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DataLoad Classic vs DataLoad Professional

This white paper explains the commercial and functional differences between DataLoad
Classic and Professional.
A commonly asked question is whether DataLoad Classic is really free for unlimited
commercial use. The answer is an unequivocal yes. DataLoad Classic may be freely
downloaded, shared and installed for ersonal or commercial use. There are no limitations
on its use, for e!amle it isn"t a a trial version or limited by time or data volumes. #inally,
no license or ermission needs to be obtained to use DataLoad Classic $ anyone is free to
download and use it however they wish.
DataLoad Classic is free but its functionality is limited comared to the %rofessional
version and there is no roduct suort. Desite this, thousands of users do haily use
the functionality available in Classic and don"t need any suort. &owever, DataLoad
%rofessional rovides a suite of additional loadin' otions that far e!tends the
erformance and reliability of loads and the amount of data which may be loaded.
Comrehensive user and roduct suort is also rovided.
DataLoad %rofessional is the commercial version of DataLoad and is covered by a
standard %C license, thus a license must be urchased for each user. () months of
suort and maintenance is included and further suort may be urchased, if required,
when that e!ires. *uort 'ives access to DataLoad suort services and users can
u'rade to all new versions of DataLoad %rofessional released while they have suort.
DataLoad %rofessional rovides a suite of additional functionality to hel with loadin' data
in to alications. There are tools to hel with rearin' and maniulatin' data and these
include data validation, scritin' and sortin'. &owever, the most imortant features of
DataLoad %rofessional are the additional load otions that are not available in Classic.
Load Control and +rowser Control transform ,acro loads and make them si'nificantly
faster and more reliable. Load Control can be used with any alication while +rowser
Control enables DataLoad to inte'rate with the user"s browser for the fastest ossible
loads in to browser forms, such as -racle ./+usiness *uite"s *elf *ervice forms. These
rovide a very owerful and comellin' solution by addin' erformance and reliability to
the ease of use of ,acro loads.
#orms %layback is an entirely searate technolo'y for loadin' in to -racle ./+usiness
*uite"s core forms. 0t delivers the fastest ossible loads in to these forms and because the
load runs on the server it delivers sub/second erformance while retainin' all the benefits
of loadin' throu'h forms.
#inally, DataLoad *critin' enables a wide ran'e of custom functionality to be added to
DataLoad includin' loads that enter data directly to databases. 1ith these features
DataLoad %rofessional delivers everythin' from turbo char'ed ,acro loads to hi'hly
comle! loads maniulatin' and loadin' data directly in to databases. 0t does this while
remainin' an end/user tool. Thus there is a suitable technolo'y in DataLoad %rofessional
re'ardless of the tar'et alication and volume and comle!ity of data to be loaded.
DataLoad is unique in providing a comprehensive suite of options for loading data and config to Oracle E-Business
Suite & other applications. With thousands of users in almost 1 countries it is the !orld"s favourite data loading tool.
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