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GHAYATHI COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Abu Dhabi - UAE Burt Hill Project No. 10710.00 Technical Specifications Book V – Mechanical Works


Section 15010

General Provisions Tender Documents Date of Issue: 16 th February 2011

before commencement of testing. The test shall demonstrate the compliance of the performance of the equipment with the equipment schedules.

B. Failure to meet test requirements shall require correction of deficiency and re-testing

C. Submit written test results of factory acceptance tests for approval prior to shipping.

D. Approval of equipment at the factory only allows the manufacturer to ship the equipment to the site and does not constitute final acceptance by the Engineer.

E. The costs of the factory only allows the manufacturer to ship the equipment to the site and does not constitute final acceptance by the Engineer.


A. Equipment and associated items shall operate under conditions of load without sound or vibration deemed objectionable by the Engineer as per 15071. In the case of moving equipment, sound or vibration noticeable outside of the room in which it is installed, or annoyingly noticeable within the room in which it is installed, shall be deemed objectionable. Sound or vibration deemed objectionable shall be corrected in an approved manner as per 15071 at no extra cost to the Owner. Vibration control shall be provided by means of approved vibration isolators and installed in accordance with the isolator manufacturer's recommendations.

B. The sound pressure levels around mechanical and electrical equipment (fans, pumps, motors, etc.) in equipment spaces shall not exceed 85 dBA at any point one (1) meter from the equipment, with all equipment in the room operating. The sound criteria apply to the complete range of each piece of equipment.

C. Contractor to have Acoustical and Vibration Specialist to review an approved format equipment layout and selection to meet Acoustical criteria for building type per ASHRAE or criteria listed by Engineer.

D. Continuous vibration from building services plant should be limited to achieve the building services noise limits specified for each area and by adhering to BS 6472 Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings (1 Hz to 80 Hz).

E. In the event of excessive vibration being produced when the building services are commissioned and balanced, measurements shall be undertaken to determine the acceptability of the vibration levels produced.

F. Maximum exposure to continuous (8 hour night-time) vibration from building services on any floor, ceiling or wall should not exceed BS 6472 Curve 4 in all office, retail and public circulation areas and BS 6472 Curve 8 in all plant / equipment rooms.

G. To substantiate this, measurements shall confirm that a vibration velocity level of 0.1 mm/s is not exceeded plant / equipment rooms, measurements should confirm that a maximum vibration velocity level of 0.3 mm/s rms is not exceeded on any equipment room floor, wall or ceiling.


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