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Erica Cirillo-McCarthy
482 Rutherford Ave . 520-302-9661
Redwood City, CA 91361

PhD, Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English, University of Arizona, (2012)
MA, English, Florida Atlantic University, (2006)
BA, English, Florida Atlantic University, (2003)

Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University 2013-Present
PWR 1 & PWR 2two sections pert term.
Winter, Spring, & Fall 2014: Like This Class: The Rhetoric of Public Relations
Fall 2013: From the Galleries to the Street: The Rhetoric of Public Space Art
PWR 6 2 to 4 Veterans Accelerator Program
Summer 2014: Advanced Composition: Veteran(s) Matter(s)

Graduate Associate in Teaching, Writing Program, University of Arizona 2007-2012
First Year Writing and Studioone section fall 2008, summer 2009, and fall 2009.
First Year Writingtwo sections fall 2007, fall 2010 through fall 2011.
Rhetorical Analysisone section each spring 2008, 2010-2012 and two sections spring 2009.

Instructor, New Start Program, University of Arizona Summer 2009
First Year Writing and Studio

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Florida Atlantic University 2003-2005
First Year Writingtwo sections per semester for fall 2003 and fall 2004.
First Year Writingtwo sections in spring 2004 and one section in spring 2005.
Introduction to College Writingone section in summer 2005.

Adjunct Instructor, Palm Beach Community College 2003-2006
Developmental Writing Itwo sections in fall 2003 and spring 2004.
Developmental Writing IIat least one section per semester from fall 2003 - 2006.

Writing Tutor & Workshop Facilitator, Hume Center for Writing & Speaking 2013-Present
Writing a Research Statement for the Job Searcha two-hour workshop for PhDs and Post Docs,in
collaboration with the Career Development Center and VPGE.
Writing a Research Statement for Fellowships and Grantsa two-hour workshop for PhDs and Post
Docs in collaboration with VPGE. Both workshops offered once per term fall, winter, spring and
summer 2014.

Assistant Director of Graduate and ADEP Writing July 2012-June 2013
California Lutheran University Thousand Oaks, CA

Charged with establishing and maintaining graduate and adult student writing support services,
including expanding services to satellite campuses and online. Responsible for hiring, training, and
supervising graduate writing tutors. Created and facilitated undergraduate and graduate tutor training
program according to CRLA standards. Surveyed and assessed faculty perceptions and needs regarding
writing assessment and multilingual writers; created faculty workshops accordingly. Collaborated with
program chairs across the disciplines to provide discipline-specific and general writing support to
graduate, international, and adult student writers. Crafted and presented weekly and bi-monthly
workshops geared towards graduate and international student writers. Worked closely with faculty to
create course-specific writing workshops. Compiled writing center statistics, student voices, and every
day practices for annual management report for upper administration.

English Coordinator, New Start Summer Program Spring/Summer 2010
University of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Responsible for hiring and training of English instructors and continued to be main contact for
instructors for the duration of the program. Procured and disseminated all teaching materials and acted
as liaison between New Start Summer program and the English Department. Conducted weekly staff
meetings and classroom observations. Responsible for teacher/course evaluations and ensuring
instructors received feedback. Supervised weekly committee meeting for academic conference, assisted
with scheduling and garnering key note speakers. Ensured grades were entered into system in a timely
manner. Compiled end of program debrief, wrote job description and timeline for next years program.

Writing Consultant, C.A.T.S Program 2008-2009
University of Arizona Tucson, AZ
Division 1A award-winning program designed to support athletes in their academic endeavors. Worked
one-on-one with student-athletes in the McKale Sports Center Writing Center. Assisted students during
the entire writing process, from interpreting assignment sheets to illustrating effective editing skills.
Initiated outreach to ensure student-athletes were aware of our services, and kept daily logs detailing
work achieved in each session. Certified master consultant through the College Reading and Learning

Writing Consultant, University Center for Excellence in Writing 2004-2007
Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, FL
Worked one-on-one with students ranging from freshman composition assignments to masters theses.
Attended weekly staff meetings that focused on writing center philosophy in addition to weekly training
meetings focused on student-centered tutoring. Promoted writing center to instructors and students
through class visits. Co-created seminars on plagiarism, critical reading strategies, and the writing
process to be used in the writing center and outreach/class visits. Certified master consultant through the
College Reading and Learning Association.

Writing Tutor, SLC English Lab 2004 2006
Palm Beach Community College Lake Worth, FL
Served diverse population of students in their writing endeavors. Worked closely with international
students and English language learners. Tutored students one on one as well as groups of students in
seminars focusing on grammar issues and writing skills. Followed lab procedures on administering lab
assignments and quizzes.


Kairos and Stasis Theory: A Pathway towards Writing Center Vitality. Academic Exchange Quarterly Special
Issue on Writing Center Theory and Practice 18.4 (Winter) 2014. Forthcoming.

Revision Strategies to Encourage Strong Student Writing. Teaching Commons: Teaching Talk Stanfords
Center for Teaching and Learning. October 2014. Online.

Process and Techniques of Revision and Reflection. Writing Public Lives: From Personal Interests to Public
Rhetoric. Ed. Christopher Minnix and Carol Nowotny-Young. Plymouth, MI: Hayden McNeil, 2009.

Rewriting Platos Legacy: Ethics, Rhetoric, and Writing Studies. Conference on College Composition and
Communication. Tampa, FL.18-21 March 2015. Accepted Workshop.

Multimodal Multivocal: Crafting an Ethic of Inclusion as Critical Framing. Conference on College
Composition and Communication. Tampa, FL.18-21 March 2015. Accepted Poster Session.

Occupy Ivy League: Challenging the Politics of Representation. National Women Studies Association 2014
Conference. San Juan, Puerto Rico. 13-16 November 2014. Accepted panel proposal.

Tutoring from the Intersection of Privilege & Illegitimacy: Working with International Graduate Students in
the Writing Center. Feminisms & Rhetorics Conference. Stanford University, CA. 25-28 Sept 2013.

Re-Constituting Lived Realities: Complicating the Work of Going PublicA Conversation Starter. Council
of Writing Program Administrators Conference. Savannah, GA. 18-21 July 2013.

Holistic Views of Students Success: Adapting Interdisciplinary Knowledge in Writing Center Work. Northern
California Writing Center Association. Sacramento, CA. 12-13, April 2013.

The Global and the Local: International Graduate Students in US Writing Centers. Conference on College
Composition and Communication. Las Vegas, NV. 13-17 March 2013.

Rhetorics of Sustainability, Reciprocity, and Stasis: Writing Centers as Social Space. Western States
Rhetoric and Literacy Conference. Tempe, AZ. 21-22 October 2011.

Contextualizing Success in Writing Center Spaces. Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference.
Baton Rouge, LA. 14-17 July 2011.

Qualitative Research Network. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Atlanta, GA. 20-24
March 2011.

Searching for Best Practices: Identity, Diversity, and Language Inclusion in the Post-Colonial European
Classroom. Workshop Leader. CCCC Unwritten and Rewritten: Spaces for International Dialogue
about Higher Education Writing Research. Conference on College Composition and Communication.
Louisville, KY. 17-20 March 2010.

Re-visiting Multilingualism: Classroom Applications/ Possibilities of Code Meshing. Conference on College
Composition and Communication. Louisville, KY. 17-20 March 2010.

The Revolution Wasnt Always Televised: A Historical Survey of Teaching Institutional Awareness in FYC.
New Directions in Critical Theory Conference. Tucson, AZ. 9-11 April 2009.

Peer Review Reviewed: Empirically Examining the New Contact Zones of the Writing Classroom.
Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco, CA. 11-14 March 2009.

Rejecting Neutrality: Instructor Embodiment and Subjectivity in the Composition Classroom. New Directions
in Critical Theory Conference. Tucson, AZ. 10-12 April 2008.

Writing Nation(s): A Trans-Atlantic Analysis of Writing Instruction. Conference on College Composition
and Communication. New Orleans, LA. 2-6 April 2008.

Writing Nation(s): Addressing Diversity in the New European Classroom. Writing Research Across Borders,
University of California. Santa Barbara, CA. 22-24 February 2008.

Communicating on the Periphery: Adjuncts teaching ESL students. South Atlantic Modern Language
Association 2006 Annual Convention. Charlotte, NC. 10-12 November 2006.

Changing Identity: De-Centering the Writing Center. Conference on College Composition and
Communication. Chicago, IL. 22-25 March 2006.

Forced Off the Hyphen: Language, Assimilation, and Identity in the Classroom. English Graduate Student
Society Inaugural Conference. Boca Raton, FL. 26-27 April 2005.

Emerging Identities: How a Writing Center Grows Up and Out. Southeastern Writing Center Association
2005 Conference. Charleston, SC. 10-12 February 2005.

The Basic Writing Classroom: Integrating Pedagogical Theory and Technology. Florida College English
Association 2004 Conference. Lake Worth, FL. 15-16 October 2004.

Co-Chair, Committee for Writing Outreach across Campus, PWR, Stanford University, 2014
Continued campus outreach program; crafted and maintained support for PWR Writing Specialists
(embedded practitioners) in History, Public Policy, Computer Science, and Human Biology programs.

Co-Chair, English Graduate Union (EGU), University of Arizona, June 2009-May 2010.
Elected by English graduate student peers. Chaired meetings, surveyed graduate students, and
participated in shared governance. Met with department chair regarding tuition reimbursements and
course releases for Graduate Teaching Assistants. Received course release for co chair responsibilities.

College of Humanities Representative, Graduate and Professional Student Union, University of Arizona, May
2008-May 2009. Represented College of Humanities graduate students causes and concerns within

larger council and advocated for protection of class sizes, graduate student tuition remission, and
graduate student health insurance.

Program Representative, English Graduate Union (EGU), University of Arizona, June 2008-May 2009.
Acted as liaison between RCTE graduate students and RCTE faculty. Fostered communication between
graduate student union and faculty. Disseminated information regarding specific program. Attended all
program faculty meetings. Reported to the EGU on the activities of the program faculty.

First Year Representative, English Graduate Union (EGU), University of Arizona, Sept. 2007-June 2008.
Represented first year graduate students from RCTE, Literature, ELL/SLAT and Creative Writing in
EGU meetings. Disseminated information to first year students who were unable to attend bi-monthly
meetings. Participated in round table discussions on new hiring procedures, tuition remission policy, and
course load expectations. Advocated successfully for a new hiring line.
President, English Graduate Student Society (EGSS), Florida Atlantic University. July 2004-July2005.
Represented English graduate student interests to the administration. Lobbied successfully for a graduate
student research colloquium. Assisted graduate students on submitting proposals to conferences and
finding funding for travel. Organized monthly membership meetings, conferences, workshops, &
readings. Represented EGSS at monthly Intercollegiate Club Council meetings to university at large.
Conference Director, "Alleyways: Marginal Voices from Society's Boundaries, Spring, 2005
Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, FL
Developed the multicultural focus of the conference to include graduate students from U.S., British,
post-colonial literature, and composition studies and critical theory. Solicited guest speakers and
promoted call for papers throughout the department. Selected abstracts. Introduced guest presenters &
moderated panels. Organized conference room and provisions through university center personnel.

Professional Activities Committee, Member F2014-present

Planning committee for PWR professional Development, Stanford University Summer 2014

FLIP (First Gen, Low Income Program), Faculty/Staff member, Stanford University 2014-present

Committee for Writing Outreach across Campus, Stanford University 2013-2014

Center for Equality and Justice, Faculty Steering Committee 2013
California Lutheran University

Student Essay Contest Judge, The Students Guide to Writing, University of Arizona 2009/2010

Graduate and Professional Student Travel Award Judge, University of Arizona 2008/ 2011

Peer Counselor, Fulbright Pre-academic Program, University of Arizona 2008


Holistic Grader for Florida State Exit Exam 2003-2006
Palm Beach Community College

Conference on College Composition and Communication
European Association of Teachers of Academic Writing
International Writing Center Association
National Council of Teachers of English
Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the U.S.

Stanford University
Center for Teaching and Learning Travel Award, $910. October 2014
PWR Classroom Grant for collaborative activity, Spring and Fall term, $100
Honorarium. Personal Statement Workshop. 2 to 4 Veterans Accelerator Program. 30 July 2014. $1000.

University of Arizona
Dissertation Tuition Scholarship, $2500, 2012.
Tilly Warnock Summer Writing Fellowship, $3000, 2011.
University of Arizona Graduate College Fellowship, $3000, 2007.
EGU Travel Fund Grant, Annual travel grants of $325 from 2008-2011

Florida Atlantic University
FAU Graduate Grants Committee, Annual travel grants of $300 2004-2006