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Solution :

As an ASM my responsibility is to increase the sales. The overall share of Fevikwik in the country is
85% and in Mumbai is 65%. This gap has to bridged. We are doing well in the consumer segment as
a whole as we have high brand recall and small pack sizes. This enables people to try our product
and because of the high quality they stick to it in the future.
The wholesalers on the other hand prefer Cheapy due to higher margins. As we cant compromise on
our margins:
My job would be to formulate strategies at three levels.
1. To convince wholesalers to shift from Cheapy to Fevikwik by offering them a strong value
2. To try to win the loyalty of the market which is loyal to Cheapy
3. To create a pull demand
The first can be done by getting sales people to visit the wholesales and convince them by :
Innovations in wholesale markets:

1. Informing the wholesalers the benefits of regular replacements of damaged products:
Lesser damaged inventory in the store (it is Mumbai space is a major concern).
Better customer satisfaction to their consumers due to ready availability of the
Assurance of quality service due to a strong brand name
2. Bundling can be used, Pidilite has a portfolio having larger margin products like Hobby
Ideas, Rangeela or larger pack sizes of Fevicol and Fevistick.
3. One of the major motivations for wholesalers is ROI. So we can reduce his working capital by
providing him with credit for the duration of the sales cycle.
4. Comparing the Milton brand (using its brand equity) to the steel glasses.

The second can be done by providing free samples to the auto craftsmen/ Cheapy users , creating
activations inviting them to try our product and compare it with Cheapy, due to high quality lesser
quantity of our product will be required and it will stick better. This can be done by going door to
door or setting up kiosks in
A challenge can be put up using the famous Pidilite advertising strategies, Something which
says If you try us once you will forget about any product you have ever used before.
Warna dugne paise wapas, as we use small SKUs its not a risky proposition at all.

The third could be the strategy they tried with Fevistick using the Dabbang and Salman
Khan lookalike add. They educated the customer about the imitation products and how
Fevikwik id the real and ultimate adhesive (comparative advertising). We can openly claim
we are better than Cheapy in terms of quality as we have proof for the same. This campaign
can have a limited scope of only Mumbai; hence it will be cost effective also. So we can
create a pull demand and the wholesalers would have to stock us because of it.

The target market should be the retail segment only; as if there is a pull the wholesalers will
stock our product. Many other uses of Fevikwik should be thought of. Women are known to
keep Fewikwik in their bags, common uses include: fixing shoes and broken straps.

We could create a nation-wide contest to come up with innovative uses of the product. The
best responses could be incorporated into the ads and rewarded. Strong advertising is our
forte, and advertising can be used as a teaching tool, new uses of an existing product results
in creating a larger market size.

This could have an online version (social media) wherein each weeks winner could be
announced and sent a goodie bag or a cash price of Rs 500 and his idea could be used as the
cover pic for the Facebook page.

The Van Activations carried out by Pidilite in Mysore, Mangalore, Belgaum, Kharagpur,
Asansol, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Satara, Kolhapur, Solapur and
Pondicherry, could be replicated in Mumbai as well. They have received wide media
coverage and will create a strong impact.

As the major cheapy customer base is the auto repair segment. Specific local
advertisements can be created showing use of fevikwik fixing auto parts
Advertisement campaigns of win Rs 1 lakh by finding a better adhesive than
fevikwik can be used