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Internet acces service that provides access to Internet,- global system of interconnecter
computer networs
!roadband term for products mareted in "#
$ial-up, landline broadband, wi-%, satellite, &g'(g common methods of net access
#. )roviders
Internet Service )rovider *IS)+ organi,ation providing access to Internet *e-. .ational
Service )roviders and /ireless+
either community owned and non-pro%t 01 privately owned and for-pro%t
Access IS)s connect clients to internet usign copper wires, wirless or %ber optic
2osting IS)s lease server space for smaller businesses
3ransit IS)s provide large amounts of bandwidth to connect hosting IS)s to access IS)s
Access )roviders
4or users and businesses tradiotion options5 dial-up, $S6, broadband wireless, cable
modem, %ber to the premises, Integrated Services $igital .etwor
4or customers with demanding re7uirements, medium-to-large businesses $S6,
Ethernet, 8etropolthian Ethernet, 9igabit Ethernet, 4ram 1elay IS$., A38, and Sync-
optical cabling
". !rowsers
/eb browser software application to retrieve, present and traverse info resources on the
Information 1esource identied by :niform resource identi%er *:1I+, webpage, image,
video, any content
2yperlin present resources to enable users to navigate easily
8a;or /eb broswers5 %refo-, google chrome, internet e-plorer, opera, safari
!. C088:.ICA3I0.
3ypes of Communication
#. Electronic 8ail nown as email'e-mail. 8ethod of e-changing digital messages from an
author to a receipient
2eaders contain info about sender and receipient
Sub;ect description of topic
Sender *from+ sender<s net email address
$ate and 3ime 1eceived *on+ time message was received
1eply-to net email address of receipient of your reply if you clic reply
1eceipient *3o5+ %rt'last name of email receipient
1eceipient email address receipient<s net email address
!ody body of messsage
Signature can be a graphic, web page, plain te-t at the end of message
Attachments include any separate %les that may be part of the message
4ile e-tensions
.doc word
.e-e e-el
.gif graphical image in 9I4
.htm html %le
.;pg graphical image in ;peg
.mpg movie clip or animation
.pdf acrobat reader format
.t-t te-t %le
". Instant 8essaging form of communication over net o=ering immediate transmission of
te-t-bases msgs bet. Sender and receiver
&. Social .etworing Service online service, platform that focues on building and
re>ecting of social networs or social relations among people
(. !log a mi-ture of what is happening in ap erson<s life and what is happening on the
?. 8icroblog blog that allows users to publish shor te-t updates
8icroposts posts in microblogs
@. /ii piece of server software allows users to freely create and edit /ebpage content
using any /eb browser
C. SEA1C2 3006S
#. Search Engines websites'software that searches the itnernet for documents that
contain a eyword, phrase, sub;ect speci%ed by the user to the search engine
Aeyword search'directory search typer of searchers
Spider aa crawler, bot, goes to every page or representative page on
every web site that searches and reads pages of other sites using hyperte-t
". $i=erent Search engine approaches
8etasearch engine search tool that sends user<s re7uests to several search
engines and aggregates the results ito a single list
&. 9uidelines to determine 7uality and accuracy of information found on the web
Authority author<s indentity, 7uali%cations to determien creditability and
reliability of information
Accuracy accuracy of factual information can help you ;udge credibility of
the author
0b;ectivity purpose of organi,ation in creating website
Currency reliability or regularity of updating information
$. E6EC310.IC C088E1CE
Electronic commerce or E-commerce aa E-!usiness, act of buying and selling goods or
services over the Internet.
E-commerce business models
#. !usiness-to-business *!"!+ model applied by large companies that supply service or
merchandise to other businesses
". !usiness-to-consumer *!"C+ counterpart of a real local store
/eb storefronts virtual store for !"C E-commerce
0ne of the oldest e-business online
)i,,a 2ut one of the %rst companies to go online in #BB(
widely used in online baning, %nancial trading, shopping
&. Consumer-to-consumer *C"C+ counterpart of newspaper classi%ed ads, represents any
website where people are brought together to buy, sell or trade. e-. 0nline auctions
Security for $igital cash and credit card payments
#. 0nline payment transaction in the online e-change of funds. .etwor-based
electroinc %nancial, business card transaction for all types of electronic tools and
". Electronic )ayment system basis for online payments
Common online electronic payment systems
#. Internet ban card payment system internet users send ban<s name and password
while the payment systems process for customers
".E-cash Internet )ayment system a form of data currency in circulation where it is
converted to cash through a series of encrypted numerical se7uence number
&. E-purse internet payment system :sers utili,e e-purse for shopping
(. Electronic chec *e-chec+ internet payment system -payment system in which fund
transfers made electronically from the buyer<s checing account to the seller<s ban
E-commerce security strategies
#. Security strategy %rewall, pro-y server, virtual private networ technology in the
identi%cation, encryption and authenti%cation techni7ues
". 6egal )rotection e-commerce activities should be protected by law and must
ensure legal status of approved'denied electronic contacts
&. Social 8oral .orms establishment and perfection of social ethics
(. )erfect 8anagement Strategy ethical and professional standards must draw
training, regulations, ;ob management and human resource supervision
E. /E! :3I6I3IES
:tilities software programs that add functionality to your computer or for better
/eb-based application aa web apps any program accessed over a networ connection
using 233)
/eb utilities speciali,ied utility programs that mae itnernet and web safer and easier to
#. )lug-in %lters provide an enhanced browsin e-perience by enabling special %le formats and
multimedia elements
". 4ilters programs that bloc the access to selected sites
&. 4ile transfer :tilities programs that help you upload and download %les to and from the
(. Internet security suites programs designed to maintain your security and privacy while
on the web
4. C60:$ C08):3I.9
Cloud computing model for enabling ubi7uitous, convenient, on-demand networ access
to a shared pool of con%gurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and
released with minimal management e=ort or service provider interaction.
Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing
0n-demand self-service services provided without human interaction with service
!road networ access cloud capabilities promoted via thic and thin client
platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and worstations
1esource pooling provider<s computing resources are pooled to serve multiple
consumers using a muulti-tenant model, with di=erent physical and virtual resources
dynamically assigned and reassigned accdg to consumer demand
1apid elasticity capabilities elastically provisioned and released in any 7uantity at
any time
8easured service cloud systems control and optimi,e resource use by leveraging a
metering capability at some level of abstraction appropriate to the type of service
Cloud Computing Service 8odels
Software as a Service *SaaS+ capability to use provider<s application running on a
)latform as a Service *)aaS+ capability to deploy onto the cloud consumer-created
or ac7uired application created using programming languages, libraries, services
and tools supported by provider
Infrastructure as a Service *IaaS+ capability to provide processing, storage
networs and other computing resources to deploy and run arbitrary software
$eployment 8odels
)rivate Cloud for e-clusive use by a single organi,ation comprising multiple
consumers *business units+
Community Cloud for e-clusive use by a speci%c community of consumers from
organi,ation that have shared concerns *mission, security re7uirements, policy and
compliance considerations+
)ublic Cloud for open use by the general public
2ybrid composition of two or more clouds bound together by standardi,ed or
proprietary tech
II. Careers in I3 /ebmaster
/ebmaster maintains content and technical comonents of a website. Ensures content is
accurate, formatted, accessed by a large number of users, compatible with di=erent computer