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WF Series Dust

Absorption Crusher
Operating Instruction
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One: Main application
Two: working principle and Characteristic
Three: Technical parameter
Four: Operating instruction
Five: Installation and Commissioning
One: Main application
This machine is mainly used in chemical industry, medicine (TCM), food,
spices, resin powder, besmear powder elv sex material and high temperature
resistant material, crushing and dust collection as a whole is a new generation
crushing equipment.
Two: working principle and Characteristic
This machine adopts the tooth disc high-speed rotating knife, the fixed knife
impact and shear grinding to crush. The crushing effect is good, the heat of
crushing chamber and finished product outflow together from sieve by strong
airflow which produced when crushing, crushing fineness can be decide by
different sieves.
The unit make the materials crushed by the impact & grind function of the
relative motion between active and fixed fluted discs, and impact between the
materials. Smashed materials enter into the capture bag by rotating centrifugal
force function, the dust filtered and recycled by dust collector through a bag
filter box. This machine designed according to GMP standard and wholly made
of stainless steel materials, has no flying dust during production. It can improve
the utilization rate of material and reduce cost of enterprise, and has reached
the international advanced level at present.
Three: Technical parameter
Model WF-20B WF-30B WF-40B WF-60B
Production capacity
20-150 30-300 40-800 60-1200
Spindle speed
4500 3800 3400 2600
Feed size (mm) < 6 <10 <12 <15
Crushing size
Crushing motor (kw) 4 5.5 7.5 15
Weight (kg) 350 420 580 750
Four: Operating instructions
1. This machine have loading hopper on the crushing chamber, below the
hopper have incoming adjust plug-in boards in lateral.
According to the fragile degree and crushing fineness of materials, should
adjust plug-in boards to proper position and lock.
2. This machine have discharge gate below, if the material discharge with
slightly gush what caused by the air flow, should add cloth bag in discharging
gate, let materials slowly overflow through the bag.
3. Before first starting the machine should performed once (running without
load). Before commissioning should check the parts of machine to confirm they
are qualified.
4. The machine has water-cooled type, when using, should add water lest
damage bearing.
Five: Installation and Commissioning
1. Remove the fixed gear disks, just need to take off the screw bolts.
2. Remove the bearing, first open the cavity cover, remove the rotary disk or
screw knife, take the maze and bearing cover, and remove the pulley outside
and bearing cover, then respectively ends to remove axis and ends bearing.
3. When installing the shaft cavity bushing oil hole still keep on oil eye.
4. When installing the screen, should make the sieve circle glued to shoulder
groove in the cavity, or it will damage the sieve circle when close the cavity
5. When making sieve circles, sieve net spread length should be made
according to sieve circle shoulder size. If the sieve damaged,should
custom-made to manufacture.
6. When installing screen, should alignment marks of two pieces of sieve circle
when characters then click the screen into sieve circle inner. If the screen is
too tight, should make the screen inward bend, then extrapolate.