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TMA 01

W102 An introduction to law

TMA 01
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TMA 01
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)esigns an Patents Act 1955#
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TMA 01
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TMA 01
TMA 01
Learning outcomes
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TMA 01
TMA 01
The cut9off ate for TMA 01 is miay 'U1 local time( 20 November 2014#
This is the latest ate by %hich your TMA must reach your tutor# @ou must submit
your TMA using the OUEs online TMA service#
TMA 01 consists of si$ -uestions# @ou are e$pecte to ans%er all -uestions in this
TMA# The %or limit for TMA 01 is a ma$imum of 1600 %ors# +emember. all the
%ors you use to ans%er a -uestion. incluing -uotations an citations. count#
@ou must provie a reference list an a %or count at the en of your %or&# The
reference list is not inclue in the %or count#
Question 1
,$plain %hat a legal system is. give e$amples# '20 mar&s(
Question 2
)iscuss the evolution of the U1Es legal system from meieval times up to the year
2000# '70 mar&s(
Question 3
Using one of the OU BibraryEs la% atabases fin the case report from the follo%ing
information an summarise the case report in your o%n %ors an e$plain %hich
preceent %as use# '20 mar&s(
Bangley v )ray
>ourt of Appeal '>ivil )ivision(
Question 4
Using online resources ientify t%o Acts of the ;estminster Parliament 'U1
Parliament( that have been passe since 3anuary 2014# /riefly e$plain in your o%n
%ors the purpose of each Act you have chosen# '10 mar&s(
Question 5
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TMA 01
,$plain ho% you planne for an unertoo& online research for -uestions three an
four# Dn particular e$plain %hat %ent %ell an %hat i not go %ell# '10 mar&s(
Question 6
Outline three things from your stuies of Units 1C7 an *&ills 1 an 2 you foun
challenging# Five reasons %hy you foun these three things challenging# '10 mar&s(
Learning outcomes
TMA 01 tests the follo%ing learning outcomesG
)ifferent types of legal systems8 common an civil
la% systems. national an international systems#
+ea information. ientify relevant points an ta&e
notes an ma&e summaries in a manner appropriate to
the tas&#
Present an structure information clearly an
accurately using language appropriate for the
intene auience#
Present an structure information clearly an
accurately using language appropriate for the
intene auience#
Manage tas&s an solve problems#
Ma&e appropriate an professional use of DT incluing
presentation of %or processe ocuments. an use
of electronic communications an %ebsites#
Plan an aapt a search. an recor the results
;or& effectively incluing managing your time to
ensure ealines are met#
>orrectly reference anHor cite relevant materials
incluing case an statute la%#
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TMA 01
The OU Law School Undergraduate Assessment Guide contains
efinitions of %ors use in TMA -uestions# Dt also gives avice on referencing an
the reference list that you must prouce an inclue at the en of your %or&# @ou
shoul rea this guie before attempting TMA 01#
<o% to allocate the %or count is a ecision you must ma&e as part of %riting the
TMA# @ou have been given the mar&s allocate to each -uestion#
The mar&ing scale against %hich your %or& %ill be assesse can be foun in the OU
Law School Undergraduate Assessment Guide
@ou shoul ans%er each -uestion separately# @ou shoul use numbers in brac&ets to
ientify each -uestion# @ou o not nee to start a ne% page for each -uestion#
All your ans%ers shoul be %ritten in stanar ,nglish# They shoul not inclue any
sort of list# Dn your ans%er to Iuestions 1. 2. 7 an 4. you shoul not %rite in the first
or secon person 'e#g# JDE. J%eE. JmyE. JourE. JyouE. or JyourE(8 instea you shoul use
phrases such as JA person is KE or JThis ans%er %ill KE# Dn your ans%ers to
Iuestions 6 an 2 you can %rite in the first person#
This TMA consists of si$ -uestions# Iuestions 1 an 2 test &no%lege gaine from
your stuies of Units 1. 2 an 7# Iuestions 7. 4 an 6 test your legal research s&ills#
Iuestion 2 encourages reflection on your stuies. %hich forms an important part of
your personal evelopment planning
Questions 1 and 2
@ou shoul provie e$amples to substantiate the points you are ma&ing# Dn Iuestion 1
you shoul consier all the ifferent types of legal system that you have learnt about
in Units 1. 2 an 7 %hilst e$plaining %hat characteristics a legal system shoul have#
Iuestion 1 as&s for escription. -uestion 2 as&s you to iscuss#
Questions 3 4 and 5
Iuestions 7 an 4 re-uire you to unerta&e some online legal research# /efore you
attempt to ans%er these -uestions. you shoul ensure that you have %or&e through
all the activities in *&ills 2 as these -uestions have been esigne to buil on that
%or&# Iuestion 6 as&s you to e$plain an reflect on your online research#
Question 6
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TMA 01
This -uestion encourages you to reflect on your stuies an %hat you have learnt
uring the moule so far# @our stuies have involve eveloping &no%lege an
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