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session 1:
ERP introdution
ERP advantages
ERP s available
ERP architecture
Operating system
SAP introduction
SAP advantages
SAP Layers
Database layer
Presentation layer
Application layer
SAP system Landscape
Development server
Testing server
Production server
SAP types of project
Roll out
ASAP methodology
Flow of all Departments,and Roles and
Functional consultants
Session 2:
ABAP introduction
ABAP important transaction codes
ABAP program types
ABAP System commands
ABAP simple programs
Session 3:
ABAP data types how to define
ABAP operators
ABAP structures types of structures
Session 4:
internal tables
types of internal table and difference
Usage of internal table
Notepad to internal table
Excel to internal table
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Faculty Name : ABAP / 4 Date of Join:
Session 5 & Session 6 & Session 7
Database table introduction
Database table types and difference
Approaches to create database table
Domain introduction
Data element introduction
Append structure
include structure
Lock object
Search help
Foreign key relationship
Inner join statements
View and types and Usages
Session 8:
Application Layer storing and Retrieving
String manipulation commands
Introduction of field-symbols
SQL queries
Debugging techniques break point,watch
Session 10:
Modularization techniques and advantages
call by value & call by ref different
a.subroutine pool
b.include program
d.function module creation and advantages
Difference between techniques
Session 11 & Session 12
Events Order of events types of events
At selection-screen
At line-selection
Hide,get cursor
Top-of-page during line-selection PF-status User-command
e.internal table
at first
at last
at new
at end of
Session13 & session 14:
BDC batch data communication
Methods in BDC and difference transaction
b.input session
Error handling in BDC
Recording techniques
Normal BDC
Table control in BDC
Session 15:
LSMW -Legacy System Migration
Session 16 & Session 17:
SAP script
Transaction codes
standard programs
standard commands
standard function modules
customization steps
Logo insertion
Standard Texts
Standard symbols
Session 18:
Program lines
Function Modules
Events after Loop before Loop
Session 19 & Session 20
AVL Report
Function Modules in Alv report
Events in ALV report
Logo insertion in ALV report
Page heading in ALV
Subtotal and Grand total in ALV report
Session 21 & Session 22
Module pool programming
Screen painter
Table Control
Tabstrip Control
Field,chain-End chain command
At exit-command
Menu painter
Application Bar
Menu bar
Transaction codes
Message class
Types of Messages
Session 23:
Logical Data Base
Query Report
Quick viewer
Session 24:BAPI
Session 25: BADI
Session 26:EXIT