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Overview Guide to HCO NFMC Features


This section reviews the steps needed to create the export file which is
importable into the NeighborWorks application. HCO contains a report called
NFMC Export Selection which provides the ability to select which
completed counseling levels are included in the importable .csv file. A
counseling level will only show up on this report once it has its Counseling
Level End Date entered. Lets review the process to execute the report.
NFMC Export Selection.

1. On the top menu, chose the External Reports menu option, then choose
the NFMC Reports menu option, then choose NFMC Export Selection
menu option.
2. The NFMC Export Selection report is displayed. It shows all NFMC
cases/counseling levels which have never been exported. The top portion
of the screen reviews the parameters used to execute the report. You may
change the report criteria by clicking Change Search Criteria.
Version 3.0
Overview Guide to HCO NFMC Features
3. The NFMC Export Selection Search Criteria screen contains several
options for limiting what NFMC counseling levels are displayed. Simply
enter your additional criteria and click Search. You will be taken back to
the NFMC Export Selection report where counseling levels are displayed
using your new search criteria.

Version 3.0
Overview Guide to HCO NFMC Features

4. The main section of the report is the Counseling Levels Eligible For
Export details area. This area presents information for NFMC cases
which have a counseling level which can be exported.
5. You have the ability to select the counseling levels for export using
several methods.
All counseling levels in the entire list, across all screens
All counseling levels on the screen
Version 3.0

Overview Guide to HCO NFMC Features
6. Once you have selected the counseling levels you wish to have in the
export file, simply click Next.
7. The following screen displays information regarding the parameters used
to execute the report as well as confirmation type information regarding
your selections. The Export Summary section displays counts based
upon the counseling levels which were selected. These counts can be
compared to those presented by the NeighborWorks application upon
import. If the counts are correct, simply click Export Report.
Version 3.0
8. You are prompted with several screens that eventually require you to save
the .csv file to your computer. Please select a location on your PC and
name the file something you will remember. You can then use this file as
import into the NeighborWorks application.