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MBA-HMGT (401)

Instruction to candidates:
1) SECTION A is compulsory.
2) Attempt any 4 question from section B
3) Attempt any 2 question from section c.

Section A (1*10=10)
1. What is meant by Strategic Management?
a. A bundle of decisions and acts which a
manager undertakes
b. A way in which strategists set the
objectives and proceed about attaining
c. Strategic Management is all about
identification and description of the
strategies that managers can carry
d. All of these

2. SWOT stands for:
a. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and
b. Stress, Weaknesses, Opportunities and
c. Start, Winding, Opportunities and Threats
d. None of these

3. An effective vision statement must have following features:
a. It must harmonize with organizations
culture and values
b. The dreams and aspirations must
be rational/realistic
c. Vision statements should be shorter so
that they are easier to memorize
d. All of these

4. The word strategy is derived from the Greek word:
a) Stratcgos
b) Strat
c) Strats
d) None of these

5. The four cells of BCG matrix have been called as:
a. Stars, Cash cows, Question marks
and Dogs
b. Stars, Cat, Question marks and Dogs
c. Stars, Cat, Question marks and
d. None of these

6. Characteristics of Environment are:
a. Environment is complex
b. Environment is dynamic
c. Environment is multifaceted
d. All of these

7. Selling a division or part of an organization is called:
a. Divestiture
b. Market penetration
c. Concentric development
d. None of these

8. Selling all of a companys assets, in parts, for their tangible growth is known as:
a. Concentric development
b. Liquidation
c. Divestiture
d. None of these

9. Strategy that is related to different area of business such as production, marketing and
personnel is called:
a. Functional strategy
b. Competitive Strategy
c. Corporate strategy
d. None of these

10. A unique skill or technology that creates distinct customer value is called:
a. USP
b. Core Competency
c. Competition
d. None of these
Section B (4*5=20)

1. Explain the terms SWOT, ETOP, QUEST.

2. Explain BCG matrix.

3. What is strategic control and operational control?

4. Porters five forces model

5. Define balanced score approach.

Section C (2*10=20)

1. What is strategic management? Explain its nature, scope and importance.

2. What is corporate restructuring? Explain the corporate level strategies stability,
expansion, and retrenchment and combination strategy.

3. Define method and techniques used for organization appraisal.