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The colors tell your emotions.

Your emotions reveal your personality.

Tescolor was tested 4916583 times, thank you for your confidence.
Test color is the result of original research conducted and validated by a team of
clinical psychologists, psychoanalysts and mathematicians.
Test color can generate over 50 million different answers, personalized according to every test.
Result of your test :
Your results present a correlation ratio with our model superior to 98 % .
( In a general way, a result can be taken into account if this ratio is superior to 30 %.)
Your Profile :
You are 40 % extrovert and 60 % introvert.
Independently of any order of importance :
You are able to have an in-depth thinking, you think before acting, and you know how to communicate your
You are also imaginative and creative, you have always new ideas, and you know how to apply them.
Finally you are attentive and cautious, you take into account the needs of others before setting up the
defined goals.
Your understanding of your environment :
30% 30% 39%
Facts Feelings Ideas
At first, at 39%, you are centered on your thoughts and your actions are determined by your knowledge
and your experience.
Then, at a ratio of 30%, you are attached to moral values and feelings, and you have an emotional relation
with the environment.
Finally, at 30%, you are focused on the facts and on the reality, and your decisions are determined by your
perception of facts.
How you assert yourself :
In your relations with others, your point of view and your decision-making are motivated by your inner
conviction at 58%. Dialogue and exchange of views with others are taken into account at 41%.
58% 41%
Your ideas Your relations
Also, your inspiration and your creativity, your artistic or spiritual impulse have an influence of 56%. Also
your family and personal ties interfere at 43%.
56% 43%
Your inspiration Your family
Finally, your actions and behaviour are determined by your sensibility and that of your partner at a ratio of
65%. Then you are driven at 34% by own will and personal goals.
34% 65%
Your will power Your sensibility
The qualities that characterize your personality:
Your insights.
you are thoughtful and deep, you think before getting into
action and you know how to communicate your knowledge. at 22 % 22%
Your intellectual performance.
You are intellectual and intelligent, you wonder and you
inquire before taking any action and setting your values. at 22 % 22%
Your imagination.
you are a creative person, with always new ideas, and you
know how to apply them. at 19 % 19%
Your thinking.
you are attuned to others and you show a good emotional
intelligence, which allow you to give support to people. at 18 % 18%
Your creativity.
you are creative, you know how to see beauty, you are
intuitive and your inspiration comes from the inside. at 16 % 16%
Finally, you are thoughtful and capable of listening to others, you take into account the needs of others
before setting up the defined objectives, you are open and good communicator, you know how to attract
people and engage them.

The answers to your colors test have been carefully written, yet the results of this test are purely indicative and cannot be held responsible for any consequences that derive from its reading.
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