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1. The real first question on the test. She wants to get pregnant.

What will increase

her fertility? Clomiphrene.
2. 75-year old male has urinary urgency, frequency, and dysuria. He asically has
!enign "rostatic Hypertrophy. What mechanism of action drug due you treat him
with? The drug #inesteride, which loc$s the con%ersion of testosterone to
dyhydrotesosterone (DHT).
3. He has &ic$ettsia &ic$esstia ite him. He needs tetracycline, and you need to
$now that it inds to the 30S Ribosome.
4. What is the est way to e'crete something? (nswer is a wea a!id with a p"a o#
4 and a $rinary pH o# %.
&. 5)-year old woman has di**iness, dry mouth, and nasal stuffiness for + hours. She
has fine tremor, muscular rigidity, and her speech is irrational. When she gets up,
she faints. What drug caused this? (nswer is Chlorproma'ine.
(. ,ale gi%en aminoglycoside for -T.. Which is ad%erse effect? )ephroto*i!ity/.
+. ,echanism of action of t"(. ,nswer is , on the chart with stimulates the
con%ersion of plasminogen to plasmin.
%. 0now chloroquine resistance mechanism of action.
-. What increases renal lood flow? (nswer is Dopamine.
10. SS&.1s loc$s upta$e of Serotonin (...)/ )orepinephrine (0/.)/ and Dopamine
11. He has allergic symptoms. 2rug wor$s, ut when he stops ta$ing it in, symptoms
reoccur. (nswer is alpha01 a1onist.
12. They show in the question (ngiotensin ... (nswer is 2osartin.
13. What causes %asodilation? (nswer is bradyinin.
14. What other sympathomimetic should he ta$e for fast relief? (nswer is alb$terol.
1&. (nswer is S$!!$inyl!holine/ )eosti1mine. .t shows a control, and the muscular
acti%ity decreased, then the muscular acti%ity increased.
1(. ( question on how 34 wor$s. (nswer is increase !345.
1+. (nother question on how sildenafil wor$s, a nswer is !345 again.
1%. (t equilirium, answer is 100.
1-. ( 56 y7o college student diagnosed with cold sores was prescried (cyclo%ir.
,4( 8 Depends on 6iral thymidine inase to inhibit 6iral D), polymerase/.
20. (dminister cilistatin with imiprime. (lso $now the en*yme is renal
21. "ainter and the picture shows asophilic stippling. (nswer is lead to*i!ity.
22. Treatment of S. aureas that is resistant. (nswer is 6an!omy!in.
23. (nswer is )itri! 7*ide.
24. There is a +9 year old and a 79: year old and digo'in concentration in the +9 year
old is .55 and in the 79: year old is .655. They ha6e a di##eren!e in renal
2&. The answer is a transmembrane with se6en s$b$nits.
2(. + year old child undergoes anesthesia. Her lood pressure increases7heart rate.
(nswer is etamine.
2+. How do statins wor$? 8n!rease 2D2 re!eptor.
2%. Statins do rhabdomyalysis.
2-. How to you treat atrio%entricular nodal reentrant arrhythmia. (nswer is
30. 2isopyramide is a strong anti!holiner1i!.
31. ;uestion descries the mechanism of action of !isplatin and etoposide.
32. The person has (,< so you $now when they undergo chemotherapy, uric acid
will increase. So you gi%e a drug that wor$s on *anthine o*idase.
33. "t with Testicular cancer was chemo. =rac$les, asilar infiltrate as side effect.
9leomy!in/ >9leomy!in does pulmonary to'icity.?
34. She has ele%ated (ST and (<T. She too$ ,!etominophen.
3&. ;uestion descries person who is a narcoleptic @can1t seem to stay awa$eA. The
person should ta$e methylphenidate.
3(. =ough occurs at the m$ re!eptor.
3+. The person who is hyperthyroid should ta$e 5T:.
3%. ,echanism of action of the Blita*ones is de!reased resistan!e to ins$lin.
3-. ,echanism of action of ,etformin is inhibits 1l$!oneo1enesis and in!reases
40. What causes an initial urst of <H and #SH? (nswer is le$prolide.
41. He drin$s alcohol and %omits. What en*yme is the drug wor$ing on? (nswer is
al!ohol dehydro1enase.
42. The mechanism of action of metroni*aole is it #orms to*i! metabolites in the
ba!terial !ell.
43. 2on1t ta$e alcohol when on metroni'aole.
44. "erson has encephalopathy. (nswer is ,mmonia ()H3).
4&. Codeine 1ets !on6erted to morphine
4(. #luroquinolines wor$ y inhibitin1 D), 1yrase.
4+. "erson has sputum production @descriing pneumoniaA. Ta$e a drug that inhibits
the !ell wall synthesis.
4%. 0now the difference etween potency @2rug dissol%edA and efficacy @SCA.
4-. (nother question relating to potency and efficacy. (nswer on the test was ; is
more potent than < and =.
&0. 2rug follows first order $inetics. .t ta$es 65 hours from drug to go from 59 mg to
55 mg. How long will it ta$e for drug to go into the 69-65 area. (nswer is 24
&1. ,echanism of action of sulfonylureas. ,T5ase ". !hannel.
&2. "erson has megalolastic anemia. Ta$es drug D ut still has neurological
prolems. What is drug D? (nswer is #olate.
&3. 91 Thiamine is what the alcoholic is missing.
&4. Treat =andida y ,mphoterin 9.
&&. >l$!ona'ole is an inhiitor of "+59, so it increases the concentration of drugs.
&(. =anami6ir wor$s y inhiiting neuraminidase.
&+. Treat =,E y 1an!yl!o6ir.
&%. Treat myasthenia gra%is y pyridosti1mine.
&-. "erson has organophosate poisoning. (nswer is parathion.
(0. What is topically used to treat glaucoma? (nswer is timolol.
(1. What drug is really good for =ongesti%e Heart #ailure? (nswer is ,C?
(2. =omplaing of migraine. #amily history of mom with migraines and ta$ing eta
loc$er. Fou prescrie sumatriptan. ,4( 8 Serotonin agonist causing
%asoconstriction/Sumatripin for migranes wor$s on the serotonin re!eptor.
(3. How to you treat cyanide to' icity. Bi%e sodi$m thio!yante.
(4. ;uestion descriing a person getting a reaction to antipsychotics. (nswer is
)e$rolepti! 4ali1nant Syndrome.
(&. ;uinidine loc$s sodi$m ()a.) !hannels.
((. @$inidine causes cinconism @headache, tinnitus, etc.A.
(+. Hydrochlorothia*ine does hyper$ri!emia.
(%. 4annitol does a decrease in intracellular pressure.
(-. pH goes form 7.+G to 7.)5. The drug gi%en was ,!eto'olamide.
+0. The person has too much aldosterone with a palpale renal mass. Bi%e
+1. 2on1t gi%e 4isoprisol to a pregnant woman.
+2. 4eto!lopramide is a 25 antagonist.
+3. Aar#arin de!reases the synthesis of clotting factors.
+4. =yclosporine wor$s y inhibitin1 the prod$!tion o# 8202 and its re!eptor.
+&. ;uestion as$s what inhiits secretion of .<-5 and other cyto$ines. (nswer is
+(. &eticulocyte count is 9.5H. Hematocrit is 55H. Bi%e a blood trans#$sion.
++. She has menstruation and is anemic. Bi%e #erro$s s$l#ate only.
+%. "erson has diaetes insipidus with hypernatremia. How do you correct it? =orrect
is y desmopressin.
+-. (nother question on diaetes insipidus. There is a !han1e in the amino a!id
seB$en!e from (2H to desmopressin.
%0. 2escription of pancreatitis with pain radiating to the ac$. (nswer is lipase.
%1. ,miodarone does pulmonary firosis.
%2. She has en*odia*epenes in her purse. (%oid gi%ing #l$ma'enil to the ay
ecause it can cause sei*ures.
%3. What increases digo'in to'icity. (nswer is hypoalemia.
%4. How do you lessen the heart rate? Bi%e beta0blo!ersC!al!i$m !hannel
%&. (spirin wor$s on inhiits thrombo*ane #ormation for pre%enting ,.s.
%(. She has an infection @gram negati%eA. (nswer on the test is amo*i!illin.
%+. Sulmonimides wor$ on inhiiting the en*yme dihydroperoate synthase.
%%. ,ethotre'ate wor$s on dihydro#olate red$!tase.
%-. !otulinum to'in wor$s y pre6entin1 release o# a!etyl!holine.
-0. 0now the en*yme step that reserpine loc$s @from dopamine to norepinephrine it
is dopamine beta0hydro*ylaseA.
a. !loc$s the transporter that transports dopamine into the %esicles
@transporter is %esicular monoamine transporter I E,(TA
-1. 0now the receptor in%ol%ed in !eta 5. .t is 3s and does an in!rease in !,45.
-2. Do!$sate is a fecal softener.
!ut waitJ There1s moreK
93. 27 y/o with UTI was prescribed Sulfonamide. Which describes
mechanism of E.Coli resistance to Sulfonamide Mutation of
dihydropteroate synthase!
-4. )5 y7o male presented with fe%er and lac$ urine was prescried a drug that
caused ringing in his ear. Which of the following drugs is causing this ad%erse
effect? @$inine/
95. "rescribed dru# that reduces cold sores caused by herpes
simple$. What is moa %cti&ated by Thymidine Kinase!
96. Which of the followin# best describes the e'ects of cilastatin on
imipenem Inhibits renal dipeptidase!
97. () y/o male comes to the o*ce complainin# of constipation for +
days. Which of the followin# stool softener does not increase bul, or
peristalsis Sodium Docusate. -"syllium . bul,/ "olyethylene #lycol .
9. Which is indicated as 1rst line 2$ of acute attac, of %sthma Short
actin! "# a!onist albuterol!
99. % )( y/o male dia#nosed with pneumonia is prescribed dru# indicated
to clear the thic, sputum associated. 34% . "rea$s disul%de bonds&
decreasin! mucus 'iscosity!
()). +5 y/o male de&elops resistance a#ainst a )6amino7uinolone
deri&ati&e dru#. Which or#anism is the cause of the dru# failure
*lasmodium +alciparum!
()(. The anesthesiolo#ist in the 42 used an inhalational anesthetic
with low blood #as "artition Coe*cient. 8ou understand that the
anesthetic has which of the followin# characteristics ,l-ays pic$ the
dru! that causes the lo-est blood partition coe.cient / 0apid
reco'ery rate& e'en if the procedure is prolon!ed. -9ru# li,e :40!
()#. ;ruit and &e#etable har&ester with bronchospasms/ runny nose/
muscle wea,ness/ sweatin#/ bradycardia. 9ue to insecticide. 1ause is
choliner!ic acti'ation or acti'ation of muscarinic receptors!
()3. 27 y/o male is admitted to the E2 with methanol poisonin#. The
patient was treated with Ethanol and stabili<ed. Which of the followin#
best e$plains the rationale behind the use of ethanol 2thanol inhibits
alcohol dehydro!enase on methanol
()3. "t with 3I #i&en dru# causin# lysis of coronary artery
thrombosis. 34% is . plasmino!en acti'ator!
()5. =omeless with schi<o has fe&er muscle ri#idity after haloperidol.
Which is essential in dia#nosis of the ad&erse e'ect . 1*K -neuroleptic
()6. "t with =T: prescribed dru# that cause accumulation of
cyanide>..4a5 nitroprusside. -Treat with :a? thiocyanate0!
()7. "erson with re6entrant tachycardia . adenosine!
(). =I@ has fe&er/ Cryptococcus menin#itis. Aest approach is
,mphotercin " -anti6fun#al0!
()9. Increased :4 increased c6M* -:a nitroprusside moa0!
((). "erson has stro,e. Bi&en Aotulinum A. 34% / bloc$ choliner!ic
neuromuscular transmission 7or nicotinic receptors8. !
(((. %lendronate/fosama$ . an oral bisphosphanate that inhibits
bone resorption. =ypercalcemia treated by I@ bisphosphonate caused
by bone cancer!
((#. "erson with symptoms of Bra&eCs 9</thyroto$icosis .
((3. =I@? has interstitial pneumonitis caused by C3@. Use
6ancyclo'ir -anti&iral0. 9hen dealin! -ith 1M:& al-ays pic$ dru!
endin! in ;/cyclo'ir<==
((3. "t with =C3 is #i&en disopyramide for uncontrolled
antiarryhtmia. "erson now has urinary retention. Cause of urinary
retention . muscarinic receptors bloc$ade!!
((5. =T: ta,es dru# decreased D= and testosterone .
spironolactone -E sparin# diuretics and %CE inhib cause