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Mailing Address:

Mohalla Sheikh Shahbaz Baba Kheshgi Payan P/O Kheshgi Payan Tehsil & District Nowshera( KPK, Pakistan)
Mob : +92-345-0751284
Tanveer Ullah

To achieve excellence in working as dynamic professional offering solutions to business using
the best available where my analytical ability and analyzing quest are used maximum for growth
of the organization and to grow with the organization. Seeking a challenging position in well
established company that offers professional growth and ample opportunity to learn and enrich
my competencies in my profession.
To be a part of organization which offers me an opportunity to continuously learn, evolve myself
and contribute for organization, such that my growth along with organization is linked to that of
organization and to be an asset to the organization.
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 1
,March 1992
CNIC NO. 17201-5716683-3
Marital Status Single
Religion Islam
Nationality Pakistani
Language Known English ,Urdu ,Pashto
Degree/Certificates Passing Year University/Institution Percentage/Div
SSC (Science Group) 2008 BISE Mardan 77% , 1

F,sc (Pre - Engineering) 2010 BISE Mardan 69% , 1

B.A(Law,EnglishElective) 2012 Uni Of Peshawar 50% , 2

BE-IT( I.T- Engineering) 2011-2015 UET.Taxila(KICSIT,KRL) CGPA 2.7 , 1

Developed a website using HTML,CSS,JAVA Script ,PHP & J Query
Developed a SIM activation System in C++ , Snake Game in C & Mobile Charger + DC
Supply in Electronics + Counter in Digital logic Design
Data Base System design using Oracle 10g (Library Management, Hospital
Data Base System design using C#.NET(Quiz Game System & Bomber Man Game)
Design a Touch Screen Calculator in (PIC-18) Micro Controller and Embedded System
Implement Different Programs of Digital Image processing and Numerical in Mat lab
Work on android as well as On Desktop Apps and Work on word press etc.
Developed Path finder game in Network Programming(JAVA)


Automatic Car Parking System (ACPS)
In my project I provide a new car parking system which allows the driver to park the car
at nearby car parking. The driver will only stand the car on the lift and least bother about
where when who and how long he or she will park the car.
I created a demo model which are control by an operator from control room and also
web access by which any one will reserve his or her parking online on rush area.
By using this demo model the companies will be able to construct this type of automatic
car parking system so they can provide the benefits to drivers which are always feel
uncomfortable about the manual car parking areas.
PCB Circuit
PCB circuit is the main circuit which acts as a bridge between hardware and my
simulation. PCB circuit includes the major components of hardware like microcontroller, stepper
motors, capacitors, resistors
Hardware prototype
Hardware prototype is my main interface in which a car is put over the lift and park in the
required racks area. This interface uses the mechanical approach like the movement of lift with
the help of pulley. The car is park to the rack with the help of stepper motor and a belt which is
placed over the rack.
Web Application
Web Application provides the users an opportunity to reserve there parking rack by sitting in
home. User just open the web and by providing necessary information he/she reserve their
corresponding racks vice versa but he/she unreserved the rack by entering the Token number.
Android Application
Android Application is just same as the web application the only difference between these two
applications is that user can install the application on smart phone and by providing his or her
information reserved or unreserved his parking rack.
Java Application (Main User Interface)
This application provides the main user interface. By using this application I automate car
parking system to park the car at available place.

Listening music.
Participate in Dramas.
Using Internet etc.

Interacting with the client to understand the project and finalize its scope.
Operating System
Window xp,2000,98,Linux,Window 8
Programming Languages
C/C++ , Java

Data Bases

Oracle 10g
Ms SQL Server

Web Development
Java Script

Network Management
Basic knowledge of Networks &
Networking Devices
Routing Protocols
Routing Configuration
IP Routing

MS Word,Matlab
MS Access,MS Visual Studio,MS Excel
MS Power Point,Net Bean,Wamp server
Android SDK , Eclipse
Estimation, design and development of various modules.
Bug fixing and maintenance of the product.
Mentoring junior members in the team.
Coordinate Ensuring smooth delivery of the projecting with other teams working on the
same project.
To understand and translate client and business needs into systems scope and objectives.
Implementation of software system and providing client support.

Good Programmer , Web Developer , Assertive Nature.
Strong work ethics.
Effective Communication Skills.
Strong Leadership Qualities.
Sound Knowledge of the Legal terms and Policies.
Good Convincing and Negotiating Skills.
Fast and deep searching on Internet.
Self-belief and dedication towards work.
Ability to work in a team with diverse backgrounds.

Excellent analytical, logical and programming skill.
Developed a lot of websites as well as projects for school and colleges.
Teaching Experience in Ghazali Public School and VISTA Science School
Rawalpindi as well as in AL-ILAM Education Academy.
Reference would be furnished if so, desired.