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7 Reasons To

Choose The
Slimming World
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(D$ )s Long )s *t *s +ot )ltered *n )ny
Way Whatsoe#er,
A big welcome to my 7 reasons to hoose the
Slimming World Diet.
I wanted to share with you more about Slimming World
because it has been such a big help to
me over the years and I have found
that for those that are struggling with
their weight its a fantastic way to
have a plan of action that is easy to
It has also transformed a lot over the years with the
diet being rather basic when I frst tried it in 1!.
"ac# then it was all about meat vs $arbs days where
as now you can have the two on the same day.
%ou can also binge on Slimming World with a huge list
of foods that are available on both and it never feels
li#e you are on a diet.
Whatever your goals read on and discover if it is worth
it for you.
$rom My Weight Loss Dream
&his is Samantha at
and I wanted to introduce you to
our mission and why these '()s
are of great use to you.
&hey are short '()s that provide
you with information about a particular form of
e*ercise or diet. And o+er a great introduction to a
-i#e many people before us we have found ourselves
to be obese and are doing everything we can to avoid
dieting but to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
So -ar our .rogress has /een good.
I have gone from a ".I of nearly /! down to a normal
one and (ominic 0my hubby and partner in my weight
loss mission1 has dropped from a ".I of ,ust over 23 to
a more respectable /4. 5f course6 we are no where
near the end of our ,ourney but we are a healthy
lifestyle in progress.
%ou can read all about our current
weight loss /y li!ing here.
When we loo# bac# at our fat photos we
dont thin# about how big we were
0even though we were massive71 we
thin# about how unhealthy we were and
how much horrible food that was stu+ed with
chemicals was entering our body.
(ont get me wrong 8 we ST*LL adore
.c(onalds6 'i99a :ut ; <)$ but we ,ust en,oy
them in moderation and eat more healthy
foods and do regular e*ercise 0most of the
Belo' on the ne0t .age is an in-ogra.hi where
we share our top tips for those of you that are
considering trying out the Slimming World diet.
'rint it o+6 share it6 add it to your 'interest account or
share it with your friends. &he s#y is the limit in what
you do with it7
&hen on the page after we have shared the infographic
in written format so that you can print it or #eep the
ideas for future use.
7 Reasons To Choose The
Slimming World Diet
1. *t2s e0tremely 3e0i/le
&he Slimming World (iet allows you to eat most foods6
including fruit6 vegetables6 pasta6 rice6 lean meat6 and
nuts. (ieters can mi* and match these foods to coo#
delicious meals.
4. *t !ee.s you healthy
&his eating plan encourages the
consumption of whole6 natural foods that
support optimal health. .ost meals
contain vitamins and minerals that are
good for both your mind and body.
5. Boosts your immunity
Slimming World is based on nutritious
foods that strengthen your immune
system and help prevent =u and colds.
6. &i#es you -reedom o- hoie
(ieters are allowed to have !>1! Syns a
day6 which includes pi99a6 chocolate6
ca#e6 and ice cream.
7. Lose 'eight 'ithout hunger
With so many food options available6 you?ll never feel
hungry on the Slimming World diet. &his helps
promote weight loss and prevents emotional eating.
8. *t9s a sa-e 'ay to lose -at
$ompared to other diets6 Slimming
World allows you to eat all food groups
and promotes e*ercise. What better
way to slim down and stay healthy@
7. :0ellent su..ort
(ieters can attend wee#ly meetings6
,oin online support groups6 and as# Auestions on the
Slimming World website. &his eating plan comes with a
supportive community and delicious recipes.
Slimming World (ros
&his diet is comprised of meat6 fsh6 eggs6 fruits6
veggies6 nuts and other healthy foods
'romotes a healthy body weight
5pens the door to a wide selection of healthier
Bo calorie counting reAuired
(ieters can indulge in their favourite treats
Bo foods are banned
It?s a great choice for carb lovers
)ree foods can be eaten in unlimited amounts
&he diet is healthy and well>
)antastic recipe ideas for every
Slimming World Meal
$heese on toast
(ried6 coo#ed and canned fruit
Cnglish brea#fast
'asta and sauce
$hic#en casserole
Stea# and rice
"eans on toast
$hic#en fa,ita salad
)ish pie
$ereal bars
"eef stew
"acon sandwiches
Sunday roast
This *s )n :0trat $rom;.
This Infographic is an extract from our blog post
The )rt <- Losing Weight With Slimming World:
Cli! here to read it;..
And it ma#es fantastic further reading if you have ever
considered giving Slimming World a go. I love it
because it encourages eating lots of fat burning foods
and loo#s at eating whatever you want6 ,ust having the
naughty foods in moderation.
And of course6 dont forget to sign up to our newsletter
for even more tips and tric#s of our weight loss
We also share many more of our infographics on our
'interest account and if you are a member of 'interest
we recommend you follow us.
Than!s again -or reading and /est o- lu! 'ith
your o'n 'eight loss and =tness >ourney.
Samantha ? Domini Milner