- bers, duals, reinstatements and Anything Goes, dinner at Juno
Meets 2nd Tue, 7:00 pm, Class-
gregation who took the course working Club: Meets 1st Fri, transferees from out of state. Fish House (no trans). Lenore,
room B. You don’t have to own
last year were very impressed 6:30 pm, Classroom B of CH. We We are a fraternal brotherhood 683-4166; Marjorie, 687-3991.
a weapon. Everything is free.
by the caliber of the teaching. share relevant info among our- fostering the credo of friend-
This fall, we have a great lineup
No prior knowledge of He- selves and with our community. ship, charity, benevolence. Yiddish Culture Chorus: 50
of speakers. We were spon-
brew is required. Dee, 827-8748; Steve, 389-5300. Mike, 615-0218. members, men and women.
sored by Humana Insurance
Rabbi Michael Korman will Leader is Shelley K. Tenzer.
for free range time at the Gator
lead a course entitled “Great GiGi’s Group: Monthly trip Latin American Club: Thank Knowledge of Yiddish not
Gun Center on Sep 9. Ladies
Jewish Thinkers: Their Impact to the Mardi Gras Casino. Jan you all for supporting our Nov necessary. Edy, 687-4255.
are invited. George, 471-9929.
on Judaism.” cruise to the Caribbean. Con- 8 dance, benefiting the St.
Rabbi Korman, the spiritual tact GiGi at 689-6092. Mary’s cancer kids; we raised Yiddish Vinkl: An informal
Century Village Orchestra:
leader of the congregation, is an $1,700. May God bless you all! group of Yiddish lovers who
We practice every Mon, 1:15-
experienced education adminis- Greater Philadelphia Club: gather to speak, hear and sing
3:45, in the CH, Room C (Oct
trator and college professor. Elaine, 615-6697 (see Page 34). Merry Minstrels: Meet Thu, the language, this group is
26-Mar 20). We play 3 con-
Both courses will run from 10:00-11:00 am, Music Room under the guidance of Edy
certs each year. We welcome
November to March on Mon- Hadassah, Judith Epstein B. We are a group who enjoy Sharon. Meetings are held 1st
all pros and amateurs who en-
day mornings at the Temple. Chapter at CVWPB: Meets singing at various nursing and 3rd Sun from 1:30 to 3:00
joy playing with a group. We
They are free to members only 3rd Wed at 11:45 am for mini- homes. We’re looking for new pm year-round. For info, call
would like to add a conductor,
(nonmembers pay). lunch, 12:30 meeting at Cong members, so if you enjoy mu- Edy, 687-4255.
more violins, violas, cellos,
For further information, Anshei Sholom. Suzanne, sic, contact GiGi at 689-6092;
bass, bassoons and percus-
contact the Temple office any 686-4241. the feeling of giving joy to
sion players to our orchestra.
weekday morning 684-3212. others is so rewarding.
Rickie, 683-0869.
Holocaust Survivors of the

B’nai B’rith Century: We Palm Beaches: Meet 2nd Wed, Na’Amat USA (Pioneer
Century Village Symphony
meet every 4th Sun, 9:30 am, 9:30 am, in Anshei Sholom. Women): Meets 4th Tue, 1:00
Orchestra Annual Concert:
at Anshei Sholom. Admis- We return to regular meets on pm, at Cypress Lakes Audi-
We will perform The Poet
sion is free to members ($3 Jan 14 and Feb 11. In Mar, it’s torium for mini-lunch and
and Peasant Overture, Con-
to guests). Activities: Dec 27, a Purim Party. In Apr, it’s Yom- interesting programs, guests
certino for Piano in A Minor,
festive year-end meeting/party Hashoa. Kathy, 689-0393. are always welcome. For info,
The Russian Sailors’ Dance,
w/food/entertainment, reserve call Rhoda, 478-8559. Coming
El Relicario, And the Angels
necessary ($7 for guests); Jan Irish-American Cultural events: Nov 10, card party
Sing, New World Symphony

24, a look at the projected new Club of CV: Meets 1st Tue in at Bellante’s (Florence, 683-
(4th Movement) and selections
facilities of Morse Geriatric. CH, 2:00 pm, Room C. For info, 8453; Rhoda, 473-8559); Dec
from The Phantom of the Op-
FMI, Dr. Levy @ 478-6865. call Robert, 917-704-0223. 4-13, special 9 nite Caribbean
era and My Fair Lady on Thu,
cruise on the NCL Dawn incl
Mar 13, 8:00 pm at the CH
Brooklyn U.S.A.: Will meet Italian-American Culture round-trip bus trans to Miami
Theatre. Tickets are on sale
on Wed, Oct 14, 1:30 in the Club: Bowling at Verdes Lanes and 6 exotic ports of call
now at the ticket office.
Party Room. Coming events: starting Sat, Oct 31, 9:00. Join (Sylvia, 686-5350; Marlene,
Oct 16, dessert social for paid- your friends for a morning of 684-8357).
Chit Chat Group: We meet
up members; Nov 15, Italian fun. Fran, 616-3314.
every 1st and 3rd Tue, 2:00-3:00

lunch & entertainment; Dec OWLS (Older-Wiser-Loyal-
pm, card room of main CH.
17, BBQ and boat trip on the Jewish War Veterans Post Seniors): Come to our meets
We intend to engage you in
Jungle Queen; Jan 17, mys- #501: Meets 1 st Sun, An- every 2nd Mon, 3:00 pm, Party
conversation, friendship and
tery bus trip; Feb 21, annual shei Sholom. Breakfast at Room; see what we have planned.
fun. Topics are general and
luncheon/dance; Mar 16-18, 9:00; meeting at 9:30; meets
deal with stress, nutrition and
3 day/2 nite trip to Key West. from Sep to May with guest Philadelphia Club: Meets 2nd
how to cope, and jokes. The
Elayne, 688-8151; Steve, 242- speakers. Activities include Tue, 12:30 pm, Aitz Chaim.
program is free. Led by Rhoda
Page 16 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

From the Desk of

Jeff Koons

Count on the County in new HPRP applications will

Times of Crisis be taken until after January
Last time, we talked about 1, 2010. For information
the home foreclosure crisis about this and other Human
and some of resources avail- Services programs, please go
able to help you stay in your to
home. Lately, my office has communityservices/programs/
been receiving quite a few humanservices/.
calls from low-income indi- For more than 30 years, the
viduals, including seniors, Division of Senior Services
who are not necessarily fac- (DOSS) has provided every
ing foreclosure, but need help stage of assistance needed for
making ends meet. Depending continuum of care through a
on your income level, the Palm person’s senior years. This
Beach County Community includes comprehensive in-
Services Department has a home and community-based
number of programs and ser- programs that relieve emo-
vices available. tional, physical and financial
The Human Services Divi- hardships. Please call 355-
sion offers help with the rent 4746 for information about the
or mortgage on a one-time following programs:
basis, if your income is at or Emergency Home Energy
below 110 percent of the 2009 Assistance for the Elderly Pro-
federal poverty guidelines gram (EHEAP) — immediate
(FPG). Currently, the FPG financial relief to prevent util-
ranges from $10,830 per year ity service disconnections and
for a single-person household avoid dangerous/neglectful
to $37,010 for a family of living situations.
eight. (Add $3,740 for each Grandparents Medical
person over eight.) At 110 Reimbursement Program
percent, the qualifying income (GMRP) — reimbursement
range is $11,913 for a single for expenses related to medi-
person to $40,711 for a family cal services for persons age 60
of eight. and older who care for minor
Help paying your electric grandchildren.
bill can be obtained through Brief Intervention and
LIHEAP, the Low-Income Treatment for Elders (BRITE)
Home Energy Assistance Pro- — screening, intervention and
gram. This is for residents referral for substance-abuse
whose income is at or be- treatment to individuals age
low 125 percent of the FPG 55 and older.
($13,537 for a single person to Nutrition Program — nutri-
$46,262 for a family of eight). tion education and well-bal-
If your income is at or above anced meals served Monday
150 percent of FPG, contact through Friday at 23 com-
Florida Power & Light’s Care munity congregate meal site
to Share program. locations.
Human Services Adult Day Care — so-
administers the federal cial and recreational activi-
Homeless Prevention Rapid ties in a group setting with
Re-housing Program (HPRP) health monitoring at the North
of the American Recovery County Senior Center, 5217
and Reinvestment Act. HPRP Northlake Blvd., Palm Beach
financial assistance and Gardens, 694-5435, and the
ongoing case management Mid-County Senior Center,
is available for up to 18 3680 Lake Worth Road, Palm
months for residents whose Springs, 357-7101.
income is at or below 50 DOSS also operates the
percent of the area median West County Senior Center
income, which is currently at 2916 State Road #15, Belle
about $45,000 per year. To Glade, (561) 996-4808.
date, Human Services has As always, I welcome your
received more than 2,000 calls comments and questions.
and taken 200 applications. Please feel free to contact me
Due to the high demand, no or my staff at 355-2202. o

January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 17

Be Cautious ing information to anyone, The Price of

even if they claim they need
About Giving it for the U.S. Census. Children
The government recently
Info to Census Remember, no matter what
calculated the cost of rais- From the
they ask, you really only need
Workers to tell them how many people ing a child from birth to 18 Listening Post
By Susan Johnson live at your address. and came up with $160,140
With the U.S. Census pro- While the Census Bureau for a middle income family. Syd Kronish
cess beginning, the Better might ask for basic financial Talk about price shock! That
Business Bureau (BBB) ad- doesn’t include the cost of
information, such as a salary
vises people to be coopera- post-secondary education.
range, you don’t have to an-
tive, but cautious, so as not to But $160,140 isn’t so bad if you “Tis the Season to be Jolly, in and out of traffic, use of
swer anything at all about
become a victim of fraud or break it down. It translates into: Joyous and Jubilant” cell phones and texting while
your financial situation. The
identity theft. • $8,896.66 a year, During the past several driving, not using seat belts or
Census Bureau will not ask for
The first phase of the 2010 • $741.38 a month, weeks of this month, prepara- running red lights, not giving
Social Security, bank account,
U.S. Census is underway as • $171.08 a week. tions for Christmas have been signals.
or credit card numbers, nor
workers have begun verifying • A mere $24.24 a day! top priority — gifts for many Yes, we can stop the car-
will employees solicit dona- • Just over a dollar an hour.
the addresses of households tions. Any one asking for that (friends and family), Christ- nage and the callow attitude
across the country. Eventually, Still, you might think the best mas trees adorn the homes which affect our very exis-
information is not with the financial advice is: Don’t have
more than 140,000 U.S. Cen­ Census Bureau. and municipal locations — of tence.
children if you want to be “rich. course, Santa Claus, heavy Can’t we get along?
sus workers will count every And remember, the Cen- Actually, it is just the op- with toys is expected in his Let us make the following
person in the United States sus Bureau has decided not posite. special reindeer-driven sleigh
and will gather information to work with ACORN on New Year’s resolutions (Com-
What do you get for your
about every person living at gathering this information. to visit the homes of children. mandments?) for a better and
each address, including name, No ACORN worker should Members of the Jewish faith healthier daily life:
• Naming rights. First, mid-
age, gender, race, and other approach you saying he/she is celebrate Chanukah, the “Fes- • I will respect all people,
dle, and last!
relevant data. with the Census Bureau. tival of Lights.” The eight- friends and foes, and for-
• Endless wonder over rocks,
The big question is: How do Eventually, Census workers candle Menorah is seen in give their trespasses.
ants, clouds, and warm
you tell the difference between may contact you by telephone, homes and business locations. • I will help and support the
a U.S. Census worker and a mail, or in person at home. How- Gifts for everyone, parties for poor and homeless, the sick
• A hand to hold usually cov-
con artist? BBB offers the fol­ ever, the Census Bureau will ered with jelly or chocolate. family and friends, children and ailing.
lowing advice: not contact you by Email, so be For $160,140, you never play with “dreidl,” toy tops. • I will abhor violence and
If a U.S. Census worker knocks on the lookout for Email scams have to grow up. African-Americans enjoy a terrorism whenever it may
on your door, they will have a impersonating the Census. You get to: new holiday, “Kwanza.” The exist.
badge, a handheld device, a Never click on a link or • never stop believing in basis is the reaping of harvests • I will consider that life is
Census Bureau canvas bag, open any attachments in an Santa Claus. around the world. Gifts are short and I will enjoy every
and a confidentiality notice. Email that are supposedly You have an excuse to: given; bright ethnic clothing moment of my existence.
Ask to see their identification from the U.S. Census Bureau. • watch Saturday morning is worn. This is a new holiday • I will live by the 10 Com-
and their badge before answer- For more advice on avoid- cartoons. with no religious connotation. mandments.
ing their questions. However, ing identity theft and fraud, In the eyes of a child, you All this jubilation of year- • I will pray for peace
you should never invite any- visit and please rank right up there under God. end activities and happy times throughout the world.
one you don’t know into your share this info with family and You have all the power to heal causes me to look back at my • I will bless our country
home. friends. a boo-boo, scare away the “From the Listening Post” that it may be a stronghold
Census workers are current- Bottom line: They only monsters under the bed, patch a column in the December among nations.
ly only knocking on doors to need to know how many broken heart, police a slumber UCO Reporter. I decried the • I will make every effort
verify address information. Do people live in your house- party, ground them forever, and abundant lack of civility and to have a life of truth and
not give your Social Security hold. Don’t give them any love them without limits, so one respect during the first 11 honesty.
number, credit card or bank- other info. o day they will, like you, love months of the year. I com- • I will remember my fore-
without counting the cost. That mented on daily events which fathers with respect and

is quite a deal for the price! disrupt and endanger our lives admiration, and pass it on
Love and enjoy your children every day. For example, “Road to the next generation.
and grandchildren and great- Rage” happening on our high- • I will always remember that
grandchildren! It’s the best ways and local roads—driv- love conquers hate, and a
investment you’ll ever make! ers speeding and swerve in laugh is better than a cry. o
From the Internet

A Very Condo
The facade of the Kent N
Condo Association, as deco-
rated by neighbors Ronnie
Massa, Janet Massa, Joan
Bittner, Angelo and Teresa
Cassasanta, Trudy and Ken
Gentile. Santa comes early and
to our Village.
Page 18 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

WordFind: The Best Actress • Bancroft

Classified Ads
• Berry
• Booth
• Cher
• Dunaway
Classified ads are printed Round walnut tile top pub set • Field
on a space available basis. w/4 upholstered pub stools, • Fletcher
Ads should be submitted by table 41” wide, 36” in height, • Fonda
the seventh of the month in stools 25” in height, two yrs
• Foster
which they are to appear. old in new cond. Asking $300
• Garson
Articles must be resubmitted (orig $600). 697-2471
every month if they are to be • Hayes
repeated. Wanted to buy: VHS VCR • Hepburn
All Classified ads must be tape player/recorder. Please • Hunt
on a full sheet of paper (8½ x call 640-5443 • Hunter
11). Scraps of paper will not • Keaton
be accepted. For sale: Sears Kenmore por- • Kidman
All items submitted must table sewing machine, perfect, • Magnani
include name and address of $40; king size bedspread, • Matlin
contributor. Name and ad- never used, still in original • Neal
dress will not be printed; this package, $35. Leave message: • Roberts
is for our information. The 689-1001 o • Sarandon
Classified ads are a service • Streep

for UCO members only. • Swank
• Tandy
• Taylor
For Sale
Find the words in the grid. Words can go horizontally, verti- • Witherspoon
Dover A: Gr fl, all tiled rms, 1 cally or diagonally in all eight directions. Answers on Page 25
bed, 1½ ba, MIC, some furn,
many amenities, call for appt
to see. Let’s talk! Call today
561-686-5441; local cell 917-

Short Sale

Oxford 500: 2nd fl, 2/2, new kit,

baths and tile fls, lg encl pat w/
acc to pat from BR and LR;
bldg is next to pool, lg laun-
dry rm and card rm. $50,000.

For Sale or Annual Rent

2 BR 1½ ba unfurn in Cam-
den E, 1st fl cnr wtrvw, CAC,
remod, new kit ctrtops, DW,
WH, ceil, WI shower, mirr
closets and lam shelving, new
flooring — must see. $49,900
or $800 per mo. 688-7979

Oxford 300, two 1st fl 2/2 units,

furn, tile, new WD, encl pat,
wtrvw, CAC and heat, no pets.
Rent $675/mo; sale $60,000
OBO. 640-0586 or 471-6657

Sussex 1/1 upper w/scenic

screened-in balcony, furnished
or unfurnished. Make offer.
Call 561-697-2390

For Rent

Easthampton G: 1½ 2nd fl, fully

furn. $600/mo yearly. Will
consider seasonal. 697-9321


Three wheel bike w/basket,

BO: pair of ivory color lamps,
BO; three wheel walker w/
pouch, almost new, $85. 471-
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 19

Yiddish Culture:
A Festive Season Is Planned
By Rebecca Schlam Lutto
The 2009-2010 season of
Recipes the Village’s Yiddish Culture Investigations
activities are in full swing.
Avis Blank Classes are meeting, groups
Louise Gerson
are convening, the chorus is re-
hearsing and the sounds of mama
loshen are heard in the Village.
The Yiddish Culture Board is Did you know if you are renting an apartment for six months
A very dear friend of mine lived in China as a child. She proud to present the following: or less that you must pay a five percent tourist development
shared with me her memories of traditionally greeting the New • “Controversial Jewish (bed) tax. You must also pay a sales and use tax of six and a
Year, one of which I will share with you. Personalities.” For the 15th half percent (eleven and a half percent total taxes),
Among the refreshments served on New Year’s Eve was a year, Frank Handler, a Village The tourist development tax is paid to the Palm Beach County
special rice cake. Partaking of the sweet rice cake on New Year’s resident and former New York Tax Collector and the Sales and Use tax is paid to the Florida
Eve was suppose to bring fame, fortune and Good Luck to the history teacher, fascinates Department of Revenue.
participant. I am going to bake a rice cake to greet the New his audience with tales of If you have any questions regarding rental taxes, please call
Year while enjoying it anticipate all the wonderful happenings lives, both true and incred- 561-355-2726, Tourist Development Tax Section.
that will come my way in the New Year. Why don’t you bake ible. Classes in English. Enroll Sales are picking up each month. Prices are rising a little
one too? separately for each month, also. We have had 442 Sales, 367 Rentals, 37 Deed Transfers
New Year’s Rice Cake January, February and March. and 68 Request for Occupants for a total of 914 investigations
(Note: Rice flour can be found in Asian markets) Sign up at the office in the through November 25,2009.
• 3½ cups glutinous rice flour (sweet rice flour), about 1 pound main Clubhouse. Classes are Spread the word up North and the West about how great our
• 1½ cups sugar on Fridays at 1:30 p.m. in Village is with the shows and many events at our Clubhouse,
• ¼ cup dried tart cherries classroom C. For information, bus transportation, modern fitness center and other amenities.
• ¼ cup candied pineapple, chopped call Frank at 684-8686, We truly live in the land of Paradise!
• ¼ cup slivered almonds • Yiddish Vinkl. Informal, Please come into our office to answer your questions on pro-
• 1 tablespoon baking powder friendly group that speaks Eng- cedures. We cannot give you any advice. We are not lawyers.
• 1½ cups water lish and Yiddish. Laughter and The decision to accept or reject is strictly up to the Condo As-
• ½ cup canola or vegetable oil reminiscences are on the menu, sociation.
• 3 large eggs Edy Sharon, the convener, is For those Associations who still have 10 days to do the in-
• Cooking spray loved by all Yiddish lovers. vestigations instead of 30, please get your bylaws changed to
1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. First and third Sundays of each 30 days as soon as possible, it gives you more time to make
2. Two lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups, level with month (year-round) 1:30 p.m. in your decision!
a knife. Combine flour and next six ingredients (flour through the upstairs piano room of the Everyone should be investigated when they want to live here.
baking powder) in a bowl. Clubhouse. Free. Information, A credit check is made on buyers, so hopefully, foreclosures
3. Combine water, oil, and eggs; add to flour mixture, stirring call Edy at 687-4255. will not .happen! Also, criminal checks are made to make sure
by hand just until moist. • Conversational Yiddish people who might harm our Village are exposed and turned
4. Spoon the batter into a 9-inch round cake pan coated with Class. For information call away from here.
cooking spray. Bake at 375 degrees for 50 minutes or until a Golda Shore, 697-3367. Reg- On a very sad note, we lost a terrific person named Irv Lazar.
wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool rice cake ister in Clubhouse office. First We shall miss his friendly smile and wit. He was a dedicated
for 15 minutes in pan on a wire rack, and remove from pan. class, Thursday, January 7, at volunteer who helped make Century Village a great place to live.
Cool completely on wire rack. Yield: 12 servings (serving size 10 a.m. in classroom A. Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season! o
one wedge). • Yiddish Culture Chorus.
Accompanied with a glass of your favorite wine, it is a won- A happy and friendly group

derful way to toast the New Year. o of both men and women who
sing in four-part harmony.
They enjoy singing in Yiddish,
Hebrew and other languages.
Rehearsals every Wednesday

at 1 p.m. in upstairs Clubhouse
music room. For informa-
tion or if you are interested
in joining the chorus, call
Shelley Tenzer, its director,
at 681-9548 or Edy Sharon at
• Yiddish Culture. Tuesday
morning programs at 10 a.m.,
December through March. All
Village residents are invited
(free admission) to top-notch
programs of music, humor,
celebration and nostalgia. A
treasured Village tradition for
over 40 years. Information on
shows in Organization News
columns of this newspaper and
on Channel 63.
• Advanced Yiddish Read-
ing Group. The group is read-
ing Elie Wiesel’s Night in the
original Yiddish. The group
meets the second and fourth
Friday of each month at 10
a.m. at 34 Sussex B. For in-
formation call Troim Handler
at 684-8686. o
Page 20 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

Sal Bummolo
From the Desk of for
Vice President UCO Vice President
Bob Marshall
UCO Vice President (2005-2007)
I realize that this topic has been repeatedly written about, but
I continue to have Association representatives come talk with
me about their finances. There are a lot of Associations with
UCO Executive Board (Current)
owners who are delinquent in paying their maintenance fees,
many by several months and one comes to mind that was about
five years behind. If your Association has these problems, be Chairman of Irrigation &
certain to have your maintenance company insert a bad debt
line in your expense section of your budget. If not, and the ac- Infrastructure Committee (Current)
counts are not brought current in 2010, you run the risk of not
have money to pay your bills late in 2010.
Mollie and I have recently gotten out to see a couple of shows
in the Theatre. Both were good musical presentations, however,
the room was only approximately 50% occupied. I thought that Accepted the responsibility of overseeing and directing the shoreline restoration,
with the season upon us, attendance would increase from the
off season results. Come on out — and enjoy yourselves! which is estimated to be completed in 3-5 years.
I recently received a call from a person who had been walking in As Chairman of the Irrigation & Infrastructure committee;
the Village and was nearly run over by a bike rider — twice during
the same walk. On both occurrences, the bike rider approached
• I am responsible for the maintenance of the Village’s roads, bridges and walkways. I
from behind and issued no warning sound. Surely there is room identify areas of potential concern and follow through to insure that the problems have
for both riders and walkers in this Village.
Please, when approaching a person who is walking sound a
been addressed;
horn or if you don’t have one and don’t want to acquire one, • I successfully completed the project that brought reclaimed water into the Village.
just vocalize a warning. Isn’t that just common courtesy? Obtained grant which reduced the final cost of this important undertaking to the resi-
For those of you newly arriving Seasonal Residents welcome,
come and enjoy all the great things the Village has to offer and dents.
have a wonderful season. • I am responsible for the entire irrigation system which provides the reclaimed water
I have been asked about the movies several times recently.
There seems to be a very large misunderstanding regarding to all green areas.
the acquisition of the movie and the playing. The movies are As Vice President, I have been — and always will be — responsive to individual resi-
covered by Copyright Laws.
In order to get the current information, I went directly to the
dent’s questions and needs.

Your VOTE Will Surely Be Appreciated

source. Abby is the person who books all of the programming
and this is what she says. Under no circumstance can she legally
show a movie that has been purchased at a local vendor.
We pay $500 per movie to show them in the theater and we Space donated by the UCO Reporter for this advertisement
must not show them more than five times; however, they must
be shown five times. o

Monday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Calligraphy 1/4 $20/6w 10-11am Art Bernstein
Big Bands to
1/4 $14/5w 10-11:30 am Meeting C Stein
Mah Jongg 1/4 $20/6w 10-11 am Lg Card Marshall
Stained Glass 2/1 $18/6w 1-3 pm Craft Theo/Getz
Adv Draw/Pastel 1/18 $25/6w 1-3 pm Art Rosman
Zumba 1/18 $32/4w 5-6 pm Hastings Laura
Latin Ballroom 1/4 $18/6w 6-7 pm Party Sylvia

Tuesday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Ceramics 1/19 $36/6w 9:30-11 am Ceramics Gert
Pan Card 1/5 $15/4w 9:30-11 am Card Ziccardy
Crochet Handbags 1/5 $14/4w 1-2 pm Sewing Shakeer
Begin Drawing 1/19 $25/6w 1-3 pm Art Rosman
Conv Spanish 1/5 $20/4w 1:30-3:30 pm Card B Brown
Real/Abstract 12/1 $25/4w 3-4 pm Art Schwartz
Wednesday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Bridge (Int) 1/6 $30/5w 9:30-11 am Card Mimi
All Medium Art 12/30 $18/4w 9:30-11 am Art Schwartz
Dancercise 12/30 $12/4w 9:30-10:30 am Party Bloom
Learn to Sew 1/6 $18/4w 10-12 pm Sewing Aniko
Folk Dance 1/6 $24/6w 11-12 pm Party Mazor
Lapidary 1/6 $27/8cl 1-4 pm Lapidary Sal
Self-Defense 1/6 $16/4w 1:25-2 pm Hastings Tepper

Thursday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Paint Workshop 12/31 $18/4w 9:30-11 am Art Adler
Glass Fusion 1/14 $10/3w 9:30-11 am Craft Saltzman
Tai-Chi 1/7 $16/4w 10-11 am Hastings Ziffer
Canasta 1/7 $17/4w 10-12 pm Card Rm Passman
Line & Country 12/31 $15/6w 10/11 am Party Sylvia
Joy of Opera 1/7 $14/5w 10-11:30 am Meeting C Stein
Conv Yiddish 1/7 $7/6w 10-11 am Class A Shore
Art History 1/20 $25/6w 12-1 pm Art Rosman
Ceramics & Clay 1/7 $36/6w 1-3 pm Ceramics Gert
Water/Oil/Acrylic 1/21 $25/6w 1-3 pm Art Rosman
Learn French 1/7 $25/6w 1-2:30 pm Class A Natasha
Knit & Crochet 1/28 $25/6w 2-3:30 pm Sewing Natasha
Buddhist Med 1/7 Free 4:30-5:30 pm Class A Locilento

Friday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Ceramics 1/22 $36/6w 9:30-11 am Ceramics Gert
Weekly News 1/8 $10/5w 10:30-12 pm Class A Dr. Rikon
1/8 $11/4w 1:30-3 pm Meeting C Handler
Square Dance 1/1 $16/4w 2-3 pm Party Summers

Saturday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Bridge (Beg) 1/2 $30/5w 9:30-11 am Lg Card Mimi
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 21

Kurt Weiss
The Century Village Art Committee
Afghanistan: A
Tragicomedy in Three Acts
brother and other criminals
like him who get rich selling
Is Requesting Your
Act I: The British empire
tried to add Afghanistan to
the colonies under their rule
Afghanistan had no govern-
ment able to run the country
Original Artwork
For Display in the Main Clubhouse
— they tried, they failed, for many years, and that in-
they left. Act II: The Soviets cluded the current one. It is run
decided to try and create an by warlords whose interests
Afghanistan “free” peoples are strictly local and all in-
republic. They tried, they volved in the drug trade. Even
failed at a cost of over 50,000
soldiers killed, they gave up
if we commit to the number
of troops comparable to what
Artwork Wil Be Displayed on a Rotating Basis
and left. Act III: It is now the Soviets fielded, we might
us who are stuck there. Our temporarily in some areas be
President is working hard to militarily successful at a price
arrive at a decision with regard comparable to what they paid. Please Bring Your Art to the Clubhouse On:
to our continuous involvement We are led to believe that
in Afghanistan. There are two we are there because we fight
very different opinions as to al Qaeda. I have no doubt that
what we should do. The one
demands that additional troops
those are in Pakistan and else-
where, all over Europe, and
Monday, January 18, 2010 — 9:00 am to 11:00 am
be set there, as asked by the
current commander of U.S.
not in Afghanistan.
Even if we succeeded in in Meeting Room C
forces there — 40,000? conquering all of Afghanistan
The other maintains that
we should try and extricate
— an impossible undertaking
which would not be helped by Additional Information:
ourselves from a war we can- the Afghani people — what af-
not win, and that basically is terwards? Would we stay there
the opinion not only of our ten years, twenty years? This
vice president, but of our
ambassador to Afghanistan,
war cannot be won and is not
worth the many of our troops
1) 1 or 2 original pieces can be submitted per Century Village artist.
who happens to be the previ-
ous commander of our forces
who gave their life and would
continue in ever increasing 2) Frame or gallery wrap your art and wire it so it is ready to be hung.
there. Afghanistan is a country
four times plus the size of Iraq.
numbers to fall victims to an-
other military debacle. 3) Please include your name, address and phone on the back of each piece.
There is no faction there we I headlined this column
could trust, the government is “a tragicomedy.” On second
corrupt and most of the mon-
ies we spent there ended up
thought, there is nothing
“comic” in this — only
Questions: Beth Baker — 684-3166
in the hands of the president’s tragedy. o
Page 22 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

The upper echelon at UCO wants each and every condo in Century
Village to spend $155* plus $20 for a permit (that’s over a million dol-
* UCO is not responsible
for content

lars) to put in valves outside your condo near the water meters.
What You Should Know
The valves will be installed below ground.
In order to shut off your water, you must get down on your hands and
knees, open a plastic box, and reach down into a hole to shut off this
In Florida, we have snakes, poisonous frogs, etc.
I am a plumber; when I need to stick my hand into a below ground
box, I use a thick leather glove.
After a rain, you would be amazed to see what’s swimming in these
Don’t forget, when you want to turn the water back on, you must repeat
this process.
Let Me Make a Less Expensive Suggestion
We are State Licensed Plumbers. My employee comes to your building.
We examine every water heater and toilet, give you a written analysis,
My name is Peter Amato. I will be running for Vice President of UCO.

your cost is only $5.00 per apartment. Why should you vote for me?
I’m willing to voluntarily take a lie detector test every six months and publish
the results.
And/Or Only two questions need to be asked:
1) Did you take any money from vendors for steering business their way?
We can put in a whole house shut off valve in your kitchen in the cabi- 2) Did you make any unauthorized non-interest bearing loans from UCO?
I am an outsider, I’ve never been a part of UCO.

net near the sink for $149 plus $20 for the permit.
Normally I’m not political, but I’m seeing things that should be addressed.
UCO directs millions of dollars every year.
If elected I will do my best to create an outside group of Century Village
The Construction Guys residents to look at where the money goes.
The U.S. Government has the GAO.

State Lic. #CFC053324 The military has the Inspector General.

We here in Century Village should have a group looking over the shoulders of
the people that wield the power.
Palm Beach is called Corruption County; we’ve had three county commission-
Full page ad paid for by this advertiser ers and two city commissioners go to jail.
Century Village is the size, and has the budget, of a small town. We need an
Ethics Panel.
May I suggest that before you vote, ask your candidate if they’re willing to
voluntarily take a lie detector test, and have the results published.
If they give us a song and dance about why they shouldn’t take a lie detector
test, and try to influence other people not to take a lie detector test, then maybe
we should find another person to vote for.
The only people that can cheat us are the people we trust.
Everybody loved and trusted Bernie Madoff.
What do you think Bernie Madoff would have said if someone had asked him
to take a lie detector test?
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 23

What Is a Crone? Another except it didn’t baffle anyone

A little old lady who refuses (“anyone” being squirrels
to shrink,
Squirrel Story in this instance). It required
By Jean Dowling
Arts & Who continues to say
After the article about
high-level acrobatics, but the
whatever she thinks, little scoundrels soon learned
Entertainment Who hasn’t a feeling she tries
squirrels was published in the to land on the baffle and some-
UCO Reporter, I received the
Irv Rikon to disown —
following story from Lanny
how (I will never know how
That’s what it means to grow even though I watched them)
Howe, and I felt it was so work their way around to the
into a crone.
good, I wanted to share it underside of it by twisting and
A woman whose body is just
with you. turning, until there they were,
excess baggage,
Selected A&E Happenings winner, on the heartaches of ********** on the birdfeeder gobbling up
Who doesn’t concern herself
Outside the Gates: breaking into showbiz. We lived on a pond with the sunflower seeds.
with the saggage,
Theater Mar. 10-28: Jersey Boys. woods beside us, and had a I guess I was of the school
Whose pride in her figure is
Dramaworks (West Palm Smash-hit musical on Frankie closed-in porch with windows that bigger is better, because
not overblown —
Beach) (ticket information and Valli and the Four Seasons. all around where we ate and I figured then that what was
That’s who it is who grows
reservations: 514-4042 or www. May 4-9: Burn the Floor. could see the pond and the out- needed was simply a bigger
into a crone. They’re talking about ball- side doings. There were lots of baffle. So I made one and at-
See all the wisdom she’s
Dec. 18-Jan 31: Michael room dance in the rock and roll gray squirrels and we enjoyed tached it to the top of the first
gained with the years,
Frayn’s Copenhagen. Tony era: a dance show with energy them, not minding when they baffle. It worked. A squirrel
All the compassion that came
Award winner on morality to burn! got at the suet feeders intended would work his way along the
with the tears,
and one man’s conscience in Maltz Jupiter Theatre for birds, which we had put on clothesline rope, slide down
Yearning for impact right
discovering the atomic bomb. (Jupiter) (575-2223 or www. trees. Nor did we mind if they the wire, and then presto! Un-
down to the bone —
Feb. 19-Apr. 4: David shared the seed we put out on able to get around the larger
That’s what it means to turn
Mamet’s American Buffalo. Jan. 12-31: La Cage aux the ground for the ground- baffle, he had to leap off onto
into a crone.
The play that made Mamet Folles. Still another multiple- feeding birds like the juncos. the ground below. (This fall
Look at the children who
famous and the use of four- award winner; with Jerry What we did mind was their never hurt the squirrels. It was
sprang from her womb,
letter words popular. Herman’s best score, this getting at our main bird feeder, something they took right in
Look how she thumbs her
Apr. 23-Jun 13: Edward sentimental musical comedy is which we kept filled with ex- stride.)
long nose at the tomb,
Albee’s Three Tall Women. about a subject that once was pensive sunflower seeds. So I had won — but I soon
Laughter and wisecracks,
They’re all the same woman considered taboo. The show I had made this birdfeeder. found out I hadn’t. The squir-
wit, not a moan —
at three different stages of life. itself is regarded as a classic. It consisted of a platform, rels came up with a whole
There’s a spark in the lady
Pulitzer Prize winner. Feb. 9-28: Tintypes. A in the middle of which was new approach. Instead of
who longs to be crone.
Florida Stage (Manalapan) somewhat forgotten musical a storage compartment that going along the clothesline,
Many the subjects she’s
(585-3433 or www.floridast- on the subject of immigration emptied into two “trays” from they took to making a flying
longing to learn, in pre-World War One Amer- which birds could feed. The leap from the chimney to the
So much of love she still
Dec. 9-Jan. 17: Carter W. ica, this revue has garnered feeder had a wooden roof to feeder. I had never dreamed
needs to return,
Lewis’ The Storytelling Abil- a strong cult following over (somewhat at least) protect they could do this. It required
She’s one of a kind; she is
ity of A Boy. Two children and the years. It’s fun, and you’ll it from the elements. The pinpoint accuracy over a long
never a clone —
their teacher: Strong language know the songs. whole rig hung from a wire distance. Amazingly, they
She’s a woman in training on
and adult themes. Mar. 9-28: Anything Goes. several feet long with a pulley made it some of the time, and,
how to be crone.
Jan. 27-Mar. 7: Israel Ho- Cole Porter’s Kiss Me Kate is attached so it could be moved as it is with squirrels, some of
Look at her reading with
rovitz’s Sins of the Mother. better plotted, but the songs in along a length of clothesline the time soon became all of
magnifying glass,
Southeastern Premiere. A new this musical read like “Cole rope that stretched from the the time.
Look at her spewing out
mystery by one of the Elders Porter’s Greatest Hits.” You’ll porch to a maple tree some At last I decided that I was
volumes of sass,
of contemporary theater. recognize all the songs and distance away. going to build the baffle of all
Time may have passed, but
Mar. 24-May 2: Dr. Radio. will be tempted to hum along. In order to avoid having baffles to deter the little bug-
this lady’s not prone —
A World Premiere musical Caldwell Theatre Com- to go outdoors and set up a gers, so I took an enormous
There’s power and promise
from the creative team that pany (Boca Raton) (561- stepladder to refill the feeder, piece of sheet metal folded
in being a crone.
developed last season’s smash 241-7432 or 877-245-7432 or the pulley device enabled one into the shape of a steep roof
Give her a flower to stick in
hit, Cagney. to pull the feeder in to one of and affixed it to the wire.
her hair,
May 12-Jun. 20: Christo- Jan. 3-Feb. 7: Lauren Wil- the porch windows and refill There was no way now that a
Something outrageous that
pher Demos-Brown’s When son’s Chemical Imbalance: A it from there. I had made a squirrel could get to the feeder
she ‘d like to wear,
the Sun Shone Brighter. World Jekyll and Hyde Play. A farce, long pole with a hook on one from either the support wire or
Say she’s flamboyant, her
Premiere on the subjects of with many of the Caldwell’s end, which folded into three by leaping from the chimney.
taste has all flown —
sex, lies and politics. favorite comic actors. easily-storable sections, for Whether I was right about
She’ll say she’s become the
Kravis on Broadway Feb. 21-Mar. 28: The Old use in pulling in the feeder this or not, I never found out.
quintessence of crone.
Series (West Palm Beach) Man and the Sea. Adapted and pushing it back out. This One evening it was very windy
(832-7469 or for the stage by Eric Ting and setup was especially handy in with driving snow, and we
I seem to become more out-
broadway): Craig Siebels from Ernest the winter when it was cold or heard a loud crash outside. I
rageous with every birthday,
Jan. 5-10: Rodgers and Hemingway’s famed novella. snowing and you didn’t want had made the baffle so large
as if the force of convention
Hammerstein’s South Pacific. Apr. 11-May 16: Richard to go outdoors. With the bird- that the wind had gotten under
that keeps us all acting alike
An all-time great musical, the Greenberg’s The American feeder suspended many feet it as with a sail, and blown
loses more of its power over
Tony Award-winning revival Plan. A drama unfolding in above the ground, I figured it it and the whole birdfeeder
me with every passing year.
still runs in New York. the 1960s Catskills: a bud- was squirrel-proof. rig off its moorings onto the
This culture can’t frighten me
Feb. 2-7: Marvin Ham- ding boy-girl romance and Of course it was not. The ground, where it was dashed
with words like “decrepit,”
lisch’s A Chorus Line. Another a manipulating mother who gray squirrels soon found that to pieces.
“over the hill” or “in decline,”
great all-time multiple-award- intervenes. o all they had to do was tight- The fight was over. If it
because I have a clear picture
rope-walk the clothesline rope wasn’t a knockout, it was a
of what I’m going to become as
UCO Office Hours: Mon- and slither down the wire to TKO. From that time on, we
time wrinkles me into a crone
the feeder. So I made a “baffle” tried no more to deter the
day thru Thursday, 9:00 — more and more myself.
out of sheet metal folded in the squirrels. They had won. I
Submitted by
am-1:00 pm; Friday, 12:00 shape of a roof and hung it a rebuilt the feeder without any
Rosalind Smoller
couple of feet above the roof of the baffles. The squirrels
noon-4:00 pm.

of the birdfeeder. The idea was had all the access to it they
The UCO Office Address: that the squirrels would get as wanted, and we just bought
far as the baffle and then be more sunflower seeds.
2102 West Drive, West Palm unable to proceed any further.  Sometimes it pays to know
Beach, Florida 33417 The baffle was a fine idea, when you are beaten. o
Page 24 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

The Reader’s
Lenore Velcoff

Up From Orchard Street by to Hawaii long before state-

Eleanor Widmer and Honolulu hood and is an example of
by Alan Brennert are part nov- the extraordinary accomplish-
els and part social histories. ments of immigrants who
Each tell the story of a strong marry men (sight unseen) who
woman, one in the first person work on the sugar plantations.
by the Korean heroine Regret The women rise above dire
(later changed to Jin) and the conditions with great cour-
other related by an adored age. In this, his second novel,
granddaughter, Elka. Brennert tells of a woman who
Manya’s tale is of a Jewish embodies the hopes, dreams
woman who is the linchpin and frailties of thousands of
that holds the generations women like her. She lived in
close. It tells of her life on a time and place where pov-
the Lower East Side in the erty was endemic, illness and
1930s. She, her son Jack, brutality common and crisis
his wife and children (one of frequent.
whom is the author) and an Each of these stories tells of
adopted son (not officially) beating the odds and surviving, of
live a life of hardship, yet overcoming decisions that would
with an abundance of love. defeat women of less mettle.
Widmer offers us poignant They are superb biographical and
snapshots of a long lost era fictionalized accounts which cap-
and place where only blocks ture the strengths of both women
apart, different ethnic groups proving that, with persistence,
flourished. These memories any misfortunes (almost) can be
are almost gone as another overcome. I enjoyed reading the
generation passes on. books and was sad when they
Jin tells of her life as a ended because I felt like I knew
“picture bride” who travels the characters personally. o
January 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 25

Peripheral approximately half of people This & That WordFind: The Best Actress
with the disease have mild or by Dr. Marilyn Dukati
Vascular Disease: no symptoms. The condition Since the day after Thanks-
Signs, Symptoms also can cause leg numbness giving is considered Black
or weakness, cold legs or feet, Friday, the traditional start of
and Treatment skin color changes in the arms the holiday shopping season
By Gerald Zemel, M.D. or legs, toe or foot sores that and it’s in need of all the con-
Endovascular Specialist, don’t heal quickly, hair loss on sumption it can get: conspicu-
Century Medical Care feet and legs, and burning or ous, ridiculous, tasteless or
Center achy feet and toes when rest- otherwise.
Peripheral vascular disease ing or lying down. In advanced I expressed my gratitude for
is a common circulatory prob- stages, blood flow to a leg or this Thanksgiving by sitting
lem that involves the narrow- foot can be severely blocked, with my children in Califor-
ing of vessels that carry blood causing tissue death that may nia in front of a turkey being
away from the heart. Plaque, result in amputation. carved by Fortunato, my son-
a substance made up of fat Diagnosing PAD can be in-law and sweet potato pie
and cholesterol, builds up on done through an ankle-brachi- dished out by my daughter
the inside walls of the arter- al index test which compares Erika.
ies and restricts normal blood blood pressure levels in the Do I sound like a typical
flow. This buildup of plaque ankle and arm. Angiography, grandmother when I share
is called atherosclerosis, or a form of imaging that uses with you that what made my
hardening of the arteries. Ath- a dye injected into the blood holiday the success it was, took
erosclerosis can affect arteries vessels, allows the doctor to place when reading books to
anywhere in the body. When it watch blood flow through the my three year old grandchild
affects the arteries of the heart, arteries as it happens. A medi- Alesssia, who spied her mother
it is called coronary artery cal history, physical exam or in the doorway and shouted
disease and can cause a heart ultrasound also may be used “Nana reads, you out.”
attack. When it affects the to diagnose PAD. Speaking about gratitude,
arteries supplying the brain, it People diagnosed with PAD I am feeling grateful to have
is called carotid artery disease can usually be treated with this small column in the UCO
and can lead to a stroke. lifestyle changes, medications Reporter in which to express
Atherosclerosis in the arter- or a combination of both. my thoughts; it might not be
ies that supply blood to the Lifestyle changes include

the The New York Times, but
kidneys, stomach, arms, legs smoking cessation, diabetes it’s “our” paper, and I owe a
or feet is called peripheral management, blood pressure debt of gratitude to Irving La-
arterial disease (PAD). PAD control, exercise and a healthy zar, who helps make this paper

are the
affects eight to 12 million diet. Medications may be pre- what it is. Irv is amazing; he’s
Americans. Prevalence of the scribed to lower cholesterol or a man who truly loves (I use
disease increases with age blood pressure, control blood that word decidedly) working
and affects a disproportionate sugar (for diabetics), prevent on the UCO paper. Therefore,

number of African-Americans. blood clots or relieve certain I give deference where it’s due
Risk factors for developing the symptoms. In some cases, and pray that this lovely, loyal
condition include smoking, di- however, surgery may be nec- and kindly person comes back
abetes, age, being overweight, essary to open vessels using a

to the
(from a set-back) to help the
and elevated blood pressure balloon catheter (a small, hol- paper soon.
and cholesterol levels. Smok- low tube). Doctors may bypass Welcome home snowbirds
ing is more likely than any of the blocked vessel using either and snowflakes, hopefully
the other risk factors to cause

puzzle on
a graft or directly inject a clot- I will see you at my group,
PAD. In fact, a smoker’s risk dissolving drug into the artery. “This & That,” meeting the
can be three to five times In some cases, a stent (a mesh last Tuesday of the month at
higher than a non-smoker’s. tube) is inserted to keep the 1:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse,

page 18.
If you have PAD, you are vessel open.

Classroom B.
more likely to develop other Leg pain, numbness or Editor’s note: This was sub-
forms of cardiovascular dis- other symptoms should not mitted prior to December 3. o
ease. Compared to the rest of be dismissed as normal aches
the population, a person with or pains of aging. Early diag-
PAD is six to seven times more nosis and treatment of PAD is
likely to experience coronary important to not only protect
artery disease, heart attack, your health, but also decrease
stroke or mini stroke. your risk of heart attack or
One of the first signs of PAD stroke. To find out more about
can be painful cramping or PAD, talk to your doctor or
fatigue in the legs and buttocks call Century Medical Care
that occurs during activity, but Center in Century Village,
stops during rest. However,

(561) 697-3131. o

Page 26 THE UCO REPORTER January 2010

Internal Bus Route #1 CV BUS SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE: January 1, 2010

Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
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1:03 2:03 3:03 4:03 5:03 6:03 7:03 8:03 9:03 10:03
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UCO Office (When Open) 8:11 9:11 10:11 11:11 e 1:11 2:11 3:11 4:11 5:11 Except Saturday and Sunday
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Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Plymouth 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Sheffield E 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Chatham 8:06 9:06 10:06 11:06 1:06 2:06 3:06 4:06 5:06 6:06 7:06 8:06 9:06 10:06
Kent 8:08 9:08 10:08 11:08 D 1:08 2:08 3:08 4:08 5:08 6:08 7:08 8:08 9:08 10:08
Northampton 8:11 9:11 10:11 11:11 r 1:11 2:11 3:11 4:11 5:11 6:11 7:11 8:11 9:11 10:11
Sussex 8:13 9:13 10:13 11:13 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 6:13 7:13 8:13 9:13 10:13
Canterbury 8:15 9:15 10:15 11:15 e 1:15 2:15 3:15 4:15 5:15 6:15 7:15 8:15 9:15 10:15
Cambridge 8:16 9:16 10:16 11:16 r 1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 5:16 6:16 7:16 8:16 9:16 10:16
Dorchester 8:18 9:18 10:18 11:18 s 1:18 2:18 3:18 4:18 5:18 6:18 7:18 8:18 9:18 10:18
Oxford 8:21 9:21 10:21 11:21 ' 1:21 2:21 3:21 4:21 5:21 6:21 7:21 8:21 9:21 10:21
Stratford 8:22 9:22 10:22 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22 5:22 6:22 7:22 8:22 9:22 10:22
Sheffield 8:23 9:23 10:23 11:23 u
1:23 2:23 3:23 4:23 5:23 6:23 7:23 8:23 9:23 10:23
Hastings Fitness Center 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 n 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Coventry 8:27 9:27 10:27 11:27 c 1:27 2:27 3:27 4:27 5:27 6:27 7:27 8:27 9:27 10:27
Medical Plaza 8:29 9:29 10:29 11:29 h 1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29 5:29
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers'
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner
Please Note: On Sundays Only the #2 Bus will do a loop around the perimeter drive after going through Coventry.
Internal Bus Route #3
Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Bedford B 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Greenbrier 8:03 9:03 10:03 11:03 D
1:03 2:03 3:03 4:03 5:03 6:03 7:03 8:03 9:03 10:03
Southampton 8:05 9:05 10:05 11:05 r 1:05 2:05 3:05 4:05 5:05 6:05 7:05 8:05 9:05 10:05
Bedford C 8:08 9:08 10:08 11:08 i 1:08 2:08 3:08 4:08 5:08 6:08 7:08 8:08 9:08 10:08
Golf's Edge 8:10 9:10 10:10 11:10 v 1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10 5:10 6:10 7:10 8:10 9:10 10:10
Coventry 8:12 9:12 10:12 11:12 e 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12 5:12 6:12 7:12 8:12 9:12 10:12
Norwich 8:14 9:14 10:14 11:14 1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14 6:14 7:14 8:14 9:14 10:14
Salisbury 8:17 9:17 10:17 11:17 ' 1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17 6:17 7:17 8:17 9:17 10:17
Waltham 8:18 9:18 10:18 11:18 1:18 2:18 3:18 4:18 5:18 6:18 7:18 8:18 9:18 10:18
Easthampton 8:20 9:20 10:20 11:20 L 1:20 2:20 3:20 4:20 5:20 6:20 7:20 8:20 9:20 10:20
Hastings Fitness Center 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 u 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Medical Plaza 8:28 9:28 10:28 11:28 n 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 h
1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers'
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner
Shuttle Bus Route
Note: BY REQUEST ONLY - All Buses will go around the perimeter drive at 11:45 am prior to the bus drivers taking their lunch breaks.
Clubhouse Please Note: On
9:00 Saturdays
10:00 Only
11:00the Internal
12:00 Bus
1:00 #1 and #33:00
2:00 will drop4:00
Please be at your bus stop 10
off at Anshei Sholom on the 9 AM run.
Please Note:
Salon 27 Monday thru Friday
9:04 Only
10:04 the Internal
11:04 Bus D
Routes #1
1:04and #3 will
2:04 drop off
3:04 at the minutes before your pickup time.
Hastings Fitness Center on the 8 AM and 1 PM runs.
Library 9:07 10:07 11:07 r 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07
Humana 9:10 10:10 11:10
1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10
Walmart Supermarket
Century Plaza
Please be Prepared to Show
Emporium Shoppes 9:26 10:26 11:26
1:26 2:26 3:26 4:26 the Bus Driver Your Century
Lowes 9:27 10:27 11:27 L 1:27 2:27 3:27 4:27
Baby Supermarket 9:29 10:29 11:29
1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29
Village ID When Boarding ALL
Perimeter Drive On Request c
On Request Buses
Clubhouse 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45
Mall Bus Route
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
D 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
Morse Home Drop off 9:05 r
K-Mart 9:13 10:13 11:13 i 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 ** The Holiday bus will
Church 9:20 10:20 11:17
1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17 5 PM MALL BUS run on New Year's
Palm Beach Mall/Target 9:23 10:23 11:23 r 1:23 2:23 3:23 4:23 5:23 RUNS ON Day, July 4th,
Village Commons 9:28 10:28 11:28 s 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28 SATURDAY Thanksgiving Day
Publix 9:33 10:33 11:33 1:33 2:33 3:33 4:33 5:33 ONLY
L ** and Christmas Day.
Post Office Drop off / Pick Up Tuesday & Thursday Only 2:35 3:35
Morse Home Pickup n 1:40
Clubhouse 9:45 10:45 11:45 c 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 5:45
Express Bus Route Excursion Bus *Monday* (Excludes the 2nd Monday)
Perimeter Drive 8:45 Leaves Clubhouse 9:35 AM 10:35 AM Pick Up Times
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
D 1:00 2:00 3:00 Chase Bank On Request
Walgreens 9:04 10:04 11:04 r 1:04 2:04 3:04 Wellington Mall 10:05 AM 1:15 PM
Pine Trail Square 9:08 10:08 11:08 1:08 2:08 3:08 Home Depot On Request
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09 e 1:09 2:09 3:09 Target 11:05 AM 2:05 PM
Winn Dixie 9:18 10:18 11:18 r 1:18 2:18 3:18 Excursion Bus *Wednesday* (Excludes the 4th Wednesday)
Publix 9:28 10:28 11:28 1:28 2:28 3:28 Leaves Clubhouse 9:35 AM Pick Up Times
Chase Bank On Request L On Request City Place 10:05 AM 2:00 PM
Perimeter Drive 9:38 10:38 11:38 n 1:38 2:38 3:38 Gardens Mall 10:35 AM 1:30 PM
Clubhouse 9:48 10:48 11:48 c 1:48 2:48 3:48 Return Clubhouse 2:30 PM
Sundays & Holidays Bus Route (Combo)
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
Walgreen's 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 The Excursion Bus will go to
Pine Trail 9:07 10:07 11:07 r 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07 5:07 Lake Worth Beach on the 2nd
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09
1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 Monday(Leaves 9:30 am - Picks Up 2:05
Cross County 9:14 10:14 11:14 e 1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14
r pm) and to the Carnival Flea
Church 9:20 10:20 11:17 1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17
Palm Beach Mall 11:28
1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28 Market in DelRay on the 4th
Village Commons 9:34 10:34 11:34 L 1:34 2:34 3:34 4:34 5:34 Wednesday(Leaves 9:35 am - Picks Up
Emporium Shoppes 9:40 10:40 11:40 n 1:40 2:40 3:40 4:40 5:40 1:45 pm) of the Month.
Lowes 9:41 10:41 11:41 c 1:41 2:41 3:41 4:41 5:41
Clubhouse 9:48 10:48 11:48 1:48 2:48 3:48 4:48 5:48

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