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ANALYSIS FOR INTRA COMPANY (Vaibhav Global limited)


The intra company is made to check the financial position of company from certain past years to
check whether the company is on increasing trendor decreasing trend.

Companys Net worth is the biggest part of its balance sheet. Net worth was 74.90 % in 2012,
79.28 % in 2013 & 85.66 % in 2014. It is decreasing trend. Its main component is reserves, which
is 5 times of its equity in 2012 and 6 times in 13 & 14. It depicts that company have good volume
of funds which strengthen its long term financial position and also provides opportunities for
self- financing the future expansion of the company.

Secured loans were increased in each year respectively. But it increased to 24.34 % in 2014. In
2014, company raised a lot from these sources. It might be done to take benefits from tax by
paying the charge of outside capital(debts) from profit & loss A/C, maximum charged from P&L
left large amount for equity holders(after tax).

Actual amount of total liabilities in every year was increased. In 2013 it was 546.52cr and
decreased by 506.52cr in 2014. In 2014 these variations are due to change in amount of reserves.
This depicts that reserve is a major component of balance sheet.

The company total assets were 546.52cr in 2013 and it gradually decreased by 506.52cr in 2014


The company sales turnover in 2012 was 176.69cr. Whereas, in 2013 the company sales turnover
was 249.13cr. It increased to 348.27cr in 2014.

Raw material is increased in 2013 which means company purchased more materials and in 2014
company purchased 242.12cr.

The company spended lot in its expenses as they have expensed 162.82cr in 2012. Whereas, in
2013 they expensed 228.01cr. In 2014 the company total expenses where 315.86cr.

Increasing in depreciation means company has purchased more fixed assets to expend there

The company net profit is increased to 53.16cr (15.26%) as compared to other years which was
14.09cr (7.97%) in 2012 and 26.38cr (10.58%) in 2013.


Balance sheet
On the basis of comparing the balance sheet of the companies , the capacity to maintain reserves
of VBL is less in terms of other companies , which means that VBL is not affordable to pay off
their contingent liabilities and funds like dividends and and interests on debentures and also
return on investment for the investors.The reserves of VBL are 401.69cr as compared to others.
The share capital worth of VIP is 28.26cr and VBL is 32.18cr much more as compared to
VENKEYs which is 9.39cr companies. This means that the companies liabilities are extended
but on the other hand the companies inflow of cash has increased. Hence, the company is in
more liquid and in better condition to operate their activities. According to the total debt of the
company, VIP is performing is better as the debt to pay is much less than the others. The total
debt of VIP is 16.08cr as compared to other which are 72.61 and 587cr. That means the company
has more self-reliant and dependent and that the borrowing of the company is less than the
The net block of VBL is less than the VIP company which means that they have more fixed like
land and building and machineries. This means the company is investing in more quantity sas
compared to other companies. The net block of the venkeys company is 17.59cr, which is more
than other companies
VENKEYs is providing more loan and advances to the users as their turnover is more than the
others. This helps the company by more inflow of cash in the terms of investment and also
interest on borrowings. This improves the goodwill of the company and investors will be
attracted to invest their money in them. Venkeys providing 163.36 cr of loans and advances
which is much more than the other companies. In Terms of providing loan and advance vip is at
last position which is not a good for company.


Net Sales of VBL is not much as compared to VIP Company of its immediate competitors in
consumer goods. But other company is performing very well. Net sales of venkeys are 103.10%
which is more than VIP.
There are various other sources of income with firms as well apart from its core business. Such
as VIP Company has only 2.01% of share of income from other sources in total sales of the
company, as same with venkeys 2.43%, but it is 10.93% with VBL which is more than others.
This means company is earning income from various other sources as well. This increases net
sales of the company and profit margin of company.
Raw material forms not a major part of the expenses of VIP Company. As it could be seen here
that companys raw material cost ranges in 76% of the total net sales. Raw material cost of VIP
is 61% of sale which is less than that of VIP. While that of VENKEYs is 81% more than that of
VBL. This means company has huge demand and has to produce more goods.
VBL is incurring employee cost as 9.9% of its total sales. Only this VIP is incurring this much of
employee cost which is 10.85% of cost as employee cost and venkey has only 5.6%. VIP needs to
reduce their employee cost so as to increase their profits.
As we can make it from P&L Account, VIP is going in profit as comparison to venkeys. VBL is
at the top in profit making.