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Master shot exercise is a shoot that emphasis on continuity of film without any cut

edits of scenes or jump shots. This master shot also consists of an enigma code
which is a unanswered question within the media text pushing the narrative of the
film forward. The genre of the film that we created was horror. Visual factors
within the film are the camera shot/angle which is hand held panning and tilting to
create a unstable atmosphere within the film. The iconography that we included
was the editing effect of black and white which is a binary opposition of good and
evil reflecting on to the characters in the film. There is a innocent girl running
around, which is shown through a medium shot where the camera is facing towards
the back of this character. The movement of this character running suggests a
negative cause and effect. The sound plays a major role in this master shot
This scene of the girl running away
from something that is not presented at first creates suspense for the audience. The
sound effect at first is a tension building sound which plays according to the speed
of the character running creating high level of evil awareness. The long- medium
shot also establishes the location of it being a busy and not isolated which makes it
modern in terms of setting not being isolated like usual horror setting.
The camera covers different angle such as bottom angle which focuses at the top
following the character while going up the stairs. This builds up the tension as she
goes up the stairs. There is no diegetic sounds other than the footsteps of the
monster/zombie. Once she moves up the stairs and reaches her destination desired
the camera then shifts and focuses at the bottom of the stairs establishing on the
location as well as the only character which is the monster. The sound effect
changes to loud creepy footsteps accordingly to the footsteps and actions of the
monster. The body gesture of the monster reveals the narrative of evilness within
the genre of horror. These footsteps are the only diegetic sound that takes place in
the film. There are no dialogues, voice overs or script which represent the genre.
Mise en scene such as location, settings, expressions, body gestures and movement
of the characters connote the idea of good verses evil. The editing the of the colour
as black and white connote the same idea as-well, The sound is loud pitch
enhancing higher level of evil and unusual events.The target audience for this film
would be teenagers as they are the ones who play the role of victims, It can also
target women as the film does not show any male character.
During the end of the film more characters are revealed while the change of sound
occurs. At this point the music of high pitch changes to a quiet and slow music
emphasising on the idea of innocence and the new innocent victims that are
targeted by the monster. The end of shot stops at a very unplanned and unauthentic
point where there is no finish. This leaves very negative thoughts of evil
occurrence leaving an enigma of what happened to the characters that are newly
introduced and the girl who was victimised at first. The film also leaves a enigma
of why were these specific characters targeted by the monster as the victim and
perhaps why were all the victims a specific gender or age group. There are many
more possible enigmas that people can come up with. Over all the film was
successfully filmed however some improvements can be made by using props and
costumes to connote the meaning of the genre clear and significant.

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