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-Legal Forms: Technicians Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure
-Cancellation Policy/ Authorization Form
-Equipment and Supplies: prices and suppliers



Day Spa Concept

In order to immediately offer to the public our wellness and rejuvenation
programs, which will eventually be offered in our Peace Palaces, we will be
opening Day Spas in hotels, malls, shopping centers, office space or in a rented
house that is zoned for commercial use.

Our Day Spas will not function as medical facilities. A doctor or a vaidya will not
be involved with our Day Spas. Guests will select their own treatments from a
menu of spa treatments that are beneficial for all body types. Invasive
treatments, such as nasya and basti, will not be offered in the context of our Day

All those with more serious health concerns should be referred to our two
Maharishi Vedic Health Centers at The Raj and Lancaster, MA.

The Global Country of World Peace will be the entity renting the Day Spa
facility. MVED (Maharishi Vedic Education Development Corp.) will be the entity
taking in revenue and hiring employees.

Before signing any rental agreement or contract, please read the section on Local
Zoning and Codes.

Hotel Space
There are two options for our Day Spa space in a hotel setting. One is to lease the
already existing spa facility within a hotel, the other is to simply rent hotel rooms
and convert them to treatment rooms.

We want to negotiate as low a price as possible for our hotel space. The
following points will be useful in our negotiations:
1) Since spas are now popular amenities in hotels, those hotels that do not
have a spa might be happy to have us come in and create one for them.
The fact that the hotel could have a spa amenity without having to invest
their own money may inspire them to give us the space for free or at a
greatly discounted price
2) Because we have famous destination spas (Lancaster Maharishi Vedic
Health Center and The Raj, Maharishi Vedic Health Center) hotel guests
will recognize our name as a high quality spa This will reflect well on the
hotel.. Be sure to have the hotel management go to our websites and
3) We can provide additional services for their hotel guests such as lectures
on executive health to their corporate conference clients.
4) We can also help promote business in the hotel restaurant by
encouraging our spa guests to enjoy a spa lunch before or after their
When you are negotiating the lease contract, be sure to emphasize all these

Three to five hotel rooms would provide a basic, minimal Day Spa. Those three
to five rooms would include 2-3 treatment rooms, 1 office /storage room, and 1
reception /waiting area where books, knowledge, and MAPI herbs can be
displayed. The last two rooms could be combined. For a larger Day Spa

operation we would just add more treatments rooms. We can start out with a
few rooms and then take more hotel rooms as business increases.

The size of the treatment rooms should be a minimum of 9 feet by 12 feet. We
prefer smaller hotel rooms rather than large, spacious hotel rooms. It would
also be ideal if the treatment rooms were all next to each other in a quiet area,
and if the windows in each room could be opened. Once-a-day cleaning service
should be included in the lease price of the rooms.

1) Mall Space , Shopping Centers, Lifestyle Centers. Since malls can be very
expensive, we could take a very small space with excellent exposure and
use that space as our reception area. The space in which we actually give
treatment could be located elsewhere in a less visible, less expensive area
of the mall.(sometimes there is space where the public rarely goes)
2) A rented house or apartment is also a possibility.. With a house or an
apartment we have private bathrooms and showers, but zoning would
need to be commercial zoning.
3) Office space could also work. Ideally we would want our own bathrooms
and shower facilities in whatever space we have.

There are ways in which we could provide some of our Day Spa treatments
without shower facilities, if we had no other options. Please note that for a
Day Spa we do not need a kitchen, nor do we need a washer/dryer. WE DO



Before signing any rental agreement or contract, please verify that the property
has proper zoning to allow Day Spa activities. Zoning rules can vary greatly
within a city, so be sure to get this information for each property under

Be sure to check with the Code Enforcement officer at your local police station.
They will inform you of all codes, which you must meet, and all licenses which
you must obtain in order to open a Day Spa. These could include:

Fire Codes
Health Codes
Massage Establishment License
Business License - we will need to register our corporation with the
Secretary of State and thereby receive an employer ID # also known as an
The required employment of Licensed Massage Therapists (for all body
work) and Licensed Aesthetician (for facials)

Workmans Compensation Insurance (Most likely this will be taken care
of by MVED)
General and Professional Liability Insurance: MVED will provide general
liability insurance once you inform the Raja Domain Administrative Office
(Charlie in Lexington). We will ask the LMTs to have their own
professional liability insurance.


A Day Spa can be started with a minimum of:

1 full time General Manager

4 fulltime technicians (2 men and 2 ladies). For the 8 am to 3 pm shift
4 full time technicians (2 men and 2 ladies) For the 3 pm to 8 pm shift
more technicians will be needed if you are open 7 days a week
(See section on Hiring and Training Technicians)

Cleaning Service (if not provided by hotel)

Outside Laundry Service: The outside laundry service is necessary because of the
fire hazard involved in washing, drying and storing oily linen.

This minimal staff requirement would be adequate in a start up situation. The
Day Spa staff could in time expand as needed.


Because many states require those giving massage to be Licensed Massage
Therapists we may need to hire non-meditators as our technicians. It should be
easy to find Licensed Massage Therapists by posting a notice at local massage
schools. The following are some basic points to consider when hiring

HIRING Licensed Massage Therapists should meet the following
No previous experience giving Ayur-Veda treatments
(unless Maharishi Ayur-Veda)
No previous experience with Reiki is ideal, but if they are
willing to stop practicing it we could consider them
Good hygiene, nice appearance, friendly, simple
Willing to sign non-compete, non-disclosure agreement
While we cannot make learning TM a job requirement, it
would be good if they learned TM.
We require that all LMTs that we hire have their own
professional liability insurance.

Important Policy to Disclose to All Applicants

We want to inform all applicants that our policy is that men
provide massage for men guests, and ladies provide
massage for our lady guests. (This is important for the
applicants to know because it will impact the amount of
work a man technician will have versus a lady, since more
ladies frequent spas than men it could be that our lady LMTs
will be given more work and therefore will receive more
gratuity than the male LMTs. It is important to tell them
now so that this does not become an issue later).

WAGES * We want to hire our technicians full time for 30 hours a
week @
$15/hr or less. Do not feel that you need to offer the going
rate Most LMTs are so enthusiastic about being involved with
such profound knowledge that they are willing to take less than what other
beauty-salon spas are offering them. Remember that beauty-salon spas make
up the majority of job opportunities available to LMTs. The LMTs are thrilled to
be involved with us and appreciate our need to reduce our expenses in our start
up phase.

When you are ready to begin training your LMTs please
request training materials and schedule from the



In the case that we are renting hotel rooms for our Day Spa, one flooring option
would be to have the carpet in the room removed and stored. In that way, we
can put down an in expensive vinyl flooring or carpeting that could be removed
when we move our spa into our Peace Palace. At that point, the hotel could
reinstall the original carpet.

We could also cover the existing carpet with plastic, and then cover that with an
inexpensive indoor/outdoor carpet from Menards or Home Depot. This has
been tried before and works very well and is very simple and inexpensive.

You can also use inexpensive area rugs on top of vinyl or on top of carpet. The
area rugs can be removed and shampooed frequently, and replaced easily. While
carpet does seem less practical and more difficult to keep clean, it provides a
warmer, cozier feeling than vinyl flooring. (Be sure to put plastic under the area
rug if the area rug sits on top of carpeting, in order to keep the underlying carpet
from getting oily)

We just noticed in the Sky Mall Catalogue (1-800-759-6255 or
there is a nice product that can be rolled onto your garage to save it from oil. It

was quite inexpensive and could be used for our purposes. The name of the item
is car pad and comes in several sizes from 7.4 x 14 ( item #255811a $119) to 9
x 22 (item #2255816a $199) with other choices in between these sizes. This pad
could be used over existing carpeting or any other type of floor.


Sconces with low wattage light bulbs, or floor lamps with low wattage light bulbs create
a quiet, settled feeling.


Warm, soft colors, low lights, aroma oils and beautiful Gandharva flute music
will all contribute to a Day Spa atmosphere.


Note: All treatment rooms should have a fire extinguisher

Inventory List for Abhyanga, Udvartana, Garshana, and Shirodhara:

abhyanga table
abhyanga mat for table
1 floor lamp to avoid overhead light
shiro arm
shiro bowl plastic (Rubbermaid) 2 1/2 qt-3 1/2 qt salad container with hole
drilled in center plus 3 holes in rim
shiro chain - attaches to shiro arm
shiro cord or chains (attaches to 3 holes)
shiro pans 2 qt (2 e.a.)
shiro pillow
"S" hooks 1"for shiro chain
funnel 6" long x 4" wide - sits in hanging shiro bowl (cut end off)
wipe down bow, l4 qt - stainless steel
1 baking soda
cotton balls 100% cotton - small jar
extension cord, heavy-duty
Mediscrub hand soap disinfectant - OSHA requirement

1 thermos for hot water
2 measuring cups, stainless steel - 2 cup size
Sanifect Plus disinfectant - Osha Reg - for tables and everything, incl countertops,
1 silent digital clock
1 box kleenex
waste basket

Inventory List for Pizichili:
abhyanga table
abhyanga table mat & pillows
wipe down water pot, 3 gallon- stainless steel
1 pizzi pot ,3 gallon - stainless steel
1 shiro pan, 2 qt
1 burner, solid burner is best (rather than coil burner)
1 rolling cart
1 pump (with backup pump) (with only one pump you cannot do pizzis back to
back; pump must be disinfected after each use)
pump tubing
pump fittings
loincloth or bikini (unbleached muslin)
cloth headstrap for donut
chickpea flower for donut
leaf - philodendron
3 bus trays to set pizzi pots in (gray plastic trays that are very deep)
1 strainer big - to filter out hair from oil
1 strainer small - to filter out hair from oil
1 warming tray or coffee cup warmer or coil burner to keep abyhanga oil and
wipe down water warm
veggie steamer basket to raise pump off bottom of pot
fire extinguisher

Inventory List for Resting/Nasya Treatment Room:
(this is more appropriate for a Clinic or for a Day Spa in one of our own
facilities, rather than in a rental facility)
1 twin bed (not against the wall, should have space on both sides)

1 table for nasya treatment
1 table for aroma pot and tape recorder
fire extinguisher
1 floor lamp
1 chair, comfortable with low back
1 box baking soda
1 potpouri crock pot, electric - for aromatherapy
1 flat burner for nasya, solid burner better than coil burner
tape player
hair dryer
Mediscrub hand soap disinfectant - OSHA requirement
bath soap, liquid - almond
shampoo, mild, chamomile
kleenex, cotton balls
paper towels rolls
thermos for hot water
cushions, invalid (for administering basti)
loop blankets, 100% cotton
mattress cover, vinyl
pillow cover, vinyl - one per bed
progress forms (Guest Evaluation Form, See Tech's Dept. Appendix 2)
sponge door strips for noise (so doors don't bang close)
Sanifect Plus disinfectant - Osha Reg - for tables and everything, incl
countertops, etc. ( & spray bottle)
sponges, yellow with green scrubber
Tilex mildew cleaner
toilet cleaner
waste basket
garbage bags, 7-10 gallon

Inventory List for Prep Kitchen/General Supplies:
1 stove or 4 burners depending on local fire codes - will most likely need to be
hard wired (see fire codes)
1 sink, ideally of stainless steel but not necessary

1 folding table or counter space of size 6' x 8'
1 warming tray, electric - for bastis - optional
3 shiro pans, 2 qt stainless steel
2 shiro bowls, plastic
shiro bottles, optional - plastic - for guests to take oil home
6 garshan gloves
2 fire extinguishers, small
6 rulers 12", solid plastic - to put in pan that catches oil during shiro - for silence
2 extension cords, heavy duty
4 wipe down bowls, stainless steel - 4 qt
6 measuring cups, 2 cup size - stainless steel - to hold abhyanga oil, better to use
bigger cups half full ( less spillage)
4 clipboards for patients schedule and information
1 measuring spoon set
1 ziploc bags, 2 gallon bags - towel inside ziplock bag creates neckroll during
1 cs garbage bags, 33 gallon
1 garbage can, 30 gallon plastic - for used linen
thermometer, digital - to measure temperature of bastis
clock big, wall-mounted
6 disposable eye cups, Netra
Mediscrub handsoap disinfectant
1 cs paper cups, 500 per pack - for hot water
1 box kleenex
1cs paper towels
cotton balls, 100% cotton
A few yards of muslin - for herb straining
1 box nosedroppers - sterile (difficult to find)
1 broom + dustpan
1pint eucalyptus oil
5 lbs ghee
5 gal olive oil
1 cs decoction vials
1 kitchen timer, digital - for curing oil
2 dish racks

1 first aid kit
1 screw driver, slotted
1 screw driver, philips
1 gloves latex vinyl - 200 in a case
3 pks Platex gloves
2 doz hair bands
2 btls isopropyl alcohol
kitchen rack 5' high x 8' wide x 2' deep some kind of shelving with slots
2 markers, blue, permanent
1 oil dumpster, (rent)
4 containers for used oil
6 pens, nylon-tipped
12 pens, black ink
2 pyrex measuring cups, 1 qt
6 pot holders
1 roll Saran Wrap, 18"
6 - 2 qt plastic pitchers - for mixing and diluting treatment oils
1 gal Sanifect Plus disinfectant - Osha Reg - for tables and everything, incl
countertops, etc.
1 scissors
4 spoons serving - stainless steel
2 sets of aroma oils
1 shoe covers (booties), optional - pack of 300 Spa Sandals for guests
4 spatulas, small
1 spice rack
1 box stir sticks, plastic
1 box surgical masks, Osha Reg. - for when we use strong cleaning solutions
2 whisks small
2 Drano bottles
portable heaters
step - stools
stools for techs during shirodara treatment
table squeegie(s)
floor squeegie(s)


Care and Cleaning of Burners
Procedure for Pump Assembly
Procedure for Hose Assembly
Pizichili Set-Up
Swedana Set-Up
Instructions For Abyhanga Table Assembly
Instructions For Wege PK Table and System

Burner Cleaning
It is essential to the proper functioning and safety of your burners that they be cleaned
after each treatment. Oil left on and around the heating element creates a serious fire
Cleaning procedure:
a. After each Pizi or Shiro thoroughly wipe the oil off of the burner element. It is best
to do this before you begin cleaning the table because it allows time to heat the element
to burn off any oil residue left after thoroughly wiping the element with a towel.
Turn burner on high and open window if necessary to allow smoke to leave the room.
Close the treatment room door if there are smoke alarms outside of the treatment
room. After the oil is burned off turn the burner off. Never leave the treatment room
with a burner on.
b. Keep a small stiff brush in the treatment room to clean the Pinda residue from the
burner knob after each treatment.

Procedure for Pump Assembly
1. With a standard flat screwdriver remove the protective filter from the bottom of
the pump.
2. With the pump sitting on its top and the electrical cord and the pump stem
pointing toward you remove the 3 Phillips head screws holding the stem.
3. Turn the stem clockwise 1 screw hole. Be sure that the gasket is lined up properly
under the stem assembly and replace the 3 Phillips head screws. Take care not to
cross thread the screws when replacing them. Do not over tighten the screws.
The stem should now be pointing approximately to your left.
4. Replace the protective filter over the stem assembly.

5. Thread the 1/4" brass 90
elbow onto the plastic stem (being careful not to cross
thread and hand tighten.
6. Thread 1/4" x 2" brass nipple into 1/4" elbow and hand tighten.
7. Thread 1/4" female to 1/2" male brass adapter onto 2" nipple and hand tighten.
8. Thread black plastic disconnect onto 1/2" male brass adapter.
9. If you need to reorder , please call US Plastic 800-537-9724 and request their
catalog. You will need to order the following items: Tubing = #59018 (1/2"Inner
diameter, 11/16"Outer diameter) Fittings = #30531 (hose shank coupler); #30507
(female adapter); #62017 (nylon male nipples); #64119 (equal angle barbed "Y").
Pumps can be ordered from Graingers 319-391-6015.

Hose Assembly
1. With a pair of scissors or a utility knife cut 2 pieces of 1/2" I.D. x 11/16" O.D.,
vinyl tubing 9' long and 2 pieces 2" long and set aside.
2. Take one 1/2' brass gas fitting threaded and install in each end one 1/2" white
nylon male nipples - barbed one end - threaded other side. Tighten with channel
locks or crescent wrench.
3. On the barbed end of each adapter install the 1/2" x 2" vinyl tubing. Secure with a
stainless steel hose clamps.
4. On the in-flow side (direction of oil flow) side of above assembly attach one
quick disconnect black plastic fitting (1/2" female adapter) and secure with a
stainless steel hose clamp.
5. To other end of above assembly attach 7/16" to 9/16" equal angle barbed "Y"
connector and secure with a stainless steel hose clamp.
6. Attach the two 9' pieces of vinyl hose to the "Y" connector and secure each with a
stainless steel hose clamp.
Additional Information on Pumps for Shirodhara Treatment
1. The pizi pump creates too strong a flow, filling the shiro bowl to overflowing.
2. A supplier for a quiet, smaller pump for shirodhara has not yet been located.
3. Techs may prefer to give the shiro treatment manually.
4. As soon as a supplier is found for the appropriate pump, you will be informed. If
you locate the appropriate pump, please inform Finlay at the Raj (515) 472-9580,
ext. 469.


Pizichili Set-Up
1. Place Pizi oil in a 2 gallon stainless pan. Fill within 2" of top.
2. Place a vegetable steamer with the legs removed in the bottom of above pan. It
is critical that the steamer be used at all times to avoid destroying your Pizi
pump. Pre-heat oil to approximately 110
F. Place the pan on the burner.
3. Clamp the hose assembly and pump together by placing the pump on the floor
with the male adapter toward you. Take the hose assembly and connect it to the
pump. The adjusting valve on the gas fitting should be facing toward you.
4. Grasp the assembly just above the gas valve and place the pump in the oil. Be
sure that oil level is low enough to prevent oil from overflowing when pump is
submersed in the oil.
5. Slide the pan and burner under the stainless steel funnel and hook hoses on
appropriate locations on table.
6. Place one large strainer (1) small strainer directly under stainless steel funnel.
This will collect hair and keep it from getting into the pump blades.
7. It is best to pre-heat the oil, but if you are unable to do so, you can heat the oil
while you are doing your Abhyanga.
8. It is advisable to have approximately 1 quart of Pizi oil in a Shiro pan in the
treatment room in case your oil gets too low in your Pizi pan. If it is necessary to
add oil, add a small amount at a time so that the Pizi oil temperature does not
drop significantly.
9. It will also be necessary to adjust the oil flow through the tubes with the valve on
the gas fitting. If the flow is too great this oil will not heat up adequately. If it is
too slow there will not be enough oil on your guest.
10. It is imperative that you never have the Pizi oil burner on when you are out of
the room.
Swedana Setup
1. Center top hole: Holes are not always lined up properly, therefore poke holes in
straps as needed.
2. Would be better to have a temperature gauge. Temperature gauge is not
included in package even though it is referred to in instructions.
3. Cloth should not come down on the neck.

4. Space blanket makes it too hot so be very careful using it. Maybe only in a cold
room or, for safety's sake, avoid using it.
5. Home deep-fat fryers have had handles cut off, resulting in sharp, ragged edges
which need to be filed down so they wont tear the tube that slips over the unit.
6. Fan should point upward (all the way).
7. Cover shins and feet with a light cloth.

Instructions for Abhyanga Table Assembly
Assemble the 4 side panels:
1. Two sides have metal brackets on them.
2. Do not tighten up screws until the legs are attached.
3. Use the square drive bit provided to tighten.

Install the 4 legs:
1. The legs are in two sets, left and right legs for each side of table.
2. The small hole at the bottom of each leg should face out to the sides of the table.
These holes are for the leg lifter brackets.
3. Tighten the side panel screws and then the 8 leg nuts.

Install the leg lifter on one end of the table:
1. The end opposite of the large hole in the tabletop
2. Use a lag bolt with washer for each leg.

Install table top:
1. Screw rails on the underside of the table to the panel sides.
2. The foot of the table is at the leg lifter end.

Install Shirodhara pole

Install stainless steel funnel:
1. Funnel is shipped separately.
2. Slide in rails and then slightly rotate funnel.
3. You may want to caulk around the outside top of the funnel to make it
permanent and to prevent any leaking.

Keep crate and all packing materials in storage. Do not throw crates away.


Additional Instructions for Wege System (PK table) :
1. Clothes covering the table which catch all the oil need to be 2" longer therefore
all slack should be pulled to the bottom (where drain is) and Velcro should be
moved an inch (out of position) toward the back (bottom, where drain is).

2. Use clamps to adjust area where oil is collected, so it drains properly (and not
over the edge onto the floor).
3. Follow directions start pizi oil at 68
- 72
not less and not more.

Heating System:
1. Must be used properly.
2. Straighten out tubing; pull gently on each connection to make sure the tubes are
on tight , especially on the white domes (flow regulators)
3. If tubing comes off of pump, then you must cut off an inch of tubing and then re-
attach the tubing
4. Main Problem: Cut steel tips (steel tubing) off at the very start of the system .
Then clamp filter material over the tubing.
5. To avoid a suction lock, cut two triangles into end of tube (where you took away
steel tubes).
6. Keep tubes straight and unkinked.
7. Shirodhara tubes - one with two white domes (flow regulators) plus temperature
gauge. Follow directions on how to set up temperature gauge - watch to make
sure it holds, otherwise it will spill oil.


You will need to have the following items for each patient for every treatment
given. Order your linen accordingly.

Inventory List For Linens
1 wash cloth
4 hand towels, used during treatment
4 medium-sized towels, used during treatment

2 bath towels, for use after shower
1 bath mat
2 sheets (3 if you put one over the abhyanga table)
1 pillow case

The cost of laundering is approximately $3.00$4.00 per patient per treatment.
A clinic does not need to purchase linens. A laundry service should supply,
launder, replace, pick-up, and deliver all linens for this price.

Important: Do not do clinic laundry in your facility. It is a potential fire hazard
as sesame oil fumes are extremely volatile.


Due to the oil and hair build-up in the drains, resulting from our Spa treatments, the
following procedures are recommended for drain care in your clinic facility.

1. Place stainless steel screen over all shower drains (to keep hair from going down the

2. Three times a week, use Liquid Plumber professional strength Enzyme Build-Up
Remover. Last thing of the day pour it in the drains and leave it in overnight. Another
excellent product is called MICRODYNE, by Misco International. This product will not
corrode or damage pipes, and yet is highly effective in keeping drains clear.

3. Purchase a Drain Snake (approx $12.00) to clean out drain traps once a month.



Dear Course Participant,

We are pleased that you are enrolling in the training program of the Maharishi Vedic
Education Development Corporation (from here on called MVED) and that you wish to
receive training as a Maharishi Rejuvenation Therapy Technician. This is a very
precious skill and knowledge.

In the course of your activities as a trainee you will receive certain confidential
information. We are pleased to provide you with this training and provide you with
this confidential information. However, to assure the continued proper use of this
information and for the protection of the Maharishi Ayur-Veda (MAV), Maharishi
Rejuvenation Therapy (MRT), Maharishi Vedic Medicine (MVM) and Maharishi Vedic
Approach to Health (MVAH) programs, and Maharishi Consciousness-Based Health
Care, we kindly request your agreement that all this information will be used properly,
confidentially and only in the manner described below.

1. The information received from MVED and its representatives, affiliated doctors,
trainers, technicians and agents are proprietary and confidential and shall not be
disclosed by you to others at any time. This information includes the
procedures and principles involved in diagnosing, treating or improving the
condition of patients, including the Maharishi Ayur-Vedic and Maharishi Vedic
Approach to Health techniques and principles including, but not limited to,
massage, fomentation (heat treatments), use of purgatives, enemas, and any
other information generally considered by MVED to be secret and not generally
known to Western medical practitioners presently.

2. You agree that, prior to receiving the training from MVED, you lacked the
knowledge necessary to apply Maharishi Ayurvedic/ Maharishi Vedic
Approach to Health massage, fomentation, etc. or any of the other techniques or
principles referred to in paragraph 1.

3. You agree not to compete with MVED or its affiliates for a period of 5 years
from the date of this Agreement by offering Maharishi Vedic Approach to
Health modalities and treatments, Maharishi Rejuvenation Therapy, or by
advertising or promoting yourself as an Ayur-Vedic practitioner.

4. Having completed this course you may work at any of MVEDs Clinics or Day
Spas or Maharishi Vedic Health Centers around the country or at a facility
operated by one of MVDs international affiliates.
5. This agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of ___________ and
any disputes arising under this Agreement which are not referred to arbitration,
will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of ________________

6. Any dispute arising under this Agreement may at the discretion of MVED first
be submitted to binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration
Association. These rules allow each party to select an arbitrator. Those two
selected arbitrators together select a third arbitrator, and those three arbitrators

together comprise an arbitration panel which hears the dispute and renders a
decision based upon principles of law, equity and the rules of the American
Arbitration Association.

7. No waiver, default, or breach under this Agreement shall be deemed to be a
waiver or consent to any other breach or default occurring at any time. If any
part of this Agreement is ruled by a competent court to be void or
unenforceable, the remainder of the Agreement will remain in force and will be
interpreted in accordance with the spirit of the original Agreement.

We look forward to working with you.

Thank you for signing below to signify your agreement.


____________, Director
City, State
Legal Entity Providing Training

Agreed to by: _______________________

Print Name: ________________________

Address: ___________________________

Telephone: _________________________

Date: ______________________________



When you schedule an appointment we reserve that time exclusively
for your. We request that you cancel your appointment no less than 24
hours in advance. There will be a charge if an appointment is canceled
with less than 24 hours notice or you do not arrive for your scheduled
appointment. We regret to inform you that we cannot be responsible
for loss or damage to personal articles. Please leave your jewelry at


Please take a moment to carefully read the following information and
sign where indicated. If you have a specific medical condition or
specific symptoms where massage/bodywork/skin care may be
contraindicated, a referral from your primary care provider may be
required prior to service being provided.

I understand that the massage/bodywork/skin care I receive is
provided for the basic purpose of relaxation and relief of muscular
tension. If I experience any pain or discomfort during this session, I
will immediately inform the practitioner so that the pressure and/or
strokes and/or products used may be adjusted to my level of
comfort. I further understand that massage/bodywork/skin care
should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination,
diagnosis of treatment and that I should see a physician, chiropractor
or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical
ailment that I am aware of. I understand that
massage/bodywork/skin care practitioners are not qualified to
perform spinal or skeletal adjustments, diagnose, prescribe or treat
any physical or mental illness and that nothing said in the course of
the session should be construed as such. Because
massage/bodywork/skin care should not be performed under
certain medical conditions, I affirm that I have stated all my known-
medical conditions and answered all questions honestly. I agree to
keep the practitioner updated as to any changes in my medical profile
and understand that there shall be no liability on the practitioner or
on the Maharishi Vedic Health Spas part should I forget to do so.


By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have been informed,
fully understand and I accept responsibility for my health and any
resultant injury or mishap that may affect my well-being or health in
any way. I hold harmless of any responsibility the massage therapist,
aesthetician, facility or persons involved with this
massage/bodywork/skin care program.



All items available at Walmart, Sam's, K-Mart, Target, etc., unless otherwise

swedana canopies
& Presto 6qt. Kitchen
Kettle multi-
425.00 To be used on top of
wooden abyanga table
Perfect Health

2 abyanga tables

2 mats 150.00 For abyanga table Bremen Corporation

100 medicine cups

1.00 For ghee (nasya, netra,
Hawkeye Medical
2 shirodhara pillows 25.00 Bremen Corp.
Kent Lutian

2 Solid burners 120.00 For heating oil in
treatment rooms
Any restaurant supply
co. i.e. Central
Restaurant Supply 800-


1 plastic bowl 10.00 8 hot water bottles
(hospital type)

1 box blue shoe

25.00 For techs shoe cover

McKesson Medical
Spa Sandals For guests A spa supply co.
1 box blood cell vials

10.00 Daily decoctions Hawkeye Medical
1 warming tray 50.00 Warm abyanga oil in
treatment room

Wal-Mart, K-Mart,

2 coffee cup warmers 20.00 For ghee and sesame oil
in prep rooms

2 small nylon dog
collars w/ Velcro
4.00 To fit over shirodhara
arm on abyanga table
and to hang shirodhara
bowl chain

4 small strainers
Note: The small
strainer is placed
inside the large
strainer to create
An efficient filter to
keep hair, etc. out of
the pump.

10.00 For pizichili to filter oil as
it circulates through



4 large strainers 24.00 For pizichili to filter oil as
it circulates through

2 four-tier storage
70.00 For pots/pans in prep
kitchen "Tuff Shelving" -
Wal-Mart (2 shelves
placed back to back need
to be secured w/bungee
cords to the wall

1 mop, mop bucket,
mop squeezer

100.00 For treatment and prep

8 two-qt pans-
stainless steel

200.00 For shirodhara

2 eight-qt pots-
stainless steel
80.00 For pinda and pizichili
(try to get a discount for

4 three-qt stainless

28.00 For washing guest's feet

1 small comfortable
Guest chairs
30.00 For head, neck &
shoulder massage in


4 plastic storage
120.00 For treatment linen

6 wastebaskets 60.00 For treatment rooms,

1 case toilet paper 45.00

The following items can be purchased at a Medical supply co. or
Restaurant supply co.

1 bottle "TOR II"
12.00 For disinfecting clinic
(medical supply company)

1 bottle Mediscrub 24.00 Disinfecting hand cleaner
(medical supply company)

4 eyecups 12.00 For ghee eye treatments
(medical supply company)

4 bus trays 5.00 Transporting oils from kitchen to treatment room
(Restaurant supply company)
1 box stir sticks 4.00 For stirring salt water used in nasya gargle
(Restaurant supply company)

The following items can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Sam's,
K-Mart, Target etc.

1 case paper towels 35.00

1 case Kleenex 45.00


1 case cotton balls
(100% cotton)

24 combs (large

1 case paper cups 52.00 Uncoated for hot and cold water used in nasya, and
for drinking cups

1 box saran wrap 12" 4.00 For pizichili and pinda headgear

4 "S" hooks open 3/4" 1.00 To hook through shirodhara chain on shiro arm to
hang shiro bowl

2 3" pieces small chain 1.00 Hook to dog collars for adjusting shiro bowl height

1 roll nylon cord 1/8"
4.00 For hanging shiro bowl from 'S' hook (see diagram
on last page)

1 bulletin board
(white, erasable) 2'x3'
10.00 For daily messages

1 bulletin board
(cork) 2'x3'
10.00 For weekly messages

12 file trays --plastic 12.00 For different panchakarma instruction sheets

1 case 33 gallon trash
28.00 For garbage size cans

1 case 10 gallon trash
26.00 For waste baskets


1 box 2 gallon Ziploc
5.00 Hand towel is placed inside Ziploc bag and used as a
pillow placed under guests neck during shirodhara
(to channel oil back into bowl)

6 yellow sponges
with green scrub back

6 pkg hair bands 12.00 To put guests long hair in a ponytail during

2 box band aids 2.00

4 bottles rubbing

10 yards muslin 10.00 For head straps for donut, during pinda and pizichili

10 muslin bikinis 10
loin cloths
30.00 Order from Mary Lou Schuldt distributor list

3 pair platex gloves 6.00 For techs when cleaning pots and pans

6 thermoses 120.00 For hot drinking water

2 step stools - four
legged (one step up)
20.00 For helping guests get on and off treatment table

2 wooden stools 40.00 For techs to sit on during shirodhara

4 all cotton loop
60.00 For resting and treatment rooms


4 small clocks 40.00 Treatment and resting rooms

1 large clock 40.00 Prep kitchen

4 or more fire
180.00 Should have one in every prep, resting and
treatment room

6 twelve inch plastic
6.00 For shirodhara: to make stream of returning oil into
pot under table more quiet

3 blue permanent
3.00 To use on masking tape to label things

1 gallon of Liquid
Plumber professional
strength Enzyme
Build-Up Remover
6.00 For drains - enough for 50 treatments will not
corrode pipes - USE DAILY!

2 ice cube trays 20.00 For cold coco oil to put on guests head during

8 extension cords
heavy-duty 14-2
gauge - grounded
72.00 For treatment and prep rooms

2 hair dryers 26.00 For guest bathrooms

2 linen hampers 24.00 For dirty linen (garbage cans - 30 gal w/wheels)

4 plastic funnels 8" L x
6" W
4.00 To pour shiro oil into shiro bowl over guests head -
makes process more quiet (need to cut the end off
of funnel to fit inside of shiro bowl)


2 dish racks 12.00 For kitchen

8 one cup stainless
measuring cups
24.00 For abyanga oil

6 paper towel racks 9.00

1 spice rack 20.00 To hold aroma oil bottles

Clipboards 12.00 For patient treatment info; to be hung on treatment
room door for each guest (put hooks on wall next to
each door, treatment and resting room)

4 spatulas 8.00

4 red 16 oz squeeze
32.00 For disinfectant

4 clear 16 oz squeeze
32.00 For water rinse of disinfectant

3 whisks (3 sizes) 6",
10", 12"
9.00 For udvartina

4 2-qt. Rubbermaid
plastic pitchers
20.00 For abyanga oil - for diluting abyanga oils

1 timer 20.00

4 vegetable strainer
20.00 (With legs removed) to be placed in bottom of pinda
and pizi pots


6 pot holders 6.00

4 stainless steel
serving spoons

3 scissors 15.00

2 measuring spoon

1 broom and dust pan

1 first-aid kit 20.00

2 vinyl mattress
19.00 For resting rooms

2 vinyl pillow covers 10.00 For resting rooms

6 teaspoons 6.00

4 butter knives 4.00

4 potpourri pots 40.00 For aromatherapy in resting rooms

4 plastic or stainless
steel shiro bowls
40.00 one 3/16" hole should be drilled in center bottom
and 3 equidistant 3/16" holes should be drilled along
the top rim for stringing nylon cord to a center
point for "S" hook attachment to shirodhara arm


The following items will need to be ordered:

2 rolling carts 260.00 Order from Rand Materials Handling
Order large plastic cart at $108.00 each plus shipping

Drum pump To pump MAPI oil out of large drums - order from
Rand Materials Handling 800-366-2300

The following items will be an additional $260-$300 worth of
Items that will need to be purchased (from
A health food store or grocery) just prior to opening

12 1-lb. boxes baking
6.00 Next to burners in all stations for fire prevention

1 pint eucalyptus oil 42.00 For nasya administration

12 philodendron
plants 3x3 pots
12.00 For pizichili and pinda headgear

1 lb. natural camphor 30.00 For purifying clinic by burning with charcoal

1 box incense charcoal 15.00 For burning with camphor; burn camphor to purify
treatment rooms, resting rooms and the hall area at
the end of each day

1 lb. Rock salt 2.00 American Orsa
(1 wk. for delivery or buy at health food store)


1 case coconut oil 18.00 For abyanga and shirodhara for those with high

4 gallons of
herbalized sesame oil
For all treatments (MAPI/The Raj)
6 bottles of liquid
2 bottles of ghee 32.00 For eye treatment

4 bottles shampoo 20.00 For guest showers
4 bottles almond soap 20.00 For guest showers

Upgrades for equipment - if finances allow you may want to
Upgrade some of your equipment

Upgrade for shiro
Stainless steel looks better (but plastic are cheaper,
easier to drill and quieter during use).

Upgrade for heaters Radiant portable heaters (oil filled) really improve
the ability to change the treatment room
temperature quickly and quietly.

Note - Once clinic is functioning you will be expected to provide and replace all supplies and
equipment from your clinic revenues. If you have any questions call Finlay at The Raj
(515) 472-9580, ext. 469.



American Orsa 800-367-7258 Real Salt

Bremen Corporation

Kent Lutian

Mats for abyanga table

Central Iowa
Matt McBride
Disinfectants (check with
a local janitorial supply
Central Restaurant
800-222-5107 x231
Richard Arenstein
Solid burners, kitchen
equip. (or a local
Restaurant Supplier)

Corning Revere Outlet


Stainless pots, pans, etc. -
check with local discount
outlet malls

Local Pharmacy Eyecups
Frontier Herbs 800-669-3275 herbs


for Iowa

shiro, pizi pumps (check
with a local Graingers
McKesson Medical
800-933-4633 x9945
Steve Donahue for Iowa
enema buckets, enema
tubing nose droppers,
etc. (Check with a local
McKesson rep)
Heritage Products 800-862-2923 castor oil, coconut oil

Eco Lab






herbal products
herbalized oils for all

Medical Arts Press

medical forms
Wal-Mart, K-Mart

2 gallon Ziploc bags

Perfect Health
641-472-0945 swedana canopies

Purity Farms


Rand Materials Handling 800-366-2300
rolling carts, oil drum
R & I Design

Rockland Industries

ext. 230 - Rose
Loincloths, bikinis,
turbans check w/local
unbleached muslin


Sam's Club


turbans, hats, bikinis

office supplies, olive oil

US Plastic


pump fittings and tubing