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assalamualaikum Wr.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen
first of all let us say thanks to the almighty God , Allah SWT, who has given us his mercy
and blessing, so that we can attend this meeting without any obstacle in this happy
place and time. And we shouldnt forget to say Shalawat and Salam to our prophet,
uhammad SAW who has guided us from the darkness into the brightness and
messenger along with all the families and companion. ay we all get the safaat in the
day after.
To the honorable, The chief of education and culture department or the represantator
to the honorable, the grand !uries
And of course all of my beloved friends and the competitors here.
" would like to say many thank you for all who has given me a chance for standing here
to deliver my speech in the topic about #The $rugs and The %oung Generation&
'adies and Gentlemen.
Who doesnt know or who doesnt concern about drugs ( Well, everybody know about
drugs as $rugs become a trendsetter among us. " am sure you all have already known,
and may be better than me about what drugs are and what the advantages and
disadvantages are. "n pharmacology, a drug is a chemical substance used in the
treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease. $rugs are one type of psychotropic
medication. This drug is used in medicine as a sedative in patients with depression and
as an anesthetic for surgery.
)ut nowadays, in this modern age, $rugs have been misapplied by some people for a
long time. Some people which use drugs beyond the medical treatment consider that
drugs can make them feel better when they are facing some problems and for other
reasons such as can make them feel easy to find new brilliant ideas or !ust for a
pleasure. And i say, that is the mislead statement. They say , *#drugs will sweep your
problem away, drugs will make you brilliant, more than you can be, or drugs will make
you fly, you are not cool if you dont use drugs&. And then, you have to think, $oes a
problem solver send you into the !ail ( will those brilliant things make your parents cry (
or does the pleasure bring you to the death ( is it right (
'adies and gentlemen
The ne+t ,uestion is appeared when we know that the young generation is the main
players in this horror drama. Why cant we separate between the young generation and
the $rugs ( The fact says in every single case of drugs, the young generation is always
So what (( of course it is e+tremely alarming condition for our young generation. As we
know that the future of our nation is in the young generations hands. Good or bad,
better or worse is in the decision of the young generation. Who will be the ne+t
president ( the young generation - Who will teach the children in the future ( who will
continue the e+isted norm ( its us the young generation. .ow, lets think, if our young
generation is destructed and messed up, absolutely we are planning a destruction of
our nation.
A study by the "nternational 'abor /rgani0ation 1"'/2 office in "ndonesia showed that
around 34 percent of illicit drug users in the country are children under 35 years old. "t
doesnt include around 33,666 !unior high school students, over 35,666 senior high
school students and about 4666 elementary school students. Therefore it is not
surprising that drug users continue to increase from year to year. And ironically, the
government have no idea to take control this wide spread problem.
'adies and Gentlemen
The facts above showed us how familiar #.arkoba& issues "n our young generation. The
effect of drugs is not only dangerous for drugs user itself, with it7s big risks such as
overdoses, 8"9:A"$S and some damage in our brain and mental, drugs also dangerous
for the people in surrounding us. " am sure you will never forget the latest accident in
Tugu Tani, ;akarta, when a drugs user, Apriliani, drove her car with high speed and hit
the pedestrians in a halte. "t obviously proof that in the effect of drugs, hallucination of
the drugs user is bigger than other normal people.
"t is so sad ladies and gentlemen.
%es it is, when we know that our lovely had been trapped in the drugs abuse.
<irst, guide ourselves with the strong faith of our religion. We live because of our God,
And we have to die in the bless of the God. Second, tighten our relation each other. /ne
another, in family, in the public, school, teachers, students or moreover, the government
should take a responsible reaction and give a more serious concern about the
teenagers life. And the last, stay away from drugs and stay awake to reali0e what
happened around us to keep us staying alert.
'adies and gentlemen, my friends..
" believe we dont want such things happened to ourselves. " believe that we dont
wanna break our future now. " believe that were all as the young generation has been
awakened by such many bad things and we are ready to fight the bad e+isting. And "
believe in one day, the day when everyone is smiling happily without any worry about
their future, the day when the momoc is disappeared from our life, will come if only we
start it from now.
"ts the time to take the chance and to make the change, its the time to save the whole
generation. "ts the time to say #good bye drugs&, and surely, together we can be a great,
a brilliant, and a golden generation for you , for us , and absolutely for our nation.
So, ladies and gentlemen.
" think, thats all for my speech. " hope together we can take the advantage from my
speech not only stop in this room, but until you go home and apply it in our life. Thank
you so much and im sorry if i have many mistakes in my speech. .obodys perfecr
always make mistakes, right ( once again, thank you so much, youre all the best. At
last stay away from drugs, and
WASSA'A=A'A">= W?. W).