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August 2007

Volume 1, Issue 1
Special Interest

New Location

World of
Concrete 2008

A. Division of CAG, Inc. (888) 515-2132
Flex-c-ment is proud to
announce our
expansion to the West
Coast. We would also
like to welcome Wayne
Sellon, of Tajmawall, to
Sales/Training staff.
Wayne will be heading
up our new Flex-c-ment
Distribution and
Regional Training
Center, located in
Wildomar, California.
Wayne brings 40 years
of experience in vertical
West Coast Expansion
What is Flex-c-ment?
Flex-c-ment was
originally developed
by Mr. Andy Yoder.
Mr. Yoder has been
in research and
development for over
25 years and has
developed a number
of products, including
one patent.
Mr. Yoder has over
25 years of
experience working
with specialty
cements and
concrete materials.
His Flex-c-ment
application to the Flex-
c-ment family. He was
also featured as
Artisan in Concrete at
the 2007 World of
Concrete. You may
see more about Wayne

The new Flex-c-ment
location will serve as
our West Coast
Training Center and will
stock at complete line
of products. Training
will begin at the new
facility early Fall 2007.
Check the Training Link
at www.flex-c- for
future training dates.

business was
purchased this year
by a 50 year old
company that
specializes in
aggregates, cements,
packing, and
distribution. The
Mississippi based
company now offers a
complete line of
decorative concrete
products under the
Flex-c-ment name
with nationwide
distribution and
training. Mr. Yoder
remains active at
Flex-c-ment as Head
of Research and

Wayne Sellon

Do you want to be featured
in the next Flex-c-ment
Newsletter? Send your
pictures and a description
of your job to
Flex-c-ment is now
offering overlay training
seminars in several new
locations. We are
currently scheduling
seminars in Knoxville, TN,
Murfreesboro, TN, Leland,
IL, Greer, SC, Howell, MI,
Athens, AL, Picayune,
MS, Greeley, CO, and
East Greensville, PA.
Soon we will also be
offering training courses in
The overlay Training
Training Courses
Here at Flex-c-ment, we
are gearing up for the
annual World of
Concrete, which will be
held at the Las Vegas
Convention Center in
Las Vegas, Nevada on
January 21-25, 2008.
Last year, the World of
Concrete had over
Flex-c-ment at the 2008 World of Concrete

Seminars focus on
stamping and coloring
decorative concrete, but
they also include adverse
applications and crack
bridging. Upon
completing the class,
participants are certified
Flex-c-ment installers and
may be listed for free on
the company website. To
have your company listed
in our Certified Installer
Database, go to
installer.htm. Click on the
picture of the Website
Listing Request Form on
the bottom of the page.

900,000 square feet of
exhibits by 1,739
exhibitors. 91,628
concrete professionals
registered for last years
convention. This years
show promises to be
bigger and better. Flex-
c-ment will have two
booth spaces at this
years show, one
outdoors where we will
be demonstrating our
product, and another
booth indoors. We will
be located at space S
13821 and we look
forward to seeing you