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Technical Reference Sheet 1403 PK

Status: 02.09

M-7 ZR, Two component epoxy based zinc rich primer
for steel

M-7 ZR is a two component, solvent borne
zinc rich epoxy primer, providing active
galvanic protection to steel. It is a thick grey
liquid of paint-like consistency, recommended
for use where chloride induced attack on steel
is likely.

Provides positive protection of steel
components against corrosion.
Excellent adhesion to steel.
Short over coating time.
This high performance epoxy compound
fuses zinc to the metal substrate and
protect against corrosion equal to Hot Dip
Galvanizing (meets and exceeds ASTM A780
specification for touch-up and repair of Hot
Dip Galvanize).


M-7 ZR is formulated to meet the scope of
BS 4652, Type 2
As a protective coating to steel
reinforcing bars in concrete.
As a touch-up primer for damaged
galvanized metal.
As a primer for steel substrates prior
to suitable top coating.

M-7 ZR

Aspect Thick grey suspension
Density ASTM C 905-79 2400 kg/m
Volume solids % 57 3
Pot life @ at 25C 120 Minute
Tack free time at 25C 25 minute
Recoat time at 25C 6 to 8 hour
Total zinc content in dry
>84% by weight
D.F.T. per coat > 50 microns
Application temperature minimum 10C


M-7 ZR, Two component epoxy based zinc rich primer for steel

Directions for use

Surface preparation:

The steel surfaces should be grit blasted or wire
brushed to remove all traces of corrosion. Ensure
no oil, grease or dust is present. Surfaces should
be dry.


Stir each component of M-7 ZR. Add hardener to
Base and mix using a drilling machine fitted with
a mixer.


Apply M-7 ZR immediately after completion of
preparation to prevent any contamination. Do
not leave blasted or prepared steel uncoated.
Brush the M-7 ZR onto the prepared substrate,
ensuring uniform and full coverage, particularly
on the back face of reinforcement. In case of
doubt on achieving continuous film in one coat
apply second coat immediately after the drying
of the first coat. Please consult PAGEL
representative for advising the numbers of coats
necessary. Repair mortars can be applied as soon
as the M-7 ZR is dry. M-7 ZR is not designed as a
finished coating. Although protection to the steel
will be provided for some time, over coating
should be carried out as soon as possible,
particularly in aggressive environments.

Equipment care:

Tools should be cleaned with CLEANING SOLVENT
NO. 2 immediately after use.

M-7 ZR is a two component system, supplied in 3 liter
combined unit.
01 liter pack can cover 8 - 10 m2/coat on smooth
substrates. On rebar approximate coverage shall
be as under:

Diameter of rebar
(in mm)
Running meter/liter/coat
8 210-265
12 140-175
16 105-135
25 85-115
32 55-65

Information provided in this leaflet, supplied by our applications consulting service and
contained in other recommendations is based on exhaustive research work and extensive
experience. It is, however, without liability on our part, in particular with regard to third
parties proprietary rights, and does not relieve the user of the responsibility for verifying
that the products and processes are suitable for the intended application. The given testing
dates were found out when having a temperature of 20 C and mean average values and
analysis. Deviations are possible when delivery takes place. Our customer service staff will
be glad to provide assistance at any time. We appreciate the interest you have shown in
our products. This technical data sheet supersedes previously issued information.

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