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Administrative Office
No 24 B Gandhi nagar,Kumbakonam-612001
Phone: 0435-2402322, 2401622 Fax: 2431746
C.O/HRMD/ /2014-15 Date: 12.08.2014

Shri./Ms.Bharath Kumar K.S
35q/3/3,Anu Illam,2nd Cross St,
Vayal St,Vadalivilai,Kottar

Dear Sir/Madam,


We are pleased to inform you that you are appointed as a Junior Officer in our Bank
and you are posted at our Credit Processing Centre, Madurai.

You will be fitted in the Basic pay of Rs.9,600/- p.m. in the pay scale of 9600-500-
13100-600-19100 (18 years) with dearness allowance at the rate now in force and at
such rates as may be sanctioned from time to time. In addition to the above, you will
draw other allowances as applicable to the said cadre now in force.

The details of your remuneration and benefits are given in the Annexure attached.

The following are the terms and conditions of the appointment.


You shall be required to report duty on or before 25.08.2014.
You will be on probation for a period of six months or such extended period as
may be decided by the Bank based on your performance during the probation
On satisfactory completion of your probation, you will be confirmed in the
services of the Bank.


Professional Ethics & Confidentiality: While you are in the services of the
Bank, you are not permitted to carry on any business or profession or enter, for
any part of your time, in any capacity, the services of, or be employed by or
engaged with any other Firm, Company or Person. You will devote your whole
time and attention to your Office work to promote the interest of the Bank and
will not divulge to any person or utilize any of the Banks secrets or other related
information (which you may possess by reason of your association with the Bank)
outside the Bank.

IT Security Practice & Procedures: While you are in the services of the Bank,
you will adhere to the IT Security Practice & Procedures as prescribed by the

Leave availment rules: You will be credited with 15 days of Casual Leave and
15 days of Sick Leave during the probationary period. You will not be allowed to
avail any leave beyond your entitlement during the probationary period. If under
any extra-ordinary circumstances your absence is permitted under loss of pay,
the probationary period will be suitably extended to compensate the period of
your absence. The right of allowing leave on loss of pay and extension of
probationary period will rest with the Management only.

Notice Period: During the probation period, if your performance and conduct are
found to be not satisfactory/the assessment report of your Branch / Department
Head is not upto the mark, your services are not likely to be continued by the
Bank / reverted to the Junior level, without assigning any reason whatsoever and
without giving any notice.

If you choose to resign your employment with the Bank, the following conditions
would apply:-

If you resign before completion of three years of service from the date
of joining, a notice period of three months together with payment of
liquidated damages of an amount of Rs. One Lakh or an amount
equivalent to your last drawn pay (Basic pay + DA) of three months
whichever is higher is to be compulsorily given / made by you

If you resign after three years from the date of joining, a notice period
of three months or payment of liquidated damages of amount equivalent
to your last drawn pay (Basic pay + DA) of three months at the sole
discretion of the management is to be given / made by you.

NB: The resignations entail re-imbursements of all amounts received by you by way of
Ex-gratia payments by the Management. Also, if any Interest free Loan availed, it
should also be repaid with Interest from the date of availment.

The cost of Recruitment and training expenses are also reimbursable by you, if you
resign within 3 years from the Date of joining.

Transfer: The Bank shall have the right to transfer you during the probation
period or subsequent to your confirmation to any of its branches / offices situated
all over the Country.

Termination of Employment: Your services with the Bank are liable to be
terminated in the event of:

a) Any breach of the terms and conditions mentioned in this letter
on your part;
b) Any incorrect information furnished by you and
c) Suppression of any material information by you.

You will be bound by the service conditions and code of conduct as applicable to
the said cadre of the Bank.
You will keep us informed of any change in your residential address.
Bank has a strong policy of honesty and integrity in all its dealings and expects
its employees to follow the same.
While reporting for duty, you will have to submit a proper relieving order
from your previous / present Employer, if you are earlier employed

The offer is made to you subject to the following pre-conditions:

The Bank receiving satisfactory character references from suitable referees to
be suggested by yourself, preferably one referee being a person who has supervised
you in a professional capacity at some stage in your career. Additionally, the Bank
reserves the right to seek references from your current / previous employer (s), at
any stage, subsequent to your acceptance of this offer letter.

The Bank receiving a satisfactory report following a routine medical
examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

The above terms and conditions are supplementary to the general conditions in
the service agreement to be executed by you separately.

You should report for duty on or before 25.08.2014. While reporting for duty, you are
advised to handover PG Degree Certificate to your Branch / Department Head under

Please find herewith a service agreement which may be duly filled in and submitted at
the time of joining duty.

Please return to us before 18.08.2014 the duplicate copy of this letter duly signed by
you as a token of having accepted the offer.

We welcome you to CUB family and look forward to having a long and mutually beneficial
relationship with you.

Yours truly,

R. Venkatasubramanian.
Senior General Manager HR & BD
Copy to:-
1. The AGM/Chief Manager/Manager, CUB Ltd,
80 Feet Road,
(Opp Ambiga Theatre),
Anna Nagar,
Phone: 0452-2525485

Kindly collect PG Degree Certificate, proper relieving order from the previous employer
if any, medical fitness certificate, service agreement and (acceptance of order if not
given earlier) from the candidate along with the joining report and report compliance.

2. Personal File.


I hereby confirm, having read and understood the terms and conditions as specified in
the letter and convey my acceptance to the same.

Signature :


The details of remuneration and benefits
1 Initial fitment As Junior Officer
2 Probation Period One year from the date of joining
3 Pay Basic Rs.9,600/ per month
4 Dearness Allowances Rs.9,835/ per month (linked to IBA pattern &
subject to Qtly revision)
5 HRA Rs.2,500/per month (variable at places)
6 CCA Rs.576/per month (variable at places)
7 Other Allowances Rs.3,400/per month (variable at places)
8 Gross (Approximate) Rs.25911/- Per month
9 Other Benefits
Leased accommodation at specified
centres 5000*
Monthly Fuel Reimbursement
Hospitalisation reimbursement for self
and dependents as per IBA norms-
LFC and HTC upto 7000 kms for
family in II A/c
Contributory P F & pension both on
pay & DA
privilege Leave encashment at will
after completion of 10 years of
continuous service in the bank from the
date of confirmation
24 hours accident cover under GPA
Housing, Vehicle & Consumer Loans
OD facilities after 4 years
Staff Housing Loan Group Insurance
Cover in full.

10 Cost to the Company Rs.34549/- per month (approximately) including
ex-gratia payable (on monthly pro-rata basis)
and excluding LFC, PL Encashment, Group
personal Accident Insurance Policy premium,
Group staff Housing Loan policy premium etc.,
11 Service Conditions The terms and conditions set out in the service
conditions for the officers of the Bank shall

Accepted the above Terms


Date : Signature