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General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more

Standard Chartered credit card &debit card comes to us with a winning combination
of value-packed features and benefits. Here is said, how to settle your card account,
finance charges, card statement.
Credit card &debit card providing different services such as safety net provides the
best protection against lifes uncertainties. Safety net is an invaluable insurance
benefit. S!S banking services are provided through credit card & debit card also
provided call centre benefit, "-Statement. Credit card & debit card benefit such as
"asy credit, instant cash advance auto #ill pay, $ewards program, instabuy, safety net,
%ll accidental death insurance, S!S #anking, Supplementary cards, card che&ue etc.
are described here briefly.
History of the bank and SC#s function in #angladesh also has been shown in a brief
description. How charge and fees are e'ecuted here that also has been show here.
(ayment recovery may be in terms of %ccount transfer, standing instruction, cash,
che&ue etc. )hese all are the brief description about report.

General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
)he new century is even more prosperous than the past, because of convenient
transaction of money. )he traditional shape of money is getting lost and it is now
developed into different forms that satisfy the same needs e'ecuted by money. *ow a
day one of the very important mode of payment is the credit cards. Since free and
open trade is the engine of economic development, everyone is going to be a part of it.
+e are living in the era of profound changes in transaction process, called the age of
interdependence, it is a time of increasing e'pectation brought about by worldwide
distribution, satellite communication, transportation system, %)!s, credit cards, debit
card etc.
#angladesh over the thirty years of its independence has gone through lots of
transition and break-through to reach at the position was it is today. #angladesh being
a third world country was always dominated and suppressed by the powerful and
economically well off nation. #angladesh become an independent country in ,-.,
began its /ourney to distant dream many years ago. 0t is perhaps not an ancient land
but many ancient peoples have come to #angladesh and entranced by its magic have
made it their home.
)he country with authentic natural beauty and enormous natural resources was not
able to show the auspicious sign of prosperity because of the barriers that were
created both locally and internationally. )he country is not advance in terms of
technology and has not yet adapted modern and efficient ways of producing goods
and services that would minimi1e cost and ma'imi1e profit. #ut Standard Chartered
#ank has been trying to provide the modern approach of providing services to its
valuable customers and trying to make this situation better.
Banking sector in Bangladesh
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Commercial Banks:
#anks and other financial institutions have great effect on the economy and monetary
management of a country. #angladesh is no e'ception to that. )he number of banks
and financial institutions in #angladesh has been growing since independence in
keeping with the pace of demand and mobility of the economy of the country. %t the
same time the spectrum and diversified activities of those banks and institutions are
e'panding too.
)he financial system in #angladesh is relatively small and less developed than in
most countries in South and "ast %sia. Commercial banks are at the heart of this
financial sector.
Market Segment:
)he banking industry of #angladesh is mainly divided into two sectors, such as
Speciali1ed #anks 2S#s3 and Commercial #anks 2C#s3. )he Speciali1ed #anks are
those banks that deal with specific sectors or industry of an economy. 4or instance,
#angladesh 5rishi #ank 2#5#3 only deals with the agricultural sector of the
economy6 #angladesh Shilpa #ank 2#S#3 only deals with the industrial sector of the
economy, etc.
7n the other hand, Commercial #anks are Scheduled #anks that are operating in the
country under the rules and regulations of the Central #ank. Commercial banks in
turn can be grouped as *ationali1ed Commercial #anks 2*C#s36 4oreign Commercial
#anks 24C#s3 and (rivate Commercial #anks 2(C#s3 with three different segments,
such as ,
Generation (rivate Commercial #anks, 8
Generation (rivate Commercial
#anks, and 9
Generation (rivate Commercial #anks.
)he #angladesh #ank 2##3 7rder created in ,-.8, authori1ed #angladesh #ank 2##3
as the central bank of the country. #angladesh #ank 7rder ,-.8 and the #anking :
Companies %ct ,--, mainly guide the commercial banks in #angladesh. Commercial
#anks in #angladesh are not allowed to do business other than /ust banking. *ormal
activities include borrowing, raising or taking up of money, lending or advancing of
money with or without security. )hey are also authori1ed to issue letters of credit,
trade in precious commodities and buying and selling of foreign goods e'cluding
foreign bank notes. )hey are also authori1ed to trade in bills of e'change, promissory
notes, coupons, drafts, debentures, certificates and other instruments approved by
#angladesh #ank 2##3. #anking companies are re&uired to provide safe vaults and
are authori1ed to collect money and securities.
Regulation of the Banking Industry:
)he banking sector plays a crucial role in economic development of any developing
country. 0n #angladesh the banking sector dominates the financial sector and
macroeconomic management largely depends on the performance of the banking
sector. )he !inistry of 4inance, in con/unction with )he #angladesh #ank regulates
the banking sector through monetary and fiscal policies. #angladesh #ank, being the
central bank e'erts supervisory controls over the banking sector. ## re&uires that
banks have a minimum paid up capital and reserve funds and that no person, family or
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
company own more than ,;< of bank share personally, /ointly or both. #angladesh
#ank may with prior Government approval at any time change the policy regarding
the reservation of risk-based capital of assets. ## may determine policy to control
advances by banking companies. ## has direct authority to appoint any new
!anaging =irector, General !anager, or C"7 and ## can dismiss none so appointed
without prior approval. ## also has the power to supersede the #oard of =irectors of
a banking company. ## is also the official li&uidator and has the power to give
directions to a banking company and also remove directors when it feels that this may
be in public interest.
Market Entry and Exit:
#angladesh #ank 2##3, the central bank of #angladesh, has the authority to determine
the entry and e'it rules of all the banks operating in #angladesh. ## performs the
traditional central banking roles of note issue and banker to the government and
banks. 0t formulates and implements monetary policies, manages foreign e'change
reserves and supervises banks and non-bank financial institutions. )heir prudential
regulations include> minimum capital re&uirements, limits on loan concentration and
insider borrowing and guidelines for asset classification and income recognition.
Industrys Competitive orces:
a! Rivalry among the Competitors :
0n the banking industry, rivalry among the competing banks is moderate to high due to
the following reasons>
!a/or rivals are e&ual or close to in si1e and capability 2revenue and
"'it barriers are high.
*ew private banks are snatching share from the *C#s and each others
customers by providing e'tra benefits.
Slow market growth due to the sluggish economy.
=epositors cost of switching banks is low.
"! Su"stitutes:
)here are substitute financial institutions that do many of the activities and
transactions of a bank in the leasing field but these financial and leasing institutions
are too small in si1e. )hese institutions can shrink the profit margin of commercial
banks. 0ndustrial ?easing and =evelopment Company ?td. 20=?C3, @nited ?easing
Company are the key players. )hey provide industrial leasing to many companies in
the country. 0nsurance companies are also provide loan and performs other financial
activities. #ut some of the operations of the banks like e'porting : importing have no
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
c! #o$er of Suppliers:
=epositors are considered to be the suppliers of the banks. )here are thousands of
depositors from all walks of life. )here are businessmen, service holders, farmers,
students and people from virtually any other professions who are depositors of the
banks. #ig amount depositors have strong powers in determining interest rate of their
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
%n overvie$ of Standard Chartered Bank &SCB!:
)he Standard Chartered #ank is the +orlds leading emerging markets banking group
that is incorporated in the @5, with its head&uarters in ?ondon with limited liability
by $oyal Charter ,AB9. )he group focuses its activities in %sia, %frica and the !iddle
"ast and its operation is segmented under si' regions> @5 & "urope, !iddle "ast and
South %sia 2!"S%3, South "ast %sia, and the %mericas.
Globally, the key resources of SC# include>
% network of over C;; offices in B; countries
% staff of about 9;,;;; people managing assets of around D. billion pounds
Standard Chartered #anks international businesses in (ersonal #anking,
Corporate #anking and Standard Chartered !arkets are its special strengths
Standard Chartered #ank also maintains correspondent relationship with over
C;; banks in ,B. countries around the world
)he global strategies of Standard Chartered #ank are>
)o build and grow strong businesses in "ast and South "ast %sia E the %sia
(acific $egion
)o enhance historical position in the !iddle "ast and South %sia region
)o concentrate operations in the 7"C= in those activities that support
Standard Chartered #anks remarkable franchise in newly industriali1ed and
emerging markets
Business activities of glo"al Standard Chartered Bank:
Standard Chartered operates in every %sia (acific market with the e'ception of *orth
5orea and some C; percent of the Groups profits come form the %sia (acific region.
Hong 5ong continues to be the ma/or importance to the Group and contributes 9;
percent of the total profit with around A; branches in Hong 5ong and strong
representation in China, Standard Chartered E a note issuing bank in Hong 5ong E is
well placed to continue playing an important part in Greater Chinas development. %
resident Group "'ecutive =irector manages the Groups business there.
Consumer #anking, Corporate and 0nstitutional #anking are managed out of
Singapore each by a Group "'ecutive =irector resident in the island state. 7ther "ast
%sian countries of note for the Group are !alaysia, )aiwan and )hailand where, in
,---, the bank ac&uired a .B percent interest and management control in *akornthon.
Standard Chartered is the leading international bank in Sub-Saharan %frica, operating
in several countries, the most prominent being 5enya, Fambia, Fimbabwe and Ghana.
)he groups operations in the Gulf and South %sia are managed form =ubai.
SCB in Bangladesh
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
4igure: SCBs #resence in 'he (orld
Standard Chartered #ank provides a full range of products and services to its
customers all around the world, some of which are mentioned below>
Consumer #anking
(ersonal #anking
Global Corporate #anking %nd 0nstitutional #anking
0nternational )rade !anagement
Global Cash !anagement
Global 0nstitutional #anking
Global )reasury
Global "lectronic #anking
)istory of *rindlays Bank:
Captain $obert !elville Grindlays established Grindlays & Co with a partner in ,A8A.
)he name was changed to Grindlays Christian & !athews in ,A9-, which again
changed to Grindlays & Co in ,AB9.
)he first branch opened in 0ndia, at Church ?ane, Calcutta in ,ABD and in ,ACD
Grindlays & Co opened 0ndian branches autonomous from ?ondon. *ational
(rovincial #ank ?imited ac&uired them in ,-8D. *ational #ank of 0ndia absorbed
Grindlays and Co in ,-BA and began to operate as *ational & Grindlays bank ?td.
)wo significant ac&uisitions in the ,-C;Gs and ,-.;Gs were a controlling 0nterest in
,-CB in merchant banker +illiam #randtGs Sons and Co ltd. ?ater increased to full
ownership, and in ,-.D purchased of the Glasgow - based #ritish bank of commerce
ltd. )he name was simplified back to Grindlays #ank ltd in ,-AB.
0n the mid -,-.;Gs the #ankGs future was uncertain as two large shareholders, Citibank
and ?loydGs were direct competitors in many parts of the world. )his was resolved
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
when %*F bank purchased Grindlays bank in ,-AD, making %*F %ustraliaGs first
truly international bank. )he name changed to %*F GrindlayGs #ank in ,-A-. @nder
%*F, the business has been a strong player, especially in !iddle "ast South %sia
2!"S%3 markets with its well-established branch network placing the bank among
the top foreign #anks in several countries.
)istory of Standard Chartered Bank:
Standard Chartered #ank has a history of about ,B; years. )he name HStandard
CharteredI stems from the two original banks from which it was founded E the
HChartered #ankI of 0ndia, %ustralia and China and the HStandard #ankI of #ritish
South %frica.
% $oyal Charter granted by Jueen Kictoria of "ngland established the HChartered
#ankI in ,AB9. )he main person behind the Chartered #ank was a Scot, Lames +ilson
who had also started The Economist still one of the most eminent publications
today. He foresaw the advantages of financing the growing trade links with the areas
in the east, which no other financial institution was doing at that time.
%nother Scot, Lohn (aterson in ,AC8, founded the HStandard #ankI. He immigrated to
Cape (rovince in South %frica and became a successful merchant before founding
The Eastern Province Herald which is still published today. Coming from a similar
background as +ilson, he also saw great trading possibilities between "urope and his
adopted country, and together with local business interest he founded the bank.
)he two banks e'panded and prospered with time and decided to merge in ,-C-. 7n
Lanuary 9;, ,-.; the new shares of the Standard and Chartered #anking Group
?imited were listed in the ?ondon Stock "'change. )he original building of the
Chartered #ank at 9A #ishop Gate was demolished in Lune ,-A; and Jueen "li1abeth
00 opened new head&uarters of the Standard Chartered #ank (?C on the same site on
!arch 8;, ,-AC. #ecoming stronger after the merger, Standard Chartered #ank
embarked upon serious e'pansion in "urope and the @nited States. )he Standard
Chartered !erchant #ank was built up from a number of ac&uisitions made during the
,--;s. 0n the last thirty years, Standard Chartered #ank has e'perienced continuous
growth. 0t was also /udged the best bank in the %sia-(acific region in ,--9 and ,--D
for its continuous growth rate and e'cellent service.
Standard Chartered + *rindlays Bank, 'he %c-uisition:
Standard Chartered #ank has taken advantage of the e'pansion opportunities. #uying
Grindlays from %*F now propels it form number five to number one among
international banks in 0ndia, with some choice e'tra footholds in the !iddle "ast.
% @S M ,.9D billion ac&uisition of the Grindlays network oil Luly 9,, 8;;; from the
%*F #anking Group of %ustralia made Standard Chartered Grindlays #ank ?imited
tile oldest foreign bank in #angladesh. =ating back to ,-;B with its forebears, the
*ational #ank of 0ndia, opening a branch in Chittagong, Standard Chartered call
claim a banking legacy of almost a Century in #angladesh, which automatically
&ualifies it as the most knowledgeable foreign bank of local conditions. )oday, there
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
are ,- branches of Standard Chartered #ank, ,8 of them are in =haka 9 branches are
in Chittagong and the rest of them are in *arayangon/, #ogra, Sylhet, and khulna.
Standard Chartered #ank in #angladesh is a full service commercial bank consisting
of three business units. )he business banking operation is built around a core of
corporate clients, many of which are multinational relationships of Standard
Chartered Grindlays, together with a number of local enterprises from both the public
and private sectors. )he consumer business provides a broad deposit base of local
personal customers, international agencies and diplomatic missions through the
e'tensive branch network.
%s a full service commercial bank Standard Chartered Grindlays #ank ?imited
provides a comprehensive range of financial services and speciali1es ill the area of
import and e'port finance, finance facilities including issuance, advising and
confirming ?etters of Credit, bonds and guarantees, investment advice, leasing and
pro/ect 4inance.
Standard Chartered and %ME. Bank, 'he %c-uisition:
)he ac&uisition of %merican "'press #ank in #angladesh in 8;;B is reflections of the
banks increasing commitment to #angladesh. Standard Chartered bank is also
continuing its investments for ensuring world-class services along with an array of
international products for its clients.
Standard Chartered Grindlays #ank is the leading international bank, servicing
#angladesh with ,;; yearsG local e'perience. 0t has close contacts with Government
ministries, autonomous, semi - autonomous bodies and provides a variety of products
and remittance ser-vices.
Similarly, foreign missions, aid and Koluntary organi1ations, consultants, airlines,
shipping contractors and their personnel can operate Current account in both
#angladesh )aka and ma/or foreign currencies, together with full remittance and
deposit management services.
Starting in Bangladesh:
)he Chartered #ank started operating in #angladesh opening a branch in Chittagong.
)he branch was opened mainly to facilitate the post-war reestablishment and
e'pansion of South and Southeast %sia. )he Chartered #ank opened another branch in
=haka in ,-CC, where it is still head&uartered. %fter the merger of the Chartered #ank
with the Standard #ank in ,-C-, the Standard Chartered #ank took up a program of
e'pansion. 0t increasingly invested in people6 technology and premises as its business
grew in relation to the countrys economy.
0n ,--9, there was an organi1ational re-structuring, which led to a substantial
e'pansion of the #anks business. )oday the bank has in total ,8 branches in =haka 9
branches in Chittagong and four branches in Slyhet, 5hulna, *arayangan/, and #ogra.
#angladesh is under the !iddle "ast and South %sia 2!"S%3 region, with the
controlling office in =ubai. 0ts correspondent relationship with Sonali #ank, the
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
largest bank in #angladesh, gives its customers access to all ma/or centers in the
country. Standard Chartered #anks worldwide network facilitates convenient
connections with foreign trade and remittance business. Standard Chartered #anks
branch banking license in #angladesh allows it to offer a full range of banking
Since the organi1ational restructuring in ,--9, the amount of deposits and loans in
,--. has increased by more than five times. )here is an overall increasing trend of
Standard Chartered #anks market share in terms of deposits and advances. 0n ,--B,
the market share in terms of advances was 8;<, which peaked to 8-< in ,--C and
fell by 9< in ,--.. 0n the case of deposits, the market share of Standard Chartered
#ank increased from ,C< in ,--B to ,A< in ,--C, and increased by another 8< in
0n terms of profit before ta'es, there is a rise from eight million #=) in ,--; to its
highest amount of .B; million #=) in ,--A. )he largest increase of D9A< took place
in ,--,. %lthough the growth rate began to decline gradually from ,--9 2from a
,.;< to B< in ,--A3 the overall increase reflects a substantial positive trend.
Standard Chartered #anks growth in terms of profit and market share depicts an
overall positive trend/
@ntil September 8;;8, both Standard Chartered and Standard Chartered Grindlays
will operate under the same management but as separate entities. +ith effect from
September 8;;8, there would not be any Grindlays- only Standard Chartered #ank.
4inally from Lanuary ;,, 8;;9 both of the banks are operating their activities in
#angladesh by renaming them officially as Standard Chartered #ank and have
changed their ?7G7.
'he 0rgani1ation:
)he Standard Chartered #ank in #angladesh has its head&uarters and twelve branches
in =haka and three branches in Chittagong, and one branch in 5hulna, #ogra, Sylhet
and *arayangon/. +hile the full range of services is available at the head&uarters,
other branches offer specific services appropriate for the location. %t the head&uarters,
the bank mainly consists of two divisions>
)he business division has the following departments>
Corporate #anking Group 2C#G3
)reasury 2)SN3
0nstitutional #anking Group 20#G3
Consumer #anking 2C#3
Custodial Services 2C@S3

General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
0rgani1ational organism:
Standard Chartered #ank is
primarily corporate driven. !ore than the corporate banking generates D;< of its
revenue group while )reasury contributes more than 8;< to the overall revenue. )he
rest is generated from (ersonal #anking, Custodial Services and 0nstitutional
#anking/ )he =hanmondi #ranch is the head office of the Consumer #anking, which
concentrates on the full services of Consumer #anking such as customer services,
credit facilities, locker, information technology, priority banking and remittances. )he
Sheraton branch is more like a cash booth offering.
)he Support division provides assistance to the above business activities and consists
of the following departments>
4inance, %dministration and $isk !anagement
0nformation )echnology Centre
Human $esource =epartment
?egal and Compliance
"'ternal %ffairs
%ll the staff members of Standard Chartered #ank belong to an internal trade union
known as HStandard Chartered #ank "mployees @nionI the clauses of which are
reviewed and agreed upon every two years
Chain 0f Command:
Support Manager '0
)ead of
Corporate and
)ead of inance
+ %dmin/
)ead of *S%M
)ead of
)ead of )uman
Resource 4ept/
Chief 0perating
)ead of 'reasury
Senior Credit
)ead of
)ead of
)ead of 5egal +
)ead of External
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
)he Standard Chartered #ank in #angladesh follows a hierarchical pattern of
command. )he Chief "'ecutive 7fficer 2C"73, reports to the $egional General
!anager, !"S% in =ubai. %ll the department heads at the head&uarters report to the
C"7. 0n Chittagong, however, since there are two ma/or business activities, a
manager or senior manager, who reports directly to the head of the respective division
in =haka, heads each. )he Custodial Service division at the head&uarters reports to
the Head of Corporate #anking.
)he respective branch managers are responsible for the performance of their unit.
"ach branch is organi1ed functionally along line divisions with some support facilities
and the manager assigns tasks to his:her subordinate personnel and supervises their
performance, instructions are often given without necessary details and clarifications.
)he goal of Standard Chartered #ank is to be the Hbankers of first choice. )owards
that goal, the overall planning in the organi1ation is done at the head&uarters level in
=haka by a management committee 2!%*C73, headed by the C"7 and consisting of
the business heads of corporate banking, consumer banking, treasury, and from the
support divisions the heads of human resource, operations and finance departments.
)hey meet once a month, or when a special situation arises, to plan the strategic
decisions are relayed and discussed. )he decision making, although apparently based
on a top-down approach, leaves room for participation down to the level of
department heads, which are responsible for carrying out the planning of their
department within the broad guidelines set by !%*C7/
%mong the "road strategic o"6ectives are:
Creating a congenial work environment
!oderni1ation of the management information system to achieve full
automation by drastically cutting down on the paper work in the long-run
4ocusing on service &uality and consumer needs
$ecruiting and maintaining top-grade, efficient employees
)o invest in those technological systems which will upgrade and enhance
financial services, and
Creating an e'cellent brand image of the #ank
Structure of the Consumer Banking:
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
4ollowing is the reporting line and the responsibilities of the top management of file
Consumer #anking =ivision of the Standard Chartered #ank>
Head of
Consumer #anking
!anager #4S !anager SJ
& !0S
Control & !0S
)ead of
Banking #roducts
)ead of
4istri"ution +
#riority Banking
)ead of #roduct
4evelopment +
Marketing Services
#roduct 5aunch
#roduct Sales in
%ll Channels
#roduct Marketing
Campaigns for
%ll Channels
'E5E S%5ES
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
)ead of
)ead of
Credit + Collections
#hone Banking
#riority Banking
Branch S;
4irect Sales
'ele Sales

General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Banking Services of the Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh
)here are two types of service provided by the Standard Chartered #ank.
,3 #usiness or Corporate 4inancial Services
83 $etail or Consumer 4inancial Services.
#ut these two services can be classified further by the following ways>
Banking Services of SCB in Bangladesh
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
igure: igure: #anking Services of Standard Chartered #ank #anking Services of Standard Chartered #ank
Business : Corporate Banking of SCB: Business : Corporate Banking of SCB:
0t is very true that ma/or contribution to the banks e&uity has been from business
banking sector. 0t provides several types of services under business banking . %s
4igure shows, SC# offers corporate banking facilities to both local corporate and
multinationals. #esides, it also provides commercial, 0nstitutional, Juasi Government
or Correspondence and )reasury banking facilities.
Banking Services of
Standard Chartered
Credit Cards
0nter #ank
7peration of
%ccounts over
)rade 4inance
?etter of
Capital ?oans
!oney )ransfer
+age "arners
(ersonal ?oans
4und )ransfer
Kisa Credit
$isk "'posure
4und )ransfer
Card Service
@tility (ayment
Currency and
deposit rates
4orms by fa'

General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
igure: #usiness :Corporate #anking of SC#
Merchant Banking:
SC# is recogni1ed as the leading financial institution in corporate finance services in
#angladesh. % professional management team caters to the needs of its clients and
provides them with a wide range of financial services some of which are pro/ect
financing and investment consultancy, syndicated debt and e&uity, bond and
guaranties, local and international treasury products.
Institutional Banking:
)he 0#G of Standard Chartered #ank offers a wide variety of products and services to
different fund based organi1ations like donor agencies, *G7s, voluntary
organi1ations, foreign missions, airlines, shipping lines and their personnel. 0t has
global links with leading banking institutions, local banks, financial institutions and
agency arrangements through its network of offices in D; countries. )he #ank offers a
full range of clearing, payment collection and import-e'port handling services. )he
bank offers foreign missions, voluntary organi1ations, consultants, airlines, shipping
lines, and their personnel the following financial services>
Convertible )aka accounts 2these funds are freely convertible to ma/or
international currencies3
?ocal and foreign currency, remittance, etc.
)he varieties of financial products offered by this department are>
Commercial Banking:
SC# offers different commercial banking facilities to all commercial concern
specially those with particular involvement with import and e'port finance. 0t
provides the finance facilities like trade finance facilities including counseling,
confirming e'port ?:Cs, and issue of import ?:Cs backed by its international branch
#usiness:Corporate #anking
!erchant 0nstitutional Commercial Juasi Govt. )reasury
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
and correspondent network. 0t also provides bonds and guarantees, investment advice,
leasing facilities, pro/ect finance opportunities.
;uasi *overnment Banking:
)he Juasi Government service of SC# helps the government by providing different
financial service like efficient and knowledgeable management of trade business
2import and e'port3, skills in barter, swaps and counter trade deals. 0n addition, the
opportunity of debenture finance for new pro/ects, possibilities of hard currency loans
and lease deals, the opportunity of syndicated hard currency, financing of loans and
import ?:C, highly efficient account management and remittance handling within the
country or aboard.
'reasury Banking:
)he treasury of SC# is one of the leading treasuries that offers foreign e'change
re&uirements, provides market commentaries, economic forecasts and advisory to its
ma/or corporate clients. )o keep its customersG up-to Edate with what is happening in
the money markets, SC# has O+eekly )reasury @pdates. 0ts treasury operations are
developed in line with changing market conditions to provide the best services to its
customers. %ccording to #%4"=% 2#angladesh 4oreign "'change =ealers
%ssociation3, Standard Chartered #ank presently controls about D8< of the local
foreign e'change markets traded volume.
Consumer Banking:
Superior retail banking services comprising a wide range of deposit and loan products
are offered by the Standard Chartered #ank to its individual customers. )he
Consumer #anking division constantly faces challenges and meets them by
developing new products and services to fulfill the specific re&uirements of local
customers. )he #ank offers a 8D-hour service in #angladesh through its !oneylink
%)! network. )here are 9B %)!s in #angladesh 8; of those are located within
branch premises and ,. are situated in off site location. Customer can get about C;<
banking service only by phoning through call centre. Call Centre provides 8D: . one
window service to the customer and which is free of charge.
SC#s 0- #anking offers instant access to a wide range of on line banking service and
the latest promotion. 0-#anking is a simple, hassle-free and secured internet banking
service to SC#s customers. !oreover the #ills (ay Centre is an automated service
that is designed to ease the customers bill payment problems. Customers can stop by
those centers and use machines at any time of the day or night to make bill payments
which is absolutely free of charge.
Some of the basic products and services offered by the (ersonal #anking division are>
Current %ccounts, 7verdraft on Current %ccounts, 4oreign Currency )erm =eposits,
?ocal Currency Cash Che&ues, Che&ue (urchase, =rafts, Savings %ccounts, )erm
=eposits, )elegraphic )ransfers, )ravelers Che&ues, and (ersonal ?oans
Correspondent Banking:
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
)he 0nternational *etwork Service 20*S3 department offers its correspondent
Current account services where )aka settlement is necessary.
)he ability to issue bonds and guarantees in support of their customers
%dvising of ?:C and negotiation of documents.
!arket intelligence and status reports.
0nter branch transactions facilities.
$isk "'posures.
#hone Banking:
)his =epartment gives the following services>
7perations of accounts over the phone.
)ransfer of money between accounts.
7rder Che&ue books, account statement.
%ny kind of &uarries related to banking transactions.
%ny kind of &uarries related to credit card.
0ther Support Services:
4or providing all these services to customers efficiently the bank undertakes some
other necessary support services, which are described below>
Custodial Service, 'he E-uitor:
Head&uartered in Singapore, Standard Chartered "&uitor fulfils the groups strategic
commitment to the provision of custodial service in %sia. "&uators customers are
primarily foreign global custodians and broker:dealers re&uiring cross border
information as well as sub-custodian services. Standard Chartered #ank, #angladesh
is responsible for the planning in #angladesh, but the overall management of the
custody business is based on "&uitors international business strategy. Clients are
offered a customi1ed and comprehensive range of products and services, which
Custodial services
#rokerage, clearing and settlement services
Securities lending
4oreign "'change
)ransfer agent for institutional debt and e&uity offerings
=elivery, receipt, settlement, registration and physical safe custody of
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
7perations are the part of the support division, which helps to run the businesses of
the bank in a smooth and controlled manner. Since it helps mainly in processing the
works of the business units, any mistakes made can be easily detected and on time.
4ollowing are the main functions of the operations department>
Central operations deals with the closing and opening of accounts and other
payment and account related processing of the (ersonal #anking division
)reasury operations helps to deal with the processing works of the treasury
?oan %dministration @nit 2?%@3 deals with the processing of the Corporate
#anking division.
inance7 %dministration and Risk Management:
)his support department performs the following activities
%dministration, audit and back office operation
)aking care of ta'ation and financial control of the #ank
5eeping track of overall credit operation
Information 'echnology Centre:
)his department is instrumental in the running of all the computeri1ed operations of
the bank. )hey help in the implementation and generation of computeri1ed reports.
%nother ma/or duty of the department is to maintain communication with the rest of
the world.
)uman Resource 4epartment:
)his department manages recruitment, training and career progression plan. Standard
Chartered #ank highlights the importance of developing its people to create a culture
of customer service, innovation, teamwork and professional e'cellence.
5egal and Compliance:
0n the @5, Standard Chartered #ank is regulated by the #ank of "ngland, while in
#angladesh it is regulated by local banking laws and rules set by the !inistry of
4inance and #angladesh #ank. )he local restriction involves a license from
#angladesh #ank to operate banking business in #angladesh. Standard Chartered
#ank complies by the rules and regulations seriously. 0t also encourages its staff to
conform to an internal culture of ethical behavior and sensitivities to the culture and
religion of the country. )here is a mandatory training on Company Code of Conduct
for all staff members.
Some of the key areas that the ?egal & Compliance department has to take care of
are> any kind of legal issues, to advise the C"7 regarding all matters and the
management on legal and regulatory issues, correspond regulatory compliance issues
to !"S% $egional Head of Compliance, and supervise internal control 2e.g. internal
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
External %ffairs:
)his department deals with advertising, public relations, promotions, partial
marketing which involves disseminating new products and services to customers and
above all ensuring service &uality.
)he credit department approves the loans of Corporate #anking division. )he
approval is mainly based on the risk analysis of the corporate clients done by the
Corporate #anking division.
Social (elfare %ctivities:
Standard Chartered #ank believes in the interdependence of world communities and
hence the need of investing in community welfare. 0n #angladesh, Standard Chartered
#ank is a corporate sponsor of the Noung ?earners Centre in =haka and Chittagong,
which were started by the #ritish Council. 0t is also involved in 4resh +ater for Slum
%rea pro/ect with a ma/or. )here is a separate department in ?slamia "ye Hospital
which is finance by SC#
Call Centre:
Call centre is a centrali1ed placed where customers: non-customers calls are handled
by an organi1ation, usually with some amount of computer automation. )ypically a
call centre has the ability to handle a considerable amount of calls at the same time, to
screen calls and forward those to someone &ualified to handle them.
Call Center is a one point compliant center that is design to provide convenience, easy
accessibility and technology based 8D:. one window service to the customers. Call
Center facilitates to enhanced branch &uality by diverting calls from branch and
reducing &ueues. 7ne of the core ob/ectives of Call Center is to response to
customers re&uest of new products and services.
%t present all the brochures of SC# maintains the number of Call Center rather than
individual branch numbers and thus when customer call on, based on their standing
referral is generated. Call Center P-Seller is design to update all the information about
potential customers, so that in the near future they can be offered suitable products
and to record all the cross-selling activities of Call Center $epresentatives.
)o provide cost effective alternative delivery channels to customers in order to attain
service e'cellence in terms of>
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
8D:. one window service
Convenience and easy accessibility
Juality and responsiveness
)echnology based solution
4ree of charge
Standard Chartered #anks 8D hours call centre is the easy answer to the customers
banking needs. *o more &ueuing at the branches and its absolutely free.
)o$ to apply for the service at the call centre:
)o avail SC#s call centers service, a bank account holder has to complete the Call
Centre 4orm available at the branches. )he application is forwarded to account
service for generating the )0* 2)elephone 0dentification *umber3. )he customer can
collect his: her )0* from desired branch after two working days from the days from
the days of submission of the application.
4or credit card customers )0* is generated online. )he cardholder contacts the SC#6s
call centre and after the necessary security checks have been conducted, generates the
)0* himself: herself. )he process is stated below>
Call A-C,,B, or ;,.9;D,D;;-,-
(ress , for #angla or 8 for "nglish
(ress 8 for card service
(ress 9 to generate a new or forgotten )0*
)han the call will be forward to Customer Service $epresentatives 2CS$3. %fter
verification, customer call will be sent back to 0K$ to generate the new four digits
)0*. % )0* will remain valid if is not used for any period of time. 0n case of
replacement of )0*s, the previous )0* will deactivated automatically when the new
)0* is generated.
Service offered:
)he call centre has two components. )he automated system 0K$ 20nteractive Koice
$esponse3 and the human interface CS$ 2 Customer Service $epresentative3. )he
CS$s are divvied into two units> branch banking and credit cards. )he service
provided through 0K$ and CS$ are detailed below6
Services offered through I3R:
2=ivided into financial and non financial transaction3
I3R non9 financial transaction:
#alance in&uiry
)ransaction =etails
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
=uplicate statement $e&uest
Che&ue book re&uest 2only for liability accounts3
7nline )0* generation 2only for credit cards3
"'isting )0* change
Currency deposit rates 2 @S=, G#(, "uro, Nen, %@= & C%=3
(roduct information 2 assets and liabilities3
4orms by fa'
I3R financial transaction:
4und transfer within same master and local currency
Credit card bill payment
@tility bill payment
Service offered through CSR:
2=ivided into branch banking and credit card3
Branch "anking CSR:
#ank account in&uiries
)ransaction details
Stop payment of che&ue2s3
Hot marking of debit card
$eplacement re&uest of debit card
=uplicate statement re&uest
$e&uest for change of statement cycle & date
$e&uest for solvency, interest, sanchay patra & loan related certificates
(ay order and demand drafts re&uest
Credit card CSR:
Card account in&uires
Card activation E new & renewed
#locking of lost card
$e&uest for card re-instatement & replacement
%mendment of address and telephone number
=uplicate statement re&uest
$e&uest for change of statement cycle & date
Safty*et de-enrolment and re-enrolment
0nstrabuy transfer
$eward point redemption
)here are some services of SC#, which charge is very low if the customer re&uests to
get the service through call centre rather than the branch. )hose are given by the table
Services Charges from
Charges from call
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Certificates 2solvency,
balance confirmation,
interest, encashment3
)k 8A..B;
)k ,,B 2,;;Q,B<K%)3
Credit solvency
information 2mail3
)k B.B
)k ,,B 2,;;Q,B<K%)3
#ank statement 2less
than one year3
)k B.B
)k ,,B 2,;;Q,B<K%)3
#ank statement 2more
than one year3
)k ,,B;
)k 89; 28;;Q,B<K%)3
+hen a customer wants to get services from call centre and phone to the given
numbers, first of all the 0K$ or CS$ will ask the customers account number and than
)0* number. 0f both of them are match than 0K$ or CS$ will provide the desired
)here are some steps that the customer has to follow to get service through 0K$ of
call centre. 0f the customer follow those steps properly than he: she can easily get the
re&uired service that he: she want.
or example>
0f a customer wants a duplicate statement from call centre through 0K$ than
he: she should press ,-,-8-8-8.
0f a customer wants to change the e'isting )0* of credit card than the
customer should press ,-8-,-8-8-D.
0f a customer wants to made credit card payment than he: she should press ,-
0-#anking is a simple hassle free and secures internet banking service available to all
SC#s customers.Standard Chartered #anks internet banking service is the fast and
easy answer to the financial management needs of its customers, allowing them to
bank from whatever they are. 0t takes only a few minutes to complete a banking
transaction .
0-#anking access will be withdrawn whenever there is a change in mandate to operate
the account. 0f a customer has account under different masters, it is possible to link
them to use the same user 0= for 0- banking, so he: she can view all his: her accounts
with a singles 0- banking user 0=.
)o$ to apply for I9"anking:
)here are two simple ways for customers to apply for SC#s 0-banking convenience>
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Customer can submit a completed 0-banking application form 2found all branches3.
)han he: she will receive his: her 0-banking 0= by e-mail at the e-mail address
mentioned at the application form. Customer will have to collect the password from
his: her desired branch after three working days from the date of application. )he
customer can than log on to and start en/oying 0-
banking services date account details. 0-#anking is a convenient, user-friendly, way of
staying informed and in control of ones account from anywhere in the world.
(ho is eligi"le for I9Banking access<
,3 %ll customers 2including credit card customers3 with the e'ceptions of the
following are eligible for 0-#anking>
a3customers with a company account
b3where there is mandate to operate the account /ointly
83Customer can visit submits the
completed electronic 0-banking application form online, creating his: her own i-
banking 0=. )han he:she prints, signs and drops the form at any SC#s branches,
along with a copy of his or her valid photo 0=. )he password should be collected from
his or her specific branch after three working days. )han the customer can log on and
start en/oying the 0-banking services.
Services of I9"anking:
Customers can get the following services by using the 0-banking password>
%ccount service > Kiew en tire relationship with the bank at a glance, check
account balance, view and download statement.
und transfer: )ransfer funds between own SC#s accounts
Standing order: $e&uest the set-up of standing order.
Che-ue status: Check the status of che&ue issued from accounts.
Credit card payments: (ay from the account to card, both of should be
linked with 0-banking.
Credit card service: Kiew card statement, check the card balance, apply for
credit limit increase.
#ersonal information: Change e'isting password.
Market $atch: Get updated on foreign e'change rate.

Bills pay:
)he 8D hours bills pay centre is SC#sone-stop bills payment solution. 0t is an
automated service that is designed to ease the customers bills payment problems.
Customers can stop by those centers and use the machines at any time of the day or
night to make bill payments. )hey can also send the copy of their bill to make the
payment on their behalf. )here is no additional fee associated with it.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
)he bills pay centre are located at the following branches>
=ilkusha 2=haka main3
=hanmondi R 8

Services provided "y "ills pay centre:
Services of bills pay centre are mainly two kinds, those are #ank payments and @tility
payments. )hose two are further classified are>
,3 #ank payments>
Credit card payments
%ccount service
83 @tility payments>
Bank payments:
)he customers can made credit card payments or even deposit into his: her account
round the clock. %ll he:she has to select the preferred optionand key in the amount
they wish to pay: deposit. *e't the mode of payment has to be selected. )he customer
has the option of paying cash, che&ue or debit instruction 2if an SC# accountholder3.
)han he: she must put the cash, che&ue or debit instruction inside the envelop and
sealed it, write the instruction number on the envelop and drop it in the machine. %
ma'imum of si' payments: deposits can be made through one transaction.
2tility payments:
)he payment of ="S%, ="SC7 and #))# bills can be made through bills pay
machine. %fter selecting the preferred option, the amount the customer wishes to
payhas to be keyed in. than the mode of payment should selected. Customer has the
option of paying cash, che&ue or debit instruction 2if an SC# accountholder3. He: she
must put cash , che&ue or debit instruction inside the envelop and sealed it write the
instruction number on the envelop and drop it in the machine. % ma'imum of si'
payments: deposits can be made through one transaction. #ut payment cannot be
made to different billimg companies under one transaction number.
Customers dont have to sign up for this service. 0n fact customers can send their
representatives at any time of the day or night to make their payments. )he machines
are serviced twice daily. (ayments made until mid-day are updated in the system on
the same day while payment made after noon are updated the following working day.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
4e"it Card:
Services provided by SCB in terms of debit card
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
%t the time of opening an account with Standard Chartered #ank, generally every
customer gets a debit card to operate the transaction easily by %)!. %fter opening the
account it takes three to four days to issue debit card. +ith this card customer gets
(0* 2(ersonal 0dentification *umber3, )0* 2)elephone 0dentification *umber3 and
che&ue book if the account is not %ccess or Graduate. Customer can easily use the
card by using the (0* to the %)! booth.
=ebit card is a form of Bankcard. % bankcard is a card issued by a financial
institution. Cardholders can use the cards to access their financial resources, such as
withdrawal, deposit and checking account.
=ebit card is an electronic based plastic card bearing a card number assigned to a
cardholder with a specific withdrawal limit that can be used to purchase goods and
pay for services without cash:currency note transactions from the appointed
merchants of issuer of the card.
=ebit card was first introduced by "#? in %pril 8;;D. Standard Chartered #anks
debit card was first issued in Luly 8D, 8;;B only for the staff of the SC# and for the
customer it was issued in September ,, 8;;B. #efore that debit card was named %)!
card. #y considering market and customers need debit card was introduced as
replacement of %)! card with additional facilities.
#y definition, =ebit card is a continuous facility given to the card subscribers. (eople
prefer the Card transaction instead of cash because of its following advantages>
0t increases purchasing power.
0t eases the transaction process 2money less transaction3.
0t is convenient to carry a plastic card rather than bundles of cash.
0t lowers risks of losing money as often occurred through hi/acking:snatching
or forged currency notes.
0t is issued for five years with renewal facility available.
0t provides the advantages of life insurance from tk ,, ;;,;;; to tk B, ;;,;;;.

*ot all bankcards are debit cards. 7ther bankcard products include>
Credit Cards
Check Guarantee Cards
?ikewise, not all debit cards are issued by a financial institution. *on-bank debit
cards include>
7il Company Cards
)ravel & "ntertainment Cards
%ctivation of 4e"it card:
)he activation of debit card is very easy. 4irst transaction of debit card should be any
%)!. +hen the customer use the card to a machine by using the selected personal
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
identification number 2(0*3 than the card will be automatically active. +ithout using
the card to %)! no one can use it for shopping or other service.
)o$ to use the %'M:
% debit card is produced against each customers account. )he operational mandate
for the account must be HsinglyI or Heither orI. =ebit card is not issued for company
account but this service is available for the sole proprietorship accounts. % computer
generated personal identification number 2(0*3 is issued for the card. #oth the (0*
and card have to be collected from the branch personally. *o authori1ed parson can
collect those on behalf of the customer. )he customer inserts the card to the machine.
%fter few seconds the (0* is wanted by machine throw its screen, than customer
should type his:her (0*. )he machine verifies the card and the (0* if they match,
allow the customer to avail his:her desired service.
acilities availa"le thro$ %'M:
%)! stands for %utomated )aller !achine. )his machine is capable of dispensing
cash, taking deposits and providing other services to the customers. )he %)! is fast,
easy and convenient way for customers to withdraw, deposit cash and also avail other
services offered by the %)!, without having to step into a branch for 8D hours. )he
facilities provided by %)! are>
Cash withdrawal
Cash deposit
Che&ue deposit
!i'ed deposit
0nstruction deposit
#alance en&uiry
4und transfer
0nstant mini statement printout
Che&ue book re&uest
Statement re&uest
SC#s credit card bill payment
@tility bill payment
=ebit card holders can avail the facility of cash advance & utility bill payment
through the %)!s.
Cash (ithdra$al:
Customers can withdraw a ma'imum of #=) 8;,;;;:- daily. (riority customers are
able to withdraw a #=) B;,;;;:- daily and "'tra Kalue Savings %ccount customers
can withdraw a ma'imum of #=) D;,;;;:- daily.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Cash 4eposit >
+hen the customer chooses Ocash deposit on the %)! screen, the %)! e/ects an
envelope in which the money is to be enclosed. )he customer has to type the amount
of deposit that is printed on 8 receipts. 7ne receipt has to be inserted into the envelope
and the other is for the customers own record. *ow the envelope is closed and
inserted into the Odeposit slot. )wo #ank officers are /ointly responsible to collect the
envelopes and deposit the fund into customers account. 0f the amount of money
inside the envelope doesnt match the amount printed on the receipt, the officers will
deposit whatever the amount found inside the envelope and inform the customer of
the discrepancy.
=eposit through the %)!s that are located within branch premises is posted to the
account within the ne't working day. =eposits through all offsite location %)!s need
two working days for the funds to be credited.
Che-ue 4eposit: Che&ue can be deposited in the same way as cash.
Mixed deposit: %)! allows cash and che&ue to be deposited at the same time.
Instruction 4eposit: Customers can also deposit written instructions inside the
Balance en-uiry: 7ne can check his: her account balance from the %)! at any time.
Instant mini statement: (rintout of an accounts last ten transactions may be taken at
any time.
und transfer: )he customer is allowed to transfer funds between accounts under the
same master.
Che-ueBook re-uest: Customer can re&uest a che&uebook at the %)!. %fter
receiving the re&uest, confirmation of the instruction is taken from the customer, by
#ranch personnel, over phone. 7nce confirmed, the che&uebook is issued and sent to
the home branch unless otherwise instructed by the customer.
Statement re-uest: Customer has the option to re&uest for a statement of his: her
account through the %)!. )he statement is sent by courier to the corresponding
address recorded in the account.
2tility Bill #ayment: )he customer must first register to pay for the particular utility.
He has to complete the call centre form and submit it at the branch with the latest bill
of the said utility. He: she can pay his utility bills through the %)! from the ne't
billing cycle.
Cash %dvance: % cardholder can withdraw cash from his card account through the
%dvantages of de"it card:
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
)he activities and operating procedure of debit card is same as %)! care with
additional facilities of shopping and insurance coverage.
=ebit card access the customer to operate the account at any time from any where of
the country instantly where the %)!s are. )here are 9B %)! booths 2in branch
premises or offsite3 allover the country from where the customer can deposit,
withdraw or can in&uiry the balance of his or her account. #y using debit card
customer can made payment, for purchasing goods or services, to merchants all over
the country. 7ne can pay utility bills to %)! booth by debit card. 0t controls the
customers transactions, because he can e'pense up to the balance of his card. )he
user of debit card will get the advantages of life insurance from )k ,;;,;;; to )k
Shopping or $ithdra$al at any time:
% debit card holder can made payment for his or her shopping, restaurant and petrol
pump. 0t is very easy and convenient way for the customers.
Customer can use the debit card to the merchants where there is the sign of K0S% 7$
K0S% "?"C)$7*S. +hen debit card first issued there were more than A;;
merchants or shops which contains this logo. )he debit card user should know the
following information before using the card to the merchants.
)o pay the bill show the card to the cashier and inform him that you want to
make payment by the card.
)han cashier will swipe your card to K0S% pos machine. 0f the machine
approved than the cashier will give you a charge slip which is printed from the
)he customer will sign to the slip, but before signing he should match the bill
with the amount mentioning in the sleep. 0f the two figures are same than the
customer are suggest to sign to the slip.
)hus the customers bill will debited from his or her account at Standard
Chartered #ank.
#e sure of your balance before shopping otherwise the machine will re/ect the
8ecessary trips:
%t the time of taking the card from the classier make sure that it is your card.
0f there is any illegal procedure than inform the bank instantly
0t would better for the customer to hold the chard slip until it is shown in the
account statement.
Store the card in a cover provided by the bank.
Cash $ithdra$al:
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Customer can withdraw the necessary amount up to his limit from any %)!
booth any time.
Customer has to follow the instruction mentioning the screen.
)he daily withdrawal limit for general account holder is )k 8;,;;;. Customers
are re&uested not to withdraw )k 8;,;;; at a time, because sometime it may
problem to delivery such amount at a time. )o avoid this problem can
withdraw it two or three times.
Customer should be sure that the amount which he selected is correct.
Carefully use the (0* otherwise the card will captured.
=ont take time more than eight second to operate each step at the time of use
the machine.
)ake out the card instantly when it instruct by the machine. %nd
#e sure of your balance before withdrawing.
If the customer has a previous %'M card:
0f the customer has a previous %)! card and if the card is valid than the customer can
use it, but cannot get the facilities of debit card. 0f the validity of the card is e'pired
than the bank will issue a new debit card for him. %fter getting the new card the
customer are re&uested to destroy the previous %)! card because he cannot use the
previous card. %ctivation process of the new card is same as above mentioned.
%uto rene$al of de"it card:

Standard Chartered #ank is automatically issuing =ebit card instead of previous %)!
card to all customers gradually to customers mailing address on the basis of e'pire
and use of the card. +ith the new debit card customers are informed about the use of
the card by a letter. Customers can use the new card by using the previous (0*, but
should follow the rule of activation. 0f an %)! card of a customer e'pire and not get
any debit card as replacement than the customer is re&uested to contact to the bank for
his new debit card. 0f the mistake is done by bank than he customer will issue a new
debit card free of cost, but if the card could not delivered to customer for his address
change or any other fault by the customer and the auto renewal card is destroyed due
to non collection from bank than the customer should pay the replacement fee which
is )k 9DB 29;;Q,B<K%)3.
Conversion from %'M to de"it card:
0f the %)! card of a customer is valid such as not e'pired and wants to convert it to
debit card to get the additional facilities than he or she has to go to any branch of SC#
and talk to the (4C 2personal financial consultant3 or to the service ambassador. )hat
time the customer should fill up the debit card application from and submit the
previous %)! card. #ranch service ambassador or (4C verify the customers sign
and accept the application form. )han he form will sent to account service.
0t takes three working days to issue a new debit card. %fter three working days
customer can get the card from his:her desired branch. %t the time of issuing the new
debit card a new (0* will issued to the customer. )han the customer should active the
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
card by new (0* to any %)!. )he conversion charge from %)! to debit card is )k
9DB. Kalidity period of a debit card is five years which is mentioned on every card.
)he replacement card has to be collected from the branch. 7nly auto renewal cards
are sent to the customers corresponding address. )he customer can specify any
branch that he wishes to collect the card from. He: she should mention the branch
from which the card is to be collected, on the re&uest form.
Lost or stolen card:
0f the %)! or debit card is lost or stolen than the customers are re&uested to inform it
to the Call Centre immediately by those numbers A-C,,B, or ;,.9;D,D;;-,- to
marking the card hot otherwise there is a chance to use the card by others.
)he process of getting the new card is same as above, but the difference is the
customer has to submit any sort of photo 0= 2passport : driving license : voter 0=3 to
the service ambassador or to the (4C which is substitute to his surrendering the
previous %)! or debit card.
5ost: orgotten #I8
)he (0* is not recorded in any form, anywhere by the #ank. %lso a (0* cannot be
generated by itself without a corresponding debit card, so if a customer looses: forgets
the (0* he: she will have to apply for a replacement card.
8um"er of %'Ms:
Standard Chartered #ank has 9C %)!s in #angladesh. ,- are located within branch
premises and ,. are situated in offsite locations. %)!s within branch premises are>
,3 =ilkusha !ain 28 %)!s3
83 !oti/heel 2%lico3
93 5akrail
D3 Sheraton
B3 5awran #a1ar
C3 =hanmondi R 8
.3 =hanmondi R B
A3 #anani
-3 Gulshan
,;3 @ttara
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
,,3 Chawk #a1ar
,83 !irpur
,93 *asirabad
,D3 %grabad
,B3 *arayangan/
,C3 #ogra
,.3 5hulna &
,A3 Sylhet
%t present all ,8 offsite %)!s are located in =haka. )hey are>
,3 Lohnson $oad
83 )e/gaon
93 #%), !ohakhali
D3 Gulshan
B3 Syamoli
C3 Shanker
.3 (allabi &
A3 @ttara
-3 !ogba1ar
,;3 *atun #a1ar
,,3 % $ (la1a
,83 !otaleb (la1a
)he $est of them are L. 5. $oad Chittagong, Slyhet, *arayangon/ #ogra, and 5hulna.
Reasons of cards captured and collection:
Cards may be captured any time at the time of undergoing transactions. )he reasons
0f the user takes more than A seconds to transact an option.
0f the magnetic field at the back of the card is faulty.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
0f wrong (0* is given.
0f the card insert improperly.
0f the card is not taken out when the machine e/ect it.
0f the card is e'pired
0f the customer use )0* instead of (0*.
0f the card is captured within the branch premises than the customer can collect the
card from the branch the following day by signing a register kept by the service
ambassador, but if the card is captured in offsite %)!s the customer needs to go the
linked branch which is mentioned above. )he customer should be careful at the time
of using the card.
8ecessary information relating de"it card:
)o avoid any misuse or financial loss customers are re&uested to sign on the
Signature panel of the card.
)he card is only for the customer to use. So, customers should not handover
the card to any person without the bank officials.
Customer should keep the (0* so safely that no one can know it. 0f can than
the card may misused.
=ebit card holder will get the facilities of life insurance up to tk ,;;,;;; to tk
B;;,;;; without any e'tra charge.
)he daily withdrawal or shopping depends on the limit of your account. So,
customers should aware about his or her account balance before use the card.
=ebit card holder will get the facilities of discount or special offer at the time
of shopping to special occasion.
0f the card is lost or stolen than the customers are re&uested to inform it to the
call centre or report it to any branch.
0f the address or the phone number of the customer are changed than he
customer should inform it to the bank properly to amendment it otherwise it
will be a great problem to contact with the customers.
4or any kinds of transaction with the bank the ,C digits card number and ,,
digits account number will necessary. So the customers are re&uested to
remember those numbers or to keep with him.
%ctivities of debit card are limited in #angladesh.
Customers should be careful at the time of using the card by the merchants. He
should present at the time of using the card by the merchants. 7therwise there
be a chance of misuse of the card.
)o settle any kinds of problem charge will applicable.
0t would be harmful for the card if the card is kept near television or any
electronics device where there is always magnetic strip or the card should not
kept under the sun and should not bend it.
#efore using debit card it would better to understand all the conditions and
how to use the card. #ecause it is thought that customer are using the card
after knowing everything properly.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Collection of captured card :
%t the time of using a card may be captured. Customer can collect the captured card
the following day from the branch if the %)! is located within the branch premises.
4or offsite %)!s, the customer needs to go to the selected branches of that %)!. )he
attached branches of offsite %)!s are given below>
Captured at Collect from:
Lohnson $oad, Hadi !ansion
Shyamoli & (allabi, =hanmondiR B
Shankar, =hanmondiR 8
!ascot (la1a, @ttara, @ttara #ranch
)e/gaon & #%), #anani #ranch
Gulshan ,, Gulshan #ranch
*atun #a1ar, Gulshan #ranch
!ogba1ar, 5akrail
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
0n #angladesh, SC# was the first #ank to commence the K0S% and !asterCard in
,-AA. 0 view of the vast potential market, the bank recogni1ed the prospect of
introducing a local currency credit card in the country. Conse&uently, SC# launched
the first )aka credit card in Lanuary ,--.. %s part of the growth strategy, SC# took a
conservative approach to create market awareness and build brand loyalty gradually.
%t presents, SC# with above B,< !arket share has a very strong leadership position
in the market. 0t leaves the bank with the tremendous opportunity of capitali1ing this
untapped emerging market. 7ver the last four years while SC# has been growing
steadily by increasing its cared base, the &uality is also maintained. +ith the increase
in volume, both issuing and ac&uiring profitability have also been steadily rising.
#roduct description and structure:
)he card division of SC# offers three types of cards>
!aster Card Gold
!aster Card Silver
Kisa Silver

%nd it is also very good news for all of us that this bank is going to be issuing the (latinum
card from this !arch. 0t was e'perimentally approved and the system is functioning.
#ased on income criteria 2)5. ,;,;;; at least3 all three types of cards are given to the people.
0n order to have the Kisa or the !asterCard one should have at least )5.,;, ;;; monthly
income and the highest limit of these cards are below , lac. )he Gold cards range starts with
minimum of )5. , lac. ma'imum less than D lac . )he (latinum card range starts with
minimum D lac.
% secured credit card called 4ast Card is issued against lien over on E bank deposit account
2Savings, 4=$, Current, S)=3 or govt. approved savings certificates.
Credit card holder payments are accepted at all the ,B branches across the country. !anual
payment toward the card account can be made through cash, che&ue and debit instruction.
!anual payment is automatically posted in to the card account if the auto debit is availed.
SCB and credit card in Bangladesh
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more

'arget market:
4rom the early discussion we can say that the target market consists of individuals with a
minimum gross income of #=) ,;,;;; per month and usually at least 8, years of age for a
primary card and ,A years of age for a supplementary card. Cards are not normally issued to
individuals over .; years old. %s the income of the applicant is very important here, the
applicant must be a citi1en of #angladesh or non E #angladeshi holding a valid work permit.
Merchant ac-uiring:
!erchants play a great role in the whole credit card process. 0n ac&uiring SC# is the most
dominant player since ,-AA. @nlike the competitors, SC# ac&uire K0S%, !asterCard. %t
present, SC# has around 9B;; merchants established in all the ma/or cities across the country.
SC# has ,A; (7S terminals out of total 8B; electronic merchants around the country. Cash
advance is available from all ,B branches and ,9 %)!s of SC#. %fter /oining with SC# the
total number of branches and %)!s have increased marvelously.
Card marketing:
0t is very important for the bank to give more effort to sell its credit card. )hats why we cab
see that this bank chooses different sources to ac&uisition its cards.
SC# usually achieve its target mainly by using the following marketing concepts>
Sales consultants
+alk E in customers at the branches
)ake ones at branches
=irect mailing and pre-approved programs
=ifferent card ac&uisition campaigns.
Competitive environments:
4ollowing SC#s marked success in ac&uiring and issuing, a number of competitors have
emerged in the last few years. )he e'isting market players are *ational #ank, %merican
"'press #ank, Kanik 2Sri ?ankan Golden 5ey Company3, (rime and HS#C.
+ith appro'imately , lac cards and above B,< market share, SC# is strongly positioned in
the emerging credit card market. !arket information suggests that Citibank is considered an
imminent competitor.

SCBs Card Services:
(ersonal banking and business banking of SC#, though these two are the ma/or functions of
any commercial bank, a description of SC#s customer services will not be complete without
a discussion on its card services. )his section of the report discusses different care services of
Repayment of Credit %mount:
SC# offers its customers with the option to repay the credit amount according to their
convenience. "very month bank sends a statement contains details of the purchases and cash
advances made by the customer in the last 9; days. )hen the customers have two options>
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
(ay the bill in full within ,B days from statement date. 0n this case, customers do not
have to pay any interest charge for purchases. 0n case of failure of payment within DB
days, customers have to pay an interest at the rate of 8.B percent over the total credit
amount and a late payment fee.
Spread the repayment over a number of months while repaying the bank ,; percent of
the outstanding balance in the statement or )aka B;; 2whichever is greater3 every
SC#, the pioneer of card services in the country, has achieved a huge success. SC#
has achieved a sharp growth rate in both Silver Kisa Card and SC# %ccess card and a
steady growth rate in Gold !aster Card over last three years.

General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
4efinition of credit cards :
Cards utili1ed to purchase goods and services on credit, in contrast to debit card
which are use to withdraw cash from %)!s.
Credit card means a plastic card against which customer is given loan.
'ypes of credit card of SCB:
,. (latinum cards
8. Gold Cards
9. Silver Cards.
'hey are providing another one:
,. 0nternational Kisa credit cards,
8. Cricket cards
9. Gift Cards,
D. )raveling cards.
S"$K0C"S %$" ($7K0="= #N SC# 0* )"$!S 74
C$"=0) C%$=
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Customer declaration re&uired for debit card & credit card>
Customer 4eclaration:
4ocument Su"mitted:
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
unctions of credit analyst:
%fter having declaration and document credit analysts will analyse applicants
financial status, #ank statement and other document. %naly1ing all information
analyst set the credit limit of credit card holder. Setting credit limit it is sent to the
applicants home branch.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
% (inning com"ination of "enefits:
Standard Chartered Credit Card comes to you with a winning combination of value-
packed features and benefits. )his directory contains information that you need to
make the most of your Card and to en/oy its various benefits.
+ide acceptance>
Standard Chartered Credit Card is accepted at more than 9,B;; outlets across the
country- Nou can use your Card for everyday purchases as well as for high value
purchases. 7ur wide range of merchants include hotels, restaurants, airlines & travel
agents, departmental stores, hospitals and diagnostic centers, /ewelry shops,
electronics and computer shops, leather goods, mobiles and internet service providers
and many more. )his number is increasing everyday to cater to your growing needs-
+e have recently petrol pumps in our merchant list and you can also pay your fuel
charges using your Standard Chartered Credit Card.
"asy credit>
Standard Chartered Credit Card offers you the power and fle'ibility to plan your
payments. Nour card statement is generated once a month and you can repay the
outstanding amount within , B days from the statement date. )hus, the card offers you
interest free credit up to a ma'imum of -DB days.
0n addition, you have the option to pay as little as B< of the outstanding each month
and the balance at your convenience. )here is a finance charge of 8.B< per month on
cash advances and alt other transaction types. However, you pay no interest 2e'cept
for cash advances3 if you settle all your bills in full on or before the payment due date.
0nstant Cash %dvances>
Nou do not need to carry cash anymore if you are carrying Standard Chartered Credit
Card- Nour Standard Chartered Credit Card gives you access to cash up to B;< of the
credit limit- Nou can withdraw cash advances from all Standard Chartered %)!Gs
around the country, thus having access to cash 8D hours-a-day. #esides, cash advance
can also be taken from any of our branches across the country-
Card Services and after getting cards Customer
Queries and Answers
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Safe and secure >
0n case your Card is lost or stolen, we wilt &uickly replace it for you. 7nce you report
the loss of your card to the #ank. you have no liability for fraudulent charges
$ewards (rogram>
%s a Standard Chartered credit cardholder, you will accumulate points for every
purchase made using your credit card. 7ur $ewards Catalog is packed with variety of
products and gift vouchers at an unbeatable value and you can easily select your
reward based on the number of points you have earned. 4or every )k. B; spent on
your credit card, you will earn , )reasure (oint and be closer to redeeming the reward
of your choice.
%uto #illspay>
)he simplest and most convenient way of paying your monthly bills of mobile phone.
0nternet, cable )K, etc. +ith a Standard Chartered credit card, you no longer have to
stand in long &ueues or run around to different places. +e will make payment of your
bills every month by debiting your card account.
Safety *et>
% special insurance benefit to safeguarding you and your family from the setbacks
brought about by accident, prolonged illness or in/ury or death. 0n the unfortunate
event of death or permanent total disability, the entire dues on your credit card
account will be waived. %s a Standard Chartered credit cardholder, you will be
automatically enrolled 0n Safety *et with a 8 months free trial period. 0f you do not
need the protection of Safety*et, you can opt out anytime by simply calling our Card
%ir %ccident 0nsurance>
)he Standard Chartered Credit Card gives you 4ree %ir %ccident 0nsurance Coverage
up to )k. ,;;,;;; 2for Silver card3 or )k. B;;,;;; 2for Gold Card3. )his coverage is
also applicable for Supplementary cardholders
Supplementary Card>
Nou may apply for Supplementary Card2s3 for your spouse, parents, sisters, brothers,
friends or children over ,A years of age. )he Supplementary Card2s3 will carry a
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
separate account number so that in case of loss or theft, only the affected Card2s3 need
cancellation. )he unaffected Card2s3 continue to en/oy uninterrupted Card usage. %ll
charges incurred on the Supplementary Card2s3 will be reported on your monthly
Customer Services>
Nou can call our Customer Services at for any card related &ueries any time, any day.
C2S'0MER ;2ERIES %84 CS0=S ;2ES'I08:
>/ #ositive I4 che-ue:
%s the customer comes to the branch for knowing out standing balance, card
status or any details regarding cards then Customer services officer 2CS73 ask
different &uestion like
4athers *ame>
!others *ame>
=ate of #irth>
?iking Color>
4avorite 4riend
4avorite City etc.
?/ Card activation :
4or activating the cards, cardholders have to call SC#s centre. Call centre
employee will che&ue the details if it is correct then they will activate the card.
Sometimes branch also do that.
@/ Stolen report and replacement:
Customer should inform about their stolen card within the short period of
time. 7therwise it may misuse by other people. #ank will replace the card in
place of stolen cards.
A/ Customer ;ueries:
Customers they have a number &ueries about their card details. Sometime. 0t
may logical or illogical.
B/ Customer contact details change:
%ccording to the customer convenience they can change their contact details.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
C/ Retained card:
Sometime, for taking more time at the time of in creating cards, Card may be
captured by booth. Showing personal details customer may return back the
captured, cards.
D/ ree Reversal:
%ny reversal regarding transaction will be free of cost will be free of cost.
E/ Billing date charge:
#illing date is set up by the bank authority. #ut customer may charge it when
F/ 3oluntary closure:
Customer voluntarily can close the cards. #efore doing that they have to fill up
a colure form showing their inconvenience.
>G/ %dvance Rene$al:
"ach card has its limited time of course has renewal date. %dvance a card my
be renewed.
>>/ Balance transfer: Credit card balance may transfer.
>?/ Cards delivery on special re-uest:
Card can be delivered after meeting the personal details in time. #ut some
times, it is seen that card is deliverer on special re&uest it details don not
>@/ Emergency Card Replacement:
0f any reason remains behind, card functioning this card is replaced with
emergency basis.
>A/ Credit 5imit enhancement:
%t the first time credit limit is given on the basis of bank statement, salary
structure, and other income.
Customer may think give credit limit is not enough for them. Customer may
apply for credit enhancement that why customer have to fill up a form.
%ccording to the customers transaction &uality, due payment status, etc. credit
limit may increase.
>B/ 8ame Correction:
Customer, sometime may mistake in writing name Spelling mistake and other
mistake may occur. #ank normally corrects the name with their own
>C/ 8ame change:
Customers name may change if needed. Sometimes wrong name is written
thats why name may be changed.
>D/ E9Statement Su"scription:
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
%ccording to customer more convenience they have been give "-Statement
>E/ Card Che-ue Issuance:
4or withdrawing cash customers are given che&ue. 0t is less costly than cash
>F/ Card Che-ue Issuance:
4or withdrawing cash customers are given che&ue. 0t is less lastly than cash
?G/ Card Che-ue %ctivation:
Che&ue should be activated. +ithout activating che&ue, it is not used
)0( '0 SE''5E C%R4 %CC028':
%ccount )ransfer>
0f you are a Standard Chartered account holder, you can instruct us to debit your
account by giving details on the Credit Card payment coupon. )he payment slip can
either be mailed to Standard Chartered Card Services or deposited in any of our
Standing 0nstruction>
0f you are a Standard Chartered account holder, you can avail of our Standing
0nstruction 2auto-debit3 facility to settle your monthly Credit Card bill. )his facility
will enable us to debit your nominated account and credit the Card account on the
payment due date.
Cash payments>
Cash is accepted only at Standard Chartered branches during transaction hours. (lease
do not send cash by post.
(ayments by che&ue>
!ail your che&ues to Card Services or drop che&ues at any of our branches. !ake all
che&ues crossed and payable to Standard Chartered Card Services. !ake sure you
have written your full ,C-digit Card number and your full name on the reverse of the
che&ue. (lease send your che&ue payment well in time to allow the che&ue to be
cleared before your payment due date.
(ayment locations>
Credit Card payments are accepted at all Standard Chartered branchesand %)!GS.
!ake sure your Card payment covers at least the !inimum %mount =ue as
shown on your statement.
"nsure that if your payment due date falls on a 4riday or a (ublic holiday your
payment reaches us on the working day prior to the #ank holiday.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
0f you are availing of the standing 0nstruction:auto debit facility, please ensure
that sufficient fund is maintained in your nominated account on the payment
due date for the facility to work through
S#ankS means Standard Chartered #ank. its successors and its assignees,
HCard %ccountI means the credit card account opened by the #ank for the
purpose of entering all credits and debits received or incurred by the (rimary
Cardholder and the Supplementary:%dditional Cardholder, if any, under these
)erms and Conditions.
S means, as appropriate, a Kisa Silver or !asterCard Silver or !asterCard
Gold card issued by the #ank to the Cardholder and include (rimary,
Supplementary: %dditional and $eplacement Cards.
SCardholderS means an individual whose name is in a card account and who
is responsible for all transactions and liabilities on the Card account. 0t
includes (rimary and any Supplementary Cardholder.
SCard )ransactionS meanT the purchase of goods and:or services, benefits
or reservations 2including without limitations any reservation made by the
Cardholder for air. ship, rail, motor or other transportation or hotel or other
lodging or accommodation or other transportation, rented or hired, whether or
not utili1ed by the Cardholder3 and:or receiving Cash %dvances by the use of
the Card or the Card numbers or the (0* or in any other manner including
without limitation mail, telephone or facsimile orders or reservations
authori1ed or made by the Cardholder, regardless of whether sales slip or cash
advance or other voucher or form is signed by the cardholder.
SCash %dvanceS means any amount obtained by the use of the Card. the
Card number or the (0* or in any manner authori1ed by the Cardholder from
the bank or any other bank or financial institution for debit to the Card
SChargesS means amount payable by the Cardholder arising from the use of
the Card or the Card *umber or the (0* or under these )erms and Conditions
and includes without limitation all Card )ransactions, (ees. 4inance Charges,
additional e'penses, damages, legal costs and disbursements, which will be
debited to the Card %ccount and form part of the Current #alance.
SCredit ?imitS means the ma'imum debit balance permitted by the #ank for
the Card %ccount for the (rimary and the Supplementary Card, if any, and
notified to the (rimary Cardholder from time to time,
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
SCurrent #alanceS means the total debit balance 2inclusive of all Charges3
which shall be debited to the Card %ccount outstanding on the Card %ccount
payable to the #ank according to the #ankGs records on the date the Statement
of %ccount is issued.
S=epositS means the amount in cash placed with the #ank as specified by the
#ank as security for the performance of the CardholderGs obligation.
S"lectronic #anking )erminalS means any authori1ed terminal or device
in which Card and:or (0* can be used- )his includes %)!Gs, (oint of Sales
terminal through which Card )ransactions can be performed or any other
authori1ed terminal or device connected to Standard Chartered electronic
banking system from time to time.
S!erchantS means any corporate entity, person or other establishment,
supplying goods and:or services, which a Card Scheme !ember #ank has
approved and made arrangements to accept the Card or the Card numbers as a
mode of payment or reservation by the Cardholder-
S!inimum %mount =ueS is B< of the Current #alance sub/ect to a
minimum of )k. B;;. which if paid toy the (ayment =ue =ate will avoid any
late payment charges.
S(ayment =ue =ateS means the date specified in the Statement of %ccount
by which date, payment of the Current #alance or any part thereof or the
!inimum %mount =ue is to be made to the #ank.
S(0*S means in relation to a Cardholder the (ersonal 0dentification *umber
issued to the Cardholder to enable the Card to be used at an %)!.
S(rimary CardholderS means a person other than a Supplementary
Cardholder who is issued a (rimary card and for whom the Card %ccount is
first opened by the #ank.
SSecurityS means the =eposit.
SStatement of %ccountS means the #ankGs monthly or other periodic
statements sent to the Cardholder showing particulars of the Current #alance
payable to the #ank.
SSupplementary:%dditional:%dd-on CardS means a Card issued by the
#ank to a third party nominated by, and at the re&uest of, the individual
entering this %greement with the #ank and in respect of which Card
)ransaction is to be recorded on the Card %ccount.
Supplement:%dditional:%dd-on cardholder means the person who has
been issued a Supplementary:%dditional: %dd-on card.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
S7ver-limit ChargeS is a charge levied once per Statement of %ccount, if
the Cardholder e'ceeds his Credit ?imit.
(orking #rofile:
=uring my three months of work e'perience with Standard Chartered #ank on my
internship program, 0 was placed in the sales and Service centre at Sheraton branch. 0
/oined the program in Luly 8B , 8;;C. )his branch is the main Card Sales and Service
Center of Standard Chartered #ank as a result 0 have gathered an important
e'perience of handling a lot of customers in last three months.
0rgani1ation Structure of Card Service of SCB:
0n this Card Service, the head of consumer banking holds the topmost position in the
hierarchy, as the card service falls under the consumer banking. )hen the head of
cards holds the second position with C subordinate managers. ?astly, some officers are
working under these managers. )he internal communication among the #ank officials
in this branch is supportive. 7ften, they have very informal discussion about different
4igure> 7rgani1ational Structure of Card Service =ivision
Source> Card Service =ivision
4escription of My 'ask %reas:
0n Standard Chartered #ank, my main task was to handle customer over phone
regarding credit card &=ebit Card, which helped me to gain practical e'perience on
handling different type of customers with different types of problems. )his has
definitely enriched my practical e'perience and united to theoretical knowledge.
)asks 0 performed in Standard Chartered #ank, Sheraton #ranch
0nline Customer Service for Credit Card +4e"it Card:
Head of Consumer
Head of
!anager 2Customer
!anager 2%c&uiring3 !anager 27peration3 !anager 2Sales3
!anager 2$isk
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
+ith Credit Card &=ebit card, one can obtain and deposit card payments and
purchase goods and services 8D hours a day, . days a week, and 9CB days a year. )he
%)! night and day service is used by the holders of K0S% and !aster Cards of
Standard Chartered #ank. )o access the credit card &=ebit card a customer must have
his or her confidential (0* 2(ersonal 0dentification *umber3. So when the cardholder
faces problem in using the CC, he or she calls to our call-centre and ask for the
solution, and we try our level best to help the CC over phone.
)ands9on Experience:
0t was a great learning e'perience for me to hear the problem and giving the solution
to the CC over phone. )he customers usually face lots of problems using their cards,
as most of them are using their cards very fre&uently and they are not used to use their
cards. "veryday 0 faced a lot of problems like card activation, authori1ation, lost card
report, captured card in %)!, balance and payment en&uiry, address change and a lot
more and gave the solutions to the customers instantly. Handling customers over
phone and convincing them with a right solution was really a great e'perience that
will help me in near future regarding customer service.
0t is my personal observation that everyday a lot of customers call us to solve their
problem and the customer feel very confident if we can provide the prompt and right
solution. Sometimes they get angry when we fail to solve their problem. 0 have also
seen that some of the customers are not very much cooperative with us. )hey try to
make us more pu11les even though their problem is not that much complicated. )hen
as a new, 0 had taken the problem seriously and sometimes 0 had to take the help of
my manager to solve that. So handling customers over phone is a bit challenging and 0
had many things to learn in the last three months.
0ther 'ask %reas:
=elivering different types of forms regarding credit card and helping the
customers to fill those forms.
(reparing the credit card complaint sheet and card activation regularly.
(roviding card numbers to the courier for sending the returned card, pin or
other re&uired documents.
Giving authori1ation code to the merchants to complete the transaction.
Giving advises to the customers regarding the proper use of the cc.
=ispatch the posted letters and make them separated.
(hotocopy the important documents.
Interaction $ith different levels of "ank officials:
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
"'cept from the usual works 0 had interactions with the manager, officers and my
Interaction $ith the Manager:
0n last three months 0 had worked under the manager of customer service. 0n this time
0 attended in training with her and other officials and some lectures were given by the
manager. #eside this many 0 had informal discussions with the manager regarding my
problem in handling customers, how to improve my mistakes and also how 0 can do
the best for my report. )he manager was very much helpful regarding my problems
and other situations.
Interaction $ith the officers:
7ne of the important tasks of the officers is to give some manual inputs into the main
system regarding the transaction of the credit card. 0 used to give the card lists and the
complaints of the customers regarding the transaction. 7verall they helped me to
make my everyday life easier.
Interaction $ith Colleagues:
@nder the direction of managers, and officers of card service, my colleagues and 0
used to handle customer complaints and provide necessary solutions over phone log
the problems in complaint sheet and provide other service regarding cards.
Challenges of $ork:
Standard Chartered #ank being an 0nternational #ank has a very friendly and helpful
working environment. #eing an intern the most challenging work for me was to
perform my daily /ob properly. 0 had to be very sincere and alert while serving
customer as any mistake done by me could do a great harm to the bank and its
reputation. )he work environment at Standard Chartered #ank always provided me
with challenge to improve my performance everyday. 0 was trained to interact with
sophisticated customers and to follow banks procedures accordingly.
5earning Experience:
0 have learned that when the internal communication is effective among the
employees within the organi1ation, it tends to encourage employees to
perform better and it automatically motivates the employees.
0 learned the importance of detailed data to be gathered from customer while
opening a credit card. )he validity and the accuracy of the details given offer
help the bank in providing fast service.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
0 also learned about the latest payment system or about the credit card, which
is a great knowledge for my near future.
0 learned to work in a group and how to contribute positively to the ob/ective
of the group. Standard Chartered has a practice of teamwork in almost each of
its specific task. +orking in different groups in different time helped me
improve my communication skill.
0nteracting with customers and the techni&ues applied to deal customers over
phone also helped me improve my communication skill.
0 learned that customers satisfaction is very important for the proper doing
business, especially which is customer related.
0 learned that the perception and knowledge 0 gained from my #usiness School
is of e'treme importance. 0t made me confident, knowledgeable and open-
minded to new ideas and situation. )his may be the reason that 0 found no
problem to work in an absorbing work environment of Standard Chartered
)o get the customers perception , here we will analy1e the findings of some relevant
&uestions groups from the developed &uestionnaire .
)o find the customers perception about their level of satisfaction, here we will
analy1e the findings that we got from the survey. %s we know that SC# is the fastest
growing bank in credit card sector of #angladesh with huge number of credit
cardholders, the issue of customer satisfaction is very prominent here and it differs
man to man.
(roper knowledge about a product is also very important in order to use it in right
way,. "specially when the product is a bit sophisticated like Hcredit cardI and
somewhat new to #angladesh, customers satisfaction varies. %s it is not that much
old here, it is natural that the peoples knowledge on this Hcredit cardI is not that
much high. 7n the other hand some terms, ways of calculating interest rates E are a bit
complicated. )hats why the proper knowledge about the credit cards features and
benefits is very important. 0t is true that when the customers will be ac&uainted with
the different features and benefits of the credit cards they will be more satisfied in
using credit cards and the overall satisfaction level will be high.

General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Satisfaction through ?A H hours customer service:
)he main aim of introducing 8DEhour customer service is to gain the overall
satisfaction of the customers. )o identify the level of satisfaction here we will analy1e
different aspects of customers activities and their opinions.
Important indings:
)o know the overall satisfaction level here we need to recogni1e the different types of
&ueries that the most customers do in this bank.
)he graph below shows that the customers mostly do balance &uery 2D9.A;<3, then
card related &uery 28..B;<3, which are mostly lost, replacement did not get these
types of problems. 7n the other hand, 8C.9;< customers do the statement, interest
and charge related &ueries and 8.B;< customers do the address change over telephone
with the help of the CS%s.
4igure> Customers most fre&uent &uery in new 8D E hours customer service

Source> (rimary source
4rom the findings above we can say that customers mainly in&uire their problems that
they face most fre&uently. %s they call here mostly with their problems, which are not
favorable or not e'pectable to them. So it is very important for the bank to provide
that information or solve their problems, as the customers want to make them
Customer perception a"out the prospect of ?A9hour customer service :
Important indings:
4rom the survey it is clear that the customers are very much hopeful about the overall
prospects of the 8D E hour customer service. +hen they were asked to give their
opinion about the satisfaction that the bank can give them after launching 8D E hours
customer service most of them 2BB.;;<3 replied that the bank can make them
Balance query Card related Statement &
interest related
Address can!e
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
somewhat satisfied 2%ppendi'- #6 )able E .3. Somewhat because from their point of
view not only 8D E hrs service can make them satisfied but the bank should look for
the &uality of the service.
7n the other hand, D9.A< customers believe that through 8D E hrs customer service
the bank can make them e'tremely satisfied. Here one person is in neutral position.
So we can easily understand and reali1e that the future prospect of this 8D E hrs
customers service is very bright and appreciating. #ut here we have to be cautious
that most of the customers are hoping that his system is currently leading them
towards somewhat satisfaction. 4rom the marketing point of view these somewhat
dissatisfied customers can be turned in to e'tremely satisfied customer if the service
and &uality of this service is well managed, which also reflects the views of these
Satisfaction "efore and after ?A H hrs customer service in different issues:
7nly one positive information about overall customer satisfaction before and after 8D
E hrs customer service does not totally means that the customer satisfaction is high. )o
find out the overall customer satisfaction it is very important to get the customers
view in different issues, which are important to get the overall view of customer
%ccording to report ob/ectives to get the overall customer satisfaction here the worked
with seven different issues, those are>
%de&uate time provided to know problems
$ight info. (rovided
#ehavioral attitude of CS%s
(roblem solving duration
Call waiting duration
?earning level 2%re customers learning or informed moreU3
5nowledge and professionalism of the staff.
%ll the above issues discussed in the view of HbeforeI and HafterI 8D E customer
services. Here we have to remember that all these seven issues can also be known as
the different features and benefits of the credit card, which are very important to
increase the overall satisfaction level of the customers.
Important findings:
4rom the survey it can be found that the overall customer satisfaction level became
high than the very past in case of Hproviding ade&uate time provided to know the
problems by the service providersI. #efore most 2BB<3 customers were somewhat
dissatisfied, 8C.9;< customers were e'tremely dissatisfied and rests were neutral.
%gain after 8D E hrs customer service most of the customers 2.C.9;<3 are somewhat
satisfied, 8;.;;< are neutral and rests are somewhat dissatisfied.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
*ow another issue of Hright information provided by the service providerI is
considered, it can be found that before 8D E hrs customer service most of the
customers 2DC.9;<3 were neutral, then 98.B< customers were somewhat satisfied and
the rests were somewhat dissatisfied.
%fter the 8D E hrs customer service most of the customers 2C8.B<3 are somewhat
satisfied, 9,.9;< are e'tremely satisfied, B.;< customers are neutral and ,.9<
customers are somewhat dissatisfied.
0f the issue on Hservice personnels behavioral attitudeI is considered it can be found 3
that before the 8D E hrs customer service most of the customers 2DA.A;<3 were
somewhat satisfied with the service providers behavioral attitude. D;.;;< customers
were in neutral position and only ,,.9< customers were somewhat dissatisfied.
7n the other hand, after the 8D E hrs customer service most customers 2C;.;;<3 are
somewhat satisfied with the CS%s behavioral attitudes. %gain 8B.;;< customers are
e'tremely satisfied with their attitudes, ,8.B;< are in neutral and rests are somewhat
*ow if the consideration is given to the issue on Hproblem solving durationI it can be
found that before 8D E hrs customer service most of the customers 2C..B;<3 were
somewhat dissatisfied, ,C.9;< were neutral and ,B.;;< customers were e'tremely
dissatisfied and the rest ,.9< customers were somewhat satisfied.
%gain after the 8D E customer service we could find that most of the customers are
either somewhat dissatisfied or neutral. *ow ,C.9< customers are somewhat satisfied
and rests are e'tremely dissatisfied with the problem solving duration.
4rom the survey it also can be found that in case of call waiting duration the overall
customer satisfaction level of the customer service was the very different from the
present. #efore the 8D- hrs customer service most of the customers 2B..B;<3 were
somewhat dissatisfied, 8C.9;< customers were e'tremely dissatisfied, ,9.A;<
customers were in neutral position, ,.9;< customers were somewhat satisfied and the
rests were e'tremely satisfied.
7n the other hand, after the 8D E hrs customer most of the customers 29A.A;<3 are in
the neutral position, 9C.9;< customers are somewhat dissatisfied, ,A.A;< customers
are somewhat satisfied. %gain 9.A< customers are e'tremely dissatisfied and a few
are e'tremely satisfied with the call waiting duration while they call to the Call
0n case of Hlearning level of the customers about their credit cardsI from the survey it
can be found that before the 8D-hrs customer service most of the customers 2D..B<3
were in neutral position. %mong the rest D8.B< were somewhat dissatisfied, ..B<
were somewhat satisfied and 8.B< customers were e'tremely dissatisfied with their
level of knowledge about their credit cards.
7n the other hand, after the 8D-hrs customer service, most of the customers 2B9.A;<3
are somewhat satisfied with their learning level about their credit cards. %gain 9C.9<
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
customers are in neutral position, C.9< are e'tremely satisfied, and 9.A< customers
are e'tremely dissatisfied.
0n the issue of overall customer satisfaction level on Hknowledge and professionalism
of the staffI from the survey it can be found that before 8D E hrs customer service
most of the customers 2B;.;;<3 were in neutral position, D,.9;< customers were
somewhat satisfied and A.A< customers were somewhat dissatisfied.
#ut after the 8D-hrs customer service the most of the customers 2A9.A;<3 are
somewhat satisfied with the staffs professionalism, then ,;.;;< customers are in
neutral position and C.9;< customers are e'tremely satisfied with the professionalism
and knowledge of the staff.
4ifferent "enefits provided "y ?A9hrs customer service:
Important findings:
4rom the survey the name of different advantages of 8D E hrs customer service has
come out.
4igure > =ifferent problems that customers not face now or benefit that they are
having now

Source> (rimary source
4rom the above graph we can easily find that most of the customers 29..B;<3
e'pressed that they can save their time now, 8;.;;< customers told that they can call
10.00% 10.00%
#$% & can sa'e
#$% & can call
#$tin! li*e tat & can d$ m$re
)alance qery
+n$%in! m$re &
can (ay less
,$uld y$u (lease tell us a)$ut s$me (r$)lem-s tat y$u .aced )e.$re 24/rs cus.
ser'ice )ut n$t n$% $r 'is 'er sa0
12tremely essential S$me%at essential
3$ y$u tin* 24/rs cus. ser'ice is essential .$r card $lders4
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
instantly now, ,..B;< customers told that they now face no more complicated
problems, ,;< customers found no difference between the past and now, ,;<
customers can do more balance &ueries and other B< customers told that knowing
more they can pay less.
+e got some very interesting findings from the survey. 4rom these findings we can
that, most of the e'periences that the customers are e'periencing now are very much
appreciable. 0n the past, for limited phones and time people had to wait enough to
solve their problems. #ut now they can call from anywhere any time by land phone or
mobile, which was totally impossible before launching 8D E hrs customer service.

)hats why most customer are e'periencing that they can save their time and call
instantly now. %s the customers can call instantly, they also solve their problems &uite
instantly and now after 8D-hrs customer service they discovered that they have less
complicated problems than the past. #ecause of the increased time and opportunity
the balance &uery facilities lots of customers are happy with the 8D-hrs customer
service and they are e'periencing better than before.
!ore interestingly it was also found that people are paying less as their level of
knowledge about the credit card increased than the past . )herefore, the customers are
well known about their payment date, interests and other fees. So, the customers can
also save money by well utili1ing the 8D E hrs customer service facility, which could
not possible before 8D-hrs customer service.
Customers perception on essentiality of ?A9hrs customer service:
Important findings:
4rom the survey it is founded that 8D E hrs customer is very essential for the credit
cardholders. )he graph below shows that A;.;;< valued customers viewed this 8D-
hrs customer service as very essential for every cardholder. %gain 8;.;;< valued
customers viewed the 8D E hrs customer service is somewhat essential for the
cardholders. Here we found the only positive response from the customers.
4igure> Customers perception on essentiality of 8D-hrs customer service

Source> (rimary source
Business men Ser'ice $lders ,$r* in )an*
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
)o handle a product like credit card different problems may arise any time and solving
that problem is need to be immediate to access with the card properly. )here is a
prestige issue involve with it. 0f a cardholder faces a problem with the card in a shop,
obviously he will feel humiliate. *ot only this everyone wants to solve any problem
as soon as possible.
#y availing the opportunity of 8D-hrs customer service one can easily solve their
problems. )hats why this 8D-hrs customer service is getting popularity and this
survey proves that it is very essential for the cardholders and most of the want it.
4rom the above discussion we can easily say that the overall customer satisfaction
became higher and all kinds of &ueries became easier after launching 8D-hrs customer
Credit card & =ebit card is such type of product that is very much related with the
everyday life. 7ur life has become so fast that we are bound to do everything very
&uickly. )he situational conditions are also deteriorating very fast. 0n #angladesh for
the e'treme deteriorations of low and order, most of us are now living in fear of being
hi/acking etc.
#y the plastic credit card, we are now able to keep thousands of money with us. So, it
gives us security and helps to live a better life. )hats why now a day, these cards
became a very essential for our life. +ith the credit card we usually purchase our
daily necessary things. #ut purchasing of necessary things is very much depends on
the buying power and buying behavior of the consumers. So, consumers lifestyle is
important for the credit card & =ebit card.
0ccupation7 age and credit card + 4e"it card:
Important findings:
0ncome source is very important for having credit cards. 4rom the graph below we
can get a clear idea about what type of people have credit cards. !ost of them
2B9.A;<3 are service holders and then comes the businessmen 29,.9;<3 and bankers
4igure> 7ccupation of credit cardholders
Source> (rimary source
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
7n the other hand, it is found that most of the customers 2D;.;;<3 are age of 9, to 9B
and 29-.-<3 age of 9C to D;. %gain we also found that A.A;< customers are age of 8B
E 9;, C.9;< customers are age of D, E DB and B.;;< are age of DC E B; years.
'ime of calling in Call Centre and life style:
Important findings:
+e know that customers lifestyle differs according to their occupation, age and
background and it results their different pattern of selection of their credit cards.
4igure> )ime of calling of credit cardholders
Source> (rimary source
4rom the above graph we can see that most customers 2D8.B;<3 call at Call Centre for
information from ,,am to 9pm and the second highest time of calling are .am to
,,om and 9pm to .pm 28,.9;< each3. %nd ,;< customers all here from .pm to
,,pm and rest B< call here from ,,pm to 9am.
0n day-to-day life every body is very busy with their own work. Some are too much
some are not that much busy. )he calls that everyday come at Call Centre from
different types of people.
)he survey found that most of the businessmen 298.;;<3 call at very early morning to ,,am3. )hen the second highest percent businessmen 28A.;;<3 call here at
evening to ,,pm3. Here we can find some businessmen 2,C<3 also ring from
2,,pm to 9am3.
0n case of service holders or other occupational people we find that most of them call
here mostly at the daytime. %fter the office time we get very little call coming from
the service people. 4rom all the A; people only D people call from ,,pm to 9am and
all of these peoples are businessmen E it proves that the different life styles changes
the overall perception of card services. %ctually it is very natural that service peoples
,en d$ y$u call m$st4
11A5 / 365 365 / 765 765 / 1165 1165 / 3A5 7A5 / 11A5
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
lifestyle is different from the business people. 4or that we can see that inflection in
their calling time at Call Centre.
4rom the findings and analysis about the lifestyle pattern of the cardholders and their
purchasing pattern including selecting credit card, we can say that nothing is beyond
the life. "verybody have his or her own way of living according to his or her ability.
+e have to understand that every bodys core believes reflects in his selecting card.
So we can say that HConsumer life style influence their buying behavior and
ultimately it reflects on their perception on credit cardI- is a right proposition.
0n these modern days there is no alternative of proper communication. #eing a
multinational organi1ation this SC# is renowned in this country for their structured
and modern communication system.
)he overall satisfaction of the credit cardholders is also depends on the internal and
e'ternal communication system. 0t is obvious that the internal communication system
should be good for smooth operation of the bank service. #ut as the 8D E customer
service was introduced based on the telephone. Here most of the customers call using
either ) & ) or mobile. So this main base of communication is directly responsible for
all kind of customer satisfaction.
'rou"le over telephone:
Important findings:
4rom the survey it is sharply clear that most of the customers are facing troubles when
they try to call at Call Centre over ) & ) telephones. 0f we take a look on different
findings we can easily understand that.
4igure> (roblems faced over telephone

Source> (rimary source
7es #$
8a'e y$u .aced any (r$)lem inquirin! $'er tele($ne4
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
4rom the graph above we can easily notify that reality that is remain in the Cal
Centre with the one mostly used communication medium. Here we found that most
of the customers 2A8.B;<3 have e'perienced problems with the telephone. %nd only
,..B;< customers answered that they did not face that much problem talking over the
0n the issue of increase of total number of the e'isting telephone from the survey we
found that most of the customers are in favor of increase the lines. 4rom the graph
below we easily find that A9.A; < of the customers think that it is e'tremely needed
to increase the numbers of the phone lines, ,B.;;< customers thinks that it is
somewhat needed and very low ,.9;< customers think that it is neither needed nor
unneeded. )hey are in neutral position.
4igure> *eeds of telephones

Source> (rimary source
)he above findings on telephone issue are very disappointing. #ut by doing a clear
analysis we can easily find out the various reasons behind it. 4rom survey it also can
be understood why this is happening. 4rom the following graph we can reali1e and
know different reasons behind it.
4rom the findings and further analysis it is clear that telephone as proper
communication is very important in 8D E hrs customer service. 7verall customers
satisfaction is very much depending on it. #ut the satisfaction on the call waiting
duration is not satisfactory up to the level. 4or that we did not find here that much
difference before and after customer service is this issue. %s a result most of the
customers told to increase the number of phones.
So, we can say that H(roper medium of communication is the prere&uisite to satisfy
the customers where the customer satisfaction mostly depends on itI E is a right and
valid proposition.
#eed $. ($nes
12tremely needed
S$me%at needed
#eiter needed n$r unneeded
0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00%20.00%25.00% 30.00%35.00%40.00% 45.00%50.00%
All *ind $. cust$mrs
,$ %$r* $utside at day
,$ are t$$ )usy
,$ need in.$rmati$n .requently
Bene.iciary cust$mers
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
%s the benefits of the credit card are huge, especially it provides security6 the total
number of cardholders is increasing day by day. #ut to give the optimum service to
the cardholders, it is very important to know who are the real beneficiaries of the
Since the 8D-hrs customers service is new, if SC# can identify these segments they
can improve their service better and satisfy the overall potential customers. )herefore,
in this section of report the intern tried to find out this reality.
Important findings:

4rom the survey it is clear that the response came from all over the customers and
they shared their views of beneficiaries groups for the 8D E hrs service of the credit
card division of SC# devoted to the customers. 4orm the graph below we can easily
say that there are different beneficiary groups of customers who are being benefited
tremendously by the launching of 8D E hrs customer service.
4igure> #enefited customers

Source> (rimary source
4rom the graph we can say that most of the customers e'pressed that 2DA.A;<3 the 8D
E hrs customer service will be benefited for all kind of customers. )he second highest
percentage of customers told that 28..B;<3 the businessmen would be the number one
in the beneficiary group.
Here other types of responses can also be seen. ,,.9;< customers admitted that the
people who work outside would be more beneficial. ,;.;;< customers told that the
people who remain busy too much would be helpful by this 8D E hrs customer service
and the rest told that the people who need information fre&uently would be the most
beneficiary group.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more

4rom the findings it is clear that the actual beneficiary of the 8D E hrs customers
service is not only the one group. %s we found that the most responses are on the side
of Hall kind of customers are getting benefited by this 8D E hrs customer serviceI, we
can definitely say that the as per the proposition Honly businessmen are not
beneficiary groupI.
0t is found that DA.;;< businessmen, DC.B;< service holders and BA.9;< bankers
agreed that the 8D E hrs service is open to all the customers 2%ppendi' E #6 )able E
,,3. 7n the other hand, A.;;< businessmen and ,C.9;< service holders are in favor
of the people who remain outside at the daytime. %gain ,D.;;< service holders and
,C..;< banker are in favor of the people who are too busy.
#ut it is not necessary that who remain outside for that work and remain too busy, is a
businessmen. So, they can be general service holders or other occupational people.
%ctually the bank has introduced the 8D-hrs customer service for the benefit of all of
its customers. 0t is true that for the busy life and way of living the businessmen are
one important group who are having the 8D E hrs customer service benefit. #ut they
are definitely not the only beneficiary group.

4rom the chapter two we came to know about the common mission of the SC#, which
is to generate the overall satisfaction level of the all customers. 4rom the above
findings and analysis we can also find that it somewhat matches with the general
peoples view.
)herefore, from these findings and data analysis we find that under which proposition
these findings were found is properly valid, as from the data analysis we found that it
is all kinds of customers who are getting benefit out of the 8D E hrs customer service,
not mainly the businessmen.
So, we can say that the proposition H8D E hours customer service is mainly benefited
to the businessmanI E is not a valid proposition or we can say it is a null proposition.
0n a very simply way we can say that business in nothing but dealings with the
customers. *ow a day, the concept of production or selling has changed and the
concept of marketing and customer came to do business with the social point of view.
*ow the concept of after sales service is important for doing business. %s the card
division of SC# came up with their cards, it is their product. 4rom our past
knowledge we can say that credit cards are such types of products where we cannot
differentiate the after selling service from its main only purchase service. %s it is a
continuous process, the care with the customers suggestion is more important that
any other business.
0.00% 5.00% 10.00% 15.00%20.00% 25.00% 30.00%
:e (r$)lems s$uld )e s$l'ed immediately
#eed (e$(le
&m(r$'e te ser'ice $. te currier
6r$cessin! system s$uld )e im(r$'ed
+ee( te in.$rmati$n (r$(erly
St$( %r$n! u(date
Sta.. s$uld )e %ell trained
3SA s$uld (r$'ide ri!t in.$.
;(date in.$.re!ularly
System err$r s$uld reduce
Cust$mers< su!!esti$ns
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Customers suggestions:
Important findings:

4rom the survey we can get a good number of suggestions from the responses.
4rom the graph below we came to know that 8..B;< customers think that the
problems should be solved immediately, 8C.9;< customers are in favor of increase
the capacity of handling customers in the daytime, ,C.9;< want to improve the
service of the currier, A.A;< told that the processing system should be improved,
B.;< customers emphasi1ed on keeping the information properly, 9.A;< customers
told about the wrong update, the staffs and the correct information properly and 8.B<
people told about the regular update and the system error .
4igure A.-> Customers suggestions to improve 8D E customer service
Source> (rimary source
4rom the findings we can get valuable suggestion offered by the customers to
improve the 8D-hrs customers service. %ctually if we think a bit deep we could find
that these huge suggestion are nothing but the negative e'periences that the customers
of the credit card division e'perienced and now they want to get rid of it.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Here we can find that the cardholder have two different types of needs E one type of
need is they do not want to be happened and other type of need that they want to be
happened. 0n the suggestion figure 2A.-3 we find the some of the suggestions are those
that they want and some are those that they do not want.
4rom the previous discussion we came to know that before 8D E hrs customer service
the main reason for dissatisfaction was due to lack of &ueries. *ow if we see the
relation between those peoples reasons and what they have replied or suggest here we
can find that, most of them suggest solving their problems immediately 299.9<3 and
increasing the capacity of service 28..A;<3. +ho told about lack of time they were
dissatisfied they also they also emphasi1ed here to serve them more &uickly 28..C;<3
and increase the people 28D.,;<3.
%s the Gold cardholders also call here at off pick hours they have given their
suggestion to do prompt service but the but most Kisa and !aster cardholders told to
increase man power so that they get uninterrupted service at Call Centre.
So, here we found that there is a close relationship among every suggestion that the
valuable customers provided here. %s these suggestions can be treated as their needs,
if these needs can be solved or fulfilled the overall customer satisfaction will become
%nd if the customers satisfaction becomes high the sells of cards and the competitive
advantages will be high. )herefore, it will result the high profit. 4rom the history of
SC# we say that credit card division of this bank has e'perienced tremendous success
in the #angladesh market. 4rom the all profit about D;< came from this sector.
%ll of this was possible due to a good post E purchase customer service of the credit
card. )o hold it there is no alternative to carefully implement of the suggestions that
the customers are facing recently.
4rom all the above findings and fruitful analysis we can simply say can without
customer nothing is there is business and to make profit in business, especially in
service business customers needs should be identified and solved.
%nd the way of doing this thing is listen their suggestions and opinions. So, we can
definitely come to the conclusion that HCustomers suggestions reflect their needs and
help to make profit in the businessI. )herefore, this is valid one.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
S0(' analysis for Credit Card SCB:
Important findings:
0f we do a S+7) analysis for credit card of SC# we can find the following outcomes>
Convenient way of payment for
!a'imum of DB days free credit
4le'ible and easy repayment options
Credit can be used in over 9;;; retail
and service outlets around the
B;< cash advances of the credit limit
from 8B %)!s, 8D hours a day or
from any sales and service center of
the bank during office hour.
*o need to carry cash anymore.
8D hours customer service over
7ne lifetime free supplementary card.
!inimum .< discounts in good
restaurants in =haka, Chittagong and
(aying credit card bill through %)!
0nterrupted telephone lines.
?ime of solving problems.
+eak currier service.
)elling several problems to many
#usy telephone lines.
!ore people are needed.
Some =S%s provide wrong
#rand loyal credit card in
Huge potential market.
G=( is increasing gradually.
"nthusiasm of general people about
=ollar Credit Card.
=edicating employees.
+ell response about 8D E hour
Customer Service.
Huge potential !erchants.
"'isting competitors.
?ow interest for the merchants by the
0n some cases their good service.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more

4rom the above S+7) analysis we can say that the strengths of the SC#s credit card
is &uite good and satisfactory. Here we got a good number of internal strengths of
SC#s card division. )he main thing is that, SC# have to take care to hold on these
#ut in the same time we can find some internal weakness, which have to be given
most importance by the authority. )hese weaknesses were came out though the survey
and were mostly e'periences by the most of the cardholders. )hese weaknesses of
card service of SC#s are the main reason for dissatisfying of the customers about the
overall card service.
*ot only the internal, but e'ternally card division of SC#s has some facilities, which
we can call its opportunities of this bank in this sector. )he overall opportunities are
also good for card in #angladesh. "specially the international card is e'pected to
come with huge potential customers here.
%t last we can also find some e'ternal threats, which came from the competitors of
the SC#. +e can find that the main competitors of SC# are the *ational #ank, (rime
#ank etc. 4rom the observation we also found that sometime the customers compare
this bank with these competitor bank in different issues.
)herefore, to be in the card market in #angladesh, SC# should hold the strengths,
overcome the weaknesses, make the opportunities in reality and be aware of threats.

General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
)he following sets of documents & instructions will form an integral part of opening
an %ccount : relationships as per the revised 5NC standards6
#ersonal %ccounts
%:C opening form duly completed & signed by the a:c holder and introduced
by an e'isting customer who has a relationship with us at least for C months.
(hotograph:s of the signatory:ies : account holders duly attested by the
*ominee form duly signed by both the account holder & the nominee and the
photograph 2, copy3 of the nominee is to be attested by the a:c holder.
(roof of 0dentity6 7riginal (assport:=riving ?icense:(hoto 0= sighted &
photocopy obtained 2(hotocopies of documents must be certified as H7riginal
=ocumented proof of address verification to be retained with the mandate.
)his is also applicable for6
4or minor accounts, identity evidence of the adult operating the account
together with the copy of the birth certificate or passport of the minor.
4or accounts operated by (ower of %ttorney holder, identity evidence for
account holder and the power of attorney holder.
4or students, evidence of identity and address verification must be
obtained but failing to do so, these can be done through a parent or the
prospective customers college or university.
)o open an account when the person not being present personally i.e. in a
non-face to face scenario is to obtain at least one additional form of
evidence 2e.g. copy of utility bills:bank statements:ta' clearance
certificate:home visit3 over and above what would have been obtained in
the corresponding face to face situation.
?ocal ?egal & Compliance should be consulted, in case of doubt on the
acceptable identification evidence for a particular customer type.
Sole #roprietorship %ccounts:
%:C opening form duly completed & signed by the a:c holder and introduced
by an e'isting customer who has a relationship with us at least for C months.
(hotograph:s of the signatory:ies : account holders duly attested by the
OSole proprietorship declaration form duly signed by the account holder.
Copy of valid )rade ?icense 2(hotocopy of document must be certified as
H7riginal seen:sightedI3
Account Opening documents and instructions
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
(roof of 0dentity6 7riginal (assport:=riving ?icense:(hoto 0= sighted &
photocopy obtained 2(hotocopies of all documents must be certified as
H7riginal seen:sightedI3
=ocumented proof of address verification to be retained with the mandate.
)his is also applicable for6
4or accounts operated by (ower of %ttorney : authority holder, identity
evidence for account holder and the power of attorney :authority holder.
)o open an account when the person not being present personally i.e. in a
non-face to face scenario is to obtain at least one additional form of
evidence 2e.g. copy of utility bills:bank statements:ta' clearance
certificate:employer letter:home visit3 over and above what would have
been obtained in the corresponding face to face situation.
?ocal ?egal & Compliance should be consulted, in case of doubt on the
acceptable identification evidence for a particular customer type.
Registered #artnership:
Completed %ccount opening 4orm signed by the partners and introduced by an
e'isting customer who has a relationship with us at least for C months.
$esolution or "'tract of $esolution for opening the %ccount and %uthori1ation
for its operation duly certified by )he !anaging (artner or as stated in the
partnership deed.
Copy of valid trade license 2(hotocopy of document must be certified as
H7riginal seen:sightedI3.
Certified copy of partnership deed.
?ist of partners with their present & permanent address.
(hotograph:s of the signatory:ies : account holders duly attested by the
introducer who has a relationship with us at least for C months.
(roof of 0dentity6 7riginal (assport:=riving ?icense:(hoto 0= sighted &
photocopy obtained 2(hotocopies of all documents must be certified as
H7riginal seen:sightedI3
=ocumented proof of address verification to be retained with the mandate.
)his is also applicable for6
4or accounts operated by (ower of %ttorney : authority holder, identity
evidence for account holder and the power of attorney : authority holder
)o open an account when the person not being present personally i.e. in a non-face to
face scenario is to obtain at least one additional form of evidence 2e.g. copy of utility
bills:bank statements:ta'
5imited 5ia"ility Company:
Completed %ccount opening 4orm signed by the account holders and
introduced by an e'isting customer who has a relationship with us at least for
C months.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
$esolution or "'tract of $esolution for opening the %ccount and %uthori1ation
for its operation should be certified as stated in the %rticles of %ssociation or
by )he Chairperson.
%ttested photocopies of !emorandum & %rticles of %ssociation of the
company and to be counter vetted by $! : #SS! 2with updated amendments,
if any3.
Certificate of 0ncorporation.
Copy of valid )rade ?icense 2(hotocopy of document must be certified as
H7riginal seen:sightedI3.
?ist of =irectors with their addresses.
(hotograph:s of the signatory:ies : account holders duly attested by the
Certificate of Commencement of business 2in case of (ublic ?imited
Copy of Certificate of Chief Controller of 0nsurance 2only in case of 0nsurance
(roof of 0dentity6 7riginal (assport:=riving ?icense:(hoto 0= sighted &
photocopy obtained 2(hotocopies of all documents must be certified as
H7riginal seen:sightedI3.
=ocumented proof of address verification to be retained with the mandate.
)his is also applicable for6
4or accounts operated by (ower of %ttorney : authority holder, identity
evidence for account holder and the power of attorney : authority holder.
)o open an account when the person not being present personally i.e. in a
non-face to face scenario is to obtain at least one additional form of
evidence 2e.g. copy of utility bills:bank statements:ta' clearance
certificate:employer letter:home visit3 over and above what would have
been obtained in the corresponding face to face situation.
?ocal ?egal & Compliance should be consulted, in case of doubt on the
acceptable identification evidence for a particular customer type.
Charges and fees:
=ifferent types of charges and fees are applicable for different types of account. 4or
access and graduate account holder the charges are lower than current, savings, "KS%
and priority account. %ccount opening balance of different accounts is also different.
)hose are>
4or Graduate account, opening balance is )k ,;;;;
4or %ccess account, opening balance is )k 8;;;;
4or Savings account, opening balance is )k 8;;;;;
4or Current account, opening balance is )k B;;;;
4or "KS%, opening balance is )k 9;;;;;
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
)he charges and fees of different account are given below>
*ame of
e fee
n fee 2from
fee 2per
4ree 4ree ------------ )k B;V 4ree )k B;;
%ccess 4ree 4ree ------------ )k B;V 4ree )k B;;
Savings 4ree )k ,;;; 4ree )k ,;VV 4ree )k B;;
current 4ree )k ,;;; 4ree )k ,;VV 4ree )k B;;
"vsa 4ree )k ,;;; 4ree )k ,;VV 4ree )k B;;
Charges and fees of different accounts
V 0f %)! or debit card is out of work.
VV 0f average balance is below the minimum average balance.
Ino$ Jour Customer &IJC!:
%fter submitting the above mentioned documents and the instructions properly any
one can open an account with SC#. (ersonal 4inancial Consultant 2(4C3 will receive
those documents from that person. 0f all the submitted documents are perfect than he:
she 2or the authori1ed person3 will start to fill up the 5NC form. )he 5NC form
includes the following>
4ull account title
#ranch name
5inds of account and account number
0dentity documents of the account holder
7ccupation or nature of business
(osition hold
*ame of the employer
=ate of birth
$esident and permanent address
Status verification
*ame, date of birth, and nationality verification
%ddress verification
(urpose of account
Sources of fund
7ther bank details
)ransaction profile
0nformation for level 9 customer
Seal and sign of sales agent: stuff and branch manager or authori1ed person
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
$isk assessment
0n terms of risk assessment bank follows the following procedure and measure the
risk level.
Risk assessment:
$isk ?evel *ationality $esident
of the acc>
Source of
Source of
?evel 9
?evel 8
?evel ,
4igure &
Risk Indicators:
8ationality: ?evel 9 W High risk CountriesV
?evel 8 W Chinese, )hailand, Syrian.
?evel , W %ll 7thers Countries.
Residency: ?evel 9 W %ll non-resident OHigh $isk CountriesV.
?evel 8 W $esident but not salaried
?evel , W Salaried resident

Beneficial 0$ner:
?evel 9 W 0f customer is an agent for non-resident be. owner
?evel 8 W 0f customer is acting for resident beneficial owner
?evel , W 0f customer is actual owner
#urpose of the account:

?evel 9 W Clearing : Collection : $emittance
?evel 8 W #usiness:)ransactional account
?evel , W Savings
8ature of Business: ?evel 9 W $isky accountVV
?evel 8 W #usiness accounts in te'tiles, cosmetics.
?evel , W )he rest
Source of funds: Source of (ealth: Countries doing "usiness $ith

General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
?evel 9 W funds earning from high risk countries
?evel 8 W 4unds earning from "uropean countries and *orth %merica
?evel , W ?evel , values from the rest.
5argest single transaction:
4or personal accounts6
?evel 9 W "&ual to or more than #=) ,million.
?evel 8 W !ore than #=) B;;5 but less than #=) ,!illion
. ?evel , W ?ess than or e&ual to #=) B;;5.

Cumulative 3alue (ithdra$al + 4eposit:
4or personal accounts6
?evel 9 W "&ual to or more than #=) ,million.
?evel 8 W !ore than #=) B;;5 but less than #=) ,!illion
?evel , W ?ess than or e&ual to #=) B;;5.
0ther:#revious Bankers:
?evel 9 W (revious relationships with small independent banks
?evel 8 W %ll other small banks in other countries.
?evel , W +ell known banks in ma/or countries.

#u"lic igure + %ssociates &#%S!:
0rrespective of all other indicators, all relationships involving O(ublic 4igure &
%ssociates 2includes6 senior politicians, bureaucrats, technocrats, defense personnel,
/udges, armed forces, law enforcing agencies3 and their immediate family &
dependants must be graded at level 9.
K !yanmar 2#urma3, *igeria, 0ndonesia, @kraine, Guatemala, (hilippines, "gypt,
Cook 0slands, St Kincent & the Grenadines, $ussia, %ngola, Fimbabwe, %fghanistan,
Cuba, 0ra&, ?ibya, %1erbai/an, !oldova, 5a1akhstan, Georgia, @1bekistan, #elarus,
%rmenia, 5yrgy1stan, )a/ikistan, )urkmenistan
VV #usiness accounts in Gold, Lewelry, Gambling, =efense, "'change House,
Courier Company, !achine (arts, !an (ower, Hotel & $estaurants and any other
cash intensive business.
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Customers come to the customer service department of SC#s branches to solve
different types of problems, &ueries, account opening and for loan purpose. 4rom
those most of the problems are solved immediately and some of them are takes time
to solve. Some customers are dissatisfied and some of them become angry. )he ma/or
problems and complains of the customers are>
%t the time of changing address, telephone number and signature.
0ncreasing the charge of credit card and double charge.
Kalid 0= re&uired for any service.
Captured card and e'tra charge for counter transaction
%uto renewal or replacement card.
Che&ue book re&uest 2if re&. sleep is lost and not have )0*3
0dentifying the right counter.
@se of call centre
?ong &ueue at branch, credit card, and bills pay machine.
=issatisfaction on withdrawal limit
Changing address7 telephone num"er and signature:
0f a customer changed his: her mailing address: telephone number: signature than the
customer has to inform it to the bank. He or she has to come to the branch and fill-up
the credit card address change 4orm properly and should submit it to CS7 with a
valid photo 0= and a photo. )he CS7 will send the form to account service after
verifying the customers signatures and submitted form. 0t takes three working days to
update the desired service, but the problem is that if the customer has no valid photo
0=. )han the customer has to submit reference letter from specific person re&uired by
!ost of the cases reference letter was not issued perfectly or mentioning the re&uired
information. )hat time the customer has to suffer much. 7n the other hand if the
customer did not submit photo or did not sign on form than he:she has to come again
to the branch..
Sometimes a customer has to come three or four times to the branch if he: she want to
get card service. Some of them becomes angry and wants to close account. #efore that
rules customer can easily change address only by signing a sleep and sending it to
branch which was attached to the statement.
3alid I4 re-uired for any kind of service:
roblems and Complains of the Customers
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
Kalid photo 0= is re&uired for any kinds of service 2without 0-banking3 if the customer
wants to get from the branch. !ost of the cases the customer had no photo 0= with
them or some of them dont have any photo 0=. )hat time the customers have to come
to the branch again with valid photo 0= or should manage the reference letter which is
time consuming for the customers.
Che-ue "ook re-uest &if re-/ sleep is lost and not have 'I8!:
Customer has to submit the che&ue book re&uisition sleep to S% for another book, or
the customer can re&uest to call centre by using the )0*, those are the normal process
of che&ue book re&uest. 0f the customer had lost the che&ue book re&uisition sleep or
did not have )0* than that would be a great problem for them.
Identifying the right counter:
0n some cases customer doesnt identify the right counter. 0t is found that a customer
waits more than an hour in credit cards &ueues but he: she wants the service about
debit card which can get within a minute.
2se of call centre:
0t is true that call centre provides 8D hour service to the customer, but most of the
customers are not aware of that service. )he people who know about the services
many of them dont know how to use the call centre. %ll of them want to talk with the
CS$ without hearing the 0K$.

4irst time all customers become impatient by listening the 0K$ and again come to the
branch to know about the service of call centre and how to use it.
5ong -ueue at "ranch7 credit card7 and "ills pay machine:
)here are always 2especially in office hour3 a long &ueue at branch and bills pay
machine. Sometime customers become impatient after waiting for a long time. )he
reasons of the &ueues are large number of customer and a little number of branches
and counters.
Conclusion and recommends:
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
4oreign commercial banks, especially the Standard Chartered Group has played a vital role in
the banking industry of #angladesh in terms of the technology it uses, the products and
services it offers, the &uality staffs it employs, etc. Standard Chartered bank has a great
potential market in the future. 0t is on the verge of introducing new products and services and
challenging other foreign banks as well as the local private banks. +orking Capital 4inance,
Cash !anagement, !obile #anking, 8D-hour %)! %ccess, 8D-hour Call Centre %ccess,
Speed Che&ue =eposit, etc. are some of the products and services of Standard Chartered that
really puts it ahead of competition. 4rom this point of view Standard Chartered #ank has the
competitive advantage with longer e'perience, technology and image in credit card. #ut in
future it will face immense competition from other banks as they are constantly copying
Standard Chartereds products and services and on the other hand offering higher interest
rates to the customers as well as charging their customers lower than Standard Chartered.
.Since the customers with growing relationship are of ma/or concern, the bank has to plan to
gain the competitive advantage in customer service specially in credit cards. "'perience,
technology and image can only bring in customer to the bank but are not sufficient to retain
them. Customer retention is most important in this regard and is increasingly becoming
difficult in the banking industry. %s far as its competitors are concerned, some are doing very
well in customer service.

)o provide better service to its customer or to get customers full satisfaction, the
officials at Shared =istribution of Standard Chartered #ank should carefully consider
the following things>

Should be more careful at the time of receiving complete account service
credit card application form from the customers so that, the customers should
not need to come again for that service.
0t would be convenient for the customers if the annual charge of d credit card
increased gradually or after proper informing them.
Charge should be convenient.
%t the time of delivering (0* to the customer the bank officials should inform
the customers about its use and how to use the call centre.
Customers should encourage to use 0K$ rather than CS$, to get the credit card
Card replacement time should not be less of time.
Customer can easily reach the right counter if all the counter is named
General banking, debit and credit card that gives you a whole lot more
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H?%+ & ($%C)0C" 74 #%*50*GI, (rof. Sohrab $. =avar, ,C
H#%*50*G ?%+ & ($%C)0C" 0* 0*=0%I, !. ?. )annan, ,A
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