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Company :

Position Applied For :

Date of Application :
Have you ever been employed by Gunung Sewu or any of the subsidiaries? Y N *
Y N *
If "Yes" when and for what position?
Please name any relatives or friends currently or previously employed by company
Name: Irwan Relationship: Friend
How were you referred to Gunung Sewu?
Other Employee Direct Contact Advertisement School Agency
If "Yes" Please indicate the period, position and company
Andy Rachman Employee Revanza Andika Rakasiwi Student
Tutie Van Kelleun
Parents Occupation of Parents
Name of Brother(s) &
His/Her Occupation
Marital status Name of spouse Occupation of Spouse Number of Children
Sex Female
Date/Place Of Birth Bogor, August 22, 1993
Martial Status Single
PT. Gunung Sewu Kencana
Full Name Tiara Valenthia Gustiantie
Have you previously applied for employment with Gunung Sewu or any of the subsidiaries?
Business Resindence Mobile e-mail Address
Religion Moeslem
Home Address Jl. Raya Puncak Megamendung RT. 02 RW. 04 No.10 Cisarua Bogor
Telephone 2518257869 85775188824
Nationality Indonesia
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What are you recreational activities and hobbies?
Do you have any special skills or aptitudes e.g. Language, manual skills, public speaking etc?
What software application are you fluent with?
What business and professionals associations do you belong to?
Have you ever been suspended or requested to resign from any employment? Y * N
If yes, when and why?
When I work in Ibis Hotel Slipi because they didnt give me a contract as they promised during 1 year
2013-2014 Satin VIP Crew Blitzmegaplex Small Salary and Contract
2012 Trainee Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta
2012-2013 Waitress Ibis Hotel Slipi Another Job
Are you currently studying? If yes, please state the type of course, name of course, name of institution and when you
will be completing:
Year Position Company Reason of leaving Renumeration Package
SMPN 1 Megamendung 2005
SDN Cisarua 1 1999
BTI Hotel Institute 2011 Hospitality
SMK Taruna Andigha 2008 Accounting
English Language and Service the guest by Excellent Service
Microsoft Office
No, I dont have a business and professionals associations
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND (Complete from higher level)
Name of University / Academy Pediod Qualification
Shopping, Listening Music
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What salary do you expect for this position?
When would you be available to take up this position?
As Soon As Possible
Would you consider a position in another city in Indonesia?
Y * N If yes, why? Because I want to have a great experience and a great job
Other than in Gunung Sewu, which other companies are you applying to?
All Seasons Hotel Thamrin, Ibis Hotel Senen, Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta, Novotel Bogor
Please state your current / latest key duties & responsibilities, as well as your company's organization structure.
Key Duties & Responsibilities Organization Structure
Take care my area, service the guest with excellent service, make some beverages, bring to the guests, handle complaint, upsale ticket and food and beverages, make the guests comfort with our service Cinema Manager-->Asst. Cinema Manager-->Supervisor-->Leader-->Crew
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Do you suffer from any illnesses whose effect impair your ability to handle the job you are applying for?
Y N *
If yes please describe:
Tiara Valenthia Gustiantie
I cerify that I understand the questions and the answer and information given herein are true and complete to the best
of my knowledge. In the event of employment, I understand that false or misleading information given in my application
or interview(s) may result in discharge. I understand, also, that I am required to abide by rules and regulations
of the company.
Date: 24-Sep-14 Signature:
Character / Personal Reference Relationship Address Telephone
Good looking, simple, smart Friend Depok
Namira Sarah A D1 H&M Indonesia 8120045622
Business Reference Title Company Telephone
To check with applicant before enquiring Gunung Sewu may inquire at will
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